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Brooke: What do you want from me, Adam?

Adam: I don't know. I just know I can't risk losing you.

Brooke: I'm not yours to lose! Even if there were a real possibility, there aren't any options. There's no point.

Adam: Even if there were a real possibility?

Brooke: There's not, Adam!

Adam: Brooke, don't go!

Annie: Adam? Oh, thank God I found you.

Adam: Yes. Well --

J.R.: Look, I was wrong to try to get dirt on Annie. She saved my life. I should be grateful, so I'll back off.

Marissa: Really?

J.R.: It's the right thing to do. You made me see that.

Marissa: So Annie didn't see Adam kiss Brooke on that recording?

J.R.: No. No.

Marissa: But she was so upset. What did you say to her?

Judge: In the matter of the Commonwealth vs. David Hayward, how do you find?

Foreman: We, the jury, find the defendant, David Hayward, to be not guilty on all charges.

Judge: Dr. Hayward, you've been cleared of all charges. Case is dismissed. You're free to go.

David: Thank you.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Liza: Well, congratulations, Dr. Hayward, you're a free man.

Jesse: The D.A. heard you say that you were going to meet Kendall here at the airport.

Erica: So?

Jesse: So I have orders to bring her in for questioning as soon as she steps off that plane.

Erica: Jesse, you know very well that every word out of Greenlee's mouth was a lie. And there's no way that I'm gonna let you drag my daughter down to the police station for questioning like some common criminal. Ryan, did you hear that? The police want to question Kendall.

Ryan: That's not gonna be a problem, because Kendall just called and she's not coming back to Pine Valley.

[Greenlee thinks]

Ryan's voice: I don't know who this is. I can't fight for her. I certainly can't love her. I can't love anybody who would do something that low to Kendall.

Jack: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey. I can't talk now. I just got a text. I have to get to court for David's verdict.

Jack: Ok, can you hang on just a second, please?

Greenlee: What do you want?

Jack: I want my daughter back.

Jesse: Where did Kendall call from?

Ryan: I don't know.

Jesse: Any idea where she and Zach are headed?

Ryan: Not to the States, that's for sure.

Jesse: Well, if either of you hear from them, I would --

Erica: We will not be calling you.

Jesse: For what it's worth, I'm glad she wasn't on that plane. She went through hell after Stuart died. She didn't deserve that. She doesn't deserve this.

Erica: Then you admit you think that Greenlee was lying?

Jesse: All I'm saying is that I cannot explore the charges without a suspect to question. I prefer to keep it that way.

Erica: Thank you, Jesse. Ok, so tell me everything that Kendall said. What happened? Why isn't she coming home?

Ryan: She had her bags packed, ready to go, and Zach talked her into staying.

Erica: Oh, thank heavens.

Ryan: Yeah, it's great. They're gonna pick up anchor, and they're gonna keep working on their marriage, and she's gonna call you from the next port.

Erica: Good.

Ryan: Ok. You might want to say that with a little bit more enthusiasm.

Erica: Oh. It's just when I was there, and I saw her with the boys, I just realized how much I miss having them right across town. I mean, I'm very, very glad that she's safe from Greenlee, but part of me just really was looking forward to having my daughter back home.

Liza: So you're ready to go share your remarkable victory?

David: Do me a favor, will you? Can you handle it?

Liza: Oh, come on. David Hayward is passing up an opportunity to gloat on the front page? I don't believe it.

David: Yeah, I know, but I want to go find Greenlee.

Liza: You know, as brilliant as I was, it was because of her that the verdict was swung in your direction. I think you should call her and give her the good news. Oh, whoa.

David: Thank you.

Liza: Hmm. Well, that is a far cry from firing me.

David: I overreacted. And you were brilliant. You really should be D.A. someday.

Liza: Yeah. Well, in the meantime, I'll just have to settle for winning every case I get.

David: No. Come on, you don't settle for anything -- that's why I hired you. I owe you.

Liza: You paid in full.

David: No, I mean it, Liza. If you're ever in trouble, you come to me. You didn't let me down, and I want to repay the favor.

Jack: So I understand I missed your little performance in court.

Greenlee: I told the truth.

Jack: You perjured yourself is what you did.

