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Adam: Well, who wants to drag me into court now?

Process Server: Yes, sir. Sign here.

Annie: I don't know what you're trying to pull, but it won't work. Your father loves me.

Colby: Well, he'll never forgive you for filing for divorce.

Damon: Hey, hey, hey!

Tad: There you go. Oh, this is a keeper. I want this one for my wallet. I thought you might like a reminder of what you look like after an evening of chasing pills with liquor.

Damon: Could we please just save the lectures for any other time? My head is killing me.

Tad: "Killing" being the operative word. You do realize you could've offed yourself last night, right? What the hell were you thinking taking pills from the hospital?

Damon: Ohh, I know I messed up, man.

Tad: Messed up? Damon, you're on probation. "Probation:" What part of that don't you understand? If Angela Hubbard hadn't been a good family friend, you would've spent the night sobering up in a jail cell! Hey!

Kathy: Daddy!

Tad: Hello, sunshine! How are you, huh?

[Kathy and Jenny giggle]

Tad: You little niblet, how was school? What'd you do?

Kathy: My gym teacher taught us how to play capture-the-flag today! It was so cool! Want me to show you?

Krystal: You know what? I don't think Damon really feels well enough to play a game. Why don't you two --

Damon: No, sure, I do. Come on. Who wants a ride upstairs, huh?

Kathy: I do! I do!

Tad: Careful, careful.

Damon: This train is leaving the station. Ohh.

Tad: This conversation's not over.

Damon: Come on, let's go.

Kathy: Yeah!

Krystal: Be careful.

Greenlee: Oh, thank God I'm not too late!

David: What are you doing here?

Ryan: Actually, you are too late. David is going to jail.

Greenlee: I won't let that happen, ever. Do you hear me? My husband's not going anywhere.

Ryan: It's over, Greenlee. It's over. The police are already on their way over here, ok?

Greenlee: You called the police?

Ryan: I had to call the police.

Greenlee: No, you didn't have to do anything. You talk a real good game about letting me live my life, but when it comes down to it, you won't let me.

Ryan: No!

Greenlee: No, Ryan, let go of him! Leave him alone! Let go! Would you do something?

Jesse: All right, I will take it from here. Thanks for the call. Whoa, whoa, whoa! You want to add assault to your list?

Greenlee: No, this is harassment. Ryan attacked him. What are you doing here anyway? Are you following me now?

Ryan: Hey, stop, stop, stop! Please, not another word, Greenlee. You're gonna incriminate yourself.

Greenlee: I don't care.

David: Greenlee, he's right. Please, not another word.

Jesse: You, sir, also have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. If you need an attorney and can't afford one --

Liza: Am I still fired?

[Kathy shrieks and giggles]

Tad: Do you think we could get Kathy to keep it down just a little bit? Honestly, if my head is hurting, Damon's must be killing him.

Krystal: Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna have the girls walk around on their tiptoes like they're on eggshells just because Damon has a hangover, Tad.

Tad: I hardly think it has anything to do with eggshells if we ask our daughter just to, you know, scream in an octave that doesn't shatter glass, because the windows are kind of expensive to replace.

Krystal: Very funny. I'm serious. I don't want our daughters' lives to be thrown out of whack because Damon is living here.

Tad: Ok, Krystal, why don't you just come out and say it? What do you mean? Do you want me to throw my son out on the street?

Krystal: No, I didn't say that -- yet. But I'm telling you, unless Damon gets his act together, I, as a mother, do not feel comfortable leaving Damon alone with the girls.

Tad: He's hardly gonna be alone with them. No, I'm sorry, but his schedule's kind of full. You know, in between the community service he's compelled to do and the new job I'm lining up for him, you know, he's not gonna be able to baby-sit.

Krystal: Oh, I didn't know about a job. What kind of job?

Tad: Well, hopefully something that maintains his interest a little more than mopping or cleaning bedpans, ok? All I did is I made a couple of phone calls.

Krystal: Good.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Huh. Speak of the devil. Cross your fingers. Here we go. Hello?

Randi: Tad? It's Randi. I got your message.

Tad: Thanks for calling. Is anything available?

