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Amanda: You would lie under oath to get David convicted.

Jake: If it kept him out of our life forever, yeah, you're damn skippy I would, in a second.

Amanda: You're serious.

Jake: I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

Amanda: Because it's insane, that's why.

Amanda: You know, if David goes to jail, great, but with real evidence connecting him to the Fusion attack. Lying to get him there --

Jake: Honey, honey, honey, you can't count on the cops to do anything. If we want this to happen we have to do it ourselves.

Tad: Liza, listen. It's me. You got to call me back as soon as you get this message, ok? It's really, really important.

Liza: Hey, there. I'm here to follow up on a DNA request from my client, Damon Miller, to rule out a possible blood match found at the Martin house.

Tad: I'm sorry. Would you just excuse us for just one second? Listen, you got to help me out.

Liza: Why? What? What is it?

Tad: Keep Jake from going after Hayward.

Liza: Jake? What -- oh, God, don't tell me he got his gun again.

Tad: No, no, no. But he is about to tell Jesse that he saw Hayward going up to Fusion the night of the cyber attack.

Liza: What? Did he?

Tad: I'm guessing no.

Liza: What are you talking about? He's lying to the police?

Tad: Why don't you say it louder, ok? I don't think the grand jury heard it.

Liza: What exactly did he say to them?

Tad: That's just it -- nothing that's on the record yet. But the fuse is definitely lit.

Liza: Yeah. All right. I'll handle this.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh, my God.

Jack: Hi.

Erica: Hi.

Jack: May I come in?

Erica: Of course.

Jack: Thanks.

Erica: Well, I thought you were in Europe.

Jack: I was. My plane landed just a little while ago.

Erica: And you came directly here.

Jack: I did. It was the only thing that made sense. I came back because of you.

David: Great.

Ryan: Where's Erica?

David: How the hell should I know?

Ryan: She said she was coming here to see you, Hayward.

David: Well, she's gone. And in case you're wondering, she didn't get what she came for.

Ryan: Well, maybe I'll just take a look around, just to be sure.

David: What? Wait a minute. Are you sure you want to do this? 

Erica: I haven't heard from you in ages, and I don't recall sending out any kind of an S.O.S. for an attorney. Oh, Fusion. Of course. You must have heard about Fusion and the sabotage, and of course, since you still consider the company to be Greenlee's, that's why you're here. You're here to help.

Jack: If there's anything I can do, just let me know. I mean, it's got to be a nightmare.

Erica: Oh, yes. "Nightmare" is an understatement. Jack, that virus just sabotaged everything. It took away all of our files and our contacts, research and schedules. Well, our staff is working very, very hard to re-create everything that was lost. And please don't worry. I mean, I will not let this company disappear. In fact, we will find out who's responsible for this. What I mean to say is that we already have an idea.

Jack: Who's "we"?

Erica: Oh. Maybe you're not aware, but actually, Ryan Lavery has been helping me at Fusion. He and I are partners.

Jack: Partners, is it?

Erica: Yes, I'm sure you're thinking, well, Ryan Lavery isn't exactly an expert in cosmetics or anything like that. But in every other aspect of the business, he excels.

Jack: Well, you always had more faith in him than I did.

Erica: With good reason, Jack. Professionally speaking, we are a very good team.

Jack: Good. It must be incredible. You know, word of your professional teamwork has made it all the way across the Atlantic?

[Jack holds up a French tabloid with Erica and Ryan kissing on the front cover]

David: There's only so many times your friend, Chief Hubbard, can ignore you flagrantly breaking into my home.

Ryan: You want to give him a call and test out your theory?

David: You know, I'm getting more than just a little tired of you and your recent girlfriend turning my place into Grand Central Station.

Ryan: It's because we have questions, Hayward, about what the hell you are up to.

David: Right, right. Those probing questions about the mysterious attack on Fusion's computers.

Ryan: Really not that mysterious, when you consider the fact that we're dealing with a sociopathic control freak.

David: You know, I'll tell you what. Why don't you get together with Erica, ok? She can fill you in on our little conversation during your pillow talk.

Ryan: Why don't you tell me right now?

David: Ok, I have another suggestion. It would be so much more efficient if you and Erica would just get together, come here together, when you have all these accusations to throw around. We could turn it into a green thing. You can save on gas.

