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Tad: No, thanks. I ordered an ice tea.

Jake: Well, it's legit. An experimental, unapproved compound is being medically tested in Southeast Asia.

Tad: Eh. Figured as much. David's too smart to get nailed over something as sloppy as fake medication.

Jake: So you don't think he's going to Massachusetts because he's got some fatal disease?

Tad: No. All this tells us is he was one step ahead of us. He knew we were coming. What it doesn't tell us is what he's really doing up there.

Liza: And you're not gonna find out, either. You know what that is?

Tad: Nope.

Liza: That's a restraining order. You know what it says?

Tad: Nope.

Liza: It says that you have to stay at least 800 feet away from both the bar up in Gloucester and David.

Tad: Ooh, who really cares?

Liza: You know what the kicker is?

Tad: No.

Liza: My name is on that as well. Yeah. Never had a restraining order against me before. Thank you very much.

Amanda: Hey.

Angie: Hey, sweetie. I saw you on Hayley Santos' documentary. You looked good.

Amanda: Yeah, it was fun. It was great to see Hayley and Mateo, too.

David: Hey. You guys talking about the documentary? I got to tell you, I think Hayley needs to get herself some new makeup people. I didn't think I looked very good.

Angie: No, I disagree. I thought they almost made you look...lifelike.

[Knock on door]

Opal: Hey. So, did you watch it? Pine Valley's close up on the tube?

Erica: Uh, no. Did you?

Opal: Well, no. I was waiting to watch it with you. You recorded it, didn't you?

Erica: Well, I'm not sure that I want to see it.

Opal: What? Well, why wouldn't you want to see it? I mean, it couldn't be by the way you look, because you always look like a million bucks.

Erica: Well, I'm just not that interested.

Opal: I'm throwing the hooey card down on that one. Oh, I see. I see. You said something didn't you, something you're thinking you might regret?

Erica: Maybe. Actually, I am more worried about what Ryan might have said.

Ryan: Hey. So you ready for your sleepover? You got your pajamas, your got your toothbrush, Dr. Feel-better?

Corrina: All packed.

Ryan: All packed, ready to go. Promise me you're not gonna stay up too late.

Emma: But there's a "Jonas Brothers" marathon on.

Ryan: Oh, there is, is there? Well, that's a great reason to stay up late. I'm sure Mrs. Tannery is gonna know what time to put you guys to bed. Don't you worry.

Emma: Are you gonna watch the doc-u-menty without me?

Ryan: His what, honey?

Ryan: Um, Hayley Santos interviewed a bunch of Pine Valley residents for her show. You know, Daddy kind of messed up a little bit, and the TV didn't record it.

Corrina: Well, you know, maybe someone else recorded it or it will repeat.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, maybe it'll repeat.

[Medical equipment beeping]

Greenlee: Who's that? David?

Gayle: It's Gayle.

Greenlee: Where's David?

Gayle: He's never far. Just a phone call away.

Greenlee: I have to get better. I have to get home to my friends. Have to get better.

[Medical equipment beeping]

Erica: Ha ha! Oh, my God!

Jackson: Erica, who is it?

Greenlee: Hey, Dad.

Jackson: You're alive? My God, you're alive.

Greenlee: I've missed you so much.

Jackson: My God. Wait. How did this happen? Where have you been?

Greenlee: It doesn't matter. I'm home now, back where I belong.

Erica: I can't believe it. It's a miracle.

Greenlee: It is. But how are you?

Jackson: How am I? How -- how do you think I am? I mean, it -- it's been a horrible year, losing you the way we did. My God. If it hadn't been for Erica here helping me pull my life back together, I don't know what I would have done. I -- it hasn't been the same without you.

Greenlee: But it's ok. I'm here now. Everything's going to be ok. Everything's going to be perfect.

[Medical equipment beeping]

Erica: So when Hayley started firing questions at me about my marriages, about my love life, I just said it.

Opal: You said what?

Erica: That I would like to fall in love again. And you know what actually I said? Was that I was counting on it.

Opal: Well, so?

