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Adam: Brooke? I owe you an apology. I shouldn't have --

Annie: Shouldn't have what?

Adam: Annie.

Annie: Sorry to disappoint you. What happened between you and Brooke?

David: Greenlee's best friend, the same one who jumped into bed with her fiancÚ, is also the one who drove her off the road.

Liza: Kendall was the one that caused the accident?

David: Yep.

Liza: Wait a minute. Zach told the police that he was driving.

David: He lied. It wouldn't be the first time he took the fall for Kendall to keep her out of trouble. He also managed to keep it out of the press.

Liza: Wow. Ok, well, I understand why Zach covered up. Why did you?

David: It was a miracle in itself that Greenlee survived. I couldn't risk upsetting her with all their betrayals. She was still too fragile.

Liza: Ok, but she's doing much better now. She's back at home. She's back at Fusion. How long do you think you're gonna keep this from her?

David: Since Zach took Kendall out of town, the only other person who might tell her who she's had contact with is Erica. But I'm willing to bet that Erica hasn't even told Kendall that Greenlee's back from the dead.

Greenlee: So tell me, Erica. What don't I know?

Erica: I have no idea. And I have work to do.

Greenlee: Damn it, tell me what the hell happened.

Ryan: Last chance to back out.

Tad: Oh, no way. This job is right on time. I needed the distraction.

Ryan: Really?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Why? That kid you've been helping out -- has he been causing some trouble?

Tad: Yeah. He's pushing the envelope as far and as often as he can. I'm afraid if he doesn't knock it off he's gonna self-destruct.

Colby: You're going too fast. Ok, give me your phone. I will text Bailey, whatever you want.

Damon: There. I'm done.

Colby: Look out!

[Tires screech]

[Metal crunches]

Ryan: I got to tell you, Tad, I was a lot like Damon -- a smart-ass kid always looking for trouble.

Tad: Right. Mad at the world.

Ryan: Well, mostly at my father. But you know where I'm coming from, right? You grew up in a hell like that. It's very difficult to finally let your guard down and start trusting people again, but, I mean, we were able to do it. So you just got to be a little patient. I'm sure he'll get there.

Tad: Yeah, well, unfortunately, patience is in short supply.

[Music plays]

Ryan: Give me a minute.

Madison: Hey. I heard about Craig. Is it true? He was embezzling from the casino?

Ryan: I caught him in the act.

Madison: Wow. I really do have the worst taste in men, don't I? First a cheating husband, and then a lying thief.

Ryan: Well, it was one date, Madison. I wouldn't be too hard on myself.

Madison: You're right. And at least this time I did see the warning signs.

Ryan: Yes.

Madison: So, want to join me for a drink, toast my progress?

Ryan: Well, I'm working right now. I got a little business I got to take care of. So --

Madison: Ok. Another time, then. I think I'm gonna try my luck at the tables.

Singer: I know what it's worth

Ryan: Do me a favor? Keep an eye on her.

Greenlee: Do you have any idea what it's like to wake up thinking it's your wedding day only to find out the man you were supposed to marry had moved on? Until you lose a year of your life, Erica, you don't get to decide which missing pieces I'd want to be told.

Erica: Why won't you just let this go?

Greenlee: I almost died. I have a right to know what really happened.

Erica: [Sighs] The night of the accident, that river was icy cold. You're fortunate you don't remember. But you know who does? You know who will never forget how that below-freezing temperature appears to every inch of his body? Ryan -- the man who jumped in that icy water after you. The man who stayed out there searching for you long after the only thing they found was a torn piece of your wedding dress. Jack was beside himself. But Ryan? I've never seen such pain. Even after the authorities told him that there was no hope, he refused to believe that you were gone. You have beaten Ryan up thinking that it was so easy for him to move on, but, Greenlee, the reality was that Ryan was beyond devastated. He walked around with this haunted look in his eyes. It was as if he died with you. So can you please drop this?

