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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 2/3/10


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Frankie: All right, I know you're anxious to get out of here, but we got to wait for all the tests to get back. You don't want to mess around with a neck injury. Is there someone you want me to call? Tad maybe?

Krystal: Oh, no. No, no, no. Absolutely not, no. No, you breathe one word of this to Tad Martin, and you will not live long enough to regret it.

[Knock on door]

Liza: It's open.

Tad: Man, I'm sorry I took so long. I just realized what I was in for when walked into a restaurant called "El Pollo Lento." Lento. It's a slown chicken.


Tad: Liza! Want me to go out and come back in again quietly?

Liza: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I've just got to get this port done so I can file this m lawsuit. Ah, food.

Tad: Yeah.

Liza: Thank God. I'm starving.

Tad: So you're really gonna go ahead and file this blunt instrument, huh?

Liza: Of course, I am, if Jake and Amanda sign off on it, and David's still in town.

Tad: Well, that's just it. My guy at the airport says David's plane is still in the hangar and nobody's seen his pilot in a while, so he's not going anywhere soon.

Liza: Ok, that's good.

Tad: No, it's not. See, that's what I want to talk to you about. I think maybe we ought to hold off on this for a while.

Liza: We -- ok, hold on a second. Why do I think there's a plan in action here you're not telling me?

[Knock on door]

Tad: You want to get it?

Liza: Yeah. Ok. Right. My house. Got it. Yeah. Hey, Marissa. Nice to see you. What a surprise. Wasn't expecting you.

Marissa: Oh, uh, Tad told me to come by. He said it's about my dad.

Angie: Jesse told me David was back in town, but what is he up to with these?

Jake: Well, that's why we're here. We need to get these tested.

Angie: Painkillers, immunosuppressants. You know, if these drugs match their labels, then David is treating someone with some serious medical problems.

Jake: Yeah, I'm thinking transplant patient, stem cell therapy maybe.

Angie: Any idea who it is?

Jake: No. But whoever it is, they deserve a better doctor.

Amanda: These were delivered to his pilot at ConFusion of all places.

Angie: Oh, trying to cover his tracks, then.

Jake: You think we can get them ID'd by tonight?

Angie: Yeah. I'll get them started.

Jake: Thank you. Thanks, Ange.

Amanda: Wh do you really think David's up to?

Jake: I don't know. I just hope it's everything we need to nail him.

David: Your blood pressure's up, and you almost killed us both.

Greenlee: I wasn't gonna let you take me to the hospital.

David: Oh, so you figure trying to drive us both into a ditch would be better. What were you thinking, Greenlee, grabbing  that steering wheel like that.

Greenlee: I stopped you, didn't I?

David: Yeah, and you hurt your back in the process. Now I have to find out if you've hurt yourself enough to require more surgery.

Greenlee: Oh -- I probably just pulled the same muscle again. I'm fine. No hospital, not here. I'd rather die than have Ryan or anyone see me. Did you hear me? I want you to swear you won't take me to the hospital. What's that for?

David: It'll help ease some of the pain. Won't take long to work either.

Greenlee: Ah! Wow. You're not kidding.

[Greenlee falls asleep]

Erica: But no sign of a break-in?

Guard: Nope. The alarm was turned off with the proper code.

Ryan: Well, have you called the police yet?

Guard: I wanted to wait till you guys got down here first.

Ryan: Ok, well, thank you for that, but you can go call them now.

[Computer beeps]

Erica: Ryan, look at this.

Ryan: What? What is it? Huh. The whole computer's crashed.

Erica: I don't remember Kendall ever having a problem like this before.

Ryan: That's because nobody's ever tried to sabotage their company's computers before.

Frankie: Krystal, I understand why you don't want people to know about your accident, but you and your friend have been here for hours. Your family's gonna be worried about you.

Krystal: How is Rob doing?

Frankie: As well as can be expected.

Krystal: God. Oh, God. That poor guy. Is he gonna -- is he gonna be able to, you know, I mean, is he gonna be ok here?

