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[J.R. groans softly]

Marissa: Guess who's back in town. He never called to apologize or explain anything. I just told him that I never wanted -- David's back. I just --

J.R.: I heard. But just --

Marissa: Oh, God. Oh, God. It's the chemo. This round is hitting you bad, isn't it? What can I do? What do you need?

J.R.: Marissa, just hold me.

Marissa: Ok.

J.R.: Just hold me.

Colby: Mom?

Liza: Hey.

Colby: Um, I need to talk to you about Damon.

Liza: Oh, please, honey. Can this wait? It is late, and I'm absolutely dead on my feet.

Colby: Mom, it can't wait. Damon doesn't trust anyone anymore, especially you.

Liza: Hmm.

Colby: Mom, he's innocent. You -- you've got to keep him out of jail, keep him from being framed for the break-ins.

Liza: Ohh!

Colby: Please, Mom. Promise me.

Liza: I can't promise you that. Honey, I don't know how this is going to come down for him.

Natalia: What's this?

Brot: A list of police reports dealing with Fusion and nearby businesses in the last five years, a list of the past two years' worth of alarms that the company has received -- false and otherwise, a list of every known person who had alarm access codes. And, oh. That's a menu for the Chinese we're having delivered.

Natalia: This sucks.

Brot: I mean, if you want Italian, you know, I can make that happen.

Natalia: No, no. I mean being stuck here, doing mindless busywork while my dad is out in the field.

Brot: You want to be out there as well?

Natalia: Damn straight. I am much more useful out there than being stuck here doing grunt work.

Brot: Hey, hey, hey. Don't diss the grunts because they do most of the fighting, all right?

Natalia: Whatever.

Brot: You know what? Your ego is something else. You think you should be leading every investigation around here, don't you?

Natalia: Nah, just the important ones.

Officer: Park it here, pal.

Natalia: Excuse me. What's going on?

Officer: The chief wanted him brought in for questioning.

Natalia: Well, uh, the chief isn't at the station right now, so he asked that I take care of this one.

Officer: He's all yours.

Natalia: Thanks.

Brot: Hey. Jesse didn't say a damn thing about you taking care of anything except paperwork.

Natalia: Brot, stay out of my business before my massive ego puts a hurt on you, ok? I'm doing this.

Brot: No, you're not.

Natalia: Watch me.

Erica: Here. The name and the address of our Milwaukee distributor right there on the letterhead.

Madison: Three down, a gajillion more to go.

Erica: Oh, well. A journey begins with a first step, right? So can you cross-reference that database and also include it in our new contact directory?

Madison: Yes. Absolutely.

Erica: Ok.

Randi: More bad news.

Erica: What?

Randi: The phone system's been nailed as well. There's no voicemail; there's no call history log, nothing.

Erica: Oh!

Randi: Yeah. Well, it gets better. The mail server, too. No e-mail: Sending, receiving, nothing for the next couple of days. And we definitely can't retrieve any of the old ones. I don't know how we're supposed to run a company in the dark.

Erica: Well, you're not just giving up, are you?

Randi: I don't know what we're supposed to do, Erica.

Erica: Well, if you really think that Fusion is finished, then you go in that elevator and don't come back.

Jesse: Hayward.

David: Now is not a good time, Chief.

Jesse: Well, you're going to have to make time. I need some explanations.

David: About what?

Jesse: How your fingerprints got on the flash drive that destroyed the computers at Fusion.

[David sighs]

David: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jesse: Fingerprints don't lie. Yours were as clear as day, David. Anything you feel like you need to share with me?

David: If my fingerprints are on it, then it must have been mine. And, yes, I can explain how it ended up at Fusion.

[Knock on door]

[Smoke alarm beeping]

[Greenlee coughing]

Ryan: David? David! What the hell's going on in there? David! David, I know you're in there. Open the door! David! David, I know you're in there. Open the door!


Ryan: David!

Fireman: This is your house?

Ryan: No, no, no, it's not. I just got here. The door's locked. Somebody's inside. I heard them coughing. I can't get in.

Second Fireman: Get back!

[Smoke alarm beeping]

Brot: You're not gonna question the kid without his attorney here.

Natalia: I will be questioning him as a potential witness. He's not under arrest. He doesn't need to be Mirandized. Look, that kid has gotten away with way too much. It is time to catch him in a lie and nail him.

