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J.R.: I couldn't sleep either: All the excitement, being home again with my family.

Annie: Is that what's kept you up? Or is it because you know I had divorce papers drawn up, and you're trying to figure out how to nail me with them?

Erica: Thank you so much again for letting me come in before you open.

Bobby: Anything for my favorite customer. The Erica Kane early bird special.

Erica: Oh, thank you so much. This really has become my favorite way to start the day.

[Music plays]

Bobby: Well. Hello, stranger.

Brooke: Hello. Are you open?

Erica: Brooke? Well, my goodness. What a wonderful surprise.

Nurse: Long night?

Jake: Yeah.

Nurse: I'm afraid you have another patient, Doctor.

Jake: Really? Hey. Are you all right? Is Trevor all right?

Amanda: Trevor's asleep with the babysitter. But me? I can't sleep a wink: Serious case of insomnia, and there is only one doctor who can help me.

Jake: Really?

Singer: Alone in my sleep

Colby: Hello?

Singer: I wish I could let you go

Colby: Where are you?

Singer: But it's driving me mad

Damon: Morning.

Colby: The sun's not even up yet. What are you doing here?

Damon: I had nowhere else to go.

Ryan: Hey. You up early or you've been out all night?

Tad: I got a better question. What are you running from?

David: What are you doing here?

Greenlee: I couldn't sleep. And you're gonna need a suit for your arraignment.

Singer: This isn't how we were always

David: You said you loved me.

Greenlee: I meant it.

David: You're such a liar.

Ryan: I didn't peg you for an up-before-dawn kind of guy.

Tad: I'm not. I pulled an all-nighter. I'm looking for this kid. He's about 18, dark hair longish. He's got blue eyes, 5'10. You seen him?

Ryan: No, I haven't. Why, are you working a case?

Tad: No, no. He's staying with me. His name is Damon.

Ryan: Really? Well, if he's been out all night, I'd call the police if I were you.

Tad: All that's gonna accomplish is getting him locked up. It's a long story. Listen, come to think of it, I got a call from Jesse not too long ago, said that Hayward's in the clink and you were part of it. Congratulations. I assume Greenlee didn't take the arrest very well.

Ryan: No. She's standing by her man.

Tad: I'm sorry to hear it.

Ryan: I should've known.

Tad: So should we all. Even after he blew up my marriage, no matter what he did, Krystal stuck by him, tear up anybody who didn't see "the real man." Yeah, eventually she came around. Given enough time and distance, Greenlee will, too.

Ryan: She says she loves the guy.

Tad: Do you believe her?

Ryan: No, I don't. But when Greenlee makes a decision, she digs in, and she makes it happen.

Greenlee: I meant what I said. I love you.

David: You said it because Ryan was listening.

Greenlee: So? I wanted him to hear it. Now he's clear once and for all about where I stand with you and our marriage.

David: And just maybe because him hearing you say those words to me got back at him.

Greenlee: I was only speaking the truth.

David: The truth is you still love Ryan.

Greenlee: I may feel something for Ryan, but it's definitely not love.

David: I believe you believe that, but denying you love him doesn't make it go away.

Greenlee: I can't love someone I don't trust. Ryan keeps making all this noise about giving me space and respecting my decisions, and what does he do? He follows me and he attacks you.

David: Yeah, he thinks that he's protecting you.

Greenlee: He's jealous, because you've done what he can't. You've proven to me over and over again that I can trust you. You've put yourself on the line to protect me.

David: Yeah, well, gratitude and trust don't add up to love.

Greenlee: It's evolved into love. I mean, love doesn't have to be all flowers and pounding hearts. It doesn't have to be drama and pain. Maybe love is two people who need each other, who understand each other, who want nothing more than to be with each other at the end of the day. So stop being such a hard case and accept it. I love you, David. I really, really do.

David: Go home. Get some sleep.

Greenlee: Why are you being like this? Why won't you believe that

David: Because I have to protect myself now.

