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Erica: The return of Greenlee Smythe was certainly very surprising, but my unwavering support of Fusion shouldn't be. I mean, I have worked tirelessly to keep Fusion competitive in our flailing economy, and, in fact, now our line of cosmetics is really making a difference in women's lives, so I have no plans to back off on my support of Fusion until my own daughter returns.

Reporter: What about Ryan Lavery?

Erica: Ryan's vast business experience really helped us launch and market my new nonprofit Miranda line of cosmetics. I'm sure Greenlee is just as grateful as I am.

Reporter: A few weeks ago, you and Mr. Lavery confirmed to the press that you were more than just business associates. Now his presumed-dead fiancée is back from the grave.

[Cell phone ringing]

Erica: Oh, excuse me. Ahem. Oh, I'm sorry. I really need to take this, and I'm sure that you have some more questions, so -- whoops -- why don't you call me, ok, and we will set something up?

Reporter: Right.

Erica: Ok. Hello?

Jack: Erica, it's Jack.

Erica: Jack, did you see Greenlee? Did you get to talk to her?

Jack: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I just got off the phone with her. She maintains she's fine. I'm trying to give her and Ryan space to work this out, but what I really want to do is take her and shake her until she sees reason.

Erica: Oh, believe me, I know how you feel, but the only thing you can actually do is be patient.

Jack: Yeah. I know. I'm trying to distract myself with work, but -- where are you right now?

Erica: ConFusion. Why?

Jack: How about you, me, dinner?

Erica: I'll get us a table.

Jesse: Well, the D.A. won't have enough to make a case unless Greenlee presses charges, and I really don't see that happening.

Tad: Well, not unless she and Ryan straighten things out.

Jesse: No. That's not really a given, now, is it?

Tad: What? You are the last person in the world I would expect to lecture about the powers of love, and love is definitely more powerful than, you know, what Hayward has got over Greenlee. Hey, don't forget, love brought you and Angela back together after 20 years and made you a golden couple, right?

Jesse: Ha!

Tad: Right?

Jesse: Is that what we are, a golden couple? Well, then riddle me this, Professor. What the hell am I doing here spending what's left of my Valentine's Day with the likes of you?

Jake: Look. I know you are under a great deal of pressure. I'm sure you got everybody on the board breathing down your neck, but you averted a strike. Do you realize how huge a deal that is? That's exactly why you should be what it says on the door of your thing there -- Chief of Staff.

Angie: I managed to put out one fire, one, under the hundred burning around here.

Jake: No, no. You managed to avert a disaster for this hospital.

Angie: And sold my soul in the process.

Jake: Oh, come on. We've all done a deal with the devil every now and then.

Angie: How do you live with yourself when the devil is David Hayward?

David: I wasn't sure you'd come back.

Greenlee: I couldn't go.

David: Without saying good-bye?

Tad: Love is tricky. I've certainly never been able to master it, but I know there are couples out there who manage to ride the wave to their golden wedding anniversary.

Jesse: Yeah. Well, there are not many couples that can last 50 years. I mean, my marriage suffered a 20-year setback. You honestly think that Ryan and Greenlee are gonna be able to go the distance?

Tad: There's only one way to find out. Well?

Greenlee: I imagined what it would be like to see Ryan again -- the look on his face, the things he would say -- and it started out just like my dream. You know, he told me he loved me, he never stopped, that he wants us to be together, and then he asked me to marry him.

Ryan: She hesitated long enough for me to know that she's not in love with David, that she's doing all of this just to hurt me.

Tad: Why would Greenlee want to hurt you?

Erica: Because of me. Greenlee knows that we were together, doesn't she?

Ryan: And now she's hell-bent on marrying David to prove that she's over me.

David: So, did Ryan get through to you, convince you to rethink our arrangement and pick it up where you left off?

Greenlee: He moved on. I can't pretend that the last year didn't happen.

