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Episode #10301

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David: Shh.

Liza: Do you mind if I steal him?

Krystal: Uh --

Tad: What? We're not gonna limbo, are we? Because I haven't done my stretches.

Liza: Oh, honey, you don't need to stretch for this.

[Liza kisses Tad]

Rob: You ok?

Krystal: Uh, no, actually.

Rob: What can I do?

Krystal: You can take me back to your place.

Liza: You want to dance?

Tad: Uh, ok. I just don't hear any music.

Liza: Really? I think we can make our own music.

Tad: What are you doing?

Liza: What am I doing? I'm making a little party for us, and nobody else is invited.

Tad: Yeah, and I'm enjoying every minute. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's just that you're kind of sort of doing this for Krystal's benefit, aren't you?

Liza: Oh, well, a woman has got to lay claim on her man, doesn't she?


Amanda: Oh, that storm gets any louder, it's gonna wake the baby.

Jake: Actually, wind is like a nice white noise for babies. It helps them sleep.

Amanda: Well, I couldn't sleep a wink in this.

Jake: Well, so what you're saying is, you're awake. Funny because I'm awake. Baby is asleep. Maybe that means we should be doing something other than what we're doing.

Amanda: Mm, like maybe we could wash the dishes together?

Jake: Ooh, yeah. Wash the dishes. We could wash the dishes. We could do the laundry. We should do some sort of hands-on domestic activity.

Amanda: Maybe you should show me what you mean.

Jake: I'd be delighted to.

[Knocks on door]

Amanda: Mm. I guess we better see who it is.

Jake: Yeah. We should see who it is.

[Pounding on door]

Jake: Ok, ok!

Amanda: All right.

Jake: Uh --

[Pounding on door]

Opal: Oh, I was at home when the wind kicked up, and I got to playing with my tea leaves, and --

Jake: Come on in, Opal.

Opal: Well, look at them. Just look at them. Well, they moved around a little bit on the way over here, but I am telling you, they gave such a strong reading that something from our past is coming back to town -- it's heading right toward us -- and then on the way over here, the storm really kicked up, blew a tree over right in the middle of the road. I'm telling you, there are signs everywhere, everywhere.

Jake: Ok. All right. Listen. It's gonna be ok. You're here now. Everybody is safe, right? Everyone is safe.

Amanda: Opal, can I get you some tea or --

Opal: Tea?

Amanda: Something else?

Opal: All right. Listen. I'm just gonna cut right to the chase, ok? I know in my bones that David is coming back. In fact, I think he could be here already.

Amanda: David?

Jake: No. Well, no. Wait. Maybe you're just shook up because of the storm, you know, and all the --

Opal: I know what I know, and the signs are the signs, and it's no big secret how worried you have all been about what David's next move was going to be, and then here he turns up right in the bottom of my teacup.

Jake: Well, as long as he's in the bottom of the teacup and nowhere else, then it's pretty -- sorry.

Amanda: Opal, really, David is gone, and I don't think he's coming back.

Greenlee: Mmph -- mmph --

David: If I let you go, do you promise not to shout? Ok.

Greenlee: What are you doing?

David: What am I doing? Did you even hear what Dr. Clayton said before you disappeared? If you don't get the proper rest, you're gonna end up back in surgery.

Greenlee: I had to come here to find Ryan.

David: Greenlee, we need to leave. Please.

Greenlee: No. I'm not going anywhere. I came here to find Ryan.

David: You will see him when the time is right.

Greenlee: Now. I want to see him now.

David: You shouldn't even be here, Greenlee. Come on.

Greenlee: Uh! Why not?

David: What is it? What is it? Is it your back? Is it hurting?

Greenlee: It's always hurting, but that's not the point. Why won't you answer my question?

David: Shh! Just try to calm down, ok? You need to trust me on this. The timing is not right.

Greenlee: Tell me why, or I'm going in.

David: All right. Look. Can we at least go up on the roof to talk about this? Come on. I'm not gonna say another word down here.

Greenlee: Ok. Five minutes, but then I'm going in there.

David: Ok. Come on.

Greenlee: Oh --

Ryan: You are overthinking things again. Don't. Please don't. What we have works. This works, and I realize that that's not what we expected, right? It's not, but we got to stop looking for problems.

