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Liza: Hillary Wilson. Yes, the woman you loved and lost once upon a time: that is her son.

Tad: Hillary has a son? Does he know that we knew her or that --

Liza: That she was your first love? No, I don't think he has a clue that she even stepped foot here in Pine Valley.

Damon: Tad thinks I'm working everybody, playing sincere just to get off.

Colby: Are you?

Damon: See? What if that's what the judge thinks or the D.A.? I'm done.

Marissa: Yeah, and they've even got a special light to kill any germs.

A.J.: Can you come home now, Daddy?

J.R.: Soon.

A.J.: And you'll never go away again?

Marissa: Dr. Kahn doesn't want you to overdo it.

J.R.: I'm just talking to my son. You all helped me get through. I love this family, and I'll do everything in my power to protect it.

Annie: Are you sure you're all right?

Adam: Oh, I'm just tired.

Annie: Well, what if it's more? What if it's your heart?

Adam: I told you, I'm fine. I think that we should get some champagne in here and some food and -- well, you know, a man can't just refuse a woman who just saved his son's life.

Annie: I love you so much. I'll have Lucretia make your favorites. Ok.

Brooke: Um -- I thought you were gonna get some rest.

Adam: Plenty of time for that.

Brooke: Oh, when you're flat on your back and hooked up to machines at the hospital?

Adam: I had forgotten you could be so damn pushy.

Brooke: Don't pretend that you're all right. You know, you may be able to fool everyone else in your life, but not me.

Ryan: You want me out of your life?

Greenlee: You're just getting that now?

Ryan: And I will accept that.

Greenlee: Really? Just like that?

Ryan: One condition -- that you give up David -- and then I will leave you alone for good.

Greenlee: "Give up David"? If you mean tell you and the police where he is, you can forget it. But I have given up. I've lost him forever, and it's all your fault.

Adam: A man's son comes back to life, he's allowed to celebrate.

Brooke: Not if it kills him. I'm just concerned.

Adam: Save your concern, save your hovering.

Brooke: Adam, come --

Adam: Leave me the hell alone.

Marissa: A.J. will probably fall asleep before Krystal gets him tucked him. You should rest, too.

J.R.: I can't. I want to go home.

Marissa: You might have to, I don't know, be able to left your head off the pillow and walk, things like that first.

J.R.: I'm useless here.

Marissa: We don't need protecting from anyone, ok, so conserve your strength. Stop pushing so hard.

J.R.: Pushing is what brought me back.

Marissa: I know. Thank God you fought for that, but you don't have to fight anymore. You're surrounded by people who love you. Everything's gonna be fine, J.R.

Adam: I can take care of myself.

Brooke: Oh. Well, I can see that.

Adam: Well, then stop playing nursemaid.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I just -- I didn't mean to upset you.

Adam: I shouldn't have barked at you. My family needs me.

Brooke: Well, they need you healthy.

Adam: Yes, I forgot to take a medication, just one. I'm gonna take it now.

Brooke: So fine. Take it.

Adam: I forgot where I put them.

Brooke: You are the worst, you know that?

Adam: Yeah, well, help me find it.

Brooke: I think that we should call your doctor, quite frankly.

Adam: No, absolutely not.

Brooke: What about Angie, then? At least she could give us some, you know, advice. I've got it.

Adam: She'll just tell me to take my medication, which I will take right now. Thank you.

Brooke: Well, I don't think it would hurt to call.

Adam: Then I will feel better after taking this and if you'll stop humiliating me or harassing me. Mmm. Perfect. Feel better already.

Brooke: Stop pushing yourself.

Adam: I'm glad to have you back.

Brooke: Oh, don't try and charm me off the subject.

Adam: No, no, I mean it. Taking "Tempo" off my back is one less thing I have to worry about. You're perfect for this family, what it needs: Care, kindness, and patience.

Brooke: If you're so grateful, I want you to promise me that you will call Angie if you're feeling too stressed.

Adam: How can I be stressed when my son's on the mend?

Brooke: You're impossible!

Adam: Well, from now on I will be impossible upstairs. See you later.

Annie: I've got bubbles. Hope you're in the mood for oysters. What are you doing here? Where's Adam?

Brooke: Uh, he went upstairs. Hmm, champagne.

Annie: Don't go schoolmarm on me. Adam's been through a lot. We just wanted to celebrate.

Brooke: I think rest would be better.

Annie: He said he wasn't tired.

