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Adam: Ah. Scotch?

Brooke: Sure. I haven't had a good scotch in quite a while.

Adam: Hmm. Well, don't tell anyone. My doctor still doesn't acknowledge the benefit of the occasional indulgence: Pompous windbag.

Brooke: But you know better.

Adam: Of course. Always do.

Brooke: I love this new sofa.

Adam: Annie has exquisite taste. And you're dying to ask why I married her.

Annie: No, stop. Stop it. I can't do this!

Dr. Kahn: What's wrong?

Annie: The walls are closing in on me! I think I'm gonna be sick! I can't do this!

Angie: Annie --

Annie: Why is it so hot in here?

Angie: You need to relax.

Annie: Oh, God, help me! I can't breathe!

Greenlee: You're a five-star jerk, and you just proved it.

Ryan: Look, I knew you would feel this way, ok? I knew this going in.

Greenlee: Then why did you do it when you knew it would hurt me?

Ryan: Because it would hurt you even more to stay with that man. David hurts people. That's what he does, ok? Look, this was the right thing to do, Greenlee. It was right. Even though I risked losing you forever, it was the right thing to do, and I would do it again.

Greenlee: Why?

Ryan: Listen --

Greenlee: David stood by me when everyone else abandoned me.

Ryan: The guy is not your hero, Greenlee, he'll never be.

Greenlee: He saved my life. What did you do?

Ryan: I loved you.

Greenlee: How much is Ryan paying you?

Natalia: Your husband's a criminal. I'm just doing my job.

Ryan: Any word on David? You got anything?

Natalia: I towed his car, so he has to be close by and on foot. We just have to find him.

Erica: How did you even get here?

David: Your trunk. It wasn't too uncomfortable. Thanks for the lift.

Erica: You're not welcome.

David: Oh, such coldness. And I thought we were friends. You lied to me, Erica.

Erica: And you told me that you would get Greenlee to leave Fusion. You double-crossed me.

David: Oh, that's right, and nobody double-crosses Erica Kane.

Erica: Oh, is that lesson finally sinking in, David?

David: You teamed up with Ryan to throw me in jail. I saved Kendall's life, and this is how you repay me?

Erica: I did what I had to do.

David: And now I'm gonna do what I have to do.

Annie: It's too hot in here! My chest feels heavy. I need my inhaler.

Angie: Annie, it's not asthma.

Annie: Then what's wrong with me?

Angie: You're having a panic attack.

Annie: Is there something you can do?

Angie: Listen, I want you to take a deep breath and count to 5, and then release. Now, can you do that for me? Again. Good. That's good. Are you feeling better?

Annie: Yeah. Yeah. Let's do it.

Angie: Annie, listen. I'm sorry, but we're not gonna be able to go forward with the procedure.

Annie: Why not? But J.R. needs my bone marrow or he'll die.

Angie: Yes, I understand that, but we need you stable before we can proceed.

Annie: Ok. How long will that take?

Angie: There's no way to tell. Now, I just need you to relax and keep using the breathing exercises, ok? Now, I'm gonna go and call Adam and let him --

Annie: No, no, no, no, you can't call Adam. He can't know I'm freaking out. I have to save J.R. Adam's depending on me.

Adam: Annie saved my life the night Stuart was killed. I never would've survived without her.

Brooke: You're grateful.

Adam: Well, it goes way past gratitude. I love her.

Brooke: You've always been a very passionate man.

Adam: Yeah. A drooling buffoon smitten by a young seductress, is that it?

Brooke: Hardly.

Adam: Well, regardless of what you may think, Annie is not using me.

Brooke: Well, you'd never fall for it.

Adam: Damn right.

Brooke: So how did you fall in love?

Adam: You're not jealous, are you?

Brooke: In your dreams.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Oh. Chandler.

Angie: Adam, it's Angie.

Adam: Is J.R. ok?

Angie: There's been no change in J.R.'s condition. But Annie is having some anxiety about the bone marrow donation, and we're not gonna be able to proceed until her vital signs have stabilized. Now, I'm thinking if you could come to the hospital, you could probably soothe your wife.

Adam: All right, all right. I'll be right there. Yeah. It's hospital board business.

Brooke: Oh. You're always in the thick of things, aren't you?

Adam: Well, I need a certain distraction, but you make yourself right at home. I'll be back soon.

Brooke: Ok.

Adam: Thanks for the drink.