Jesse: Ta-da.

Angie: Oh, baby. Flowers.

Jesse: Yeah, from Sanchez's desk. We got to put them back when we're done. Don't let her know. She don't know. There you go. Ahh.

Angie: I love you. Gosh, breakfast with my husband and David Hayward finally arrested? I don't know a better way to start my day.

Jesse: You know, and he's gonna stay there this time, too, even if Liza Colby is his lawyer.

Angie: Come again? Liza Colby is representing David Hayward? Where'd that come from?

Jesse: She seems to think that this is a great career move.

Angie: After everything that David's done, she can defend him in good conscience? Well, you know, after all, we are talking about Liza.

Jesse: Yeah. Well, you know, it's not often that "Liza Colby" and "good conscience" are used in the same sentence. Be that as it may, she can do her best. The charges are solid. The man is finally going down.

Angie: Congratulations.

Jesse: [Growls] There is, however, one problem that remains.

Angie: What?

Jesse: Our schedules. We never get to see each other, and that's just wrong. I am gonna take you away from here.

Angie: What's that?

Jesse: Yeah, anywhere you want to go -- Italy, Tahiti, East St. Louis. Ha! Antarctica.

Angie: Antarctica? Well, that is just too cold.

Jesse: Oh. Well, you know what? You're gonna have me there to keep you warm.

Angie: Wow. You really want to do this?

Jesse: The sooner the better.

Angie: Well, there is somewhere that I've been wanting to go for a long time.

Jesse: You name it, baby, we are there.

Angie: Corner of Valley Road and Route 40.

Jesse: What -- whoa, whoa. Rewind. I'm offering the world, and you want the Evergreen Motel?

Angie: I can't think of any place I'd rather go than where we spent our first honeymoon.

Jesse: Oh, listen to you. All right, then. Evergreen it is, I remember correctly.

Angie: Oh, you remembered correctly. And don't forget to pack the daffodils.

Jesse: Oh, daffodils. Those damn daffodils.

J.R.: I don't give a damn about those papers.

Annie: Oh, like hell you don't. This is your opportunity to prove to your father what a terrible wife I am.

J.R.: Yeah, but you burned them, which means you're not going to divorce him. So the rest is just ashes, isn't it?

Annie: Oh, right. Colby has done everything in her power to get me out of this house.

J.R.: And I asked Colby to back off.

Annie: Why? So that you can take your turn now? That is why you moved back into this house, right? To force me out of your father's life?

J.R.: That's what I love about you, Annie -- it's always about you.

Annie: Come off it, J.R. You want me gone, and I know you're gonna do anything in your power to make that happen.

J.R.: You saved my life.

Annie: Ok, enough. Enough with this gratitude. You hate me. Don't pretend like anything's changed.

J.R.: The night after you told me that you saved my life, I hated you even more. But then I woke up the next morning, and the morning after that and the morning after that. Because of you, I have a second chance with my wife, with my son, with my family. Because of you. So why not take this second chance to create some common ground with the woman who saved my life?

Annie: Do you actually expect me to believe that?

J.R.: No. Just like I don't believe that you donated your bone marrow for noble reasons.

Annie: So what? What, it's one transplant, it's forgive and forget?

J.R.: No, I'll never forget. But I'd like to let go of some of this hate, and I hope that you're willing to do the same.

Erica: Well, Brooke, I had heard you were back in Pine Valley. It's amazing we haven't run into each other.

Brooke: Well, it's been hectic.

Erica: So is it true you're back at "Tempo"?

Bobby: Your latte just the way you like it.

Brooke: You remembered after all this time? Thank you. Ha ha ha!

Erica: Well, I guess that means you're gonna stay in Pine Valley.

Brooke: This is delicious as I remembered it, you know? So how are things at Fusion?

Erica: Well, as you say, hectic.

Brooke: Kendall is very fortunate to have you looking after her best interests.