Erica: Well, so, I don't know what Ryan's reaction was when he saw that, and I don't know how Ryan responded when they asked him the same question. I mean, for all I know, Ryan said that -- that he didn't want any kind of a relationship right now.

Opal: Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Are you actually telling me that you are insecure about what's going on with Ryan? You?

Erica: No. I don't get insecure, but I am a realist, and the thing is that Ryan and I spoke about taking...whatever it is we have to the next level, whatever that means. But at the same time...

Opal: What?

[Phone rings]

Erica: Well, like that right there. Like that for instance. The other night we were at Ryan's, and it was -- we were feeling very romantic. We had just been looking at the moon, and then the phone rang, and I mean, he answered it, and I'm sure that if we were here and the phone rang, I would have done the same thing.

Opal: Well, maybe you ought to answer it now, because I'm not Ryan after all.

Erica: Yes? Uh, all right, send them up. Anyway, the point is, in a real romance, would either one of us had really thought about answering a silly phone? But we did. He did. And I did. And I don't know, maybe that just means that we're afraid of something.

Opal: Well, it's no use flapping your gums over maybes or what ifs. I mean, come on, let's watch it and find out what Ryan had to say.

Erica: Well, we can't, because I deleted it.

Opal: Oh, you deleted it. Well, I guess you really don't want to know.

[Knock on door]

Man: Here you go, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you.

Opal: Well, what is it?

Erica: It's another copy of the DVD from Hayley's studio. Another copy of the documentary.

David: I would think that making wisecracks about a sick man's appearance would be beneath you, Doctor.

Angie: You know, I was just commenting on how healthy you look for someone as sick as you say you are.

David: Well, the treatment I've been receiving has kept me looking and feeling better than expected. But was that a not-so-subtle accusation that I'm not really sick?

Angie: You know, I really don't have time to indulge in second-guessing you, David.

David: Well, you wouldn't be the first one who thinks I'm faking for whatever reason.

Angie: Well, I don't know what to think about a man who spent half his time as chief of staff digging up dirt around everyone around here.

David: Oh, did you finally get around to reading the gift I gave you? I didn't compromise anyone, Doctor. Those people compromised themselves, and those files contain nothing but facts. Yes, I did use them as leverage, but, hey, use them as you see fit.

Angie: I want to take a shower every time I think of them. You were just trying to keep everyone under your thumb, bring them down to your level. But my management style? Not despicable.

David: Good. Huh. I don't know why I bothered coming in today.

Amanda: I thought you still had patients here. That's what you said the other night.

David: Do I detect a note of mistrust?

Amanda: Look, I know you lied about where you were going. You said you were coming here, but you went straight up to Gloucester.

David: And when you figured that out, you went running to tell Tad. I may have lied, Amanda, but you stabbed me in the back.

Liza: You know, breaking and entering really does not look very good on one's resume.

Tad: Oh, please. Whatever happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Liza: I'm talking about my resume. What do I do? I bail you out of jail. And like an idiot, you go right back to David's nurse's bar up in Gloucester, and you break in again. Yeah, and the fact that my name is on this means that I can charged with aiding and abetting. Tad, this whole thing is just out of control. All right, I want this ride to stop, and I want off now.

Tad: All right, nobody's tying you to my hip, all right? If you want to walk away, you can walk away anytime you want. I will understand. But I told you, I can't. I can't afford to. I want to get back up and find out what Hayward is doing.

Liza: No, don't do it.

Jake: You can't put your neck back out on the chopping block again. You can't.

Tad: You weasel.

Jake: No, no. If you go back up there with this restraining order, that's it. They'll throw away the key this time.

Liza: Huh.

Jake: The thing is, my name is not on this thing, so I can go up there and poke around all I want. There's nothing David can do about it, right?

Nurse over P.A.: Dr. Franklie, 2744. Dr. Franklie, 2744.

Angie: Hi. Everything all right?

Madison: Yeah. Uh, just a follow-up exam.

Angie: Ok. Anything else wrong?

Madison: No. Well, yeah. My father's being sentenced today. I was thinking about going. But what good would that do, right?