Erica: Are you done?

Ryan: Yeah. I'm done.

Erica: Good. Because you're right. I'm not used to things going so smoothly, and I don't want to look for problems anymore.

Ryan: Problems? What problems?

Opal: David hasn't contacted you, has he?

Jake: No, no, not at all.

Opal: You'd tell me if he had?

Jake: Yes. Of course, I would tell you.

Opal: Well, I mean, if you hadn't heard anything, then how can you be so sure that he's gone?

Jake: He is gone. We saw Wildwind. They were packing it all up, and a real estate agent is showing it. We saw it with our own eyes.

Opal: When's the last time you had word from him?

Jake: I don't really remember.

Opal: Oh, it doesn't matter, anyway, does it, because every word out of that doctor's mouth is a lie.

Jake: Well, he's going for sure. He's going, never coming back. Now, this is not altogether the best time, if you know what I'm saying.

Opal: Jake, there is no good time for bad news. I mean, I don't usually come barging in with frights like this, or at least I never used to, but I just had such a powerfully frightening vibe.

Jake: I understand. I understand, but, you know, this probably means that somebody else is coming back. Maybe a leaf was in the wrong -- somebody else.

Opal: Oh, yeah. Oh, listen to me -- silly, old me -- getting all riled up over some vegetable leaves on a stormy night.

Jake: Yeah. Ok.

Opal: Yeah. Well, I better get going, huh?

Jake: Don't worry.

Opal: Got to get back home, but you just call me if you need anything, honey, all right?

Jake: Thank you. It's nice to see you.

Opal: Yeah. All right.

Jake: All righty. Wish she was a coffee drinker. You ok?

Amanda: I'm ok.

Jake: Yeah? You ok? Because Opal, you know, sometimes she can be so Opal.

Amanda: That's why we love her.

Jake: Yeah, but you're all right?

Amanda: I am fine.

Jake: Yeah?

Amanda: Ask me how fine I am.

Jake: How fine are you?

Amanda: Well, maybe I should show you.

Liza: But I was being a little possessive. What can I say? You should be flattered.

Tad: I am, more than a little, believe me. It's just that the way you played that makes me -- stop playing with your foot.

Liza: What?

Tad: Makes me think that you think there's something going on between me and the ex-ball and chain.

Liza: There's chemistry there. Tad, I see it. I mean, it's not bubbling over or anything, but you guys, you simmer. There's a little simmer there.

Tad: Liza, it's not happening. I'm being absolutely serious, ok? You saw her. She just took off with her pet architect. I didn't bat an eye.

Liza: Yeah? Really?

Tad: Yeah, really.

Liza: And you're 110% ok with that.

Tad: Absolutely.

Liza: Hmm.

Tad: As a matter of fact, it may surprise you, but the two of us are sort of cheering each other on, hoping the other guy can pick up and move on.

Liza: Ok. Now, that --

Tad: Is the truth.

Liza: Come on. You don't think that sounds like a little bit of denial?

Tad: No. Denial is a river in Egypt.

Liza: Ha ha ha! Come on, Tad. You know you guys have history.

Tad: So do we. Who cares? Where the heart is concerned, history is usually something you read at night before you fall asleep.

Liza: I just want to make sure, you know, that it is really over between you and Krystal, because I am certainly not gonna get in another battle with somebody else's meant-to-be love.

Tad: You mean, like you did with Zach.

Liza: Yeah. Yeah. Like I did with Zach.

Greenlee: Oh -- I'm waiting.

David: Did you calm down?

Greenlee: Look. I know Ryan was in there, so tell me, why don't you want me to see him?

David: For over a month, you have had this image in your mind of what it would be like to come back here. You have staked everything on that idea. Your entire recovery has been driven by it. The only problem is, in the real world, life doesn't just freeze because you go to sleep for a year.

Greenlee: I'm aware of that.

David: Ok. Good. So, if Ryan's world is altered, even just a fraction, how is that gonna affect your recovery?

Greenlee: I'm a big girl, David. I know the difference between fantasy and reality.

David: Greenlee, this is ridiculous. You need to let me examine you.

Greenlee: I need you to talk to me. What, do you and Ryan have some sort of surprise cooked up for me, and you don't want me to ruin it? Well, I'm sorry. I'm going to ruin it.