Erica: You're such a coward, David.

David: Why is that, Erica, hmm? I thought you liked this game, or is that only when I'm being tied up?

Erica: I'm talking about what you did to me at Wildwind. You let Nurse Gayle shoot me just to keep yourself out of prison.

David: I seem to remember signing a confession.

Erica: After I was lying in a pool of blood.

David: Fake blood. Gayle never would've pulled a real trigger, and you know it.

Erica: I demand you free me!

David: All right, let's see. Exactly how long did you keep me here?

Erica: Oh, be a man, David. Own up to the crimes you committed. Turn yourself in.

David: I would never turn myself in, Erica. That would be me admitting I lost, and I would never give you, Ryan, or Jake that kind of satisfaction.

Erica: Well, if you run, you're only gonna make it worse for yourself. Bribing a public official? Evidence tampering? Body snatching? Throw in kidnapping, you've got a pretty hefty jail sentence there.

David: Kidnapping, huh? This is your place, isn't it? Unlawful restraint at best. Now, if I was put in handcuffs in your place, now, that would be kidnap -- oh, that's right: We've already done that.

Erica: It's over, David. You can joke all you want, but it is over, and it's time you face it.

Greenlee: He dragged me to the castle where we got married and held me against my will.

Ryan: I took her someplace safe so she could rest, and we could talk.

Greenlee: Oh, because you know what's best for me even when I don't? Is that how you keep roping Jake into your schemes: "We need to save Greenlee?" He's my friend -- he was my friend.

Ryan: Jake wants to help you.

Greenlee: "Help"?! Did Erica want to help me, too? Maybe she thinks I'd be so devastated with David in prison that I would completely abandon Fusion.

Natalia: I'm going to get an update on that manhunt.

Greenlee: Don't forget to wrangle up some rabid jaywalkers while you're at it. We need to keep the streets of Pine Valley safe. Who else did you get in on this little takedown? I reject you, and so you get a town full of people to get back at me?

Ryan: I would never do that, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You told me that I was free to live my life and that you wouldn't control me, and then you find out I'm married, and you pull this stunt. And I'm supposed to trust you?

Ryan: Anything that comes out of my mouth right now you're gonna think the worst of me, ok, but somewhere deep inside you must know all the horrible things David has done. My God, he's responsible for Stuart's death. If David didn't drug Adam, then Stuart would still be alive.

Greenlee: You don't know that. I heard about all the people who showed up with a gun that night. Or did you forget bed buddy number one/my former best friend Kendall? She pointed her weapon at Stuart, too. Just admit it, Ryan -- you wanted David out of my life and this is how you were gonna do it.

Ryan: I don't want to hurt you, Greenlee. It's the last thing that I want. But I can't let David get away with what he's done to so many people.

Greenlee: Look into my eyes and see how much David means to me. If he spends the rest of his life in prison, you're going to regret it for the rest of yours.

Erica: If you turn yourself in, I'm sure the D.A. would make a deal with you.

David: Heh heh heh. A deal, huh, for saving Greenlee's life? I don't think so.

Erica: It's the only option you have left.

David: Don't underestimate me, Erica. I always have another option.

Erica: Not anymore. We both know it, David -- Ryan got you.

David: All right. Let me make this perfectly clear. Ryan didn't get me, you did. I figured Ryan would pull something. But when I saw you lying there on the floor supposedly in a pool of blood -- I would've done anything to save your life.

Erica: I know. I saw the look in your eyes.

David: You did?

Erica: I peeked for a second.

David: I thought you were dying, Erica, and I couldn't let that happen.

Erica: Then don't hurt me now, David. Let me go. I don't want anything to get worse for you.

David: I need my money, Erica.

Erica: What?

David: The 10 million I invested in Fusion -- I want it back now.

Greenlee: Consider this your final notice. I'll do whatever's necessary to protect my husband.

Ryan: Hey, slow down. Just take a breath and let everything sink in, please. Please, just look what you're doing. You're running so hard away from me that you're not even looking where you're going.

Greenlee: You don't have the right to care about me anymore.

Ryan: I don't mean to keep pushing you away, I'm sorry that I'm doing that, but I did what had to be done. Hayward -- the man is a plague, and he needed to be contained.

Greenlee: Do you hear yourself? It's like you're judge, jury, and executioner.

Ryan: No, I don't care if he goes to prison or if he stays on the run the rest of his life. As long as he's gone, I'm ok with that.

