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Erica: And the hateful things that just flew out of her mouth about Ryan --

Opal: Obviously, Greenlee is still jealous. I mean, even though you gave Ryan the "hasta la vista" before she even got back to town.

Erica: Yeah. And now, she wants us to work together, to save Fusion, which only needs saving because she tried to destroy it.

Opal: Well, let's face it, that girl has got more brass than a monkey.

[Knock on door]

[Erica sighs]

Greenlee: Hi. So, what's it going to be, Erica? Are we going to do this, or not?

Ryan: We push him into signing the confession admitting that he bribed the coroner and made us think Greenlee has been dead this entire time. Check it out.

Jake: So what if he tries to weasel out of the confession?

[Phone ringing]

David: Pick up the damn phone.

[Phone rings]

Gayle: Is that David? Huh. Why won't he leave me alone?

David: Damn it. [Sighs]

Natalia: Whoa.

David: Collecting for the policeman's ball? Oh, I think the police have taken enough from me this year, so if you'll excuse me --

Natalia: I'm sorry, Dr. World-renowned Cardiologist, but you're not going anywhere.

Adam: You're really a partial match?

Annie: I wish I was a perfect match.

Adam: Well, that's something. J.R. needs to hear this.

Annie: No, no, no, you can't tell him. J.R. hates me. He made it very clear he did not want a transplant from me.

Adam: And you're still willing to help him?

Annie: Keeping J.R. alive is all that matters.

Adam: Oh. Well, you saved my life. Now you saved my son's. Oh.

Tad: Hey.

Brooke: Hey. You ok?

Tad: Yeah. No. I don't know. I -- I'm so confused, I don't know what to think. I just -- Lord knows, I've never exactly been a church going guy, you know, but lately --

Brooke: Hmm.

Tad: I don't know -- it's -- I can't stay away from this place. Something is pulling me here.

J.R.: Mom?

Dixie: Come with me.

[Birds chirping]

[Water flowing]

[Dixie laughs]

J.R.: Is this heaven? 

Brooke: I know this is as hard for you as it is for Adam. I mean, you are as much a father to J.R. as Adam is. From the day he was born.

Tad: Ah -- you know who this is hard for? Jamie. Poor James. He's out over there on the other side of the world, you know. Nothing he can do. He feels totally helpless. In so many ways, they're -- they're closer than brothers, you know? Oh, we raised a hell of a kid. Two of them. I -- I -- man, I don't know whether I'm going or coming. I keep thinking of the silliest things. You know? J.R.'s in there fighting for his life and all I can think about is stuff that happened when they were little boys, you know?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Tad: I mean, really little, like teaching them how to ride bicycles and -- make the perfect snowball. And bushwhack somebody with it. Oh. Oh, man. But it's so vivid.

Brooke: Hmm.

Tad: I mean, it's like I'm almost there. It's like -- the most bizarre kind of dream. And I swear, they're going to lock me up. The other day, I walked in here, and I could have -- I would have bet cash money I was smelling chocolate chip, fresh baked, no nut cookies.

Brooke: And saw the woman baking them. You're thinking of Dixie, too.

Dixie: This is my heaven.

J.R.: But those mountains, and those trees -- looks a lot like Pigeon Hollow. It is.

Dixie: I was happy there. Yes, it is.

[Dixie laughs]

J.R.: Uncle Stuart painted those trees. Oh, and there's the stream where I used to catch the crawfish. I used to try to keep them as pets.

Dixie: And your dad and your uncle used to go fishing there, remember?

J.R.: Yeah. I made that. I made this. When I was 8, I think -- for you for Mother's Day.

Dixie: Every time I look at it, I think of you.

J.R.: This is amazing. It's amazing.

Dixie: I know.

J.R.: I never thought I'd feel this way again.

Dixie: I love you so much, J.R. And I'm so glad that you could visit.

J.R.: What do you mean, visit?

Adam: With a partial match, what's the success rate?

Angie: It varies with the patient. We won't know until we get started. Which, thanks to Annie, will be soon. We're going to admit you today and start harvesting your marrow.

Adam: And the risk to my wife?

Angie: Minimal. Complications are almost unheard of. Now, I know that you were worried about pain and the mortality factor, so I understand why this was a difficult decision for you. But you're doing the right thing, Annie. You made the right choice.

Adam: How long have you known you could be a donor?