Greenlee: You think bringing up Ryan's suffering will distract me from the truth? I'm not letting this go.

Erica: You are welcome to stay here and spout your conspiracy theories. I don't have to listen.

Liza: Greenlee's testimony, combined with the fact that Kendall was the one that was driving the car that caused the accident? That pretty much guarantees that you're gonna get acquitted.

David: I don't care. I'm not gonna blow Greenlee's life out of the water.

Liza: And what about your life? You're just prepared to spend it here behind bars? Huh? Because that is exactly what's gonna happen if you don't let me use every possible resource in your defense.

David: Yeah, well, you're not gonna use any of it. So get used to it.

Liza: Listen. If what you did was really all for Greenlee, the jury needs to hear that. This information can prove the fact that your actions are justified. Not only did you save her life, but you kept her from the horrific truth that it was her friend that caused the accident.

David: I said forget it.

Liza: All right, what if she just testifies to what she does remember?

David: The car was coming right at Greenlee. She must've seen Kendall and blocked it out. The more she harps on that evening the more it's gonna come crashing back at her.

Liza: Ok, well, Zach and Kendall lied. That's a crime. So if we can shift the focus off of you in court --

David: Ok, you know something? This is getting us nowhere. The hell with court! I want to plead out!

Adam: Brooke and I had some paperwork about "Tempo" we were supposed to be working on, but I just kept getting distracted.

Annie: By what?

Adam: I just -- I can't get my mind off J.R. I keep worrying about him.

J.R.: Well, then stop, Dad. I'm fine. Dr. Kahn wouldn't be considering clearing me for the D.C. trip if I wasn't.

Annie: You are coming with us, right?

Adam: That's something we'll work out the details later. Right now I have a call to make.

Annie: He's never too busy for Brooke.

J.R.: Hmm. Did you know that there are roughly 6,000 people in need of a bone marrow transplant every day in the U.S.?

Annie: What?

J.R.: We're gonna be in front of Congress. I figured we should look some stuff up. I went online, looked at some statistics. Presently, there's 11 million people who are registered donors. Could you imagine how many more we can get with a national campaign? This testimony is the first step in order to make that happen.

Annie: You're really excited about this, aren't you?

J.R.: You saved my life. I want to pay it forward. I want to save more, and we will by working together to get the word out.

Brooke's voice: Hi. You've reached Brooke English. Please leave a message.

[Voice mail beeps]

Adam: Brooke? Brooke, I know why you're not picking up, and I'm sorry. I owe you an apology. I never should've been so personal. So please call me back.

Jake: So the minute that the other's back is turned, we're running off and making, you know, phone calls like crazy to the same person. So the nanny's like, "You two, you got to get a grip." She told us off. She basically fired us.

Angie: I remember those days. You know, it's not easy leaving your baby with someone new.

Jake: And we didn't make it an hour. Are you hearing me? Not even a single -- not an hour. We're in trouble. What are we gonna do when Trevor has to go off to college?

Angie: Listen, you know, there is something to be said for a little alone time.

Jesse: There certainly is.

Angie: Hey, baby. So what brings you here?

Jesse: I read your mind. Bam! I got us a bag packed in Room 12 waiting at the Evergreen.

Jake: You guys have a good time.

Jesse: Oh, we will. Thank you, Doc.

Angie: Jesse --

Jesse: Angela, I am not taking no for an answer. This time you are officially off the clock.

Angie: I was going to say "Thank you." And the flowers are beautiful.

Jesse: Oh. I knew that. So are you.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: One second. This better -- Hubbard. What -- I'll be right there. Evergreen's gonna have to wait.

Angie: What's the matter? What happened?

Jesse: There was a huge accident off of County Line Road. One of the cars involved was Colby's. Listen, baby, I'm so sorry. I got to go, ok?

Tad: Boss?

Ryan: Yeah?

Tad: Don't get me wrong, she's a whole lot of fun to look at, but why do you want me to keep an eye on Madison North?