Brot: Listen to you. It's innocent before proven guilty, remember?

Natalia: Don't talk to me like that. I know the legalities. What's wrong with you lately anyway? You have been breathing down my neck every chance you get.

Brot: Well, maybe because you're getting just a little too close to loose cannon territory.

Natalia: Or maybe you're trying to impress my father, ok?

Brot: Come on.

Natalia: And he's not around right now. So there are no points to be scored. You, in here.

Brot: Hey, did your boyfriend call his lawyer before coming here?

Bailey: No. He didn't have a chance. They brought him right down here.

Brot: Here. Call his lawyer and get her here before he says something that he shouldn't.

Natalia: So you're aware of the break-ins at the Chandler estate?

Damon: Yeah. I didn't do it.

Natalia: You want to tell me where you were at the time, then?

Damon: Ah! I was with a friend.

Natalia: What's your friend's name?

[Damon scoffs]

Natalia: Look, Damon, I'm trying to help you clear yourself here, ok? Just tell me the name of your friend. What's his name?

Damon: Her name is Colby Chandler.

Colby: And he admits he's messed up a lot of times, but he's got a kid now, and he is taking that seriously. And he wants to do what's right for Stuart and for Bailey. But it's not fair that everyone thinks the worst of him. Just because he's been in trouble before, he's the one to blame for the break-ins. It's wrong, Mom.

Liza: Yes, it's very wrong if he's innocent, but they've got enough circumstantial evidence here to bring charges against him. And that is some serious business. But right now, I'm more concerned that you are so worried about him. You two have been spending a lot of time together?

Colby: Um, n -- so -- so?

Liza: "So"? So with all the trouble that he is in right now, don't you think he should be spending time with Bailey and Stuart, not hanging out with you?

Colby: Mom, there is nothing going on between Damon and me. I am just the only person not prejudging him, the only person willing to sit and listen and help him.

Liza: Ok, just calm down right now and let's just talk about this.

Colby: No, no, no. You know, I shouldn't even have come here. So --

Liza: All right. Colby, honey, sit down. Let's talk about this rationally.

Colby: No. You know what? Damon is right not to trust you. You think the worst of him just like everybody else.

[Door slams]

David: As you know, Wildwind was broken into recently. I didn't think anything was missing at the time, but just this morning, I noticed that some things were missing from my briefcase -- an mp3 player, um, cufflinks, an expensive pen. Now, I had some flash drives in there, but I didn't think to look for those. So that must be what happened. Some thief must have taken my flash drive and used it to sabotage Fusion. Or maybe they were just trying to frame me. It's not like it hasn't happened before, right, Chief?

Jesse: So you never reported anything missing?

David: No. I didn't think anything was gone. And I figured fixing the lock myself was a lot cheaper than going through my insurance deductible. All right. Look, you can go check it out yourself, all right? Come by. You can see the lock has been changed.

[Cell phone rings]

David: Excuse me. Hello? Yes, this is he. I'm on my way. My fire alarm went off. I got to go save -- I got to go save my house.

Jesse: I am not done with you yet, Hayward.

Randi: I definitely don't want to give up, Erica. I'm just -- I'm trying to look at the reality of things. With everything that Fusion's lost, to piece it all together in time for a launch doesn't seem possible, not at least until we get our phones or e-mail back up.

Madison: Oh, we can use our cell phones until then for phone calls, texting, e-mail through our personal accounts. And as for production data, the old-fashioned way works. I found a whole bunch of hard copy files. Erica's right. We can get through this.

Erica: That's what I like to hear. Ok, I'm going back to my office and dig through the rest of these files, see if I can come up with something.

Randi: Why did you do that?

Madison: Do what?

Randi: You made me look bad in front of her.

Madison: I was just trying to put a positive spin on things.

Randi: Yeah, at my expense.

Madison: Randi, I wasn't trying --

Randi: Please. I guess I have some digging to do.

Erica: Ryan, it's me. Call me as soon as you get this. Where have you disappeared to?

[Smoke alarm beeping]

Fireman: Fire department! Can anyone hear me?

Second Fireman: We're in here.

[Weather report playing on TV]

Fireman: The flue's closed up. Let's get some windows open and clear the smoke.


Marissa: Is that helping any?

J.R.: Oh, God.

Marissa: Ok. Ok. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. It's ok.

