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Episode #10296

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[Telephone ringing at the police station]

Brot: Hey. You pulled a double and that was over an hour ago. Why are you still here?

Natalia: The "belt burglar."

Brot: Belt -- belt burglar? You really need to work on naming your cases.

Natalia: I have a feeling that name's gonna change.

Brot: Oh, to something catchier?

Natalia: I think our burglar just might be a serial killer.

Krystal: Well, hello. What brings you here?

Jake: Well, we -- let's put it this way. We are celebrating life without David Hayward.

Amanda: We're on a date.

Krystal: Ahh. I just came back from one myself. Come on in.

Jake: Yes, yes. We're not gonna be long. I just gotta borrow something from Tad if that's all right.

Krystal: Oh. Well, I have not seen him, but I know his car's outside, so you might want to check the man cave.

Jake: Yeah. Yeah. I'll be -- I'll be right back.

Krystal: [Indistinct]

[Amanda laughs]

Krystal: Come on in.

Jake: Tad? Tad, I -- want to ask you a favor. I never knew.

Amanda: Thank you for the other night. Talking me down about David and Jake. Men.

[Both laugh]

Krystal: So, everything's ok, then?

Amanda: Better than ok.

Krystal: Mm. Tell me all about it. Well, eating for two?

Liza: What does a woman have to do to get a towel around -- aah! Ok! Hey!

Jake: It's all right!

Liza: Tad!

Tad: Liza.

Annie: Adam, I don't see anything in here about me.

Adam: Oh, yes. I didn't want anybody to get hold of this section and read ahead -- to the good part.

Annie: Oh, my God.

Adam: I thought you'd be pleased.

Annie: Pleased? You keep saying that you love me. When we got married, you said that you would take care of me and protect me. This proves it was all just a lie. 

Brot: All right, hold on. The perp's racked up some break-ins, and a joy ride in a stolen car. Explain: How did you go from that to now saying a serial killer?

Natalia: Well, I've been doing some research, and there have been two cases in the Northeast in the last 10 years of serial killers who started with serial break-ins. They get confidence, the crimes escalate, from serial assault to murder.

Brot: But they were caught.

Natalia: Yeah. Doesn't mean there isn't another one still out there.

Opal: Who screamed? What happened? Oh, it's enough to wake the dead.

Amanda: It came from the basement.

Krystal: Ahh. The man cave.

Opal: Ohh. Well, that explains it.

Amanda: You know who it is?

Krystal: Well, I mean, it's not too hard to figure out. Liza does have a healthy pair of lungs.

Jake: And -- so, you know, we were gonna -- we're having a date night and I said to Amanda, "Hey, look, the moon is out, and it's snowing, and we should go sledding," I said, and we're not really gonna go sledding without a sled, and I know you have the super sled. It's a famous sled. I thought we'd come and get it. So, when I came over, Krystal said you were down in the man cave, but I didn't know that you had company, and had I known it was, you know, that kind of company, I -- I would never have come down here. I mean, honestly, I would've -- I would've mind -- minded my own business, and I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. I would've left you alone. I wouldn't have come down. I would never do that to you because I -- hi. There you are. Dressed. The version of you I really like the -- the most. Hi. Hi.

Liza: Hi.

Jake: Sorry. I -- I -- I'm really sorry. No, it's not. It's horrific. It's horrific. If I -- if I had known that -- if I had know that I would see her -- her b -- her -- you know --

Liza: Bottoms up.

Jake: Sorry.

[Tad slaps Jake upside the head]

Annie: This is humiliating. Haven't I loved you, trusted you, been by your side?

Adam: All these things and more. Yes.

Annie: Then what is this?

Adam: A testament to my love.

Colby: Do you think he did it? Do you think Dad cut her out of the will?

J.R.: Looks like he's giving her a hell of a hoop to jump through.

Adam: Annie, why don't you just read it to the group?

Annie: I am not reading this to your family. I will not discuss this with them here. I want them to leave.