Ryan: Why? Do you know her?

Tad: No. But I know of her -- the widow of the ex-ex-D.A. She was in a bad place a little while back and caused some trouble at the dance marathon.

Ryan: She did? What kind of trouble?

Tad: Well, I don't know. I was busy trying to keep you guys conscious. All I know is that Jesse dealt with it.

Ryan: Huh.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Excuse me.

Ryan: Yeah.

Tad: Just a minute. Hello?

Angie: Tad, it's Angie.

Tad: Hey. Is everything all right?

Angie: There's been an accident. The paramedics are bringing Colby and Damon in now.

Tad: I'll be right there. My kid's in the hospital. Can you find somebody to cover?

Ryan: Absolutely. Go, go, go.

Madison: Ohh.

Ryan: Uh-oh. What happened? Luck run out?

Madison: Well, it's early. Things could turn around, if you'd be willing to float me a loan?

Ryan: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Madison: Come on, Ryan, what's a few hundred dollars? You know I'm good for it.

Ryan: Look, why don't we have that drink now? And then maybe we can start being honest with each other.

Liza: Why, exactly, for a man as smart as you are, are you doing something as stupid as cop a plea?

David: You're so convinced the only way for me to stay out of jail is to put Greenlee on the stand, to hit her square in the face with the truth? Well, if that's the case, I'd rather be in jail. So call the D.A., accept whatever deal he's making, because there's no way in hell I'm gonna destroy Greenlee like that!

Liza: If you cave now, this will be both of our careers.

David: Oh, come on. Give me a break. You've got your sizable retainer. I couldn't care less. Make the call.

Liza: Really? Really? You're just willing to throw all this away for Greenlee?

David: She's my wife.

Liza: She married you to get back at Ryan. Not exactly a love to stake your life on, is it?

David: My life, my decision. Make the damn call.

[Phone rings]

Liza: What?

Adam: Brooke, I'm gonna keep calling until you pick up the phone.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Brooke? Dr. Hubbard. What can I do for you?

J.R.: I think you should be the one to address the committee.

Annie: By myself?

J.R.: The point is to raise awareness for bone marrow donations. Who better to speak on the process than someone who's been through it?

Annie: I just finished telling you how nervous I am to speak in front of everyone, and now you want me to do it alone? No. No way. It's not happening.

J.R.: I'll help you prep, Annie. We can practice it as much as you like.

Annie: No. I think I'd rather get help from your father, thank you very much. Adam?

Angie: I've got Colby.

Jake: Go ahead. What do we got, Joe?

Joe: B.P. 108/60. Pulse 100. Deformity above the left elbow. Radial and ulnar pulses are good but decreased on motion of the extremity.

Jake: Get him in cube 3. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Colby: Damon! Ugh!

Angie: Listen, you can talk to Damon later. First, we need to see what's going on with you.

Colby: No, I am fine! I have --

Angie: That has to stay on --

Colby: No, I'm fine! I have a few cuts and bruises. Please, Damon is the one who needs help! Please, I am fine! I don't --

Angie: That has to stay on until we can clear your spine.

Jake: You feel that?

Damon: Yeah, yeah.

Jake: Sensation is intact. Nice. All right, we're gonna need an arm series.

Damon: How's Colby?

Jake: She's better than you at the moment.

Damon: Agh.

Jake: And a chest series. You might have some broken ribs.

Damon: I need to see her.

Jake: You will, just as soon as you have your picture taken, ok?

Angie: I thought you said two cars were involved.

Jesse: Yeah. Fire and rescue are having a really tough time getting the other driver out.

Angie: Have you notified the family?

Jesse: Just got an I.D. from the scene. It's not good.

Ryan: So I have been going over past casino records, and I noticed that you got in pretty deep last summer, and Zach had to cut you off.

Madison: Well, check your records again, you'll see that my father settled that debt. So can I have that line of credit now?