Greenlee: Kendall ran me off the road.

Jack: Oh, come on. You can't really believe that.

Greenlee: What are you waiting for? Let it rip. Tell me what an ugly, horrible, evil, vindictive person I am.

Jack: Greenlee, I --

Greenlee: Even you covered it up, lied to me, your own daughter. So you want to yell and scream and tell me how wrong I am? Go ahead.

Jack: I remember the night of the accident like it was yesterday -- how cold it was, how dark, how fast that water was moving. We searched for you all night, just looking for some sign that you were still alive. I imagined you out there all alone, afraid, in pain, and I couldn't reach you. I couldn't help you.

Greenlee: But I'm back. I'm all better.

Jack: Yeah, but it seems to me you're still all alone. You're still afraid and you're still in pain. And, Greenlee, just like that night, I don't know how to help you, and it makes me feel like I'm losing you all over again.

Greenlee: In pain? I feel great. I finally got the truth. I tracked down Kendall, and I confronted her. And you and Erica and Ryan and Zach want to defend her, you want to protect her? I don't give a damn. She took away a year of my life, she took Ryan, and I don't forgive her.

Jack: You can think whatever you want about me, but Ryan loves you.

Greenlee: Not anymore.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Whew. Hello?

David: I was hoping you can give me a ride home.

J.R.: You know Annie. She's always overreacting about everything.

Marissa: What, exactly, did you say that she overreacted to?

J.R.: She finally realized that I'm trying to get her out of the house, get her away from Dad.

Marissa: You have to apologize.

J.R.: I will. I'll make it right. I promise.

Marissa: I don't understand you. Since we moved back, you've been making such a big deal about wanting everyone to get along and giving Annie a chance. I mean, you seemed to be getting along well in Washington. And now this?

J.R.: We did. But with Annie -- the things that she's done, it's hard to forget.

Marissa: Ok, ok. So you talk about wanting to be a big, happy family, but then meanwhile, you're spying on her, recording her? My God, J.R., how far are you willing to go to bring down Annie?

Colby: Don't say anything! Look, it was all me, all right, whatever J.R. said. I mean, I'm the one who wants Annie out of the house. I begged J.R. to help me get her away from Dad, but he wouldn't listen.

Marissa: Ok, so you were the one recording Annie?

Colby: Yes. J.R., look, you don't have to cover for me. Just because I want Annie out of the house doesn't mean I want you in trouble. You have a second chance. You need to focus on your life and your family.

Adam: I just thought a little fresh air would be good.

Brooke: I'll see you back at the house.

Adam: Uh-huh.

Annie: Are you sure you're all right?

Adam: I'm fine.

Annie: Well, I'm not fine. It's J.R. He's done something horrible to me.

Marissa: So you were just protecting Colby?

J.R.: It's what big brothers do.

Marissa: You have to let this go, Colby. Leave Annie alone.

J.R.: Colby doesn't have a choice. Annie's on to her.

Colby: She is?

J.R.: Yeah. That camera that you hid? She found it. Game over.

Colby: Ohh. You know, I really thought I was gonna catch her doing something. Ok. All right, I'll let it go, but I am never, ever going to like that bitch.

Marissa: You don't have to, ok, but Annie saved J.R.'s life.

Colby: Yeah.

Marissa: We have to remember that and honor it. And you -- God, I love you for protecting Colby, but I wish that you had told me what was going on.

J.R.: I'm sorry.

Marissa: Ok. Well, I'm late for class now, so I'll see you later.

Colby: So what did Annie find out?

J.R.: Nothing. Marissa caught me with the camera.

Colby: Now, are you gonna stop this whole plan to seduce Annie before someone really gets hurt?

J.R.: Colby, it worked.

Colby: What worked?

J.R.: I may not have digital proof, but Annie wants me, and she made it real clear that her relationship with Dad is less than perfect.

Colby: So she confessed everything, then, right?

J.R.: I couldn't get her to shut up.

Adam: What happened with J.R.?

Annie: He was so cruel to me. The things that he said after all I've done for him, after all his talk about wanting to be friends?

Adam: Yeah. You two had made such progress together.