David: I'm not trying to imply that it would be easy, but imagining what it would be like to see Ryan again and actually coming to -- face to face with him are two very different things. I can't think of anything that might prepare you for what you would feel.

Ryan: It's not over. Greenlee can lie to herself, but she can't lie to me. There is still love there. I see it, and I must stay in this until she sees it, too.

David: Do you know what you want, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I thought I did, but I've changed my mind. 

Annie: Thanks again for all your help.

Scott: Well, you did all the hard work. Tell you what. I'll look this over, and I'll get it on Adam's desk first thing in the morning.

Annie: Ok. Thanks again.

Scott: Anytime. Good night, Annie.

Annie: Night. [Sighs]

Colby: Hi. This is Annie Chandler. I'm a patient of Dr. Burke's. I really need to speak with him. No, no, no, no. No, no. No, no. This can't wait. The woman who broke up my marriage is back. I saw her. I really need Dr. Burke's help. Ok. Greenlee is the reason I ended up at Oak Haven, and I can't go back.

Ryan: I mean, a lot has changed over the past year, but one thing that hasn't is Greenlee's determination. I mean, once she gets her mind set on something --

Erica: Oh, she's got her mind set on marrying David Hayward just to get back at you, and it's obvious that her attack on Fusion was her lashing out at me.

Ryan: It's not gonna stop there.

Erica: Did she admit to sabotaging the computers?

Ryan: She didn't admit to anything, but she was very clear to me that she wants Fusion back, and she wants Erica gone.

Jesse: So, there's no reason for her to stop defending Hayward.

Erica: David will get what he has coming, but now, if you'll excuse me, I'm meeting someone for dinner.

Jesse: She better not --

Ryan: No, no. No, no, no. I'll talk to her. I'll talk to her. Hey, look. You're gonna have enough on your hands with Fusion. Why don't you let me handle David?

Erica: Ryan, I am so sorry that things got so complicated. I mean, your reunion with Greenlee would be completely different if not for me.

Ryan: Erica, you have nothing to apologize for, nothing. I mean, when you realized that I wasn't the man that you were supposed to be with, you were up-front. You were honest, no games, no lies. I just wish Greenlee could be the same.

Erica: You are such a good man, Ryan Lavery. If Greenlee doesn't take you back, she's a fool.

Greenlee: I know this wedding was my idea. I wanted to make it some big production, so I could hurt Ryan the way he hurt me, but the more I think about it --

David: All right, Greenlee. It's ok. I'm not gonna force you to go into a marriage that you know is a mistake.

Greenlee: Inviting people was a mistake. I thought it was so important to have everyone stand there and watch, but you're the only one in this town who has ever really stood by me, so that's what this wedding should be about -- the two of us, no one else.

David: Greenlee --

Greenlee: If I have you by my side, I can conquer anything. The fact that I'm alive proves it. So, what do you say? Tomorrow -- you, me, vows?

David: [Sighs] We both know what this marriage is really about. You're afraid of being hurt again.

Greenlee: You should call the minister and see if he's free tomorrow.

David: Where you going?

Greenlee: I've got to take care of something important, but don't worry. By this time tomorrow, we'll be husband and wife.

Man: Erica Kane.

Erica: Oh, my goodness, Mayor Villaraigosa, how nice to see you.

Mayor Villaraigosa: How are you?

Erica: Wonderful, thank you.

Mayor Villaraigosa: Why are you dining here when you could be in sunny Los Angeles?

Erica: Ha ha! I think the last time I saw you, it was the Green Cities Ball.

Mayor Villaraigosa: It was a great time.

Erica: It was a great time. What are you doing here in Pine Valley?

Mayor Villaraigosa: Looking for jobs. We're here for the jobs conference trying to attract business to Los Angeles.

Erica: Well, if I decide to move my business to Los Angeles, you'll be the first to know.

Mayor Villaraigosa: I hope so.

Erica: Thank you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Erica: Oh, I'm so sorry. This is a call that I really need to take, if you'll excuse me.