Erica: Yes, somebody has to, which is why Greenlee and I are working together to bring the company back.

Brooke: Oh.

Erica: What?

Brooke: Oh. Well, what does Greenlee think of your input?

Erica: You know, Brooke, just because you spent your life competing with me doesn't mean that every other woman turns everything into a competition.

Brooke: So then you and Greenlee are getting along?

Erica: How's your love life?

Brooke: I'm not even on my second cup of coffee.

Erica: Oh. Sorry. I didn't realize it was such a touchy subject.

Brooke: No, I'm very happy, Erica.

Erica: Well, of course, you are. You're at Adam's. He must've been surprised when you showed up on his doorstep.

Brooke: Well, he invited me.

Erica: Of course, he did. Brooke, have you noticed how Annie runs around the house with almost nothing on?

Brooke: I hadn't noticed, no.

Erica: Maybe you should. I mean, if you think you have a chance with Adam.

Jake: Ok, now we're both awake. Wide awake! Ahem. You're a little bit flushed. What is that about? Oh, your heart's pounding. I don't even need this thing. Now, I know you got the hots for me, but I don't think it's me that's got you all worked up. I think it's the new gig. What's up?

Amanda: Oh, I cannot believe I'm going to be the face of Erica's new cosmetic line.

Jake: Really? Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Amanda: This is just all happening so fast. I mean, yesterday I was all about having it all and doing it all. I mean, ding? You saw the schedule. I'm going to be, like, crazy busy for months.

Jake: Sure.

Amanda: And you know how that photographer pushed you out of the picture so it was just me and Erica. I mean, you are this amazing genius doctor, and I don't want people to just see you as some appendage.

Jake: A large, manly appendage, if you -- just for the record.

Amanda: Jake, I'm being serious. I'm not joking. I mean, what if I'm making the biggest mistake of my life? What if this job runs our life?

Jake: I think we'll be all right. I do.

Amanda: You promise?

Jake: Yes, I promise. And I don't break my promises. Come on.

Amanda: You're right. You're right. I -- you know, we can do this. I will just make sure Erica understands that my family comes first.

Jake: Yeah. Now you're talking.

Amanda: Then why am I still so terrified?

Colby: You know, if my dad finds out you broke in --

Damon: It's not like I'm gonna steal anything, ok?

Colby: That's what you said the last time.

Damon: Would I have texted you to meet up if that's what I was gonna do?

Colby: Ok, maybe not.

Damon: I just wanted to see you, ok? I can't talk to anybody else.

Colby: Oh, what happened?

Damon: Tad tried to get me a job.

Colby: Oh, my God, that is so terrible. A job?

Damon: And, like, so what if I was drinking a little bit?

Colby: You did?

Damon: It was no big deal. But, like, he acts like he's got me on lockdown now.

Colby: Well, maybe because you have this whole community service thing, this probation. It would make sense why he would want to help you.

Damon: Bad enough he's on my case, but Krystal jumped on board, too. And Angie Hubbard, the freaking hospital warden? They're all piling on trying to reform me.

Colby: Well, maybe because they care.

Damon: Why the hell should they? I'm nothing to them.

Colby: I think it's pretty cool the way Tad wants to help you.

Damon: Why can't they all just back off and let me live my life?

Colby: Well, maybe because you break into people's homes, you drink you too much, and you screw up at work.

Damon: Whose side are you on?

Colby: I am on yours. But I -- if Tad is trying to help you --

Damon: My life is my life. I don't need him butting in and asking all kinds of questions that I don't feel like answering.

Colby: And what don't you want him to know?

Damon: This was a mistake.

Colby: Wait, what are you doing? Where are you going?

Damon: I'm gonna go somewhere where I can get some peace.

Colby: No, Damon, I have been crazy and haven't been able and I could really use a friend.

J.R.: You should've seen that sunrise. It was amazing.

Annie: Yeah, I saw it a few years ago. I'm sure it hasn't changed much.

