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Brot: Whoa, whoa! Slow down.

Natalia: I can't. I'm late for my shoot.

Brot: Wouldn't want to keep you from your big second career, huh?

Natalia: What is your problem?

Brot: You know what? I get it, ok? I get it. You didn't want to go undercover as a model, but Jesse and I pushed you to do it anyway.

Natalia: And now I'm trying to prove my point because, obviously, it's all about you?

Brot: I'm wrong?

Natalia: You have no idea.

Angie: Need help with that?

Damon: No. I got it.

Angie: Here. Is Tad coming to pick you up?

Damon: No. I'm meeting him at the courthouse.

Angie: Ah. You look very handsome.

Damon: Thanks. Are those my release papers?

Angie: It's your evaluation from the staff psychiatrist.

Tad: It's Damon's psych evaluation. It's his diagnosis.

Jesse: All right, well, just, you know, breathe. Take in a deep breath, ok? Just breathe.

Tad: What?

Jesse: Breathe. Come on. Ok? Was that so hard?

Tad: No.

Jesse: Good. You got everything?

Tad: I think so.

Jesse: Let's go do this.

Tad: Brooke?

Brooke: Oh, um, that's for Damon.

Tad: Oh! Oh, Brooke, you're a Godsend. I know I may be pushing things a little bit too far here, but is there any way you might consider presenting this in court? Because I know it would go a long way if the judge could see you.

Brooke: You know, I would, really, but I've got some plans.

[Paper drops]

Brooke: Oh --

Tad: "Flight schedule"? Where the hell are you going?

Brooke: Uh, what a good question. Any suggestions?

Annie: You son of a bitch! You will not get away with this! You're a sick, sick bastard! You sick son of a bitch! You will not get away with this! You're a sick, sick person!

Adam: What in God's name --

Annie: Get off me, J.R.! Oh, my God, Adam, thank God you're here. J.R. just came on to me.

Adam: I don't believe this.

J.R.: Now, Dad --

Adam: Yeah, I'm your father. Who are you?

J.R.: No, I can explain.

Annie: Oh, like hell you will. You want the truth? You'll hear it from me. You should see the way J.R. looks at me when you're not around, Adam, ever since the transplant, and it's like he's convinced himself we have this connection.

J.R.: She's lying.

Annie: He wants what is yours, Adam, but I've told him time and time again that my heart belongs to you.

Adam: No, no. Enough! It's making me sick.

Annie: Listen, he wouldn't listen to me, Adam, so I set this up.

J.R.: What?

Annie: I knew how hard it would be for you to see us like this, but it was the only way to show you.

J.R.: She's incredible! You know that? You're incredible!

Adam: Have you ever considered me a fool?

Annie: No, no. Of course not.

Adam: Then why the hell are you trying to shove this story, this imposturous story, down my throat?

Annie: It's not a story! It's the truth!

Adam: Get out.

Annie: Adam, please.

Adam: I said get out! I want to talk to him.

Jesse: I'll take this over to the courthouse and meet you there later, huh?

Tad: Yeah, yeah. I'll be right behind you.

Jesse: Brooke, wherever you go, travel safe.

Brooke: Oh, thanks, Jesse. Thank you. Well, you know, I have to be on my way, and you have to get going.

Tad: No, you don't. You're not going anywhere, not that fast. You're leaving, aren't you, and you're doing it because of Adam. Ok, look, here's the deal. My hand to God, I don't care if the Grinch grows old and alone with a thousand cats. I'm serious.

Brooke: Well, if he had a thousand cats, he wouldn't really be alone, would he?

Tad: Don't help. But listen, Brooke, you're top shelf. You deserve everything, and if you think Adam's the one to give it to you, then --

Brooke: Does anyone care that the man is married?

Tad: Hey, destiny's destiny.

Brooke: Yeah, and bad timing is bad timing. Look, I've made a decision, Tad, so let's not belabor it, ok?

Tad: I'm not belaboring it. Ok, fine. You want to walk away from him? Walk away from him. You don't have to walk from Pine Valley. There's a lot of people here who love you, care about you -- you're looking at one. Best-looking one, I might add.

Brooke: Oh, no contest.