Mayor Villaraigosa: Not a problem. It's good to see you.

Erica: Good to see you, too. Thank you, and call me. We'll do lunch.

Mayor Villaraigosa: I look forward to it.

Erica: Thank you. Take care.

Mayor Villaraigosa: Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Erica: Jack, is everything all right?

Jack: Yeah. I was just walking out the door, and my client from Paris called. Evidently, this deal we've been working on for weeks is falling apart around us.

Erica: Jack, are you canceling on me?

Jack: Yeah. I guess I am. Sorry.

Erica: Well, there's always breakfast.

Jack: You're right. There is always breakfast. What do you say to 9:30 at the Yacht Club?

Erica: Sounds perfect.

Jack: Hey, you, I really am sorry.

Erica: Don't be, really. I have so much work that has piled up for me at Fusion, actually, this would be a very good time for me to get to work on that. It's quiet. I'll be able to concentrate, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Jack: I'll look forward to it.


David: I'm really sorry for the scene you had to witness earlier, Reverend, but I assure you, tomorrow's ceremony will be a private affair -- no guests, no interruptions of any kind. That's a promise.

Minister: Marriage is a sacred covenant in the eyes of the church. Given the circumstances, perhaps a secular ceremony down at City Hall may be more appropriate.

David: Look. I understand your reluctance, ok? And that's why I'm prepared to make a sizable donation to the parish on your behalf for your troubles. What are you doing back here?

Ryan: That's between Greenlee and me.

David: Oh, you're wasting your time. She's gone.

Ryan: Where did she go?

David: And that would be between me and my fiancée.

Greenlee: Effective immediately. You're going to love this. I'll be sure to send you a copy as soon as I'm finished. Ok.


Erica: What are you doing in my office?

Greenlee: Oh, I can see how you would be confused, with your picture plastered everywhere, so let me clear it up for you. Fusion is my company. That makes this my office. Don't let my door hit you on the way out.

Erica: You crashed this company's computers. You practically drove Fusion into bankruptcy, so as far as I'm concerned, you have given up all rights to call this company yours.

Angie: You know, what I did today, I am not proud of myself.

Jake: What did you do? Honestly, what did you do? You got a bunch of files from David as a Christmas gift, and all you did was regift it so you could settle a strike.

Angie: A file packed with people's deepest, darkest secrets, and I told myself that I would never, ever sink that low. I know that I am better than David Hayward, and now, as it turns out, I am no different.

Jake: Oh, donkey crap. Are you kidding me? You are a beautiful, sensitive, compassionate woman, and all you do is give and give to everybody and never ever expect anything back. David is a stupid, selfish, punk-ass bastard who thinks of nothing but himself ever.

Angie: Jake, I want you to honestly look in my eyes and say that I am doing a good job.

Jake: Angie, I can look right into your eyes and tell you you are doing a great job. Do you realize that everybody outside there in those halls, they're working for less money, and they are working longer hours? You know why? Because their morale is through the roof for the first time since my father was pushed out of here by David. Finally, they have somebody they can believe in, somebody that they trust and, more importantly, respect. That's exactly what this hospital needs.

Angie: I used to think so, but the harsh reality is that it takes more than good intentions to keep these doors open, and I am just not built that way. I think the hospital would be better off putting someone else in this position.

Jake: No. Nobody works harder than you or cares more about those patients than you. I'm a witness.

Angie: You know, I have worked so hard to get to where I am. My father, he had high expectations, and I just always seemed to fall short, and here I am. I'm doing it again.

Jake: Well, I don't know about that. Look. If your father didn't believe in you, I'll tell you one father who always believed in you -- my father. You know that I was just talking to him the other day, and he said he was so thrilled that you were the chief of staff. He said you could certainly fill his shoes any day.

Angie: Oh, Jake, come on. I don't even come close. Joe made this job look effortless. I am barely keeping my head above water.