Ryan: You know what I'm trying to figure out? I'm trying to figure out your motive. Like, why would you go after Fusion?

David: Yeah, right. Well, you might want to be careful, Ryan. You don't want to hurt yourself with all that heavy mental lifting.

Ryan: When Amanda and Liza were here, they found a ripped up tabloid covering of me and Erica.

David: That is fascinating.

Ryan: So, why? Why are you so worked up about me and Erica, Hayward? Why?

David: You know, maybe it's not Erica. Did you ever think of that?

Ryan: What are you saying?

David: Maybe it's you. Maybe everything that's been going on is about you.

Jesse: Amanda, could you excuse us for a few minutes, please?

Liza: Jesse, before you start, I'd like to have a word with my client.

Jesse: Client? He's a witness, not a suspect.

Liza: Come on. Anybody who gives a sworn statement to the police could benefit from some legal advice. What, you're not gonna deny him legal counsel.

Jake: I'm gonna deny it. I really just want to get this over with.

Liza: You know what? Take my word on this one. You need some legal counsel.

Jake: Fine, Jesse. Fine. Just give me a minute. But that's it, ok? Just a minute, because I want to just -- please, people, don't start on me, ok? I'm already committed to this. I don't want to hear it from any of you.

Amanda: That's a good choice of words, because if he finds out that you're lying to nail David, then you will be committed to state prison.

Tad: It's still a crime to lie to the police, even about a guy like Hayward.

Jake: It's not really lying to them. They've already got evidence against David. They just need an eyewitness, right?

Amanda: Maybe you've forgotten you're not an eyewitness.

Jake: But everything I'm gonna tell Jesse is the truth. It's exactly what happened. If I was there that's what I would have seen.

Liza: Yeah, but you don't know that. Jake, come on. You don't think that David is gonna mount a defense? And then you are gonna tripped up on one detail or another, and any good defense attorney is gonna rip you apart on that stand, and you will go to prison for perjury.

Jake: What? No, it's not --

Liza: Oh, come on. Don't lie to yourself about that. Liars do get caught. And you will get caught. And then the only time you're gonna see your wife and your child is on visiting days.

Amanda: Jake, please. The police are already onto David. Just please let them do their job.

Tad: Come on, kiddo. We'll come up with something. I swear.

Jake: Wait a second. Wait a minute, guys. You know, all we ever do is react to David, right? We wait. He sticks the knife into people. And then what? Then we go on the defensive. Well, I don't personally think that anybody's ever won a war that way.

Liza: Ok, Jake, please. I know that you think you're doing the best thing for your family -- the last best thing -- but believe me, he's gonna win. And you know why he's gonna win? Because the only people that are gonna get hurt are the people that you love the most. Don't go through with this madness.

Jesse: Ok. So are we ready to do this now, or what?

Jake: Yeah, let's do it. Let's get the show on the road. 

Amanda: I cannot believe that we didn't talk him out of this.

Tad: Yeah. Well, my brother Joseph is nothing if not stubborn.

Amanda: What are we gonna do?

Tad: We got to watch him self-destruct.

Jake: Uh, ok. So, I was at ConFusion, and I wasn't drinking because I was on my way to the hospital. I was about to leave and I saw David coming in the back, getting on to the elevator. And it was David, clear as it, you know -- anybody could see it was David, clear as day. And then I watched the thing above the elevator, you know? The numbers that goes up to the top floor. That's where the Fusion office is.

Jesse: Was he alone?

Jake: Yeah.

Jesse: Ok. So I'm gonna need a little more background here. I need to know what else you did that night, that Tuesday night. You said you were going to the hospital?

Jake: Tuesday? I'm talking about Monday.

Jesse: Fusion was attacked on Tuesday.

Jake: Oh. Because the night that I saw David was Monday. It was Monday night. See, I just assumed that the night that Fusion got attacked was Monday night.

Jesse: Well, you assumed wrong. Do me a favor. Next time you want to make a statement, get your frigging facts straight.

Jake: Well, I was expecting that, you know? Something. I --

Tad: What is it? What did you say?

Liza: Well, somebody saw the light.

Jake: Please to make no mistake about it. I'm still gonna get this bastard. I just want to make sure it sticks is all.

Ryan: Me? The disaster at Fusion and all the rest of it is because you're going after me?

