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Episode #10299

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Annie: I can't wait for the parlor to be redone. It's gonna be like a whole new house.

Mitch: Mrs. Chandler, the police chief.

Annie: Thanks, Mitch. What are you doing here?

Scott: Has something happened?

Jesse: I was just gonna ask you the same thing. There was a 911 call from inside this house.

Damon: Look, I messed up, ok? Didn't you ever screw up, wish you could get a chance to make it right? What am I saying? Rich, spoiled brat like you -- you never screw up, do you? If you do, daddy just buys you a whole basket of shiny new chances.

[Knock on door]

Adam: Colby? It's your father. Open the door.

Damon: Don't tell him I'm here.

Colby: Why shouldn't I?

Adam: Is everything all right? Did I hear voices?

Jake: You know, I'm thinking to myself, so what? If the janitors go on strike, maybe we all get a break at the hospital. We deserve a break.

Frankie: It's not funny. My mom is freaking out that it may shut down the whole hospital.

Jake: Your mother does a great job.

Frankie: I know. It's just her being the chief of staff -- sometimes I just wish she would --

Jake: You wish what? What were you gonna say? That Hayward was back? If you're gonna say that, you're gonna be wearing that beer. Is that what you were gonna say? Huh? No. You let him do whatever damage he does wherever he is.

Gayle: You're not supposed to be moving around without assistance.

Greenlee: Well, I have to get out of bed eventually. Besides, I want to see it.

Gayle: See what? Careful!

Greenlee: I'm not gonna break. Look at it. It's so close you can almost touch it. It's a sign.

Gayle: A full moon's a full moon.

Greenlee: No. It's a sign that I should go home to Ryan.

Gayle: You will soon.

Greenlee: Not soon. Tonight.

Erica: I don't think we've ever put a party together so quickly.

Ryan: Well, at least it doesn't involve a hundred marathon dancers and some disco.

Erica: You know, if it did, I would do it just to get this Fusion Miranda line launched.

Ryan: You're gonna put so much passion into it, this is gonna be great.

Erica: Well, I mean, every single dime going to set up the Miranda Centers around the country -- I don't remember when I've been so excited about anything. I just have a feeling this is gonna be a night to remember.

Ryan: Your team certainly looks engrossed in the preparations over there. Hey, guys, ready for the big night?

Randi: Um, yeah. The gift bags are full and all ready for distribution.

Madison: The DJ's due any minute to go over the playlist.

Erica: And what are you looking at?

Randi: Oh, just a newspaper article.

Ryan: What? Fusion and the party?

Madison: Not exactly.

Colby: It's just me, Dad. You must have heard my radio.

Adam: Oh, yeah. I just wanted to apologize for earlier.

Colby: Oh, but we're good. Good.

Adam: But you're still angry.

Colby: No. I'm done throwing vases, so that's a good sign.

Adam: Chase Archibald had a completely legitimate reason for being here. He was being interviewed for an internship at Chandler, not to be my potential son-in-law.

Colby: Dad --

Adam: Believe me, I'd be thrilled if I thought you two would hit it off, but I swear to I didn't try to set you up.

Colby: Ok, ok. Great. Good. Good.

Adam: Good. There is a young man out there for you, Colby. Ok?

Jesse: Yes, somebody called 911 from this house and hung up. And it is procedure to investigate hang-ups just to make sure everybody's ok. And given the rash of robberies that's been taking place here, I would like to, if you don't mind, search the grounds.

Frankie: It's just both my parents have been so stressed out about work lately, it's getting to them both. Natalia and Randi and I -- we tried to get them to take some time off together, but -- do I want Hayward back? There is no way in hell I will wish that on you or either one of us.

Jake: You're lucky. Just saved yourself a beer dousing.

Frankie: Well, thanks. Me smelling like beer is not a good look at my wife's big party tonight. Appreciate it.

Jake: How are the hands?

Frankie: Not 100% back yet, but almost.

Jake: Ok. Because they miss you in physical therapy. What can I say? Connie's got a big mouth.

Frankie: Connie should learn some more P.T. to keep her mouth shut.

Jake: You should learn to stay in physical therapy because if you don't --

Frankie: Hey, I know the risks, ok?

Jake: Ok. Sorry. The once wise mentor falls.

Frankie: It's not you.

Jake: And I'm back.

Frankie: I've been pulling extra shifts to make sure everything is on track, not because my mom can't, but because Hayward left all of these minefields everywhere.

Jake: I know. I've stepped on a few myself. Is there anything I can do to help? Anything?

