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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 3/16/10


Episode #10332

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Kathy and Jenny: Cocoa yum-yums! Cocoa yum-yums!

Opal: Oh, my Lord. No -- [Gasps]

Tad: Now for you -- .

Krystal: Oh, Tad, come on now. Just a -- just a little in their cereal, please. No daddy anarchy.

Tad: I got it.

Krystal: Here. Guess what. I have never seen -- I've never seen someone who likes chocolate as much as this man.

Tad: That's right. Chocolate and my women. My favorite vices. Come here.

Opal: That's right.

Damon: Morning all.

Krystal: Hey.

Damon: High 5. Yeah. Oh, oh! Here, I fixed red bird's beak for you.

Kathy: Thank you, Damon!

Damon: You're welcome.

Krystal: Well, I guess red bird is ready for his next performance, then.

Opal: I guess.

Kathy: Hi. I'm red bird.

Damon: Ha ha!

Krystal: Well, well, well, another chocolate lover in the house.

Damon: Yeah.

Opal: So, you ready to start your community service at the hospital?

Damon: Bed pans and mopping floors -- I can't wait.

Opal: Uh-huh. Ha ha.

Tad: Hey -- you think second chances grow on trees? Do you? Because they don't. Lately, I put my ass on the line so that you wouldn't have to go to jail. You remember that, ok? Don't be stupid enough to start flashing your attitude around and blow this opportunity, not unless you want to spend the next 5-10 years of your life in a steel cage.

Damon: Don't worry, man. Those bed pans will glisten when I'm done with them. I would never want to disappoint you. Huh.

[Door opens and closes]

Opal: Well, so much for a quiet breakfast.

Krystal: Tad, what's gotten into you?

Tad: Nothing. Damon's my responsibility.

Jesse: It's a good thing I'm not the sensitive type. I hate waking up and not seeing my beautiful wife next to me. All right, so look, it's not exactly breakfast in bed, so I might have to make that up to you this weekend.

Angie: Well, I'll definitely need it by Saturday.

Jesse: So what is this? More junkbohead board members?

Angie: I may have to fire our son.

Frankie: You know, you didn't have to walk me into the hospital.

Randi: Yeah, well, I know how hard you've been working getting those hands ready for surgery, so I wasn't just going to kick you out the car.

Frankie: Hmm. You want to be my nurse in the O.R.?

Randi: Ooh. I'll be your nurse, but not in the O.R.

Frankie: Mmm, tease.

[Randi laughs]

Frankie: Ah.

Randi: Babe, are you taking those pain meds?

Frankie: I can't pop pills before a procedure.

Randi: Right, well, I'm getting really tired of --

Frankie: Hey. Mmm.

Randi: Seeing you in this pain.

Frankie: No pain, I promise. Now you should get back to Fusion, hmm?

Randi: Yes. Erica versus Greenlee. Winner takes Fusion. How crazy is all of this?

Frankie: Ah, but it could be your big break.

Randi: You're right, you're right. Finally Erica has taken me under her wing, and we are gonna mop the floor with Greenlee and Madison.

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Randi: Call me after the surgery?

Frankie: Yeah. Go kick some Fusion butt.

Randi: Will do.

Greenlee: From here on out, you are not to discuss anything in regards to my line with Erica or anyone else on her team.

Madison: Well, what if Erica wants me to answer the phones for her, or run errands or something?

Greenlee: Tell her to stuff it. Don't tell me you like getting Erica her lemon grass tea?

Madison: Oh. Look, it's just -- without Erica, I don't even know where I would be. It seems disloyal not to work for her.

Greenlee: You want to work with Erica? There's the door. You want to work when this is over? Stay with me. It's either me or Erica. The choice is yours.

[Attic door opens]

David: [Chuckles] I never thought I'd live to see the day when Adam Chandler would be serving me breakfast in bed.

Adam: Well, don't get used to it. I'm here for one reason only. You're my personal physician.

David: Only the best for you. Whoa. This isn't exactly a heart healthy breakfast. Hope you didn't eat any of this.

