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Marissa: There you are. I was getting lonely. Are you coming to bed?

J.R.: In a little while.

Marissa: The trip to D.C. took a lot out of you. If you don't get some rest, you're gonna end up collapsing like your father. I almost lost you once. I can't go through that again.

[Annie eavesdrops from the doorway]

Jake: Do you want to, uh, sit on the terrace?

Amanda: Um, actually, can we just get takeout?

Jake: We're not gonna stay?

Amanda: Well, I have a big photo shoot in the morning, so I should get to bed early.

Jake: Well, it's not because you need your beauty sleep, now, is it?

Amanda: Well, tomorrow I have to show up like a real model on time, no bags under my eyes and none of Trevor's breakfast in my hair.

Jake: Honey, you could have suitcases under your eyes and smashed bananas all over your body, you'd still be beautiful.

Amanda: You're biased.

Jake: Well, maybe a little. What's that guy's excuse? Hmm? Or that guy earlier? No, it's because you're beautiful, and that's ok. It's more than ok. And you're gonna be the face of Fusion. That only means you're gonna get more attention, which is awesome.

Amanda: They're looking for their dates.

Jake: Mmm, really? I don't think so, not at all.

Amanda: Well, thank you. I -- I think I'm getting attention from everyone but the waitress, then.

Jake: You want a Cobb salad?

Amanda: Ooh, dressing on the side, please.

Jake: I'll order it from the bar.

Amanda: Thanks. Oh, I'm gonna go say high to Natalia, ok?

Jake: Mm-hmm. Officer Monroe. What's up?

Brot: Oh, nada. Just figured I'd stop by for a beer on my way home.

Jake: Oh, yeah?

Brot: You want one?

Jake: Ah, sure. I'm desperate for one, but I'm gonna say no, because my wife has got a photo shoot in the morning, and being the supportive husband that I am, it's gonna be nothing but rabbit food and H2O from here on out.

Brot: So that's what it's like to be with a model, huh? Let me ask you, Jake, is it worth the sacrifice?

Jake: Look at her. She's happy, she's beautiful. You know, every guy should be as lucky as me.

Kendall: Greenlee is my best friend. She is the love of your life. We can't leave things like this. We have to fix things with her.

Zach: I forgave Kendall. It's the forgetting I'm having trouble with.

Greenlee: But -- this romantic life at sea -- you must still love her.

Zach: I do.

Greenlee: The way you used to love her? The way I used to love Ryan before they betrayed us?

Zach: No. I don't love Kendall that way anymore. Maybe I never will.

Greenlee: Then why are you wasting your time?

Zach: I'm protecting my family.

Greenlee: The life you're building is a lie, Zach. You don't feel the same way about Kendall. Pretending you do isn't going to help your kids. They'll see right through it.

Zach: I remember what we had, and I'd like to get that back.

Greenlee: Well, there's no going back, not after what happened. And you're a fool if you think it'll ever be the same.

Ryan: Look, Kendall, when I found out that Greenlee was alive and that she was with David, I tried everything -- I mean everything -- to try to get her back into my life. I explained why I did the things that I did. I explained that I never stopped loving her. I tried all of it, but she couldn't hear it, you know? So I thought I'd just give her a little bit of space and time to work through the pain, and that didn't work. And so I had to -- kind of do something drastic. I kidnapped her.

Kendall: You kidnapped Greenlee?

Ryan: Yes, I did. I took her to the castle where we got married. I had to! I had to -- I just needed to be alone with her where David wouldn't interrupt.

Kendall: But didn't you learn your lesson from when I did the whole "princess in the tower" trick?

Ryan: Apparently I didn't, you know, because she was furious and -- [Sighs] She said that if I really cared about her, if I really respected her choices, I would back off.

Kendall: Come on. You know how Greenlee is. She will push you away time and time again, but deep down, she is desperate for a reason to hang on. You've got to give that to her.

Ryan: I've given her a hundred reasons, Kendall. I -- I've given her a hundred reasons. I just can't get through to her.

Kendall: Well, maybe Zach can.

Greenlee: I mean, how many times does Kendall have to break your heart before you realize she's only out for herself?

Zach: That's not true.

Greenlee: Think about all that's happened. How can you stand to even look at her after she slept with Ryan?