Tad: Think of all the things you do for people, that you've done for me, that you do for J.R. since you've been here. You held that family together, for God's sake.

Brooke: Well, I'm not gonna see it torn apart because of me, all right? I came here for "Tempo," for my career, and I lost sight of that for a while. So now I'm getting my focus back.

Tad: Wow. It's always "me, me, me" with you, isn't it? You really got no idea where you're going?

Brooke: Nope. I guess that's sort of part of the adventure.

Natalia: Your ego is unreal, but I guess it would have to be. Because any normal person would know better than to kiss me the way you did the other night.

Brot: And what way is that?

Natalia: You ambushed me.

Brot: Ambushed you?

Natalia: Yeah.

Brot: No, I surprised you, and you know you enjoyed it.

Natalia: Oh, what I do know is that I'm a model because I want to be. You know it's not every day you get paid $5,000 just to smile in front of a camera. Look, I'm not trying to get back at you or at my father, Brot.

Brot: Fine. Whatever you say.

Natalia: Whatever I say? I say that kiss was uncalled for. It was out of line. What?

Brot: You know, it's just funny, that's all. It's just funny. Because in the midst of all this bitching and moaning about that kiss, I haven't once heard you say "Don't do it again."

Natalia: I got to get to the park in 10 minutes, otherwise Greenlee's gonna kill me. I got to go. This ain't over.

Brot: Not even close.

Natalia: Mm-hmm.

Angie: It's what we thought: ADHD. Damon, this may be the best break that you've caught in a while.

Damon: What, having some crazy disorder?

Angie: It's not crazy. It's extremely common. And, yes, now that we know what the issue is, we can start to treat it.

Damon: ADHD -- what does that even mean?

Angie: It's Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Damon: Ok, that doesn't help me.

Angie: It's a behavioral disorder, generally speaking. It means that you have problems paying attention or concentrating. Here, let me help you with this. Listen -- careful, careful. People with ADHD -- they're often impulsive, and they move around a lot, have trouble even keeping their mouths shut. You know, they just try to do too many things at once.

Damon: Oh. Like typing on the phone and driving a car?

Angie: Yes, exactly. Exactly. But, you know, ADHD causes other problems, too: I mean, difficulty with time management, organizational skills, employment, even addiction.

Damon: Sweet.

Angie: Listen, the good news is that with regular therapy and maybe some medication, that it is extremely manageable. Damon, this is big: A second chance.

Damon: A second chance for what?

Angie: I don't know. Maybe a chance to try to take all your negatives and turn them into something positive. Now, God knows you should not have been texting while driving. You could've killed Brooke English, not to mention yourself or Colby.

Damon: Ok, yeah, I know. I was there, remember?

Angie: All right, well, the point is now that we have this, the judge might be more inclined to go easy on you.

Damon: Like, I don't know what any of this stuff means. How am I supposed to explain this to, like, my probation officer or a judge?

Angie: All right, I tell you what. What if I go down to the courthouse with you? That way I can clear up any conFusion. Now, I have to make a quick stop first, but, honestly speaking, I'm happy to do it, Damon.

Damon: Why? I still don't get what it is with all you people wanting to help me out. I mean, you don't even know me.

Angie: I feel like I do. You remind me of my brother.

Damon: What, he messed up all the time, too?

Angie: No, he was wonderful, but he just had a -- he had a rough go of it. I mean, he was a huge disappointment to our father.

Damon: Join the club.

Angie: You know, I think if this disorder were widely accepted and talked about back then, we would've known that Teddy had the same condition as you. I mean, if his ADHD had been diagnosed, who knows what he could've accomplished? Damon, don't waste this opportunity, because not everyone gets it.

Adam: I don't care. I don't care. Listen to me.

J.R.: No, you listen to me, Dad!

Adam: You're not listening to me!

J.R.: The whole thing is, is I was not trying to seduce Annie for those reasons!

Adam: What reasons were you trying to seduce her for?

J.R.: Because I want to expose her for who she really is!

Adam: Oh, yeah? You know who she really is?

