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All My Children Transcript Friday 2/19/10


Episode #10315

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Liza: Yes, the petition is ready to go. I just need the ok --

Tad: I just want you to give me everything you can find on Sonia Reyes except a passport check. I've already done a passport check --

Liza: Thank you very much, ok? Uh, excuse me. I'm just walking here --

Tad: Ha. Wait just -- no. Just hang on. Just -- never mind. Just keep me updated, all right? I'll call you back.

Liza: You.

Tad: You you is right. How about stranger?

Liza: Yeah.

Tad: Have we met? Oh, Tad Martin. Nice to meet you.

Liza: Ha ha! Come on. Oh, who needs a life. I have clients.

Tad: Yeah, me, too.

Liza: Yeah? You got somebody new?

Tad: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Liza: Go ahead, try me.

Tad: Adam Chandler.

Liza: Really?

Tad: No, I'm lying.

Liza: Oh, wow. I got a new client, too. Yeah, his son.

Marissa: Oh, doctors were right. It didn't hurt at all.

J.R.: If only it were that simple.

Annie: I brought you a coffee.

Adam: Oh. Heh. Ah, um, we're going to find you a match, son. Annie, why don't you run and see if you can pick up something for J.R. Anybody else? Hmm.

Erica: Well, now, Doctor, what would Greenlee think if she heard you flirting with the enemy this way?

David: She would probably cancel the wedding.

Erica: Oh. Well, we can't have that now, can we?

David: Well, I thought you'd want Greenlee left at the altar.

Erica: No. I want your wedding to take place. I want you to marry Greenlee. I want you to take her away from Fusion. And Pine Valley. And Ryan. Forever.

David: So that's what you want out of all of this.

Erica: Drink?

David: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm kind of tied up at the moment.

Erica: Well, you're gonna need your strength.

David: Strength? Why? Do you have something in mind?

Erica: For a man who just stood at the altar ready to marry Greenlee --

David: But it's you and me, Erica. We don't need to play games, now, do we?

Erica: Were we playing one?

David: You're asking a lot from me. I'm trying to see what I can get out of the deal.

Greenlee: Ok, I still love you. Are you happy now?

Ryan: Happier than you can possibly --

Greenlee: I never stopped. I mean, how do you stop loving someone that you're supposed to marry?

Ryan: You don't.

Greenlee: You just can't.

Ryan: I never did, Greenlee. It's always been you.

Greenlee: Even though you're the one that kidnapped me. You brought me here and --

Ryan: It doesn't matter.

Greenlee: Let me finish! You forced me to go back, to relive it all, to live every dream, every wish, every promise, and I can't lie to you -- I do love you. I will always love you.

[Ryan grabs Greenlee and kisses her]

Ryan: What is it? What's wrong? Greenlee, you don't have to be afraid of this.

Greenlee: Don't you get it? I may love you, I may always love you, but nothing's changed.

Ryan: I hurt you, but I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you.

Greenlee: That hurt is real, Ryan. It tears me. It rips me up inside, and it's because I love you.

Ryan: Well, then why did you kiss me?

Greenlee: I was kissing you good-bye.

Erica: What do you really want, David?

David: What don't I want?

Erica: Well, then if you really are Pine Valley's most selfish man -- what will you get out of marrying Greenlee?

Liza: He's got to get a bone marrow transplant.

Tad: Yep, yep. At this point, it's his only chance. Everybody we know is at the hospital being swabbed.

Liza: You know he's not going anywhere? Hey, listen, I'm gonna get myself tested as well, ok?

Tad: You know, I'm crazy about you, but chances of a non-familial match are so slim you'd be wasting your time.

Liza: Yeah, I know. I want to.

Tad: Yeah?

Liza: Mm. It makes so much sense now why J.R. came to my office, looking for some --

Tad: Information about his will. You can say it. His will.

Liza: Listen, sometimes when people take stock in what they have when they're going through these medical experiences, it doesn't mean anything.