David: Ok. Wait a minute. You need to be honest with yourself. You didn't want to know the truth, not really. You had it all figured out in your mind, right? Ryan was waiting for you. He was keeping vigil. You had this dream in your heart, and you believed it. I, of course, wanted you to believe it, because I didn't want to hamper your recovery, because I knew that news like this was gonna deeply affect you.

Greenlee: News like what could deeply affect me? Ryan is in there with another woman.

David: I never said that Ryan was in there with another woman. There's no way that I could possibly know that.

Greenlee: What else could be so traumatizing that you would yank me away like that?

David: I simply think it's important for your recovery process to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

Greenlee: Cut the crap, David.

David: Ryan thinks you're dead, Greenlee. Did you really expect him to live the rest of his life like a monk?

Greenlee: Not the rest of his life, no, but it hasn't even been a year. How long has he been seeing this woman?

David: You're kidding, right? You don't think I have anything better to do than track Ryan's dating life?

Greenlee: So, there's been more than one woman? Is that what you're saying?

David: Don't put words in my mouth, ok? I mean, look at you. You're getting all stressed out, and that's the last thing your spine needs right now.

Greenlee: Ryan is with another woman.

David: I think that could be the case. Yes.

Greenlee: Whoa, this is too much. I need to get my head straight.

David: Ok. Ok. You know something? I'm gonna take you back to my place, and I don't want to hear any arguments from you, all right?

Greenlee: Ok. Now before I change my mind.

David: Ok. Ok. Come on.

Erica: How do I look?

Ryan: As beautiful as ever. I'm gonna take you home right now, and I'm gonna make you an incredible dinner.

Erica: Oh.

Ryan: Yeah. That's right, and, say, it's pretty windy outside, and it's a little bit chilly, so it's a perfect night for a fire. Emma has got a sleepover, so we got the place all to ourselves.

Erica: We better lock the door, hold each other in front of the fireplace.

Ryan: It's just gonna be you and me.

Erica: Oh, do you know how impossibly perfect that sounds?

Ryan: Yes, actually. I do.

Erica: That's what I want almost more than anything.

Ryan: Almost? What could you possibly want more than that?

Erica: You'll see.

Liza: Yeah. That one was hard. It was. I put myself out there, and he turned his back on me, and I just didn't see it coming, so --

Tad: Yeah. Well, you never do.

Liza: The problem was, it took me too damn long to realize that he was emotionally unavailable. I mean, no matter how much Kendall and Zach fought, Kendall was his, you know, true love.

Tad: And so, you basically got your heart stomped on.

Liza: Yeah, and I don't want to do it again, so that's really why I'm asking you. Just want to make sure that you and Krystal are really over.

Tad: This is a rare side of you.

Liza: That's because I don't show it very often.

Tad: Uh-uh.

Liza: Uh-uh. I guess it's just gotten to that point with us. You know, it's just good. I mean, it's really, really good --

Tad: Liza --

Liza: And I just don't want it to end.

Tad: It's good for me, too, really good. Haven't felt like this in a long time.

Liza: Felt like --

Tad: Like I don't want to hear about Zach, ok, because I want you here with me. I don't want anyone else to get you. You know, if you think about it, this is really kind of funny because you and I have been through a lot over the years and it's never felt like this.

Liza: Why is this scaring me?

Tad: Because it's always scary. You get your heart stomped on, it's always easier to run.

Liza: You can, you know? You can run. You can go. Go now. If you're not 100% sure, I would just go, leave.

Tad: I have no intention of doing that. Do you? Answer the question.

Liza: Really?

Tad: Yeah.

Liza: You have really lost your touch at reading between the lines here. You know that?

Tad: That's hardly an answer.

Liza: Yeah. Well? Yes?

Tad: Oh, ok. Well, fine. Please, by all means, let me give it the old college try.

Liza: Ok.

Tad: If I read you correctly --

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Tad: And I really hope I do --

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Tad: I can categorically say that --

Liza: Yeah, that I'm not going anywhere.

Tad: That's an answer.

Liza: What? What is it? What's going on?

Tad: Not sure. Thought I saw somebody.

Liza: Who?