Zach: Oh, it's hard to see the person you love with someone else, but you got to try to remember why they do what they do.

Greenlee: Don't tell me you buy the whole "grief sex" excuse.

Zach: Kendall was angry. She thought I'd betrayed her with Reese. That's why she was driving the way she was driving. And then the accident happened, we thought we'd lost you, and everything changed. And she turned to Ryan.

Greenlee: No, she had sex with Ryan because she wanted to, just like she did with Aidan. Or is cheating ok in your book as long as she thinks that one of us is dead?

Zach: I'm not making excuses. I'm trying to move past it. Apparently, that's what people do that love each other.

Greenlee: Not after they've hurt you over and over again.

Zach: Well, then I'm trying. It's better than running, Greenlee. Better than running.

Greenlee: Oh, don't make this about me. You -- you're trying to move past it, because you're too afraid to move on. I have.

Zach: Yeah. Then why are you here?

Greenlee: I came for the truth.

Zach: Oh, the truth is, Greenlee, that Ryan Lavery means more to you than any other person in the world. Maybe that's worth fighting for.

Natalia: Test pictures are one thing, but an actual shoot with Ciro? Ohh. What if I'm terrible?

Amanda: Please. He said you had potential.

Natalia: He also said that he hates working with amateurs. There's a reason. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Amanda: Well, like I'm hardly an expert.

Natalia: Please. You are a natural in front of that camera. I'm a cop, a cop moonlighting as a model. There is nothing natural about that.

Amanda: Ok. Minus the gun and the polyblend wardrobe, there are some similarities, ok? You are paid to take orders, so just do what Ciro says. You're gonna be fine.

Natalia: Do you think it's too late for Greenlee to find somebody else?

Amanda: Ok, you really need something to take the edge off. Oh, or someone. What about Brot?

Natalia: Brot? Are you serious? We work together.

Amanda: So?

Natalia: So it's a conflict of interest.

Amanda: So you are interested?

Natalia: Uh-uh, I did not say that.

Amanda: You didn't have to.

Brot: So she's still the same? Hasn't let the job change her at all?

Jake: Why, you think this is gonna change Natalia somehow?

Brot: You know, she didn't want to be a model. She even thought the idea was dumb, and now all of a sudden she's passing up overtime at the station to go to wardrobe fittings.

Jake: Probably because Fusion pays better.

Brot: Yeah, maybe, but it's not about the money with Natalia. She wants to make detective, and that's not gonna happen if she's too busy playing -- Barbie.

Jake: I don't think this is about Natalia getting passed over for some promotion. I think this is you worried that Natalia is not gonna have time for you anymore.

[J.R. kisses Marissa]

J.R.: What?

Marissa: Nothing. It's just been a while since you kissed me like that. I forgot how easily you can make my knees go weak.

J.R.: I'm sorry.

Marissa: Don't be. It was a nice surprise.

J.R.: No, for not kissing you like that more often. I love you, Marissa, and I should show you every minute of every day.

Marissa: I know a way that you can make it up to me. Come to bed.

J.R.: Soon. I promise.

Marissa: Are you thinking about your dad?

J.R.: Just makes me wonder how I could ever be so stupid.

Marissa: What happened is in the past, J.R. There's no use looking back, not when we have so much to look forward to. Don't stay down here too long.

Scott: Good night, honey. Hey. How was D.C.?

J.R.: What?

Scott: You never said how the hearing went.

J.R.: I've had more important things on my mind.

Scott: Yeah. Look. Um -- Adam's collapse, it shook us all up, but, hey, if it kept you from crossing a line, then it -- look. Whatever you were planning on doing with Annie was bound to blow up in everybody's face, buddy. Maybe this is the wake-up call you needed, huh? Now you can concentrate on your family and you can forget all about --

J.R.: I can never forget -- ever.

Scott: Why can't you forget about it, huh? Did you already put your little plan for Annie in motion? What, did you -- oh, my God, J.R., what did you do?

J.R.: It's none of your business.

Scott: No, if it can tear this family apart, it sure as hell is my business. What went down in D.C.?

J.R.: This is my problem, Scotty. Stay out of this. I'll take care of it.

Scott: You mean "her," don't you? Take care of Annie. She's the problem, right?