Jake: Oh, you know how to swim.

Angie: Obviously not.

Tad: Do you want to talk about it? It might help.

Jesse: I don't know. I'm just -- been trying to find some mutual down time for Angela and myself, you know, just never enough time. Like tonight, she didn't even have time to have dinner with me.

Tad: Doesn't mean anything. She's just busy at the hospital. Hey, face it. You know, it's a fact. You got a talented wife. She's in high demand.

Jesse: She's always been in high demand, but it's just these jobs. She's a chief. I'm a chief. You know, it just leaves us no time for each other.

Tad: Well, then you better make time, but while you're figuring it out, you thank God you're doing it with a woman like Angela. She's true blue.

Jesse: Oh, we all know all too well that life can go straight to hell in a hand basket in any given 20 seconds, so what are we doing? Why are we wasting time, and on what?

David: Ha! You know what's so funny is, you profess your love for Greenlee, but it's so obvious you don't respect her. If you did, you wouldn't keep showing up here trying to interfere in her life.

Ryan: A life that you saved. I bet you never let her forget that, huh, Hayward?

David: Greenlee is not getting married to me out of some mistaken sense of obligation. She's trying to move on with her life. Why can't you just let her be happy? Go play the white knight somewhere else. Greenlee doesn't need rescuing.

Ryan: Great. If you think this is a game, Hayward, you're the one who's gonna need rescuing.

Greenlee: I may have been gone for a year. That doesn't mean I've given up my rights to anything. I'm taking back what's mine, whether you like it or not.

Erica: That's what you think. You did everything you possibly could to destroy Fusion.

Greenlee: I'd rather see Fusion go under than have you be any part of it.

Erica: I see. Well, if it weren't for me, Fusion wouldn't exist.

Greenlee: Ha ha! Have you been sniffing the samples? Kendall and I created this company with zero help from you.

Erica: Greenlee, I gave you your start in this industry. I hired you at Enchantment. I taught you everything about color palette and corporate politics, and you took what you learned, and you co-created Fusion, and when Fusion faltered, I'm the one who brought it back from the brink, so as far as I can see, you should be thanking me, not feel threatened by me, especially since I only stepped in at Kendall's insistence.

Greenlee: Ha ha! And we all know you and your daughter are quite the team, both of you sleeping with Ryan in one short year.

Erica: Both Kendall and Ryan thought they had lost you. They were both mourning their loss of you. They turned to each other for comfort in their grief.

Greenlee: Convenient excuse. What's yours? You sure as hell weren't grieving a loss when you made a play for Ryan, unless, of course, it was the loss of your pride.

Erica: You know, you are so busy lashing out that you do not see the facts. Ryan and Kendall are long over. Ryan and I are, too.

Greenlee: Very noble of you to step aside after I came back.

Erica: You know what? Just for your information, Ryan and I broke up before we even knew you were alive.

Annie: Colby. I thought you went to bed.

Colby: Hmm, hoping is more like it. That way, you and Scott can stop pretending you're writing a report together and really get down to business, a quickie right here on the couch.

Annie: You have a very active imagination. If your father comes home, tell him I went upstairs to take a bath.

Colby: Uh, yeah. Tell him yourself, because I'm spending the night at Corinna's.

[Doorbell rings]

Annie: Dr. Burke, what are you doing here?

Dr. Burke: I came as soon as I got your message.

Annie: What message?

Dr. Burke: The one you left with my secretary. She was very concerned, paged me right away.

Annie: But I didn't call Oak Haven. Your secretary must be mistaken. I never spoke to her.

Dr. Burke: When was the last time you slept?

Annie: Excuse me?

Dr. Burke: You look exhausted. Perhaps you forgot you made the phone call.

Annie: What? No. I am exhausted, because I've been up working all night. I haven't had the chance for a break, let alone to make a phone call.

Dr. Burke: Ah, it's late. You're tired. Why don't we talk about this in the morning?