Angie: Well, I don't know. You tell me. For some people it might help to see things firsthand, bring some kind of closure maybe.

Madison: I'm not naive enough to think I'm ever going to get closure. I had to deal with him my whole life. Anyway, I had this appointment scheduled for today, so --

Angie: Well, I can get that changed, you know. I mean, don't let it stop you if you feel that it would help for you to be in court.

Madison: Really?

Angie: Yeah. One of the perks of being chief of staff.

Madison: Ok. Maybe I will go. Thank you.

Angie: You're welcome.

Nurse over P.A.: Paging Dr. Bender. Paging Dr. Bender.

Madison: I can't do it. I can't go.

Tad: For all we know, he slapped us down 'cause he wants to get us out of the way. He wants to nail somebody else, somebody he really wants to catch and see in jail. For all we know, he's anticipating the fact that you're gonna go up there and try what you say you want to.

Liza: Right, which is only gonna put another wedge between you and Amanda.

Jake: Come on. Listen, listen, if I can prove that...or catch him making some sort of mistake that helps protect Amanda, the whole thing will be worth it, ok? Just to see what the guy is up to.

Liza: Wow. Ok, I got to go. You guys are obviously not listening to a word that I have got to say. Look, I've already been dragged in by David once, and a D.A. is dead probably because of that, so if you guys want to go ahead with this, don't say that I didn't warn you.

Tad: I like your shoes.

Liza: Thank you.

Amanda: You can call it backstabbing. I just wanted someone to find out why you were lying to me.

David: Ok, I'm sure it looks suspicious, but I was just trying to protect myself, Amanda, and protect you as well. If the authorities ever found out that I obtained that drug and brought it into the country --

Amanda: But that's not the whole truth, though, is it?

David: All right, you know what? You can be as suspicious as you want, but I cannot risk having that drug stopped, that's why I filed a restraining order against Tad and Liza. Oh, yeah, yeah, you're gonna be hearing about that, I'm sure, but I'm also sure you're not gonna hear that I had Gayle drop the breaking and entering charges. I just want them to keep their noses out of my business. You know, I'm just trying to have as many good days as possible in the short amount of time that I have left. Now all everyone in this town seems to want to know is when I'm gonna do them the favor and die. But you, Amanda, I really thought you were different. Excuse me. I have to go consult on a patient. And in case you're wondering, I'm not lying.

[Medical equipment beeps in Greenlee's room as she continues dreaming of her return to town]

Erica: Have you seen Ryan?

Greenlee: I went by, but he wasn't there. I'm going to surprise him later. I want to see everyone. I want to know what the last year has been like for you.

Erica: You can use the doorway, you know.

Greenlee: Of course, I can.

Jackson: Just remember to knock. You never know what surprises might be waiting for you.

Kendall: Oh, my God. You're alive. You're -- what? Oh, my God. How? I don't understand.

Greenlee: Does it matter?

Kendall: No.

Greenlee: Hey, Zach.

Zach: Good grief! I thought you were dead. What happened?

Kendall: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. W-w-where have you been?

Greenlee: I know, I know, it's crazy, and there will be time for explanations, but first I want to hear about you two. Is your heart ok?

Kendall: Yeah, it's been a really rough road, but we've gotten through it. We've gotten through everything together.

Zach: Yeah, it was tough, but we worked through it.

Kendall: I think losing you had a lot to do with it. It was a reminder of how easy it can be for someone you love to just disappear.

Madison: I'm afraid to go to court. What's happened to me? I certainly didn't lack any courage when I was going after your family.

Angie: Well, it took your whole life. Years and years of his and your husband's abuse -- to start behaving the way that you did. It wasn't as much courage as it was an attempt to please them.

Madison: Maybe that's one of my problems. I feel like I always need some man to tell me what to do no matter how awful they've been to me in the past.

Angie: I've never heard you talk about your mother. How come?

