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[Frankie yawns]

Randi: Hey. There you are. I've been calling. I was worried.

Frankie: I'm sorry.

Randi: I didn't know that you were doing a night shift.

Frankie: Yeah, well, something came up.

Randi: Well, it wasn't physical therapy. I stopped by in case you were there. Frankie, you've missed the last four appointments.

Frankie: Well, I've been busy.

Randi: Yeah, well, your doctor says that if you don't continue with the therapy, then all of your hard work and progress could be lost. Hey. What's wrong? What is it?

Frankie: I messed up, Randi, and the worst part is, it could ruin my mother.

Angie: Well, last night was rich. Oh, you were keeping up, trust me. [Laughs] Uh-huh. More often? I would really like that. Yeah, yeah, I'm still here. Oh, God. We lost a patient last night. Listen, I need to deal with this. I love you, too. Hey, baby, thank you. [Kiss] I just got your message. I'm sorry.

Dr. Simon: Where were you last night? All we needed was approval to eat the O.R. costs. You never called. Mr. Wheeler died.

Angie: The patient could've been saved?

Tad: Adam.

Adam: Well?

Tad: You were right. Based on what you gave me, it was a piece of cake for my contact to locate Sonia Reyes and her son Miguel.

Adam: And he'll agree to be tested?

Tad: After he got all your money.

Adam: How soon can you get the swab?

Tad: He only did it last night. It should be delivered today. We should be able to get the test results at the hospital this afternoon.

Adam: Oh, thank God.

Tad: It's gotta be one hell of a Reyes-Chandler connection for you to put this much on it. Have any of the other HLA test results come back yet?

Adam: The lab will call as soon as the results are available.

Tad: Ok, well, I'll get you that swab just as soon as it's delivered. Mrs. Chandler.

Adam: Good morning.

Annie: I want to apologize.

Marissa: You want some jam?

Little Adam: Yes, please.

Marissa: Ok. Hey, did you show your dad your new shoes?

J.R.: Stylin'.

Marissa: Size 12. He's a total bigfoot, and the rest of him's growing almost as fast. Here you go.

Little Adam: That's because I'm turning 6.

Marissa: Uh-huh.

J.R.: Yeah, just a few weeks to go. Yeah, I have an idea. What do you say we celebrate your birthday today?

Little Adam: But it's not my birthday today.

Marissa: Well, we will pretend. Yes, we'll have a party with balloons and cake and candles. What do you say?

Little Adam: Yay!

J.R.: [Chuckles] Oh, buddy.

[Keys in door]

David: It's about damn time.

Erica: Hope you like scones and lattes.

David: I can't believe you left me here all night.

Erica: Ooh, somebody got up on the wrong side of the chair.

David: All right, that's it, Erica. Enough's enough. Game's over. Untie me! Let me go.

Erica: I don't think that we've finished our conversation.

David: Greenlee needs me! I want to make sure she's ok.

Erica: Oh, Greenlee's very resilient. I'm sure she's fine. You must be hungry.

David: Oh, my gosh. All right, look. Let's get this over with, shall we? I've been thinking about it all night. Greenlee is barely back on her feet. The last thing she needs is to go head to head with you for Fusion. All right? And as far as I'm concerned, as long as I get a decent return on my investment, I don't give a damn about the freaking company.

Erica: So?

David: So I'll give you what you want!

Erica: Convince Greenlee to get away from Fusion? Marry her and get her out of town?

David: Yes. All of it. So there you go. You happy? You win.

Erica: Brave man marrying Greenlee.

David: I've already explained that. We understand each other.

Erica: Well, tell me something, David -- just exactly how do you plan to convince Greenlee to walk away from Fusion?

David: That won't be too hard. I'm her doctor. All I have to do is tell her she can't handle the stress of running a company, let alone fighting for it. The truth is, Greenlee is still recuperating from severe injuries. Serious surgery. The stress is debilitating. It could not only impede her recovery but it could undo it.

Erica: It's nicely put. And getting her to leave town? How do you propose to do that?

David: The stress card again. If Greenlee stays in town, she'll forever be running into you and Ryan. What she needs is a fresh start. A new life. Someplace without ghosts to haunt her. So there you go. All right? You happy? You satisfied?

Erica: And you'll marry her?

David: Gladly. Now will you please just give me the phone so I can call Greenlee? God knows what she's doing right now and how she is.

Erica: Well, Greenlee can't be too concerned. She hasn't called once. But there are an awful lot of calls from the lovely Nurse Gayle. That's the Massachusetts number, isn't it?