Adam: No. I made it just for you.

David: Oh. Mmm. Right. Did you sleep well?

Adam: Yeah, I feel a million times better than I felt last night. Yeah.

David: Good. You know, I'm gonna need to check your meds. I might want to change your dosages. Where's your list?

Adam: Do you like the eggs?

David: Yeah. Tastes delicious.

Adam: Hmm. Made 'em just for you. I made 'em myself.

David: Great. Excellent. So, um, is there a spice or something in this? It's got -- they've got kind of a kick.

Adam: I may have pulled the trigger that killed my brother, but you're the one who put the gun in my hand. I know why you're a fugitive.

David: I bribed a coroner's assistant in Connecticut to protect Greenlee.

Adam: Hmm. No, I think you're missing something there.

David: I didn't drug you, Adam. Gayle did.

Adam: Oh. Yes, but your loyal nurse took back her confession, turned state's evidence against you and insists it was your idea to drug me into a delusional haze.

David: She's lying.

Adam: Really? Why don't you have some more of your eggs?

David: [Sighs] Adam, Gayle fell in love with me. I rejected her. So this is all payback. The woman is completely unstable. She thought that if she could get you proven to be unfit, that I would get custody of Little Adam.

Adam: No, A.J. He prefers to be called A.J. now.

David: Look, Nurse Gayle, she felt that if she can give me my grandson, I would be very grateful, maybe even marry her. Well, now that I'm married to Greenlee, she's on the warpath, so the Martins convinced her to turn against me, to lie to the police. I'm being railroaded, Adam. Certainly you can see that. All right, look. If I hide out here, you get the best damn cardiologist in the country whenever you need him. Now, I may be a total bastard, but I am one hell of a doctor, and I can cure that heart problem of yours, Adam, before anyone even knows that you're really sick. Now you said yourself, you don't want J.R. stressing out while he's in the middle of his recovery, right? I saved your life last night, Adam. Oh, you know something? You should give up your corporate raiding. I'll tell you what. Mmm. These are some damn good eggs.

Adam: You know, I could poison you and bury you in the tunnels. No one would ever know.

Greenlee: You'll be working by my side until Erica's hideous new makeup is running down her face in tears, so if you're having any doubts, let's hear them.

Madison: [Sighs] It's more about me personally than it is about work. I feel like I owe her.


Madison: My father was abusive to me, and so was my husband.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. I had no idea.

Madison: Well --

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Madison: Erica helped me start a new life. She and Ryan brought me to the Miranda Center, and she helped me stand up to my father.

Greenlee: Erica doesn't do anything for anyone unless there's something in it for her.

Madison: Ryan was supportive also. I mean, do you think he was playing me, too?

Greenlee: No. He would never do that. Ryan knows from abusive fathers. He'd open Erica's mail for you just so you wouldn't risk getting a paper cut.

Madison: I do wonder what it's like to have a normal childhood.

Greenlee: I have no idea.

Jesse: What kind of problem could they possibly have with Frankie?

Angie: Well, it has nothing to do with his work performance at all. It's just three of my residents have to go. Budget cuts.

Jesse: And Frankie is on the chopping block?

Angie: Well, he's supposed to be filling a spot on the surgical rotation, but he hasn't been in an operating room since his hands were crushed in Iraq.

Jesse: But his hands are better now, much better. I mean, he's in O.R. today. It's all he's been talking about.

Angie: Honey, a herniorrhaphy's a pretty basic procedure.

Jesse: And he's gonna ace it.

Angie: But if he can't?

Jesse: He has to go.

Angie: Or I'll be accused of nepotism.

Jesse: Huh. Ahem. Baby, look, he's been in therapy for months. He's gonna be a master again in no time.

Angie: Oh. Baby, you know, I didn't sign up for this. I want to save lives, not take jobs from good, hard-working people.

Jesse: Yeah. Bureaucracy, baby. It's hard to avoid once you're at the top of your game.