[J.R. groans]

Marissa: I'm so sorry I came in here like I did. That was so selfish of me.

J.R.: You don't have to apologize. If I wasn't as sick as I was, I'd be cheering you on. You have every right to be angry with David. I'm just glad he got both barrels from you. Look, I just wish I could have been there to see you in action.

Marissa: I don't know. Getting angry like that doesn't solve any problems.

J.R.: Oh, hell. Getting angry like that, it's good for the soul. And you keep everything bottled up anyway. You think it's your job to keep the peace. I mean, it's an admirable goal, but it's impossible. Marissa, you need to say what you need to say, you need to feel what you need to feel, even if it means hurting people, even if it means getting angry with me.

Marissa: I couldn't be angry with you.

J.R.: Of course not. I'm perfect.

[Marissa laughs]

J.R.: Ohh!

Marissa: You are going through so much, J.R. All my problems are nothing in comparison.

J.R.: I can handle this. Trust me. I want to hear how you're feeling, even if you're happy or you're sad or you're angry. I just -- I want to hear it, ok? So tell me how you're feeling, ok?

Marissa: Ok. Well, after dealing with David tonight, I feel like I felt after my mom and dad died. I feel like an orphan again.

Second Fireman: Had a fire smoldering. The flue was closed. We couldn't see anybody in here when we got inside.

Jesse: All right, guys. Thanks a lot.

Second Fireman: All right.

Ryan: But somebody was here, Jesse. I heard them. Who did you have hooked up to the I.V., David?

[David chuckles]

David: None of your business.

Jesse: But it is my business. Who did you have hooked up to the I.V., David?

David: No one.

Jesse: Really? Back at the hospital, you were about to say something about having to "get home to save" somebody?

David: You must be hearing things, Chief.

Jesse: Oh? That's what it is?

David: Yeah, because I was just anxious to get back to my house.

[Jesse chuckles]

David: All right, look, the I.V. and meds are for a patient of mine, a woman I was planning on flying down here for an emergency surgery. But luckily, that's not necessary now. That's what I was finding out when you caught up with me at the hospital.

Ryan: So there's no patient coming, then?

David: Nope. But I do have some information you both might like to hear. I'm leaving town for good, tonight, if possible. So if you and the chief don't mind, I do have some final packing to do.

Ryan: There was someone here in this room.

David: I don't know what to tell you, Ryan. Maybe you heard the TV.

Ryan: No. It was a person. And I also found a woman's sweater on that couch right there earlier tonight. So why don't you stop dancing around and just answer the question, David? Who did you have in the house?

David: You found a woman's sweater here earlier? Did you break into my house?

Ryan: I'd prefer to just call it stopping by.

David: Are you the one who closed the fireplace flue, thinking I was here, trying to smoke me out?

Ryan: No. No. I wasn't. But it is a good way to get a rat out in the open, isn't it?

Jesse: All right. Come on --

Ryan: What? I'm just saying.

Jesse: Knock it off, both of you.

David: Wait. Are you kidding me? You chase me down and question me every chance you get. He's standing right here telling you he broke into my house. He was here when the fire alarm went off. If anyone should be hauled down to the station and questioned, it's him, not me.

Jesse: Don't tell me how to do my job, Hayward.

David: I can't believe this freaking town.

Ryan: If you want to take me down, you can take me down, question me. No problem. I have no problem telling you everything that I know that I think that David is up to.

David: Oh, great. Knock yourself out. But you'd better have some milk and cookies ready, Chief, for story time.

[Door closes]

Erica: No. I don't know any more than that. No, honestly, Kendall, I have no idea who might have done this to us. No. But the police are analyzing everything right now. And we are going to have to rebuild this company by hand. I know. And I will call you as soon as I have anything concrete to tell you. Ok. Bye-bye.

Madison: Erica, this just came in. Isn't Lacy's our biggest customer?

Erica: Hey, everyone! Everyone! The CEO of Lacy's has said that she is horrified that anyone would do this to us, and she plans to stick with us through our entire rebuilding process. And she is sending her I.T. people here tomorrow to help us in any way we need.

Madison: And I just heard from our contact at Billingham's, and they are pledging their full support as well.


Erica: Ha ha! So if our suppliers and our distributors are going to stick with us like this, then we are definitely going to survive this whole thing, and we are going to come out stronger on the other side.

Randi: Excuse me.