Erica: Why do I get the feeling that you would throw me out the window the first chance you got?

Greenlee: We'll have them bolted shut so there's no temptation.

Erica: Where is this offer even coming from?

Greenlee: I want to turn Fusion around. It's my number-one priority. You and I will never be friends. Hell, we'll probably never get past civil, but we're smart, and we're good at what we do. Maybe we should stop fighting each other and start fighting Fusion's competition out there.

Erica: If I agreed -- and that's a big "if" -- how can you possibly imagine that we could even work together?

Opal: You kind of hate each other.

Greenlee: Well, the one thing that we do share is that we care about Fusion. We'll start there. And we don't have to literally work side by side. We can oversee different projects. I mean, I hear you've got a whole new line -- going ultra glamorous? Randi and Madison say it's genius.

Opal: Huh, it's Erica Kane. Enough said.

Greenlee: Well, you do have a certain style. And you do know your way around branding, so if you want to run with it, I won't interfere.

Erica: We've established my strengths. What are yours?

Greenlee: I have an idea for a whole new line of cosmetics.

Erica: Fusion already has a number of established lines, plus a new one that I just launched with great success. So how is yours different?

Greenlee: Well, if you want to know, you're going to have to partner up. But if both of our lines succeed, Fusion will blast right back to the top.

Erica: It's not without potential.

Greenlee: Yeah, if we can get past the insults.

Erica: The things you said about Ryan's and my relationship were very harsh.

Greenlee: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. If you want to hate me, go ahead. But if we can cooperate enough to save Fusion, we both get what we want.

Erica: I'll think about it.

Greenlee: Time's critical, Erica.

Erica: Yes, I know that, but it's a big decision, and I have to figure out first off, how it might possibly work. I have to speak to my -- Albert. My attorney in New York.

Opal: High powered.

Greenlee: Good. Good, talk to your attorney. I'll talk to my father.

Erica: Give Jackson my best, will you?

Greenlee: Of course.

Opal: She sounded sincere.

Erica: I know how to sound sincere, too.

Opal: You think she's playing you?

Erica: She's trying to.

Opal: So, now what?

Erica: There is no way that Greenlee ever would have believed that I was really interested in partnering with her if I had caved right away. Now, when I agree --

Opal: She'll buy it hook, line, and stinker.

Erica: [Chuckles] Two can play this game.

Natalia: Let's see -- 25 tickets -- $2,500. All yours. And you haven't paid a single one. Did you really think that you'd get away with it? The parking in the space reserved for chief of staff forever?

David: So tell me, who sent you? Was it Angie?

Natalia: This is strictly police business, nothing more.

David: Yeah, right. It's harassment. Now, how much is it again?

Natalia: $2,500.

David: $2,500, ok. Here it is. Here you go.

Natalia: Thanks.

David: So tell me, is there something in the Hubbard water that makes everyone in that family hate me so much?

Natalia: No. It's not the water, it's you. You took on my stepmother, you took on the whole Hubbard family.

Annie: I -- I just found out that I could be J.R.'s donor. I only waited like a tiny little bit, because I had asked Angie to research the whole, you know, partial match question. I mean, basically, I didn't want to get your hopes up until I knew J.R.'s chances. And there's this whole confidentiality thing. Angie understands that J.R. cannot find out I'm his donor, because he hates me so much.

Angie: Yes, and, Adam, it is standard procedure for the hospital to respect a donor's anonymity.

Annie: You know what? All that matters is that Angie says that being a partial match is better than nothing, so I am J.R.'s best hope, whether he likes it or not.

Adam: Hmm. You are my angel.

Annie: Oh, and there's one more thing. I have to be hospitalized for this procedure, so we have to come up with a story as to why I would leave you at such a terrible time, which I would never do.

Adam: Uh-huh.

Annie: I've thought about it, and I think I have the perfect way to handle it.

Ryan: I mean, we've considered every single angle. This is definitely going to work. Gayle's been prepped, she knows her script, and I'm going to be there as backup.

Jake: Let me go and talk to Amanda, get her ready.

Ryan: Ok.

Jake: Bye.

Erica: Bye.

Ryan: You're not crazy about it.

Erica: I need to be part of it.

Ryan: We know. You are a part of it. You're totally a part of it. I mean, without you, we wouldn't have Gayle's cooperation. It's just that this part is getting a little bit dangerous, and I don't want you anywhere near that.