David: I don't give a damn about Gayle. I just want to call Greenlee to make sure she's ok.

Erica: And make plans for her to leave Fusion.

David: Yes!

Erica: And to leave town.

David: Yes!

Erica: You've really lost your touch.

David: For crying out loud, Erica, just give me the damn phone!

Erica: I would, if I believed one damn syllable out of your mouth.

David: What do you want me to do? You want me to sign something?

Erica: Oh, please, as if you signing something would ever hold you to your word? You know, it really has been fun reconnecting like this, but the truth is, unfortunately, it has been nothing but a big waste of my time, and you know how I hate wasting my time.

David: Would you please just trust me?

Erica: Oh, I'm sorry, David. Somehow I just can't do that. Well, I am so sorry. I really didn't want it to come to this, but now I'm gonna have to do something much more drastic to get what I want.

J.R.: So, what do you want for your birthday, big guy?

Little Adam: A new name.

J.R.: You don't like being named after your grandfather and me?

Little Adam: I'm not little anymore.

Marissa: He's got a point. "Little Adam" only works for so long.

J.R.: Do you have a name in mind?

Little Adam: Buzz.

Marissa: Like Buzz Lightyear?

J.R.: That's a good name. For Buzz. But not for you. You need your own name.

Marissa: I have an idea. Since we call your grandpa "Adam" and your dad is "J.R.," how about we combine them? "A.J."

J.R.: Very cool. Very grown-up. What do you think, "A.J."?

A.J.: I like it.

J.R.: Well, good. Let's make it official, then. Hmm? Here. Kneel, young sir. Henceforth and from here into eternity, this brave, young squire will be known as A.J., son of J.R. and grandson of Adam.

A.J.: Cool!

J.R.: Cool. Come here. [Chuckles]

Annie: You were right. I'm almost as guilty as Colby when it comes to all the drama in this house. I'm sorry for upsetting you when you have so much on your plate. J.R. comes first. Nothing else matters.

Adam: You have no idea how much that means to me.

Annie: Well, if J.R. won't let me test to see if my bone marrow is a match for his, the least I can do is try to keep peace in the household, right?

Adam: Well, thanks for the effort.

Annie: I heard Tad mention something about a swab? Is someone else getting tested?

Adam: Oh, yes. We're getting samples from everyone who offers.

Annie: Except for me. I -- I wish I could do something, I could prove to J.R. and Colby that they should accept me.

Adam: You've been a tremendous help at Chandler Enterprises. I'm very pleased and very impressed with that.

Annie: I've enjoyed it. But after working with Scott, I've realized that finance really isn't my niche. I mean, I -- I've learned a ton. I've learned a lot, but I think that my skills could be utilized elsewhere in the company, like maybe, say, the Chandler magazine?

Adam: "Tempo"?

Annie: Yeah, well, look. When I was going through my report, I realized that sales are down 37%, Adam, and ad revenue is tanking.

Adam: Well, that's why I'm looking for a new editor-in-chief.

Annie: Well, I think you found her. Hire me, Adam. I want to be editor.

Frankie: When I walked in and I saw my mom and dad connecting for the first time in forever, I -- I just didn't want her to use work as an excuse to cut it short.

Randi: Ok, well, there's nothing wrong with wanting to help your parents.

Frankie: Randi, I didn't deliver a message to the chief of staff, and a man is dead. I just wanted my mom and dad to have some quality time, and because of my choices, a man is dead.

Randi: Yeah, but you said it yourself -- Dr. Simon said it wasn't an emergency. Frankie, you cannot blame this on you.

Frankie: I could've -- I should've called my mother the minute he told me about the problem, but what did I do? I reacted like a son instead of a doctor.

Randi: So, what do you do now?

Frankie: Make it right.

Randi: How?

Frankie: Well, if I tell my mom that I chose not to give her the message, because I wanted her and Dad to have some time together, she's gonna feel guilty, and she'll cover for me, so -- I'm gonna tell her I forgot. That way all the blame stays on me. Where it belongs.

Dr. Simon: We decided to waive our fee since Wheeler was uninsured, but we needed your approval for the hospital to pick up the facilities and materials cost. I talked to Frankie. He said he'd call you. You were on standby, waiting. If you didn't feel the hospital could absorb the cost, we were ready to transport Wheeler to County.

Angie: What happened?

Dr. Simon: The aneurysm burst. We opened him up, but he'd lost too much blood.

Angie: If I'd been here, he wouldn't have died. Thank you, Dr. Simon, for updating me, and I'm sorry about Mr. Wheeler.