Madison: I know this has been a disaster for everyone, but I got to say, I haven't felt this charged up in a long time. Just rebuilding the place and working on it with you, it's just great to be on the positive side of something for once.

Erica: Absolutely. Sometimes the best thing to do after you've been hurt is just get out there and fight for something.

Natalia: So you're sure, absolutely sure you were with Colby Chandler at the time of the break-in?

Damon: Yes. You can ask her.

Natalia: That's funny because I happen to have already asked her. And you know what she said? She said that she was at a party with her family at the time of the break-in. The truth, Damon? Come on. Where were you?

Damon: I was at the Chandler house.

Natalia: Go on.

Damon: But I didn't break in there.

Liza: Ok, don't say another word. What the hell do you think you're doing, questioning my client without calling me in first?

Natalia: Well, you're right on time, Counselor. Your client here just admitted to being at the Chandler mansion at the time of the break-in.

Liza: You know what? I need a moment alone with him.

Damon: You're twisting what I said.

Liza: Damon, Damon.

Damon: No, let me finish. No, I was staying in the mansion as a guest.

Natalia: Really? Because the Chandlers didn't mention anything about having any gue --

Damon: No one knew I was there except Colby. I stayed in her room.

[Knock on door]

J.R.: I don't really want to see anybody right now.

Colby: Hey. Uh, can I talk to you guys?

Marissa: It's getting kind of late, Colby. Maybe tomorrow would be a better time?

J.R.: It's all right. Let her in.

Colby: Thanks. I -- I need to get a friend a lawyer. Uh, he -- he's got my mom right now. And I don't know anyone else. You look like hell.

J.R.: Yeah. I got the flu again.

Colby: Oh, it must be that, um, H1N1. Have you seen a doctor?

J.R.: No. No. I just got to ride it out.

Marissa: Uh, they just fell from the table. I was just going to pick them up.

Colby: "Take as needed for nausea." I thought you said you hadn't seen a doctor. And you don't get nausea pills prescribed for the flu. What's going on, J.R.? What haven't you told me?

J.R.: I don't have the flu, Colby. I have cancer.

David: Are you sure you're all right? Did you hurt yourself trying to get away?

Greenlee: No. But I almost got caught. The smoke woke me up. I barely had the I.V. unhooked before the door flew open.

David: What happened to Steven?

Greenlee: Your pilot?

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: I made him leave.

David: What?

Greenlee: I wanted to be alone.

David: Damn it. I gave him strict instructions to stay by your side.

Greenlee: I can be persuasive.

David: No kidding.

Greenlee: But then Ryan showed up along with a very smoky room.

David: All right. Don't worry about Ryan anymore. How are you feeling?

Greenlee: A little better. What did you put in that I.V.?

David: I upped all your dosages. I've got some good news. I saw Clayton today. Turns out, the tests show that you don't need another surgery.

Greenlee: Thank God.

David: All right. But you have to start taking care of yourself, Greenlee, following your doctor's orders.

Greenlee: Yes, Doctor.

David: So you're doing all right? Are you ok enough to travel because I'd really like to get out of here tonight?

Greenlee: No.

David: Why? What's wrong? You -- you just said that you were feeling a lot better.

Greenlee: I am. But I'm not going anywhere. I've got to stay in Pine Valley.

Jesse: You couldn't have just explained to me what you were doing at David's house?

Ryan: I got to show you something first.

Jesse: This is nice. I like the colors.

Ryan: Turn it over. Hayward was here, what, I think a couple hours before Fusion was hit. He came to tell Erica that he was leaving town, that he was going to give his contact information and the name of a new cardiologist in case Kendall needed it, right? Erica leaves the room. I come in. I catch Hayward with his hands on this. And he just gives some lame excuse like he was just fixing it or straightening it on the wall or something. He leaves, and then I find this.

Jesse: You had something taped back here?

Ryan: No. I didn't have anything taped back there. There's more, Jesse. The parking valet at ConFusion described a guy who looks exactly like Hayward driving a car that matches Hayward's tearing out of the parking lot minutes after the computers crashed.

Ryan: You see, I think Hayward sabotaged the computers at Fusion with a drive that he knew was hidden here.

Jesse: You didn't give me a chance to share this, but we found David's prints on the flash drive recovered from Fusion.

Ryan: Well, did you confront him with it?

Jesse: Yes. I confronted him. He said he had some things stolen from him, including some flash drives.