Greenlee: You're ok with screwing up a man's life for revenge in the most underhanded way possible?

Ryan: Hayward sets the rules, I just play by them, ok, and it worked.

Greenlee: I'm done fighting with you.

Ryan: You forgot this. [Hands Greenlee her purse]

Greenlee: David will never spend one day in prison. And if he has to spend the rest of his life on some faraway beach somewhere, I'll be sitting there watching the sunset right next to him.

Jesse: So you're saying Hayward actually signed this?

Natalia: Absolutely.

Jesse: So where is Nurse Gayle Walker right now?

Jake: She's with Amanda. She doesn't feel like she's able to talk to the police yet.

Jesse: At least until there's a deal in place.

Jake: This confession seals his fate, right?

Jesse: Did you speak to this guy, this morgue attendant: Wilson Kuckley?

Natalia: As soon as I told him we were investigating Hayward, he admitted it. David bribed him to make it look like Greenlee was dead.

Jake: You can smile. Go ahead, I know you want to smile. We got him, right?

Jesse: Let's find him first, how about that?

Jake: Dr. Evil is not wiggling out of this one, Jesse, and you know it.

Greenlee: Oh, you guys just couldn't wait to shove that worthless piece of paper in Jesse's face.

Jake: That "piece of paper" is David's ticket to the state penitentiary.

Greenlee: Maybe you should tell Daddy how many laws you broke trying to apprehend an innocent man.

Jake: "Innocent"? He wasn't and hasn't been innocent since he was wearing diapers.

Greenlee: That so-called confession was signed under duress. Nurse Gayle waved a gun in David's face, and when he wouldn't buckle, she shot Erica Kane.

Jake: It was staged.

Greenlee: That's right. Her fake blood is on my living room floor.

Jesse: Did you know about this?

Natalia: I know he signed the confession, and there are witnesses to verify that.

Greenlee: Oh, yes: The crazy lady who brought her gun to the party, my vindictive ex-husband, and the jealous diva who's trying to take over my company. Solid case!

Jake: What is the guy at the morgue gonna get out of this, huh? David is gonna get what he deserves. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

Jesse: I suggest you get David a lawyer. See, my job is to arrest the bad guys, everything else is left up to the courts. If we need you, we'll call.

Greenlee: That's it? That's all you're gonna say to me?

Jesse: Yep. You got a report to type up, and you -- Jake? Thanks for this.

Greenlee: You know what? Not so fast. You and Amanda both know what was going down at Wildwind. You sent her to prevent me from going home.

Jake: Greenlee, you were one of my best friends. I love you, but you're gonna thank me someday. You are better off without David.

Greenlee: I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for him.

Jake: David kept you away from all the people that love you. You are so blind to this. I can't --

Greenlee: This coming from a man who let David believe his own son was dead.

Jake: Trevor was never his -- you know what? I would go home if I were you, Greenlee, before you say something else that you're really gonna regret.

Greenlee: I'll never forget what you did to me. That's a guarantee.

Annie: Why did you call Adam when I specifically asked you not to?

Angie: Believe it or not, I was acting in your best interest. Listen, Annie, I was hoping that Adam could help de-stress you so we can go forward.

Annie: I'm fine. I'm fine. So can't we just suck this marrow out of my bones so I can go home, please, we can both go home? Adam, I'm sorry that Angie called you.

Adam: I had to make sure you were all right.

Angie: Listen, may I?

Adam: Yeah. Why are you wasting precious time? J.R. needs a bone marrow transplant. Annie is our last hope.

Angie: I can't start the donation process until Annie is calm. Now, I have done everything I can to reassure her. It's your turn.

Adam: All right. Hi.

Annie: I am so sorry that my body is screwing this up for you.

Adam: You're just a little nervous, that's all.

Annie: This can't be harder than giving birth. Oh, it's hot.

Adam: You're not afraid of the pain. It's just the emotional stress.

Annie: You're right. You're right. I'm just so sick of everybody making it out to be like I'm this selfish mother, you know, and I feel like we should've come up with a better cover than me being at the spa.

Adam: We had no choice. J.R. made it quite clear he wouldn't take any of your bone marrow.

Annie: Why does your family hate me so much? Why are they always making me the enemy, Adam?

Adam: It'll take time, ok?

Annie: You saw the way Colby treated me -- that was pure hatred.

