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Episode #10321

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Adam: I'm not gonna let you just give up on him.

Dr. Kahn: No one's giving up.

Adam: The hell you say. You're just standing there.

Brooke: Adam.

Adam: No. If you're not going to do anything to help save my son, then I'll find a doctor who will.

Annie: Hi. I was just tested to see if I'm a match for J.R. Can you call the lab, rush the results?

Angie: Well, of course, I'll put a rush on it. J.R. doesn't have time to wait.

Adam: Can you believe that woman actually calls herself a doctor?

Tad: She's doing everything she can, especially to find a donor. You and I have to come to terms with the fact that we may lose J.R. before that happens. He's too weak. She says he could go at any time.

Erica: Ryan.

Ryan: I need you.

Erica: For what, exactly?

Ryan: Gayle Walker. I know you were using her as leverage against David. I think we should team up, and we should take him down together.

Jake: So just tell me where you want to go?

Greenlee: In there.

Jake: Shouldn't you be home? I mean, why you coming out here tonight? You should be home with your husband. Isn't this your wedding night?

[Cell phone buzzes]

David: Come out now or I call the police. All right, fine. Have it your way.

Amanda: Don't --

David: Amanda, what are you doing here?

Amanda: I was looking for, um, Trevor's little bear, you know, the blue one with the rattle.

David: Why would Trevor's toy be in the bushes outside a house he no longer lives in?

Amanda: Well, I haven't seen it in a while, so I thought maybe we dropped it when we were moving out.

David: That bear is Trevor's favorite toy. Do you really expect me to believe that it's been missing for weeks, and you're only now coming to look for it?

Amanda: You think I'm lying?

David: I think you're covering. What's your husband up to now?

Erica: I don't know who you've been talking to, but --

Ryan: I found Gayle.

Erica: Where?

Ryan: I'll get to that. But the point is, is that she's got enough to put David away for a very, very long time. All we got to do now is come up with a way to convince her to tell the cops everything. So what do you say? I mean, you got through to her before, right?

Erica: Well, why don't you just tell me where she is, and I'll go talk to her?

Ryan: Alone?

Erica: Well, I don't think that ganging up on the woman is gonna really help your cause, do you?

Ryan: What's going on?

Erica: What do you mean?

Ryan: Well, I mean, you want to take David on, right? And you had the leverage to do that until Gayle gave you the slip. And now that I tell you that I found Gayle, and I ask you to team up, you say you don't want my help. Why?

Erica: Ryan.

Ryan: Really. Really, why is it so important for you to take David on alone?

Erica: You're not gonna like what I have to say.

Ryan: Well, hey, we're supposed to be friends, right? And friends can tell each other everything, so -- so go ahead. Level with me.

Erica: I wasn't using Gayle as leverage to take down David. I am trying to get rid of Greenlee. Greenlee sabotaged the computers at Fusion and practically took the entire company down with it, put it into bankruptcy. And you know what? If Greenlee wants to trash her own life, so be it. But I refuse to stand by and let her destroy my daughter's dream along with it.

Ryan: Does Kendall even know what's going on?

Erica: No. She doesn't. Kendall is off with Zach. They're working on their marriage. I'm not gonna bother her with business if she wants to focus on her family.

Ryan: Well, this isn't only about business.

Erica: No, it's not. Greenlee has cost you nothing but heartache ever since she returned. Ryan, you really deserve better.

Ryan: Could you at least just consider the fact that maybe David is influencing Greenlee's actions, right, so if we get rid of David, then we solve all of our problems.

Erica: Only if David takes Greenlee with him.

Ryan: Look, you want leverage over David, you need to find Gayle, right? I've already found Gayle. So the way I see it is you've got two choices. You can either team up with me or you can just sit back and watch me nail the bastard.

Greenlee: Marrying David is the start of a new chapter. What better way to close the book on the old one than to come to the place where Ryan and I had our wedding?

Jake: So you came all the way out here to say good-bye?