Ryan: And do you believe him?

Jesse: I never believe David Hayward.

David: All right, Greenlee, what's going on? You've been begging me to get you out of here as soon as possible, away from Ryan, Erica, everyone here. So what's changed?

Greenlee: Me. I thought I could just move on, except that the dream I'd held on to since I woke up had turned into just that -- a dream. Bringing Fusion to its knees was supposed to take something from Erica, but she didn't lose anything. She just turned what I did into another one of her P.R. stunts. She was on TV tonight holding a press conference, preening, assuring the world that Erica Kane will not be brought to her knees. She's gonna use this to put her mark on Fusion for good, make it all hers. That's when I realized my mistake. I was wrong to hit Fusion, and I was wrong to do it in secret.

David: Whatever fighting face Erica is putting on for the press, Fusion is a mess. Hubbard made that very clear to me tonight when he was questioning me.

Greenlee: Yeah, but it's not enough. The year I was out of it cost me more than all that time. I lost my edge, too. But thanks to you, I'm awake. And thanks to Erica, I realize what I need to do. She called her cyber attacker a coward. As much as I hate to agree with Erica on anything, she was right. It was a coward's way out. Erica dropped the gauntlet tonight. She dared whoever did this to go one-on-one with her. So that's exactly what I intend to do.

Colby: There mu -- there must be a mistake. We have to see another doctor.

J.R.: Colby, there's no mistake. It's lymphoma.

Colby: Why didn't you tell me?

J.R.: Because I didn't want to upset everyone. That's why I tried to keep it from all of you. Look, there's enough turbulence in our family right now. I don't need people standing around me, waiting to see if I'm gonna die or not.

Colby: But what about Dad? Does he know?

J.R.: But he thinks that I'm in remission, ok?

Colby: So you told Dad before you told me.

J.R.: Hey. Yeah. But I'm telling you right now, ok? And I'm asking you not to tell anybody else, because I am fighting this as hard as I can right now. I can get into remission, all right? I've already been there.

Colby: You were in remission, and it came back?

J.R.: I didn't want to worry you.

Colby: My God! Not worry, J.R.? No, no, no, no. You can't be sick, ok? I -- I need you!

Marissa: Colby, I know that you're upset and angry, but you just need to calm down, ok?

[Colby sobs softly]

Colby: Don't tell me how to behave. Uncle Stuart's dead. And -- and Dad could die at any moment, and little Stuart's gone. And now you. Everybody I care about is going away!

J.R.: Colby, you're not going to lose me, ok?

Colby: J.R., you -- you -- you don't know that. You can't promise that.

J.R.: Colby --

Bailey: Hey, what's going on? Are you done with Damon?

Natalia: Nope, not yet. Um, his attorney wanted some alone time with him.

Liza: How dare you seduce my daughter and use her as an alibi.

Damon: That's not what happened.

Liza: You took advantage of her. Needing a place to hide out. So what, you use her bed?

Damon: Nothing happened between us, ok?

Liza: I don't believe you!

Brot: So, Liza kick you out of there?

Natalia: You called her, didn't you?

Brot: Heh. The boy has his rights. I just hope you learned your lesson.

Natalia: The only lesson I learned is that you can be a real jerk, Brot.

Colby: Thanks for calling me.

Liza: Ok, get in here. Is it true? You invited Damon to stay the night with you at the mansion?

Colby: Yes, I did. He stayed the night with me in my room.

Damon: Bailey, wait.

Bailey: No, Damon. Leave me alone. I never want to see you again.

Jesse: And you had no idea that some lethal flash drive was hidden in your apartment?

Ryan: Nope. But I got a theory on that.

Jesse: Oh, good. I love theories.

Ryan: Greenlee was very possessive of Fusion, right? I mean, she loved that company. And I think this drive was her nuclear option in case something happened to the company, in case she got pushed out of this company that she loved so much.

Jesse: So Greenlee wrote the worm?

Ryan: No, not herself, but it would have been just like her to commission something like that and then keep it very well hidden.

Jesse: Ok, well, I can buy most of that. But then you sort of slam into a big brick wall. How did David know where it was? Greenlee has been gone for a year now?

David: You're being impulsive. Erica is goading the guilty party to come clean so she can nail them. If you do this now, then you're playing right into her hands. We need to stick to our original plan and get the hell out of here. You stay around and fight, and you're going to get nothing but trouble.