J.R.: Yeah. She's a lying tramp! I'm begging you just to hear me out, please. All that stuff that Annie was trying to tell you about exposing me? That didn't come out of thin air. That's what I've been trying to do to her. I've been trying to set her up. I thought if I could get Annie to believe that I wanted her, that she would show her true colors, and I was right.

Adam: Yeah, well, no. No, this -- this? This is not right.

J.R.: I know, and I'm sorry that you had to see what you saw.

Adam: You, crawling all over my wife like a wild animal.

J.R.: She doesn't love you.

Adam: That makes two of you, doesn't it?

J.R.: Did you think that I wanted to seduce her?

Adam: Well, you seemed to be having a jolly good time when I saw you.

J.R.: Annie is only with you for the money, for the name. So I, for the sake of this family, made the decision she had to go.

Adam: Since when do you start making decisions for this family?

J.R.: Since you put your blinders on. Oh, I don't know. About the same time you shot your brother? I'm sorry.

Adam: You keep saying that. Hmm.

J.R.: Forget about Annie. You love Brooke. She's who you should be with.

Adam: And that's gonna make everything that happened here ok?

J.R.: No. But it would make it worth it. Even if you never speak to me again, at least I would know for sure that someone loved you and someone appreciated you.

Adam: All right, let's just say you're telling the truth. And so you cook up this scam out of loyalty to me. Now, it's hard to imagine you crawling all over Annie unless you really, really wanted to.

J.R.: No, no, you are off base.

Adam: Oh, really? For God sakes, you got a ring on your finger.

J.R.: I know, Dad. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna tell Marissa?

Adam: I wouldn't know where the hell to begin.

Scott: Rough day, huh? Maybe next time you'll listen to me.

Tad: Your last chance.

Brooke: Are you gonna start on this again? I'm leaving.

Tad: Again with the "me, me, me." I was giving you a chance to hug me one more time.

Brooke: I'm gonna make this count. Ahh. Be good.

Tad: Back at you. Brooke? Wherever you end up, that is one lucky town.

Brooke: Hmm. [Winks]

[Madison sighs]

Natalia: Hey. Something wrong?

Madison: Oh, Greenlee called some emergency meeting at Fusion. I guess the launch date got moved up. Anyway, she put me in charge.

Natalia: Oh. Ok. So what are we doing?

Madison: Well, the concept's pretty straightforward. This is the counterpoint to the shoot that we did at the casino. They'll both have the same tagline -- "It's a Natural."

Natalia: Got it.

Madison: We're just trying to showcase the versatility of the Fusion Natural line: You know, how it works when you're all decked out for a night out on the town, but then also when you're in next-to-nothing.

Natalia: How "next-to-nothing" are we talking about here?

Madison: Don't worry. We have leaves and branches to cover up all those parts.

Ciro: Natalia, finalmente. Let's go. The light will be finished soon.

Natalia: Yeah, ok. Just -- sorry, can we just go over this one more time?

Ciro: What's to go over? The clothes -- they come off. I, Ciro, make the art. Finito.

Natalia: Oh, finito. Right. So I'm naked?

Ciro: Yes. We are promoting, like, a natural product, so how better to do it than by au naturel?

Natalia: So by naked, you mean "naked" naked?

Ciro: Why she saying it twice?

Madison: Don't worry. No one's gonna see you.

Ciro: Yeah, discretion loves me. Ok, Natalia?

Natalia: Yeah. Madison, get Greenlee on the phone now, please.

Madison: Ok, but I know what she's gonna say: Do the shoot the way she wanted it.

Ciro: Or snip, snip -- you're out.

Brot: Hey. Something wrong?

Natalia: What are you doing here?

Brot: I was on patrol. So if you need security, I'd be happy to do crowd control.

Natalia: No, no security, and definitely no crowds. Look, can you just go? Please go?

Ciro: Hi. I hope I'm interrupting. Natalia, I make no jokes. You know, the light will be finished soon. So if you can, jump into makeup right now, and maybe get naked over there.

Brot: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Naked?

Ciro: Oh, that's your friend with the same costume. Adorable. Ok, everyone, be alive! I'm gonna make the magic now.

Natalia: I got to get to work.

Brot: Hey, a nude shoot? Are you crazy?

Angie: Hi!

Brooke: Hi! Ha ha ha!