Annie: I don't need to talk. I'm fine. I'm fine. My marriage won't be, though, if my husband comes in and sees you here pushing for therapy that I don't need, so, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to finish.

Dr. Burke: Call me if you change your mind.

[Annie cries]

Scott: Hey, I'm glad you're still up. Listen. I looked over the report. The numbers that you quoted, they didn't include the last quarter. They -- no, no, no. It's ok. It's ok. Anybody could've made the same mistake.

Annie: It's not the report. I feel like everything in my life is falling apart.

Scott: Oh, come here.

[Scott hugs Annie]

Jake: You know, I don't think there's any point in hating yourself when David is the one that caused all this.

Angie: No. I am the one who tried to beat David at his own game. I blackmailed him into stepping down as chief and recommending me for the job. I thought I had the upper hand, but the truth of the matter is that David was just giving me enough damn rope -- the union head was in David's back pocket. He recorded a conversation we had about ending the strike. Now David has the tape, and he is threatening to go public unless I resign.

Jake: You tell Jesse about this?

Angie: About what, blackmailing and bullying a union into staying on the job?

Jake: Well, you had a good reason, right? The janitors were gonna strike. The hospital was gonna shut down.

Angie: What are you talking about? I still broke the law. I am not going to put Jesse in the position of trying to choose between our marriage and his job. I've been there.

Jake: So, that's it, then. David wins. Is that --

Angie: Oh, God, Jake, please come on, baby. Just give it up.

Jake: He had sex with my wife! He brainwashed one of my best friends in the world into almost marrying him. He's trying to destroy my dear, dear friend's career, one of the best doctors I know. No. I am not gonna -- I'm never gonna let him hurt anybody I love or care about again.

Erica: You seem surprised that Ryan didn't mention when we broke up, much less try to defend himself when you attacked him for moving on, but it doesn't surprise me, because that's the kind of person Ryan is, more concerned with what's best for others than himself.

Greenlee: I don't need you to tell me who Ryan is. He proved it while I was gone, showing his concern between the sheets.

Erica: Oh, that's it. I mean, I have had it. We have all been trying to celebrate your miraculous return.

Greenlee: Oh!

Erica: Even I have tried to overlook our past problems and your current tantrums.

Greenlee: Tantrums I learned from your inspirational teachings at Enchantment?

Erica: Miracle or not, I cannot, will not stand here and hear you bad-mouth this decent man Ryan who -- for God knows why -- loves you more than anything. I just can't believe that I encouraged him to fight for you, because you don't deserve him. You could never make him happy.

Greenlee: And you can?

Erica: Oh, you have convinced both Ryan and Jackson that you are this delicate, little flower who needs protecting, but the truth is, you are just too spiteful to die.

Erica: Jack.

Jack: Erica. You know, Greenlee has been through hell for the past year. Does she really need you attacking her?

Erica: Greenlee knows very well why I said what I did, and I'm not gonna stand here and defend myself, but you know what? This really has served as a very helpful reminder as to where your priorities lie and why things have never worked out between us.

Jack: We -- can we talk about this in the morning?

Erica: I don't think so. Our breakfast date is off.

Jack: You -- are you all right?

Greenlee: I am now.

Jake: The worst part is that David might actually get away with this, because he has Angie exactly where he wants her. You know what? I say the way to do this, the way to stop him, is to take a page out of his book. You get it?

Tad: Any ideas?

Ryan: I got one, but I'm gonna need your help to pull it off.

David: Dr. Hubbard may have successfully averted that strike, but I don't think it's the time for the board to be breathing a sigh of relief just yet.

Board Member: What have you heard?

David: Well, let's just say the chief of staff hasn't been very proactive in her decision making. It may be time for the board to step in, start thinking about a replacement.

Board Member: I appreciate your candor, Dr. Hayward.

[Cell phone ringing]

David: Anything to help.

Board Member: I'll show myself out.

David: Thank you.


David: Huh.