Greenlee: You're wrong. I'll get my dignity back. Erica has always hated me, always tried to bring me to my knees, but she never could, not until I was dead. Now she thinks she's succeeded. She took my company, and she took Ryan. She's getting deep personal satisfaction in humiliating a dead woman.

David: All right. What is this really about? Is it about Fusion, Erica, Ryan?

Greenlee: I told you. I don't give a damn about Ryan. He could come crawling to me on his hands and knees right now, and I wouldn't look at him sideways. Erica can have him. I just want her claws out of my company.

David: So you have no feelings for him whatsoever?

Greenlee: I feel betrayed, yes. I mean, his undying love for me died pretty quickly. First, he slipped into Kendall's bed and then into her mother's. I will make Ryan regret what he did, just like I'll bring down Erica, but I'm not going to do that by running away. I have to stay and fight. So am I going to be doing that on my own, David, or are you going to stay and fight with me?

Damon: You have to believe me. Nothing happened between me and Colby. I went to her because I needed some money to get out of town, that's all. She actually convinced me to stay and fight for you. But how can I do that? How can I fight for you if you won't believe me?

Bailey: This is what, the third time we've been in a police station, Damon? And now your alibi is being in another girl's bedroom.

Damon: I love you, Bailey. I love our son.

Bailey: I love our son, too. That's why I can't do this anymore. Good-bye, Damon.

Liza: Whoa. Whoa. Where are you going?

Damon: Look, my lawyer says you can either arrest me or let me go. Which is it?

[Natalia sighs]

Natalia: Get out of here.

Liza: Listen to me. The police called Damon in to start asking him questions. Bailey called me. I had no idea how deep you were into this.

Colby: I know what you're up to. You want Damon to go to jail, break up with Bailey, and you can work on getting Stuart back. Maybe even Bailey, too. A new daughter. Maybe get this one right.

Liza: Seriously, do you know how ridiculous you sound? Besides, fighting for Stuart? That was your idea.

Colby: Mom, putting Damon in jail is not gonna get Stuart back --

Liza: That is not what I am doing here. And besides, I don't care about anyone else here but you.

Colby: But, Mom, you and Dad and everybody just want me to behave, not rock the boat. Nobody can be bothered with Colby right now. All this stuff is going down, and I am stuck in the middle of it like an avalanche, and I can't breathe, and I need help!

Liza: Honey, wait a second. What is going on? What is it?

Colby: It's J.R.

Liza: J -- J.R. What is it? What with J.R.?

Colby: No, no. I need to get out of here.

Liza: Honey, talk to me. Please let me help you.

Colby: No.

Liza: Just stay away from Damon, ok?

Colby: You know, Mom, I'll sleep with whoever I want.

J.R.: Hey, uh, Colby, it's me. Will you call me when you get this?

Marissa: I could track her down and try to talk to her.

J.R.: No. Colby will come by when she's ready to talk. Oh, God, please just get me into remission. I want to be able to give her some good news. I want to start living again.

Erica: So do you know who did it, who hid a flash drive in your apartment?

Ryan: Well, it had to have been Greenlee at some point. And apparently, she confided in David, because David's prints are on the drive.

Erica: David?

Jesse: Well, in fairness to David, he said that he had some flash drives stolen from him recently and that somebody must have used one of those to deliver the worm, framing him in the process.

Erica: Oh! Neither one of you believes that.

Ryan: Given the facts and David's track record with the truth, no, we don't believe that.

Jesse: The thing of it is, neither one of us could figure out why David would want to destroy Fusion. You got any ideas?

Erica: No. But if David did do this, I'll get the truth out of him.

Greenlee: We're kindred spirits, David. Neither one of us has ever given up, so why were we thinking of turning and running? We can't do that. I am fighting for my dignity. Fight for yours as well. We can take on this town together, you and I. We can make it ours.

David: It's moments like this I understand why he loved you so much.

Greenlee: I told you I don't give a damn about Ryan.

David: Not Ryan, Leo.

Greenlee: Oh. So what's your answer? Are you going to stay and fight?

David: I have no place to go, no one in the world but you. So do you have a plan for taking back Pine Valley?

Greenlee: We're going to start with a ceremony.

David: Really! Ha ha! What kind of ceremony?

Greenlee: You're gonna marry me.

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