Madison: Perhaps because she would prefer not to talk about me. My mother is, uh, well, let's just say that shallow is a kind way of describing her. All she ever cared about was fitting into the upper crust, and when the next event or party would be taking place, how to guarantee that her picture would end up on the style pages or when her next alimony check would arrive.

Angie: Where does she live?

Madison: Ah, Florida now. I'm afraid I embarrass her immensely.

Tad: Listen to Liza. Don't go to Gloucester.

Jake: Oh, really? But it's ok for you to go up there with a restraining order on you. Do you hear yourself? Look, I got to grow up, I got to take care of my own dirty work, and I can't rely on my big brother, ok?

Tad: You do have to grow up. You got responsibilities. What about Amanda?

Jake: What about her? She'll deal with it. Look, you might not have a wife yourself right now, but I don't think Liza was that happy when she left here.

Tad: What do you think you're getting at?

Jake: You know what I'm getting at. I don't know if that's an old flame or a new spark, you know, kindling or whatever, but I think you owe her a little bit more than a throw-away apology for dragging her back into all of this.

Tad: Ok. Maybe you're right. Just take pity on your old brother, ok? Promise me -- promise me that you will not go tinkering around up in Massachusetts without giving me a heads up first.

Jake: I'll do that. I'll give you a heads up.

Tad: All right. Whew.

Jake: How long have you been here?

Amanda: Long enough.

Erica: And we've had a huge upswing in the donations ever since they repeated the Africa special. I even had a call from, really, one of the top filmmakers wanting to watch all the B roll to see if we can't do a sequel. And I'm working on some other projects, but really, there is so much legal red tape, and I haven't found the right lawyer ever since Jackson left.

Opal: Well, that is just great, gal pal. And are you planning on ignoring the elephant in the room forever?

Erica: All right, I'll watch.

Opal: Hot diggity!

Erica: Alone.

Opal: Alone? What? No, no, that is not fair.

Erica: Good-bye, Opal.

Opal: No, come on. C -- oh, you know what you are? You are a party pooper, that's all I got to say. A party pooper. But I expect full disclosure, full report, all the juicy details, you hear me?

Erica: Ok, I promise.

Opal: All right, all right.

Erica: Ah...

[Knock on door]

Erica: Opal, I meant what I said.

Ryan: Hey.

Erica: Hey.

Ryan: I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to watch a little TV?

David: I really appreciate you flying in for this, Doctor. I have a plane waiting to take us to Gloucester if you still think you can help.

Clayton: Well, everything you sent me indicates that she's a perfect candidate.

David: Good.

Clayton: Does she understand the risks of the procedure?

David: She knows that there's a chance she might not make it. Now, what can we do to maximize her chances?

Clayton: Well, as you know, state of mind plays a crucial role in a patient's ability to survive. I found that most patients who have been demoralized by what's happened to them are the ones who give up the quickest. There has to be a will to fight.

David: Oh, you don't have to worry about her on this front. I mean, this woman dreams about the day she can walk again.

[Medical equipment beeping]

Greenlee: God, you guys have grown. I can't believe it. How are Reese and Bianca?

Kendall: Well, I just talked to them last week. They're doing great, I mean, other than the long cold winter in Paris, they're good.

Greenlee: I'm happy for them. And for you guys.

Kendall: Yeah, there's only one thing that's not ok: Fusion. It's not the same without you.

Zach: Well, now you're back, and the two of you can work your magic together.

Greenlee: I can't wait to get started.

Kendall: There is someone you haven't asked about yet.

Greenlee: Stop. I don't want to talk about Ryan. I want to see him for myself. After being gone all this time, now I'll know if our love really is forever.

[Medical equipment beeping]

Ryan on TV: No, I'm not -- I'm not gonna do it. No. I'm not gonna tell you who I'm interested in on national television.

Erica: Well, Tad looked really good.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, he did, really.

Erica: I'm actually surprised that you haven't seen it.

Ryan: Yeah, I, uh, I messed up the DVR programming, so...

Erica: Oh. I forgot to even set the silly thing.

Ryan: Ha ha. Ah, there you are.

Erica: Ah, so I am.

Erica on TV: Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery. There. I told you I could do it.