J.R.: You have no idea what Annie's capable of.

Scott: Oh, I think I know her pretty well.

J.R.: You think you do. You want to think that she's misunderstood, that you feel sorry for her. You shouldn't. Sucking my dad in was just the beginning. Annie wants power over all of our lives, and she'll do anything to get it.

Scott: She got to you, too.

Kendall: Greenlee just found out that I was responsible for her accident and everyone that she loves, including you, kept it from her. So, of course, yes, she's going to push us away. But, Ryan, come on. I mean, Zach forgave eventually. So I think maybe in time Greenlee can forgive, too.

Ryan: How are things with Zach?

Kendall: Well, there's still more to work through, much more. But the good news is no one's walked out. We're -- we're still here together.

Ryan: But he's making it hard, isn't he?

Kendall: Well, I mean, we're not at each other's throats, but -- Zach and I aren't as close as we used to be.

Ryan: Is it because of me?

Kendall: Honestly, it's because of everything. I mean, I never expected for our marriage to, you know, magically be amazing again and all of our problems disappear the second we left Pine Valley. I knew it would take time. I just never expected to be with Zach in a room and feel so lonely.

Ryan: Well, have you talked to him about that?

Kendall: No.

Ryan: Why not?

Kendall: Because, Ryan, we have made so much progress, I don't want to say or do anything that would ruin it.

Ryan: Well, hold on a second. What are you -- what are you talking about? The whole point of you coming out here, taking Spike, was to work on your marriage. And how can you be working on your marriage effectively if you're not telling him how you -- how you really feel?

Kendall: Everything seems so fragile right now. I don't want to push it.

Ryan: Ok. Do you have any idea how long you want to stay?

Kendall: You miss Spike.

Ryan: I know.

Kendall: I know you miss him, Ryan. He misses you, too, so much, he does, but he is having such a great time here. He loves it here. He has this amazing new therapist that is -- just does wonders. I mean, Spike does not stop talking. He is just -- he just is a chatterbox, kind of like you, actually, yes. And listen to this: He even knows Spanish.

Ryan: Come on!

Kendall: He does. He does.

Ryan: Really?

Kendall: Yes, he talks all the time. In fact, his favorite word is "pesca."

Ryan: Fish. I love it.

Kendall: Do you like that? Yeah. I mean, he's -- he's just having the best time here. And Zach, he's so good with him. He takes them out every morning, and they just love it. I mean, you should see what they catch. I mean, I think the best part of being here is just seeing how much fun the boys are having and how well they're doing. But now that I know that Greenlee is alive and angry with me, how can I stay away?

Greenlee: I never would have pegged you for the starry-eyed romantic, Zach. Ryan, sure. All that talk about fate, destiny, the moon bringing us together -- that's all it was, talk. There was no substance behind his words. If he was really my soul mate, he wouldn't have hopped into bed with my best friend after hearing I was dead.

Zach: And you have every right to be angry.

Greenlee: Oh, you think? I gave Ryan my heart, and he betrayed me, just like Kendall betrayed you. Do yourself a favor, and walk away now before she does it again, because she will.

Zach: It's not that easy. I've never loved anyone the way I've loved her.

Greenlee: Love doesn't conquer all, Zach. Maybe in romance novels and fairy tales, but in the real world, happily ever after isn't a guarantee.

Zach: In the real world, nothing is a guarantee. You turn one corner, and everything changes. You know that better than anyone.

Greenlee: That's why I'm not wasting another minute on Ryan. Life's too short to keep making the same mistake.

Zach: Hayward's not gonna make you happy.

Greenlee: I know he won't hurt me. I can't say the same about Ryan.

Zach: And you say I'm scared.

Greenlee: Why are you pushing this?

Zach: Because beneath that anger and that fight, I can see how hurt you really are.

Kendall: Greenlee has it in her head that I caused the accident on purpose, that I deliberately hurt her and tried to kill her, because I wanted to be with you. I can't convince her the truth from half a world away. I don't know what to do, Ryan. I mean, she's my best friend. I want to fix things with her, but, I mean, I can't leave knowing that things aren't fixed with Zach. I mean, how am I supposed to choose who to fix things with?

Ryan: Well, sitting here, you're not gonna be able to fix things with either one of them.