Randi: Well, not paying. But if Damon's willing to intern, we have something that could possibly turn into, you know, a future --

Tad: That's perfect. That's perfect. When can he start?

Randi: Well, he'd have to come in for an interview first, and, I actually, have some time now if he's free.

Tad: We'll be right there. And, Randi, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Damon: [Grunts] Ohh. Girls want to go see a movie. I was thinking of taking them to "Alice in Wonderland," the new one?

Tad: They have the old one upstairs.

Kathy: We can't find it.

Krystal: I'll help you find it. Let's go find that movie. Come on, run upstairs. Come on, let's go.

[Kathy and Jenny giggle]

Tad: Damon? As far as I'm concerned, you spend way too much time down the rabbit hole already. It's time for you to get back to reality. I've lined up a job interview for you at Fusion.

Damon: Fusion, the makeup company?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Damon: What am I gonna do there?

Tad: I don't know yet. But when I asked you about your interests, you said they were music and pretty girls. Fusion is full of them. Trust me, ok? So why don't you do yourself a favor: Go downstairs, get cleaned up. Because the last thing you want to do is keep a beautiful woman waiting.

[Process Server sneezes]

Brooke: Oh.

Annie: No, don't!

Adam: Whoa. What in the devil got into you?

Annie: That envelope was crawling with germs! The guy sneezed on it! Do you want J.R. catching that guy's cold? Ohh, phew! Sweetie, will you go ask Lucretia for some cleaning supplies: Sponges, sprays, whatever she has? Good boy. God, you -- J.R., you really shouldn't be down here until we can get the whole place sterilized.

Scott: There's no need to tent the place. It was just a sneeze.

J.R.: Yeah.

Marissa: But Annie's right. I mean, we can't take any chances. Besides, you could use some rest.

J.R.: I feel fine.

Marissa: Yeah, I want you to stay that way.

Brooke: Um, should I try and catch the process server and find out who it was from?

Adam: I think it's probably just the shareholders' lawsuit. Barry said the paperwork would be coming over here today.

Scott: Do you want me to call him? Maybe he can send over another copy.

Adam: No, no, business can wait. I don't want anything to interfere with J.R.'s homecoming.

Annie: Yes, that is so true. Thank you so much. I will have this place disinfected in no time.

Adam: Well, yes.

Colby: You can scrub this house top to bottom, but it won't get rid of the dirt I have on you. And how do you think my dad's gonna feel when he finds out you were serving him divorce papers? He'll kick you to the curb so fast your head will spin.

Annie: I never asked Liza to serve those papers.

Colby: Mm-hmm. Sure, you did. My mom was just, you know, doing her job.

Annie: You little bitch. You set me up.

Colby: Someone had to save this family. And I think my dad needs to hear what you really burned in the fireplace.

Annie: Ok, go. Go tell Adam. It'll be your word against mine, and who do you think he'll believe? His loving wife, or his troubled daughter who's already been caught pulling stunts trying to get rid of me? Oh, and then there's Liza. But Liza can't really stick to your story, can she, because I'm protected by client-attorney privilege. Liza says one damn thing, she'll be disbarred. So looks like you're stuck with me.

Colby: For now.

Annie: No, forever, and you better get used to it. I am going to be your evil, wicked stepmother from hell until the day I die.

J.R.: What's that?

Scott: Oh, just some papers Uncle Adam wanted me to look over. Aren't you supposed to be resting?

J.R.: I couldn't sleep. I was checking my e-mails. How come you didn't tell me that the shareholders were filing a lawsuit?

Scott: I don't know. You had more important things to worry about, I guess.

J.R.: I still have a say in how Chandler Enterprises is run. I want this settled now. We need to make them an offer.

Scott: I got everything under control, partner.

J.R.: Really? Because Zach Slater's casino slipped through your fingers, and we could've got that at bargain prices. You didn't even step up.

Scott: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I know I really dropped the ball on that one. I guess I was a little preoccupied with the fact that you might die. Finding a donor seemed a little more important at the time.

J.R.: Yeah.

Scott: Yeah.

J.R.: Well, Chandler has taken a back seat long enough. We can't afford to lose focus.