Frankie: I'm sure he will. You know, just gonna take some time to heal. Listen, I need you to call home, at least let them know you're ok.

Krystal: I -- I know. I can't. My phone is in my car.

Frankie: See, boom. Use mine. Mm-hmm. I'll be back.

[Krystal exhales deeply]


Krystal: Ah.

[Phone rings]

Opal: Hello.

Krystal: Hey there.

Opal: Oh, it's you! Well, thank goodness. I was starting to worry. You know, I left you a bunch of messages and never heard back.

Krystal: Yeah. I don't have my phone with me.

Opal: Well, how come? Where are you? Are you with Rob?

Krystal: Um -- yeah.

Opal: You know, if you want to stay out late and kick up your heels, it's fine by me, but just give me a heads up, would ya?

Krystal: No, I'm fine, I'm fine. How are the kids doing?

Opal: Oh, they're hunky dory. I just tucked them in. Now when are you gonna be home?

Krystal: I, um, I'm not sure yet.

Opal: You know, if you want to spend the night with Rob, it's ok by me.

Krystal: Actually, I am not at Rob's. Listen, I need to take care of a couple of things, and I'll be home soon, ok?

Opal: Where are you --

[Phone beeps as Krystal hangs up on Opal]

Angie: How's Krystal doing?

Frankie: She'll be all right. I'm gonna put this case into the strange but true file. So whatcha doing here? Thought after you and Dad left the party together, you'd be taking the night off.

Angie: I'm chief of staff, remember? The hours that I decide to put in are my business.

Frankie: Yeah, sure.

Angie: All right, I want you to remember that, sweetheart.

Marissa: David's back? Why?

Tad: Well, that's just it. Your father says he's back in town to tie up some loose ends, but we're not buying it. You know, when's the last time you saw him?

Marissa: Um, the day that I confronted him for what he had done -- you know, making everyone think that he was dying and lying about being Trevor's father. Then I don't know, he just left town. He never said another word to me. He just left me with a good-bye note.

Tad: Marissa, I'm sorry -- for everything he's put you through.

Marissa: Oh, I can't say that I wasn't warned.

Tad: Well, I know it's a lot to ask, but we want to make sure nobody else gets hurt. It's a long shot, but I was wondering if you would be willing to find out what your dad is really doing, the reason he came back to Pine Valley. Could you help us out?

Marissa: Yeah.

Tad: Thank you.


Tad: Thank you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Tad: Hang on. Eeh. What?

Opal: Yeah, it's me. I think you better get home.

Tad: Why, Mom? What is it now?

Opal: Well, something's going on with Krystal. I just got off the phone with her. It was the weirdest call.

Tad: Define weird.

Opal: Would you just get home pronto? Honestly --

Liza: What is it?

Tad: It's a minor family crisis. I just got to sort of get back to the house. I'm sorry. I mean it. It's a big deal. Thank you.

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

Tad: You let me know if you find out anything.

Marissa: Yeah.

Liza: See you. Yeah.

[Door slams]

Liza: Oh, Marissa, I'm so sorry for what you're going through with David. I know --

Marissa: I'm fine. I'm fine. If David is up to something, then I want to help stop him before anyone else gets hurt.

Liza: How far are you willing to go?

Marissa: What do you mean?

Liza: Would you testify against him in court?

Jake: Babe, why don't you go on home a relieve the babysitter. I'll wait here for the results.

Amanda: No.

Jake: Why?

Amanda: Because I don't want to leave you alone.

Jake: Why?

Amanda: Jake, we finally got everything that we wanted: Our family together. I just thought we just wanted David gone out of our lives.

Jake: We do want him gone, but is he gone? No. He's still here, right? And he's up to something, he's sneaking around. So either we push him away, or we put him away, otherwise he's gonna continue to terrorize our life.

Amanda: Ok, if we file a lawsuit now, he has to stay here until it's settled. Is that what you want? Because I think he wants to leave.

Jake: Listen, honey, he's up to something, right? Why is he sneaking around this town? Why is he using ConFusion as a place to drop off drugs? Answer that.