Adam: Yes, well, forget Colby. All I care about is you and J.R., ok?

Annie: What about Brooke?

Adam: Brooke?

Annie: I know how much you care about Brooke, how important she is to you, and the last thing I want in this world is for her to think badly of me.

Brooke: Hmm?

Scott: Hey.

Brooke: It's such a lovely painting.

Scott: Yeah, Dad really put his heart into that one. Look at the play of light with the inclusion of movement. It brings an ethereal quality to the artwork. It's spiritual. I paid attention during Dad's art classes.

Brooke: Well, I think the N.Y. film courses must've helped.

Scott: Yeah, from documentary moviemaker to business wheeler and dealer, huh?

Brooke: Hmm.

Scott: Have you seen Uncle Adam?

Brooke: No. He's at the hospital -- some board issue things.

Scott: Doesn't he have enough on his plate right now?

Brooke: Well, you know Adam. Do you mind if I borrow the computer just for a minute? I want to check out J.R.'s web site.

Scott: Yes, please, go ahead. It should be on.

Brooke: Thank you. Ahem. Hmm. Well, I never knew I was so popular.

Scott: That would be Annie doing the search.

Brooke: I see. A little bit obsessive, don't you think? She's clicked on every site.

Scott: Annie believes that everyone's been staging an anti-Annie campaign lately, and then out of nowhere you show up.

Brooke: Well, Pine Valley is full of Adam's ex-wives. I just am wife number 3.

Scott: Yeah, and his favorite, and the only ex-wife actually living with the happy couple at the moment.

Brooke: Adam insisted.

Scott: I know. Annie's under the delusion that you're here to reclaim Adam.

Brooke: Oh, please. I have been Mrs. Adam Chandler. The only thing I'm here to reclaim is my position at "Tempo."

Scott: I know. I know. But Annie -- she's slightly unpredictable.

Ryan: Hey. Gayle calm down at all?

Amanda: No. She's a complete basket case. It's actually hard to believe she was a nurse.

Gayle: Did you catch David?

Ryan: No, not yet. But, hey, I do have some good news. I talked to the D.A., and you get total immunity for your testimony against David.

Amanda: You'll be free. That's great.

Ryan: Completely free. Anything you want, all right -- a place to stay, job, money -- anything. I don't want you to worry about anything again.

Gayle: Once I give my statement to the police, can I go stay with my sister in Cincinnati until the trial?

Ryan: Absolutely you can. You can even take the Cambias jet to get there, ok?

Gayle: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much!

Ryan: You're welcome. Ok.

Gayle: I'm gonna go call my sister now.

Ryan: All right. Now, you see, that's the reaction I wish Greenlee would give me.

Amanda: She will. It just takes a while to be deprogrammed. Greenlee just needs the love of a good man.

Jake: Talking about me, hmm?

Amanda: Always. Hi.

Jake: Hi. So Dracula's on his way to prison?

Ryan: Yeah, but not yet. The bloodsucker's still out there. We got to find him.

David: How could you not have the money? I just gave it to you!

Erica: You invested it in Fusion, David. I don't have that money just lying around.

David: You must have some of it left. Give me what you have!

Erica: I spent it all.

David: All of it?!

Erica: Yes. I'm launching a new line that's very, very expensive. It costs a lot of money.

David: Oh, for heaven's sakes, they're gonna freeze my assets. How much money do you have here? What, do you have a safe?

Erica: They haven't installed it yet. I'm sorry, I don't. I don't. I have what's in my wallet.

David: Damn it!

Erica: I have the money in my wallet. That's what I have, David. I don't generally --

David: I need money!

Erica: Carry a lot of cash. David, you're not thinking of running, are you?

David: I can't stay here.

Erica: Do you want to call your lovely wife?

David: That's enough, Erica.

Erica: It doesn't have to be this way, David.

[David coughs]

Erica: Ah.

David: How could you do this to me? I thought we meant something to each other.

Erica: We do. That's why I'm trying to warn you, David. If you run like a common criminal, then you could be killed.

David: Like you give a damn what happens to me.

Erica: I do. David, if you take Greenlee with you, I can arrange that you both get out of the country safely. I know several places that don't have an extradition treaty with our country, and that'll give me enough time to even get the charges dropped against you. And then I can even get your money back. It's a wonderful offer, David. Take it.

Greenlee: Come out and face me, Chief Hubbard. I'm not walking away until you talk to me.