Angie: So much for the big good-bye party. I didn't even get a chance to give you a welcome-back party, and you're leaving.

Brooke: Well, no parties necessary.

Angie: That's ok. At least come back soon so Jesse and I can have you over for dinner.

Brooke: I'm not sure when I'll be back.

Angie: Wait a minute. Racing out of town? No chance of a return trip anytime soon? Is everything ok?

Brooke: Yeah, yeah, it is. No, it's not.

Angie: Anything I can do?

Brooke: No. You know, that's -- nobody can really do anything, but thanks.

Angie: I have to admit something to you. You have always been a role model to me.

Brooke: Do I look that sad that I need a made-up pep talk?

Angie: Nothing made up about it. You know, back in college and medical school, I had to fight constantly: Sexual harassment and some usually subtle racism. I searched for inspiration. I mean, someone who could be successful, take a moral stand, and always hold on to her integrity. Not an easy thing to do.

Brooke: Well, thank you for saying that, though I don't think I always held my integrity near and dear.

Angie: Did I mention modesty? I have another confession. I am a Brooke English cyber-junkie.

Brooke: Oh!

Angie: No, no, no, don't laugh. It's true. It's true. Listen, even though we haven't lived in the same town for years, I search out your articles on the web just to get your point of view on things. I mean, an impassioned article on women's rights or freedom of the press. I find myself writing a check to your shelter or picking up a phone and volunteering more hours at the Miranda Center. Brooke, I just want to say thank you for inspiring me.

Brooke: What a beautiful thing to say. Thank you. And thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

Angie: This wonderful friend would like to return the favor. I would like to inspire you to do whatever it is you need to to make things better.

Brooke: Oh, you already have.

Scott: I heard you and Uncle Adam all the way across the house.

J.R.: Congratulations.

Scott: What if Marissa had been home, huh, or A.J., or Emma? You're lucky they were on a play date.

J.R.: I'm not doing this with you.

Scott: You better do it with somebody, J.R., because you got a hell of a lot to figure out. Aside from your marriage going up in smoke, your father may never forgive you, ever. Can you honestly live with that?

J.R.: Yeah, I can. If Annie's out of this house and out of his life, I sure can.

Scott: Oh, bull. You have been working for Adam's approval your whole life, and somewhere deep down you thought that Daddy would be grateful.

J.R.: For putting the moves on his wife?

Scott: Oh, no, no, no, no, for showing him the truth. Yeah, sure, your plan was a little shady, but in the end you saved him, right? Wasn't that the idea? Yeah, well, you miscalculated big time. Thank you? Adam's gonna disown you.

J.R.: And that's a freaking dream come true to you, isn't it?

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Brooke's voice: "Leaving Pine Valley is the right thing to do. It's not simple, it's not easy, but in my heart I know it's right. Which is why when Erica offered me a ride on her charter, I had to take it because if I don't do this now -- and I probably shouldn't be telling you this -- I wouldn't have the strength to do it at all. I wish you well, Adam. I wish you health. I wish you happiness. But most of all, I wish you love."

Singer: Quietly we whisper and softly we collide

Colby: Hey. Hi.

Brooke: Hi, Colby.

Colby: Is everything ok?

Brooke: Um, yeah. I'm just a little tired, I guess. Could I ask you a favor?

Colby: Yeah, of course.

Brooke: I was gonna messenger this, but if you're on your way home, could you make sure that Adam gets it?

Colby: I will make sure he gets it.

Brooke: Ok.

Colby: Ok.

Brooke: Thank you, honey.

Colby: Of course.

Singer: Let's steal away

Annie: Adam, it took everything I have not to march upstairs and defend myself against whatever ridiculous lies J.R. was spewing. What did he say? Adam, you do know you can't believe a word he says? You know that, right? I mean, J.R. hates me with a passion. He will say anything to get me kicked out of this house.

Adam: I don't want to talk about J.R. right now, all right?

Annie: Ok. Ok, good. Neither do I.

Adam: Good.

Annie: Because this is about you and me, and we have been able to work through everything, so why should this be any different? I love you.

Adam: No, no, stop.

Annie: I do. I do. You have to believe me.