Marissa: Ok, it's way too soon to be getting stressed about work. Can you please save the business talk for another time?

Scott: Don't look at me. I tried, yeah. In case you haven't noticed here, your husband is relentless. Remind you of anybody else in this house?

Annie: Ah! All clean! Every inch of that foyer has been doused in disinfectant.

Adam: You didn't have to scrub the house yourself. We have a staff.

Annie: Well, Sylvia already left for the day, and Lucretia has her hands full preparing for J.R.'s welcome-home dinner, and I just do not want to take any chances with J.R.'s health.

Brooke: Well, it was very considerate of you.

Annie: Well, my bone marrow saved J.R. I gave him a second shot at life, and I want him to be able to enjoy that life. So as long as J.R. is in this house, there no chance he's getting sick.

Adam: Thank you, Annie. Thank you. J.R. home, healthy? Well, it means everything.

Annie: Oh, I'm just so thankful that I can help. And thanks to Brooke, I can help even more. "Tempo's" cover story is really going to encourage people to go out there and get tested, see if they're a match.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. And that's the idea.

Adam: And then the whole world will know what an incredible woman I married.

Annie: I'm gonna go see how dinner's coming along.

Adam: Something on your mind, Colby?

Colby: Um, no. I was just thinking that I should find J.R. and tell him it's safe to come down.

Adam: Yeah. That article has already helped, more than you know. Before you named Annie as your cover, she and I had a terrible fight.

Brooke: If it had anything to do with my staying here, Adam, I am more than happy to go to a hotel.

Adam: No, I won't hear of it.

Brooke: I don't -- you shouldn't have any more stress, all right, certainly not because of me. I'm sorry.

Adam: You don't have anything to apologize for. Not only have you helped "Tempo," but you are healing my family.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Hey. Are we late?

Randi: No, not at all. Come on in.

Tad: Terrific. Damon Miller, meet Randi, one of Erica Kane's incredibly busy but incredibly talented assistants.

Randi: Aw. Thank you. "Crazy busy" is about right. I mean, it's a madhouse here. I feel like I'm swimming in paperwork.

Damon: Wait, you're not a model?

Randi: No.

Damon: Why is that funny? You definitely could be. I mean, Tad told me there'd be, like, some pretty girls here, but he didn't say they'd be, like, this hot.

Randi: Thank you. Thanks. Yeah.

Tad: What's wrong with you?

Damon: What?

Tad: You do know it's a job interview, right?

Damon: I can't pay a beautiful woman a compliment when I see one?

Tad: Not in this case. You're just wasting your breath, Casanova. She's married -- happily. I'll be back after. Try to keep your foot out of your mouth.

Damon: So do all assistants have their own offices here?

Randi: Oh, I wish. This is Erica's. I actually have a tiny little desk out there, but there's just way too much going on, so here we are.

Damon: So what, exactly, would you me to be doing here?

Randi: Well, filing, inventory -- you know, basic intern work.

Damon: "Intern" meaning no pay?

Randi: Right. But we do offer school credit.

Damon: Yeah, I'm not in school right now. I'm doing the job thing instead. You know, I worked at ConFusion, the bar, for a while, and now I'm part-time at the hospital.

Randi: Oh. Do you have any references I can contact?

Damon: Well, there's this girl, Cherry, I've been working very closely with. She could vouch for me. I don't know her last name.

Randi: Cherry Patterson, the candy striper?

Damon: Yeah. How do you know her?

Randi: Well, my husband's a doctor, and my mother-in-law's the chief of staff.

Damon: You're a Hubbard?

Randi: Yeah.

Damon: That's just great.

Ryan: Greenlee, where you going?

Greenlee: With my husband.

Jesse: Liza, I'm gonna need you to come down to the station, too, answer a few questions.

Liza: About what?

Jesse: About harboring a fugitive.

Liza: Jesse, come on. You're not serious, are you?

Jesse: What the hell was he doing in your apartment?

Liza: He's my client. And, actually, we were arranging a way for him to turn himself in.

Ryan: Oh, come on, Liza. What are you talking about? He tried to make a break for it the first chance he got. I highly doubt he was on his way to the police station.