[Pounding on door]

Natalia: Excuse me? Who do you think you are? This is a police station. If you do not relax, I will have you thrown in lockup.

Greenlee: Hmm. Make sure you toss in some phony charges. Maybe you can put me away for a long time, too.

Natalia: I did my job. I am not gonna apologize, because you got stanky taste in men!

Jesse: Greenlee? I strongly suggest you not mess with this one.

Greenlee: It's about time you come out from hiding.

Jesse: And it's about time you stop whining.

Greenlee: I'm not done with you.

Jesse: Is that a tone?

Greenlee: I'm not kidding. I'm going to hire the best lawyers in this nation to get David off, then I'm gonna sue you, your bratty daughter, and the rest of the Pine Valley police force. By the time I'm done with you, you're gonna be walking a 3 a.m. beat.

Jesse: Well, all righty, then. Where's David?

Greenlee: I -- don't -- know. And if I did, I'd never tell you.

Natalia: You're only hurting him in the long run, Greenlee.

Greenlee: David may not be a saint, but he deserves better justice than this.

Natalia: If he calls, be sure to tell us.

Greenlee: Huh. Hmm! Thanks. I'd hate to waste taxpayer dollars on an unnecessary phone trace.

Jesse: Next time you see David Hayward, he'll be sitting in a jail cell. Don't be next.

Greenlee: You may think David's running scared, but you're wrong. He's laughing at you right now, and so am I.

Jesse: Laugh on.

David: So let me get this straight. If I take you up on your offer, Greenlee has to leave with me. But if I keep her behind, you don't help me, right?

Erica: Exactly. I help you escape, and you help me get rid of an annoying headache. David, I have so much to do at Fusion. I don't have time for Greenlee's next tantrum.

David: It's Greenlee's company, Erica, not yours! You seem to be having a little trouble remembering that fact!

Erica: You have feelings for Greenlee.

David: Of course, I have feelings for her. She's my wife.

Erica: She married you to hurt Ryan. Why did you marry her, again?

David: She was married to my brother. Remember? We're family.

Erica: You can deny it all you want. I see the look on your face when you say her name. Your eyes go all soft. It's a telltale sign, David. I can see that you're falling for her.

David: Or maybe they're soft because of you.

Erica: Greenlee still loves Ryan.

David: She'll get over it.

Erica: See, that's what you're hoping, isn't it, that you will show her so much devotion that she will forget about Ryan.

David: Are you done?

Erica: Just so you know that Greenlee is incapable of love. She'll torture you -- I mean, of course, you deserve it.

David: [Laughs] So this is your way of getting me to run off and take Greenlee with me?

Erica: The offer is genuine. And as long as I have warned you about what Greenlee is, then I have done my part. Take Greenlee out of town, David, and I'll make sure that no one chases you. Deal?

David: Maybe we should seal it with a kiss.

Adam: The water cascades over the pebbles. Um, I don't think I'm very good at this new-age visualization. How about a drink?

Annie: Just having you here helps. Whew.

Adam: Well, I'll tell you what. I was thinking about waiting to give this to you later, but you are my angel.

Annie: Hmm?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Annie: Ohh.

Adam: And now you have your very own guardian angel to protect you.

Annie: Well, now I have two: I have this, and I have you.

Adam: Yeah. Now, if we could just get this procedure started, J.R. is waiting.

Annie: Do you love me?

Adam: Of course, I do. I've told you: You are the one woman in the world I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Angie: Well, it seems Adam's worked his magic. Are you ready to start the procedure?

Annie: I'm in 100%.

Scott: Anything?

Brooke: Well, there's a lot of support for J.R., and a lot of people have joined the bone marrow registry. There's just -- there's not a full match yet.

Scott: Oh, damn.

Brooke: Don't give up hope. We have a partial match, and we just have to pray that that is gonna be enough for J.R.

Scott: It will be. You? You are exactly what "Tempo" needs in order to survive, you know that, somebody who can incorporate digital media with our printed publication. This town hasn't been the same without you.

Brooke: Pine Valley's my home. There are a lot of people that I care about here. How's Adam? He was ranting before about his doctor. I believe the phrase "pompous windbag" came up.

Scott: Yeah. Guy hit the scotch again? Yeah, of course, he did. Adam didn't say anything else to you, did he?

Brooke: No, but I wish you would.

Scott: Mm-hmm. It's his heart, Brooke. He -- his doctor implanted a pacemaker.