Angie: Yeah, I swear, half the damn board is more concerned with the flowerbeds outside the building than the patients inside. It's not right.

Jesse: You remember Officer Hancock?

Angie: Yeah, yeah. He was shot breaking up a robbery.

Jesse: And you saved his arm.

Angie: Yeah. I remember.

Jesse: Yeah. Last night, he pulled three children out of a burning car. He saved those kids' lives because you saved his life. You're a hero, baby. It's who you are. Don't let this -- junk upstage your gift.

Angie: Is that an order?

Jesse: Absolutely. Another order -- don't worry about Frankie. He's much too much like you to fail, all right?

Tad: I don't know what to tell you. Too much sugar in my breakfast cereal.

Krystal: Mm-hmm.

Tad: [Scoffs] Krystal, I only dance to music, ok?

Krystal: Uh-uh. Not all the time. Now, do you want to talk, or do you want to do dishes and talk?

Tad: Damon could be my son. How should the toilet paper roll?

Krystal: Damon is your son?

Tad: I said could be my son.

Krystal: But how?

Tad: What do you mean, how?

Krystal: How?

Tad: Usually when a man and a woman like one another, they do it in this really fun way --

Krystal: Ok, now, seriously, seriously, Tad. I know -- I know that Damon's mom is your ex, Hillary, but you were married ages ago. I mean, come on, the dates just don't add up.

Tad: Well, not necessarily. There was one other date.

Krystal: Ah --

Tad: Don't "ah." It was just right before Hillary got married again, and she couldn't move on with her future unless she -- excuse the expression, put certain things to bed in her past.

Krystal: Ah ha ha. Like you.

Tad: And it pretty much went by the numbers, you know. We started having a couple drinks, got light and fluffy, started laughing, reminiscing about the good/bad old days.

Krystal: Magic flared up. I know all about that.

Tad: Well, I am me.

Krystal: So what does Hillary say about all this?

Tad: Well, that's just it -- she doesn't say anything, not one word. I keep leaving messages for her. She doesn't respond to anything.

Krystal: That's not a good sign.

Tad: No, it's not. I mean, for all I know, she doesn't know which one of us is the father. Maybe she doesn't want to know who's the father.

Krystal: Well, come on, I mean, I know her marriage would be better off without you asking, "Am I the daddy?" So what's your gut tell you?

Tad: That I have acid reflux.

[Krystal scoffs]

Tad: Angela was nice enough to rush a D.N.A. test for me. That's why I'm so on edge. The results are supposed to come back this afternoon.

Krystal: Thank God for Angie.

Tad: Yeah.

Krystal: Well, what's Liza's take on all this?

Tad: Nothing. She doesn't have one. And that's the way it's gonna stay.

Krystal: Wait a minute. She doesn't know?

Tad: Nope.

Krystal: You didn't tell her?

Tad: Why should I? I just -- I didn't tear up Hillary's heart. I did a fair amount of stomping on Liza's, too. Why would I want to bring that up?

Krystal: Honey, you and Liza are gonna have to deal with this sometime.

Tad: Nuh-uh, not if it's not necessary.

[Knock on door]

[Krystal sighs]

Tad: It's open.

[Door opens and closes]

Liza: So, what, no congratulations? No call? Nothing? Not even, "You were brilliant, Liza"?

Tad: Congratulations. You were brilliant.

Liza: Hmm.

Krystal: [Chuckles] Liza, Tad couldn't be happier that Damon's staying here.

Liza: Hmm.

Tad: Really. You did good.

Liza: Oh, yeah, I was kind of hoping that we'd go have a little celebratory dinner last night, but --

Tad: I'm sorry. But I got -- I got kind of waylaid with Jesse.

Liza: Yeah. Yeah. So, um, hey, did you ever find out about Hillary?

Tad: Uh, no. Not yet. Nothing --

Liza: No?

Tad: So to speak --

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Going on.

Liza: I think the whole thing was really strange. I mean, the least thing she could have done was show up to her own son's hearing, right?