J.R.: These are gorgeous. You don't trust me, do you?

Annie: No. No, I don't.

J.R.: I wouldn't trust me either, if I were you. But I'm hoping with time you'll see that I'm sincere. Hey, buddy. What are you doing up so early?

A.J.: You weren't in your bed. I was afraid you got sick again and left.

J.R.: You were afraid that I was sick and had to go back to the hospital? Well, I'm not sick anymore. That's not gonna happen. In fact, Annie had a special operation to help me. She saved my life.

A.J.: She did?

J.R.: Yes, she did.

[A.J. hugs Annie]

Annie: If you'll excuse me, I need to go to bed. I'm exhausted.

Brooke: Oh, thank you, Bobby. Always a pleasure.

Bobby: Oh, you're welcome.

Erica: Brooke? I hope you're not upset.

Brooke: Why would I be upset?

Erica: Well, I shouldn't have jumped to any conclusions about you and Adam. I mean, my goodness, he lost Stuart, he almost lost J.R., so of course, you're just being a good friend. How long do you plan to stay at the mansion?

Brooke: As long as Adam needs me.

Erica: Well, with that gold digger in the house, believe me, he needs all the protection he can get. Did you know that woman actually stabbed me?

Brooke: Really?

Erica: You know, it wouldn't be terrible if while you were there you talk some reason into Adam, make him see that he'd be much better off with somebody else -- without her, anyway. He needs somebody older and wiser.

Brooke: Uh, I'm not on the market.

Erica: Well, I mean, you must be lonely from time to time, and I know that it can be sometimes a little difficult for certain women to meet a good man.

Brooke: And what about you? All this time you haven't mentioned the man in your life.

Erica: Oh, my goodness, I've been so busy.

Brooke: Oh! Don't tell me that there isn't one.

Jack: Brooke English. I heard you were back in town. Come here, you.

Brooke: How are you?

Jack: I would've called you, but I've been so crazy busy.

Brooke: Oh, that's been going around.

Jack: Yeah. So I hear you're back at the helm at "Tempo," huh? I'm gonna have to renew my subscription, I guess, then.

Brooke: Yeah. So is this one of your favorite places in the morning, too?

Jack: No, actually, it's not. I saw the lights on, thought I'd come in and get a latte.

Erica: Would you like to join me?

Jack: I would. Thanks. Brooke?

Brooke: I'm on my way. I'm praying for you.

Tad: I never would've thought that a woman like Greenlee could talk herself into loving a rancid piece of meat like Hayward.

Ryan: Well, then you don't know Greenlee very well.

Tad: No, but I know Hayward. The man's certifiably unlovable. I told you Krystal realized it. Hell, the same thing happened with David and Marissa. How much can you say about a guy whose own kids give up on him?

Ryan: When Greenlee makes a decision, she does not back down. She does not back down, especially when everybody thinks that she's wrong.

Tad: Oh, she's smart. Give her time.

Ryan: Tad, I've given her time. I have. I've been patient and I've been understanding and I told her that I never stopped loving her. I told her that. I told her that whatever she wants, whatever she needs, I would do it. But she swears that the way that I love her only hurts her.

Tad: And Hayward's not gonna hurt her?

Ryan: She says she just wants me to back off and watch her throw herself at Hayward, because she knows it's like a knife twisting in my gut.

Tad: Talk to her.

Ryan: I have, and I'm done. I'm done talking, and I'm done fighting a battle that I cannot win.

Tad: That's it? You're gonna do nothing, just stand back and let a bastard like Hayward have Greenlee?

Greenlee: I'm your wife, your partner, your friend. You don't have to protect yourself from me.

David: You have no idea.

Greenlee: Yes, I do. I've known since you kissed me. You have feelings for me, and I admit it. At first, I wasn't ready, but now I am.

David: Oh, no, you're not.

Greenlee: Don't tell me how I feel.