David: No, no. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I did anything. I'm just trying to widen your perspective here.

Ryan: Or maybe you're trying to take the heat off yourself.

David: You know, you're so convinced that I'm fixating on Erica. I'm just saying, look at the possibilities. Well, you're no saint, Lavery, right? You've hurt people, disappointed them.

Ryan: And you could say that about pretty much anybody in Pine Valley.

David: Yeah. Maybe. So you don't think you deserve an attack like this. Well, you see, I'd venture a guess that you're more deserving than most.

Ryan: After all the pain that you have caused the people of this town.

David: For once, this isn't about me, Ryan. You know, you're so self-righteous. Maybe it's time for you to put your own life under a magnifying glass.

Ryan: My life doesn't have half -- Greenlee. This is about Greenlee. You always hated that Greenlee and I were in love. You never thought she belonged with anybody other than Leo. Do you still resent me for that? Are you so twisted that you can't let go of the past?

David: You know, it's so funny that you would put it that way, because apparently it's so easy for you to let go of the past, Ryan, isn't it?

Ryan: They're gone, Hayward. Leo is gone and Greenlee is gone. And the only reason that I let go is because I had to. So no matter how hard it was, she's gone. And I'm trying to get on with my life. I'm trying to live my life. Maybe you should try and do the same. If that's what this is about, then --

David: Then what?

Ryan: Then you are even more pathetic than I thought.

Erica: Really, Jack? You flew all the way across the ocean for this?

Jack: Well, you weren't straight with me when I was standing right in front of you. Why would I think you'd be more honest on a transatlantic phone call?

Erica: I wasn't aware that I had to run my personal life by you. Of course, I should have known that this would be devastating for you.

Jack: You think I'm jealous. You think that's why I dropped everything and jumped on a plane.

Erica: It's fine. You don't have to admit it.

Jack: Have you given any thought to how this affects everyone else?

Erica: Who, Jack? The French are up in arms about this?

Jack: Not the whole country, no. But you've got a couple of family members there who were taken aback by this. I saw Kendall and Bianca at Bianca's birthday dinner.

Erica: I spoke to Kendall and Bianca both. I spoke to them both right after I made the public announcement about Ryan's and my relationship.

Jack: Did you speak to Spike?

Erica: Spike? Of course not. I think he's a little young for all these complications.

Jack: Yeah, sure. But not too young to see a picture of you and his daddy kissing like that.

Erica: Spike saw that?

Jack: No. No, thankfully, he didn't. But he could have. I mean, he saw Kendall hiding it from him. How is Kendall gonna explain a thing like that? Her mommy and his daddy are sleeping together?

Erica: Oh, how dare you. How dare you use Spike to try to humiliate me about my relationship with Ryan. You should be ashamed of yourself.

David: I have to apologize. I had no idea that he would go off on a tear like that.

Greenlee: It wasn't a tear. It was the truth -- Ryan's truth.

David: Well, I'm sorry you had to hear it.

Greenlee: I'm not. I needed to hear it. I needed to hear he's let go of me in his heart and he's fine with that, he's done with me. Because now it's easy. Now I'm really done with him.

Greenlee: Everything Ryan said about not living in the past, about moving on -- I knew it was probably true, but I couldn't fully believe that he would -- you know, I could never hear those words.

David: Yeah, those are pretty harsh words.

Greenlee: The thing is, I couldn't imagine it before, but now I don't have to. I heard it. I heard him say it. What he thinks and feels is seared into my brain. I couldn't get rid of it even if I wanted to. But I don't want to. He was crystal clear, and I'm glad, ok? I'm glad I walked in when I did.

David: Greenlee, you have to remember that Ryan thought --

Greenlee: Don't even go there. I know that he thought I was dead. I understand that part of him felt it was ok to move on. I could have lived with a few meaningless relationships, casual flings to ease the pain of losing me. But with Kendall? My best friend? And if that wasn't bad enough, now Erica? My worst enemy? And he let her take over my company while he was getting her in bed.

David: I know you're in a lot of pain, Greenlee. It's gonna take more time.

Greenlee: I'm not sitting here dreaming about getting him back, winning his heart away from the fabulous Erica Kane. All I want now is for him to hurt the way I hurt when I saw them together.

Ryan: Hey. Hi. Have you seen Erica?