Kendall: Well, I was hoping that maybe if I left them alone, Zach would be able to talk some sense into her and make her understand how horrible that night was and how it just devastated all of us.

Ryan: Personally, I don't think Zach is the right person for Greenlee to be speaking to about this. He can't forgive us for what we did. How is he gonna convince her to?

Kendall: It always comes back to us, doesn't it? What we did.

Brot: Jake, Natalia is a friend and a fellow cop.

Jake: Mm-hmm. Do all of your fellow cops look that hot in a dress? Because if they do, Jesse should be advertising that in a flyer or something. I mean, the applications would triple at the academy.

Brot: You know what? You're a comedian.

Jake: Mm-hmm. I'm just saying, Brot, know how you feel about her, ok? Because once she breaks and her face is all over this town, plastered on the side of buses or whatever, there's gonna be a line down the block with guys knocking on her door trying to get with her. And I'm just saying, this is your chance to get to the front of the line.

Brot: Ok. So let's just say Natalia makes it big, she becomes famous.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Brot: You really think she'd want me walking her down the red carpet? I mean, come on, man, burns -- burns don't go well with the black tie.

Jake: Has this ever been an issue before?

Brot: No, but she wasn't a model before.

Jake: Right, but if you take the makeup away and the fancy clothes, she's still the same person underneath, right?

Brot: Let's hope so.

Natalia: He's a cocky pain in the ass who will not let me forget that he made it through the academy faster than me. That's it.

Amanda: That's called flirting. Guys resort back to 6-year-old behavior when they're intimidated by a girl they like. Instead of telling you how they feel, they pull your hair and insult you till they get your attention.

Natalia: What is up with that? It's annoying.

Amanda: But at the same time, it's kind of endearing, right?

Natalia: Uh, no.

Scott: I've seen that look, J.R. Admit it, Annie got to you.

J.R.: You're the one that got led around like a puppy dog for months. You hung on her every word, even helped her cover up your father's murder.

Scott: To protect your father.

J.R.: You fell for her, Scott. I haven't.

Scott: Then what happened in D.C.?

J.R.: You had your shot at getting rid of Annie, and you blew it. I won't. See, that's the difference between you and me. I finish what I start.

Scott: I know. I know. No matter what you could lose.

J.R.: I said, stay out of it.

Scott: You once told me that if I ever let Annie into my bed, I would never be able to get her out. Take your own advice.

J.R.: Get out.

Scott: You want to know the real difference between you and me? I don't have a loving wife and a child who adores me. If you don't give this up, you will lose everything.

J.R.: Get out.

Annie: J.R.? I need to know where we stand.

Greenlee: This isn't hurt. Don't tell me you think you know what I feel. You know what? If I'm back with Ryan, he'll stay away from Kendall. That's what this is about, isn't it? You don't trust them any more than I do.

Zach: Ah, you're wrong about that.

Greenlee: Oh, really? You have to tolerate Ryan, because he's Spike's father, but if you had it your way, he'd be out of Kendall's life for good. That's why you brought them here, to keep some distance between them.

Zach: I brought them here because I'm, uh -- I'm working on my family.

Greenlee: But now that I'm alive, you know Kendall's gonna want to come home. She's gonna want to try to make things right between us, not that things will ever be the same. But you also know that leaving here means letting Ryan in. It's easy for Kendall to be faithful with an ocean between them, but if she goes back home, all bets are off. That's why you're pushing me to give Ryan another chance. You need a buffer.

Zach: If I wanted Ryan gone, he'd be gone. I don't need your help with that.

Greenlee: Oh, really? But as long as I'm here, why not use me, right?

Zach: Ahem. I'm not giving up on Kendall, and you shouldn't, either.

Greenlee: She tried to kill me.

Zach: No, she didn't try to kill you. She was driving the car. She was upset.

Greenlee: Quit making excuses for her.

Zach: We all make mistakes.

Greenlee: Don't. You know what? You took the blame for Kendall once, and I'm not gonna let you do it again. What happened had nothing to do with Reese. It was about Ryan. She wanted him, end of discussion.

Zach: Ok. So all the blame goes to Kendall? None goes to you, right?

Greenlee: She was driving on my side of the road, not the other way around.

Zach: You shouldn't have been on the road in the first place.

Greenlee: I was looking for you.