Adam: This merit trust is a family matter, and as you well know, family matters are discussed within the family.

Annie: Fine. Ahem. "To my beloved wife. I have been so blessed to have found you in my later years. And I have no doubt you will be faithful to me and our love until my dying day. You have given me great joy as my wife. As my widow, not only will you receive your generous monetary inheritance, you will become sole owner of this mansion and all the grounds. While I expect there will be a certain period of mourning, I hardly expect a young woman as vital and passionate as yourself to remain alone. I assume you'll fall in love again with a good man who will love you and provide for you as I have. Therefore, once you enter into such a relationship, you will receive only the minimum inheritance required by law, and you will be required to give up the mansion and the property. Know that I have cherished every moment we've shared and that I will always love you."

Adam: I imagine you're all a bit startled by all of this, but I assure you there are reasons I chose a merit trust.

J.R.: Because you've been in control your entire life, and you want to remain in control, even when you're buried in six feet of dirt.

Adam: This isn't about controlling your lives. I'm doing this because I love you. I'm trying to protect you. Preserve our family.

J.R.: On your terms. You want to dictate this family from the grave. Well, I'm not signing on.

Adam: That's your choice.

J.R.: None of you have to, either. Hell, by law, Annie's entitled to a third of your estate just for wearing that ring. So, why should she or any one of us jump through your hoops?

Adam: This is about family, J.R.

J.R.: [Chuckles] So, that's why you're bribing me to bring my son into this house. No, Dad. Family is not about cash. Family is about love. Marissa and Little Adam are my family. We'll be just fine without your cash.

Marissa: J.R. --

J.R.: No, I have to get out of here. Huh.

Adam: Marissa -- Marissa, please. Tell him to come back and try to -- convince him to come back and talk to me. He doesn't understand. He has to understand before it's too late. Now would be a good time for all of us to sit down to Lucretia's dinner.

Colby: Eat? Yeah, I want to throw up. J.R.'s right. You just want to control everything -- including my love life. Forget it.

Adam: Well, is this where you storm out, too?

Scott: No. Crazy as it sounds, I understand why you did it. I'll talk to Colby.

Adam: Thank you, Scott. Thank you. [Sigh] Well, I guess that means it's dinner for two.

Annie: All those months after Stuart's death -- everyone thought I was guilty of so many things. But I didn't care. I could live with the hate and the judgment and hold my head up high, because I thought I had you. I thought I had your love and your trust. Obviously, I don't.

Adam: I do trust you. With my life.

Annie: No. If you did, you wouldn't have made these rules for me.

Adam: Is this really about trust? Is that what's upsetting you? Or is it about money?

Brot: You know, Natalia, that's -- that's some theory you've managed to work up. You know, you should really run with that. You know, maybe, you know, write a little novel or something.

Natalia: Oh, yeah? You think I'm reaching?

Brot: All I'm saying is that we're just dealing with a carjacking burglar. Pure amateur. That's all I'm saying.

Natalia: Sir -- what happened?

Brot: Sit down. Sit down. Have a seat.

Pierre: I was working. Painting. And someone broke into the house and hit me from behind.

Opal: Naked?

Jake: Oh, yeah. Buck. Whoo! Saw everything was there.

Krystal: Oh, my God.

Tad: So, I'm guessing that you heard?

Krystal: Ahh. Yeah, yeah, Jake told us that he was looking for a sled.

Tad: Instead, he got an eyeful.

Jake: Yeah, so, we should probably go.

Tad: No. No. What's the rush?

Jake: Well, we saw -- I mean, I saw -- I didn't find the sled is what I mean. We can sled another time.

Amanda: Yeah, another -- another time.

Jake: Yeah, because it would be better that way.

Liza: Going so fast? Was it something I said? [Chuckles] Must have been something I said. All right. I better get home.

Tad: Yeah. I'm gonna drive her. You know. Be back soon. Unless I get lucky.