Greenlee: Ryan brought me here to change my mind, remind me why we fell in love. And being here did bring up a lot of memories, but that's all they are. What Ryan and I had is in the past. David is my future.

Jake: Oh. So the way I see it, you came out here for closure, right? But, of course, you could have just taken everything of Ryan's, you know, anything that reminded you of him and just thrown it in the trash and be done with it. But you didn't do that. You came out here, because I don't think you know how to let it go. Or maybe you don't want to.

Greenlee: You know, you can't let it go. What Ryan and I had is over.

Jake: Well, you keep saying that, but why don't I believe you?

Greenlee: I shouldn't have to keep saying anything. I'm done explaining myself to you and everyone else.

Amanda: I told you this has nothing to do with Jake. Trevor lost his toy.

David: Right. All right. By all means, come on in. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. Search the place high and low. I certainly wouldn't want Trevor to go one more night without his favorite toy. Oh, and, Amanda, if you happen to run into Jake up there, do me a favor. Tell him try not to wake my wife. Unlike Trevor, she is sleeping.

Amanda: Greenlee has no idea what she's gotten herself into. Marrying you could be the worst mistake of her life.

David: I'm just trying to move on, Amanda, begin a new life with my new wife.

Amanda: You've had so many chances to change, David. You never do.

David: All evidence to the contrary. I've left you and Jake alone, haven't I? And I haven't even attempted to see Trevor once since the news came out. You know, I would think that you would be relieved not having that threat hanging over your head anymore. But maybe that's the problem. Things have gotten so boring around Martin Manor that you're making excuses to come and see me.

[Amanda scoffs]

Annie: J.R. was a match for my brother a few years ago, remember? If he and Richie have compatible bone marrow, maybe we will, too. Maybe they made a mistake a few years back when they tested me.

Angie: It's a possibility.

[Marissa sobs]

Adam: J.R. has his whole life in front of him. He -- he has a son to raise -- A.J. He needs his father.

Brooke: So does Colby. You know, there may not be anything that you can do for J.R. right now, but there is something that you can do for Colby.

Colby: Before those alarms went off, I was -- I was sitting here, trying to figure out a way to stay positive for J.R.

Adam: Colby, your brother needs our love and our support and our strength. You can reach him. All you have to do is try.

Annie: Honey, I heard about J.R. Are you all right?

Adam: Where you have been?

Annie: I -- I just thought you might need some alone time with Colby. You were great with her.

Adam: I wouldn't even have come in here if it hadn't been for Brooke.

[Cell phone rings]

Adam: Wait a minute. This could be the, uh -- the results of my test. Yes, this is he. Am I a match? I'm not a match.

Scott: Ok, ok. There's still the registry, huh? And people are getting tested at donor drives every day.

Adam: J.R. doesn't have time to wait. There has to be another option.

Annie: Sometimes the solution to your problem comes out of nowhere to surprise you.

[Adam sighs]

Colby: Hey, uh, sorry to interrupt. Uh --

Marissa: No, no, no. It's fine. I could use a break. Would you mind sitting with him for a bit?

Colby: Yeah.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Colby: Hey, J.R., it's me -- Colby. If this is you recharging yourself, take as long as you need. But just so you know, I will be expecting you to be back to your old self when you wake up -- [Chuckles softly] Always on my case about getting out of the mansion, telling me there are worse things in life than living your own life. You were right. Not having a brother around is a lot worse.

Greenlee: You know, you're one of my closest friends, Jake, and I want to feel like I can talk to you.

Jake: And you can. You can tell me anything.

Greenlee: Then I need you to hear me. I mean really listen when I say I'm happy with the choices I've made. You may not agree with them, but I need you to respect them, respect me, trust that I know what's best for me. And right now, that's with David.

Jake: Aren't you forgetting something? You're not gonna say good-bye to me?

Greenlee: I have.

Gayle: That bitch doesn't deserve to be happy. Neither does David.