Adam: No! I said stop it. Stop it! You don't tear my son's clothes off and then talk to me about love. All right? What a mockery you have made of our marriage.

Annie: You have to believe me. What we have, Adam, is real. It's real.

Adam: When did you know?

Annie: Know what?

Adam: When you had me fooled? When you had me believing that there was deep-seated connection between us, which turned out to be no deeper than these pockets?

Annie: No, Adam, you know I did not marry you for your money.

Adam: No, no, of course not. There was J.R., and there was Scott.

Annie: Have you forgotten how it all started between us?

Adam: As if it'd forget the worst night of my life.

Annie: Well, it was one of the best nights for me. Because in the middle of all of that insanity, I was lucky enough to find you. I could've walked away.

Adam: I wish you had.

Annie: I saved your life that night. There were a million people in this house who wanted you dead. But I stood by your side and I protected you, and I soon fell in love with you.

Adam: Well, you have a very versatile way of showing it.

Annie: Really? Well, so do you. Where were you last night? Were you at home with your wife? No. No, you were out until dawn with your ex. I'm sorry if that doesn't secure my devotion to you. I must've missed that memo.

Adam: You're actually turning this right around, aren't you?

Annie: Damn straight. Damn straight. Because ever since Brooke waltzed her way into town, you have been acting like some lovesick puppy!

Adam: I have history with Brooke.

Annie: So do we! Maybe it doesn't go as far back, because I'm not a dinosaur, but I thought it was just as important to you!

Adam: First J.R., and now Brooke. You always have to have someone to blame, don't you?

Annie: Right, right. So now this is all my fault?

Adam: No. As a matter of fact, it's mine.

Annie: Are you saying you never loved me?

Adam: I guess I am. After today, it's a pretty good guess that you never loved me either. My bank account, my name, but never me.

Annie: Don't tell me what I feel. How would you know when you never bothered to look?!

Colby: Hey, I have something for -- you know what? I'm gonna come back.

Adam: No. We're through here.

Colby: Oh. Well, I have a letter for you.

Adam: Thank you. Why didn't you put it in my study?

Colby: Um, it's from Brooke.

Annie: Of course, it is.

Man: Brooke English?

Brooke: Yes?

Man: I was told by Erica Kane that you would be requiring my services today. So where are we headed?

Brooke: You tell me.

Scott: You think I wanted this to happen?

J.R.: You know what? Not that you'd have the stones to admit it, but, yeah, I think this works out pretty great for you.

Scott: Oh, this I got to hear.

J.R.: It's not rocket science, Scott. My father can barely look at me, so it's pretty safe to say he's not gonna want me anywhere near Chandler. So you have free reign to invest in your money-sucking, save-the-world projects.

Scott: Ok, don't go off on me because you're pissed at yourself. You screwed up royally.

J.R.: No, give him time. My father will get over it.

Scott: And what about you, huh, and your feelings for Annie? You gonna get over those, too? Tough to get her out of your head, isn't it?

J.R.: Yeah, you would know.

Scott: Yeah. And it's driving you crazy.

J.R.: Don't count me out just yet, Scotty boy. I'm just getting started.

Tad: Well?

Damon: It's official. The doc says that I have Attention Deficit Hyper --

Angie: Hyperactivity disorder.

Damon: Yeah.

Tad: Great. I mean, not great. You know what I mean. Would you excuse me for just a second? Can I talk to you? Listen, you know better than anybody, but my gut tells me the judge is gonna go with any recommendation you make in there, right?

Mr. Shelton: Maybe. It's never a guarantee.

Tad: But it's something. Look, this diagnosis confirms it, ok? Damon has a verifiable condition. It could've easily affected his judgment.

Mr. Shelton: Damon almost killed another driver.

Tad: Yeah, but he didn't. And the victim was willing to write a letter on his behalf, and that's got to count for something. Mr. Shelton, I know that somewhere back in the day, you needed a second chance. This is his.

Mr. Shelton: Like I said, no guarantees.

Damon: Did he tell you what he's gonna say to the judge?

Tad: No, he didn't. Something tells me you and I are about to find out. Come on.

Brot: I can't believe you're agreeing to this.