Erica: Ryan, it's really sweet of you to be concerned, but my goodness, I have taken on a grizzly bear -- and won -- so David Hayward is not going to be a problem.

Ryan: That's not something you hear every day.

[Erica chuckles]

Ryan: But listen. We're putting David in a life or death situation here.

Erica: And David knows me, and David respects me -- which means that he's going to trust the plan even more. And there's Gayle. I mean, she is so vulnerable. If David starts playing her -- if he tells her he loves her -- you know, if Gayle wavers for one fraction, you're going to need me. You may be the master of the con, but I am the master of improvisation.

Jake: So all I need you to do is keep Greenlee away from Wildwind for, like, an hour. Maybe, you know, an hour or two, ok?

Amanda: So you and Ryan and Gayle can trick a confession out of David?

Jake: Exactly.

Amanda: Scare the life out of him?

Jake: Completely right out of him.

Amanda: And you want me to be part of your crazy ass plan?

Jake: Not -- not the ass part, honey, all right? Just -- please.

Amanda: Absolutely.

Jake: Really?

Amanda: I can't wait.

Jake: So, what -- what did -- so, what, the whole time, what, you were busting my chops? This --

Amanda: Totally.

Jake: Really?

[Amanda laughs]

Jake: I love it when you do that to me. Thank you.

Amanda: Well, it's not just for you. I'm also doing this for Greenlee, and for Gayle, too.

Jake: You know, it's moments like this I'd like to show my deep appreciation. Maybe some whipped cream, some hot fudge, some cut fruit --

Amanda: But we're on a schedule.

Jake: Yes, we're on a schedule.

Amanda: Good thing you got my wingman here.

Jake: Yeah, you take care of Mommy, ok, 'cause she's got a date later on.

Amanda: Mmm.

Jake: All right, honey, go ahead.

Amanda: Bye, sweetie.

[Jake sighs]

Jake: [Sighs] And there she is. The woman of the hour. How do you feel? You ok? I just want you to know that you are not going to be alone with this. Ryan and I are completely in your corner the whole -- do you want to go over the whole thing again?

Gayle: No, I -- I know what I need to do. Yeah.

Jake: For all the lies that David told you, for all the crap he convinced you to do, it's a chance for you to take control of your life. Breathe. You're going to be great.

[Gayle sighs]

Jake: It's showtime.

David: You may think being the chief's kid gives you certain privileges, like the right to intimidate me. But as far as I'm concerned, you're nothing but a snot-nosed rookie wasting a citizen's time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have places to go, people to see, things to do.

Natalia: No, I don't think so. Because, as much fun as this has all been, while you were slamming me, I had your car towed.

David: What?

Natalia: Have a great day. Hey, Ryan, it's me. It's a go.

Ryan: Sounds great. I got to go.

Erica: Is that about your plan?

Ryan: I'll tell you about it later.

Erica: Hey, don't put me off, Ryan. I am going to be part of this.

Ryan: Look, I appreciate your enthusiasm. I really do, but the further you are from this, the better I would feel. Ok?

Singer: Isn't that enough? For you to see

Erica: Hmm.

Greenlee: Hi.

Ryan: Hi.

Erica: I was just telling Ryan how really excited you are that you and I work together at Fusion.

Ryan: Yes, yes. It sounds like you two have a lot to talk about. So, I'll see you later.

Erica: I need to be someplace, as well.

Greenlee: We need to make a decision about Fusion.

Erica: Oh, sure. Of course, we do, but I don't have time to talk to you about it right now. I --

[Phone rings]

Erica: Oh. Don't tell me that you're siccing your father on me?

Greenlee: I talked to him. He's willing to mediate. I'll set up the meeting, handle all the details. All you have to do is listen. You know I won't let this go.

Erica: Fine, but that doesn't mean that I am committing to a partnership.

Dixie: Well, I was a little lonely at first. I would have given anything to go back home and be with the people that I loved. Saying good-bye was so hard. But then, I realized that I am never alone. 'Cause I'll always have you, and Tad, and Kathy right here in my heart. And all the love that we ever had for each other.

J.R.: I missed you.

Dixie: Yeah.

J.R.: Remember that Christmas pageant, when I was so scared to sing?

Dixie: Oh.