[Telephone ringing]

[Door closes]

Angie: Dr. Hubbard. Ohh. Thank you. No, I'll tell the family. Oh, God. J.R.

David: All right, I'll tell you what. Why don't you just take me out to dinner, all right? We'll forget all about this stupid game. And the multiple felonies that go along with it.

[Telephone ringing]

David: That could be Greenlee. Erica, just give it to me.

Erica: No, it's not Greenlee. It's just Gayle. Again.

David: Erica!

Erica: Oh, poor woman. So loyal.

David: Yes, and well paid for her services.

Erica: Oh, really? You paid her well enough to spy on Adam and to drug Adam? She took a fall for you. She lost her job all for you.

David: I bought her a bar.

Erica: Oh. That's better than flowers, I guess. But still, I mean, it must be love, poor thing.

David: Gayle is an excellent employee, all right? She's probably just calling to see how Greenlee's doing.

Erica: I remember Gayle very well. I spoke to Gayle several times when you had her installed as Adam's private nurse. And I could tell then she was completely smitten with you. I just wish I had warned her then that it would never work out.

David: This is ridiculous.

Erica: You know, Gayle is waiting. She's waiting for you to notice how smart and loyal and attractive she is. Does Gayle know that you're planning to marry Greenlee?

David: Gayle is a nurse, all right? Nothing more. I don't have to explain my behavior to her or get permission to live my life!

Erica: Oh, so you didn't tell her you were planning to marry Greenlee. Oh, that wasn't very smart, David. Because Gayle knows way too much about you, most of it incriminating, of course. Well, your situation with Adam, hiding the fact that Greenlee was alive for a year.

David: There's nothing to tell.

Erica: Well, I'm glad you're so confident. Because if Gayle was the jealous type, if maybe you had led her on, made her believe that there was perhaps a chance with you, maybe let her think that there would be more, all the while you went behind her back, were planning to marry the very person that she kept alive -- well, you know it's true what they say. Hell hath no fury, and a woman like Gayle, I bet she hath a lot of fury.

Adam: As talented as you are, it takes a lot of experience to bring a magazine like "Tempo" back from the brink.

Annie: Well, who's better at coming back from the brink than I am?

[Adam chuckles]

Annie: Ok. So, I don't know the day-to-day details about running a magazine. Fine. But "Tempo" doesn't need somebody who knows routine. "Tempo" needs a vision. Energy. A fresh approach. Come on, Adam, let me -- let me do this. Let me prove myself to you.

Adam: You don't have to prove yourself to me.

Annie: Yes. I do. You've given me so much. I want to give back. I want to contribute, and the Chandler name has taken a lot of hits lately, and mostly because of me.

Adam: All of us have a part in that one.

Annie: I can do this, Adam. I can make this magazine a force in the industry, and it would get a ton of attention. Hold on. I would put my mind, heart, body, and soul into this magazine so that when people think of you and they think of Chandler, they don't think of the man who killed his brother. And when they think of me, they don't see a tire iron in my hand.

Adam: You've obviously given this a lot of thought.

Annie: Yeah. Because I love you, and I don't want to disappoint you like so many of your other wives obviously had, and I also want to prove you right, that it was right of you to trust me and believe in me.

Adam: Well, there are a lot of qualified candidates in line for this job, and I canceled all the interviews for today.

Annie: Well, obviously. I mean, why would you want to have to deal with interviews when you're so busy, and you're so concerned about your son? I mean, if you just gave me the job, you could just skip all the interviews, right?

Adam: Yeah. Right.

Annie: Ok, just think about it. Just think about it, ok?

Adam: I will.

Annie: Ok. Yes! Ok.

[Telephone ringing]

Adam: Adam Chandler.

Angie: It's Angie.

Adam: Do you have any results?

Angie: I do. I'm sorry, Adam. No one was a match for J.R.

Adam: Are you sure? Can't you -- shouldn't you run them again?

Angie: I'm sure.

Adam: What now?

Angie: We sent a sample to the National Registry and hopefully they'll find a match there.

Adam: But I have another sample. This is -- this is from California. And I'll have it today.

Angie: I'll rush it through.

Adam: Thank you.

Annie: No match?

Adam: No.

Annie: I'm sorry.

Adam: Yeah. Um -- I gotta go.

Annie: Where?

Adam: To the hospital. I'll get back to you.

Frankie: We need to talk.

Angie: We do. Dr. Simon asked you to call me about the Wheeler case.