Liza: What he was trying to do was avoid this scene.

Jesse: Ok, I'm not hearing it.

Liza: He want to come in on his own terms.

Jesse: I'm not gonna take your word on this.

Liza: You don't have to take my word on it. Why don't you check your call log? I called you about an hour ago to work out the details.

Jesse: Never got the message.

Liza: That's because I didn't actually leave a message. My client and I were having some minor difficulties, but it's all worked out now. Isn't it?

David: Yes. Yes, it is.

J.R.: Divorce papers? Are you sure?

Colby: Yes. My mom's representing her. I saw the papers myself.

J.R.: Wow. I never thought Annie would be the one to end it. With no prenup, she could walk away with a lot of money.

Colby: No, she's not walking away. Not this time. Thanks to my stupid gloating, Annie's ready to be the stepmother from hell. God, God, why did I send those papers?

J.R.: Come on, don't beat yourself up.

Colby: How could you say that? We were this close to getting rid of her, and I blew it. I ruined everything.

J.R.: Nothing is ruined, Colby. Annie will be gone soon.

Colby: I wish I could believe that. I mean, I would give anything to have our family back to the way it was: Happy and healthy. What?

J.R.: Our family wasn't always happy.

Colby: Well, we were together, and I miss that, you know, and I miss having you here, J.R.

J.R.: Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Colby: Well, Annie needs to. Hey, do you think if I tell Dad, he'll believe me?

J.R.: No. I think he's gonna do what he always does. He's gonna blame you, then defend Annie.

Colby: Ok. So then what do we do?

J.R.: You're gonna back off and you're gonna let me handle Annie my way.

Damon: Look, I'm not exactly employee of the month at the hospital, so if you ask your mother-in-law for a reference, it might not be glowing.

Randi: What exactly did you do to tick Angie off?

Damon: She may have seen me appear to be slacking a little, but I would never do that at a job I like, and I can already tell that I'd really like this job.

Randi: Big fan of filing?

Damon: Hey, it's better than cleaning floors and emptying out bedpans, you know? Plus, I'd be working for you, not that I don't respect Dr. Hubbard. She's a great doctor. We just --

Randi: Ok, here's the deal. There are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done without something falling through the cracks, and that's definitely not an option here. So if Tad's willing to vouch for you, that's good enough for me.

Damon: So I got the job?

Randi: Well, we've got to get through a few things, but then you can get started. Have you done inventory?

Damon: Um, I've done --

Randi: It's pretty straightforward. Don't worry. So all the products are listed here on the left, and these are cosmetics, and then perfumes.

Damon: What are you wearing?

Randi: Excuse me?

Damon: Your perfume smells really nice.

Randi: Ok, um, what part about "happily married" didn't you get?

Damon: No, no, that wasn't a come-on, really. I was trying to familiarize myself with the product, you know?

Randi: No wonder you and Angie did not get along. Ok, let's get back to this because I actually have my own work to get --

Damon: Sorry, sorry.

Randi: To doing. These are the orders that -- this is what's been ordered, and then this is what needs to be shipped, and, basically, then I just need to go back and reconcile the numbers to see what we have left in stock. You look confused.

Damon: No, I'm just bored. You know what? I don't actually think this job's gonna be right for me. I'm really sorry to waste your time.

Randi: Really?

Jesse: All righty, then. Sign right there.

David: So the chief of police has nothing better to do than push paperwork?

Jesse: Every step of this arrest is gonna be done to the letter of law: Crossing all my Ts and dotting all my Is, making sure you're not able to worm your way out of this one by claiming a civil rights violation. So make yourself comfortable, Doc. This one's gonna stick.

Greenlee: What are his options?

Liza: Well, if he wants to go free, he only has one option, and that's to put you on the stand. But he won't even consider it. Greenlee, I need you to talk reason to him. He knows I can't mount an adequate defense without your testimony.

Greenlee: What are you up to?

Liza: Excuse me?

Greenlee: Don't play with me. I know you're tight with Tad. He and Jake are practically foaming at the mouth to put David away. Is this your way of helping them?