Tad: I know, I know. Liza, ha! You know, everything's desperate these days. I mean, look at this. Adam Chandler himself hires me to open a missing person's case.

Liza: Missing or hiding?

Tad: I don't know yet. It's a good question.

Liza: And he hires you.

Tad: Yeah. Ordinarily the last person in the world he'd trust. Go figure.

Liza: Look, Adam Chandler definitely hates you, but he knows how much you love his son.

Tad: He knows if I have to turn this country on its side to find this Sonia Reyes, I'll do it.

Annie: Here. How can I help, J.R.? Other than getting tested, of course.

J.R.: We're fine.

Annie: I know we're not related, at least by blood. I probably wouldn't be a match anyway. I wasn't for my brother. But if I am a match, I will walk into that procedure willingly, happily.

J.R.: You want a medal?

Annie: If -- if that did happen, if I could do this for you, I think it would be a real shift for us. I think things would change for the better. I know that you don't like me, and you don't trust me and most of all you don't think I'm good for your father.

J.R.: That sounds about right.

Annie: But if I could do this, if I could help you, I think things would be different --

J.R.: And then what? I'd owe you? I'd be in debt to you?

Annie: No. No, that's not what I'm saying at all. If you'll just -- if you'll just hear me out for a second.

Jake: Annie -- we're ready for the test.

Annie: Ok.

J.R.: No, you know what? Forget it. Even if she is a match, I don't want what she can give. 

Annie: J.R., slow down. I was just trying to help.

Jake: Are we doing this test or --

Annie: Yes!

J.R.: No! You heard me.

Colby: Ok, ok. What is wrong?

J.R.: Nothing from this woman is gonna be transplanted or pumped or put into my body.

Colby: What did she say to you, J.R.?

Annie: J.R., you misunderstood.

J.R.: No. I mean it, Jake. Nothing. God knows how I'd come out.

Jake: Wait a second. We screen all the samples. Nothing is transferable.

Annie: What -- what is that supposed to mean?

J.R.: Really, Jake? You screen for crazy?

Marissa: J.R., calm down.

J.R.: No. She took a tire iron to her brother, for God's sake. Get out.

Jake: Whoa.

Annie: J.R., if you'll just listen to me.

Adam: What's going on in here? Annie, are you ok?

Annie: No, I am not ok. I have no idea what just happened.

Jake: All right, why don't you guys page me when you decide.

J.R.: The hell you don't know what happened.

Marissa: J.R., it's not worth it.

Colby: Annie, you hurt him. Leave.

Annie: Adam?

J.R.: Just get her out!

Annie: Please, please, Adam, I am just trying to help.

Adam: Now is not the time, no. Perhaps you should go home.

Colby: Finally.

Annie: Adam, I am family. I belong here.

Adam: Yes, well, Scott can be there to take care of you, and you can wait for me at the mansion. Trust me, this is the best way.

Scott: Come on, Annie. Good-bye, guys.

Ryan: That kiss was a good-bye? Greenlee, tell me you don't mean that.

Greenlee: Never meant anything more.

Ryan: But we're finally getting somewhere here.

Greenlee: We're not getting anywhere.

Ryan: Well, then what do you call this? Because I love you more than anything in the world, and you just admitted that you still love me. I mean, that's definitely a first step.

Greenlee: No. It's the last. We had a future, but it's in the past now, a wonderful, beautiful past, so don't ruin it. What we had ended the day I died.

Ryan: You've come back before.

Greenlee: To what? To hurt each other all over again.

Ryan: I'm not gonna let you go, Greenlee, I won't.

Greenlee: We had something great, something one of a kind. Sometimes that's all you get. Don't get greedy.

Ryan: Don't get -- don't get greedy? I'm here. I'm right here. I'm in front of you. Ok, we have this opportunity. This is a chance. I mean, if you want to call that greedy, then so be it.

Greenlee: And what does that leave us?

Ryan: With more love and more adventure.