Brooke: And you believed him?

Annie: Actually -- agh -- I'm kind of glad you're here. There's something I wanted to ask you.

Brooke: I like oysters, if that's your question.

Annie: I'd like you to go back to the Valley Inn. Now that J.R.'s going to live, my husband and I could really use some alone time.

Greenlee: David's gone because of you.

Ryan: David's gone because he broke the law.

Greenlee: To protect me. Now I'll never see him again.

Ryan: Somehow I doubt that.

Greenlee: You couldn't just leave it alone. You couldn't just let David and me live our life. You had to go after him. Now he's God knows where.

Ryan: I'm guessing Pine Valley.

Greenlee: You're wrong.

Ryan: Really? Jesse shut the town down. He shut the bus station down, closed the highways. We even grounded that pilot friend of his, so a private jet's out of the question.

Greenlee: David found another way.

Ryan: So you have talked to him?

Greenlee: I told him that I would do everything I could to help him, but he wouldn't let me.

Ryan: Oh. Did he happen to mention where he might be hiding?

Greenlee: He didn't want to take the chance that I could be charged as an accessory. All I know is that David's gone and you'll never find him.

Ryan: Really? So, wow, if he's so far from Pine Valley, how did he get out of town?

Greenlee: A coffin.

Ryan: The one he sleeps in, or did he have a special travel casket made?

Greenlee: David bought himself a coffin, he sealed himself in it, and he shipped himself out of the country.

Ryan: Really?

Greenlee: I don't give a damn if you believe me or not. And just so you know, David may be gone, but I'll never stop fighting to bring him back. I will hire the best lawyer in the country, and I will spend every dime if I have to until those charges against him are dropped.

Ryan: Jackson told me that you wanted his help.

Greenlee: Yeah, that was a mistake. I knew he'd refuse.

Ryan: He only refused because he loves you so much.

Greenlee: Really? If he loved me so much, then why doesn't he understand that I need David? He's the one person who has helped me, who has protected me, who stood by me. And even if I do get the charges dropped, how will he know? I have no idea where he is. I can't find him. I'm in this house all by myself. I'm fighting to keep my life together. I mean, it's all gone to hell! Is this part of your plan? Offer to leave me alone, then ambush me with warm fuzzies?

Ryan: I just don't like to see you upset. It's an old habit.

Greenlee: I don't need hugs. I need to figure out what to do with my life.

Ryan: Somehow I think you're gonna be just fine.

Greenlee: Yeah, no thanks to you. I had a plan. I had a great plan: David would go back to his practice, I would go back to Fusion, we'd be happy. Now it's all turned upside down. Erica's trying to steal Fusion, and you've chased David away.

Ryan: Because he's hurt so many people, Greenlee.

Greenlee: And so you want to hurt him back? Who cares if it hurts me?

Ryan: I never wanted to cause you pain.

Greenlee: How can you say that with a straight face? My husband is gone forever, and it's all your fault.

Ryan: I'm not gonna apologize for that.

Greenlee: I wasn't expecting you to.

Ryan: You can hate me all you want, Greenlee, but I'm glad you're free of him.

Brooke: Of course, I'll move back to the hotel. I never meant to intrude on your family life.

Annie: Great. I knew you'd understand.

Brooke: You will take extra care of Adam? He seems to be struggling.

Annie: Hello -- champagne, his favorite food, me? I know how to take care of my husband.

Brooke: I just think with everything that's been happening, he's pushed himself beyond what's healthy. And, you know, he's always considered himself immortal, and he just needs to pull back a bit, you know, in every part of his life.

Annie: I don't know you that well, but I do know you have way too much class than to wave me off sleeping with my husband, not to mention it's none of your damn business.

Brooke: I'm talking about his health. You need to be aware of what's going on with him, and you need to be in touch with his doctor and stay informed.

Annie: I know what my husband's needs are, thank you.

Brooke: I'll get my things and see myself out.

Annie: Thanks. You know, you do that whole concerned act so well -- Adam's heart, Adam's health, Adam's stress -- but I know what this is really, really about. I mean, you're good with the pills and, you know, playing nursemaid, but deep down you're just pissed that I can give Adam something that you can't. Whoops. Hey, Ryan, it's me. Sorry to bother you. Emma's been talking about you all day. She really misses you, so I thought maybe you could stop by and pick her up and the two of you could have a sleepover at your place tonight. Talk soon.