Ryan: No, I don't think so.

Madison: I said I'd pay you back. What's the problem? Look, last summer was difficult, yes. I had a husband who wanted to send me back to live with a father who loved hitting me. I came here to get away from it all. Did I go a little overboard trying to dull the pain? No question. But you don't have to worry about that happening again. Henry is dead, and my father's in prison, and my life is back on track.

Ryan: And I guess I'm just trying to make sure it stays that way, that's all.

Madison: I am not some kind of an addict, Ryan! I know my limits!

Ryan: Ok, why don't we go for a walk and get some fresh air, ok? And then we can maybe clear our heads -- Madison?

Jack: Erica, ignoring my phone calls is not going to change the situation. You need to call Kendall, you need to get her back here to Pine Valley, because Greenlee needs to hear the truth from Kendall.

Greenlee: I am so sick of everyone tiptoeing around me, acting like I'm gonna break at any second. I'm a lot stronger than you and David give me credit for.

Jack: Whoa, how did I get lumped in the category with Hayward?

Greenlee: You're both trying so hard to keep me from getting hurt again. What you don't seem to realize is that you're hurting me by not being honest.

Jack: You think I'm not being honest with you?

Greenlee: I know there's more to the accident than you're saying. I tried to get the truth out of Erica. I figured she's the one person who wouldn't try to spare my feelings, but she just went on and on about Ryan and how heartbroken he was.

Jack: It was a horrible night, sweetheart. It was a horrible night for all of us.

Greenlee: But I'm ok. I'm here, and I just want you to be honest with me. Why do I get the feeling that the accident wasn't the only horrible thing that happened that night?

David: The great Erica Kane visiting Pine Valley's most infamous pariah. To what do I owe you stooping this low?

Erica: Save the sarcasm, David. It's about Greenlee.

David: Which could only mean that you've heard she's out there trying to dig up dirt on her accident. And you're worried if it is dug up, your daughter could end up sharing a cell with me. Am I warm?

Annie: I cannot believe Adam just took off like that. He knew that I wanted to talk to him. Didn't even tell me where he was going.

J.R.: Probably had some business to take care of.

Annie: Yeah, business with Brooke.

J.R.: He and Brooke are just friends.

Annie: I am his wife. I should come first.

J.R.: Annie, he loves you. I didn't want to believe it. I spent a long time hoping he'd come to his senses and realize that you only married him for his money.

Annie: I didn't marry him for his money.

J.R.: I get that. And he saw a side of you that you don't show a lot of people. It took me almost dying for me to finally see what you were made of. See, that's why I want to put you front and center in D.C., so everyone can see that, and you can finally get the credit that you're due.

Colby: Angie just wants to do some X-rays to be safe. I'm fine. I'm ok.

Adam: How did this happen? Were you speeding?

Colby: Um, no. Not exactly.

Adam: "Not exactly"? Were you or weren't you?

Liza: Adam, there was another car involved. Let's not just assume that it was Colby's fault.

Adam: Well, did that car swerve into your lane?

Colby: Um, you know, I don't really remember. It all happened really fast.

Adam: Try, Colby, try.

Colby: Look, do we have to do this now?

Liza: Honey, the police are gonna want a statement. I need to know if there's any legal issues here before they get here. I can't help you unless you tell me exactly what happened.

Colby: It wasn't me driving. It was Damon.

Tad: Ok, so what's the verdict?

Jake: Bone is broken in several pieces. He's gonna need surgery.

Tad: Oh. That's a tough break. I'm sorry.

Jake: I'm gonna page my favorite ortho.

Tad: Well, I guess all around it could've been a lot worse. You gonna tell me what happened?

Damon: It wasn't my fault.

Tad: Damon, don't get upset, ok? Please, just --

Damon: No, you don't get it, man. That car was totaled. They were cutting the guy out. You think he'll be ok?

Tad: I think they'll let us know.