Greenlee: I don't know how many times I have to say this: What we had is over.

Ryan: So you would rather marry a man that you don't love than be with me? You'd rather marry David? That's your answer?

Greenlee: It's the only answer I have.

Ryan: Tell me you don't mean that. Promise me -- promise me that you will not marry that man.

David: Marrying Greenlee is a no-brainer. I get a young, beautiful, vibrant bride out of the deal, a smart woman who makes her own future. She was his life. A woman who reminds me a lot of someone else I know. Uh.

Erica: Don't insult me.

David: Oof!

Erica: Oh, well, don't spit it out. Don't waste food. I only brought just so many.

David: All right, Erica, seriously, how long are we gonna do this dance?

Erica: As long as it takes.

David: But you don't want to hear anything I have to say.

Erica: Unless you want to say to me that you're gonna take Greenlee out of town and leave for good. No? Oh, well, that's too bad because then that might have moved this whole thing along.

Erica: [Sighs] Well, then tell me something, David. Was any of that lovely little speech true?

David: Every word.

Erica: Then why did it seem so made up?

David: It came from the bottom of my heart.

Erica: Oh, you found one recently?

David: Ha ha. You know, it's one of the things I've always loved about you, Erica. So quick on the comeback. It must be difficult for you, not having an equal partner.

Erica: You know, throughout this -- wonderful speech that you just gave about Greenlee and all of her really tremendous qualities, there's something that you missed.

David: No doubt. I could talk at length about Greenlee's strengths.

Erica: Well, most men when they're about to get married they mention the word love, and you -- you missed that one completely.

David: Mmm. And you would be the expert, right?

Erica: Tell me something, David, have you ever been in love, even once?

David: Ha. Great. Let me guess, this is where you tell me that I'm incapable of love. Am I right?

Erica: No. This is where I tell you that the very notion of love scares you to death.

Adam: Well, we've located the top lymphoma oncologist on the East Coast. He's presenting a paper in Berlin.

Colby: What is wrong, Dad? Are you --

Adam: No, it's nothing. Nothing's wrong. I just --

J.R.: You can say her name.

Adam: I hated sending Annie home.

J.R.: I hated having her here. I have cancer. I win.

Adam: I know you don't like her, but she realizes the seriousness of your condition, and she wants to help you.

J.R.: Now, I'm sick, I'm not stupid, ok? She wants to use this situation to her advantage.

Adam: No, no, that's not true!

J.R.: If Annie had her choice, she'd make me go away along with Colby and Scott -- and anyone else who got in her way.

Annie: Oh! Adam sent me home! I am his wife, not the help! I went to the hospital to support my husband and his children. Why else would I be there?

Scott: His first concern was J.R.

Annie: Yeah, the same J.R. who feels that my bone marrow isn't good enough for him.

Scott: He was upset.

Annie: What does it take to be accepted by this family? All you people do is talk about family bonds when really they just seem to keep everybody out.

Scott: You're about as in as you can be. You are Mrs. Adam Chandler, and you make everybody know it.

Annie: Yeah, well, what's the point if this is how I'm treated?

Scott: Now, now, just -- here. Hey, let me do it. Let me do it. Listen, ok, the focus is on J.R. now, and you have to know that.

Annie: Of course, I know that. I'm not an idiot. I may not like J.R., but he is Adam's son, and he's sick.

Scott: Some concern would go a long way.

Annie: Yeah? Look how far my concern gets me.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Annie: I don't care if J.R. hates me. I don't care if Colby hates me. But my own husband dismissing me like I am some assistant? Flicking me away like I'm a little fly? And I'm trying. I am trying so hard to -- oh, damn it.

[Annie drops a glass and it shatters on the floor]

Scott: Oh, God, ok. No, no, no. Let me get it.

Annie: No. Oh.

Scott: Hang on, hang on. It's ok, it's ok. We got it.

[Annie grabs Scott's hand]

Annie: At least I still have you.

David: Ha. I'm scared of love, huh?