Erica: Oh, don't you look handsome.

Ryan on TV: ...Only have one soul mate, one person on the entire planet that's your match. So -- so then what happens if you walk by that one person on the street or you've loved and lost. That's it? You're done? I don't believe that.

Erica: Someone once told me that I should write a soap opera about my life and call it "All My Husbands." I laughed, but the truth is I loved every single one of them.

Ryan on TV: Your soul mate could also be somebody that you -- you just end up dancing in perfect sync with.

Erica on TV: Sometimes you love a man, because he protects you or makes you laugh or teaches you how to sail.

Ryan on TV: Do I think that I'll love again? Maybe I already have.

Erica on TV: I'm counting on it.

Liza: Hey, Madison, they said you were up here getting a checkup. I thought you'd want to hear this right away. So the sentencing is over and your father is gonna do jail time.

Madison: How long?

Liza: Well, with the court-approved counseling sessions that he's already agreed to, he could be up for parole in less than a year.

Angie: Well, there it is. I mean, you said that you wanted to give yourself a deadline, and you've got a year, a whole year to get yourself better and stronger and to convince yourself that you can rebuild your own life without having a man to tell you to do it, and I for one think she can pull it off. How about you?

Liza: Huh. Yeah, I'd put money on that.

Jake: So you were listening to me and Tad.

Amanda: He said I would just have to deal with it.

Jake: Well, he was upset, you know. Him and Liza just got served this restraining order from David.

Amanda: I know. He was trying to protect himself, trying to maintain some decent quality of life while he still can.

Jake: So he's already gotten to you.

Amanda: You know what I also bet you don't know? That David intervened with his friend Gayle. He convinced her to drop the charges against Tad and Liza, and yet here you are plotting with Tad to go up there yourself --

Jake: Hold on a second. You were the one that told all of us that he was up there sneaking around in the north, right?

Amanda: I know, but that was before I knew it was to get the drugs he needed to keep himself alive.

Jake: And whatever else he's doing.

Amanda: You don't have proof of that. What if the drugs are all that's going on up there, Jake? And what if you interfere and somehow prevent him from getting those drugs? You know, maybe it's just time to back off.

Jake: You know something, this is not the first time, not the first time that you've taken his side and asked me to not think the worst of him, and no matter what, I always back down.

Amanda: You're not always right, Jake.

Jake: No, I'm not always right, but you are my wife, ok, and we should at least be honest with each other all the time, so I'll ask you straight: Do you want me to tell you what you want to hear or do you want to hear the truth?

Amanda: I always expect the truth from you, and you know that.

Jake: Well, good. Then you should know that my first priority and only priority is you, ok. Now, when you tell me to close my mouth and shut my mouth around him, I do it because you ask me to, but that's not easy for me.

Amanda: Funny, I never feel like you hold anything back.

Jake: Really? Well, I do. I do it for you. You think I care about him? I only care about whatever he's doing doesn't end up hurting you. You think I care about him and his medical supplies getting messed up or something? No, I don't care. And because of what he's done, after what he's done to you, me, and this family, I wish that he would just do us all a favor and hurry up and die already, if you want to know the truth.

Amanda: Stop talking like that in front of the baby.

Tad: Hey, perfect timing. Oh, it's still hot.

Liza: How'd you get in here?

Tad: I'm a master of breaking and entering, remember?

Liza: I'm mad at you. Go away.

Tad: Oh, come on. All right, give me five minutes, ok, just five so I can do a little groveling. I'm really good at it.

Liza: Ahh...

Tad: Look, I...ok. I admit it. I put you in a really lousy position, and I'm sorry, ok, really. I'm sorry.

Liza: You know, one of these days you are gonna go too far. You're gonna get yourself into some real trouble, you know.

Tad: And that will be your cue to take off, to run for the hills as fast as you can.

Liza: Now, you know I'm never going to do that.

[Medical equipment beeping]

Greenlee: Oh. Before I go see Ryan, I knew you were having paranoid feelings about Zach and Reese. Was any of that true?