Liza: He'll be back soon. Yeah.

Opal: Ahh. Well. Those two sure seem to be getting cozy.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, they do.

Opal: You ok with that?

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

[Cell phone ringing]

Opal: You sure?

Krystal: Yeah. I am.


Krystal: Mm. Hello. I know. I know. It was -- well, ha! You're crazy. Really? Ok. Ok, ok, ok. Just -- just for a little while I can sneak out. Ok. Bye. [Laughs]

Opal: Mm. I can tell by the pink in your cheeks that was Rob, right? And that your date isn't quite over, huh?

Krystal: Well, he thought maybe we could just have one more nightcap. Can you watch the girls?

Opal: Of course, I can watch the girls. I'm glad to see a little love is kickin' in around here these days.

Krystal: Are you sure?

Opal: Of course, I'm sure. Now, you just go and have fun, all right? The girls and I will be just fine. Anything for true love.

Krystal: Aww. Ok.

Opal: All righty.

Krystal: Fill you in.

Opal: All righty. Un-huh. Full report!

Krystal: Ok.

[Opal chuckles]

[Door closes]

Opal: Oh, my God. Oh.

[Opal sighs]

Man on TV:  ... this storm system moves to the east on Sunday.

Jesse: So, help me out here, Pierre. What were you doing painting a house this time of night?

Pierre: The owners asked me to paint while they were on vacation, and my crew and I have been working around the clock to finish before they come back.

Jesse: What happened?

Pierre: I'd just started painting and next thing I knew, someone came from behind me and -- and knocked me out.

Jesse: Were you working alone?

Pierre: One of my assistants was supposed to be there, but he never showed up.

Jesse: And what's the name of this assistant?

Pierre: Damon Miller.

Jesse: Damon Miller. We arrested him last week for assault.

Liza: I'm just saying.

Tad: No. "Bottoms up."

Liza: What can I say? I was in the moment.

Tad: Yeah, well, I'd say we were all in the moment. Nobody had a choi --

Bailey: Oh. It's you.

Tad: Yeah. It's us.

Bailey: Sorry. I was just hoping it was Damon. He and Pierre are working on this house. Maybe he's pulling an all-nighter or something. I just -- I hope he is.

Liza: What's wrong?

Bailey: It's probably nothing. I sent him a text about picking up diapers a while ago, and I've called him and left so many messages. Nothing. I'm just scared something's happened.

Colby: A screwdriver.

Scott: Soda.

Colby: Ignore him.

Scott: She's underage.

Colby: Thanks a lot.

Scott: A drink's not the answer.

Colby: Well, you're the one drinking Dad's Kool-aid.

Scott: Colby, Colby, wait.

Colby: What? So you can lobby for Dad? That's why you're here, isn't it? To tell me what a really, really great deal it is? All I have to do is pick a guy my dad thinks is perfect, and I've hit the jackpot.

Scott: He's trying to protect you.

Colby: No, he is trying to control me.

Scott: No. No. No. No, Colby, listen. He wants you to be careful before you get serious with anybody.

Colby: You know what, Scott? I'm gonna be careful. I'm not an idiot.

Scott: No. You're not. You're inexperienced.

Colby: And how would you know?

Scott: Guys haven't exactly been beating down your door.

Colby: Well, thanks a lot.

Scott: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. I mean you're the one keeping them away. Come on -- you're hot, you're smart, and you're funny. You should be dating. Have a little fun.

Colby: Well, I've -- I've been busy.

Scott: Oh, is that it? Worrying about Dad, Annie, your mom, losing your little brother. You need to put yourself out there.

Colby: Like I said, Scott, I have been busy. So --

Scott: Scared.

Colby: Of what?

Scott: Falling in love.

J.R.: Hey. Huh. What was that for?

Marissa: Just loving you.

J.R.: How's Little Adam? Is he ok?

Marissa: He's snug as a bug.