Erica: You're not?

David: Hardly. I've loved, I've lost, and like a fool I'll go at it again.

Erica: Why do you always shut everyone out?

David: Sounds like you have a theory.

Erica: God forbid you put your heart at risk. If you let anyone in, ever, even a little, they might love you. But then you love to be hated. So if you keep them away, then there's no risk.

David: You do realize we're not on your old talk show, don't you?

David: I also realize that you weren't always evil Dr. David Hayward. I know you, David, and I know you were once a little boy, a little boy who loved his father and who blamed his mother --

David: Enough! We're having fun here, Erica, just like old times. Me tied up, you torturing me. It just adds to the spark. But my childhood is definitely off the table.

Greenlee: What I do with David doesn't concern you, not anymore.

Ryan: Don't -- don't marry him, Greenlee. This is not -- this is not about David! It's nothing to do with David. This has to do with you.

Greenlee: Thanks for your concern. I'll take it from here.

Ryan: It's a mistake, Greenlee. I need you to promise me right now that you will not marry that man.

Greenlee: Promise? That's it?

Ryan: Yes.

Greenlee: Fine. I won't marry David. It's not love. It never was. Can I go now?

Ryan: Yeah, I need you to be honest with me.

Greenlee: Didn't you hear what you just said? Promise and it's over.

Ryan: Pretty quick for a woman who was just in a wedding dress, that's all I'm saying.

Greenlee: Well, what can I say? I live in the moment.

Ryan: Which gets you in a lot of trouble, right?

Greenlee: I almost died. It changed me. You should know.

Ryan: Greenlee, why don't you just lie down --

Greenlee: God, you're irritating! You asked me to do something, and then I do it, and then you doubt me! I can't win!

Ryan: This has nothing to do with win or lose, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, my God, we're never gonna get out of here at this rate.

Ryan: This is not about that, ok?

Greenlee: Does this thing open? It's so flipping hot in here.

Ryan: Hey, it's not really that hot in here, Greenlee. Let's just take it easy, ok? We can do this later.

Greenlee: No, no! We're gonna do this now until we're done, and I'm home. I've poured my heart out to you. I told you everything that you don't deserve to hear. I admitted that I love you, and you, it's like you weren't even listening.

Ryan: You're not really making any sense.

Greenlee: Doesn't my opinion count for anything?

Ryan: I'm not trying to get you upset, ok?

Greenlee: Face it, Ryan, we hurt each other again and again, and I can't do this, not now!

Ryan: Ok, when you're feeling better, we'll come back to this.

Greenlee: No, no, no! Don't you realize what it's like to come back here, ready to start over, and then realizing that nothing is different? Nothing. I've been broken way too many times. My body, my heart, and it's broken again into -- and just when I think I'm getting it all back together again, bam! It all falls to pieces, and we can't be together, Ryan. We can't. Ok, we can't. I can't. I can't.

Ryan: Hey, Greenlee!

[Greenlee faints to the floor]

Annie: No. You can't do that. You can't look at me like that and then just pull away, not now.

Scott: Let me take this.

Annie: No! I open up to you. I ask for your help, and then you just turn away like that? I need you right now, Scott.

Scott: I'm sorry, Annie, but things have to change around here.

Annie: Things? What things?

Scott: This. Ok, you, us, this -- this cycle that we're in.

Annie: We're friends.

Scott: No. I am not your friend, and you know it. I can't do the back and forth.

Annie: We're family.

Scott: Yeah. And either you are my uncle's wife or you are not. That is it.

Annie: I wasn't coming on to you, Scott. God! Ah! Ow! Damn it!

Scott: You ok? Hey.

Annie: I -- don't worry about me. I don't need a white knight, Scott, I need an ally.

Scott: Well, it's not me, not anymore. I just came from the hospital with J.R., Annie, ok, and I was getting my cheek swabbed. I was getting my cheek swabbed for a test that might allow me to save his life. That is so much bigger than you and me.