Frankie: Yes.

Angie: You told him you called me. You didn't. Why?

Frankie: Because I screwed up. Big time. And it's all my fault.

J.R.: I hope Marissa gets back with that cake. I'm getting hungry.

A.J.: Me, too.

J.R.: I hope it's chocolate.

A.J.: Me, too.

J.R.: What do you think the chances of the Phillies winning this year?

A.J.: They'll get them this year.

J.R.: When did you grow up so fast?

A.J.: I don't know. I just did.

J.R.: How about a soda?

A.J.: Are you ok, Daddy?

J.R.: Yeah. Hanging out with my son -- A.J. How could I not be?

A.J.: I love you, Daddy.

J.R.: I love you, too, son.

Frankie: I was at your desk when Dr. Simon came in and explained the situation. I got busy on the phone taking other calls and messages, and -- I forgot.

Angie: There will be an inquest.

Frankie: I know. That's why I want you to deal with it now. Step up. Explain that the patient's death was my failure to follow through. Ok? If I come forward now, it'll save everyone a lot of time.

Angie: Frankie, one phone call. That's all it would've taken.

Frankie: I know. I was -- I was juggling too many things. It slipped my mind. Look, you have every right to be angry with me. So, treat me like any other doctor who messed up. Let me deal with the consequences.

Angie: No. I'll deal with it.

Frankie: I'm not gonna let you take this on, Mom.

Angie: I will handle it, Frankie.

Adam: Oh. I want to re-do those tests. All of them.

Angie: It won't change the results.

Adam: Well, mistakes can happen. We want to double-check every one of them.

Angie: No mistakes were made, Adam. The tests were clear. No one's HLA matches J.R.'s.

Adam: Well, then, test me.

Angie: We've already been over this. Given your heart condition, the medication that you're on, you are not a candidate.

Adam: I'm the boy's father. How much better match do you need? Ha ha.

Angie: I know that you'll do anything to protect your son.

Adam: Mm.

Angie: But the rules are the rules.

Adam: Hmm. I'm on the board. You're already in a very tenuous position, given the financial status of all this.

Angie: I'm sorry. But if you get me the swab that you mentioned on the phone, I'll push that through the lab. Other than that, there is nothing else I can do.

Adam: Yes.

[Door closes]

David: For the last time, Erica. My relationship with Gayle is strictly professional. Her job was done when I brought Greenlee here.

Erica: Then why all these phone calls?

David: Gayle can be a bit obsessive.

Erica: Which can make for a very conscientious employee, but it can complicate things on a personal level.

David: There's nothing personal between Gayle and me.

Erica: Did you sleep with her?

David: You want the gory details?

Erica: Oh, David. When did you become so predictable?

David: I'm tired, all right? I'm hungry.

Erica: The David I knew was so mysterious, so unfathomable to most. And now you're the same with every woman. Every woman -- Krystal, Amanda. Gayle. Give them those great, big romantic eyes, then you use them, and you throw them away as soon as you're done with them, as soon as you get them to feel something for you. I mean, unless you have feelings for this Nurse Gayle.

David: All right, fine. Look. She fell for me. All right? You happy? I didn't encourage her. I made no promises to her.

Erica: You didn't return her feelings.

David: [Laughs] No. Absolutely not. Believe me, I prefer a woman who's not so easily manipulated, someone who could actually think for herself. Gayle has the brains of a chicken. Look, she had a job, ok? The job is done. She's out of my life for good.

Erica: Maybe not.

David: What are you talking about? You didn't.

Erica: I did. You can come in now.

[Door closes]

Gayle: You bastard. After everything I did for you. I lost my job because of you. My nursing license.

David: I know. I know. And I -- I am so grateful, Gayle.

Gayle: I spent months of my life taking care of your precious Greenlee. I fed her, I changed her bedpans, helped her walk again, so that you could marry her?

David: No. No. We're not married.

Erica: Yet.

Gayle: I trusted you. I did things for you I never would've done for anyone else.

Erica: Such as convince all of us that Greenlee died in that river.

Gayle: Yes. Exactly. I helped you switch out the DNA on that Jane Doe they found. You told me that I was the only person you could trust. I broke the law for you.

Erica: And it would be just so wrong for a beautiful woman like you to spend a second behind bars.

Gayle: I thought we were a team.

David: We are.

Gayle: You let me believe that you cared for me, that I was more than just an employee. And now? You won't even answer my phone calls. All of a sudden I'm trash? Forgotten so that you can go off and marry that spoiled, ungrateful brat?