Jake: David's gonna pay for what he's done, ok? Ryan and I are gonna make sure of it, if you go along with our plan.

David: Oh, come on, Amanda. Admit it. You miss the thrill, the excitement, the unpredictability of having me around.

Amanda: You really are unbelievable. Just because you're incapable of being happy, don't make everyone else out to be.

David: I am happy. I've got a beautiful new wife.

Amanda: [Chuckles] Who's in love with someone else. I don't know what you're trying to get out of this arrangement, David, but I do know that happiness is not it.

[Cell phone rings]

Amanda: Jake, hi. I was just thinking of you.

Jake: Is everything all right? How's our bouncing baby boy?

Amanda: He's just like his father, perfect in every way.

Jake: Honey, I got a couple of things to tie up, ok, and then I'm yours for the rest of the night.

Amanda: Great. I can't wait. I'll see you at home. Something else that you'll never have.

Ryan: Greenlee has to be free to make her own decisions, right? As long as David's in the picture, she's not free to make her own decisions.

Erica: Ryan, the wedding was Greenlee's idea. She wanted to hurt you.

Ryan: David is the one that's hurting people, Erica. He is. Angie is his next target.

Erica: Oh, David is attempting a coup, all right, but it's not about the hospital.

Ryan: What are you talking about?

Erica: I overheard David. He told Greenlee that he planned to double-cross me, to push me out of Fusion instead.

Ryan: Knowing that, you still won't help me? Come on, Erica. David is the enemy here. All I'm asking for is a little help from a friend.

Erica: Ryan, I want you to be happy. I just don't think you can be with Greenlee.

Ryan: So it's a, uh, it's a no.

Erica: No. I won't help you to benefit Greenlee. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna let David get away with double-crossing me. I'm in. What's our next move?

David: Hey! I thought you were in bed.

Greenlee: I, uh, I went out for a walk instead.

David: [Chuckles] Well, you should have put on something warmer. It's freezing outside. Come here. Sit down.

[Greenlee chuckles]

David: Here.

Greenlee: Ohh. Is this what they refer to as a honeymoon phase, you waiting on me hand and foot?

David: Oh, I don't mind taking care of you.

Greenlee: [Sighs] If this marriage is ever gonna count for anything, I need to be honest with you. I didn't go out for a walk. I went back to the castle.

David: Ok. Why?

Greenlee: I told myself it was to say good-bye. You're not the only one I was lying to.

Jake: Gayle, so, listen, you're the one that knows everything that David has done -- drugging Adam, switching Greenlee's DNA, faking her death. I honestly think that we can put him behind bars for a very, very long time if you're willing to turn him in. So besides these cold sesame noodles, what do I have to do to convince you?

Gayle: You already did. I heard you on the phone with your wife -- the way you talk to her. It made me realize that I want that -- someone who treats me well and loves me, not just when it's convenient. I'm never gonna get that from David.

Tad: Colby's stronger than you think she is.

Liza: Huh. You know, I thought taking Colby away from Pine Valley was the right thing to do. And, I don't know, now I think about all the time with her brother that she's never gonna get back. And, God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Tad: What are you doing, huh? I thought Colby made it clear she didn't want to deal with you.

Damon: I got tested to see if I was a bone marrow match for Colby's brother. I doubt I will be, but I just -- I want to do whatever I can to help.

Tad: I don't think anybody can help. J.R.'s in a coma, and apparently, we could lose him at any time.

Damon: Man, I'm sorry. Well, Colby's probably a wreck. I'll go. The last thing she needs is me making things worse.

Tad: Damon -- go talk to Colby. She could use your support.

Damon: She has her family.

Tad: She needs a friend.

Brooke: I was gonna get some coffee. Do you want anything?

Scott: I tell you what, I'll get it. Cream or sugar?

Brooke: Black is fine, thanks.

Scott: You got it.

Brooke: So, uh, that takes care of the coffee situation. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Adam: Maybe you can tell me how you did it.