Liza: Ok, listen, you just have to be really clear with the judge of why you're willing to drop the charges. You know that Damon did steal your car, but you're asking for leniency because he came forward and he admitted his guilt and he's taking responsibility.

Colby: Right. Because he was desperate and he has a son, right?

Liza: No. That's not a legitimate excuse, but you can certainly bring that up when he's making his decision, ok? You're gonna be great.

Damon: She is great.

Liza: Come on, let's go.

Tad: Good luck.

Damon: Thanks.

Tad: And just remember what I told you.

Damon: I know.

Liza: Let's go. The judge is waiting.

Opal: Tad? Tad, you all right?

Tad: That was Hillary Wilson's son.

Opal: Who? Damon?

Tad: Miller. Hillary Miller -- that's who she is now, but, I mean, what are the odds?

Opal: I'd say about one in never. Who'd have thunk it? Hillary Wilson: You were so in love with her, thought she was out of your league. And princess cupcake -- she wouldn't listen to Phoebs, though, would she? She fell just has hard for you.

Tad: Until I broke her heart.

Opal: That's what happens with young love. You know the father?

Tad: So apparently Hillary married this guy Paul about 19 years ago, and I never met him.

Opal: I guess Hillary didn't invite you to the wedding?

Tad: No.

Opal: Now it's come full circle. You're giving Hillary's kid a job, a roof over his head.

Tad: Why shouldn't I? He's got a good heart. He's ok. He just needs a little help.

Opal: Nothing to do with Damon's mom being your first love?

Greenlee: Hey, I need the quarterlies for the last three years for the mediation this afternoon.

Randi: They're on your desk.

Greenlee: Oh. I should probably go through my inbox.

Madison: Well, you've had a lot going on.

Greenlee: I know it's been hard dealing with two different bosses with two different visions for Fusion, but that all ends today.

Randi: The mediation.

Greenlee: Erica and I may agree on almost nothing when it comes to Fusion, but with my father brokering the deal, we'll come to some sort of agreement.

Madison: A peaceful coexistence?

Greenlee: Hmm, probably more of a DMZ? I should get to that inbox.

Randi: Oh, wait, Greenlee. I scouted a location for the photo shoot to promote your new line. It's this absolutely incredible castle, and the turret looks like Rapunzel lived there. Think "natural goes fairy tale."

Greenlee: Why did you think this was a good idea?

Randi: Well, Erica sort of suggested it, but I --

Greenlee: Of course, she did.

Randi: No, but I thought that you would actually like it.

Greenlee: I hate it. Find something else, and don't go to Erica for advice.

Randi: Of course. I'm on it.

Greenlee: What?

Madison: You're upset about the castle because that's where you and Ryan got married.

Ryan: So Greenlee swears that she's got absolutely no idea where Hayward is, that he refused to tell her, because he was afraid she'd get tagged as an accessory.

Jesse: And you don't believe her?

Ryan: No. I mean, she did her very best to try and convince me, but, no, I definitely do not believe her.

Jesse: Well, I suppose if anybody knows Greenlee, it would be you. And you say she's lying?

Ryan: I'm saying that David Hayward is someplace right here in Pine Valley.

Annie: How would you like to spend the night at your daddy's house? You can show him the new drawings that you drew.

Emma: Yay!

Annie: Ok, go pack your overnight bag.

Emma: Ok!

Annie: Ok!

Adam: Whoa!

[Emma laughs]

Adam: Well, what's Emma so excited about?

Annie: Well, she is spending the night at Ryan's. And Lucretia is going to leave right after dinner, so that means it's just the two of us. And I thought of ways that we can entertain ourselves.

Adam: Well, as intriguing as that sounds, what about Brooke?

Annie: Brooke? I told Brooke to leave.

Adam: You what?

Annie: Well, Adam, I'm back from the hospital, and J.R.'s gonna make a full recovery. I thought Brooke would be more comfortable at the hotel.

Adam: Why the hell did you do that?

Annie: I just wanted to have some alone time with my husband. Is that really so terrible?

Adam: Well, I -- it's just that I invited Brooke to stay here. She may not be your favorite, but she is my guest. And I've told her she can stay here as long as she wants.

Annie: Well, maybe she just accepted that proposal to be polite. Maybe she prefers room service.

Adam: She's doing me a hell of a favor by stepping in at "Tempo." I want you to apologize.

Annie: Ok. I'm sorry.

Adam: Huh. Not to me, to Brooke. She's my guest. I told her she can stay here as long as she likes.