J.R.: But you started singing, so I started singing. Who knows? Maybe my rock band phase would've never gotten off the ground if you hadn't cured me of stage fright.

Dixie: I was so proud of you. I still am.

J.R.: [Sighs] That was the first book I ever read out loud.

Dixie: So smart. You started reading when you were 4.

J.R.: Wow. We were in Pine Valley then. I remember when we moved to Pigeon Hollow, this was the only thing that I wanted to take.

Dixie: Hmm.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: "Mom and Tad." It's the way I wanted it. It's funny, Tad was more like a father to me than my own dad sometimes. He taught me how to ride a bike. How to make a perfect snowball.

Dixie: Those were wonderful times, J.R. But that's all in the past. You have a future to think about.

J.R.: I don't have a future. I don't know why you said that this was a visit. I'm dying.

Tad: People are always so afraid to mention Dixie -- around me, anyway. And it's understandable, you know? They're just afraid that they're going to end up hurting me, but -- you know, sometimes, it's actually kind of wonderful. And when I least expect it, somebody will mention her name, and before I know it, I'm just flashing on those eyes and the gorgeous smile. Well, she always used to furrow her brow and look so hopeful when she was wishing on our star. Then I realized, you know, she's -- she's still here. She's --

Brooke: Hmm.

Tad: It sort of keeps her alive. But then again, you'd know something about that, wouldn't you?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, same thing with Laura. I know people don't ever want to remind me that I've lost a daughter, but it's -- you're right, it is ok, because -- it makes me think of how -- how hopeful she was, and -- and how wonderful life was. How wonderful our life was. And then I -- I see how devastated Adam is over Stuart, and I just wish that I could -- I wish that I could say something to him that would make him remember all the good things without making him feel more guilty.

Tad: You will. That's one of the things that's most amazing about you. You've always had the ability to know what exactly to say to somebody, at exactly the right time, whether they wanted to hear it, or not.

[Brooke chuckles]

Tad: And I mean that in a good way.

Brooke: I tell you, Adam is not an easy person to comfort.

[Tad and Brooke chuckle]

Tad: It's like hugging a cactus. Yeah. He is something. A force of nature, that one, but as much as we hate each other's guts, I think the thing that's kept us from killing one another is the fact that we -- when it comes down to it, we love the same people. Stuart --

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Tad: J.R., A.J., and you.

Adam: Would you mind if I share a few moments with my son? There's something he needs to hear.

David: Yes, I need a cab, and I need one sent to me right away --

[Door opens]

David: Gayle! Thank God you're ok. I was worried sick of -- Gayle, a gun? Really? There's no need for --

Gayle: Shut up.

David: I don't know what Erica has been putting in your head, all right?

Gayle: You said you loved me. You lied. Everyone was right about you.

David: Gayle, don't listen to them. They don't know me. You do, better than anyone, so come on. Just --

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, Gayle. What are you doing?

Gayle: Don't try to stop me. He deserves this. He deserves to die.

Ryan: Well, I can't exactly argue with you there.

David: Don't be an ass, Ryan. Do something.

Ryan: Actually, I think I'm just gonna watch, see how this plays out.

Marissa: I've talked to him almost nonstop, told him stories about A.J., held his hand, but no response. It's almost like he's in a different place.

J.R.'s voice: How did you do it? How did you say good-bye to us?

Dixie's voice: It was a process, a very long process. I even went back to Pine Valley a few times because I couldn't let go.

J.R.'s voice: Of Tad?

Dixie's voice: Oh, and you and Kathy. When I finally realized that I couldn't hold on anymore, when I did let go, I felt so much peace.

Annie: Why are you still here?

Tad: Not now, Annie, ok?

Brooke: It's all right.

Annie: Oh, no. Don't do that. Don't do that gracious, patient, understanding thing that you do. You know, you come waltzing back into town like you are still a part of this family. You are the outsider here, ok, not me, but you glom onto Adam all the time, and, I mean, it's fine enough that you want my husband --

Tad: She doesn't want your husband.

Annie: But you took my job. You act like "Tempo" should just be thrown in your lap, because you have this fabulously evolved ex-wife relationship with my husband.

Scott: Hey, maybe you could use some coffee, Annie.

Tad: Make it a decaf.

Annie: Everyone fawns all over you, but I'm onto you. You are using a tragic, terrible situation to take advantage of Adam's vulnerability.