Brooke: Did what?

Adam: Held it together when your child is lost.

Brooke: Adam.

Adam: I've been trying my best to get by without Stuart. But, uh, losing J.R., I don't think I can get past that one.

Brooke: There's still a chance.

Adam: Please. I need to know.

Brooke: When Laura was hit by that car, I wanted to die. You were there with me. For a while, I thought that pain would kill me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. And as cliché as it sounds, time helped, and the pain wasn't as intense when I woke up in the morning anymore. But it was still there. It never quite goes away. But you find a way to go on.

Adam: Thank you.

[Brooke sighs]

Annie: Do you have the results?

Angie: You're a partial match.

Annie: What does that mean?

Angie: Right now, you are J.R.'s best hope.

Annie: Ok, so now we know I'm a partial match. What's the next step?

Angie: The next step would be that we discuss the process, make sure that you understand the potential risk as well as any kind of possible side effects.

Annie: Wait, wait. What risk? I thought Adam was the only one at risk because he's older and has a heart condition.

Angie: Annie, bone marrow extraction is like any other surgical procedure. You're going to run some risk because anesthesia's involved.

Annie: Wait, wait. Whoa. No one said anything about surgery.

Damon: Hey. Hey. I -- I know you have a lot to deal with right now. I just -- I wanted to apologize for piling on more stress earlier.

Colby: Well, you lying to me seemed like such a big deal, but it's, uh -- it's nothing compared to what my brother's going through. So, uh, my -- my dad, he told me I should go in there and I should talk to him, be positive because J.R. will pick up on that. So I did. I went in there, and I put on a happy face. But, uh, I'm not sure it made a difference, you know? Makes me wonder if he even knows we're there.

Damon: He does.

Colby: Damon, you don't -- you don't know that.

Damon: Yeah, I kind of do. Look, when I was 11, my cousin Tony got knocked out playing football. I took him to the hospital. They ran all these tests, and they told my aunt that he might never wake up. But I used to go to him every day after school, and I'd read comics.

Colby: Comics?

Damon: Yeah, comics. I was 11. Give me a break.

Colby: What?

Damon: You know, after a few weeks, Tony woke up, and he didn't know how long he'd been out, but he said he remembered hearing my voice. So -- J.R. knows you're there, Colby. Don't give up on him.

Colby: Damon, you don't know -- how much that means to me.

Adam: I'm not sure I can walk in here without J.R. knowing how really scared I am.

Brooke: Why don't you come with me for a minute? Come on.

Angie: Listen. Most donors leave the hospital the same day or the morning after.

Annie: But there are risks.

Angie: Whenever you're put under anesthesia, there's always a risk, but serious complications are very rare -- less than 1.5% of all donors.

Annie: Well, do they have to put me under?

Angie: Well, no. You can be kept awake during the procedure, but you'll still have to be numb from the waist down, just to prevent any discomfort during the collection process. So, look, unless you have any other questions, I think now would be the time to share this with your family. Ok?

Annie: No. No. I want to do it.

Jake: So, uh, Gayle says she's ready to roll over on David.

Ryan: That's great. Do you think she'll follow through on it?

Erica: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Jake: Right. Gayle? It's ok. It's me.

[Jake knocking on door]

Jake: You can come out.

Erica: Gayle.

Gayle: What's going on?

Ryan: Same plan as before. We're just bringing in a little help.

Gayle: You're not mad at me for running out?

Erica: No. It's understandable. You were very upset.

Gayle: Every word out of his mouth has been a lie.

Erica: And believe me, he is not gonna get away with it. All of us, all of us together, we're gonna make sure that he pays for every rotten thing he's done.

Jake: Excuse us, ladies, for just a second. Greenlee was here earlier.

Ryan: She didn't see Gayle, did she?