Liza: Wait. Why would she be here?

Ryan: Well, I mean, she was at Wildwind, but she left. I just figured that she'd come straight here, considering we're trying to nail Hayward for what happened to Fusion. She's not here?

Jake: Did you nail Hayward?

Ryan: No. Not yet.

Jake: All right. Well, will you keep us posted?

Ryan: Ok.

Jake: Thanks.

Ryan: Hey.

Jesse: So, what went down between Erica and David at Wildwind?

Ryan: I wish I knew. I can't find Erica. I don't know.

Jesse: And what did David say to you?

Ryan: Not much, Jesse. Just being really smug, some irrelevant hints about why he would target Fusion.

Jesse: Where the hell was he going with that?

Ryan: I don't know. But I bet if we find Erica, we could find out.

Erica: Why are you still here?

Jack: Because I care about you. I didn't come back here to humiliate you. Could you please just explain something to me? What is this thing with Ryan?

Erica: Well, not that it's any of your business, not that I could even believe that you're still here questioning me about this. I mean, if Kendall has a problem with this, then why haven't I heard from her?

Jack: Well, Kendall's kind of busy. She's with her husband trying to put their family back together. Look, the last thing she needs is an argument with you about sharing her former lover.

Erica: So she delegated this job to you? Oh, no. I don't think so. This is extremely personal. If you're not jealous, then what is this, Jack? Is this some sort of a form of loyalty to Greenlee? That no one else should have the man that she set her heart on, even though she's dead? Is that it?

Jack: Don't dismiss Greenlee like that.

Erica: I'm sorry. I didn't mean it the way it sounded. I didn't mean to sound callous. I didn't, really. Greenlee's wedding day was a tragedy. But what is it you want, Jack? Do you want Ryan to go on grieving for the rest of his life?

Jack: He's not over her. And if you think he is, you're kidding yourself, Erica, and you're gonna get hurt. And I am not gonna stand by and watch that happen.

Jake: Why don't we go back to our place and brainstorm a way to lock up David for the Fusion break-in. Why are we here?

Amanda: You just barely escaped perjury charges. Why are you still stuck on this?

Jake: Because it's our best shot, no?

Tad: Yeah, our best shot to destroy our lives over David.

Liza: He's right. Jake, why can't you see that yet?

Jake: Why can't I see it? What are you talking about? I do see it. I see it. Yes, look, thank you. You covered for me. I appreciate that. I was rash back there. People, we have a lawyer here. She's right here. She knows all about criminal trials.

Amanda: So what are you saying?

Jake: Look, you said it actually best. You said that any lawyer worth his salt would be able to uncover what I said on a witness stand, right? So we come up with something that's better, something that nobody could uncover.

Tad: What?

Liza: Jake.

Jake: What?

Liza: I'm an officer of the court. Now you want me to invent evidence --

Jake: No, no, no. No. I'm just saying, what happens if we found something of David's, like a cufflink or a button, and we put it at Fusion near the computer, maybe. That's, you know -- something like that.

Tad: Speaking of which, you still storing that button we shoved up your nose when we were 6? Nobody is here to talk about nailing David. Nobody's here to talk about strategy, ok? This is an intervention. We want you to stop. 

Amanda: David has put us through hell, and it has been awful for all of us, probably more so you than anybody else.

Jake: Well, that's why I'm trying --

Amanda: But, Jake, you can't fight him by turning into him. I am with you because you're not him. Can you understand that?

Jake: Yes, I understand that. I understand it all, ok? And can you -- I say this -- can you understand that every time I hold our son, I just think about that days and the weeks and the months that I didn't get to have him that were stolen from us by David, ok? Days I'll never get back. Days we'll never get back.

Amanda: Can't you see the more that you focus on that, the more wonderful moments you will not see right here, right now, with me and your son.

Jake: Baby, I cherish every single moment that we have together. I do, ok? And I'm sorry it's come to this. I'm sorry that it's got you so worried. I am sorry for that, but I just want to remind you, I didn't start this, ok? He did. And like Mom used to always say, hey, don't fight. But if you're gonna fight -- what? Win. Right? He started this. I'm just making sure that it's over. I'm just gonna make sure --

Liza: Damn it, Jake! You know what it's like to lose family. Now you intend to go through with this.

Tad: You all right? You ok?

Liza: I'm peachy.