David: You can save your breath, Jake. Greenlee has made up her mind. We're getting married.

Jake: Hey, David, I'm calling about Marissa. The paramedics just brought her in.

David: What is it?

Jake: There was an accident.

David: What happened?

Jake: I'll fill you in when you get here.

David: Damn it, Martin. Tell me what's going on with my daughter.

Jake: Look. We're trying to stabilize her, all right? Just get in here. Huh? I'd like to thank the Academy and my agents and God, of course, because without God, you can't --

Ryan: So, he bought it.

Tad: Oh, how could he not, a performance like that?

Ryan: Go to the hospital. I'll take care of the rest.

Tad: Stop with the beer.

Jake: Ok. My car is outside.

Tad: Yeah. So is mine. I'll drive.

Jake: Well, the idea is to get there before David, so, you know, minivan doesn't exactly spell speed.

Tad: No. I'm thinking about what happens after David gets to the hospital. I'm thinking the cargo space is going to come in handy.

Jake: I think we don't have to stand here and talk anymore. We could be in the minivan. Let's go in the minivan.

Jack: Why didn't you tell me about the wedding?

Greenlee: I knew you'd try to stop me.

Jack: Well, that's a safe assumption, given the fact you were about to marry someone you don't love.

Greenlee: Think what you want. I'm marrying David tomorrow.

Jack: Oh, come on. This is insane. I mean, do you really expect me to be supportive of you marrying a man who kept the fact that you were alive a secret for a year?

Greenlee: No more than I would support whatever is going on between you and Erica. I have to hand it to her. She wasted no time. Broke up with Ryan, moved on to breakfast with you.

Jack: Oh -- look. Did you and Ryan get enough of a chance to talk about all this?

Greenlee: He told me what he thought I wanted to hear, but it doesn't change anything.

Jack: Greenlee, I know you're hurt, but marrying David Hayward is not gonna make the pain go away. If anything -- I promise you -- it's gonna make it worse.

Greenlee: I didn't come for a lecture. Wait. How'd you know I'd be here?

Jack: I didn't know you'd be here.

Greenlee: So, you came looking for Erica.

Jack: We were gonna have some dinner together, and I --

Greenlee: Oh, my God, this just keeps getting worse. How many times does that woman have to break your heart before you learn?

Jack: Can we drop the subject, please?

Greenlee: Erica took everything that mattered to me. This won't be over until she gets what's coming to her.

[Knocks on door]

Angie: Yes?

Jesse: Hungry?

Angie: Oh, God, dinner. Listen, baby. I am so sorry, but I got caught up in something, and I just completely lost track of time.

Jesse: Uh-huh. I figured as much, so that's why I brought dinner to you.

Angie: Oh, I wish I could.

Jesse: What are you talking about? You can. You are the boss, el jefe, in charge, or is it "jefa" for women?

Angie: You know, it doesn't mean that the rules don't apply to me.

Jesse: Baby, don't do this. Don't shut me out like this.

Angie: Oh, isn't this the pot calling the kettle black? After all the times you've done that, I mean, now you're gonna criticize me for shutting you out?

David: Where is she? Where's Marissa?

Jake: Calm yourself.

David: My daughter is hurt. Don't tell me to calm myself.

Jake: She's fine -- as far as I know.

David: As far as you know? Is that what's supposed to pass for patient care around here? Loser.

Jake: She was never brought in. There was no accident.

David: What?

Jake: Do I have your attention now, wolf crier? I just want to take this time to get a couple of things straight, ok? Greenlee happens to be one of my best friends, so I'm gonna make sure that she clearly understands that you are no savior. I'm also gonna help her clearly understand all the crap you put all of us through in this town, and then she will know what all of us already know, that you are a twisted, evil, narcissistic, I think schizophrenic that needs to resort to tainting milk and faking terminal illnesses just to keep a woman.

David: And this is pathetic, even for you.