Jake: No. I think that she was just hoping to run into you, actually. She gave me a whole story about wanting to say good-bye and move through her memories with you here, but, honestly, you know, I know she didn't mean any of it. I could see it in her eyes. I think it's just hitting her, sinking in that she's made herself somebody else's wife when all she really wants to do is be with you. So if you want to go after her or see her --

Ryan: You know, Jake, Greenlee knows where I am, and when she's ready, I'll be waiting.

Greenlee: I wanted to believe that I could put what I had with Ryan in the past and never look back. But I can't just snap my fingers and make it over. It doesn't work like that. We have a long, complicated history, years of memories.

David: If you're not ready to move on --

Greenlee: I don't how to move on. That's why I went to the castle tonight. I was hoping that being there, remembering the good times and the bad, would help me figure it out.

David: You're still in love with Ryan.

Greenlee: You're the one that I can trust, and that means everything to me.

David: Greenlee, you're not the only one who's been dishonest. I lied to you about what's going on between me and Erica.

Greenlee: You said you were playing her, letting Erica think that you'd turned on me.

David: I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Sorry? I trusted you. How could you help that bitch take over my own company?

David: Hey. Erica threatened to send me to prison if I didn't. She's holding Gayle over me as leverage to keep me in line. Gayle is angry, and she has enough damaging information to send me to jail for many years to come. And maybe that's exactly what I deserve for lying to you.

Jake: Hey, honey, I'm home. Babe?

Amanda: Shh! I just got Trevor down.

Jake: You did? Sorry. I'm -- I'm -- I should be quiet, especially when I have some making up to do with his mommy. I'm sorry. I'm -- hon, I'm sorry I couldn't answer my phone, either. It's been a rough night.

Amanda: Where have you been?

Jake: I was, uh -- I was helping a friend.

Amanda: Do what?

Jake: Uh, we were trapping a rat. It's part of an ongoing problem -- their rat.

Amanda: Well, does your friend have a name?

Jake: Does my -- what happened? What?

Amanda: Jake, it's a simple question. Why are you acting like you don't want to answer?

Jake: All right. I'll answer the question because you know why? You're gonna find out, anyway. I was holed up for most of the night in a romantic getaway with a beautiful woman.

Amanda: You're impossible.

Jake: You just hurt Teddy. What? You don't believe anything I say.

Amanda: Shh! Ha ha.

Erica: Maybe you'd feel better if you go take a hot bath?

Gayle: Ok.

Erica: You thinking about Greenlee?

Ryan: Mmm. It's kind of hard not to.

Erica: Is there anything I can do?

Ryan: All I can do is give her the space that she needs.

Damon: Look. I know I'm late. I'm really sorry. I'll pull a double tomorrow to make up for it.

Manager: No, don't bother. You don't work here anymore.

Damon: Please. I really need this job.

Manager: Well, you should have thought of that before you broke in and tried to rob the place. Oh, I saw your mug shot in the paper this morning.

Damon: What I did was stupid. Please, just -- just give me one more chance --

Manager: I can't have a felon work here. Grab your stuff. You're fired.

Colby: Hey. Do you guys know where Damon went?

Liza: The last time I saw him, he was with you.

Tad: Yeah. How did that go?

Colby: Well, I didn't really want to see him, but Damon actually said some things that helped.

Annie: Your father left?

Colby: Not that I know of, Annie.

Annie: Well, where is he?

Scott: I just passed him and Brooke down the hall.

Annie: I'll wait.

Adam: This is the first time I've been in a church since -- since Stuart's memorial service.

Brooke: I thought it might help to be here. Was this a bad idea?

Adam: No. No, it's -- it's just difficult to talk to God and ask him for anything after you've taken the life of the sweetest, kindest, gentlest human being on the face of the earth.

Brooke: Stuart was a gift from heaven, Adam. There's no question, and now he's with the angels.

Adam: And I put him there. You think God will take my son as punishment?

[Heart monitor beeping]

Jake: Well, what -- what happened? What happened? What happened to our undeniable chemistry and it's impossible to resist me? What happened --

Amanda: I said you were impossible. There's a difference.