David: Greenlee, what we have is perfect, all right? Two friends who trust each other, who have each other's backs and happen to be married. Now, that's what we agreed to, right?

Greenlee: Maybe it's changed.

David: It can't.

Greenlee: Why not?

David: You don't want to know how I feel about you.

Greenlee: Yes, I do.

David: Ok, listen, this is something you can trust. I'm a heartless bastard. I am cold, I am cruel.

Greenlee: Not to me.

David: And any woman that I've ever felt anything for, I don't only just hurt them. I decimate their lives, and I'm not gonna do that to you.

Greenlee: What exactly do you feel for me?

David: Greenlee, please! Just stop pushing this!

Greenlee: Say it! What do you feel for me? Are we friends? Are we more? Are we less? Do you love me like a sister, like a distant cousin?

David: All right, damn it, yes! Yes, I love you, ok? I love you so much it's scaring the hell out of me! And that's why it has to end right now, because if it doesn't, God help us both.

Tad: You're too good a man, and you love her and you won her back in the past. You can't quit now.

Ryan: She says that she doesn't want me anywhere near her.

Tad: Never stopped you before.

Ryan: Ok.

Tad: Listen, when Krystal got involved with Hayward, I did the same thing. I walked away. Actually, that's not true either. I dropped her off at his front door like a newspaper. Stupidest thing I ever did. I just don't want to see you make the same mistake.

Ryan: It's at the point now, Tad, where if I fight, she fights back harder, and then I could lose her for good.

Tad: Or you could win her back.

Ryan: She doesn't want to be saved, Tad. She's got all this anger inside of her. She's got all this anger and she doesn't know what to do with it, so fighting is all she's got.

Tad: I'm sorry. If I pulled a Rip Van Winkle, I'd be angry, too. That doesn't make you the bad guy.

Ryan: She lost an entire year of her life, an entire year, and I wish that I could give it back to her. I wish I could just go back, and I could prevent her from getting on that motorcycle, and I could fix everything, but I can't do it. I can't do anything about it, and she won't forgive me for that. And, honestly, I don't forgive myself.

David: Well, that's your cue. Turn around and run for the hills.

Greenlee: I'm not going anywhere.

David: Whatever you feel for me, Greenlee -- gratitude, affection -- it doesn't come close to how I feel for you. And that kind of love, my kind of love, it crushes people that I don't intend to hurt.

Greenlee: David --

David: No, don't. I'm not gonna do this, Greenlee. I swore to protect you, and I'm gonna keep that promise, ok, even if it means to protect you from me. So please help me do that.

Greenlee: You've been nothing but kind and gentle to me.

David: Ok, damn it, Greenlee, I need you to do this for me, all right? Whatever you feel for me, whatever you think you feel for me, you have to promise me never to say you love me again unless you mean it. If that day ever comes, I give you my promise that I will fight to be the man who deserves your love till the day I die.

J.R.: Well, A.J. was asleep before I even finished tucking him in.

Marissa: That's good.

J.R.: And Annie, she was --

Marissa: My dad's in jail.

J.R.: What?

Marissa: Yeah. I got a call last night.

J.R.: You didn't tell me.

Marissa: Yeah, well, you have enough going on, and I don't know. Part of me just really didn't want to deal with it. I was hoping that he would never be found. How horrible is that to wish that your own father would just vanish?

J.R.: I've had that thought more than once. I'm sorry that you're going through this. I'm gonna be there every step of the way.

Marissa: You're still recovering. You're settling in here and getting back to Chandler, then there's the whole Annie drama. So the last thing you need is to hold my hand.

J.R.: Your hand is the only hand I want to hold. So whatever you need, I'll be there.

Adam: What's wrong?

Annie: Nothing's wrong. I just couldn't sleep: Been quite a day.

Adam: Oh, yes. Yes. J.R.'s home. He's reaching out for you. Yes, that's -- what more could I wish for? This family's finally in a good place.

Annie: We are in a good place, right?