Zach: You were sticking your nose into somebody else's business.

Greenlee: I was trying to be a friend.

Zach: It was the night of your wedding, Greenlee! But instead of staying with Ryan, promising to love him for the rest of his life, you almost lost yours on a motorcycle, and with that, the only chance you had to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams. And you felt betrayed by Ryan and Kendall, but you know what? You made a choice, and that choice changed everything.

Greenlee: This is all my fault? Is that what you're saying? Ryan and Kendall having sex, your marriage falling apart -- you blame me?

Zach: No, I'm not blaming anybody. I said you made a choice.

Greenlee: I sure as hell didn't choose to give up a year of my life. You think I would have gotten on that motorcycle if I had known that was gonna happen?

Zach: You chose to be in a place, and after that, life happened -- fate, whatever you call it. It's done. Put it behind you.

Greenlee: [Scoffs] Easy for you to say.

Zach: You think it's easy for me? This whole thing started because of what I did with Reese. Not easy at all. I think about it every day. You're my friend. I thought I'd lost you. Now you're back. It's a miracle. A second chance -- we all deserve that. Don't mess with my family. Let it go.

[Door opens]

Greenlee: What -- what are you doing here? Wait. Wait. Let me guess. Erica warned you that I was coming to talk to Kendall.

Ryan: I came here for Spike, but, yeah, I wanted to be here for support.

Greenlee: Whose hand were you planning to hold?

Zach: Greenlee, come on.

Greenlee: Now, come on, Zach. It's an honest question. You must be thinking the same thing. Were you here for me or for the woman who tried to kill me?

Kendall: It was an accident.

Greenlee: Sleeping with Ryan wasn't.

Ryan: Greenlee, whatever happened between us was a serious mistake, and we regret it. If we could go back --

Greenlee: You can't take something like that back. You were my best friend. I wasn't even gone a few minutes.

Kendall: Ok. Greenlee, I understand that, I realize that, and I'm sorry.

Greenlee: I don't believe you.

Ryan: Kendall loves you. She never wanted to hurt you.

Greenlee: Oh, I know what she wanted. Tried to get me off the road to get it.

Kendall: Ok. All right. That's not how it happened, and you know it.

Zach: Enough! Whatever happened, it's over. It's done.

J.R.: I'm not really sure what's left to talk about. We agreed what happened in D.C. could never happen again.

Annie: I know. It's just we live in the same house. I think we should try to -- clear the air so there's no awkwardness between us. People will pick up on that, and I think the last thing we need is Scott asking us questions, or worse, Marissa or Adam.

J.R.: Yeah. You're right.

Annie: I think we're just both feeling very guilty. We were in bed when Adam collapsed on a courtroom floor and was fighting for his life.

J.R.: Doesn't get much worse than that.

Annie: We weren't thinking. But now it's all I can think about. I can't get what happened between us out of my head.

J.R.: Try.

Annie: It's not that easy, J.R. You were very -- real with me. We had a connection that I never thought we would, and -- I felt something. And I know you did, too.

J.R.: It doesn't matter what we felt, ok? We agreed. It's best for us both if we pretend that D.C. never even happened.

Annie: What if I changed my mind?

Brot: Thank you, seņor.

Jake: Brot --

Brot: Yes?

Jake: You've been to war. How can asking Natalia out on a date be scarier than what you've already been through --

Brot: Oh, ho, ho! I have asked her out.

Jake: You did?

Brot: Yeah.

Jake: When did you ask her out?

Brot: Yeah. It was a charity bowling tournament a while ago. I asked her if she wanted to go together, and she thought I meant on a date, and she froze.

Jake: Well, maybe her idea of a date isn't wearing stinky, smelly bowling shoes.

Brot: You know what? Maybe you're right. But I don't even know if Natalia is even interested. I mean, Jake, all I keep getting from her is all these weird mixed signals.

Jake: Because she's a girl. She's a woman. That's what they do. That's what they do. They mess with our heads. That's how they keep us -- keep us on our game.

Brot: So let me ask you this, then, did Amanda play those games with you?

Jake: Well, by games, you mean, like, wearing costumes? Because one time, she wore this pirate outfit, and it had a little parrot, that it could actually speak --

Brot: Jake.