Liza: David actually came to me with a very generous offer. If he trusts me, why shouldn't you?

Greenlee: I don't trust anyone, especially you.

Jesse: You know, it's moments like this that make my job absolutely worthwhile.

David: Hmm. You know, I'm kind of surprised you didn't invite your wife here to witness this momentous occasion. I mean, after all, you just secured your wife her chief of staff position for a little while longer.

Jesse: I've already told you, everything here has been done by the book.

David: Well, enjoy it while it lasts, because by the book or not, I'm gonna be a free man before you know it.

Jesse: Ok.

Greenlee: What's taking so long? I want to see my husband.

Liza: All right. I'll go check.

Ryan: Hey. I know you think that everything I said to you at the casino was just to get you to let your guard down so I could find out where David was, but that's wrong, Greenlee. I meant every single word that I said.

Greenlee: I know. But that's the problem -- people in this town may care about me, just not enough to respect my choices.

Ryan: I don't want to see you get hurt, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You know what hurts? We were actually coming into a real place, a place where we could actually be friends. Why'd you have to go and ruin it?

Ryan: You would've ended up in a cell next to Hayward, all right? Is that what you want? You want to go to jail for him?

Greenlee: Yes, but that would've been my choice, my decision. You don't think I'm capable of making one on my own.

Ryan: That's completely not true, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I may have been gone a year, but some things haven't changed much. You still have this crazy obsession with being everyone's white knight riding to the rescue with people who don't need saving.

Ryan: Greenlee --

Greenlee: I am more than capable of taking care of myself. I've been doing it all my life.

David: Where's Greenlee?

Liza: She's burning a hole in the squad room floor.

David: Well, tell her to leave now. She shouldn't be here.

Liza: Well, she's not going anywhere until she sees you, but Jesse's reserving the visits to counsel only.

David: Hmm. So you're taking my case? Or was that just you paying lip service to cover your ass with the chief?

Liza: Well, now, $2 million is really nothing to sneeze at.

David: You know, that doesn't seem really fair, now, does it?

Liza: What?

David: All you have to do is give your best effort to walk away with a sizable retainer. Me? I have absolutely no guarantees at the end of this. You could screw me over royally.

Liza: Wow, are you paranoid, just like your wife. Maybe you two are really meant for each other.

David: Yeah, well, I'd be a fool to put blind faith in anyone in this town.

Liza: You're a fool for not turning yourself in when I suggested. Good thing I had the presence of mind to call the police before you snatched the phone.

David: Yeah, that was a great job there, counselor. Unfortunately, it didn't do much good. Here I am, behind bars.

Liza: Yeah, and whose fault is that? Come on, you knew that Ryan and Jesse were tracking Greenlee's every move.

David: Yeah, well, I had to convince her to get out of town before she gets caught up in all of this mess.

Liza: Yeah, and it's a good thing that she didn't, because she is the key to getting you off.

David: All right, you know, forget it. We're not going there, ok? I don't want her involved.

Liza: You certainly can't protect her from in here, can you? Listen, if you want to get out, you better bow down to my superior wisdom and let me do my job. So what's it gonna be?

Brooke: Oh, that is great! Thanks! Annie's web site just in the last hour got over 2,000 hits. We are gonna have no problem selling this issue with her face on the cover.

Adam: For the life of me, I can't discern what I did to deserve all this kindness. Back when we were married, the pain I caused? Then we decided to have a child together, and I went about it in the most despicable way I possibly could: Lying, cheating --

Brooke: Adam, something good came out of it: You had J.R. And in spite of all of his troubles, he's become a wonderful man, in part because his father never gave up on him.

Tad: Went back to Fusion, Damon was already gone. Hell, Randi said he couldn't tear out of there fast enough.

Krystal: Wow. The interview go that badly?

Tad: No. That's just it: It went great. She thought he was charming, that he was fun, gave him the job right on the spot, even though he flirted with her the entire time.

Krystal: Huh. Like father, like son.

Tad: Don't help. I tell you, that kid has half my genes, I have no idea what's going on in his head. I mean, why would he do something like that? I mean, it was a lock. The hard part was over. He had the job. It was in the bag.

