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Jack: All right. Here's the temporary partnership -- when you're done. Here's the temporary partnership agreement between you and Greenlee. Or shall I call it the "proclamation of gladiatorial event"? At any rate, it's ready for your signature.

Erica: Has Greenlee signed it?

Jack: She has.

Erica: I really do appreciate you doing this, Jack. And I mean that. I'm sure it couldn't have been easy for you to meet all of our conditions.

Jack: With you, nothing is ever easy.

Erica: Thank you. That was a compliment, wasn't it?

Jack: Always.

Erica: Ugh! Always feels so good cleaning house, doesn't it?

Jack: Will you please stop it?

Erica: What?

Jack: This vindictive war between you and Greenlee. Just stop it.

Erica: You know, Jack, I didn't start it. Greenlee did. And I won't just surrender to anyone.

Angie: Hey, sweetie.

Krystal: Hey, I was just in with J.R. He seems stronger.

Angie: Yeah. So far, so good. I mean, vitals are stable, no fever, blood counts are all up.

Krystal: Oh, it's such a relief. It's one less thing to worry about.

Angie: Has Tad left to see Hillary yet?

Krystal: He's taking off this morning.

Angie: Oh, boy. Discovering he has a son, realizing that he missed the first 18 years of the boy's life. Gosh, you got to know how much this is weighing on him.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, I know that weight. So does Marissa.

Angie: Oh, sweetheart, I am so sorry. I wasn't thinking when I said that.

Krystal: No, no, no.

Angie: Look, you two came back together just fine.

Krystal: Yeah. I only hope Damon will somehow -- [Laughing as Damon and a girl come out of the closet rearranging their clothes]

Angie: Evolutionary proof that behavior is genetic.

[Knock on door]

Liza: Hi, hi. Ok, we got to talk.

Tad: We can't. I'm on my way to Ohio to see Hillary.

Liza: No, you can't.

Tad: Yeah, I can. I'm going to.

Liza: No.

Tad: We'll talk when we get back.

Liza: Hillary is gone.

Tad: What do you mean? What?

Liza: She just left for Europe with her husband.

Tad: For how long?

Liza: I don't know. She said it was an extended trip. I tried to explain to her that now was not a good time, but she didn't want to talk about Damon. And she definitely didn't want to talk about you.

Tad: Wait. You talked to Hillary about me?

Liza: Well, no. I tried to talk to her about it, but she made it perfectly clear to me that she didn't want to see or hear from you.

Tad: Liza, how the hell could you do that?

Liza: Well, I was trying to help.

Tad: Well, you didn't. Honey, you crashed and burned. It had nothing to do with you. You should have stayed out of it.

David: So, have you given any more thought to my proposal?

Adam: You mean, will I use my connections to get rid of your impending charges?

David: And help me keep my medical license, yes.

Adam: Well, ok, I've thought about it. The answer is no.

David: Wrong answer, Adam.

Adam: You're asking for too much. Yeah, too much. I'm harboring a fugitive. That should more than pay for your services.

David: Ok, fine. If that's all you can give me, then all I can give you is 6 months to live.

Annie: Adam? Who's in there with you?

[Rattles doorknob]

Greenlee: You're lucky. It looks even better than I remember.

Madison: So I'm not fired?

Greenlee: I haven't forgotten that you blew the booking on my location, but you were up front with me about it, and this is a good save. You still have your job. Yeah, this will definitely work.

Ryan: Well, I am very glad to hear that. I personally think the photo shoot will be great here in the casino.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Ryan: You're looking at the new owner. I just bought it.

Annie: Adam, why is the door locked?

Adam: I'm on a business call, Annie. Be right out.

David: You may want to think twice before turning me down. If I feel like I have to make a run for it, you wouldn't last one week before ending up in the E.R. again.

Adam: Oh, that's rather melodramatic.

David: Oh, no, it's not. I know you.

[Pounding on door]

Annie: Adam, what is taking so long?

Adam: For the love of God, Annie, let me finish my business.

David: For instance, I know you're not gonna be able to resist your curvaceous wife for much longer. Making her happy in bed is gonna kill you, Adam. So think it over.

Annie: I heard someone. Who's in here?

Jack: You do know, Erica, that Greenlee's not out to get you. She's just trying to reclaim her life and her company.