Tad: Yeah. Well, who knows what's going on with her?

Liza: Yeah. Hey, listen, I'd still love to go do a little -- I don't know -- victory dance. Why don't we go have lunch at my place later, huh?

Tad: Oh, I can't. I, um, I'm afraid I'm headed over to the hospital right now, as a matter of fact.

Liza: Ok, cool. Well, we'll just take a rain check.

Tad: Yeah.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Yeah. Absolutely.

Liza: Ok.

Tad: You got it, you got it.

[Door closes]

Liza: Ok, so you want to tell me what's going on?

David: You're not gonna kill me, Adam.

Adam: Are you sure about that?

David: Yeah, right. While your son J.R. is recovering from bone marrow transplant? I don't think so. You wouldn't want to be thrown in jail for murdering me at this time, right? Besides, that would leave your young, beautiful bride in bed all by her lonesome.

Adam: You keep pushing, and you're gonna see where that takes you.

David: Don't fight it, Adam. You need me just as much as I need you.

Adam: I can always find another doctor.

David: Yeah, right. You can find some second-rate heart doctor. And I could always inform your enemies that now's the time to pounce on your company while you're in recovery. All right, look, Adam, what happened with Stuart -- it was a tragic accident. You aren't responsible -- and neither was I. If you want to blame somebody, blame Gayle. So for now, why don't we just agree to live for today and leave the past where it belongs?

Adam: You're only alive right now because I promised Stuart I'd move on, for him and for our family.

David: Your brother Stuart would be very proud.

Adam: Don't ever mention Stuart to me again. Never. Oh!

David: Do you feel pain, tightness in the chest?

Adam: It's my heart. It's racing.

David: Ok, ok. Do you feel that? Ok. All right, look, just take a deep breath, ok, and try to relax. This might hurt.

Adam: Ah!

Liza: Krystal, come on, tell me you didn't see that there's something off with Tad.

Krystal: I think he is concerned about J.R.

Liza: No, it's something else. It is. He couldn't wait to get away from me.

Krystal: Liza, really, I would not take it personally. I think Tad just fled to avoid housework.

Opal: Oh, hey, Liza. I just came down to tell you that with red bird on the mend, the girls are gearing up for their puppet show.

Krystal: All right, all right. Liza, you want to watch two puppets, one marionette, and six stuffed animals all tied together for a mere 25 cents?

Liza: Oh, yeah. No, really, I'd love to. Really. I just have some legal research that's screaming for my attention.

Krystal: Ok.

Liza: Ok.

[Opal muttering]

Liza: Hey, Opal.

Opal: What?

Liza: Whatever happened with Rob? I mean, Krystal and he had such a good thing going there for a while.

Opal: Not since the accident.

Liza: So that's just it? They're done?

Opal: Yeah, kind of. You can't even mention his name around here. Tad starts cracking jokes about broken love machines, she gets so mad, you can see the smoke spilling out of her ears.

Liza: S-so is Krystal seeing someone or --

Opal: Why? You got somebody in mind to fix her up with?

Liza: Yeah. No, I just was wondering, you know, if she had someone in her life.

Opal: You don't care about Krystal, Liza. This is about Tad.

Tad: Ahem. Hey. You didn't get any breakfast, so I thought I might bring you this.

Damon: What, you here to supervise my mopping technique?

Tad: No, actually, I'm here to apologize for behaving like a jerk.

Damon: Uh, a total jerk.

Tad: Don't help. I'm serious. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called you stupid. My whole rant was out of line. I don't know anybody who'd be that excited about cleaning bed pans.

Damon: Well, if you really feel bad, you could clean a couple for me.

Tad: How about you accept this as a peace offering instead?

Damon: Only because I'm hungry and this has chocolate.

Tad: Move over. It's been a hard few days -- for both of us.

Damon: You know, I can't believe you and my mom. Like, she never said anything to me about living here.

Tad: Really? She never said anything at all about her past?

Damon: No. It's like she hatched and instantly became a mom. What was she like?