Annie: I didn't ask you to bail on your cousin!

Scott: Look, we were supposed to run Chandler together, and now it is all on me, and I get distracted.

Annie: By me.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, you. I can't be alone with you, Annie. I can't be alone with you ever. I cannot work with you at Chandler.

Annie: So what? You're gonna kick me out?

Scott: Find something else to do with your time, Annie.

Annie: What if I don't want to?

Scott: Well, that's too bad. Because I am putting up a wall, and if that doesn't work, I am going to build a real one. I'm sorry, Annie, but things change. Starting now.

J.R.: Colby. Ahem. We've got to talk.

Colby: Yeah.

J.R.: If something happens to me and I don't make it --

Colby: No, J.R., just shut up, all right?

J.R.: I'm sorry, but we have to talk about this. If I'm gone and Annie's in that house with Dad --

Colby: Ok, ok, ok. I've got it.

J.R.: Where are you going?

Colby: I know just the right push.

J.R.: Don't do anything stupid.

Colby: I'll be back soon.

Liza: Adam, where's J.R.?

Adam: Mmm. What's this about? What?

Liza: Hi.

J.R.: Hey. Liza. Thank you for taking care of all this.

Liza: Mm-hmm. Tad told me what's going on, and I'm so sorry. I'm gonna get myself tested.

J.R.: Did you get the papers?

Liza: Yeah, I got them right here. I just -- I have a few questions.

Adam: If you want a lawyer, son, we have a floor full of them at Chandlers.

J.R.: It doesn't require a corporate lawyer.

Marissa: Hey.

J.R.: Hi. Where's Little A?

Marissa: Oh, I wasn't sure how long we'd be, so he's in the hospital daycare. His friend Joey is in there today.

J.R.: That's good.

Marissa: So are you here to get tested.

Liza: No -- not entirely.

J.R.: I asked Liza to look into some estate issues.

Marissa: You're not going to die.

J.R.: I want you to adopt Little A. I want you to be his mother every way possible.

Ryan: How is she? Is she gonna be ok?

Jake: I think it's just dehydration.

Ryan: Really?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Thank you for being on call.

Jake: How was she right before she fainted?

Ryan: She, uh, she said it was hot a couple times.

Jake: How was her coloring?

Ryan: Pale, actually.

Jake: Was she -- did she seem alert or --

Ryan: Yeah, she seemed alert. She seemed alert enough to tear into me. You know, what is this? What do you think it is? Do you think it's just like a complication from the surgery?

Jake: Honestly, I think it's just stress. She's been doing it to herself for the past few weeks.

Ryan: I tried to get her to lie down. I said --

Jake: Really?

Ryan: Take it easy.

Jake: How'd that go for you?

Ryan: It just gets so intense, you know what I mean?

Jake: Don't -- don't be hard on yourself. She's done this to herself, ok? And honestly, I think it's just low blood sugar. Ok?

Ryan: It's just I love her. You know, I love her so much, and she still loves me. I can see that. I know it's still there.

Jake: Love is hard, but she wouldn't be Greenlee if she made it easy, right?

Ryan: I just didn't know how else to get through to her. I didn't know what else to do.

Erica: I'm sorry. I didn't realize that talking about your parents could still push your buttons.

David: And talk of your childhood doesn't?

Erica: It's just one more thing we have in common.

David: Oh, please. You knew exactly what you were doing. Boy, it really does feel like the good old days, huh?

Erica: Love is really out there, David. It's waiting for both of us.

David: Well, maybe it's right in front of us.

Erica: I can't wait to find my next great love. I can't wait to just leap into the great unknown.

David: Yeah. Don't forget your parachute. Or is it a prenup?

Erica: David, there really is someone waiting out there for you. Do you really not want to know who it is?

[Cell phone rings]

David: Erica, that could be Greenlee. Please.

Erica: Oh, she'll leave a message.

David: You're not thinking clearly! She's only a few weeks post-op!