Amanda: I don't -- I don't know. But I don't think it has anything to with us.

Jake: Well, I don't think we can take that risk. Do you? Look, ok, maybe he's got some new victim he's terrorizing, but don't you think we should at least find out who that is?

David: I tried. She refuses. No local hospitals. I don't know. You might have to open her up again. What I do know is I don't want to risk transporting her back to Gloucester. If she needs surgery, it's gonna have to be somewhere in town. I'm way ahead of you. I already have a CT scan being set up as we speak. But just do me a favor -- get here as fast as you can, all right? Thank you, Doctor.

Pilot: The CT scan is set up in the study.

David: Good. Are those the meds from ConFusion?

Pilot: Yeah.

David: Great. She's gonna be knocked out for a while. I'm gonna need your help getting some pictures of her spine. Huh. What is this, some kind of a joke?

Pilot: This was the package I got.

David: What? What are you -- Jake Martin? Were the Martins at the bar?

Pilot: One of them. He tried to make me think that he was a pilot, too, but I busted him. I told him to go to hell.

David: Well, he somehow switched the boxes. Damn it! Unbelievable. Those bastards are not gonna let up. Now they have her medication, and they're gonna be coming after me again.

Pilot: I swear, I did not let them know anything.

David: I can't deal with them right now, not right now. I have to focus all my attention on getting her better before Ryan and the rest of Pine Valley comes breathing down my neck.

Jesse: But does the alarm system have an electronic log, one that tells you what code was used at what time?

Guard: Yeah, but unfortunately they're stored on that server.

Jesse: Ah, ok, thanks.

Ryan: All these break-ins, I mean, is there any correlation, you think, between all this?

Jesse: No. I doubt it. It's a different M.O. Fusion was not broken into. Someone had keys, and the alarm code, and I need a list of everybody who had both of those.

Erica: So whoever did this, you think they just wanted to crash our computer?

Natalia: Looks like it. This was definitely a deliberate attempt at sabotage.

Brot: You mean a worm?

Natalia: Yeah, a nasty one. And they probably downloaded the worm off this.

Brot: Well, what about the backup files?

Natalia: I'm telling you, I'm working on it. I don't know if they were hit or not.

Erica: Do you mean -- everything might be gone?

Natalia: If they were thorough enough, yes. I'm so sorry. I mean, the worm destroyed your backup drive before it even hit your main server.

Erica: Oh, my God!

Brot: I mean, we can take the drive to a cyber security expert, but odds are, with a worm like this, it probably overwrote everything with gibberish.

Natalia: Yeah.

Erica: But everything was in there. Inventory and suppliers and distributors, accounting. I mean, who would do something like this? And why?

Ryan: We'll figure it out, and we're gonna rebuild all of it.

Erica: But that will take forever, Ryan. That will cost a fortune.

Jesse: I want you to bag up that flash drive, and I want it dusted and analyzed, ok?

Natalia: Yeah.

Jesse: I'm gonna need a statement from the two of you. I'm gonna need to speak to all your employees. I'm also gonna need to know everybody you can think of who does business with Fusion as well as your competitors.

Erica: Ok, I'll start putting a list together right away.

Jesse: Excellent.

Ryan: This wasn't corporate espionage. Whoever did this wasn't after Fusion's secrets. They wanted to destroy the company.

Tad: But she said she was ok?

Opal: It isn't what she said. It was the tone in her voice, something that didn't sound like her -- kind of strange, evasive, afraid almost.

Tad: Mama, maybe she was out on a date with Rob, and she didn't want to talk about it. She didn't want to answer questions. You know, sometimes you can be a little -- enthusiastically inquisitive, you know what I mean?

Opal: This has nothing to do with my being nosy. I have a bad feeling. Now, I want you to go out there and track her down and find out if she's ok.

Tad: Ma, come on, I don't --

[Cell phone rings]

Tad: Want to go anywhere. Yeah?

Frankie: Hey, Tad, it's Frankie. Has Krystal called you?

Tad: No. Why? What's going on?

