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Episode #10325

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Gayle: There's no way in hell I'm going to prison!

Ryan: Oh, hey, hey, Gayle! Easy! Take it easy! Let go of her.

Gayle: If I don't get what I want, I swear to God I'll shoot her.

Erica: I'm not your enemy, Gayle.

Gayle: You promised you'd take care of me! You betrayed me, too!

Ryan: Put the gun down!

Gayle: David will never sign that confession, and it's all your fault.

Erica: We tried.

Gayle: Not hard enough!

Erica: David, she just wants to stay out of prison. Please do as she says.

Gayle: I want the name of that coroner guy you paid to switch Greenlee's DNA.

David: I can't even remember --

Gayle: Tell me now!

David: I don't see why you need --

Gayle: His name is the only bargaining chip I'll have if they press charges against me.

David: Nobody is going to arrest you, Gayle.

Erica: David, for God sakes, just give her what she wants.

Gayle: The name, damn it, or I'll kill her!

Adam: I hate leaving the hospital. What if anything should happen while they're putting him through the nightmare of killing off all his blood cells?

Annie: Well, focus on what happens after that, Adam. He'll be cancer free, ready for my bone-marrow donation.

Adam: I can't repay you enough for this, Annie.

Annie: All that matters, don't forget, is that we keep this quiet. J.R. can never know. He would never allow me to be his donor, so we have to keep up this charade that I'm at the spa today, all right? Promise? It's our little secret?

Adam: I promise. I promise. Promise.

Annie: There's something else. If anything were to happen to me during the procedure, any kind of complication, if I die --

Adam: Oh, Annie, please.

Annie: I just have to get this out. If anything were to happen to me, I just want you to know how much I love you, and I've written a letter for you to give Emma, just in case.

Adam: Oh, Annie, you're not gonna die. This is a very common procedure, like -- like pulling a tooth, perhaps. No. You're gonna walk away from that hospital a hero.

Annie: I'm just doing what any woman would do for the man she loves.

Adam: Ah. Heh.

[Faint singing]

[Singing stops]

Tad: Dixie used to sing this.


J.R.: I'm done. I'm tired. I want this. I want peace. I want serenity. All those things that were so hard to find on earth -- that I could only taste because I kept screwing up.

Dixie: So you're giving up?

J.R.: No. I'm just accepting my fate.

Dixie: No. You're doing exactly what you've done all your life. Every time things get difficult, you run. Well, you can't run here. That's not the way this place works.

J.R.: You mean I have to go back?

Dixie: How can you even say that?

J.R.: Easy. You seem so at peace.

Dixie: I didn't want to see you, to help you make your dying easier. You're still connected to your earthly self.

J.R.: Well, I can't be connected by much if I'm here.

Dixie: You really think that you're ready to die?

J.R.: I know I am.

Dixie: J.R., think about what you're saying.

J.R.: I've made so many mistakes in my life so many times. I've let everyone down. I've been through so much pain and for what? What's the point?

Dixie: The point is that you never stop trying.

J.R.: I'm tired of trying!

Dixie: Well, I promise you that you will have plenty of time to rest once you finally get here.

J.R.: No. No, I'm not going back. You can't make me.

Dixie: I'm not trying to make you do anything. I'm just trying to help you see. Just open your eyes.

J.R.: I've seen enough. I'm ready to die.

Dixie: How can you be ready to die when you haven't finished living? 

J.R.: Don't tell me what to do, Mom. It was hard enough to get this far.

Dixie: What are you talking about? You didn't come looking for this place. You can't use it as an excuse to run away. You've run from everything: Your problems, your family, now your life.

J.R.: So what? This seems like a pretty good finish line up here.

Dixie: No. You don't get to come here until you face your issues down there first. You have to face yourself. You have to open your heart to the people that you left behind or this will never be a happy place for you.

J.R.: It will be if you're here. That's the door, isn't it? I walk through that door, there's no coming back. Uncle Stuart.

Krystal: Uh, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't startle you.

Tad: No. Uh, no, no. I mean, it wasn't -- it wasn't that. I mean, you. I just thought I, uh -- I could have sworn I heard something -- or someone, you know, singing. I mean, it was just for a second.

Krystal: No, no, no. It's ok. It's all right. Everyone's a little bit on edge physically and mentally.