Tad: Spectacular. One of the most beautiful, charming people I ever met. She had a habit of making everybody just sort of feel -- better. To this day, I still smile when I think about her laugh.

Damon: Hill doesn't laugh much anymore. [Scoffs] I did that to her.

Tad: No, that's not fair. It's not just you.

Damon: No, you don't know. I let her down 24/7.

Tad: Damon, I meant what I said. Nobody in the history of the planet has ever been a bigger screw-up than me. Count it up. I mean, there was running away from home, running from women, running from the police, and that's basically just my greatest hits album.

Damon: Well, you -- you clean up pretty good for a former screw-up.

Tad: Yeah, well, that's the thing. I was really lucky. I had a good family to fall back on, even when I took 'em for granted.

Damon: Me and Hill should take mother/son lessons from you and Opal.

Tad: Oh, well, now, that's a -- that's another secret of my salvation. I actually have two mothers. Joe and Ruth took me in when I was about 9.

Damon: Two moms, two dads?

Tad: No. No, it's not like that. There's only one man I consider my father.

Angie: Woo-hoo! Today's the big O.R. day.

Frankie: Yeah, that's what it says on the sign-in sheet.

Angie: You nervous?

Frankie: How many herniorrhaphies have you done?

Angie: You'll do fine. Hey, hey, hey. Well, are you ok?

Frankie: Why?

Angie: You just seem distant.

Frankie: I've been preparing for surgery.

Angie: Listen, I have every confidence in you.

Frankie: Well, don't be too confident. I've already lost a patient on my watch this year.

Angie: Sweetheart, come on. That was -- such a tragedy, but it was also an innocent mistake, and it wasn't in the operating room.

Frankie: You took the heat with the board for me, but you really blame yourself, don't you? Stop. Mom, it wasn't you, it was me. If I had told you they needed your ok for the surgery, he'd still be here.

Angie: I took responsibility. I'll live with it.

Frankie: We both will.

Angie: How are your hands doing?

Frankie: They're ready.

Angie: You sure? No residual pain or stiffness? You know, a lot of times --

Frankie: You know, can you stop worrying about me? I won't screw this up today. I won't embarrass you.

Woman over P.A.: Dr. Angela Hubbard to the E.R., stat.

Angie: You'd never embarrass me.

David: 90 beats per minute. Much better.

Adam: Preferable to dunking my head in a bucket of water, ice water.

David: Well, I was giving you a carotid massage, Adam. You're gonna need to keep your blood pressure down. That's why you had this S.V.T. episode in the first place. Did you bring your list of meds?

Adam: Yeah. They're in my jacket pocket.

David: [Pockets Adam's cell phone and sighs] So, does our agreement still stand?

Adam: You let me live, I'll let you live.

David: It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Adam: Don't leave this room. Don't leave this room. Annie and Colby are still out there, but they could come back at any minute.

David: I could use a nice big juicy T-bone for lunch, Adam.

Greenlee: I've decided to call the line Fusion Natural. Alert Marketing about the copy and mock ads.

Madison: Ok, anything else?

Greenlee: Haven't I given you enough?

Madison: Well, I'm always up for a challenge.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Madison: You know, I always thought you were the one person at Brookings who might have actually had a normal childhood.

Greenlee: Ha ha! Well, you can make people believe what you want them to believe. I was determined to get the life I wanted. Complaining about parents who ignored me wasn't going to get me anything. I won't let anyone stop me from living my life my way.

Madison: I want that, to be in control of my future.

Greenlee: Looks like Erica lets you make your own hours.

[Cell phone rings]

Greenlee: Who's Bathsheba?

Madison: Like from the Bible?

Randi: That would be King David's wife.

Greenlee: Madison, reschedule my brainstorming session with product development. Something just came up.

Adam: [Opens front door] What are you doing here?

Greenlee: Nice way to treat a guest.

Adam: Guests are invited.

Greenlee: I came as quickly as I could. You said it was urgent.

Adam: I did no such thing.