Frankie: Well, when I figure it out, I'll let you know.

Jake: All right. Good. Can you just get back into physical therapy, please? Can you do that? Connie misses you. Maybe you could talk to your mom.

Frankie: See, you don't get it. Talking to her is a part of the problem.

Jake: Oh? Welcome to my world. You know, they teach you how to walk, right? And then 18 years later you find yourself using those legs to walk right out the front door. But then you walk into their office and now, all of a sudden, you're calling Mom or Dad "boss."

Frankie: Yeah, well, it makes me want to leave.

Ryan: Nothing can ruin tonight. Nothing at all. The very best place for this is gonna be in the trash.

Erica: It certainly is garbage. I just don't know if we can ignore it.

Ryan: Hey. Hey, hey. This is a huge night for you, for Fusion, for the Miranda Center. There's no way we're gonna let this distract the press from what's really important.

Erica: You're right. Of course not. You're right. But -- listen, how are the RSVPs coming along?

Madison: It looks like the only people who aren't coming tonight are those who weren't invited.

Ryan: Hottest ticket in town.

Erica: The media?

Randi: I did follow-up calls today, and we definitely got their attention. We're gonna have a full house.

Erica: As long as their attention is on the Miranda Centers and our new Fusion line and not this. But, Randi, I just have to thank you again. Really. This is an inspiring idea.

Randi: I can't do this.

Erica: Do what?

Randi: This. This wasn't my idea. It was Madison's. It was.

Madison: It was your idea to use the women from the Miranda Center as models.

Erica: Ok, you know what? I admire your teamwork and your modesty, but in the future I'm going to be expecting honesty.

Randi: Understood.

Madison: Ok. Of course.

Ryan: Now, how about you bring me up to speed on the logistics for tonight?

Greenlee: Will you go and find David for me? I want to talk to him about going home.

Gayle: I'm not sure where he is.

David: I'm here. Hey.

Greenlee: Hey.

David: I thought we were gonna take it easy for a while.

Greenlee: I am taking it easy. Look -- hot chick walking. Very impressive, huh?

David: Very.

Greenlee: So then you agree with me.

David: About what?

Greenlee: I'm ready to go home.

David: Soon.

Greenlee: Now.

David: As much as you've improved, I don't think you're strong enough.

Greenlee: I am.

David: There's nothing wrong with being cautious.

Greenlee: When have you ever been cautious when you wanted something?

David: Greenlee, you're gonna go home, all right? There's no doubt about that. I just want to make sure that you're fully prepared. And if you push yourself too hard, you're gonna undo all the progress you've made.

Greenlee: I'm going home. I'm not running a marathon.

David: Any strain, any injury, could result in more surgery.

Greenlee: Well, then, I'll wrap myself in cotton. David, please. I said I wouldn't go back until I could walk into Ryan's life, and look -- I'm walking. I'm ready to go home now.

David: Greenlee, damn it! No, you're not. You're not ready.

Colby: Ok, I get you're concerned about my future, but you got to lighten up, ok? I'm gonna do all that stuff. I'm gonna get married, I'm gonna fall in love, I'm gonna have a kid -- maybe even two -- but it's gonna be with somebody I choose, not the Adam Chandler-anointed, handpicked, suck-up heir to the kingdom.

Adam: Understood.

Colby: Ok. Really?

Adam: I love you.

Colby: I love you.

Adam: By the way, it occurs to me -- what if I were to approve of some young man that you like? You wouldn't automatically kick him to the curb just because Dad likes him, would you?

Colby: No, no. Not gonna happen. So, no more setups.

Adam: Ok. No more broken vases.

Colby: Deal.

[Colby closes the door after Adam leaves]

Colby: Ok. Lose the smile or I'll --

Damon: Hey, hey, I am a fan. You know, you set the old man straight. Thanks for not turning me in.

Colby: Oh, no, no. You are not going anywhere.

Scott: I don't think there's any reason to check the grounds. It's only family at home.

Jesse: Where's Adam and Colby?

Adam: Chief of Police Hubbard, to what do we owe the honor?

Annie: Jesse said somebody dialed 911 from inside the house. Did you?

Adam: No. The security company's been noodling that new security system all day long. Maybe the computer just dialed 911 by mistake.

Jesse: Well, I guess that's possible. Sorry for the intrusion.

Annie: Hey, question -- what's with the new dress code?

Jesse: Oh. My daughter-in-law -- she's helping throw a party at work.

Annie: Fusion's having a party?