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: Marissa and A.J. are down for the count. Angie let them crash in one of the, uh, the spare on-call rooms.

Tad: Good, good. What about you? What are you gonna -- why'd you come to the chapel? You looking for me?

Krystal: I just -- came to pray -- to ask if there's anything I can do for J.R.

Tad: Yeah. I guess we're all asking the same questions and looking for the same answer.

Krystal: Maybe you're mine. Ha.

Tad: What do you mean?

Krystal: You really helped me -- when I was having my meltdown out there. How about I do the same for you, help you before you have one of your own?

Tad: I'm fine, Krystal.

Krystal: Tad, J.R. is in isolation. We can't see him. We can't talk to him, can't do anything for him. So I think the best thing that we can do -- take care of you, get you fed, get some nourishment in you, huh?

Tad: Huh.

Krystal: But I mean, if -- if you'd rather be alone.

Tad: No, no.

Krystal: I certainly don't want to push.

Tad: I don't want to be alone. I don't want to be alone. Please, don't leave. You're right. I mean, I'm ok, but you're right. I should take care of myself. I'm certainly no good for anything or to anybody if I'm running on empty.

Krystal: Let's go. Come on.

Colby: My brother is at death's door. The whole family is staying close by, and you -- you are getting buffed and puffed at some spa. That's tacky even for you. But you don't give a damn about J.R., so why would I be surprised?

Adam: How dare you accuse her of not caring!

Colby: Dad, sitting vigil at the hospital or getting a facial at some luxury spa. You know, you're right. Annie -- Annie does care a lot about something -- herself!

Adam: She has been by my side since day one, day one. While you people are all treating her like trash, she keeps turning the other cheek.

Colby: Oh, is that the one in the jojoba seaweed wrap, Annie?

Adam: If anyone deserves a respite, it's Annie.

Colby: Well, ok, I'm obviously not wanted around here, so I'm gonna go take Emma to Tad's and baby-sit all the kids there.

Annie: It's all right, Adam. Don't be too hard on her. She wouldn't be acting like that if she knew I was -- I was actually giving J.R. my bone marrow today.

Adam: She doesn't have to know. She just has to respect your decisions. Ok?

Annie: Thank you.


Annie: Aw. I'm gonna go get some things together, ok?

Adam: Ok.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Gayle, seriously, just put the gun down, let her go. It's not worth it. Nothing is worth going to prison for the rest of your life, especially not Hayward.

David: Ryan's right, Gayle. We can work something out, just the two of us. We can take off right now --

Gayle: No!

David: Gayle, please, let Erica go.

Gayle: The name. I want the name of the man you bribed.

Erica: Damn it, David, stop being so selfish. Please just tell her what she wants. Ah! That hurt!

Gayle: Shut up, all of you, just --

Ryan: Erica, Erica, stop!


David: Gayle!

Ryan: Erica! Erica!

Gayle: The name! Tell me the name!

Ryan: Oh, God.

David: All right, all right, ok.

Ryan: Erica, come on, hold my hand.

David: The man's name, it's, um, it's Thomas West. He's in the county coroner's office up in Connecticut.

Gayle: Call and check it out.

David: Ryan?

Gayle: Last number dialed is the coroner's office.

Ryan: What?

David: Gayle, come on!

Gayle: Call!

David: Look, time is of the essence here! Erica needs help! Let me take her to the hospital!

Gayle: Keep away from her!

Ryan: Hello. Is there a Thomas -- a Thomas West that works there, please? Can I speak with Thomas West? There is nobody there by that name?

Gayle: Liar. Liar! Liar!!

David: Hold on.

Gayle: The real name or you're joining Erica.

David: All right. All right! Wilson Kuckley!

Ryan: Can I speak with a Wilson Kuckley, please? Ok, but he does work there? Great, thank you.

David: Now will you put the damn gun down?

Gayle: Sign the confession first.

David: Gayle, she's bleeding out!

Gayle: You want to bleed with her? Sign it now!

Ryan: Hurry up!

David: Here, ok? You happy?

Erica: You can forget the hospital. I'm just gonna need a good dry cleaner, because, boy, this stuff made a really big mess.

Colby: I think the girls are in Jenny's room, Emma. Call me if you need anything.