Greenlee: Did you forget the text message you sent? Lose something?

Adam: Oh -- yeah, son of a -- mm-hmm.

David: Miss me?

Angie: I was hoping to catch you before you went into surgery. Good luck.

Frankie: Just a basic procedure, right?

Angie: Honey, this has nothing to do with me. This is for you. Your career. I only want for you what you want for yourself.

Frankie: Can't be easy having me on staff, filling in my rotation while I nurse my hand. Then you have to cover my ass with the board.

Angie: Sweetheart, let's not do this again.

Frankie: I don't want to be -- I'm tired of being something else you have to worry about.

Angie: Tough. Mothers worry about their sons, but they're also proud of them. And by tomorrow, your surgical privileges and that sweet smile will be back. I'll see you when you come out.

Frankie: [Sighs as he takes some pain pills out of a bottle in his pocket] Whew.

Opal: Look, you can't fool me, Liza. We got history, remember? I was there when you went after my sweet Jenny 'cause you wanted Greg or when you busted up Tad's marriage to Dixie.

Liza: I'm not the same person that I was, Opal, all those years ago.

Opal: Well, you may be helping people now, and I have given you the benefit of the doubt since you've been back, but I can hear those old divisive wheels of yours starting to spin again.

Liza: I'm just curious, Opal, not jealous.

Opal: Well, if you know what's good for you, you'll get a grip on that green-eyed monster before it destroys you and any chance that you got with Tad.

Tad: My real father was a piece of work. I mean it. He was a man of pure evil. One of his hobbies was beating the crap out of me for sport. About the only nice thing he ever did for me was to break my arm and leave me in a state park. That's when the Martins found me, and the rest is history.

Damon: They -- they adopted you?

Tad: Yeah. Best day of my life. And I still give 'em grief. See, like you, I had to learn the hard way to count my blessings.

Damon: So you got your second chance.

Tad: So do you. That's why I behaved like such a fool and lowered the boom on you. Second chances are precious. Sometimes, they're far and few in between. I just don't want you to mess up the way I would have.

Damon: Don't worry. I would much rather clean bed pans here than in the state pen.

Tad: I'm glad to hear it -- that my Yoda-like wisdom has rubbed off on you, and my work here is done. I'll leave you to your bed pans and your floors.

Damon: Aye-aye, Captain.

Tad: That's "Star Trek." But thanks for playing. I'll see you at home, son.

Adam: Huh. Hayward, you weasel.

David: Adam agreed to let me hide here in exchange for my top-notch medical care.

Greenlee: You're seeking safe harbor from the man you drugged?

David: You got to admit, nobody's gonna look for me here.

Greenlee: Maybe you can become best buddies, go on a road trip together.

David: Ha ha ha. Very funny, but believe me, I know my plan is flawed, and I don't trust Adam.

Greenlee: I don't like you here alone.

David: As much as I would enjoy your company, it's not like you can just move in here with me. Besides, I like having your eyes and ears on the outside.

Greenlee: Well, I need an excuse. How many people are gonna buy me popping over here for coffee with Annie?

David: I'm sure you can come up with a better plan than that.

Greenlee: I've got it.

Randi: Actually, have the prototypes for Fusion Glam sent directly to Erica's home address. Perfect.

Madison: Sorry. Reading sales reports can get kind of boring.

Randi: You're an assistant, Madison, not an accountant.

Madison: Just trying to keep up on our most popular lines.

Randi: This little battle's gonna take a huge chunk out of our personal life. You ready for that?

Madison: It's just a friendly competition between Erica and Greenlee.

Randi: There's nothing friendly about it. They hate each other.

Madison: I just hope it doesn't become a competition between us.

Randi: This must be really difficult for you. I mean, originally, you were Erica's number one go-to woman, and now, you're pairing up with Greenlee.

Madison: Greenlee and Erica both like me. What am I supposed to do?

Randi: I don't know. But I'll be watching you.

Surgeon: Nice work, Doctor.

Frankie: Yeah.