Krystal: Maybe Randi's not telling you the whole story.

Tad: No, she wouldn't hold out on me. I mean, I never told her that he's my kid, and Jesse and Angie wouldn't say anything. I trust them with my life. Maybe that's the problem: Here I am, killing myself trying to keep him out of trouble. I get him this job so he'll make all the right choices, and I'm not sure I'm making the right ones. How can I expect him to clean up his act when I'm the one that's holding out on him? I feel like a damn hypocrite.

Krystal: Honey, don't be so hard on yourself, ok? Even if Damon knew the truth, there's no guarantee that he would accept your help. And you know what? He might even resent the fact that you're offering it now.

Tad: God, you're an upbeat person. He's not the only one that was lied to, you know. I lost out on 18 years of his life.

Krystal: I realize that. That's what I'm saying. And you are doing the best that you can to make up for it. At least, until his mother decides to tell him the truth.

Tad: Yeah, whenever the hell that is. The kid's already been at the downward spiral long enough. Something's got to be done to snap him out of it before he wraps himself around a telephone pole. So how'd the job interview go?

Damon: It was a bust.

Tad: Ok. All right. Well, if Fusion isn't a good fit, then I'll see what else --

Damon: I don't want any more favors.

Jesse: Listen, I appreciate you not blowing Natalia's cover. If that hadn't panned out, we still would've needed to put somebody inside Fusion to keep tabs on Greenlee.

Ryan: Yeah, well, now Hayward is exactly where he belongs, right?

Jesse: It's a long time coming. But you really need to start letting me handle the police work, Ryan.

Ryan: If I had have waited, Hayward would've bolted, and then who knows how long it would've been till we found him again?

Jesse: All right, I'm not mad at your instincts. They weren't wrong. I mean, holding Hayward there, resisting the urge to hit him? Well done.

Ryan: Thank you. Thank you. It didn't do much to help my case with Greenlee, though. As soon as I grabbed the guy, I made him a martyr in her eyes. I should've hit him, right, because, I mean, I lost Greenlee either way.

David: How did you get back here?

Greenlee: Threatened to slap the department with a harassment suit. I needed to see you in person to tell you how sorry I am.

David: Oh, stop it.

Greenlee: This is all my fault.

David: Greenlee, it is not your fault. The cops would've caught up with me eventually. Why didn't you leave town when I told you to?

Greenlee: Everything you've done has been to protect me. It's my turn now.

David: Is Liza putting you up to this?

Greenlee: I'm pretty sure Liza has her own agenda. You need to be careful.

David: Believe me, I don't like resting my fate in her hands any more than you do, but right now she's my best hope. She's smart and she's motivated by her own self interest.

Greenlee: That's what I'm worried about: She's not looking out for yours.

David: No, this is an extremely high-profile case. A win for Liza elevates her career.

Greenlee: She can't win without my testimony.

David: Greenlee, we've already been through this.

Greenlee: The jury needs to hear how grateful I am. You saved my life, David. It's my chance to return the favor.

David: You don't owe me anything.

Greenlee: I want to help. I need to do this. It's what wives do for their husbands.

David: Greenlee, stop. When this trial is over, so is our marriage.

Adam: It's rare to see so many people that I love in the same place at the same time. I feel I want to say something, first and foremost to J.R. Welcome home, son.

All: Welcome home.

Adam: It's good to see you back where you belong.

J.R.: It's good to be back here.

Adam: I wasn't sure I would be around to see this, but, once again, J.R. proved me wrong. He assembled all of his strength and just went on fighting.

J.R.: What do you expect? You've already proven that Chandlers are too stubborn to die.


J.R.: The truth is I couldn't have done it without you. The love and the support of this family is what brought me back.

Adam: Ah. And our new addition: Marissa. J.R., you're lucky to have such a lovely wife.

Marissa: Oh, no, I'm the lucky one. I'm loved by two of the most amazing men on the planet.

J.R.: That's right. To A.J.

All: To A.J.

Adam: The future of this family right there. Yes. And Colby, of course. That stubborn streak that you heard J.R. talking about it? You have it in spades, young lady.