Jesse: Yeah, some big blowout at ConFusion. They're launching some product. The thing is, if you want your new security system to work, you got to turn it on. And while you're at it, lock your doors.

Adam: Oh, we will. We will. Finally -- quiet.

Annie: Anybody who is anybody is going to be at that party. And we're here? We are Chandlers! God, this is so typical of Ryan and Erica, to snub us. I mean, what is it gonna take? What am I gonna have to do?

Adam: No, no, no -- they didn't.

Annie: What?

Adam: Snub us. We got an invitation. I didn't think you'd be interested, so I declined it.

Annie: Adam, I love you very, very much. But you declined the wrong invitation. We are going to that party.

Ryan: Well, you guys seem to have absolutely everything under control. And we need to get ready.

Erica: You go ahead, all right? A few things I want to talk to Randi and Madison about.

Ryan: I'm sure they can take care of it.

Randi: We definitely can. You guys should go ahead.

Erica: I just want this evening to be perfect.

Ryan: Ok. I'll see you later. And it will be perfect.

Erica: Ok, our P.R. people will handle the press, but it's just possible that a reporter or two may try to corner you for dish or some sort of scandalous angle. I don't want you to be nervous, because that's when they can trap you.

Madison: Maybe I should just stay behind the scenes.

Erica: No. Oh, no. If you have an opportunity to reach out to other women who have been in the same position you've been in, I want you to show them that it's possible not only to survive the abuse, but to build a new life and to thrive.

Madison: I am more grateful than you can imagine for what the Miranda Center and you have done for me. The idea of talking to reporters --

Erica: Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid because of what people might think. My goodness, if I was concerned about what people said, I wouldn't be waking up in the morning.

Greenlee: How can you say I'm not ready? I walked -- maybe not in 4-inch heels, but I walked. And I'm gonna be walking more every day. I am fine. I'm cured. I'm healed. I'm ready to go.

David: Greenlee, you're still on pain meds. And you just hurt yourself during your last physical therapy session. Remember?

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I wasn't focusing.

David: Because you were angry with Erica.

Greenlee: Look, I can raise my leg high enough to kick her in --

David: Greenlee! You need to focus 100% on your recovery, not on some score that you want to settle.

Greenlee: Look, all that matters is getting back to Ryan. I'm ready, David. I know I am.

David: Not if you sabotage yourself by pushing too hard.

Greenlee: I have been a star patient. I've done everything asked of me and more. I've been upbeat and positive and cooperative. I mean, cooperative isn't even my style, but I've done it because I have a goal. You want me 100%, then let me go back to Ryan. I will feel so much better if I'm with him.

David: Ok, and my goal -- my job -- is to take the emotion out of this decision, ok?

Greenlee: Ok, you want to make a deal? Call Dr. Clayton. Have him come look at me. If he says I'm strong enough, you have to let me go home. Deal?

David: Ok, fine. I'll call him.

Greenlee: That wasn't so hard, was it? What are you waiting for? Go. Call him.

Gayle: She really is making progress. We can't keep delaying telling her the truth about what's waiting in Pine Valley.

David: But she's worked so hard to recover, to walk again. The truth is gonna crush her.

Annie: It is our duty to go to this party. Everyone knows that there is bad blood between Ryan and Erica and this family. What better way to stop the gossip and just show up at their event? Show them that we're above it all.

Scott: Last time you attended one of Erica's events, she gave you a swirly.

Adam: [Laughs] He has a point.

Annie: All I'm saying is we can show that we have class and dignity by forgiving and forgetting. I insist we go as a family.

Scott: Whoa. Family? You're dragging me into this?

Annie: Yep, and Colby.

Scott: Oh, I don't think Colby's in a party mood, Annie.

Annie: We have to show Pine Valley that this family matters.

Adam: The Chandlers don't have to prove they matter. It's a given.

Annie: Ok. Ok, that's true. Now maybe it was true in the past. The thing is, with all the craziness that has ensued over the past few months, we've missed a number of social events. And when that happens, people slowly start to count you out. And then they start to wonder if there's trouble with the family, and worse, with the company. And I would hate for people to think that way of you or of Chandler Enterprises. Adam, I don't want to go to this party to be on the "Style" page. I want to go to prove that the Chandlers are at the forefront of this community. Yeah.

Adam: I guess this means I'm changing clothes.

Annie: Yes! Yay! Come here. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's gonna be so much fun. I promise.

Adam: Yes, it won't be dull.

Annie: Right.

Adam: Yeah, that's for sure.