Frankie: Oh -- she's gonna kill me for doing this, in fact, those were her exact words, but I'm worried about her. I think you should come down to the hospital. She's here. There was an accident.

[Cell phone beeps]

Nurse over P.A.: Paging Dr. Bender.

Angie: They check out. These drugs are exactly what the labels say they are.

Jake: So what are you thinking, stem cell therapy, transplant patient?

Angie: Well, you know --

David: It's post-op stem cell therapy. That's why I'm back in Pine Valley. I'm sure you're all just dying to find out what I'm up to. Female, early 30s. She suffered severe spinal damage in a car accident. She also has severe scarring along nerve paths between L5 and S1, resulting in paralysis. Surgery removed most of the bone fragments as well as some of the scarring. She responded very well to a new stem cell procedure, but she may have reinjured herself recently and might need another round of surgery.

Angie: Well, a couple of questions answered at least.

Jake: Why all the secrets? Is this somebody else that you hurt? Who is she?

David: You would just love it if the woman's condition turned out to be my fault, wouldn't you? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but it isn't. The patient in question happens to be a nurse that once worked here. You may remember her. Gayle Walker? Well, she had a terrible car accident in Gloucester a while back. She may have reinjured herself recently, so if she's gonna have another round of surgery, I'd like it done in a better facility this time.

Angie: Why didn't you just bring her down here?

David: Ha ha. That's a joke, right? After the way she was dismissed here? She refused. She doesn't want to deal with anyone here. But I did have a specialist flown in, a Dr. Clayton from Sweden.

Angie: I've heard of him.

David: Yeah, well, he happens to be one of the best. In fact, he's landing right about now, on his way over here. He wants to go over her tests, her x-rays, her charts. So I need Radiology to develop the film and run a full battery of tests on that blood, ok? Stat. I'd like to have all the results available for Dr. Clayton once he arrives.

Jake: I need. I want. You don't work here anymore. You don't get to walk in here and tell her what you need and what you want.

Angie: Jake, I got this. You know what, I'm really --

David: All right, you know, just take it easy. I'm gonna pay for all of this, all right? I'm not expecting any charity from either of you. But I hope you're not gonna deny me because of some personal grudge. Let us not forget that we're talking about a woman who is in pain and who needs our help.

Angie: I'll do your test.

David: Thank you. And I believe those were meant for me, and I'm pretty sure I have a pair of your stinky sneakers in my car --

Jake: My sneakers are new.

David: Oh.

Jake: I still got questions. Why all the secrets?

David: Really? Ha ha. Well, I would think the answer to that would be obvious. I mean, look at the hoops I have to jump through just to have some tests run here and get the woman's medication returned to me. Believe me, I wanted to avoid all of you and just focus all my attention on my patient.

[Jake hands David the box of meds]

David: Thank you.

Nurse over P.A.: Paging Dr. White. Dr. White.

Tad: Ah. There you are. What the hell happened? What did you do to her?

Rob: Go away.

Tad: What do you mean, go away? It's a legitimate question. I've got a right to know. What were you doing? Were you drinking? Were you driving too fast? Did you get in a fight in a bar? How did you hurt Krystal?

Rob: I didn't hurt her. Leave me the hell alone.

Krystal: Stop. Stop it. Stop it.

Tad: Oh, my God. What on earth did he do to you?

Krystal: He didn't do anything to me. It was the damn bed.

[Krystal exhales sharply]

Brot: I'll get Forensics working on this.

Natalia: All right. Great. Ahh -- so, whoever did this had to get root access to the system. Not tough since it wasn't a very secure password that they used. Dad, once you root in a Unix-based system, you're God.

Jesse: Well, I'm sure our cyber experts will get to the bottom of it, ok?

Natalia: Well, what happens is a self-replicating worm just has to alter the permission flags on every file it finds, plug itself in, and start a recursive bit by bit munge of the whole system.

Jesse: A who?

Natalia: A munge. Duh.

Jesse: Duh, whatever.

[Natalia scoffs]

Natalia: Uh-oh. It drives you crazy that I know something you don't, doesn't it?