J.R.: I'm so glad we got a sitter, so he didn't have to see that scene at the mansion.

Marissa: How are you doing?

J.R.: Well, nothing a fifth of scotch wouldn't cure. I'm kidding. I'm not gonna go there. But that's what Adam does to me. Sends me straight to self-destruct every time.

Marissa: I know that you don't like the terms of the trust, but what he's asking -- it sounds like he's doing it because he loves you so much. Too much.

J.R.: Don't. Look, don't make something good out of this.

Marissa: You don't think that he misses you and Little Adam? Yes, offering money if we move into the mansion with him is not the right way to go about it, but --

J.R.: Underneath Adam's love is a minefield. It's not gonna bring us closer together. It's not gonna make Colby find love. It's just another way to choke us, forever reminding us who's in charge.

Marissa: He really upset you. Maybe we shouldn't have gone.

J.R.: Oh, no, and miss the old man setting up Annie? That was beautiful. And it just proves Annie's been about the money the entire time.

Annie: I don't care about your money. I never have. I am with you because I love you.

Adam: Why are you so upset about this? You will be well cared for.

Annie: This proves that you think I am in this marriage for money. And your kids are thrilled.

Adam: No. J.R. and Colby had nothing to do with this. I've had my share of women circling me in the past, but they weren't after my love. They were after my money. Well, you and I are different. We have shared a -- a bond that's -- I just can't resist. It's not about money. And it's rare that you're gonna hear a man in my position say that. But after I'm gone, you are going to be in the same position.

Annie: I wish you would stop talking like that.

Adam: Everybody will say that -- that Adam Chandler's widow just inherited a huge amount of money. They're all gonna say that, and some men will go after you, pursue you for that reason alone.

Annie: So, so what? So you punish me?

Adam: Annie, please listen to me. I want you to find love again. But I want the man that you find to love you for -- for what you are, not because -- your house on the hill. You won't care about that inheritance, because you will have found the greatest gift that any human being could possibly find. What we have -- it's real love. That's what I want for you, Annie. After I'm gone. That's what I want for you because that's how much I love you. Do you forgive me?

Annie: [Sighs] It's -- it's not what I expected, but there's nothing to forgive. You're the most amazing man I've ever known. I never loved anyone as much as I love you. I'm never gonna get married again. Ever. So, this doesn't even matter.

Adam: You do know that the terms are not limited to marriage?

Annie: Hmm?

Adam: That in terms of a -- in case of long-term relationship, the conditions will be enforced.

Annie: So, someone would be monitoring my love life? Deciding what's serious enough to cut me off and kick me out of the mansion? Who would do that? Barry?

Adam: Oh, no, no. Somebody in the family.

Annie: Scott?

Adam: I hope that won't be a problem.

Colby: What romance novel did you fall out of? I am not scared of love. I just have other things to think about.

Scott: Like what?

Colby: School, for one.

Scott: And?

Colby: Um -- you know, you are such a pain.

Scott: Ok, ok, ok, ok, listen, listen, listen. Adam and Liza, they got divorced when you were little. You were young, and you got caught in the middle, and it was ugly. You probably want to avoid the whole love thing altogether. Adam gets that and he wants to help you.

Colby: Yeah, but he's practically trying to force me into an arranged marriage.

Scott: He doesn't want you to get hurt, Colby. The terms that he set up, all they do is establish parameters to help you find the right guy, someone who is gonna love you for you, someone who is committed to building a life and a family with you, and not skip out the first time things get rough.

Colby: Well, I guess when you put it like that --

Scott: Yeah.

Colby: Yeah.

Scott: I think that's all he's doing with Annie. He wants to protect her.

Colby: Oh, no, no. You are way off. Dad is not trying to protect Annie. He's trying to make sure she doesn't fall in love with anyone else, including you. But he messed up there, because you're gonna have all kinds of Chandler money and you and Annie can live happily ever after on a big, fat pile of cash.