Adam: Yeah.

Annie: Tell me things will only get better from here.

Adam: Yes, yes.

Annie: Tell me you love me.

Adam: I love you. I love you.

Jack: It's good to have Brooke back again, huh?

Erica: Hmm. Just like old times.

Jack: Hmm. If anybody can put "Tempo" back up on its feet, I guess it's her.

Erica: Oh, Brooke will be the first to tell us. I know she will. I mean, the poor thing. The only thing she has is work.

Jack: Everyone needs love.

Erica: Stop it, Jack. Stop right there.

Jack: What?

Erica: I don't want you to start again, because I am not afraid of anything. I am certainly not afraid of us. We've done this, Jack, more than once, and it always ends up the same: In pieces. I'm not doing it again.

Jack: Because you're afraid.

Erica: Because when it falls apart, and it always does, you blame me. And it takes two.

Jack: I know that.

Erica: Well, then. Why not let it go?

Jack: Because of this.

Erica: What?

Jack: Erica, no matter how many times we break up and go our separate ways, we always end up back in each other's orbit. I mean, take this morning: I stop in here for a cup of coffee out of the blue, and here you are.

Erica: My car parked out front had nothing to do with it?

Jack: You know what I'm saying. We always come back together.

Erica: It's a small town, Jack.

Jack: Come on, stop denying it. When you and I are in a room, that room becomes charged, absolutely electric.

Erica: Doesn't mean we have to give in to it.

Jack: True. Absolutely right. It is a big risk. I mean, if we decide to try this again, if we say yes, we put our hearts on the line -- again. But if we say no, it doesn't matter because it's going to happen. Because you and me, us together, is inevitable.

Angie: All right, darling. Well, thanks for calling. Bye.

Jesse: What is it?

Angie: Um, nothing. You ready to go?

Jesse: Yeah. Sanchez got her flowers back, never knew. And Hayward's arraignment is buttoned up, and I am yours, all yours, for the next few hours -- as soon as you tell me what that phone call was. It's obviously bothering you.

Angie: Uh, ok. But you're gonna have to promise not to react as the chief.

Jesse: I am officially off the clock.

Angie: Tad and Damon had a fight. Damon ran off and Tad's been out looking for him all night.

Jesse: If he tries to leave Pine Valley, the boy will be in direct violation of his probation. And I can't not respond, no matter what I just promised my beautiful wife.

Angie: All right, sweetheart, can you just give Tad a little bit more time, because, hopefully, maybe Damon hasn't left town. Tad will find him and work it out.

Jesse: This kid is a pain in the ass. Doesn't he even know how good he's got it right now?

Angie: Well, you know what? He reminds me of another kid I used to know.

Jesse: Yeah, like father, like son, except Damon doesn't have Tad's charm.

Angie: I'm not talking about Tad. I'm talking about you.

Jesse: Me?

Angie: Yeah, you. Remember, you came to Pine Valley acting all gangster? And underneath all the hard core I knew that there was a sweet young man who had a beautiful heart. I mean, you were just in a strange place, strange people, and you were just trying to find your way.

Jesse: Don't let that get out.

Angie: No, honey, I'm serious, though. You know, Damon -- you know, he might try to act like he's tough, but he's in a lot of pain, and he needs Tad. He needs us.

Jesse: Oh, watch out, Damon Miller. Angela Hubbard has got you in her radar.

Colby: This is Lydia!

Damon: Lydia?

Colby: Yeah. My dad gave me her before my mom took me away. She didn't let me take much, so Lydia -- she didn't make the cut.

Damon: That's cold.

Colby: Yeah, tell me about it. She bought me a new one to try to make it up to me, but it wasn't the same. Sometimes I feel like she's still trying to make it up to me.

Damon: At least she tries.

Colby: Hmm. Yeah.

Damon: Your dad -- he's a hard-ass, but things seem pretty cool with him.