Erica: No, it's not her. Ok, so, where were we? Oh, that's right, your sham marriage to your patient -- Greenlee.

David: All right, look, you want to turn this into a referendum on how horrible I am? How I avoid love? How I want to be hated? Fine, go ahead. But when it comes to Greenlee, you've got it all wrong. Greenlee is usually hell on wheels. But ever since she's had her surgery, all the shocks to her system, she's fragile, vulnerable, feels very much alone.

Erica: Except for you.

David: Yes, that's right. I listen to her. I want to be there for her! I want to help her!

Erica: Do you want what she wants? Fusion and Pine Valley up in flames?

David: All right, you know what? Maybe this marriage isn't good enough for Erica Kane, no great love, but maybe it's good enough for me! Maybe it's what I need right now! You know, maybe once, you know, maybe there's someone out there who doesn't give a damn how damaged I am, who needs me, who gets it! Someone who looks at the world and sees the same things I do. So is it love? No. Is it as close to love as I'm ever gonna get? Well, I guess time will tell, right?

Erica: David. You can get what you want. You can.

David: Come here. Please. Just --

[David reaches for the key to his handcuffs in Erica's bra]

Erica: Ah! Don't you think you ought to take me to dinner first?

David: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought dinner was already served.

Erica: Apparently it's gonna take a little more time for this to sink in.

David: Really? And how much time have you got?

Erica: You know, it really would serve everyone's interests for Greenlee to walk away from Fusion and leave this town and the sooner the better.

David: Ok, you know, but you see the problem here is that you're stuck here with me. You keep presenting your demands, and I keep ignoring them over and over and over again!

Erica: Huh. Maybe not.

Ryan: Maybe we should just take her to the hospital, Jake.

Jake: No. No. Do me a favor. Can you go down to the kitchen and maybe find a little orange juice and something sweet, like a cookie. I'd like to spike her blood sugar when she wakes up. Thanks.

Greenlee: Jake, you got to help me.

J.R.: Little A needs a mom. He deserves to have someone take him to his Little League games, pictures of him at prom.

Marissa: You'll be there, too.

J.R.: I want you in our son's life -- no matter what happens.

Marissa: I couldn't love that little boy more if he were my own.

J.R.: And now he will be.

[Marissa sighs]

J.R.: So what do we do?

Liza: Well, um, considering that Marissa is already Little A's stepmother and that no one contests, this should go relatively smooth.

Adam: J.R., son, could I have a moment alone with you?

Liza: I can handle some of this work out in the hall.

Adam: Yes. We'll get back to you later. Well, is this really necessary?

J.R.: You don't think so?

Adam: This is a time to be positive, not a time to hedge your bets.

J.R.: It's ok, Dad. You can say it. I might die. It's a possibility. Just got to be real with me for a second. Now, Marissa's already his mother by name. I think it's time we make it legal.

Tad: I'm sorry to interrupt. I just wondered if I could have a moment alone with Adam.

Adam: We'll get back to this later.

Tad: You do know you make it nearly impossible to come up with a decent lead, right?

Adam: Well, if you're having that hard a time with it, maybe I'll get somebody who can.

Tad: They're gonna tell you the same thing. I got nothing. The preliminary data in no way indicates where this Sonia Reyes could have gone. Based on what you gave me, there's got to be something else to move this thing forward, something more solid like a letter or phone records, anything. 'Cause if this helps J.R., I don't have to tell you how important it is.

Adam: I could have something at home.

Tad: Fine. Great. I'll take it.

Adam: I'll check it out, get back to you.

Annie: We can't be alone together? Where did this come from?

Scott: You really have to ask? Adam walked in on us last night.

Annie: Nothing happened, Scott.

Scott: All right, he is not blind, ok? This, us, this has to stop. This is stupid. This is foolish.

Annie: Stupid? You're the only one I trust here.

Scott: We're getting sloppy, and we'll get caught. Meanwhile my cousin might die.

Annie: What would I do in this house? What would I do in this family without you?