Angie: What do we have here?

EMT: Female extracted from an MVA, initially unresponsive but responds to painful stimuli.

Angie: Vitals?

EMT: B.P.'S 80/50. Pulse 120. Respirations are shallow. I got her on a large-bore I.V. with ringers wide open. She's on oxygen. Pulse ox is 90.

Angie: Brooke? Brooke, can you hear me?

Annie: Should I wear slacks or a dress with a cute jacket? Probably the slacks, right? That's more professional?

J.R.: I say wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Annie: What should I do with my hair? Should I do it pulled back or down with a loose curl? I don't want it to look like I'm trying too hard.

J.R.: The subcommittee's not gonna care about that. The most important thing is the speech.

Annie: Speech? What speech? You said I was just answering a few questions.

J.R.: Well, they're gonna want to know about your experience, the procedure, and what it was like to be a donor.

Annie: Well, I mean, there really wasn't much to it. I was just put under and woke up a few hours later with a sore, you know --

J.R.: No, no, don't downplay it, Annie. You gave up part of your body to save my life. That's huge. Before the transplant, I was afraid A.J. was gonna be growing up without a father. But because of you, I'm living and I'm breathing, and I'm able to play with my son. Hey, Scott. How you doing?

Scott: You tell me.

J.R.: I was just helping Annie prep for her testimony. She's gonna be great.

Annie: Not without a speech. I'm gonna go get started on it.

J.R.: If you're looking for my father, he went out. I don't know when he's gonna be back.

Scott: No, no, no. I know what you're doing with Annie. It won't work.

J.R.: It already is. It's amazing what a little gratitude does. I'm gonna keep showing her that gratitude until she realizes I've changed my mind about her. She'll let her guard down. She'll start to trust me.

Scott: And you'll turn on her. Yeah. How do you think that's gonna make Adam feel?

J.R.: He's gonna thank me for exposing her for the gold-digging whore that she really is. I'll tell you what, you focus on the company. Try not to lose any more deals like Slater's casino.

Scott: You do this, J.R., after all that Annie has done for you, and it will blow up in your face.

J.R.: That's not gonna happen. You know, my dad would never admit it, but I think he's looking for a way out.

Adam: I want to see the juvenile delinquent that came in with my daughter: Damon --

Liza: He has done nothing but cause trouble since he's gotten here, and I'm gonna keep you from doing the same thing.

Colby: Mom, I barely have a scratch!

Liza: Yeah, this time! But you might not be so lucky next time!

Colby: Mom, Damon is a good guy. Tad can see that! Why can't you?

Liza: Oh, please.

Doctor: We'll reduce the fracture and put in some steel hardware to hold the bone in place.

Jake: You have any questions for Dr. Wyatt? Great.

Dr. Wyatt: I'll go book an O.R.

Jake: Don't worry about it. You're in good hands.

Tad: You know, you were pretty upset when you tore out of here the last time.

Damon: I told you it wasn't my fault.

Tad: So tell me how it happened.

Damon: The steering went out. Nothing I could do.

Adam: How serious is she?

Angie: It's too soon to tell.

Adam: But she's gonna be all right, though?

Angie: If you get out and let me do my job.

Adam: I need to know.

Angie: Adam, get out! Nurse, would you please show Mr. Chandler where he can wait?

Nurse: This way.

David: No need to keep all that rage locked up inside, Erica. I know you're just dying to unleash the wrath of Kane on me. How dare I broach the possibility that your beloved Kendall could pay for what she did to Greenlee.

Erica: Keep your voice down.

David: I saw everything, Erica. I saw the accident. I saw who was driving. I even heard Zach talking to Kendall, crafting some cover story while Greenlee gasped what could've been her last breath on that freezing bank below.

Erica: What do you want?

David: I want to protect Greenlee just as much as you want to protect Kendall.

Erica: Then the truth can't come out.

David: It won't. At least, not in court. I've taken a plea bargain to keep Greenlee off the stand.