Jesse: Don't be ridiculous. You're supposed to know more about this stuff than I do, ok? Young'un.

Natalia: Hey, you ok?

Jesse: Yeah. I'm tired.

Natalia: Well, um, why don't you take some of that well-deserved quality time off?

Jesse: For what? Angela works just as hard as I do. She's never home, never see her.

Natalia: You two, uh, you guys doing ok?

Jesse: Yeah. Why? Wh -- what are you talking about?

Natalia: I'm just saying. Come on, you guys are like Mr. and Mrs. Supercouple. The destiny duo. Come on, you guys have reunited after 20 years. Dad, you left Mom to be with Angie, and now it's --

Jesse: Now what? Now that both of our jobs breed stress, now that life-and-death situations are riding us all the time, now that we can't pretend that every day is Valentine's Day?

Natalia: Right. Now I keep my mouth shut.

Jesse: Now you're talking. Case closed. Young'un.

Liza: Well, what do you think?

Marissa: It's well laid out. It's, uh, very complete. David doesn't have much wiggle room, does he?

Liza: I don't mean as a lawyer. I meant as his daughter.

Marissa: He deserves everything that he gets. And yeah, yeah, I'll testify for you.

Liza: Ok, just think about it, all right? I just want you to just take a minute and really, really think about this. Look, I know you're frustrated with him, and believe me, you have every right to be, but I also saw your face when he told everybody that he was dying. I saw the pain that you were in, and I also saw how difficult it was for him to lie to you --

Marissa: Don't, don't, don't try and tell me that his twisted feelings are love. He doesn't love me. He never did. And yeah, it hurt, but that's what he does, right? He hurts people. So yeah, I will do whatever I can to stop him.

[Cell phone rings]

Liza: Ok. Ahem. Liza Colby.

Jake: Hey, it's Jake. Yeah, so David shows up at the hospital, claiming he's treating a nurse that used to work her, Gayle, for a spinal injury.

Liza: Uh-huh. And you don't think that's what David is doing?

Jake: No, I don't, but I'll call you when I find out more.

Liza: Oh, by the way, the lawsuit is ready to be filed. All right.

Marissa: What's David doing now?

Liza: Well, he's at the hospital apparently, treating some patient.

Marissa: Thanks.

Liza: Wait, Marissa.

Erica: And whoever did it was thorough. Everything's gone, including backups. Jesse Hubbard is coming back. He's gonna question everyone, so please, please will you just wrack your brains? Try to remember anything you might have seen that night that can lead us to catch whoever did this. I'm not gonna lie to you, this is a big blow to Fusion, but we can get through it if we work together as a team.

Ryan: And you didn't take a break? You didn't leave the car lot after the late afternoon?

Parking Attendant: No. I was at my post since lunch.

Ryan: And you're positive, you're sure about this one car?

Parking Attendant: I remember it because it had really nice rims.

Ryan: Right. And you said the dark-haired driver left in a real hurry, huh?

Parking Attendant: Like a bat out of hell.

Ryan: Ok, thank you very much.

Erica: Anything from the parking valet?

Ryan: Maybe. I will let you know. I'll be back. I got to go check something out.


Greenlee: David?

Pilot: No, ma'am. It's me.

Greenlee: Where's David?

Pilot: I'm not sure. He left a little while ago, but I think he's out to get you help. He had me fix the lock on the front door. Nobody will bust this one. Do you want to watch some TV?

[Television music plays]

Ryan: I love you. I've always loved you. Don't forget that. I will love you till the day I die, Erica.

Greenlee: No. No.

Pilot: It's ok. It's ok. David will be back soon. Just --

Greenlee: Get out.

Pilot: I'm not --

Greenlee: I don't need you here. I need to be alone. Please, just go.

Pilot: I'm sorry --

Greenlee: If you don't leave, I'm gonna scream my head off, and I'll call the cops, do you understand me?

Pilot: Yeah. Don't get upset. I'm going.

Greenlee: Good. I just don't want anyone here right now.