Jake: Which is not important. What's important for the purposes of this conversation, that Amanda and I started out as friends, see, with benefits. No strings, just friends. But then later on -- later on, things got serious.

Brot: So -- how did you know you wanted it to be more?

Jake: Brot, when it's the right woman, you'll know.

Amanda: Ok. I know Ciro may come across like a bigger diva than Erica, but actually, after he gets his shots, he really couldn't be nicer.

Natalia: Are we talking about the same person here? I mean -- "hip, edgy, with the list of the kilometer long -- the list of the demands, lip gloss"! Like, what?!

Amanda: Ok. Well, actually, Ciro sent me some proofs from the shoot with a note saying that it was so nice to work with me, and he said I was the next big thing.

Natalia: The bar. Why did you have to raise the bar so high?

Amanda: Come on. Seriously, he's going to love you, all right? Speaking of love --

Natalia: Oh, no, we are not back on that again, are we?

Amanda: Face it, Brot has got it bad.

Kendall: You've had so much to deal with, Greenlee, and no one expects you to work through it all right now.

Greenlee: If you think time is going to make me forget what you did, you're wrong.

Ryan: We know you're angry, Greenlee, but you can't keep blaming Kendall for something that wasn't her fault.

Greenlee: If one more person defends her and makes an excuse for her again, I'm gonna scream.

Zach: Why don't we all go outside and get some air? We could all use a minute.

Kendall: Actually, I don't think going outside is gonna help anything. I think we need to go back to Pine Valley and try to work through this together.

Ryan: Hey.

Spike: Daddy!

Ryan: Hey, Spike. Oh, my goodness, look at you. Ooh, you are so heavy. I think you got even bigger. I think you did. What have they been feeding you?

Kendall: Uh, I think maybe it is all that fish.

Ryan: Was it the fish?

Kendall: Ooh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's the pesca.

Ryan: Oh, that's right. That's right. That's right, because you've been learning Spanish, right? Have you? You've been having fun?

Spike: Si.

Ryan: "Si"!

Kendall: See? I told you. He knows Spanish.

Ryan: That's good. You did great.

Kendall: Good! That was good.

Natalia: I am not ready for a relationship, all right? And even -- even if I was, it would not be with somebody I work with. So can we just drop it?

Amanda: You think I was looking for love? It has a funny way of sneaking up on you. I mean, one minute, I'm pregnant, looking to give my baby up for adoption, and the next, I'm a stay-at-home mom with the most incredible man.

Natalia: Well, not tomorrow. Tomorrow you's a model!

Amanda: So are you!

Natalia: Uh-uh. No. No. I am a cop "trying" to be a model. Get it right. Ciro's gonna have an aneurysm.

Amanda: Ok. Well, he really is gonna have a heart attack if I don't get home and get some sleep, so I don't have bags under my eyes.

Jake: Baby, are you ready to go?

Amanda: Yes, I am, actually, but Natalia's still on the fence about the shoot tomorrow. Will you guys please tell her she has nothing to worry about?

Jake: Ah, you have nothing to worry about. Just your public and, of course, fans, fan mail -- hey, did you tell her about your fan e-mail?

Amanda: Ha ha ha!

Jake: Did you tell her?

Amanda: "Amandafan." This person is a real character. He started out writing comments about the shoot. Now he's moved on to poems.

Natalia: Poems?

Jake: Yeah, let me think. Oh, uh -- "roses are red; violets are blue; Amanda, you shine; I adore you." It's really good stuff, really good.

Amanda: See what you have to look forward to?

Natalia: Can't wait.

Amanda: Listen. You are going to be great, ok? Good luck.

Natalia: Thank you.

Jake: We're taking off, ok?

Amanda: Bye, love.

Jake: Bye.

Brot: You know, uh, she's right.

Natalia: Thanks.

Brot: So, um, want to get a drink? It's on me.

Natalia: No, thanks. I, um -- I got to get up so early. I got to go. I'll see you tomorrow.

Brot: Natalia. What are you so afraid of?

Annie: I've never really had many friends at all. And my breakdown last year, that certainly didn't help matters. Ever since I got out of Oak Haven, I've been treated like the town pariah. It's been nice having someone to be able to talk to again. And I guess I -- I don't want to lose that.