Kendall: No. No, no. I got past all that craziness. And like I told you, this past year has brought us closer together. Now you know who's waiting outside that door for you. Come on, Greenlee...go. It's time to face your future.

Greenlee: It's a beautiful moon out tonight, isn't it?

Ryan: Greenlee?

David: Greenlee? Greenlee, it's David.

Greenlee: I was dreaming.

Erica: You have no idea how nervous I was before seeing this. I couldn't remember what I said. I was so worried that I had gone too far.

Ryan: I was absolutely positive I'd gone too far. I mean, you know, you and I had spoke before know, where things might go between us. We -- we never exactly --

Erica: No, we hadn't.

Ryan: Yeah. Huh. So, um... since last night, the two of us were just pretty much sitting in terror worrying about what we'd said, and neither one of us had the courage to do anything about it.

Erica: Well, I wouldn't say that exactly. I mean, you showed up at my door with DVD in hand.

Ryan: That wasn't courage. That was self-preservation. I was going nuts thinking about it.

Erica: So now what?

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Ahh...these things can be so...annoying.

[Drops phone on floor]

David: Greenlee, I'd like you to meet Dr. Clayton. He's the one who will be performing the surgery we've discussed.

Clayton: Greenlee, it's very nice to meet you.

Greenlee: Well, if you're the one who's going to fix my legs, then I'm the one who's glad to meet you.

Clayton: You're right. The woman's got the right attitude. We're going to do everything we can to make sure those dreams of yours come true, ok? 

Angie: Hey, how did the checkup go?

Madison: Clean bill of health.

Angie: Listen, um, I just want to make sure that you didn't think I was poking my nose in where it didn't belong earlier when I asked about your mother.

Madison: Oh, no, not at all.

Angie: I, uh, did have my reasons.

Madison: Psychologist.

Angie: A woman psychologist. Madison, after hearing you talk about all the men who have had a negative effect on your life, I figured having an intelligent woman to talk to might do some good. You're due.

Madison: Maybe I am.

Liza: It is just not easy staying mad at you.

Tad: I find it incredibly difficult.

Liza: You know, Tad, you just do too much for everybody else but yourself.

Tad: Here we go.

Liza: I'm serious. Your brother, your daughters, and me. With Stuart. You stood by my side the entire Bailey mess. Why'd you do that?

Tad: Liza...I like to look out for the people I care for. I'm the crazy. I'm irresponsible. Just call me.

Liza: Ha ha. Yeah, I'd forgot that about you. It's one of the things I found the most attractive.

Tad: One of the things? So that's the good news.

Liza: Yeah?

Tad: I can stick around and get into the kung pao?

Liza: Well, I was hoping you'd stick around for more than that.

Tad: Yeah?

Liza: Yeah. Stop it.

Tad: No, you started it. Stop.

Liza: You...

Amanda: I don't want you talking like that. David is sick.

Jake: Sorry.

Amanda: Have some compassion.

Jake: I do...have compassion. I have it for you. I have it for Trevor. I just don't have it for him. You know what I want to do? I want to peel back his mask and show the world exactly who he is, that his disease is nothing but a lie. It's just to manipulate you. And I just -- you have to know no matter what he says or what he does, I will never believe him.

Amanda: So you're still going to Gloucester no matter what I say? If you keep acting like this, Jake, if you keep doing this to David, I don't know how we can go on.

David: Look, why doesn't Nurse Gayle take you on a tour of the facilities, all right? I'll catch up with you in a few minutes.

Clayton: Wonderful. Greenlee, we'll be seeing you soon, ok?

[Medical equipment beeping]

David: do you feel?

Greenlee: Scared, excited. Very excited. I've been having these dreams that are so real, like I'm seeing exactly what it's going to be like when I go back.

David: You might want to be careful not to put too much stock in dreams, Greenlee. They're bound to be some surprises.

Greenlee: Tell me Ryan's not looking up at the moon with Emma right now wishing I was with them. Tell me my death didn't bring my dad and Erica back together. Tell me Kendall won't be waiting with open arms to welcome me back. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.

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