Surgeon: Glad to have you back.

Frankie: All right.

Angie: I watched the video feed. Excellent job.

Frankie: Yeah, well, I guess I got my skills back.

Angie: Oh, come on. Now you give me that big ol' grin you know I'm waiting for. Ha ha!

Frankie: Ah. Come on, it's not like I was doing open-heart surgery.

Angie: Well, you will be. This was a huge step forward for you. The chief of staff is pleased, but your mama is just tickled pink and bursting with pride. And it's cause for a celebration. Some shrimp gumbo.

Frankie: Oh. I'll check with Randi.

Angie: All right, listen, I want you to make sure that you call your father, ok? Because he will be as thrilled as I am.

[Frankie throws away his pain pills]

Greenlee: Hope you don't mind. I made myself comfortable.

Adam: Well, now that we're alone, you mind telling me what you're really doing here?

Greenlee: Thought I'd just stop over to say hi. Catch up.

Adam: Where is he?

Greenlee: Who?

Adam: I don't have time to play games.

Greenlee: I'm not playing any.

Adam: The only reason you're here is because Hayward was.

Jesse: Hmm. My timing seems to be perfect. You wouldn't happen to have one David Hayward hiding in your magic wall, now, would you, Adam Chandler?

Opal: You be careful of Liza Colby.

Krystal: Ha. Ok. Why the warning?

Opal: Because she wants what you got.

Krystal: What, two small kids and no love life?

Opal: Tad.

Krystal: Ha! That's -- come on. You know that Tad and I are just friends. You know that.

Opal: Yeah? Are you sure?

Tad: Excuse me. My name is Tad Martin. I'm waiting for some D.N.A. results. They were run by Angela Hubbard.

Nurse: Right here.

Tad: Ah, perfect. Thank you, thank you.

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Angie: What did you put in your pocket, Mr. Miller?

Damon: What do you mean?

Angie: You looked like you put a bottle of medication in your pocket.

Damon: Oh. Oh, these. Oh, I was just gonna turn them in to the front desk when I finished bagging the trash.

Angie: Very conscientious. Exactly what you're supposed to do. Now the truth. Were you going to sell them or use them yourself?

Greenlee: First the cemetery, now here? Are you following me again?

Jesse: No, I have people to do that for me. They told me you were here, so I thought I'd follow up.

Adam: So you just barged in?

Jesse: The door was open.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Claven, lock the place down. Now, one more time, where's Hayward? You said you saw the man here.

Adam: That's true.

Greenlee: Adam lies as easily as he breathes. You can't believe him.

Jesse: All right, then, if Hayward is not here on the property, what are you doing here?

Greenlee: Not that it's any of your business, but we were in the middle of a meeting. Adam has agreed to invest a substantial amount of money in Fusion, and we were just hashing out the details.

Jesse: Really? You and the man who "lies as easily as he breathes"?

Greenlee: He also makes money as easily as he breathes.

Jesse: You can't stand Hayward. Why so quiet, Adam? If you know where he is, you need to tell me. He will finally see some real time.

Adam: He was here.

Greenlee: Adam!

Adam: Mm-hmm. I went into the library. He was looking for some cash. Ha. I, uh, went for my gun, and he ran.

Jesse: And when was this?

Adam: Oh, an hour ago, maybe two hours ago.

Jesse: Nice, Adam, and you didn't call the police?

Adam: The PVPD is about as worthless as the now-defunct security team I have guarding this house.

Jesse: Did anybody else see Hayward?

Adam: No, I don't think so. He must have come in the tunnels.

Jesse: Well, if he's not here, you wouldn't mind if me and my boys had a look around?

Adam: Well, why should I let you do that?

Jesse: He may have left some evidence. Now, I can get a search warrant within the hour, but it'd be so much easier if you would just give me permission. I promise we'll put everything back where it was.

Greenlee: We're in the middle of a meeting.

Adam: No, I would love to see Hayward caught. If there's something I could do for you that would help you catch that bastard -- you've got my vote.

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