Colby: Oh, you say it like it's a bad thing.

Adam: No. It'll help you all of your life if you let it. Don't ever let anyone tell you different.

Colby: I won't.

Adam: Cheers. And Scott, keeping Chandler afloat, giving J.R. a chance to put himself together, get rid of his cancer. I'm proud of you. And I can tell you for sure your father would be proud of you, too.

Scott: I hope so.

Adam: Drink to that. And, of course, to my lovely wife, who has given J.R. a very generous gift and who is showing her beauty is something far greater than people realize.

J.R.: Yes, to Annie. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. I don't know how I'll ever find a way to repay you, but I promise you I will.

Adam: And last, but certainly not least, Brooke, who came here to save "Tempo" and somewhere along the way ended up pulling this family closer together than it has been for a long, long, long time. Brooke.

J.R.: Can you hang on a minute?

Annie: Lucretia's about to serve dinner.

J.R.: This won't take long. I just wanted to thank you for your help earlier.

Annie: Ok, you can drop the act, J.R., all right? I know you were just playing nice for the camera for Adam's sake before. And he might buy this whole "I've seen the light" bit, but I don't buy it. Not for one second. I know that you still hate everything about me.

J.R.: And I know that you were planning on divorcing my father, but you burned that envelope so he wouldn't find out.

A.J.: Daddy, come on. I saved you a spot in between me and Grandpa.

J.R.: Oh. Well, thanks, buddy. That's exactly where I want to be.

Krystal: You know, I promised the girls some popcorn, so I am gonna get in there and start popping while Alice is still in Wonderland. Excuse me.

Tad: So what really happened at the interview?

Damon: It just didn't work out.

Tad: Did Randi say why?

Damon: Why do you care? It was a stupid internship. I wouldn't even be making any money.

Tad: Well, it was a start. I'm sorry. I'm just, you know, a little confused, because from where I was standing, it looked like you and Randi got on like a house on fire.

Damon: I couldn't do it, ok?

Tad: Couldn't do what?

Damon: The math! I'm no good at numbers.

Tad: That's it? A lot of people aren't good at math.

Damon: No, you don't get it, man. I dropped out of high school. Look, just don't waste your time trying to get me any more jobs, ok, because nobody is ever gonna hire me. I --

Tad: Damon? Damon, come on.

Liza: So Judge Holden had an opening in his docket. David's arraignment will be tomorrow.

Jesse: Tad know you're taking this case?

Liza: Who I represent is my business.

Jesse: Not when you're representing David Hayward. What are you doing, Liza?

Liza: Have you not heard of the sixth amendment? David has the constitutional right to counsel.

Jesse: You know what I mean. What are you getting out of this?

Liza: Aside from a huge retainer, publicity. A lot of publicity. I'm gonna make a household name for myself. There'll never be a shortage of clients.

Jesse: Wow. You sound just like the Liza I knew back in high school -- the girl who played every dirty trick in the book to get Greg away from Jenny. The same girl who cried rape to run me out of town. Remember that?

Liza: Wow. I can't believe you just brought that up.

Jesse: I can't believe you're representing David Hayward. You know, it just goes to prove that you will still do anything to get what you want.

Liza: I'm doing my job, and don't stand there and pretend that morals haven't been compromised doing yours.

Jesse: Hayward has got himself quite a mouthpiece, huh? You sound just like him.

David: Our marriage was always gonna end, Greenlee. You agreed to this arrangement only to get back at Ryan, to hurt him like he hurt you.

Greenlee: These last few days, when I didn't know where you were or if I'd ever see you again, it made me realize how much I need you.

David: You're so much stronger than you think.

Greenlee: My back's been hurting again. It started right after you left.

David: Are you in pain right now?

Greenlee: It was from the stress. You matter to me, David, more than I ever thought possible. When I married you, I admit it was safe. No chance of getting hurt if there were no real feelings there, right? But when I thought I lost you, something huge changed for me. The pain that I felt was real, the feelings I had were real. I've been so afraid of falling in love again I didn't realize I already had. I love you, David. I really love you.

[Ryan listens in from the shadows]

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