[Door closes]

Television News Anchor: The downtown offices of Pine Valley's cosmetics dynamo, Fusion, were broken into tonight. Early reports indicate significant damage to their computer systems. We'll have more on this as it comes into the newsroom.

Krystal: Thank you very much. Thank you for calling Tad and telling him I was here when I specifically asked you not to.

Frankie: I'm sorry, but you seemed all worked up about it and --

Tad: You know what? It doesn't matter. Thank God you called me, ok? And what's all this about a bed?

Krystal: Ahh. Uh, Rob has this really great apartment, you know, very modern, lots of levels, loft up top.

Tad: And?

Krystal: Low railing, high bed.

Frankie: Ok, uh, Krystal, the X-rays came back clear. It's a bad muscle strain, but I want you to wear the collar for a couple days. You're free to go home. Let me know if you have any problems.

Krystal: Thanks a lot.

[Frankie sighs]

Tad: Ha ha! So -- you got this falling out of a bed. What about you, huh? You pull a muscle, too? Ow. Holy cow!

Rob: You have no idea.

Tad: You poor bastard. What did they do, put a splint on you? You know, a little plump water wing thing you pump up?

Krystal: Tad, Tad.

Tad: No, seriously, I want to about, like, physical therapy.

Krystal: That's enough! That's enough.

Tad: Gives you new meaning for the phrase "falling for a guy." So who came out on top? Just -- ha ha!

[Door opens]

Ryan's voice: David was messing with this when I came downstairs.

Jake: I'm just not buying the good Samaritan thing. Am I the only one? He is cooking something up.

Amanda: Jake, please, leave it alone.

[Cell phone rings]

Jake: Oh, it's one of my patients. You know what? I'll be right back.

Angie: Hey.

Amanda: He's not gonna stop. Angie, he's not gonna back off David.

Angie: No, he's not.

Amanda: He doesn't see what it might do to us.

Angie: You know, Amanda, it's not easy living with a man like that, I mean, who's willing to put so much at risk to set things right.

Amanda: How do you deal with it?

Angie: Not very well.

[Cell phone rings]

Amanda: Oh. Ah, it's the babysitter. Sorry.

Angie: I'll catch up with you later.

Amanda: Ok.

David: Thank you for making your way over here. I know it's a significant detour. Dr. Hubbard, I'd like you to meet Dr. Clayton.

Angie: I've heard a lot about your work. It's nice to meet you.

Clayton: The pleasure's mine. Thanks for helping out on the case.

Angie: Well, that's what we're here for -- helping patients. Here are your test results.

David: Excellent. Thank you for pushing me through.

Angie: Doctor.

Clayton: All right, let's take a look.

Madison: This is really bad, isn't it?

Erica: Well, we have a great non-profit ready to launch and no idea anymore where to send it or how much we spent or whom to send the invoice to or -- even to call to find out.

Madison: Hey, did I ever tell you that I read all your books? 'Cause "Having It All" really struck a few chords for me, especially that chapter on pitfalls? When you meet an obstacle, consider it a challenge.

Erica: Very true. Don't worry, I am not giving up. I am just trying to figure out the best way to meet that challenge.

Madison: Well, I'd love to stand by and watch.

Erica: Well, you better stand back if you are, because I intend to find out who did this and look them square in the face. 

Angie: Oh, hi.

Jesse: Hey.

Angie: Everything ok?

Jesse: Yeah. How you doing?

Angie: Crazy busy just trying to stop this janitors' strike before it shuts this whole place down.

Jesse: Is there anything I can do to help?

Angie: No. Thanks for offering.

Jesse: Not a problem.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Hubbard.

Brot: Got a hit on one of those prints on that flash drive.

Jesse: Hmm. Am I gonna be surprised?

Brot: Maybe. It's David Hayward.

Jesse: Well, what do you know. Well done, soldier. Thank you.

David: It's all looking good, right?

Clayton: Yeah, I don't see anything that would call for another surgery. Although both her blood work and her films indicate a need to bump up her steroids and immunosuppressants.