Tad: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that that wasn't totally about David, was it?

Liza: So Bailey took Stuart back to her parents'.

Tad: For good?

Liza: Well, I don't even think she knows. All I got out of her was that they're ok.

Tad: Honey, she worships you.

Liza: Mmm.

Tad: Bailey loves you. Maybe she could come back.

Liza: If I have to watch one more family ripped apart because of David, of all people.

David: Well, I hope you realize this wedding is gonna have to be streamlined.

Greenlee: I know. And we don't have to pull it off by Valentine's Day either. Just getting it done is what's important.

David: Oh, we'll be done by Valentine's Day. Trust me. I already made a few calls while you were in the chapel. But for the moment you're gonna have to be on your own. I have to go to the police station.

Greenlee: What for?

David: I told Jesse that I would show up to give a statement as to why my fingerprints were all over that flash drive you used to crash Fusion.

Greenlee: I'm sorry about that. If I hadn't been in so much pain, we would have taken the evidence with us.

David: It's all right. I can handle it. But if I don't show up there pretty soon, Jesse's gonna show up here.

Greenlee: First Erica, then Ryan. The last thing I need is a cop snooping around. Who knows what traces I've already left.

David: So when I'm done with the police station, I'll come back here, and I'll help you with the wedding plans. You want this, I'm gonna give it to you.

Greenlee: You may be the only person who really understands me.

David: Well, that's not too hard. I'm the only one who knows you're alive.

Greenlee: For now.

David: Greenlee, doing this for you -- it means a lot to me, more than you know.

Greenlee: I know.

[Knock on door]

David: All right, look. Don't panic. Just hide. I'm expecting something. Great. All right. Come on in. Here. Watch yourself. All right. Yeah, just bring it down here to the coffee table, all right? Ok. Thank you. Just close that door for me, all right? Excellent.

Greenlee: What's all this for?

David: They're all for you. So while I'm gone, knock yourself out. Enjoy yourself.

Erica: You know, there's more going on here, Jack. I know you too well.

Jack: Oh, and I know you just as well.

Erica: So, then why are you still holding something back?

Jack: Why do you have such a hard time believing that I care about what happens to you?

Erica: I'm not having a hard time believing that you care about what happens to me. But for you to drop everything and fly over here to protect me from a man who's been nothing but wonderful to me -- I'm sorry, Jack, that just doesn't add up.

Jack: And now you're avoiding the issue.

Erica: No, you're the one who's avoiding. Look, I know what Greenlee meant to you. I've seen how hard you've been hit by her death. I see that look in your eyes when you talk about her, and that breaks my heart. She's the main reason you left town, isn't it?

Jack: She was part of it.

Erica: And you and Ryan were the two people who were closest to her, and you were both devastated by her death. And so maybe now when you hear that Ryan has moved on, maybe you feel like you're the only one left to mourn her death, alone. But that's not true, Jack.

Jack: Please do not try to interpret my grief.

Erica: And please do not try to interpret my relationship. Jack, if my relationship with Ryan is hurting you in any way, I'm sorry for that, but not sorry enough to walk away from him. So if that was the reason that you flew all the way over here, then your trip was a waste of time.

Ryan: There's something that just doesn't mesh, Jesse. The pieces don't fit. It doesn't make any sense why Hayward was hinting to be angry with me over Greenlee.

Jesse: Well, no, he talked about all that before. Didn't make sense for David to dredge this all up now.

Ryan: No, it doesn't. And just the way that he was taunting me -- something about it was so real.

Jesse: Well, that's the best way to tell a lie, isn't it? Use just a little bit of truth, people will buy it.

Ryan: But what's the lie? I mean, what is he lying about? Greenlee's gone. So the grudge should have died with her.

David: I'm hoping we can get this done quickly.

Jesse: Well, the more cooperative you are, the quicker it'll go.

David: I could hardly be any more cooperative, Chief. I already told you at the onset -- the flash drive used to take down Fusion was mine. Of course, my fingerprints are all over it.

Jesse: And you said that this was stolen from your house during that series of break-ins we had a couple of weeks ago?

David: Yeah, that's right. So you can hardly hold me responsible for a crime committed with it when it was out of my possession. Am I right?

Jesse: That's all good, David. Except one thing. I have a witness that places you at Fusion.

David: A witness.