Annie: I really thought that it meant something that I saved his life, that I risked my life for his, but, really, he was just playing me. He was just flattering me, making me think -- literally making me think there was a chance that we could be friends. And, really, he was just trying to slam me. Oh, my God, oh, my God, I wasted so much time! Oh, from now on, I am focusing 100% on you. 100%. And now that you're retired, we are gonna spend every single day together, and I am going to take the best care of you ever. Adam -- are you listening to me right now?

Adam: Yes, of course. Why don't we go home? Come on.

Ryan: Ok, this is a picture of Spike with the fish that he caught. He caught that fish. Isn't that amazing? And look at him here driving the boat, which is a little bit frightening, but he's having a good time, which is all that's important. Look at this. Look at the smile. I miss that smile. Oh, my goodness.

Erica: I'm so glad you got to spend time with him.

Ryan: Yeah.

Erica: Did you speak with Kendall and Zach about bringing Spike home?

Ryan: I did. You know -- well, I did a little bit. I just -- I saw how much he's having there. He's having so much fun. He's having so much fun with his little brother, and I just didn't want to take him away from that. He's been uprooted so many times, I didn't want to do it again, so I'm just gonna visit more.

Erica: We both will.

Ryan: Great.

Erica: Did you mention to Kendall about how Greenlee lied about her in court?

Ryan: I did. I told her, and I just told her to lay low for a little while.

Erica: I mean, can you imagine everything Kendall's been through this year? She's felt so hunted, and now she has a chance to be with her family, and this happens?

Ryan: I mean, I mentioned that probably nothing will come of it legally, but just for now --

Erica: Kendall just wanted to make things right. Greenlee turned around and accused her. You see that, don't you? You see it now, Ryan, how dangerous Greenlee is?

Ryan: Greenlee was determined to kill whatever feelings we had left for each other, and she finally succeeded.

Erica: Oh, Ryan, I'm so sorry.

Ryan: It's all right.

Reporter: And thanks to her testimony, Dr. David Hayward, who faced years in prison if convicted, has just been found not guilty on all charges. To repeat, Dr. David Hayward has been acquitted of all charges.

Greenlee: Congratulations.

David: Thanks to you.

Greenlee: I just did what had to be done.

David: You risked a lot, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You sacrificed so much for me. You kept me alive. Kendall tried to kill me. She's the guilty one, not you.

David: Kendall was your friend.

Greenlee: I'd do it again.

David: So you found her? You talked to her?

Greenlee: Majorca's lovely this time of year.

David: But to see her again after all this time? And Kendall -- she must've been --

Greenlee: She was.

David: Must've been real difficult for you to be there.

Greenlee: But it's over, and I'm all about going forward. Remember? So, free man, there must be lots of things you want to do. Steak dinner? Great bottle of wine? Drive through town with the top down? Honk our horn? Have our very own ticker-tape parade?

David: I think I just want to go home with my wife.

Colby: So Dad kissed Brooke? Like, "kissed" kissed her?

J.R.: Yes. And then she took off.

Colby: What do you think this means? If Dad loves Brooke, and Brooke loves him --

J.R.: I don't know.

Colby: Well, you know, they're close, and -- well, she's amazing.

J.R.: But they're history. The things that Dad did to her -- my mom was in the mix -- it was all pretty harsh.

Colby: Well, I mean, maybe Brooke is over it. And, you know, if Dad has the hots for Brooke, you can back off your stupid plan to seduce Annie, and Dad can kick Annie to the curb without the help of you.

J.R.: I love your enthusiasm. It's just not that easy.

Colby: Sure, it is.

J.R.: No, if Annie opens her mouth, it all goes to hell.

Colby: So what, exactly, happened in Washington with Annie? Oh, my God, J.R.

J.R.: No, I know.

Colby: You were only supposed to lead her on. You weren't actually supposed to do the deed.

J.R.: It's never gonna happen again.

Colby: What about Marissa?

J.R.: You're gonna keep your mouth shut, and she's never gonna find out.

Colby: And how are you gonna keep Annie's mouth shut?

J.R.: She will. She has to.

Colby: You really think she's just gonna keep quiet?

J.R.: You leave it to me.

Colby: All right, because you're doing such a good job.

Adam: Annie told me everything. Would you care to explain yourself?