Erica: You know, Jack, I think it's a miracle that Greenlee survived. I really do. But as for the company -- I mean, I just refuse to discount all the work I put in to save this place.

Jack: Nobody is asking you to discount anything.

Erica: Well, nobody's giving me any credit either. I'm not just gonna hand over this company to Greenlee just for the asking. And I have Kendall to think of, after all.

Jack: You've already admitted that that's not all this is about.

Erica: Well, don't make the mistake, Jack, of thinking that I am out to get Greenlee just for sport. I've simply invested too much in this place just to walk away. And I'm not just speaking financially. It's why I made this deal with the devil in the first place.

Jack: Whatever you say, Erica.

Erica: Jack, I value our friendship. All we've been through together -- oh, so much over the years. Please don't risk tarnishing that because you take Greenlee's accusations at face value.

Greenlee: Did you know Ryan bought this place?

Ryan: It just happened, ok? You two are the first to know. So who's gonna congratulate me first?

Madison: Congratulations.

Ryan: Hey, listen. If you're not sure about having the shoot here now that you know I'm the owner, I will completely understand.

Greenlee: No. No. I mean, what does a building's owner have to do with my ad campaign?

Ryan: Ok. I just want to make sure you're not uncomfortable with having me around. That's all.

Greenlee: Don't be silly. So, how did you manage to pull this off? I'm sure Zach didn't just hand you the keys.

Ryan: I got a little sneaky. Craig, Craig. Greenlee, this is Craig. This is our new manager. This is Madison. Why don't you work out a location lease with Madison? Would you do that?

Craig: Be glad to.

Ryan: Ok. Great.

Craig: Come on in my office.

Ryan: Thank you.

Greenlee: You know what? Maybe you and I can actually make things work out after all.

Damon: So how's the chief of staff doing today?

Angie: Never mind me. What were you doing in the supply closet with that young volunteer?

Damon: Cherry is 18. I swear. And I was just giving her a hand. No, really. I was helping her find a tongue depressor.

Angie: You know what? I want you to get back to work now. The break is over.

Damon: Yes, ma'am. Back to the life of service.

Krystal: Was Tad really like that when he was that age?

Angie: Oh! You have no idea.

Tad: What the hell were you doing in Ohio anyway?

Liza: I went to go see Bailey and get some papers notarized. Also, a good excuse to see Stuart. I figured since I'm there, I might as well look up Hillary and find out why she's shutting out her son like this. As I said, I was trying to help.

Tad: By freaking her out? By sending her to scampering off to Europe?

Liza: No. As a matter of fact, her bags were already packed.

Tad: Oh, God!

Liza: Ok. Tad, what's going on here, seriously? Why is she shutting out her son like this? Why won't she talk to you? What are you not telling me?

Tad: Nothing that would matter.

Liza: Well, obviously it mattered to Hillary.

Tad: Yeah, well, like anybody can figure out what's going on in her head these days.

Liza: Tad, there has to be a reason why she's shutting out her son like this, especially because you took him in.

Tad: Yeah, because I'm his father. Liza, I took a DNA test. Damon Miller is my son.

Adam: I told you there was no one here. I was on a business call -- the speakerphone -- and you started making all that racket out there.

Annie: Adam, it's bad enough that you make me sleep in the guest bedroom, but to lock me out like that?

Adam: No, I didn't know the door was locked. I must have done it last night out of habit.

Annie: Well, it's a bad habit.

Adam: Mm.

Annie: Adam, I don't understand why you have to be alone all night.

Adam: Well, I told you. I'm having trouble sleeping. And I get nervous. I worry about J.R., about business. And it just keeps me awake for hours.

Annie: Well, I can keep you awake for hours.

Adam: No. No, you don't do that. You don't do that. I know what the doctor said. You need to take it easy, too. After the bone marrow donation, I heard what the doctor said. You need to take it easy for a few days.

Annie: Being with you is how I take it easy.

Adam: We'll be back to normal soon.

Annie: I hope so.

Adam: Come on. I'll meet you downstairs for breakfast. Go on. In a minute.

Greenlee: I wasn't sure about our future at first, but I'm beginning to think we can actually coexist.

Ryan: And live in the same town?

Greenlee: Interact with each other like actual, normal human beings -- not let the past interfere.