Scott: Colby, stop it. Annie is my uncle's wife. That is how I look at her, as family.

Colby: Yeah, well, I've seen the way you look at her.

Scott: The subject is closed.

Colby: And it's not a "family" kind of look.

Woman: Open your eyes and let --

Marissa: What about you and Scott?

J.R.: We're cool. I feel for him, though. I think he misses Uncle Stuart so much that he gives Adam the benefit of the doubt. I just hope it doesn't come back to bite him.

Marissa: Well, Adam wants you guys to work together. Will you?

J.R.: Yeah. I mean, that part I'll honor. I don't have a problem working with Scott. I'm just not moving back into the mansion. Look, I got my own shares of handler stock. That's separate from Adam and that's gonna be Little Adam's legacy. Can you believe he actually wanted us to move into the mansion so he could see a healthy father-son relationship? The only thing Little Adam would learn is what it costs to love the original Adam Chandler.

Jake: Thank you very much. Trevor loves you. She's nice. I love this. I love coming home to our son. Do you know what I mean? It feels good, no? I hope you're not disappointed that we actually didn't get any sledding in.

Amanda: Oh, this is just as good as sledding, and I get to eat hot fudge.

Jake: Mm. Yeah.

Amanda: Ha ha! Your face when you were coming up the stairs. Oh, my gosh, you really saw Liza naked.

Jake: No! Please! Let's not talk about it.

Amanda: Well, Liza and Tad didn't seem too upset.

Jake: That's because they're high on life or love or lust or whatever it is.

Amanda: Well, I think it's great that they're together. They seem really happy.

Jake: They do. They just need to learn how to lock a door. Ha ha.

Amanda: Well --

Jake: Well?

Amanda: Our door's locked.

Jake: Uh, yes, yes, yes, it is.

Amanda: Have you got any ideas?

Jake: Uh, well, they all, they're swimming around in here. They kind of involve hot chocolate or sprinkles.

Amanda: Isn't this great? We are here together as a family, the three of us, and no more phone calls, no more knocks on the door.

Jake: Nobody's face to punch.

[Both chuckle]

Jake: Life without David. Couldn't get any sweeter.

Amanda: Mm! Mm! Hold that. Hold that. Hold that. Hold that.

Jake: Ok, but we were just getting to the good part. It was happening. It was right here.

Amanda: Ta-da!

Jake: What's that?

Amanda: Well, this is my way of celebrating you officially being Trevor's father. I was gonna make you wait in the morning when Trevor was awake, but -- Happy Father's Day. A little late.

Liza: Listen, Bailey, Damon could have turned his phone off. He could've left it in the car. He could've forgotten to charge it. There's a million perfectly logical explanations why he didn't answer.

Bailey: Yeah, I know that. I know. It's just that since he got in trouble last time, you know, I can't help worrying.

Liza: Listen, I'm sure he's learned his lesson.

Bailey: Damon never kept a job very long. Hated the grind, the bosses. He always quit -- if he didn't get fired first.

Tad: Well, most adults at one point in their lives or another have to go through a 40-plus week, you know, and most adults hate their bosses. It's called the real world, and he's gotta wake up and join it.

Bailey: He's an artist.

Tad: Honey, come on. Every kid that plays air guitar thinks he's an artist.

Bailey: Music is his life. It means everything to him. I mean, he quit his band to be with me and Stuart, and he never complains. But I know it's killing him, and I'm just worried that it's gonna build up -- like last time -- and he's gonna get into trouble.

Opal: Where they do get these wackadoodle housewives? All boobs and no brains.

[Indistinct voices on TV]

Opal: We sure as heck don't have housewives like that in Pine Valley.


Opal: No, there's nobody out there. Honestly, just calm down. Just these housewives got you all worked up.

[Glass breaks]

[Opal gasps as the lights go out]

Jesse: All right, Pierre, Kent's gonna take you to the hospital to get you checked out. We'll keep you posted on the investigation.