Damon: Hi.

Colby: Right. Right. You are staying here while you paint and stuff.

Damon: Yeah, Tad thought I could help out around here. Opal said you were coming by to watch the kids.

Colby: Yeah, yeah, I am. So, uh, so where is she?

Damon: She's getting groceries. She said to tell you she'd be right back. I offered to baby-sit, but I think Opal's still got me on probation.

Colby: Well, just ask her to read your tea leaves, and she'll be on your side --

Damon: Oh, good.

Colby: Even if the news is bad.

Damon: I'll try that. How's J.R. doing?

Colby: Um, well, nobody's allowed to be around him right now while he's fighting off the old bone marrow.

Damon: Well, that sounds harsh. How do they do that? Radiation? Drugs?

Colby: Um -- both, I guess.

Damon: Wow, so he's gonna have, like, no blood cells at all. [Scoffs] Sorry. That was a really stupid thing to say.

Colby: No, no. That's ok. Let's just -- let's just -- let's just talk about something else, ok?

Damon: Sure, sure. Yeah. Oh, I might be going to jail in 24 hours. You want to talk about that?

Colby: Right. Your hearing's tomorrow. So what did my mom say about that?

Damon: She's coming over tonight to talk about it.

Colby: So, uh, you're really gonna go to jail?

Damon: Like the man said, I did the crime, I'll probably have to do the time.

David: Oh, boy. Kudos, everyone. Although I never would have fallen for the con if it hadn't have been for Erica's part in it.

Ryan: She is the best.

David: And you -- wow! Ha ha! That was quite the performance. Too bad, Gayle, we could have helped each other out. But you -- you're the one I'm gonna remember most of all. You sold me out, Erica.

Erica: I sold you out? You tried to double-cross me, and now you're gonna pay.

David: Ok, all right, let's get down to this. What do you want?

Erica: I think we have it. In the Connecticut coroner's office, I'm sure this -- Mr. Kuckley, is it? I'm sure he's gonna entertain the police for hours with tales of your crimes.

[Door slams]

Greenlee: Oh, my God. What happened?

David: It's all right. It's not as bad as it looks, unfortunately. And I'm the injured party.

Greenlee: Where?

David: No. No magnum entry wounds. Your old friends here, they seem to have gotten the better of me.

Greenlee: What did you do now?

David: Oh, they're just gonna have me thrown in jail, that's all. Try at least. Emphasis on the word try.

Greenlee: What are they trying to pin on you now?

David: Oh, just bribing a county official, lying to the police, evidence tampering. Although I have no doubt they're gonna try and trump up some more serious accusations.

Greenlee: Well, they can't do this. You think you're the law in this town now?

Ryan: No, Greenlee. The law is involved, and the police are gonna be handling this from here on out.

Greenlee: You won't get away with this. You can't beat me in business, you stoop to this kind of sleazy revenge. And you, you little snake, you're willing to betray the man who trusted you with his deepest secrets and for what? Jealous? Afraid he likes me better? What, are you still in high school? And you, the man who claims to love me, run a con on the man who saved my life. What, are you trying to clear the field so you have an open shot at me?

Ryan: Greenlee, this isn't about you. This is about Hayward and making him pay for everything that he's done.

Greenlee: What about everything you've done? Like bouncing from the bed of my best friend down to the floor with my worst enemy? Like promising to stay out of my life and not doing that at all! Ow! Ah! Oh, my back!

Ryan: Ok, take it easy. Easy.

Adam: At least let me take you to the hospital.

Annie: No. It's -- it's better this way. Angie helped me arrange it, so the limo will drop me off right in front of the delivery entrance. I can sneak in without anybody seeing me, and we can keep up this charade that I'm at the spa.

Adam: You are my son's last hope.

Annie: I'm more concerned about you at this point, the effect that J.R.'s illness has had on you. I hate to leave you alone like this.

Adam: No --

Brooke: Hi. Uh, I'm here.

Adam: Brooke, well, how are you? I've invited Brooke to, uh, stay here at the mansion until she gets settled. No point in putting her in a hotel with all the room we have here.

Liza: Oh, hey. You ready to talk about your hearing tomorrow?

Damon: I guess.

Liza: Hey, Colby. Honey, what are you doing here?