Annie: And you should wear that adorable gray suit. That would be perfect.

Scott: Oh, no, I'm not going. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Chandler in all their glory will be plenty to wow the crowds, thank you.

Annie: You're making a mistake.

Scott: No, you are. You're determined to fashion yourself into the formidable Mrs. Adam Chandler. The problem is, people can spot desperation a mile away.

Annie: I am married to the man of my dreams, living the life that I want.

Scott: Whatever you say.

Damon: Me out of the picture, Bailey and Stuart move back in with Liza -- isn't that what you want? What your mom wants?

Colby: Damon, my mom has been trying to help you.

Damon: Maybe she was trying to look good so that Bailey will stick around.

Colby: So you're really gonna bail?

Damon: Seems like the smart thing to do.

Colby: But if you've done nothing wrong -- I mean, why leave? Unless you're looking for an excuse to dump your family.

Damon: Look, I have tried to make it work.

Colby: So you're gonna run?

Damon: The funny thing is when Bailey and I first hooked up, she was into me because of the whole bad boy thing. But I cleaned up my act for her. I gave up partying, the band, my buddies. I got a job. It still wasn't enough. You know, some guy's ripping people off, so your mom and Tad start looking at me funny. I could deal with that, but Bailey -- the way she looked at me. It's like everything I've done, it's just not enough.

Colby: You know, if this is you feeling sorry for yourself, it's not very attractive.

Damon: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot I was talking to Princess Chandler. You have no idea what it's like to screw up hard core and have to prove yourself to everybody, even the people who claim to give a damn.

Colby: Like hell I don't.

Erica: Ok, I'll be back as soon as I can, ok? And I want you to be sure that you keep all the servers really busy, circulating. Make sure that they keep the press very happy, which means fed, but not too many drinks.

Randi: We'll take care of it.

Erica: Ok. I know you will. I'll be back.

Madison: Erica? I thought about what you said, and you're right. It doesn't matter what people think. It's just that for so long what my father thought, what Henry thought -- they defined my world. And all I ever really cared about was their approval. That's a hard habit to break. But I would be honored to answer any questions about what the Miranda Center has done for me.

Erica: I am so happy to hear you say that, Madison. It means you're taking back control of your own life. It means you are living on your terms and nobody else's.

Madison: I just hope I don't embarrass myself.

Erica: Of course, you won't embarrass yourself. You just remember -- your terms. No one else's.

Ryan: Ok, great. Have fun, Ems, all right? And, hey, thank Joanna's mom for me, ok? Ok, I love you, too. See you tomorrow.

Greenlee: Gayle!

Gayle: Everything ok?

Greenlee: Did David call Dr. Clayton?

Gayle: He said he would.

Greenlee: What if he doesn't?

Gayle: Dr. Hayward usually keeps his word.

Greenlee: You're right. You're right. I should just relax, read a book, get some sleep.

Gayle: You want to get home.

Greenlee: Yes.

Gayle: It'll happen. Be patient.

Greenlee: Patient. Right. That's me.

Colby: So after I jacked some cars to get back to my dad, I stole my sister-in-law's ID, and I went clubbing. I stole money from my brother and I borrowed a limo with a friend. Oh, and on my 16th birthday, I took a joyride in a yacht.

Damon: No way.

Colby: Mm-hmm. And I crashed it.

Damon: You?

Colby: Yeah. I was in so much trouble. I let everyone believe I drowned.

Damon: What happened?

Colby: I got hungry.

Damon: But you seem, like, so together, you know? I mean, in a pain-in-the-ass kind of way.

Colby: Well, my family didn't give up on me.

Damon: Good for you.

Colby: Hey, what you said earlier about Stuart being better off without you -- I mean, you may be a jerk, but maybe what your kid really needs is his mom and dad to work things out.

Damon: Well, it's kind of hard to do that when Bailey doesn't trust me.

Colby: So convince her.

[Knock on door]

Annie: Colby.

Colby: Go away!

Annie: It's important.

Colby: Go on.

[Colby opens the door]

Colby: Another intern for me to check out?

Annie: We are going to a Fusion party. I'm gonna need you to get ready.

Colby: You know, I'm gonna take a pass.

Annie: That's not really an option. It's very important to your father that we do this as a family.

Colby: Fine. Whatever.

Annie: Great, great. Get dressed. Oh, and it's a party. No jeans.

Colby: I've got somewhere to be tonight.

Damon: Yeah, a party. Rough life.

Colby: Oh, you have no idea.