Erica: Oh, for a man to treat a woman like that, that is practically criminal.

David: [Sighs] Gayle, I am so sorry if I misled you. I really am. And you -- you're a wonderful woman.

Gayle: Yeah, with the brains of a chicken. You son of a -- you totally used me. And this time you can't flatter me or pay me off or hope that I'll just go away without saying anything.

David: What are you doing?

Gayle: You want to marry that bug-eyed twit, go ahead. But with the things I know, you're gonna be spending your honeymoon in jail.

Erica: Oh, Gayle, Gayle. I appreciate your anger. I understand it, I really do. But it's not gonna work exactly like that.

Adam: Did you get it?

Tad: What about the other results? There must have been some word.

Adam: Not a single match. None.

Tad: Damn.

Adam: I tried to get Angie to test me, but she refused, so I just hope this thing works, because if not, I'm gonna have to find a doctor who will test me.

Tad: Well, did you tell J.R. about the results?

Adam: I really wanted to wait until we've exhausted all of the possibilities. We don't have to -- to dash his hopes before we've exhausted every option.

Tad: Huh.

[Telephone ringing]

Tad: Hang on. Huh. Hello, J.R. What's up?

J.R.: I was hoping you'd stop by.

Tad: Uh, why? Are you ok?

J.R.: Yeah. We're throwing a party. I also wanted to talk to you about something.

Tad: Well, I'll be right there. He wants to see me.

Adam: How'd he sound?

Tad: Honestly?

Adam: Yeah.

Tad: Let's hope that's the answer to a prayer.

Adam: I'm on my way to the lab.

Frankie: I get that you want to protect me. But not this time. I'm an adult. I'm responsible for my actions. I'm responsible for the patient's death. So let me face the inquest.

Angie: You're not part of this anymore.

Frankie: The patient would still be alive if it wasn't for me.

Angie: Get back to work, Frankie.

Frankie: And what are you gonna do?

Angie: You don't need to worry about it.

Frankie: You're gonna cover it up? You're gonna take the fall? What?

Angie: You're a good doctor. You don't just forget messages about patients waiting for life-saving surgeries. You chose not to call me.

Frankie: That's not true.

Angie: You walked into this office and you saw your father and me sharing a close moment, and you saw your chance to give us some time together.

Frankie: You needed it.

Angie: Yes, we did, and I appreciate you trying to make that happen, but how many times have we discussed this? You cannot let the personal affect the professional.

Frankie: I shouldn't have let it happen.

Angie: No, I shouldn't have let it happen.

Frankie: You're not responsible.

Angie: Mr. Wheeler would be alive if I had been here. Now, I am in charge of this hospital. That is my problem. And that's my responsibility.

Frankie: It's my fault.

Angie: Stop saying that! I don't want to hear those words come out of your mouth again.

Frankie: But I'm to blame!

Angie: That is enough! Now, I am ordering you as chief of staff to keep your mouth shut! Do you understand me?

Gayle: He deserves to go to prison. He deserves worse. Hell is too good for him.

Erica: Oh, I completely agree. David is one of those predatory men who uses his so-called charms to manipulate otherwise good and really trusting women, and he certainly deserves to be punished for what he did to you.

David: I didn't force you to do anything, Gayle.

Erica: Just ignore him, Gayle. Ignore him. You know what he is now. He has no power over you. You have all the power.

Gayle: That's why I want to call the police.

Erica: But you have to calm down. I promised you that David will get everything he deserves, and I will help you start a new life. Trust me.

Gayle: You said we were like sisters.

Erica: And I meant it. So why don't you just go back now to where you are staying and relax and wait for me to call you.

Gayle: All right.

Erica: Gayle, it's very important that you speak to no one but me. Good. Ok.

Gayle: One good kick. Just one.

Erica: Gayle. I understand your feelings. I really do. But we agreed we would do this my way.

Gayle: You promise he'll suffer?

Erica: Oh, I promise. We'll talk soon.

[Door closes]

[Erica sighs]

Erica: Well. Gayle seems rather upset.

A.J.: Ha!

[Marissa laughs]

Tad: It's a look. Ha. You said you were having a party. I should've believed you. What's this? What's the big event?

A.J.: I'm turning 6.

Tad: Yeah, but not for a couple weeks.

J.R.: Yeah, we decided to celebrate a little bit early.

Marissa: You're just in time for A.J.'s cake. It's almost ready.

Tad: A.J.?

A.J.: Me!

Tad: You? You're an A.J.?

A.J.: I'm not little anymore.