Jake: Yeah. He's on the way out. I'm right behind him.

Ryan: I know it sounds extreme, Jack, but I honestly don't see any other way.

Jack: Greenlee is not gonna like it at all. You know that.

Ryan: No. She's not gonna like it. She's probably gonna fight me every step of the way.

Annie: Ever since I saw Greenlee, I've been on edge. I pretended like I wasn't, but I can't stop thinking about the way my life was a year ago. I mean, my marriage had completely fallen apart. My entire life had unraveled, and I did awful, crazy things to keep Greenlee and Ryan from getting married, and now she's back, and I feel like everyone is just waiting to see when crazy Annie is gonna snap. I'm scared, Scott. What if I do?

Scott: You won't.

Annie: How can you be so sure?

Scott: Because all of those things happened before you got help, ok? You're better now. You got a new life. You've got a new family, and you are not gonna do anything to jeopardize that.

Annie: Before Greenlee died, I was locked up in Oak Haven, and I lost everything that meant something to me, and I'm scared. What if she tries to get me to go back there or something?

Scott: You think Greenlee left that message for Dr. Burke?

Annie: I mean, she could be with Ryan right now, for all we know, encouraging him to reopen the custody case, to take Emma away from me forever.

Scott: Ok. Stop. Adam is not gonna let that happen, and neither will I, but I do think Dr. Burke is right about one thing. I think that you should call him in the morning just to talk. Can't be good to let all this anxiety build up.

Annie: No. No therapy. That would be like me admitting that the past year was a lie, like I was never really better, but the truth is, the honest truth is, I'm happier than I've ever been. I love my life -- living here, working at Chandler -- with you.

[Telephone ringing]

Annie: Ohh --


Annie: Hello? Hi. Oh. Are you sure? Yeah. I'm fine here. Ok. Love you, too.


Annie: It looks like Adam has to settle some things at the hospital. He's not coming home tonight.

Scott: Well, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna get started on these changes.

Annie: What do you need me to do?

Scott: I need you to go to bed. No sense in us both losing sleep.

Annie: Wait. I don't want to be alone tonight.

Scott: You need your rest, Annie.

Annie: Scott, every time I close my eyes, I'm back there. I'm at Oak Haven, and I'm in a tiny room, and the walls are closing in on me.

Scott: It's not real.

Annie: But it was real. I can't go back there, Scott. Please, I'm scared. Just stay here tonight.

Scott: I can't.

Annie: No. You can leave in the morning, ok, and no one has to know. I just need somebody here tonight, please. What if something else happens? Will you come upstairs with me?

Jesse: Ok. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, none I regret more than not being honest with you. I lost your respect, your trust, and now there's this wall up. I --

Angie: You can't fix this, Jesse.

Jesse: Baby, I'm worried about you.

Angie: Well, don't be. I am resigning as chief of staff.

Jesse: Oh, whoa. I'm not asking you to quit your job.

Angie: You didn't have to.

Jesse: Angela, listen. Let's not make rash decisions right now, these big dicis -- come on. Come home with me. Get some rest.

Angie: You should go.

Jesse: Angela --

Angie: Look, Jesse. Would you -- please go.

[Cell phone rings]

Erica: Hello?

Jack: Hey, I wasn't sure you'd pick up. Listen. About what happened --

Erica: I can't do this right now.

Jack: I know it's late. I just don't want to leave things the way we did. You mind if I come over, and we can talk about this?

Erica: I'm sorry, Jack. I just can't. I have something much more important I need to tend to.

[Tad and Jake carry David's lifeless body]

Tad: Get the lights. What now?

Jake: Well, now the fun begins.

[Greenlee sends an e-mail memo to the Fusion Global Network then she tears down Erica's poster]

Greenlee: [Chuckles] You're damn right, I do. Hmm -- aah!

Ryan: It's ok. It's just me.

Greenlee: What are you doing?

Ryan: Come on. You're all right.

Greenlee: Put me down.

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