Colby: Ok, and who is the expert on that?

Brooke: I'm sorry that you feel that way.

Annie: If you are so sorry, then why don't you leave?

Colby: You're the one who should leave, Annie, because nobody wants you here.

Annie: Ok, and you should grow up and accept the fact that your father loves me.

Colby: Well, you should get the hell out of our lives.

Marissa: Will you stop?

Colby: No. Annie, you started this.

Marissa: I don't care who started it, Colby. J.R. could wake up. Do you really want to be fighting out here in the hall?

Colby: I just want her gone, and so would J.R.

J.R.'s voice: My whole life has been one fight after another fight after another fight. You know, everyone thinks that the rich kid has got it made, but I've had to come out swinging for everything -- for my sobriety, for my own place in my family, for my son -- and just when I think I have everything figured out, I get sick, and I'm so tired of fighting, Mom. Yeah. Peace. Peace sounds amazing.

Dixie's voice: Well, it is, but it's not that easy.

Adam: I hope you can hear me, son, because I got some news, ha, real good news. We found you a donor. It's only a partial match, but I think this one is gonna work out. You're gonna be home before you know it, buddy. All you have to do is just hold on. Hold on tight.

Colby: My brother is dying, and Brooke is just trying to help, and you are making this all about yourself. Well, we don't need your drama and your stupid, jealous games. If you really, really want to help my father, why don't you do us all a favor and go away for good?

Annie: Is that really what you want?

Colby: Yeah. You know, yesterday would've been great.

Annie: Fine. Maybe you're right. Maybe I should go if I make everybody upset and I make everything worse, even though that is the last thing I want.

Colby: Yeah, yeah. Since when?

Annie: I love Adam, and I care about what happens to this family, but since everyone seems to hate me --

Marissa: No. Everyone is just a little stressed, Annie. No one hates you.

Annie: Well, J.R. hates me, and he's all that matters right now, so fine. I will go. You know, better yet, I'll go away for a few days. I'll go to a spa. I could use some well-deserved R&R. Nothing like a good, hot stone massage.

Amanda: Greenlee, what a surprise.

Greenlee: This must be Trevor. Hi. He's beautiful.

Amanda: Who would've thought, huh -- me with a baby, you with a new husband?

Greenlee: I know how you feel about David.

Amanda: It's none of my business. Do you mind if we sit down for a second?

Greenlee: Sure. Sure.

Amanda: All right. Here, buddy. Here you go. Ah, so I heard about all the Fusion craziness -- thank you -- but I was actually wondering if you might consider me for a position, I mean, part-time, of course, but, you know, I love being Trevor's mom and all, but I just kind of miss the energy, you know, working together to create something amazing, and it was really exciting.

Greenlee: Well, there's a whole new kind of excitement going on right now with Erica trying to steal the company.

Amanda: Ooh, going up against Erica. What are you gonna do?

Greenlee: It's under control.

Amanda: How can it be under control?

Greenlee: Yeah. About that job, I think we can work something out.

Amanda: Really? Well, would I be able to bring Trevor, I mean, with a nanny, of course?

Greenlee: No problem.

Amanda: Then we are interested, very interested.

Greenlee: I think it'd be great to have you back. Wow, I think that's the longest conversation I've had lately without being warned off David -- unless you're gonna start in now.

Amanda: Um, not a fan.

Greenlee: Well, that's understandable, given what he did to you and Jake.

David: There's really no reason for a gun, Gayle. I know you, maybe better than anyone, and you're not a killer.

Gayle: I did everything you asked and more. I broke laws. I could go to jail.

David: So, you think shooting me is the answer? Is that it?

Gayle: Only if you refuse to cooperate. You want to live? All you have to do is sign this.

David: What is it?

Gayle: A confession.

David: And what am I confessing to?

Gayle: That you manipulated me, that every law I broke, I broke for you, making that body look like Greenlee's.

David: We did all those things together, Gayle, and we were a great team. I would never turn you in, although I have no doubt that's exactly what Ryan and Erica have been threatening you with to get you so upset.

Gayle: You care about me so much? Then clear me. Sign this. Tell me the name of the coroner you bribed.

David: Why do you need that person's name?

Gayle: I don't want any loose ends, nothing that could ever come back to me. What are you waiting for? Sign it, or I'll shoot!