Natalia: And I can't believe you're such a prude.

Brot: A prude?

Natalia: Yeah.

Ciro: You know what? It's time for you to make exit.

Brot: What?

Natalia: He wants you to leave.

Ciro: Natalia, I beg of you, ok? It's darkening, and your body needs makeup, so Alexis over here is waiting.

Natalia: Ok. Thanks. I'll be right there.

Brot: You know what? It's illegal for you to have models parading around here nude. This park is a public place.

Madison: We have a permit.

Ciro: You see? We have permission to be here. You, on the other arm, don't.

Natalia: Please, just go! Please, we're losing light.

Ciro: Natalia, chip-chop. Off to makeup.

Natalia: First, you're gonna tell me exactly what you mean by "discreet."

Tad: How's it feel?

Damon: I still can't believe the judge actually went for it.

Tad: I do. I think he sensed you were willing to make a change. You are willing to make a change, aren't you?

Damon: Yeah! Yeah, I am. I mean, I don't know about the whole mandated therapy thing, but -- I'm kidding. I'm gonna show up.

Angie: Congratulations.

Damon: Thanks. Thanks for everything. You really helped me out this time. Ow.

Angie: You ok?

Damon: Yeah.

Angie: All right, don't make me regret it.

Tad: I'm sensing a theme here.

Jesse: Hey, what say we celebrate? Dinner at ConFusion, on me.

Tad: Oh, you're serious? Fine. If you're paying, I'm there. Hell, we can even track down Colby.

Damon: No, you know what? That's ok. I'll skip this one.

Tad: Since when?

Damon: I just don't think I should be out celebrating in public, you know, after what I did.

Angie: All right. Well, maybe another time, then?

Damon: Yeah.

Tad: Guys? So what's really going on with you?

Damon: What? Nothing. Everything's great.

Tad: Ordinarily, I'd believe you, but you're not exactly acting like everything is great.

Damon: [Sighs] It's just weird, you know, having this disorder or whatever. It's like everybody's telling me how my life is gonna change.

Tad: Yeah.

Damon: What if it doesn't? What if I go to therapy and I take all these pills, and everything stays the same? See, then I won't have an excuse, and I'll just be a screw-up.

Annie: What does Brooke want?

Colby: Ok, shh.

Annie: Don't shush me. If this is about the two of you getting back together, I --

Colby: Oh, my God, Annie, just shut up for, like --

Annie: Excuse me?

Colby: You heard me. Just let my dad read.

Annie: I'm still your stepmother, Colby.

Colby: Oh, please, God, not for long.

Adam: I have to go.

Annie: What? Now?

Adam: Yes. I have to find Brooke.

Annie: Adam.

Adam: She loves me, damn it!

Annie: You're seriously going to leave?

Colby: I'm coming, too, Dad! I'll drive!

Annie: Adam.

[Door closes]

Annie: Ugh! [Cries and throws things around while J.R. watches]

Man: And if you could take care of that, that would be great. All right?

Ciro: Greenlee will be absolutely electric when she sees this.

Natalia: Really? They were that good?

Ciro: I was that good. But you, my little silky Natalia, were perfection. To your boss, right away.

Madison: I'm on it. Great work today.

Natalia: Thank you.

Ciro: How can I say this? You're like the product: You're the natural.

Natalia: Do you think that maybe I could see some of the photographs?

Ciro: Si. Si, s. Sit tight.

Natalia: Ok.

Ciro: No, tight to me.

Natalia: Oh. Right.

Ciro: Ok, here we go. More comfortable, right?

Natalia: Right. Oh, my -- oh, that shot is incredible.

Jesse: What happened in that courtroom was a good thing today. You know that, right?

Angie: I'm thrilled for Damon and Tad.

Jesse: But?

Angie: I don't know. It just feels like tomorrow is back to normal.

Jesse: Nothing wrong with normal.

Angie: You know, I was speaking with Brooke about inspiration.

Jesse: Mm-hmm?

Angie: You know, I spend most of my day at the hospital behind a desk signing off on budget cuts, approving overtime and orders of toilet paper.

Jesse: Ooh.

Angie: I don't know. It was just this thing with Damon -- it was so nice to be able to help someone.