Ryan: And what about your husband?

Greenlee: Knock the olive branch right out of my hand, why don't you? How about we agree not to talk about David?

Ryan: Ok. That's fine. Question withdrawn.

Greenlee: Then that settles that.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: I am happy for you -- buying this place.

Ryan: Thank you. We had some glad memories here -- when you told me you were pregnant.

Greenlee: We're not going back there. That's in the past. You're a different man now. Putting it behind you -- I mean, that's part of the reason you took this on, right?

Ryan: You know me so well, Greenlee.

Greenlee: And the whole casino thing -- you know, it fits you somehow. Spinning dreams for people., anyone? So, how does Erica feel about you snookering Zach out of his casino?

Ryan: Like I said, I just closed. I just bought it. I'm sure Erica doesn't even know yet.

Randi: You wanted to see me?

Erica: Oh, Randi, yes. Yes, I did. Randi, in your conversations with Madison, did you learn which restaurant Greenlee booked for her photo shoot?

Randi: Actually, there's been a venue change to the casino.

Erica: The casino? Well, when did that happen?

Randi: Madison called this morning, and it seems that Greenlee wants the whole print and advertising department full throttle.

Erica: Well, what's the concept of her photo shoot?

Randi: That I don't know. It seems that Greenlee's been keeping that pretty under wraps.

Erica: Well, the casino certainly sounds like it's more of a glamour thing than a natural look. I certainly hope that Greenlee isn't stepping on my concept. All right. Just -- you can go. But keep your ears open.

Randi: Of course.

Erica: Thank you. Ah. Well, it seems like Greenlee isn't wasting any time. Val, please get me the manager of The Seasons East Casino on the phone. I think his name is Craig.

Jack: Erica, it's only a photo shoot.

Erica: No, it's as you said. It's war. It certainly has been ever since Greenlee planted her flag in my office.

Jack: And with you it's always a scorched earth policy, isn't it?

Erica: Well, now, Jack, I thought you like it hot.

Jack: That's good.

Erica: Yes, Val. Great. Craig, hi. Thank you so much for being so prompt. No, I was just wondering if Zach had approved Greenlee Smythe's photo shoot. He sold it? When? Really? Well, who did he sell it to?

Angie: Is everything ok with you?

Krystal: Well -- I mean, we're all feeling the strain since J.R.'s illness. And now, this Damon situation adds a whole new level on the home front. Plus, I am walking on eggshells around Liza.

Angie: Why?

Krystal: I just get these major vibes that she feels threatened by me.

Angie: Is there any reason she should be?

Krystal: No. No. Angie -- God, no. No. And Opal warned me to watch out for her if she gets jealous. But I'm telling you, I have done nothing to make her jealous.

Angie: Well, Liza doesn't always need a reason. I mean, you should have seen her when we were in high school with Greg and Opal's daughter Jenny.

Krystal: Well, that was high school. I mean, come on. She is a strong and confident woman now.

Angie: Mature, professional.

Krystal: Yeah.

Angie: And if you cross her, you better be ready to go to the mat.

Liza: Your son? I'm sorry. I thought you didn't see Hillary since she broke up with you years ago.

Tad: Except for one night about 19 years ago.

Liza: Oh, Tad. I am so sorry. I can't even imagine what you're going through right now. Listen, does anybody else know?

Tad: Yeah. Angie --

Liza: Yeah.

Tad: Jesse, Krystal.

Liza: So you told her?

Tad: Ok, please do me a favor. Not now. Liza, don't make this about something it's not, ok?

Liza: I would have liked to have known. I would like to have been there for you. Is that wrong?

Tad: No. No, it's not wrong. Of course, it's not wrong. But it's not about you. It's not about you and me. It's not even about me and Krystal. It's about that kid. He's screwed up enough. He has a hard enough time trusting anybody as it is. I can't possibly let him know the truth until I talk with his mother. Now you've made that impossible. You understand?

Liza: Yeah, I understand.

Tad: Honey, do me a favor, ok? Please don't do anything else. Don't breathe a word of this to Damon or to anybody, ok?

Liza: Of course.

Tad: I just need a little time, ok? Just a little time to figure out what the hell I'm gonna do next. So do you mind?

Liza: No, no. Call me if you need anything.

[Phone rings]

Damon: Hello.