Tad: I'm positive it looked like Hayward. Nothing.

Liza: So -- I'm sorry -- how was it, exactly, that you were able to see David over there? We were just kissing.

Tad: I know.

Liza: I was there.

Tad: So was I.

Liza: We were kissing. So, you always kiss with your eyes open?

Tad: Well --

Liza: Seriously. I had no idea about you.

Tad: No, but it's not exactly like it was a big freaky-deaky thing. I mean, you're gonna tell me that you've never --

Liza: Oh, please.

Tad: You've never kissed with your eyes open?

Liza: I squinted once, ok, just to get my bearings.

Tad: Ah, you spicy, little vixen.

Liza: I can't believe we're actually having this conversation.

Tad: Neither can I.

Liza: Uh-huh.

Tad: You know, if that really was David, there's something I got to do.

[Liza clears throat]

[Cell phone ringing]

Amanda: Mm. Mm, you better get it.

Jake: Again? You didn't learn your lesson the first time.

Amanda: I know. I know, but what if something is wrong now?

Jake: Like what?

Amanda: I don't know, wind damage or something. Opal's tea leaves have me all jumpy.

Jake: All right.

Amanda: Please.

Jake: Ok. Unbelievable. Hello.

Tad: Jake, I just saw Hayward.

Jake: What? Where?

Tad: In the parking lot at ConFusion.

Jake: You sure?

Tad: Well, no. I mean, I was kind of distracted, but ordinarily, I'd know that face anywhere.

Jake: Wait. Distracted. Have you been drinking?

Tad: No. Never mind. Look. Just trust me. This is something that we should follow up on, ok, because if he's back in town, doubtless he's on his way to Wildwind.

Amanda: What is it? What's wrong?

Jake: Uh, nothing. There's a little emergency at the hospital.

Tad: Don't do that, all right? You tell your wife what's going on.

Jake: Yeah. Of course, I'll meet you there. Ok.

Liza: So? What?

Tad: So, I got to go over to Wildwind. Jake is on his way over there now.

Liza: What if this whole thing is a false alarm?

Tad: Maybe it is. Maybe it is, but if it's not, Jake is gonna need my help. I got to be there.

Liza: He might. Yeah. Well, you know what? I'll go check on Amanda, then, ok? She'll probably need some company.

Tad: All right.

Liza: Yeah.

Amanda: Be careful on the road to the hospital, ok? I don't like all that wind. Here.

Jake: All right. Well, don't worry. It's gonna be fine. You just hunker down, ok, and do me a favor. Lock the door when I go.

Amanda: Yeah.

Jake: Ok.

David: It's cold out there. Been waiting long?

Greenlee: No. I went out the back door of Fusion. My rental car was in the lot. I guess you really were leaving.

David: There's nothing left for me here. We need to get you back to Gloucester.

Greenlee: What for?

David: Dr. Clayton thinks that you need another surgery, and all this running around and emotional upheaval hasn't done you any favors.

Greenlee: Why did he have to start seeing someone?

David: Greenlee, you were dead to Ryan, to everyone.

Greenlee: Who is she? I have to know.

Madison: Hello. Hi.

Erica: Hi.

Madison: I thought you went home.

Erica: Oh, I'm on my way home soon.

Madison: Ok. Well, listen. Press is still swarming around, so let me call security and have them escort you out back.

Erica: No, no, no. That's ok. Actually, I need to talk to them.

Randi: They're just gonna start in on all the personal questions. I mean, that's all they've been talking about since you left.

Erica: Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I'm afraid I am guilty of avoiding your questions before, and that isn't fair to you or to my supporters, and while I do very much want to maintain my privacy, I see no reason to do that here. Let the tongues waggle. Let the bloggers bloggle. Actually, Ryan should be here while I say this, because Ryan and I are more than coworkers now, and Ryan and I have nothing to hide. We are, quite simply -- involved.

[Applause as Ryan kisses Erica]

Randi: Now, that is the power couple of the century.

[Knocks on door]

Amanda: Who's there?

Liza: Amanda, it's Liza. Can I come in?

Amanda: Hey, what are you doing here?

Liza: Listen. If Jake hasn't told you already it's only because he's trying to protect you.