Madison: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Madison: What are you doing?

Ryan: I'm just waiting for Emma.

Madison: I heard on the news about Greenlee testifying for David.

Ryan: Yeah, I'm not really talking about that.

Madison: Ok.

Ryan: Sorry.

Madison: It's ok. You know, the whole horrible mood thing -- I mean, that was me last time, and you tried to help me out of it. I wish I could return the favor.

Ryan: You know what? If I had my running stuff with me right now, I'd go for a jog with you. That's what I'd do.

Madison: Would you come back?

Ryan: Ha ha!

Madison: Who says you need gear to run, huh? I tell you what: The fountain and back.

Ryan: Are you serious?

Madison: Try to keep up.

[Ryan runs after Madison]

Erica: Jack? Jack, where is Greenlee? And please don't tell me that you have no idea. Don't try to protect her.

Jack: She left.

Erica: You heard?

Jack: Yes, I've heard.

Erica: She crucified Kendall on the witness stand, and David went free. And now the D.A. wants to question Kendall. Thank God Kendall didn't come home.

Jack: Kendall was going to come home?

Erica: Oh, she was going to come home, all right. She was coming home to help out her best friend: Greenlee. Well, thank God Zach talked Kendall into staying in Europe.

Jack: I certainly underestimated Greenlee. I never thought she'd react to the news like this. If there's anything that I can do for Kendall or for you, please, just --

Erica: No, the damage is done. Jack, your daughter is out of control. There's nothing you can say or do that can fix this. Well, aren't you gonna defend Greenlee? Aren't you gonna tell me that she's in pain, that she's so misunderstood?

Jack: I don't even know who Greenlee is anymore.

Greenlee: Glad to be home?

David: You have no idea. You did more than keep me out of prison, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, don't go getting all dramatic on me.

David: You put yourself on the line, took one hell of a chance.

Greenlee: Making a scene is one of my gifts.

David: They could've arrested you the minute you started confessing to my crimes. You really stood up for me. No one's ever done that before. No one has ever believed in me the way you have.

Greenlee: I feel the same way about you. So what's next?

David: What's next is I'm going to make you the happiest woman on the planet. Whatever you want, need, crave, desire, I'm gonna give it to you.

Greenlee: Really?

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: Pink champagne bubble baths? Erica Kane in a cage? World domination?

David: Ha ha ha! I will give you the world wrapped in a bow if that's what you really want. It's not gonna be easy for you.

Greenlee: Easy is for wimps.

David: No, really. The way you stood up for me in court, going after Kendall and Erica? There's gonna be hell to pay.

Greenlee: It's not the first time I've stirred up the Kane women.

David: Hmm. And what about Ryan?

Greenlee: Ryan hates me, which is good -- perfect, actually. I won't have to fight him off anymore. I mean it. Ryan and I are really, truly, completely over, and I'm ok with it -- more than ok. I'm finally free, like you.

Erica: I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: No. The only one in this room who needs to apologize is me.

Erica: Oh, no, you are hardly responsible for what Greenlee did.

Jack: She's my daughter. I knew the news about what happened that night would upset her.

Erica: Yeah, but you couldn't possibly have predicted that she would go so far as to accuse Kendall of trying to kill her in front of a whole courtroom full of people.

Jack: Look, for what it's worth, I don't think the authorities are going to go after Kendall. All they have are Greenlee's allegations.

Erica: I hope not.

Jack: Yeah, me, too. I should go.

Erica: Do you have plans?

Jack: Just going home.

Erica: You gonna worry about Greenlee all night, sit in the dark?

Jack: I'll leave the lights on.

Erica: I have a better idea: Spend the evening with me.

J.R.: I said some things that I shouldn't have. I'm sorry.

Annie: You were beyond horrible.

J.R.: I wasn't thinking. I didn't mean it.

Annie: It sounded like you did.

J.R.: We were just getting to the point where we were becoming friends.

Annie: Friends don't call friends "delusional."

Colby: Dad, maybe we should let them work this out. Look, I really need to talk to you.

Adam: You'll be all right? Behave yourselves.

Colby: I didn't want to say anything in front of Annie, because I know how jealous she gets, but, Dad, um, I'm really worried about Brooke.