Annie: Fine.

[David watches from the tunnel as Adam pours down another stiff drink]

Tad: So how'd it go?

Colby: Damon was great. He was completely honest, he admitted he messed up and that he was sorry.

Damon: I just hope Judge Dudley believed me. And you were right about being straight up: That was the only way to play it. Not that I "played him." I --

Colby: Well, I think the judge was impressed, especially when you went back, and you talked about how you stole money from your grandmother and --

Opal: Tad did that.

Tad: Ma, we're not talking about me.

Opal: Yeah, Tad needed some cash --

Tad: Ma.

Opal: And so he went directly to his Grandma Kate's cookie jar. Of course, Grandma Kate forgave him.

Tad: Ma, shut up.

Damon: Yeah, my grandma cut me some slack, but my dad never got over it. You know, "once a thief" and all that? Things pretty much just went downhill from there.

Colby: Yeah, I know strict dads. You let them down once, you have to work twice as hard to prove yourself.

Damon: Well, I didn't even try to prove myself. I just kept screwing up. My dad has, like, totally given up on me.

Colby: What about your mom? You didn't say anything about her to the judge.

Damon: Hill is more like disappointed. She was always hoping that I would get it together. You know, now that I got arrested, I guess it makes sense that she wouldn't want to show.

Opal: Well, maybe something came up.

Liza: The recess is over, Tad. It's your turn.

Greenlee: You know where I got married?

Madison: Well, when I got hired here I Googled, and it came up in my research about Fusion and its founders. I hope you don't mind.

Greenlee: Nothing wrong with initiative. Do you have the partnership agreements, the amendments?

Madison: Yeah. They're right here.

Greenlee: Great.

Madison: Um, I noticed that Ryan's been pretty involved with Fusion.

Greenlee: Ryan's company, Cambias, used to own Fusion until Kendall and I took back control. He has nothing to do with Fusion now.

Madison: When you were gone, he helped Erica.

Greenlee: Heh heh! Fusion's not the only thing that he helped Erica with.

Madison: It's got to be hard to work with someone who's hurt you so much.

Greenlee: Right now I just want to focus on this mediation. Is that ok?

Madison: I just thought if you needed someone to talk to --

Greenlee: We're not in boarding school anymore. You work for me.

Ryan: Coming straight at Greenlee is the worst possible way to try and find out where David is.

Jesse: Thank you. So we come at her sideways?

Ryan: Mm-hmm. We do. We just lay back, let her think that maybe I bought the whole "David is gone forever" bit.

Jesse: So Greenlee lets down her guard, we step up our search, and who knows? She and David might relax enough to "meet up."

Ryan: That's what I'm hoping.

Jesse: Well, I'll keep all available eyes on the house and on the hospital.

Ryan: And don't forget about Marissa, too. I know they don't get along, but she is family, right, and we know how much he loves family.

Jesse: It might not be a bad idea for you to check in at Fusion every once in a while, too.

Ryan: Ok, I will. I will. I don't care how smart the guy is. I don't care. I mean, everybody in the town knows his face, right, so he's got to pop up sooner or later for food, for something. He's got to crawl out of that hole, whatever hole he's hiding in --

Jesse: And we will be ready.

Adam: Did you talk to Brooke?

Annie: Brooke's already gone.

Adam: Oh, damn it!

Annie: I know. I'm sorry. I really am. But look. Lucretia made us some snacks. It's not exactly the fancy dinner I was hoping for, but you must be starving. Can I get you a turkey sandwich or some grapes?

Adam: I'm not hungry.

Annie: Adam, you haven't eaten all day.

Adam: I have to make things right with Brooke.

Annie: You can call Brooke tomorrow.

Adam: No, I need to tell her now.

Annie: Ok, you know what? Then I'll go with you. I will call Brooke and apologize. I was out of line. I was so excited about the idea of a romantic night with you that I didn't think. So let's go call Brooke. Great.

[David sneaks out of the tunnel and gobbles some food off the tray, then he hears the front door close and hides again]

Annie: Hi, sweetheart. You ready? Oh, you silly girl! That was for Adam. You're gonna ruin your appetite.

Emma: I only had one grape.

Annie: Then who --

Ryan: Ems! Hey. Hi. Hi.

Emma: I didn't spoil my appetite.

Ryan: Ok. Good. That's a good thing because I got big plans, and they include lots of ice cream. I'm so happy you wanted to see me tonight.