Pierre: Thank you.

Jesse: All right.

Natalia: Bye. Yeah. Bye. [Sigh] So, officers searched the property, canvassed the neighborhood. No sign of an assailant. No one saw anything suspicious. The only evidence of anything happening was a spilled can of blue paint.

Brot: Hey. 911 call. Another break-in at 3420 Canyon Drive.

Jesse: Are you sure?

Brot: Positive.

Jesse: That's Tad's house. Come on.

Amanda: Look who woke up. I think he felt the party vibe and wanted in on the action.

Jake: Let me just tell you both something. This camera is amazing. It's got 1,000 megapixels, like 100,000 optical zoomy story. It's got this slot thingy that you -- I'll figure that out later. And it's a mounting -- you can mount it. Say, this is what we do. Let's take our first family, official family, Martin family portrait. Ok? This'll be the first one.

Amanda: Let's do it.

Jake: All right. Gotta do this one. Hold it. Yes. Say "yes" to that. I'm so quick with this thing. Ready?

Amanda: Look at Daddy.

Jake: Oh, yes!

[Camera's shutter clicking]

Amanda: All right.

Jake: All done? All right? Ready? All right. Here you go.

Amanda: Ok. Come on, family.

Jake: Yeah, we're like, yeah!

Amanda: No. Be serious. Ok.

Jake: Ok, we're like this, then.

[Camera's shutter clicks]

Tad: Look, honey, if it'll make you feel better, then I'll go out, and I'll find Damon.

Bailey: Oh, you don't have to do that.

Tad: No, it's -- look, it's fine. Terrific. It's -- it's one of my sidelines, you know -- tracking down wayward daddies/ irresponsible idiots.

Bailey: Oh, you know, I should go change his diaper. Thanks.

Liza: You're really gonna go find him?

Tad: It's not my idea of afterglow, either, ok? But -- no, seriously. Stuart deserves to have his father here and reasonably out of trouble.

Liza: You are a good man.

Tad: Good? I'm sorry, one more time. Did you -- did you say good?

Liza: Sensational.

Tad: Thank you. That's what I was looking for. Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Liza: Thank you.


Tad: It's Jesse. Hey, you. What's up? Are you sure?

Liza: What is it?

Tad: Wait. No. I -- I'll come straight there. Ok. Bye.

Liza: What happened?

Tad: Somebody just broke into my house.

Liza: What?

Tad: You gotta explain to Bailey, ok? I -- I'll talk to you soon.

Liza: Yeah. Yeah.

Jesse: Go around back. Police! Freeze!

Annie: If you really want Scott to monitor my life, that's fine, but there won't be any need. I don't plan on falling in love again.

Adam: Oh, you will.

Annie: No. No, no, no. You are the first and the last love of my life. And you are going to be next to me for a very, very long time. Who knows? You'll probably outlive me if you take good care of yourself.

Adam: I plan to.

Annie: Well, then you should start right now and go upstairs and go to bed. This night has been exhausting.


Annie: I love you. I'll be up soon, ok?

Adam: Ok.

Annie: Ok.

Annie: "I assume you'll fall in love again with a good man who will love you and provide for you as I have."

[Scott walks in and stares at Annie]

Marissa: If you don't want to honor Adam's trust, except for the working with Scott part, then -- I'm completely with you. We've made our own life, separate from Adam, separate from my dad, too, and -- we'll keep it that way.

J.R.: It's gonna be a good life. A great one. I promise.

Marissa: It already is. You should get some sleep.

J.R.: No. I'm fine.

Marissa: No. You've barely recovered from your last round of chemo. You need to get the strength up for your next one.

J.R.: Yeah. I just hope this next protocol works better than the last one did. We got a date in Rio.

Marissa: Sunsets in Ipanema? Cancer doesn't stand a chance.

Little A: Daddy?

Marissa: I'll check on him.


[Knocking on door]

J.R.: [Sighs] Hey.