Scott: If you don't understand this, Annie, I feel sorry for you.

Annie: Wait. Scott, Scott, wait, listen, please. Don't. Not right now. I feel -- I feel lost.

Scott: I wish I could, Annie.

Annie: Ok, listen, I said it before, the Greenlee stuff, that Greenlee coming back is starting to mess with my head.

Scott: Annie.

Annie: I keep -- I keep seeing her face, and I remember all the hate I had towards her, and everything I did. I wasn't well, Scott. And I feel -- I feel afraid, and I feel like everything's spinning.

Scott: I want to help you, Annie. God help me, I do.

Annie: Scott, please, I just -- I feel very abandoned and alone, and it reminds me of the last time.

Scott: No, no. It's history.

Annie: No, but it's history that did not end well. Please, please, I'm begging you, Scott, I can't go through that. Please, I'm begging you. Please.

J.R.: We're almost all finished, buddy. Thanks for being such a champ today. And while we're waiting, we were thinking we'd give you some good news.

Marissa: We hope you'll like it.

Little Adam: What is it?

J.R.: Marissa's going to adopt you.

Marissa: Do you know what that means?

J.R.: That means she's officially going to be your mommy. I mean, if you want her to be.

Marissa: I won't ever replace your mommy, but I love you and your daddy.

Little Adam: That's the best news ever!

Marissa: Ha! Hey. Are you ok?

Colby: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

Marissa: Hey, Little A, why don't we head down to the cafeteria and get some ice cream. Yeah.

J.R.: Where did you go?

Colby: Uh, Annie is really on edge since Greenlee came back. It won't take much.

J.R.: What are you up to, Colby?

Colby: I, uh, I think I may have found the way. So, uh, where's Dad?

Annie: No. I need you, Scott. Please don't, not now.

Scott: I'm sorry, Annie. I really am. But this is how it has to be.

[After Scott walks out, Annie goes to the terrace where a tire iron sits]

Adam: Annie? Annie, can you hear me?

[Annie picks up the tire iron and thinks back]

Scott: I can't be alone with you, Annie. I can't be alone with you ever.

Annie's voice: Adam, I am family. I belong here.

Adam: Yes, well, Scott can be there to take care of you, and you can wait for me at the mansion. Trust me, this is the best way.

Scott: I'm sorry, Annie. I really am. But this is how it has to be.

[Adam walks out to the terrace and watches Annie holding the tire iron]

Erica: I'm leaving, David.

David: You're leaving? For how long?

Erica: I don't know. I have a meeting with my decorator. Renovations, they don't just happen by themselves. I could be a while. I left you some provisions.

David: Erica, you can't do this!

Erica: 978. Massachusetts, right? Huh. So many calls. Wonder who that could be?

David: You're just leaving with me tied up like this?

Erica: You're a big boy. You can handle it.

David: Erica! Argh! Uh!

Jake: Here, I want you to drink something, you understand me?

Greenlee: This has been so hard. He won't give up.

Jake: 'Cause he loves you.

Greenlee: I don't want it, Jake. The future, the life, him. It'll never work with us, you know that.

Jake: Honey, what do you want me -- what do you want me to do?

Greenlee: You have to understand. Maybe you're the only person who can understand. I fought so hard to get back, so hard, and David warned me over and over, "Don't push yourself, Greenlee, take your time," but I had to do it. I had to come back on my terms.

Jake: Yeah, now look at you.

Greenlee: I thought if I pushed myself that I would be stronger, that I could handle it, but look at me, Jake. One blow up with him, and I fainted.

Jake: Mm-hmm. See? So you answered your own question, right? So what do you have to do now? You got to take it easy. No stress, no weddings, ok?

Greenlee: Ryan and me, it's over. I know it, but he doesn't, and he's gonna fight me every step of the way, and I'll fight back. What if I can't do it, Jake? What if I'm not strong enough? If Ryan doesn't back off, it might just kill me.

[Ryan listens from the doorway]

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