Amanda: Jake never lies to me -- unless it's about David. Is that it?

Liza: Yeah. Well, they think he's back in town. Yeah. Tad saw somebody running across the parking lot, and he's pretty sure that it's him.

Amanda: Opal was here earlier. She predicted this, and I can feel it now, too, just like the rest of them. David is back.

David: Look at you. You're taxing your back way too much. Come on, Greenlee. Have a seat, please.

Greenlee: No. I'm fine. I can't think about that right now. I have things to figure out, like who Ryan's girlfriend is.

David: All right.

Greenlee: Tell me, David. Who's he been seeing?

David: I don't know, Greenlee. There are dozens of places in this town to find casual dates if you want to.

Greenlee: I don't think it's all that casual, though, or you wouldn't be clamming up like you are.

David: I'm not clamming up.

Greenlee: Ok. I'll start guessing. You just tell me yes or no. Is it someone from work at Cambias?

David: No. Maybe. I don't know.

Greenlee: Ok. Well, maybe I'll just start asking around.

David: Oh, really? Who you gonna ask? Everyone thinks you're dead.

Greenlee: Well, it's time to start rising from the dead, then. Kendall. She's my best friend. She can keep my secret. I'll ask her.

David: You can't.

Greenlee: Why not?

David: She's not available right now.

Greenlee: Hmm. No one mentioned her in the news piece on Fusion.

David: Zach and Kendall have been going through a rough patch. They left town, so you can't contact them right now.

Greenlee: Those two live in a rough patch, but leaving town? No. No. That's not possible.

David: Greenlee, a lot has happened since your crash a year ago -- people breaking up, coming together -- changes at Fusion, too -- personnel changes, relationships.

Greenlee: Kendall was all worried at the wedding about Zach and Reese. Knowing them, if she didn't let it go, they could've split up. Is that something else you're trying to keep from me to protect my recovery?

David: Zach and Kendall left town together.

Greenlee: Really? What did they do with Spike, just drop him off with Ryan? Come on, David. Tell me. I can take it.

David: They took Spike with them.

Greenlee: Ryan wouldn't let that happen.

David: Really? Well, maybe you don't know Ryan as well as you think you do.

Greenlee: You know what? Stop holding out on me. Something is going on here. Whoever this woman is, whoever Ryan is with has to be someone I know, someone who'd really upset me, or else you would just say her name.

David: Are you trying to hurt yourself?

Greenlee: I mean, how bad is it, right? Who would hurt me so much that I -- oh, my God. Kendall. I died, and Ryan fell back into bed with Kendall. Say it, David. Say it's true.

David: All right. Yes, but --

Greenlee: "Yes, but"? "Yes, but"? It's Kendall. Ryan is with Kendall.

[Pounding on door]

Tad: We know you're in there, Hayward!

Jake: Open this door, or we're gonna break it down.

[Pounding on door] 

David: All right. Let me guess. You want to know what I'm doing back in town.

Tad: I wouldn't be surprised to find out you've been hanging upside down in the attic the entire time.

David: Hmm, and what have you been doing, Tad -- hanging outside my house, looking for lights, bugging the place?

Jake: No, but maybe we should've been.

David: Well, as you can clearly see, I've been packing up the place, putting it on the market, so what's the problem?

Jake: Well, it wouldn't be the first time that you pulled some lying, slimy stunt.

Tad: Being such an honorable, trustworthy person and all. Ok. I'll bite. Why are you back? You've been dreaming up some fresh hell?

David: No. I just came back to tie up some loose ends, sign some papers, do some real estate business, hospital business.

Jake: Get into my wife's business. I bet your next stop was our house. Am I guessing right?

David: No. You're guessing wrong. I'm out of here in a day, two at the most.

Jake: Hmm, well, we'll believe it when we see it.

David: Heh heh, and I don't give a rat's ass what you believe.

Jake: See, Dave, the problem is, you are a pathological liar. That's the problem. I don't know if you even know when you're lying or not anymore. You told everybody in town that you're dying, and then I think you convinced yourself that you actually were. You tried to steal my kid, and when you found out he wasn't yours, you thought he was yours anyway, and you put a stranglehold on my wife, with whom your obsession never seems to end, so -- yeah, yeah -- I will always be on the lookout for you --

Tad: I'll be right there with him.