Liza: Hey, I have to cancel lunch today.

Damon: No way.

Liza: Way.

Damon: I was really stoked to hear how Bailey and Stuart were doing.

Liza: Yeah, listen. They're fine. I'll reschedule, and I'll catch you up then. Sorry. I have a business meeting. I got to go.

Colby: You ok?

Damon: Yeah. No, I'm not. That was your mom. We were supposed to meet up for lunch today.

Colby: What happened?

Damon: She just got back from Ohio. She was gonna tell me how Bailey and Stuart were doing, but she just canceled.

Colby: Well, it must have been something important.

Damon: Business. She was gonna take pictures. I wanted one picture of my son. Could have gone myself if I wasn't stuck in this dump of a hospital. This all sucks.

Annie: You seem to have made yourself at home in a hurry.

Brooke: People need to eat, Annie. I'm having breakfast.

Annie: And reading Adam's newspaper.

Brooke: Well, he's not down yet, so I didn't think he'd object to my getting a jump on the day.

Annie: Hm. I wouldn't have thought of you as a morning person. I would have thought of you as more of a breakfast in bed type of person.

Brooke: Well, you would have been wrong. Actually, I wanted to get down today before Adam.

Annie: Oh? And why's that?

Brooke: I'm just determined to make sure that Adam stays healthy, you know? He's his own worst enemy, and I'm worried about him.

Annie: Like I'm not worried about him?

Brooke: I had a talk with Lucretia today. So from now on, she's only making ultra-healthy breakfasts -- egg white omelets, granola, nonfat milk.

Annie: Well, Adam loves bacon with his eggs. And he likes pancakes with Vermont maple syrup. He special orders it from --

Brooke: We also cleared out the liquor cabinet, because I know how easily he's tempted.

Annie: Well, you are certainly changing a lot of things around here, aren't you?

Brooke: I want to help Adam any way I can. And, you know, he is giving me a place to stay, so it's the least I can do.

Annie: Yeah, I'll bet it is.

Ryan: Zach didn't tell you that he had the casino up for sale?

Erica: No, he did. I'm just fairly sure that both he and Kendall are gonna be quite surprised that you are the buyer.

Ryan: Oh, I couldn't resist. I always liked being the house.

Erica: Well, congratulations, in that case. And I understand that Greenlee has already booked the casino for a photo shoot.

Ryan: Yeah, now she has a venue for the shoot and this place gets the publicity that it needs.

Greenlee: She's trying to weasel the details of my shoot out of you, isn't she?

Ryan: It's been a little bit of a tough year financially for --

Greenlee: Give me that. Hello, Erica. Afraid I'm already ahead of the game?

Erica: Actually, Greenlee, I was just sitting here thinking of all the potential the casino has for an ad campaign. So, well done, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Don't pull that condescending tone with me. You just called Ryan to find out what my ad campaign was about.

Erica: Greenlee, you told me that you were going for the natural look.

Greenlee: You just keep your nose out of my side of the business. Is that clear? And if I find any of your little minions poking around here, I swear, so help me, I will tear their little heads --

Erica: Excitable little thing, your daughter.

Ryan: Can I have the phone, please? Give it back to me. Thanks. Was it worth it, really? I mean, you know, the stress, the anger -- all of it?

Greenlee: No. You're right. It isn't. When I finally pull all of her little manicured little claws out of my company and boot her out for good -- that's when it'll be worth it. I see your relationship with Erica hasn't gotten any less cozy.

Ryan: Well, I'm not gonna stop being friends with her.

Greenlee: Even if she's out for my blood.

Ryan: Look, Greenlee, I understand that you got hurt, ok? Badly, badly hurt. But trying to just bulldoze your way through life -- that's not gonna make you happy.

Greenlee: What do you know about it?

Ryan: You're so busy just fighting with everybody you haven't allowed yourself to live.

Greenlee: Believe me, being alive again is very much on my mind.

Ryan: You got to trust something, Greenlee -- someone.

Greenlee: I trusted David, and now you and your pals have driven him away. You don't get it. There was a time that I was so trusting, so alive. And then, in a blink of an eye, I was dead. I died, Ryan, and every time I think about that, it scares the hell out of me. I was dead to myself and the entire world for a year. But David brought me back. He gave me a second chance, and I'm not gonna lose it again. You can't understand.