David: Ok, I've started her on an I.V. tonight.

Clayton: Great. She should show signs of improvement within the next 24 hours.

David: Excellent.

Clayton: I got to catch my flight to L.A. for that conference.

David: All right. Hey, I'll be in touch with you. Thanks again for the detour and for everything you've done.

Clayton: Absolutely. Look forward to seeing her run a marathon one day.

David: Ha ha. As do I.

Marissa: Wow, you actually did it. You showed your face here again.

David: Marissa, please --

Marissa: No, I don't want to hear anymore lies, David. Nothing you say can take away what you've done.

David: Would you at least let me explain?

Marissa: No. You are what you are, and you are never ever going to change. Yeah, when you found out I was your daughter, you told me that you cared.

David: Yes, I did, and I do still care.

Marissa: Oh, if you cared, then you wouldn't have lied to me about dying -- or just left me with a sad little good-bye note. If you cared, you would have told me that you were back. I kept reaching out, and you just kept smacking me down. I am embarrassed to be your daughter.

David: I'm sorry --

Marissa: No. Enough with the apologies. They don't work anymore.

David: What can I do?

Marissa: Tell me the truth. For once. Why did you come back here?

Reporter: So this was definitely corporate sabotage?

Erica: Oh, this was a deliberate destruction of all of our files, our records, and all the backups.

Second Reporter: Any suspects?

Erica: No, not yet, not at the moment.

Reporter: If you could say something to whoever did this, what would it be?

Erica: I would say to them, you haven't won. Fusion is still in business. If you want to fight, fine. I'll take you down one way or the other, but I intend to look you right in the eye while I'm doing it.

Greenlee: Argh! Uh! Ow! Uh! Uh --

Tad: You see, Ma? It was nothing serious after all. Krystal just slipped and fell at Rob's, and she had to be checked out. That's it. Now, she didn't -- she just -- well, she felt a little silly about it.

Opal: Silly? What, for falling down? Nothing silly about that. I'm just glad you're all in one piece.

Krystal: Ah, yeah, yeah, me, too.

[Bell dings]

Opal: Oh, oh, that would be my brownies. When I get nervous, I bake. Ha.

Tad: Huh? Huh? Come on, let me hear it for me. I told you I wasn't gonna say anything incriminating.

Krystal: Thank you.

Tad: You're welcome.

Krystal: Ha ha! Would -- would you knock it off?

Tad: I can't help it. Hey, is that what Rob asked you to do?

Krystal: Oh, very funny.

Tad: Well, thank God he broke your fall.

Krystal: Actually, I broke his.

Tad: Ha ha. You can say that again. Oh! Uh!

[Knock on door]

Krystal: Ha. Oh. Ow.

Liza: Hey, what was the emergency? What's the family crisis? Oh, my goodness.

Tad: No, no.

Liza: What happened?

Tad: It's ok, it's ok. Krystal just had a minor accident. Looks like the other guy isn't gonna be doing any driving anytime soon. Ha ha!

Jake: Hey. Ok, so, did you see Hayward? Did you see where he went?

Amanda: I don't know, and I don't care. I just want to go home.

Jake: Ok, can we just find him, ok?

Amanda: Drop it, Jake.

Jake: Let's just find out why he's really back.

Amanda: I said drop it! He said he's taking care of that nurse. That's all. Please, it is late, and I just want you to take me home and stay with me and our son. Just forget about David for one night, please.

Jake: Ok. Let's go home. Ok.

David: I won't lie to you again, but I can't give you what you want. I can't tell you everything, not right now. But I promise, I will when I'm able to, ok, when the time is right.

Marissa: Go to hell. And this time don't come back.

David: Ahh.

Jesse: Hayward.

David: This isn't a good time, Chief.

Jesse: Well, you're gonna have to make some time. I need some explanations.

David: About what?

Jesse: How your fingerprints got on a flash drive that destroyed the computers at Fusion.

[Ryan knocks on Wildwind's door as Greenlee sleeps inside with smoke all around her. As he turns to leave, Ryan hears an alarm inside the house.]

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