Erica: You can't be serious.

David: Oh, I'm very serious. Kendall has caused enough pain. The last thing Greenlee needs to know is just how much. So I've done my part, Erica. Now it's time for you to do yours. You keep Kendall far, far away.

Greenlee: I know you're trying to protect me, Dad, and I appreciate that, but I need to know what happened.

Jack: No, what you need to do is just concentrate on your recovery.

Greenlee: Look at me. I survived an accident that should've killed me and several surgeries that could have, but I'm still here. Even after coming home and facing shock after shock. What is it gonna take to prove to you that I can handle it?

Jack: Look, I know you want to help Hayward, but pursuing this is not gonna help anyone. I wish you would just trust me on that.

Greenlee: It'd be nice if you were just on my side just once.

Ryan: Madison, just wait up --

Madison: Leave me alone! I'm not saying it again.

Ryan: Just hear me out, ok?

Madison: Look, I get that Greenlee is making your life miserable, but that doesn't give you the right to take it out on me.

Ryan: I am just trying to help you.

Madison: By calling me an addict? I was only at the casino to find out what happened with Craig, and then you start in about how I had some problem.

Ryan: Look, I just know how much you had to deal with lately. That's all, ok? I know that growing up with an abusive father is hell. It took me years to work through what mine did to me.

Madison: You pushing therapy on me now?

Ryan: No, I'm not pushing therapy on you. I'm just saying that I know what it's like, that's all. That's why I had to say no to the line of credit. Ok? Because, honestly, enabling you is not gonna help.

Madison: Oh, but humiliating me will? I thought you and I were becoming friends.

Ryan: Or you've just been telling me what you think that I want to hear.

Madison: Why would I do that? What do you think I want from you, Ryan?

Ryan: Judging by your track record, I'm guessing that, I don't know, an unlimited line of credit? Right? And then by getting to know and becoming friendly with the casino owner, that's a very, very good way to make that happen.

Madison: You think you have me all figured out, don't you? Damaged daughter using gambling as a crutch to get past her daddy issues? Guess what: You're wrong. I'm over what happened to me.

Ryan: Your father -- Madison, a few months ago your father almost beat you to death. You don't just get over something like that this quickly.

Madison: I'm sorry if my timetable is some sort of problem, but you don't get to tell me how to feel, ok? I decide.

Ryan: Really? Well, you know what? At one point I decided to put my pain behind me, to just put my past back. Just forget about it, you know? It didn't work. It doesn't work like that because I hadn't worked through it yet. And you're not gonna be able to move on either, Madison, unless you do exactly the same thing.

Adam: How is she?

Angie: Brooke is bleeding internally, possibly from a ruptured spleen. Now, we're gonna get her up to surgery as soon as an O.R. is available.

Adam: How soon will that be?

Angie: I'm trying to work on getting one right away.

Adam: Can I see her?

Angie: Yeah.

Jake: It's your lucky day. I'm here to spring you.

Liza: Angie was waiting for some results for the X-rays?

Jake: We just got them back. You're clear. You don't have any fractures.

Colby: Ok, good. So I'm good to go, right?

Jake: Well, yeah. You just need a doctor to sign you out. Since Angie's helping Brooke, she asked me if I would do the honors, and I said sure.

Liza: Wait. Brooke?

Jake: She was in the other car that you hit.

Colby: The car was totaled. She's ok, right?

Jake: Well, Angie's doing everything she can. We actually moved Damon's surgery to make room in the next available O.R. for Brooke.

Colby: Damon needs surgery, too?

Jake: He busted up his arm. It's nothing a couple of nuts and bolts won't fix.

Liza: Colby?

Jake: Colby, where are you going?

Liza: Colby?

Colby: Damon, I heard about the surgery. You're gonna be ok.

Tad: Of course, he is. Pine valley's finest is gonna fix him up right.