Jake: And if you ever go near my son again, I'll kill you.

David: Don't hold back. Do you have any threats to add?

Tad: No. That was a little over the top. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing for you to do but leave. There's nobody for you here. Best thing you could do is just throw in the towel and crawl off as graciously as you can.

David: You know, for once in your pathetic life, you're right. I know I'm universally hated in this flyspeck town, persona non grata, and I am gone.

Erica: Oh, you were right. It's much better that we got it out in the open.

Ryan: Yeah. I just got to have a conversation with Emma, and I'm sure she's gonna be ok with it.

Erica: Oh, Ryan, what a romantic surprise.

Ryan: Yeah. Surprise for me, too. I didn't do it.

Erica: Well, you're kidding. If you didn't do it, who else would do this? Opal.

Ryan: Opal, for sure. Opal. No doubt about it. Of course, this is a little bit more toned down than her last little surprise.

Erica: Well, we only just made the announcement. I mean, who else would do this?

Ryan: Yeah. This is my favorite. I had absolutely no idea that Opal knew that this was my favorite.

Erica: Ooh.

Ryan: Yeah. Huh.

Erica: Ok. I'm gonna go see if she put something in the oven.

Ryan: Ok. All right.

[Window rattles]

Erica: No. Nothing in the oven.

Ryan: How did this get on the table?

Erica: Oh, this is such a lovely picture of the moon. Emma is quite the artist.

Ryan: Yeah. I -- I put that away. Why would Opal take it out?

Erica: It's probably Emma herself, and you just didn't notice.

[Window rattles]

Ryan: I would've noticed.

Tad: We all know Marissa is still here, and while you might think it was a good idea to hang around, try to get in touch with her, I'm not so sure, Dave.

David: You're right. I do have a daughter here that I love very much, but I went too far with Marissa, one lie too many. I crossed that line, and there's no turning back. I know that now. Look. I agree with your assessment of me, all right? Everything you said is true, so for once, would you nitwits just take yes for an answer and leave?

Jake: Because we don't believe a word you're saying.

David: Ok. Fine. I know how you feel, ok? I understand, but I also know what you would do to me if I stayed, so if you don't want to trust me, fine. Don't trust me. Just watch me vanish.

Jake: We will be watching, Dave.

[Door closes]

David: Greenlee -- Greenlee, they're gone. Greenlee? Son of a -- oh --

Ryan: You don't even look the slightest bit tempted to log on and see what the world is saying about your big announcement.

Erica: Nope. The only thing that I'm interested in logging on about is you putting logs on that fire, if you would, and we can be very cozy in front of it.

Ryan: I can handle that, that's for sure, and your sparkling cider should be nice and chilled by now. I still think it's a little bit strange that Opal forgot that.

Erica: I think you should just be happy that Opal left you the wine and not her Harvey Wallbanger special. You know, I will go see if that cider is chilled.

Ryan: Ok.

[Ryan clears throat]

Erica: No. The cider is not ready yet.

Ryan: I still can't get over how Emma's picture just showed up.

Erica: Magical lights, magical dinner. Maybe it wasn't Emma or Opal at all. Maybe we just have a magical guardian angel who has a flair for atmosphere.

Ryan: Hmm.

Erica: Your hands are cold.

Ryan: Yeah.

Erica: Well, I have a fix for that.

Ryan: You know, this just might work. You know, it's funny. My hands just aren't cold anymore.

Erica: I know.

Jake: Did David call here?

Amanda: So, he is back.

Jake: Yeah. He's back. I saw him with my own eyes.

Amanda: Why didn't you tell me you were looking for David?

Jake: Because I didn't want you to get upset, ok? What if it wasn't true?

Tad: Let's not jump the gun, ok? It might not be as bad as we think. He said he was back to take care of some unfinished business. Maybe he'll be gone in a couple of days.

Amanda: You believe that?

Jake: No. I don't. Like I told my brother, and I'm gonna tell you, we don't have a choice. We're gonna have to file that lawsuit.

Amanda: Lawsuit? What will that do?

Jake: What'll it do? It will, you know, humiliate him in an open court in front of the world, expose him for the fraudulent, scummy, lying bastard that he is.

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