Emma: It was Mommy's idea.

Ryan: Aha. Really? Cool. Ok. Uh, how about you grab your bag, and I'll meet you at the car, ok?

Emma: Ok.

Annie: I love you. Be a good girl. See you tomorrow.

Emma: Bye, Mommy. [Giggles]

Ryan: What's going on?

Annie: Nothing's going on.

Ryan: You lied to me when you said that Emma wanted to see me.

Annie: I didn't lie, Ryan. She's your daughter. She loves you. She loves seeing you. And with all the days and nights Adam's spent at the hospital, maybe I want a little alone time with my husband. [Sighs]

Brooke: Hi.

Marissa: Hi.

Brooke: How's he doing?

Marissa: Oh, better all the time but still weak. He just went to sleep.

Brooke: Well, we came so close to losing him, I just wanted to see with my own eyes that he's getting stronger.

Marissa: Yeah. He's been working himself up about going home, that he wants to take care of Adam and me and A.J. I keep telling him that everyone's fine, and he just needs to focus on himself.

Brooke: But he doesn't listen?

Marissa: Yeah, exactly.

Brooke: Hmm. Like father, like son.

Marissa: Is Adam being difficult?

Brooke: Well --

Marissa: More difficult that usual?

Brooke: He's got a lot on his mind. Anyway, I'm gonna go, but I want to give you my cell. And, you know, feel free to call me, you know, for anything, all right?

Marissa: Thank you.

Brooke: There, ma'am.

Marissa: You've been great.

Brooke: All right, I'll see you.

Marissa: I'll tell J.R. that you were here.

Brooke: Oh, would you?

Marissa: Yeah.

Brooke: I really want to see him eventually. I mean, obviously, I know it's --

J.R.: Brooke?

Marissa: Oh, Brooke? Um, just a second. What's up?

J.R.: I want to talk to Brooke.

Marissa: Ok. He wants to talk to you. It's all right.

Brooke: Oh, ok. Well, you know, I'll make it short. I wonder -- I need to get a gown, I guess, right? All right.

Marissa: You ready? Ok.

Brooke: Hi. Welcome back.

J.R.: Huh. I wanted to say thank you for looking out after Dad. He needs you. How is he?

Brooke: He's fine.

J.R.: No, he's not.

Brooke: He's not, but, you know, I talked to him about taking better care of himself. But you just let Adam, you know, take care of Adam, and you focus on getting out of here.

J.R.: I want nothing more. [Sighs]

Brooke: Well, you know what? I will be here to visit every day till you're out of here. And if I can't visit, I'll call you either from the office or the hotel.

Marissa: "Hotel"? I thought you were staying at the mansion.

Brooke: Uh, there's been a change of plan. Annie thought it best if I move out.

J.R.: That bitch.

Damon: I really appreciate your speaking to the judge for me.

Tad: No, there was nothing to it. Actually, it was pretty basic. All I did was tell -- what? All I did was tell him that you've been living under my roof and that you exchanged some painting and some odd jobs for room and board, and that you've been very reliable since you moved in.

Damon: It means a lot.

Tad: All I did is tell the truth.

Jesse: Is it over?

Tad: We don't know yet. Liza's still in with the D.A. and the judge. Ma, any vibes?

Opal: Oh, I'm staying in a vibe-free zone these days.

Colby: There's no way you're going to jail, ok? The judge wouldn't do that.

Damon: The longer it takes for a decision the worse it is. Isn't that what they say?

Tad: You never struck me as anybody who worried about what they say.

Liza: Ok. So we've made a deal, and I think it's fair. Judge Dudley has sentenced you to probation and to community service.

Colby: Oh, that's great, right?

Liza: Well, before you all start celebrating, there is one condition, and it is a big one. And it could take a little time to figure out, and if it's not figured out, then jail is still an option.

Damon: I'll do anything they want.

Liza: It's not exactly that simple, because the court is requiring you be under the supervision of a court-approved adult for the duration of your probation.

Damon: Great. You might as well just slap on the cuffs right now.

Tad: I'll do it. I'll do it.

Liza: Well, I think it's very big of Tad to offer to supervise you, but, Opal, it's gonna involve you, as well. Are you ok with that?

Opal: Well, it's Tad's house, and it's his decision. As long as there's no funny business, then I'm on board.

Liza: You got any problem with Tad supervising you?

Damon: Zero.