Jake: Oh. Oh, there's a difference. So my devastatingly handsome good looks, it has a zero effect on you? My charm, my --

Amanda: You want to know what really turns me on?

Jake: I know exactly what turns you on: My unbelievable breakdancing talents that I --

Amanda: Your sense of humor.

Jake: No, don't say that, because that forces me to try to be funny, and that never works --

Amanda: Just be yourself.

Jake: I am myself, which is easy for you to say, but, you know --

Amanda: Jake.

Jake: What?

Amanda: I love you.

Jake: You do? Well, ok. That's funny that you should say that because if you could change anything, would there be one thing that you would change?

Amanda: No. Well, actually, there would be one thing.

Jake: Yeah? Go ahead. I can take it.

Amanda: Your breakdancing could use some work.

Jake: What are you talking about? Are you kidding me? I can pop and lock like the best of them. Are you kidding me?

Amanda: What?!

Jake: Oh, yes, I'm gonna bring -- I'm gonna bring back the robot. I am gonna -- yes, I am.

Amanda: No!

Jake: I am so, and you're gonna like it.

Greenlee: You knew what Fusion meant to me, and you still tried to take it away?

David: No.

Greenlee: After everything that's happened to me, you don't think that hurts?

David: Ok, I was trying to buy some time, ok? To keep Erica at bay until I could figure out a way out of this mess.

Greenlee: Now it all makes sense, why you were trying to get us to leave town. You were giving Erica an opening.

David: No. No. That's not the only reason why I wanted to go away. Greenlee, you've been through so much, with the accident and with Ryan. I was just trying to give you a way out, ok? Just for a period of time, just to get some peace in your life. Greenlee, I will do anything to help you now, even if it means going away to prison.

Greenlee: There's no way in hell I'm going to let Erica win. We have to find a way to beat her at her own game.

David: We? Does that mean --

Greenlee: It means I want Erica to suffer, and with your help, she will.

Erica: Are you gonna be all right?

Ryan: I think we all will once David is rotting in jail, right?

Erica: Right.

Gayle: I'm not ending up in the cell beside him.

Erica: Of course not. You're gonna be protected.

Gayle: I need more than your word on that. There's already one warrant out for my arrest here. If I walk into a police station, I'll be thrown in jail for drugging Adam Chandler.

Ryan: Ok, I'm gonna make sure that doesn't happen.

Gayle: How?

Ryan: Because I know somebody that can help out with all this, ok, somebody that can give you the guarantees that you need so you feel comfortable coming forward, ok? It's gonna be all right. We'll talk more in the morning. Can I steal her for a second?

Gayle: Sure.

Erica: I'll be right back.

Ryan: Ok. Thanks. This has to work.

Erica: It will. I mean, if anyone can make this work, it's the two of us.

Brooke: J.R. is not in that hospital bed because of anything that you did. He has cancer. It's a horrible disease, and it doesn't discriminate. I mean, good people are diagnosed every day by no fault of their own or their fathers, so do not punish yourself for what is happening.

Adam: You don't know half of what I've done.

Brooke: I know that you love your son, and I know that you would do anything for him. And that counts for something.

[Door closes]

Adam: I, uh -- it's been a while since I've confessed my sins. I'm usually trying to cover them up, but not now. That stops right here. What happened to Stuart is my fault. I deserve to be punished, not J.R. And if you're thinking about, you know, declaring his fate, well, if you want a Chandler, I'm available. [Sobs softly]

Annie: I don't believe being a bone marrow donor is as easy as Angie says, and I'm not sure you're worth it. You didn't even want me to get tested, but lucky for you, I did, huh? Because I'm your last shot now, buddy. Huh. Oh, that got a reaction. Is it starting to sink in? The person you hate most in this world might be the only one who can save you.

J.R.: Get -- out.

Annie: Excuse me? I'm sorry. I can't hear you. What'd you say?

J.R.: Get out, you bitch.

Annie: Gladly.

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