Colby: Well, I'm relieving Opal from baby-sitting duties for a few hours. I'm gonna go back to the hospital pretty soon.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Damon: Oh, I got to go take care of my paintbrush before it dries out.

Colby: So, uh, Mom, is Damon really gonna have to go to jail?

Liza: Well, it's very possible, but I think I have a plan, and it includes you, so I'm glad you're here.

Colby: Well, I will do whatever I can to help.

Liza: Huh. Honey, you sound -- you sound so sincerely concerned about his well being.

Colby: Well, I am. I mean, he's a good guy with -- without a lot of friends, and I think he deserves a break.

Liza: Ok. Ok, so, um, here's the deal. Since you have no prior record, I think if we can get the people that you burglarized to testify on your behalf, we're looking at community service.

Damon: Are you serious? You can do that?

Liza: Well, normally I wouldn't be so optimistic, but we did catch a couple of breaks here. Well, since J.R.'s health is not doing so well, we're not gonna have Adam around to badmouth you, and, well, David's got drama of his own, and that just leaves ConFusion, and they don't want any bad press, thinking that people are hiring a crook -- no offense, so that leaves Colby and Tad.

Colby: Well, I'm not pressing any charges, and -- and I will testify for you.

Liza: Ok, good. So that just leaves Tad to talk to.

Colby: Yeah, and Tad trusts Damon enough to let him stay here, so -- so we are home free.

Tad: Beating myself up a lot lately. I can't help it. I just keep thinking about how badly J.R. needed a marrow transplant, and I had it. I had that kid. Krystal, I swear, it was a lock. I should have been able to track down Adam's other son. Instead, I blew it.

Krystal: No, you didn't.

Tad: Yeah, I did. I just -- you know, what I really wanted was -- to give J.R. my marrow. That's -- that's how I failed him.

Krystal: Tad, you didn't fail anything, all right? None of us could beat those odds.

Tad: Yeah, well, the odds would have been a lot better if I'd been his genetic daddy.

[Krystal sighs]

Tad: You should know that's all I've been thinking about ever since Dixie was pregnant with him -- how badly I want to be his father. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him. I'd give anything to be able to save him now.

Krystal: You have saved him -- many times over.

Stuart: It is so good to see you, J.R.

J.R.: Ha ha! It's amazing to see you, Uncle Stuart.

Stuart: Ha ha!

Dixie: Oh. Ha ha!

J.R.: How are you?

Stuart: I'm fine. I'm better than fine. Place like this, who wouldn't be?

J.R.: Yes. It is beautiful. I can see that.

Stuart: Yeah.

J.R.: And I feel it, too.

Stuart: And there's time and space for anything: Painting, thinking, um --

J.R.: Are you sure you're ok -- after how you had to die?

Stuart: Yeah. Yeah.

J.R.: Well, this must be the best place for me.

Dixie: No, no, no. It is for Stuart, and it is for me, but not for you.

J.R.: Well, why not?

Stuart: Because I'm at peace. I worked out the things that I thought needed to be worked out for the other people, but I don't have any blame in my heart for anyone down there. None. I've been giving Adam so much love to stop his internal fight with grief and guilt.

Dixie: Stuart's let it go, J.R. He's made his peace with earth, and so have I. But you haven't, and until you do, you're not ready for this.

J.R.: That can't be right. Uncle Stuart, help me out here.

Stuart: She's right. Too many loose ends. So, go back and fix it. 

Brooke: I'll just put my things away in the guest room. The big one down the hall from you ok?

Annie: So, um, I suppose it would be ok if you were to sneak into the hospital later to see me.

Adam: Oh, you know, I really think we should stick to the original plan. What you're doing means everything to me. The limo's ready, so I think we should get going. I'll be there when you wake up in the morning.

Annie: Ok. Bye.

Brooke: Oh. Adam, thank you so much for insisting that I stay. You know, even with the remodel, this place is so familiar and so warm.

Adam: Yeah. Well, it's hardly the hearth and home it used to be.

Brooke: Did Stuart paint that picture?

Adam: Yeah. I wish I were right there in that painting with -- with Stuart in Pigeon Hollow, fishing. This room brings back so many awful memories, of me taking my brother's life, the man I loved most in this world. Instead of renovating, I probably should have torn this part of the house down.