Damon: So you're gonna let me go, give me a chance?

Colby: Well, I won't call the police, but if you want another chance, it's up to you. You can run or you can stay here and work things out with your kid.

Jake: You know what? Every time I turn around, someone is saying to me, "Hey, Jake Martin, your father saved my life. Your father saved my job. Your father saved my pension. Your father saved my poodle."

Frankie: And those shoes we're always reminded about filling.

Jake: In your case it's high heels. But I'm just saying leaving -- leaving is not necessarily the answer.

Frankie: Yeah, I know. But how do you deal? People think I'm only where I am because of the great Dr. Angela Hubbard. Sometimes I even have to wonder -- about promotions, about raises. Will I have actually earned it, or is somebody looking to score points with the boss's son?

Jake: Well, maybe you just have to work harder than everybody else. That's rough but it's doable.

Frankie: She put the first pennies in my piggybank and now she's signing my paycheck.

Jake: Oh, no, you can't look at it like that.

Frankie: Give me another way.

Jake: You have to separate yourself from her, that's all. Separate lives.

Frankie: It's easy to say.

Jake: Look, no -- I got it, I got it. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna tell everybody -- I'm gonna start this rumor that you owe your whole career to me -- your medicine, your hoops, your whole life in general because of me. And then no one's gonna even remember that your mother exists.

Frankie: Wow. Who will buy that?

Jake: Well, I'm just saying that leaving is not the answer, ok? I've been there. I've tried to screw the system a million times and ran away. But you know what? Couple of weeks ago my parents moved down to Florida and I really, really miss them. So people like us? Honestly? We're the lucky ones.

Randi: So we'll have an intern watch over the tables so no one takes more than one.

Madison: Ok, I'll talk to the DJ, make sure everything's good to go on that front. You didn't have to do that, you know.

Randi: What? Tell Erica the truth?

Madison: Why did you tell her?

Randi: Look, funding a charity with a cosmetic line was an amazing idea. You deserve the credit for that. And it levels out the playing field.

Madison: What do you mean?

Randi: Look, we both want to get somewhere in this company. I don't want to have to owe you. And now I don't. So whatever happens after tonight, it's wide open.

Madison: So we're competitors.

Randi: May the best woman win. Hey.

Jesse: Whoa. You look great. How are you doing?

Randi: I thought you and Angie had a date night.

Jesse: Yeah, well, we both got called back to work.

Randi: So what are you doing here?

Jesse: What, a man needs an excuse to come check out how his daughter-in-law is doing? Come on.

[Greenlee daydreams]

Ryan: Greenlee? But -- but you --

Greenlee: I'm alive. I'm here -- if you'll have me.

Ryan: If I'll have you?

Ryan: How did this happen? How? How did this happen? The moon. I was looking at the moon earlier and I was thinking about you. I was thinking about you, and now you're here. This is a miracle.

Greenlee: It's fate.

Erica: Hi. Are you ready? The car service is downstairs.

Ryan: I just need to pick a tie. Come in. Whoa. You look so good.

Erica: Oh, thank you.

Ryan: You ok? What's wrong?

Erica: Nothing.

Ryan: Erica, something's wrong. What is it?

Erica: Ok. That horrible headline.

Ryan: The tabloid?

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Come on, it wasn't so bad.

Erica: Really? It doesn't bother you?

Ryan: No. Now which tie do you like? Silver or black?

Erica: Maybe it should.

Jesse: So, you and Madison -- everything copacetic?

Randi: We're working it out.

Jesse: Glad to hear that. Guess I'm a little early, right? Ryan and Erica not even here?

Randi: They should be here any minute. But in the meantime, we could use someone to taste test some appetizers.

Jesse: Just ask Mikey. Mikey would eat anything. I'm your man. I don't want the bread, though. Just the meat and cheese. What the hell is this? Did they see this?

Randi: Yeah. Ryan laughed it off and Erica threw it out.

Jesse: Oh. That's good, because it is garbage and that's exactly where it belongs, man. This kind of stuff, it just starts fireworks -- and not the good fireworks -- the kind that messes people up.

Erica: Look, Ryan, we can't just ignore the headline. We can't just pretend it didn't happen.

Ryan: I know, but you give the press nothing, they get bored, and they just go away.

Erica: Well, sometimes that's true. But sometimes if you ignore the press, it just dares them to keep on digging. And do we need that? Do we need that kind of pressure, that kind of publicity?

Ryan: I thought Erica Kane decides what people think of her. She doesn't let the media dictate that.