J.R.: We decided a grown-up boy deserves a grown-up name.

Tad: Oh. You know what? I agree. And I like it. Give me something. You know what? You are never too big for hugs. You know that? Never. I don't care how old you get.

Marissa: Hey, A.J., you want to help me put the candles on?

Tad: Listen, I don't want to be a buzz kill, but -- you don't look so hot. How do you feel?

J.R.: I'm hanging in there.

Tad: You do that, all right? You do just that, because we're gonna find you a donor soon.

J.R.: Yeah. Uh, listen, I wanted to talk to you about contingency plans.

Tad: No, no, no, no, no. Forget that. We're not gonna talk about contingency. I don't want to have the contingency talk, ok? I meant what I said. Meant just what I said. We're gonna find you a donor, get you some marrow, put it in there. Come Memorial Day, you are gonna be on the beach with your wife and A.J. and all the rest of us. That's the way it's gonna go.

J.R.: That's my plan exactly, but -- just in case.

Tad: Ok. Just in case, but I'm gonna tell you. Just in case is not gonna happen, so, fine. Give it all you got.

J.R.: You've been as much of a father to me as Adam. Hell, since before I was A.J.'s age, you've been setting me straight even when I didn't want to hear it. You kept my feet on terra firma when everything was spinning out of control, and you made me feel safe when things were really crazy.

Tad: Yeah, well, that's what fathers do for their sons. What's your point?

J.R.: Look, my point is that -- Adam loves A.J. as much as my dad loves him, I just want --

Tad: You want me to be there for him the same way I was for you.

J.R.: Yeah.

Tad: God knows you don't have to ask. Because you're gonna be right there with me every step of the way.

J.R.: Just promise that you'll look out after him. With Adam on one side and David on the other trying to horn in -- A.J.'s gonna need you. Marissa's gonna need you, too. I asked Scott to help, but there's no one I trust more. I love you.

Tad: I love you, too.

[J.R. sniffles]

Tad: You ok?

J.R.: Yeah.

Tad: What the hell was that? Are you ok?

J.R.: I just had too much birthday candy. I just got a sugar rush. I'm ok.

Tad: Are you sure you're all right?

J.R.: Yeah.

Tad: Maybe we should go to the hospital.

J.R.: No. We gotta get through this cake first.

Angie: I expect your complete cooperation.

Frankie: So I'm supposed to stand by and do nothing while -- while you clean up my mess?

Angie: Yes.

Frankie: Now who's letting the personal affect the professional? I don't need my mother to protect me. Be the chief of staff. Do your job. Write me up, suspend me, but stop trying to cover my ass.

Angie: I will fire your ass if you don't respect my decisions and follow my orders. You got that? Now, I am going to do an interview with Dr. Simon and his team, contain the fallout for this hospital.

Frankie: That's it?

Angie: You pull it together, Frankie.

[Door opens and closes]

Frankie: Aah!

[Frankie punches Angie's desk with his bad hand]

Adam: Angie.

Angie: Look, not now, Adam.

Adam: No, I have -- I have it. The sample.

Angie: The possible donor for J.R.?

Adam: I pray to God, yes.

Angie: I'll get it tested right away.

Adam: Good. And -- J.R.'s time could be running out.

A.J.: Daddy, the cake's done.

J.R.: Guess it's time to blow out all those candles, huh?

Marissa: Hey, are you all right?

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah. We got candles to blow out, right?

A.J.: Yeah.

J.R.: Yeah. Ok, let's get --

Tad: Hey.

[Marissa gasps as J.R. falls into Tad's arms]

Marissa: J.R.!

Tad: Hey.

A.J.: Daddy! Daddy!

Tad: Get on the phone. Call 911. J.R., can you hear me?

Annie: Oh, articles are way too long. Reader's attention is two pages max. Plus, they need to expand their gossip section for sure.

[Doorbell rings]

[Annie sighs]

Annie: You're --

Brooke: Yes. I am. Is Adam home?

Erica: Gayle's a lovely woman, if you like hand grenades.

David: What do you want, Erica?

Erica: It's what you want, David.

David: Sleep. Real food. A bath.

Erica: You have choices. I have my finger on the pin, and I can keep it there, and you'll be safe. Or I can toss that hot, little hand grenade into your lap. Your choice. Up to you.

David: [Sighs] All I have to do is --

Erica: Marry Greenlee, get her to turn Fusion over to me completely, and get her to leave town. Then everyone is happy. So much better than [Clicks tongue] Boom, don't you think?

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