Colby: So that's it, right? No jail, just community service and probation?

Liza: Yeah. Now we just need to get the judge to sign off on Tad, and I think he will.

Jesse: So that's why you're stepping up for a punk that has brought nothing but trouble to town? You want to be nice to your ex's kid?

Tad: He's not a punk. And that's pretty much the size of it. Do you have a problem with that?

Jesse: And you haven't seen Hillary in, what, 25 years?

Tad: Yeah, something like that.

Jesse: What?

Tad: Ok, no, I saw her once again just before she married this Miller character.

Jesse: But don't stop now: Suspense juicy.

Tad: There's nothing juicy about it, ok? She just came to me before her third trip down the aisle, because she had some doubts. She wanted to make sure they didn't turn into regrets, that's all.

Jesse: She wanted to make sure there wasn't a spark worth rekindling.

Tad: Jesse, she just wanted to talk to me, ok? She just wanted to talk to me, just figure out why things didn't turn out differently.

Jesse: Really? Talk, or "talk"? And you say this was how long ago?

Damon: Uh, the judge wants to talk to you. Hey, thanks again. It's pretty wild you would go to bat for someone that you hardly know.

Tad: Just do me a favor: Don't destroy my house. And stay out of trouble.

Damon: You won't be sorry.

Tad: I better not be.

Greenlee: Oh, this is a hell of a lot of work. Thank you for making the extra effort.

Madison: After the year I've had, I'm just glad to be working on something productive.

Greenlee: Yeah, I know you told me about your husband dying. Again, I'm very sorry about that.

Madison: Yeah, well, Henry's death was a turning point for me. I spent so many years blaming other people for my problems, and finally I realized sometimes the only person you can blame is yourself.

Greenlee: True. But sometimes the blame is right where it should be: Ryan, Erica.

Madison: You don't really hate him, do you?

Greenlee: It'll be hard to make my case for a new cosmetics line without the Q4 2009 supplemental sales data, and I'll also need the corporate governance doc, as well.

Madison: I'll go get it.

Ryan: Look, you don't have to make excuses about my daughter spending time with me, ok? Just call me, tell me to come pick her up. No lies, no fuss.

Annie: And have you come down on me for trying to "unload" Emma? I only lied to you because you are critical, and I was trying to avoid any drama.

Ryan: Look, I just want what's best for my daughter, Annie.

Annie: I want that as well, Ryan, and what is best for Emma is for Adam and me to have a good marriage: A solid, strong relationship that nobody can break up.

Ryan: Anybody in particular?

Annie: No. Of course not.

J.R.: Marissa gets too upset.

Brooke: That's because you're not supposed to.

J.R.: I need to talk to you.

Brooke: Look, whatever you need to say, it can wait.

J.R.: No, Annie's trying to seduce my dad so he'll have a heart attack.

Brooke: J.R., please calm down.

J.R.: No, you see, rich widow Annie --

Brooke: Whatever Annie is -- I know she has her own agenda sometimes -- but I doubt if she deliberately is gonna try and hurt your father.

J.R.: Brooke, someone has got to stop her.

Marissa: J.R., you have to relax, ok?

Brooke: I'm gonna step outside.

Marissa: You promised not to get too upset.

J.R.: Look, Annie is circling my dad. There's no one there to protect him.

Marissa: He has Scott and Colby.

J.R.: They can't protect him.

Brooke: Well, huh, speak of the devil -- I just got a message on my voice mail. Adam and Annie want me to come back to stay at the mansion.

J.R.: Oh, you have to.

Brooke: I don't know.

J.R.: Oh, come on. If you're there, I know my dad is safe, and I'll be able to relax.

Brooke: Oh, ok. Ok.

J.R.: Promise me that you'll move back in, and you'll look after him.

Brooke: I promise.

J.R.: Thank you. Thank you.

Adam: We should've heard from Brooke by now. Maybe she left town.

Annie: I'm sure her cell phone's probably off or she's just busy. I'm sure she'll come home soon. Until she does, maybe we can get around to you thanking the woman who saved your son's life? I mean, we don't have to wait until tonight. I know you're tired. Maybe we can go upstairs, take a nap together.

Adam: That's a wonderful idea.

Annie: Ok. I'm gonna go put on something a little more comfortable. Hmm.

Adam: That was the wrong pill. Is it this one or this one? Stop -- ohh --

[Adam collapses on to the sofa with chest pains]

David: Looks like you're a dead man, Adam.

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