Adam: Has she said something?

Colby: No, no. But you know how she is. She's always making sure you're ok, and she never says anything about herself. She almost died, and she's just been released from the hospital, and where is she? In a bed resting? I just -- I really think that she needs to take care of herself.

Adam: I just saw her at the park. She is a little pale, yes.

Colby: Do you know where she is now?

Adam: No. I don't know.

Colby: Well, Dad, are you ok?

Adam: No, I'm not.

J.R.: I really am sorry.

Annie: You acted as if what happened between us never happened.

J.R.: Annie, I said those things because I thought I heard somebody on the other side of the door.

Annie: What? Really?

J.R.: Marissa. Didn't you see her when you left? What if she overheard? Look, I can't run that risk. So I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I did it to protect us.

Annie: No, you did it to protect yourself.

J.R.: No, I got us into this. I lost control with you, and I need to make this right.

Annie: All you did was insult me.

J.R.: Annie, I really care about you. As much as we've hated each other, as hard as we've fought, you're right. There is a connection. And I want to protect you. I want to protect your future.

Annie: My future?

J.R.: You're married to one of the richest men in the country, and you're gonna be set for the rest of your life, as long as you honor your vows to my father and the terms of his merit trust.

Annie: You still think all I care about is money! You still think that's the reason I married your father!

J.R.: No, that's what I used to think, but I've gotten to know you. You loved my father when you married him, and you still do.

Annie: Yes, and you love Marissa the same way.

J.R.: And that's why we can't let this threaten our marriages.

Annie: I know! I know! We have agreed on that.

J.R.: And we can't give into it ever again.

Annie: You enjoyed that kiss just as much as I did.

J.R.: Yes. But not if we have so much to lose, especially you. I hate to say it, but my dad's not gonna be around forever, and you deserve to be secure. So if anyone ever finds out about what happened, you stand to lose almost everything.

Annie: And all this concern -- it's real?

J.R.: I may not be able to act on my feelings because of what's at stake, but I can show you by protecting you.

Annie: By rejecting me?

J.R.: Annie, we shared something that was special, but it was wrong. It can never happen again.

Annie: I can't talk about this anymore. Where's Adam?

Colby: He left.

Annie: Well, where'd he go now?

Colby: No clue.

Annie: Great.

Colby: What happened?

J.R.: Oh, I just reminded her one wrong word, she'll lose everything: Her marriage and all that Chandler money.

Liza: Well, if anyone else had found Greenlee Smythe, then she would've died. Not only did Dr. Hayward find her, but he brought her back from the dead.

Reporter: And broke a lot of laws doing it.

Liza: Well, he's a man in love.

Reporter: So you're a romantic?

Liza: I'm a really good lawyer. Listen, if there's nothing else --

Reporter: Thanks for your time, Ms. Colby.

Second Reporter: Yeah, can't wait to cover your next case. It's always a good show.

Liza: Oh, thank you. Thank you. Well, hello. You're here to buy me a drink to celebrate?

Jesse: No. I came in to grab a bite. Now I'm not hungry.

Liza: Oh, come on. That's just the price you pay with a high-profile case.

Jesse: Does it make you feel good getting a guilty man acquitted?

Liza: According to the jury, he's innocent.

Jesse: Well, you know better than that, don't you?

Liza: Oh, you're upset because I had to shine the light on your weak investigative techniques. Sorry about that.

Jesse: Save the apologies. I had more than enough evidence to convict David.

Liza: Who's home celebrating with his wife because justice was served.

Jesse: You're not interested in justice. You're interested in sound bites, photo ops.

Liza: A woman's got to make a living.

Jesse: By putting criminals back out on the street?

Liza: Excuse me? Can I get a dirty martini?

Jesse: You know, you said you wanted to make a name for yourself. Well, you just might have accomplished that. Every lowlife felon east of Texas is gonna be knocking on your door. Maybe even have your own show: "Colby's Court: Where crime pays."

Liza: I forgot. You're funny. Thank you.

Jesse: We had him. He was finally about to pay for screwing over so many good people for so many years.

Liza: Are you sure you don't want a drink?

Jesse: And now he's free to continue, and he will.