Erica: Look, you and I are adults. We can handle it. But what are you gonna do when one of Emma's little friends reads the headline about us and teases her about it? She's gonna be confused, upset maybe. She won't understand.

Ryan: Well, then, I'll explain it to her. I'm not worried about it, but I can see that you really are. Unless -- are you saying that you do want to go public?

Gayle: I thought this might relax you.

Greenlee: Thanks, but if you're hiding David and Dr. Clayton in there --

Gayle: I'm sure they'll be here soon.

Greenlee: Are you? Because I'm not.

Gayle: Dr. Hayward said he would set up the examination.

Greenlee: Yeah, but maybe he's not. Maybe he's just trying to shut me up, push me off for another day or maybe the day after that or next week.

Gayle: Dr. Hayward only wants what's best for you.

Greenlee: Yeah, what is that, exactly? I mean, I know he's all for me going home, but I just get the feeling that there's something going on, something he's not telling me.

Gayle: I wouldn't know anything about --

Greenlee: You know, David tells me stuff, but Erica at Fusion -- not a word. I mean, I wouldn't know anything if I didn't see the press conference.

Gayle: You're not supposed to have any stress.

Greenlee: Yeah?

Gayle: Dr. Hayward didn't want anything hindering your recovery.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, lying to me doesn't ease my stress. It just makes it worse. It makes me wonder. It gets me all worked up. Is there something going on that he's not telling me?

Gayle: I don't know. You'll have to ask him.

Greenlee: Ask him.

David: Thanks for coming.

Dr. Clayton: Well, I was already on my way over when you called. I took a closer look at Greenlee's M.R.I. results, and there is some reason for concern.

David: She's pushing herself too hard, isn't she?

Dr. Clayton: Well, too much physical stress can reverse the progress she's already made.

David: All right. I'll make sure to monitor her sessions more closely and adjust the workouts.

Dr. Clayton: No. We need to stop the therapy immediately.

David: Greenlee is not gonna be able to hear that.

Dr. Clayton: Well, if she continues, there's a very real possibility she'll need a second surgery.

David: We almost lost her the first time around.

Dr. Clayton: That's why surgery is the treatment of last resort. But to ensure that, I insist on complete bed rest for 30 days.

David: No, I'm telling you, she's not gonna be able to accept this. We're gonna have to tie her to the damn bed.

Dr. Clayton: Well, I need to pick up some additional film in X-ray before we talk to her, ok? I'll be back.

David: All right.

Gayle: Was that Dr. Clayton?

David: Yes, it was.

Gayle: I hope he's coming back.

David: Oh, he's coming back. But Greenlee's not gonna like what he has to say. She's not going anywhere.

Annie: This is the party of the season?

Adam: Ms. Kane? Mr. Lavery? Are they here?

Madison: Any minute now.

Annie: So classless. So when does fashionably late apply to the host? And where's the paparazzi? I thought this was supposed to be a media event.

Colby: Do you want me to take a pic with my phone cam, tweet, "The Chandlers have arrived"? I'll see you guys later. I thought you promised no more setups, no more interfering with my love life.

Adam: I did.

Colby: Then what the hell is Chase doing here? Do you ever quit?

[Damon walks around the Chandler Mansion and picks up something off Adam's desk]

Erica: Ryan, I'm not suggesting that we have a press conference. I'm simply saying that we should head them off.

Ryan: Ok, you're losing me.

Erica: We deny there's anything going on between us.

Ryan: So you do want to lie.

Erica: Well, I want to protect what we have. Don't you?

Ryan: Why, Erica? Are you ashamed?

Erica: Of course not. But I don't want the press chronicling our every move, writing about us. "Did they kiss? Did they hold hands? Have they broken up?"

Ryan: Oh, now you got us broken up already.

Erica: No, I'm just saying. This is working.

Ryan: Being a secret.

Erica: Well, that was your suggestion originally.

Ryan: You know what? We probably should get going.

Erica: Ryan, I've been there. I've been there. And please understand. I'm just trying to protect what we have.

Ryan: By denying that we exist.

Erica: Yes.

Ryan: Ok. Erica, what is the real reason that you don't want people to know the truth about us?

Gayle: I'm sure Greenlee will understand once Dr. Clayton explains why bed rest is the best course of action.

David: Yeah, right. Look, here's my advice -- be ready to duck. She's been known to throw a thing or two. Her aim is lethal.

Gayle: I will keep that in mind.

David: Damn it!

Gayle: Greenlee took all my cash.

David: And her fake I.D.

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