Brooke: The house is just bricks and beams, Adam. Stuart would have been the first to tell you that.

Adam: My God, I -- I miss him so much.

J.R.: Where did Uncle Stuart go? And why did he go?

Dixie: I guess he said everything that he needed to say.

J.R.: No, but it doesn't make any sense. I am finished. I made my peace with my father after years of battling. We came together over the cancer.

Dixie: That's great, J.R., that's a great start.

J.R.: Oh, no, it's more than a start! I made peace with my family. I came to terms with my alcoholism, and let me tell you, there were many times when I felt that that bottle was my only friend.

Dixie: Then why are you still so angry?

J.R.: Because these are not issues anymore! They're gone! They're so gone! And why don't you believe me? I'm ready to come here and be here with you, but you keep giving me these games, that I'm not ready, that I need to make peace, that I've got unfinished business. It's enough to make me want to drink.

Dixie: Well, then why don't you go back to earth and pour yourself a strong one? Bottoms up, J.R.

Krystal: You've been saving J.R. his whole life.

Tad: Enlighten me.

Krystal: Ok.

Tad: Ok.

Krystal: The way you rescued Dixie. If it weren't for you, Adam would have had her locked up in Oak Haven for good and raised J.R. without his mother.

Tad: All right, ok, I will give you that much. I gave him back his mother.

Krystal: Yeah, and that's huge. And then you saved him when he lost his way at the bottom of that bottle.

Tad: No. No. He saved him by himself. All I was was moral support.

Krystal: You were life support, Tad, and don't you forget that. And you also kept J.R. afloat when Babe died. A little piece of his soul went with her, and you were there to help him hang onto the rest. You saved his life just by being you. What?

Tad: Thank you.

Ryan: Please don't move. You're gonna hurt your back even more than you did.

Erica: You're making it worse, Greenlee.

Ryan: Jake.

Jake: What happened? What happened?

Ryan: Everything was fine. She was completely fine, and then she pushed me, and --

Greenlee: You are in on this?

Erica: Where's David?

Ryan: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Jake: You all right?

Ryan: Jake, Jake, David was just here. Will you do me a favor? Will you go look for him, please?

Jake: Well, what about Greenlee? I want to just make sure she's ok.

Ryan: Ok, fine, fine. I'll go -- I'll go and find him.

Greenlee: You're never gonna find him.

Ryan: Wh --

Greenlee: Damn right I'm fine.

Ryan: Ah --

Jake: You know what? Fine. I'll go find him.

Erica: Listen, we have to get the police looking for David.

Gayle: You can't let the police find me here. You promised you'd take care of me.

Erica: Gayle, you are safe. Right now, I want you to go back to where you've been staying, and, uh, ok, Ryan, I'm gonna call our friend on the way home, but right now, I've got to go get cleaned up.

[Door opens and closes]

Greenlee: Just like old times, isn't it, Ryan? Remember when you taught me the grift? Misdirection is your best friend, you said. Thanks for the lesson, con man.

Damon: It really rocks that you'll go to bat for me like that.

Colby: Well, you've been there for me, so I'll be there for you.


Colby: Ooh! I'll go check on them.

Damon: No, I'll take care of them. They're probably just thirsty. I'll just give 'em a beer from the fridge.

Colby: Ha ha!

Damon: I'm kidding.

Liza: Well, he certainly is the outward appearance of responsibility.

Colby: Mom, it's not an act. He's really been there for all of us, for Opal, for the kids -- and for me.

Liza: Ahem. Honey, you know, you just said about him being there for you. What exactly do you mean?

Colby: Well, he, uh, he told me that people in comas, they can hang on to your words and hear what you're saying. It made me feel like J.R. could really hear me, so that if -- that if he doesn't make it, he'll know how much I really love him.

J.R.: You're trying to get rid of me.

Dixie: Ah! You're welcome to walk through that door anytime you want if that's what you really want.

J.R.: Yeah, I think it's still what I want.

Dixie: Ok, just remember, once you go through, there's no turning back.

J.R.: I've thought about that. I've thought about my life and how much pain there is and how much exhaustion and all the fights over and over and over again, and it was pointless then, and it's even more pointless now.