Liza: Well, let's hope that they can fix Brooke, too. She was in the car that Damon hit.

Tad: Oh, God.

Colby: Jake said they're doing everything they can.

Damon: What if it's not enough?

Adam: Brooke, I'm so sorry. If I hadn't said anything, you wouldn't have left the park. I only told you about the dream because I wanted you to know that I care. And I do care, Brooke, more than you know.

Scott: Oh, no, I know it's a bold move, but you know that is how big profits are made, Palmer. You've got -- yeah, I'll explain the details when you get back to town. Good-bye.

Annie: Tell me you are not making a deal with your uncle's sworn enemy Palmer Cortlandt?

Scott: I know what I'm doing. And after all, the secrets that I've kept for you, you owe me. Keep this one to yourself, ok?

Annie: [Sighs] Help.

J.R.: I thought you decided on the slacks.

Annie: Well, there are so many people on Capitol Hill that are wearing pantsuits. I want to be different. I want to make an impression.

J.R.: They'll be impressed once they hear the speech. How's it coming?

Annie: It's not.

J.R.: Ok. Pretend like I'm the subcommittee.

Annie: What?

J.R.: Well, take me back to when you donated. Talk to me about what it was like.

Annie: Um, I found out I was a partial match, and I went in for the procedure.

J.R.: Not the nuts and the bolts. Speak from the heart. How were you feeling?

Annie: Well, I -- I wasn't sure I wanted to do it at first. You hated me so much, and you were doing everything in your power to get me out of your father's life, so I thought, why should I try to save yours? Selfish, right?

J.R.: No. It's honest. That's good. Keep going.

Annie: The, uh, the idea of the whole procedure scared me. Just being in an operating room and going under anesthesia, I thought, what if -- what if something bad happens? But luckily it didn't. So I woke up a few hours later, and I felt fine. Actually, I felt great. I had done something to make a difference. And I was proud of myself, and I hadn't been proud of myself in a really long time. Think Congress ever boos people? Because it has to be better than that blank stare you're giving me right now.

J.R.: I'm sorry. I was just taking it all in.

Annie: Yeah, taking in how awful I was, how everything I said was wrong?

J.R.: There was nothing wrong with it, Annie. You were honest. You spoke from the heart. I thought you were amazing.

Tad: Would you give me a minute? I spoke to Laura. She sends her prayers. I haven't talked to Jamie yet, but I'm sure by the time I do, you'll come out of surgery with flying colors.

Adam: Hey, that miscreant was your responsibility.

Tad: It was an accident, Adam.

Adam: Thank God Colby's all right. If anything happens to Brooke, that boy's gonna answer to me.

Jesse: Hey. You ok?

Tad: Yeah.

Jesse: How's Damon doing?

Tad: They're waiting to take him up to surgery. Why?

Jesse: You're gonna want to hear this. Follow me.

Colby: I'm not leaving till Damon's out of surgery.

Liza: He almost killed you and Brooke.

Colby: Mom, I'm not -- you have it all wrong!

Liza: Oh, do I?

Colby: Yes!

Jesse: Does she really? This was found at the scene of the accident. Look familiar? Turns out you were sending a text while you were driving. How stupid is that?

Ryan: Madison, I honestly -- honestly, I just want to help you, but I can't do that if you don't let me.

Madison: Ryan? I -- I'm sorry. I can't. I'm sorry.

Jack: I thought you wanted to protect Greenlee.

David: I've done everything I can to protect her from learning the truth.

Jack: Putting her off, assuring her that nothing else happened that night is not the way to do it, Hayward. She's gonna let her imagination run wild. She's going to become convinced that this is all a huge conspiracy against her. And when the truth finally comes out, and it will, she's gonna think that this was anything but an accident.

David: She's gonna think Kendall was trying to kill her.

Erica: Kendall, it's me. You have to call me back right away. This can't wait. I want to talk to you now. It's about Greenlee and her accident. It's important, Kendall.

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