David: So, you're really just gonna stand there and let her do this?

Ryan: Well, I mean, you've been getting away with so much for so long, it was bound to catch up to you. She's giving you a choice, man. You go to prison, you live. From where I'm standing, that's a win-win.

David: Come on. This is ridiculous.

Erica: Oh, my God, Gayle, Gayle, don't do this. Don't do this. No, no, no. This is not the way.

Gayle: It's the only way.

Erica: No, Gayle. Gayle, give me the gun. Give me the gun, and I'll get you out of here. Come on.

David: Oh, my gosh, isn't this some great coincidence? The three of you all just waltz in here with a full confession for me to sign? You're kidding, right? Oh, come on. I know you're all working together. I'm not signing anything. You want to shoot me, sweetheart? Go right ahead. Go ahead. What's stopping you? Go ahead. Shoot me. Kill me. It's what you want to do, right?

Gayle: This isn't how it was supposed to work. You said he'd confess.

Erica: It'll be all right. Really, it'll be all right.

David: Hmm. Oh, sorry, folks. Looks like you all fail again.

Angie: We found a donor.

Tad: Oh, thank God.

Scott: Is it anybody we know?

Angie: Well, it's only a partial match from an anonymous donor.

Tad: That's ok. We'll take it.

Brooke: What happens now?

Angie: Well, we'll be taking J.R. into isolation, and as soon as we've extracted the donor's bone marrow, we'll start the transfusion. Now, because you all can't see J.R. until the procedure is over, why don't you just go on home, get some rest?

Colby: No, no. I want to stay here.

Angie: Listen. I know you do, but now it's time to leave J.R. in our hands and God's.

Amanda: I was so screwed up -- sleeping with Jake, J.R., David -- and when I got pregnant, no clue who the father was. I thought I was looking for love, and then I ended up just screwing it all up. Then I actually found out what true love is. It turns out, it's Jake and this little guy here.

Greenlee: I'm happy for you.

Amanda: Are you happy?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Amanda: Do you love David?

Greenlee: You know, when I fall in love, everyone gets hurt, myself included, so I'm better off without it.

Amanda: Do you still love Ryan?

Greenlee: That was my past life. I've moved on.

Amanda: Well, it could be this life, too. Greenlee, if you love Ryan, then you just have to trust it and take a chance. I know it's scary as hell, but it's worth it.

Greenlee: I think I'm out of chances. I got to go.

Amanda: No. You can't.

Greenlee: Why not?

Amanda: Uh, just because I want to buy you a drink.

Greenlee: What's going on?

Amanda: Nothing, just old friends catching up.

Greenlee: I should've known.

Amanda: Greenlee -- oh -- Jake --

Jake: What's up?

Amanda: I stalled Greenlee as long as I could, but she's headed to Wildwind.

Jake: So am I.

Erica: Gayle, we'll make it right.

Gayle: How will you do that, tell me more lies?

Erica: I have not lied to you. I'm your friend.

Gayle: You used me, just like David did. You promised me he'd confess, I'd be free.

Erica: And you will.

Gayle: Oh, like hell. All you want is David in prison. If he doesn't confess, you'll throw me to the cops to make it happen.

Ryan: We would not do that, Gayle.

Gayle: Why should I believe you?

David: Ah, there you go, Gayle. You're so much smarter than they think.

Gayle: Oh, shut up! There's no way in hell I'm going to prison.

[Gayle grabs Erica from behind and points the gun at her]

Ryan: Whoa, hey, hey, hey, Gayle, easy. Take it easy. Let go of her.

Gayle: If I don't get what I want, I swear to God I'll shoot her.

Colby: Hey -- kick ass, brother.

Marissa: We have a date in Rio, and I'm holding you to it. A.J. and I love you so much.

Adam: Nobody fights harder than a Chandler. You're pure Chandler, son.

Tad: You come back to us. You hear me?

J.R.'s voice: I'm so tired. I'm so done, I just -- I want peace, and I want serenity. I want all those things I tried so hard to find on earth, but I could only get a taste of because I kept screwing up.

Dixie's voice: So, you're just gonna run?

J.R.'s voice: No. I'm just accepting my fate.

Dixie's voice: Baby, then you're doing what you've done all your life. Every time things get difficult, you ran. Well, you don't get to run here.

J.R.'s voice: So, I have to go back?

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