Colby: Yeah. Between J.R.'s almost dying and -- and my dad's heart thing and him trying to keep his bitch of a wife happy, there's not a lot of quality time. Sometimes I feel like I'm at this really big football game, and I'm stuck at the back of the bleachers, and I have to scream just to be heard. And then when someone does take the time to stop and listen, they don't really care what I have to say.

Damon: Well, for what it's worth, I'm listening.

Colby: I just -- I want to matter, you know? Have you ever felt like that?

Damon: All the time.

Colby: Yeah. Not just in family, but in life. Everyone thinks that I'm this spoiled blond airhead. But I really, really want to do something with my life.

Damon: Trust me, you will.

Amanda: What if I screw it up?

Jake: You're not gonna screw it up. You know why? Because we're gonna do this together. You see this right here, right here? This? This is our family. Nobody else in or out. This is us. We take care of us. Family first. Got it? Ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Jake: Ok, good. One thing I do want to tell you, though. Under no circumstances will I ever be called "Mr. Amanda Dillon" or "Mr. Amanda Martin," whichever last you name you want to take, because people that are famous -- you know, that's what they do. They do like that. But I was thinking of one that I thought maybe you might like: "Jamanda." Do you like that?

Amanda: I love it.

Jake: Jamanda. "Ladies and gentlemen, Jamanda." All right?

Amanda: All right.

Jake: All right, good. Now we're talking. So maybe we could get out of here and --

Amanda: Yeah, I definitely feel better. Why don't we take this home.

Jake: Could we? So if we take it home --

Amanda: We could have breakfast with Trevor.

Jake: That's what I was thinking, but I was also thinking we could do something else -- we could do them both if we just hurry. You down with that? "Jamanda, ladies and gentlemen, is leaving the building."

Amanda: I like it.

J.R.: Well. You're up early, or is it late?

Brooke: Oh. Actually, I couldn't sleep very well last night, so I just took a drive.

Marissa: Yeah, I guess we're all a little wired from yesterday. I'm gonna take A.J.'s lead and go back to bed.

J.R.: Ok. See you up there.

Marissa: Ok. Bye.

J.R.: Thanks again for yesterday -- the interview and your support.

Brooke: Well, you mean a lot to me, J.R., and so does this whole family. Anyway, I think I'm gonna take Marissa's lead and go upstairs a little bit. I'll see you in a couple of hours.

J.R.: Brooke? I saw you and my father last night.

Brooke: Leave it alone.

Krystal: Hey. Did you find him?

Tad: No.

Krystal: Maybe we should call Jesse.

Tad: No, not yet. Can't. Can't afford to. Damon's not stupid. I mean, he may be angry, but eventually he'll realize his best choice is just to come home.

Damon: My favorite time of day.

Colby: Just dragging yourself in after a night of partying?

Damon: No. I set my phone alarm.

Colby: For dawn?

Damon: Sometimes.

Colby: Yeah?

Damon: It's the best time of the day. No noise, no eyes, no telling what to do. Just me alone, time to think.

Colby: What do you think about?

Damon: How great it would be to know what I'm doing here on this planet, because, so far, all I've done is screw up.

Colby: It'd be cool to have it all figured out, wouldn't it?

Damon: Real nice.

Ryan: Hi.

Madison: Hey. You ok?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah.

Madison: You up for breakfast?

Ryan: Why not?

David: Why don't you go home, get some sleep.

Greenlee: You, too. It's gonna be a long day. Another long day.

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: I'll leave your suit with the guard.

David: Ok. Till the day I die.

Erica: Inevitable?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Well, next, you're gonna be saying "it's destiny" or "fate." Jack, it is much too early for such deep words.

Jack: But never too late, and you know I'm right.

Erica: You're being dramatic, and I have got to get to the office.

Jack: Why? Your workday doesn't start for hours.

Erica: I have a lot of work to do before my staff comes in. But you should stay. The scones are great.

[Jack gives Erica a long kiss]

Jack: See you.

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