Colby: Can you believe what Dad is trying to pull? You're not gonna sign on, are you? I'm sure as hell not. I don't need his damn money, and I don't need to live on his terms. But I don't want to hurt him.

J.R.: You don't want to lose him because you love him, and you want him to be around a long time.

Colby: He drives me crazy mad, but I love him so much. I hate it. I hate all of it. I hate that he has this stupid pacemaker. I hate his stupid will and how he made me read it out loud like he's gonna die tomorrow. I'll always have you, right, J.R.? You won't ever leave me?

J.R.: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Scott: No broken porcelain. Furniture's intact. Did you accept the terms of the trust?

Annie: I understand now why Adam did it. And in a way, I'm grateful that he wants to protect me. What about you? How do you feel about it?

Scott: I don't know. I'm still absorbing. I'm flattered. I'm overwhelmed. I -- I want to keep Chandler strong. I want to do it together. I want to make it into a company that we can be proud of, that Adam can be proud of.

Annie: Well, since I plan on being a Chandler for the rest of my life, I would love to help.

Scott: What if somebody comes along and sweeps you off your feet?

Annie: Yeah, about that. Um -- there's a little clause that Adam forgot to mention to you. I would be monitored, so if I did get involved with another man --

Scott: Somebody's keeping tabs on you?

Annie: Yeah. You.

Scott: You have got to be kidding me.

Annie: Adam wants it that way, but you know what? It doesn't even matter. It doesn't even matter, because there'll be nothing to report. Adam is the love of my life, and no one will ever replace him.

Scott: Anything else I need to know?

Annie: That's it.

Scott: Good. I'm glad we talked.

Annie: Me, too.

Scott: I guess I'll turn in, then.

Annie: Yeah. Yeah, I should be heading up to Adam.

Scott: Good night.

Annie: Night.

Amanda: Oh. These are perfect. Oh, you have to see this picture of you and Trevor. That is hilarious. Ha ha ha! You guys have the same goofy grin on your face. Jake.

Trevor: Ha!

[Trevor fussing]

[Camera's shutter clicks]

Opal: As soon as I realized there was somebody in the basement, I ran upstairs, got Kathy and Jenny, and we just hid in the closet till Jesse got here.

Tad: It's a good call, Mama. Thank God you're all ok.

Opal: Yeah. Yeah. Fortunately, the little girls, they were so tired, they went right back to sleep. They won't remember a thing. Me, however, is another story.

Tad: Anything?

Jesse: Nothing. I got cars patrolling the area just in case. I gotta tell you, though, this guy? Surprised he's up and running after that dive he took through that window. He's gotta be cut up pretty bad. You know what? Get over to the hospital. Take a look. All right?

Brot: I'm on my way.

Natalia: Hey. I found this outside.

Jesse: What the hell would this guy be doing with a copy of Hayley Santos' Pine Valley documentary?

[Cell phone ringing]

Tad: Oh. [Sigh] So jumpy. Yeah? Hello?

Liza: Is everything ok? I mean, Opal and the kids?

Tad: Everybody's fine. Thank heaven.

Liza: Tad, did Jesse catch the guy?

Tad: No, he jumped through a window and got away. Apparently, judging from the amount of glass and damage done, the guy's gotta be hurting. Gotta be bleeding pretty bad.

[Door opens]

Bailey: Hey. Where have you been? Why didn't you answer your phone?

Damon: Sorry. It died on me. I forgot to charge it.

Bailey: It's so late. Have you been working all this time?

Damon: Not exactly. I was on my way to the job site, but there was this great music coming from this bar. It was a live band. I was only gonna stay for a few minutes, but -- they were awesome.

Bailey: So, you never made it to work.

Damon: When I got there, Pierre was gone.

Bailey: What if he fires you, Damon?

Damon: He won't.

Bailey: What happened?

Damon: Oh. I was in such a hurry to get to the job, I slipped on some ice. Cut my hand. It's fine.

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