Ryan: No, I do. Greenlee, I get it. I get it. You've been to hell, and you're not halfway back, and you just can't afford to let your guard down. I get it.

Tad: Hillary's a mother. How could she just take off like this?

Krystal: Maybe she just doesn't understand the full extent of the situation.

Tad: Oh, she understands enough.

Krystal: Maybe her husband doesn't.

Tad: Well, that's no reason for her to run away from me, especially right now.

Krystal: Tad, if her husband learns the truth, it could destroy their marriage. He could walk out on her.

Tad: Oh, so that gives her the right to walk out on our son.

Krystal: I'm not saying that. I'm just saying there are two sides to every argument. And maybe she is just as afraid as you are of what might happen when Damon finds out the truth.

Tad: No, I doubt it, because she's on her way out of the country. I don't see how she could do this to me. I don't see how she could do this to our son.

Damon: Got to find a way out of this dead-end job.

Colby: It's not dead-end. It's temporary, all right? As soon as your community service is over and --

Damon: No, I can't stand being here at all. This whole place makes me want to jump out a frigging window. Isn't your dad like on the board of directors here? Can't you, like, put in a good word for me and get me switched to, I don't know, parking cars in the parking lot or something? Colby, I'm going nuts.

Colby: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I can see that, ok? Look, hospitals are intense. It's not your fault. Fine. Fine, fine. I'll see what I can do.

Damon: You will?

Colby: Yeah. Yeah, and I'll talk to my mom, too, and see how things went down in Ohio. Ok?

Damon: Thanks. You're kind of like my only friend right now. So -- thanks.

Colby: Yeah.

Brooke: Let's not fight. My coffee's gone cold. I'm going to get a fresh pot. Would you like some?

Annie: No, thank you.

Adam: Good morning.

Annie: Hi.

Adam: Oh, have you eaten?

Annie: No, no. That's Brooke's.

Adam: Brooke's? Is she down already?

Annie: Yes, but she went to the kitchen to get a fresh pot of coffee and to get the yummy breakfast that I had Lucretia make for you. It's kind of chilly in here. I might just go get your sweater for you that you left in the study.

Adam: Ok. In the study?

Annie: Yeah.

Brooke: Good morning.

Adam: Good morning.

Brooke: A little decaf for you?

Adam: Yeah, ok.

Brooke: Where's Annie?

Adam: She's in the study, which gives us a moment. Could I ask you a favor? Keep Annie busy.

Brooke: Doing what?

Adam: Tempo. Just, you know, knee-deep in magazine business, that sort of thing.

Brooke: That's a tall order. Your wife hates me. May one inquire as to the reason for this little gambit?

Adam: I just want to keep her occupied for a little while, that's all.

Brooke: All right. But first you have to tell me why.

[Annie goes to Brooke's room, then picks up a flash light and enters the tunnel]

Annie: Oh, that's the best you can do, huh, Brooke?

Colby: You don't look like you're in business meeting. You canceled with Damon today. He was dying to hear about his son.

Liza: Honey, I can't see Damon right now.

Colby: Ok. What is going on?

Liza: It's complicated.

Colby: Yeah? Try me.

Adam: I can't get into all the reasons right now. I just need to have Annie occupied. That's all.

Brooke: There's something wrong with you, isn't there? Otherwise, why would you want me to babysit your wife?

Adam: All right. I won't get into all the reasons. I'll ask somebody else to do me a favor.

Brooke: Adam, you're not well. I have felt it for weeks, all right? You can, you know, roar and you can froth at the mouth, but you're pale and your eyes have been tired, and you've been sort of making excuses for your shortness of breath, and you're glossing over the fact that you're not a superman anymore. But you cannot keep it all from me, because I know you too well.

Adam: Nonsense. Nonsense.

Brooke: Fine. If you want to ignore reality, keep on going the way you're going and somebody is going to find you dead on the floor of the bathroom in the morning. And I'm not gonna be that person.

Adam: All right, all right. No one asked you to. I'll just find somebody else.

Brooke: You sure as hell asked me to keep Annie out of the way. So in return, I want you to promise that you're gonna be proactive about your health.

Adam: What is this, some kind of tough love?

Brooke: You can call it what you want, but I want you to take care of yourself, and I'm insisting that you have a doctor to look after you.