J.R.: Annie, if you're saying that you want to be friends --

Annie: No, just, please, can I -- please let me finish. When Adam collapsed, I was terrified -- but not just for him, for me. I mean, if I don't have Adam, what else do I have? Who else can I lean on? The point is, you're lucky, J.R. You have a house full of people who love you -- a family, a wife --

J.R.: I love Marissa.

Annie: But you can't stop thinking about me, either.

Ryan: We got to measure you. Can we measure you, please?

Zach: Well, your daddy hasn't seen the fish you caught this morning.

Ryan: Fish? You caught a fish?

Kendall: Yes, he did. A big one.

Ryan: Come on! A big one? I got to see this fish. Is it as big as you? No!

Spike: Yes!

Ryan: No!

Spike: Uh-huh!

Ryan: Are you serious?

Spike: Uh-huh.

Ryan: Where is this fish? I don't believe it. Got to see it.

Kendall: It is out in the cooler. No fish allowed inside unless they are cooked.

Ryan: Very smart woman. Let's go take a look, ok? Come on.

Kendall: Oh, uh, why don't you wait for Daddy Zach? You said you wanted some air.

[Spike laughs]

Greenlee: Subtle as always.

Kendall: I want to fix this between us.

Greenlee: You can't force me to forgive you, Kendall.

Kendall: I know that. But I just want you to know that in time, whenever you're ready, I'll be there.

Greenlee: In Pine Valley?

Kendall: Yes. I can work on my marriage with Zach there. Besides, it's not fair for Spike to be away from his dad. Ryan and I talked about it, and we think it's best --

Greenlee: I'm so glad you and Ryan figured things out.

Natalia: Look. Uh -- you may think that this whole modeling thing is a waste of time, but it's my time, not yours, and if I want to spend it making a fool of myself in front of the camera, then that's my business. Because I'll tell you what, I may be a little stressed out about this and a little nervous, but I am not afraid of anything.

Brot: Natalia, I meant what I said. You're great at everything you do.

Natalia: Well, I won't look great if I don't get my butt home, so I'll see you tomorrow.

Brot: Hey, hey. Can I give you a ride home?

Natalia: No, my car's out back. I'm fine. Thanks.

Brot: Natalia. Good luck tomorrow.

Natalia: Thanks. What was that?

Brot: It was a kiss.

Natalia: I know it was a kiss. Why did you just kiss me?

Brot: Well, it seemed like a good idea.

Annie: We can both go on with our lives, pretend like nothing happened, but the memory will still be there. You'll try to block it out, tell yourself it's for the best, but you'll know something that good is really, really hard to forget.

J.R.: We don't have a choice.

Annie: I know.

J.R.: I love my wife. God help me. I want you.

Ryan: Nap time! Ok. So what happened? What -- what did you say to Greenlee?

Kendall: Well, I said that I wanted to fix things with her, and I told her that we talked. Well, that set her off. So I don't know. Any luck?

Zach: She left in a cab. I don't know where she went.

Ryan: Well, I mean, she came here to get information, right? And she found out what happened the night of the accident. She probably went home.

Zach: Maybe you should, too.

Ryan: I haven't seen my son in months.

Kendall: All right. Ok. Why don't you -- you know what, Ryan? Why don't you -- why don't you get him, and you guys can spend the night together? He can spend the night with you at the hotel, and then we'll meet for breakfast in the morning.

Ryan: Ok. I'll get his stuff.

Kendall: I think we should head back to Pine Valley, too. I think it's the only way to make things right with Greenlee.

Zach: What about making things right with us?

Kendall: Zach, of course, I want to make our marriage work, but I think it's time that we go back to the real world and start living our lives.

Zach: If you want to go to Pine Valley, I'm not gonna stop you.

Kendall: But you won't come with me, either.

Zach's voice: But instead of staying with Ryan, promising to love him for the rest of his life, you almost lost yours on a motorcycle, and with that, the only chance you had to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams.

Ticket Agent: Seņorita -- que le puedo ayudar?

Greenlee: Uh, I'm sorry. I don't speak, um --

Ticket Agent: Can I help you?

Greenlee: I need a ticket.

Ticket Agent: Destination?

Greenlee: What?

Ticket Agent: Where are you going?

Greenlee: I don't know.

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