Jesse: Yeah. Said he saw you getting in the elevator, headed up to Fusion. Care to comment?

David: That's a lie.

Jesse: Would you like to hear my witness?

David: Go right ahead. Hit me with your worst.

Jake's voice: I was about to leave and I saw David coming in the back.

David: Jake.

Jesse: Shh, shh. Listen.

Jake's voice: And it was David, clear as it, you know -- anybody could see it was David, clear as day.

David: Come on, Jesse. This is weak, even for you.

Jesse: Why is that?

David: Because if this statement were legit, you'd have me in cuffs right now, reading me my rights.

Jesse: Well, guess what. I got my Miranda right here.

David: Yeah, but you see, the only problem is, this statement is not legit because it's Jake's. And you know that Jake would say anything. He'd say the sky is green to put me behind bars. You know it, I know it, and the D.A. knows it. That's why I'm assuming you won't embarrass yourself by bringing this little fantasy over to the D.A. Oh, and one more thing? The reason why this has been an exercise in futility for you is because I didn't do it. So now if you're not gonna arrest me, I'm assuming you know that, too.

Jack: Yes, I'll admit that Greenlee's death probably colors everything to a certain extent. But I have made a little peace with it.

Erica: Are you sure?

Jack: Yes. You know, when Kendall finally admitted that she -- when she finally admitted her part in Greenlee's death, I was so angry with her. I turned my back on her, walked right out of the courtroom right in the middle of her case. But I don't hold her responsible, and we are talking again.

Erica: I'm so glad to hear that.

Jack: Yeah. But this -- this trip, me coming back here is not about me coming back to Pine Valley and trying to hold onto every little shred of Greenlee's life that I can, no matter how I have to do it. There are other things involved.

Erica: "Things." What things?

Jack: Look, if I have any idea what Ryan's going through, it's because I was in his shoes. I've lost my heart. And, yes, I'm talking about you. You are hell to get over. You do know that, don't you?

Erica: Jack --

Jack: Just let me finish. You are hell to get over, and Greenlee has been hell for Ryan to get over. What we had was life-changing. And, Erica, when something like that goes away, life's never the same -- ever. And then we look for escapes any place we can find them.

Erica: And so you think that I can never be more than that for Ryan?

Jack: I'm not talking about Ryan anymore. I'm talking about you. Come on, is he really the one? Can you honestly say that he is? Or is he just a safe and easy escape, because what we had was hell to get over? Since when have you been so hard to convince that you deserve more?

[Phone rings]

Erica: Hello.

Ryan: Hey, it's me. 

Ryan: Erica? Are you there?

Erica: Yes, I'm here.

Ryan: Hey, I've been looking all over the place for you. Look, we got to get together and compare notes on David's story, ok? I can be there in, like, five minutes?

Erica: No, don't.

Ryan: Everything ok?

Erica: Yes, everything is fine. This is not a good time. I'm in the middle of something.

Ryan: Oh, ok. I could come by later if you want.

Erica: Tomorrow would be better.

Ryan: Ok. Tomorrow we're heading to the tropical vacation, don't forget. You remember -- big escape plan?

Erica: Of course. How could I forget? All right, then, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

Jack: Well, looks like maybe this wasn't a wasted trip after all.

David: Well, look at this. The gang's all here.

Tad: Why don't you go away? We're busy.

David: Really? And what are you up to? Plotting to take over the world? No, I bet you're trying to find new ways to frame me.

Liza: Oh, he's right. Nobody knows or cares what you're talking about, so why don't you just take it elsewhere?

David: Oh, I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. I heard Jake's little recorded statement over at the police station. Riveting.

Amanda: David, please. Just go.

David: I intend to. But not before I deliver some wonderful news.

Jake: I'm sure whatever you have to say we can live without.

David: No, no, I think you're gonna want to hear this. Now I know you've all been dying to figure out what I'm up to, why I'm back in town. Well, this should answer your questions. I'm getting married.

Liza: You're getting married?

David: That's right, on Valentine's Day. I thought that would be very romantic. I'm kind of an old-fashioned kind of guy, you know? Oh, I forgot to mention -- you're all invited.

Tad: Just out of curiosity, who is she?

David: Well, I guess you're gonna have to come to the wedding to find out.

Man's voice: I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lavery, husband and wife.

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