Adam: I've already covered that.

Brooke: You know, your health is more serious than anybody knows. Even your family doesn't know the extent of it.

Adam: Getting old is not for sissies.

Brooke: Yeah, well -- what's the alternative?

Erica: So that's what I'm up against. I'm sure you could hear Greenlee screaming through the phone. I'm sure you could see that I was the picture of congeniality.

Jack: Yes, you were. You didn't even raise your voice. I think maybe what happened there was kind of a Pavlovian reaction that Greenlee had. You know, all these years of experience with you -- I think she probably hears your battle cry even when it's quiet.

Erica: Well, I bet this is something that you won't want to hear because Greenlee's your daughter -- but Greenlee is gonna self-destruct, and all I have to do is back and watch. And believe me, it gives me no pleasure.

Jack: Go look in the mirror. It gives you lots of pleasure.

Erica: Well, ok. I mean, I love to win. But that doesn't mean that I have to make it my life's work to bring Greenlee down. My goodness, I have so many more important goals than that now.

Jack: Yeah, like what? What are you chasing these days?

Erica: It's a good question. Of course, I want success in my career and in my relationships. I'm just not doing the chasing anymore.

Jack: No?

Erica: No, the foundations of my life are strong, and I certainly grab every moment that comes my way. Unfortunately, they don't come my way often enough with my family, because they're so spread out, and I really miss them.

Jack: What about a man in your life? Do you miss that?

Erica: You know me, Jack. I do love being in love.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Erica: But as I said, I'm not doing the chasing. He'll be here when the time is right.

Jack: What about your philosophy? Grabbing every moment that comes by? "Carpe diem"?

Erica: That means "seize the day," not "seize the man."

[As Jack leans in to kiss her, Erica turns her head]

Jack: That's it?

Erica: I meant what I said. You've been fair in all this, and I really appreciate it.

Jack: Oh, my. A whole peck on the cheek's worth of appreciation.

Erica: Well, it would be wrong to strain your impartiality with so much going on.

Jack: Why don't you just find yourself another lawyer, and then we won't have to worry about my impartiality.

Erica: Who could fill your shoes? Look, I really have to get back to work.

Ryan: I am sorry. I am so incredibly sorry that you went through what you went through, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Ok. You're sorry. Everybody's sorry.

Ryan: You will find a way to trust me. You will find people that will be there for you, people that know how they can help you, instead of just walking around angry.

Greenlee: I have to go. We're leaving.

Tad: I cannot believe how selfish Hillary's become.

Krystal: Well, I don't know her, so I can't judge her. We don't know what she's been through these past few --

Tad: I don't care. Whatever she's been through, she's basically abandoned her child. And she's put me in an impossible situation. And not for nothing, but when Damon finds out that I knew, and I didn't tell him, he's gonna hate us both.

Krystal: You don't know that.

Tad: Yeah, I do. I do know it. And there's nothing I can do about it, because she's tied my hands on purpose. Hillary just didn't skip town, Krystal. She skipped the entire country. I don't know what to do. There's nothing I can do. Until I find out why she did what she did, I can't be the one to tell Damon the truth.

Angie: Mr. Miller. You know, you aren't doing yourself any favors by screwing up like this. I mean, are you trying to get yourself fired?

Damon: Do you have any idea what it's like doing this crap work? Cleaning bedpans? Shuffling trash all over the place?

Angie: Do you know that there are hardworking people who support their families doing this honest labor? It's a service to patients who are a lot worse off than you.

Damon: What are you doing?

Angie: I'm calling your probation officer.

Damon: And what for?

Angie: Because I'm gonna tell him that you dislike this job so much you'd rather be in jail.

Colby: What is it? Mom, Mom -- what is going on?

Liza: Colby, stay away from Damon.

Colby: What? Why?

Liza: Because -- honey, his life is about to explode. And I want you out of the blast zone.

Adam: All right, all right, all right. I'll do everything the doctor orders.

Brooke: Good. So, healthy diet, exercise, no more scotch.

Adam: Yeah, but you just have to promise to jumpstart "Tempo."

[Annie shuffles around the Chandler tunnels]

Annie: Oh. Ooh!

Adam: Annie just has to be kept busy. I don't want her suspicious about what we're doing.


Annie: Who's there?

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