Jesse: And now it's over.

Angie: I don't know, baby. I've just been feeling like my work is so impersonal lately.

Jesse: You want things to be more personal? Hey, how's this for personal?

Angie: It's a little better.

Jesse: "A little better." Really? How's this?

Angie: I don't know.

Jesse: You don't know? I'm gonna have to break out the big guns here, huh? Come here.

Tad: Something tells me finding out about this ADHD stuff, whatever the hell it is, could be the luckiest thing that ever happened.

Damon: What, I'm lucky to be a total head case?

Tad: "A," you're not a head case. Knock it off. "B," I mean what I say. You're lucky. Kiddo, at least we know why, you know? Why you get restless or anxious, why you have a hard time focusing on things. I mean, these things don't have to be a struggle anymore. You know, you're not necessarily hardwired to be a screw-up.

Damon: How do you know that? Look, I'm sorry, man. It's not like I don't appreciate your help -- I really do -- but we're still strangers, Tad. You don't really know anything about me.

Tad: I know enough. I know you're a good kid, I know you got a good heart, and I know things are gonna work out just fine. You're gonna have to trust me on this.

Damon: Why? Why is what happens to me so important to you?

Tad: Because -- because I'm your friend. Because I care, you know? Because I know things are gonna be ok. And because I was sitting there about an hour ago having a major attack of dja vu.

Damon: What, from my last fun day in court?

Tad: No, from my first day. When I was a lot younger than you were, I was standing in this same courtroom right in front of this judge. The guy deciding my fate -- he did the right thing by me. He let me stay with the Martins, just like this guy did the right thing by you.

Damon: That's it? That's the guarantee that my life is going uphill from here: Fresh new diploma, great new job, eye on the prize? Suddenly, I'm good enough for Colby.

Tad: I didn't say it was gonna be a cakewalk. But I'm not standing around saying you're not good enough for Colby. Where do you get that crap? Liza?

Damon: No, man, don't listen to me. That's just my ADHD talking.

Tad: You know, when I was your age, this entire town was lined up to tell me that I wasn't good enough for your mother.

Damon: Right. My mother, who once again doesn't show up. And she was too good for you? Yeah, right.

Tad: Life isn't easy. It's not supposed to be. That's why we're here. Now, I don't know what the years have done to your mother, but I do know that once upon a time she was the finest woman I ever met.

Damon: Until I came along.

Tad: I'm not saying that. I'm saying your job is to keep your chin up, because there's always hope.

Damon: Where? Where? Look, if I'm supposed to be just like you, and you and my mom ended up wrecked, and we both ended up in the same courtroom, maybe I should just give up right now.

Tad: You do, you're giving up on the wrong person. You remember the kid, the one in the hospital, what you did for him? Sometimes people do things for no reason just out of the goodness of their heart, and that's why they're worth fighting for, why you're worth fighting for. So what do you say you go home and read up on your ADHD stuff, huh? Give it some time to sink in?

Damon: Fine.

Tad: You want a ride?

Damon: No, thanks. I think I'm gonna walk.

J.R.: I love what you've done with the place.

Annie: Adam's gone. He went to find Brooke. That little bitch has him wrapped around her little finger.

J.R.: Well, if anyone would know, it would be you.

Annie: He walked out on me.

J.R.: So? You never wanted to be with him in the first place. All you want, all you've ever wanted, was a place in this house. Who cares who you have to sleep with along the way, right?

Annie: You came on to me.

J.R.: And you loved every second of it! Well, game over, Annie. My father finally sees you for who you really are: A lying, manipulative tramp.

Annie: No.

J.R.: Get out. Get out, or so help me God, I will throw you out.

Annie: Don't you dare come at me with threats! I lost my marriage because of you!

Adam: Excuse me. We're looking for a woman.

Colby: A Brooke English?

Adam: She's scheduled to fly out on a chartered plane tonight.

Ticket Agent: Do you know the destination?

Adam: No. No idea. Erica Kane was her contact.

Ticket Agent: Oh. Let me take a look here. Ok -- Kane. I'm sorry, sir, that flight took off just a few minutes ago.

Adam: She's gone.

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