Liza: Or maybe he won't.

Jesse: You don't give a damn. You're just like him. You got no conscience, no heart, no soul.

Erica: Offer's still good.

Jack: You know, I'm surprised you're still talking to me, let alone suggesting we spend the evening together.

Erica: We were in the middle of a date when this drama started. Why not pick up where we left off?

Jack: So this would be a date?

Erica: I think we could both use the distraction.

Jack: Oh, absolutely. But this would be a date?

Erica: Yes. Yes. I'm asking you out on a date. And since I'm doing the asking, I'm sure that you will understand if I choose where we eat, what we eat, and where we sit.

Jack: Only because I know you care.

Erica: Is that a yes?

Jack: Oh, that's a yes.

Erica: Good. And I was only kidding. I didn't mean that I have to make all the decisions. We really can do whatever you want. I mean, I could call ConFusion. I could have them send something up, or we could go out. What do you want to do?

Jack: This.

[Jack kisses Erica]

Madison: No! Oh, it's like chasing a rabbit.

Ryan: God, that felt good.

Madison: The running or the winning?

Ryan: Ha ha! Both, actually. Both felt good.

Madison: Good. I'm just glad I could help you for once.

Ryan: It was exactly what I needed. Thank you. Hey, you didn't let me win, did you?

Madison: It's a good thing I didn't bet on the outcome. I'm kidding. What? No betting, no gambling. You really helped me out that night at the casino when you cut me off.

Ryan: Well, I kind of put my life in my own hands, didn't I?

Madison: Sorry about that.

Ryan: That's ok.

Madison: I thought I had dealt with all that stuff with my husband and my father. But you were right. I got to do the work. I can't just shove it in a box.

Ryan: It takes some time to get through it, you know?

Madison: Sometimes I wonder if I ever will. You love somebody and you believe in them, and then they turn into somebody that you don't even know anymore. How do you get over that?

Ryan: You don't. You just find a way to live with it.

Greenlee: To Liza, the judge, the jury. They made sure that justice won today. Your turn.

David: You know something? I think I'd rather hear about what happened in Europe.

Greenlee: God. Well, the exchange rate sucks. I miss the days of francs, lira --

David: I know Ryan followed you there.

Greenlee: He did. I'm back. He's back. It's over.

David: He attacked you in court. He called you a liar. That must've hurt. Greenlee, come on. You can't act as if what happened didn't matter.

Greenlee: This matters -- you and me moving forward.

David: No. If you really want to move forward, you have to deal with how you feel about Ryan.

Madison: You are really good.

Emma: Thank you.

Madison: And I am going to be really late if I don't get home and shower now.

Ryan: Oh, really? You got a hot date?

Madison: Miranda Center -- volunteer.

Ryan: Oh. Nice. Well, hey, thanks for the run.

Madison: Mm-hmm. Next time, I'm gonna win.

Ryan: I don't doubt that. See you. And you, what do say we go and get some chicken nuggets, maybe a couple of milkshakes, go and hang this in the hallway gallery? What do you think?

Emma: Yeah!

Ryan: Yeah? Hey, but first, I love you, Ems.

Emma: I love you, too, Daddy, forever and ever.

Ryan: Forever and ever.

Greenlee: He showed up at Fusion and let me know what he thinks of me. He's done with me. He wants nothing to do with me. Apparently, I disgust him.

David: I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Don't be. I made it happen. I knew what I was doing. I knew there was no going back. This is what I wanted.

David: Is it?

Greenlee: It's the way it has to be.

Brooke: Adam?

Adam: What's happened?

Brooke: It's Palmer.

Erica: Oh, I -- I -- please. When I, um, asked you what you would like to do, I was really thinking more along the lines of, you know, tuna tartare or mu shu pork.

Jack: And why would I want tuna tartare or mu shu anything when I've got lips a la king? Come here.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Of course.

Erica: Excuse me. Hi, Opal. Wait a minute. What happened? Opal, Opal, Opal, you've got to calm down. Please, I can't understand a word you're saying. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Opal -- yeah, I'll be there just as soon as I can, Opal.

Jack: What's wrong? Honey, what's wrong?

Erica: Ohh -- it's Palmer. He's gone.

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