Dixie: And obviously what you are doing is using death as one more way to avoid it all, just like what you did when you ran away, just like with the bottle.

J.R.: That's not fair.

Dixie: Who said anything about fair? It is what it is. It's life. And you can escape from it all kinds of ways. You can run away, you can close your eyes, you can hurt everybody before they hurt you, you can drink yourself senseless, but nobody gets through it except by dealing with it one way or the other, not me, not Stuart, and certainly not you. Nobody.

Doctor: Are you ready, Mrs. Chandler?

Annie: Oh --


Adam: Annie, I've decided to leave you for Brooke.

Annie: What? Adam, what are you talking about?

Adam: Well, it's really quite simple. I'm sure someone even as unstable as you could -- could grasp it. Brooke moved back in. We realized how much we still love each other, far more than I could ever love someone as ill-bred as you.

Annie: Adam, you don't mean that. Not after everything I've done for you.

Adam: Pack your bags and leave. I don't want to have to tell you again.

Annie: Stop. Stop, stop it! I can't do this!

Tad: Hey!

Colby: Hey. Hi. Where have you guys been?

Krystal: Oh, we got a bite at ConFusion.

Tad: And had a very good talk. It's nice to have such great friends around, especially at a time like this.

Colby: So my mom's got this great idea. If you and other people Damon robbed speak up in his defense, then he can get off with just community service.

Tad: Ok, well, then, in that case, I will tell the judge to forget about it.

Damon: I appreciate it.

Tad: Oh. Well, don't you get me wrong, ok? You're still not off the hook yet. You still got a lot of work to do, and I'm not ready to give up my crew just yet.

Damon: Look, I know that things could change if you have to be at the hospital for J.R., but you guys have been so good to me that I really want you to believe that I'm gonna make it up to you.

Colby: Ok, well, I'm gonna go back to the hospital and see how things are going. Bye, Mom.

Liza: Bye, honey.

Tad: See you later, sweetheart.

Colby: Bye.

Tad: What do you say you and I go upstairs and check on the girls, huh?

Krystal: Yeah, we should do that. See you.

Liza: Mm-hmm. So, um, Damon, my daughter, she's going through an extremely tough time right now.

Damon: Yeah, I know, I'm trying to help.

Liza: Is that what you're doing? Because the last I recall, you do have a son in Ohio and tomorrow you're going up against a judge for criminal charges, so just forgive me if I'm a little concerned about you spending all this time with my daughter.

Damon: We are just friends.

Liza: Hmm. Yes, that's what they all say.

Dixie: Oh, ha ha! You are stubborn, J.R.! You are dug in as deep as you ever were.

J.R.: Where do you think I got that from?

Dixie: Oh, ha ha. Very funny. You know what I want you to do? I want you to listen to me for just a second. Take a look, a nice long look back at your life.

J.R.: I've done that. It's a dead end.

Dixie: Oh! You know, I didn't quite finish. Look at your life and look at your past, but then take a minute and look at your future. Think about what it could be.

J.R.: I don't have a future.

Dixie: Oh, baby, you have so many futures. What it turns out to be -- just depends on you.

J.R.: Mom?

[Jiggles doorknob]

J.R.: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom, let me in! Let me in, Mom! Mom, let me in! Let me in!

Greenlee: Admit it, Ryan. You wanted David out of the picture, so I'd suddenly be available for you.

Ryan: Come on, Greenlee, I knew that this was not the way to win you over.

Greenlee: Like you never imagined me running into your arms, alone and helpless.

Ryan: Helpless? No. Running into my arms? Yes, every single day since you've been back, but not like this, not by this. This was about justice. This had nothing to do with you and me.

Greenlee: There is no you and me, and there never will be. You're a 5-star jerk, and you just proved it.

Ryan: Look, I know you -- I knew you would feel this way, ok? I knew this going in.

Greenlee: Then why did you do it? You knew it would hurt me.

Ryan: Because it would hurt you even more to stay with that man! David hurts people. That's what he does, ok? Look, this was the right thing to do, Greenlee. It was right. Even though I risked losing you forever, it was the right thing to do, and I would do it again.

David: Erica, Erica. My dear old friend.

Erica: What are you doing here?

David: You betrayed me, Erica, and you broke my heart. Did you really think I would let you get away with that?

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