Brooke: Oh, my God. When?

Scott: A few months ago.

Brooke: I had no idea. He shouldn't be dealing with hospital board issues right now.

Scott: Yeah, no kidding. But he's not gonna listen to anybody.

Brooke: Oh, well, he'll listen to me!

Amanda: We have to catch David before he terrorizes anyone else.

Jake: We're so close.

Amanda: I'm gonna go check on Gayle. You guys track him down.

Jake: [Sighs] Pizza?

Ryan: Pepperoni, sausage, on me.

Jake: You know, I was thinking since we can't go to the cops, maybe I'd call Tad. He's got P.I. connections all over the world. So --

Ryan: That sounds like a plan.

Jake: How'd things end up with Greenlee?

Ryan: Well, she's pissed. I knew she would be.

Jake: No, she was just venting. She didn't mean any of it.

Ryan: She probably did. She probably meant just about every word, actually. And she's right. I mean, she's right. I do want her to come running back into my arms, I do want David to pay for keeping her from us for so long, and I am actually really pissed at myself for not being there when she needs me the most. So she's right.

Jake: David kept her from all of us, and eventually she'll see that.

Ryan: Eventually she will. She can be just a little bit stubborn.

Jake: A little.

Ryan: But I'm not giving up, man. I'm not giving up. I love the woman way too much.

Jesse: So what's the word?

Natalia: No sign of the suspect. His car is in impound. There are no stolen cars in the area. This guy's got to be on foot, but no one has reported seeing him. Where is he?

Jesse: Maybe he imploded, you know, with all the Hayward chaos he's got going on.

Natalia: You really think we'd be that lucky?

Jesse: No.

Natalia: [Sighs] You're mad.

Jesse: You think? You have any idea how many rules you've broken?

Natalia: What about Hayward? The man tampered with evidence. He hid Greenlee, let everyone who loved her think that she drowned. And then what he did to Adam Chandler? Come on, a man died because of his actions. It's not like you haven't bent a few rules to get the job done.

Jesse: Again -- boss, not boss.

Natalia: I got results.

Jesse: And $2,500 in parking tickets.

Natalia: So are we cool?

Jesse: We got a strong case against Hayward, which is the only reason I'm not strapping you with a month of desk duty. You done good, kid.

Natalia: Ha ha. Haa.

Greenlee: David? I'm alone. Oh, please answer me. Ugh!

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: The next time I see you, I'm gonna strangle you, you vicious --

David: I love you, too.

Greenlee: Oh, my -- are you ok?

David: I've been better. How about you?

Greenlee: Just groovy.

David: All right, I have to make this quick. You know where I am. Do you remember the Valentine's Day gift I gave you?

Greenlee: Yeah. Be careful.

David: I always am.

Brooke: Oh, excuse me. I'm looking for Mr. Chandler, Mr. Adam Chandler? Thank you.

Angie: Now, once you're under anesthesia, Dr. Kahn will use a needle to harvest the bone marrow from your rear hip bone. When you wake up, you may feel some discomfort, sort of like you had a hard fall. Any questions?

Annie: No. I think I'm good.

Adam: Are you sure it's safe for Annie to continue the donation?

Angie: Her numbers are good.

Dr. Kahn: How are you feeling, Mrs. Chandler?

Annie: Like I am ready to save a life. Thank you, Adam.

Adam: Yes. Well, when you wake up, you'll find me waiting for you. Don't forget my little buddy there is looking out for you.

Annie: I won't forget.

Adam: Ok.

Brooke: I finally get why you're so grateful to Annie. She's J.R.'s bone marrow donor, isn't she?

Jake: He's out there. David is out. Can we just go over the plan?

Ryan: Yes, we definitely need to go over the plan.

Jake: You know how annoying it is when you do that with your phone?

Ryan: Do you have a beer in the fridge?

Jake: Yeah, I do. Do you have a plan? We need to hash the plan out, just go over everything that we're gonna do.

Ryan: I know. I'm right with you. I'm tracking her right now.

Jake: Wow, that's impressive. How do you do that?

Ryan: I got a GPS on my cell phone, right, so I slipped my cell phone in Greenlee's purse. And as long as the phone stays on, we know exactly where she is, and she leads us straight to Hayward.

Erica: Ohh -- Oh, damn you, David!

Greenlee: [Laughs] Am I interrupting something, Erica?

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