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Tad: I mean, Transylvania, maybe I can understand that. But why would David want to go to Gloucester on Christmas?

Jake: Probably for reasons he doesn't want us to know.

Tad: Probably has something to do with that fatal disease he's faking.

Amanda: He's not faking.

Tad: No. And Santa's stuck in the chimney, but he'll be here any minute. It's just one man's opinion, Amanda.

Amanda: You know what? If you guys are all gonna start this again --

Tad: No, no --

Kathy: Merry Christmas!

Kendall: I missed you so much!

Erica: We were really so afraid you wouldn't make it home for Christmas.

Zach: Well, I guess you could call it a miracle.

Kendall: I love you.

Erica: So what happened? I mean, one minute, you were calling; you were telling me that you were renting a car. And then the next thing I knew, it was like you had fallen off the map.

Kendall: Oh, well, we didn't fall off the map. We kind of fell into a crazy dream. A crazy dream!

[Erica laughs]

Zach: We got stuck in the snow, and we slept in the car the whole night.

Kendall: Well, yeah. Yeah. Part of the night anyway.

[Ian chattering excitedly]

Kendall: Part of the night. Ok, I don't know about you, but I am starving. Who wants breakfast? Breakfast? Breakfast? You want breakfast? Wait, wait. You're strangling Mom. Ha ha! I'll see you guys in a minute.

Erica: Hey, hey. You made it home safe and sound to see your boys for Christmas. What's wrong?

Kendall: The way that I hurt you, Mom. Can you ever forgive me?

Emma: Is that Greenlee's ornament?

Ryan: Yeah, sweetie, it is. Oh. Ohh! Come here. I'm sad, too. I'm sad, too. But we got to remember that it's just an ornament, right? I mean, it's on the outside. And what's really important is what's on the inside. That's where our real memories of Greenlee are.

David: We don't have to keep her in a coma anymore. It's clear from this that Greenlee has not only beaten the odds, she's made a remarkable recovery. She's ready.

Gayle: We thought that once before, and we were wrong. The drugs wore off, she woke up, and went nuts. Completely out of control. What makes you think that won't happen again?

David: I have a gut feeling. The time is now. 

Kendall: You took care of my company. You moved in with Zach to help with the boys. I mean, you put your life on the line to get the murder charges against me dropped. And then when you found me in Los Angeles, I pushed you away in the cruelest way.

Erica: That's all right, honey.

Kendall: No, Mom. No. It's not all right. It's not. But you need to understand when you were at that hotel room, Aidan had a gun. Mom, he had a gun, and I thought he had just killed someone.

Erica: Oh! Honey, you must have been so terrified.

Kendall: Well, not for my life. For yours. I am so sorry about all the things that I said. I did not mean any of them. But if I didn't get you out of there, I really believe that he would have killed you. Thank God you were ok.

Erica: And I thank God that you're home, you're safe. You're home where you belong!

Kendall: Yeah, I am. There really are such things as miracles. They do exist.

Zach: All right. Here's breakfast! For you. For you.

Erica: Thank you so very much.

Kendall: Thank you!

Zach: Let's see what's under the tree. Ready? Look at the presents.

Kendall: Zach kept his promise. How can I ever show him how grateful I am? He risked everything for me, and I put him through hell. And he never gave up.

Erica: Because he loves you.

Zach: What's in here?

Erica: That's who he is.

[Ian and Spike cheer]

Zach: One for you, huh? It's a hat.

Tad: Ha ha! There they are.

Ruth: Merry Christmas.

Tad: Merry Christmas, Mom! Come on in. Join the party. Hey, Mom, Mom, Mom, come here. Want me to get that?

Ruth: Oh, yes, yes. Yes. Hang on.

Opal: Oh, goodie. You're here!

Ruth: Merry Christmas, everyone.

Opal: Merry Christmas!

Jake: Mama! Papa!

Joe: Hey there, son. How you doing, babe?

Jake: And I have to show you something. Come here. Erica has a little surprise that's hiding here. Want to help me open this one?

Ruth: Oh, dear.

Opal: Hey there.

Tad: You guys are bundled up.

Ruth: Ha ha! Yeah. Well, it was rather chilly out there.

Joe: It's very chilly out there.

Ruth: But it's 84 in Florida!

Opal and Krystal: Oh!

Krystal: When's the big move?

Joe: As of next week, we will officially be residents of the Sunshine State, huh?

Opal: I say sunshine is highly overrated. Can't anybody talk you two into staying?

Tad: I've already tried, Ma, but these two crazy kids are set on retirement.

Opal: Aw. But, I mean, with Myrt gone and the two of you moving. Petey's not around.

Joe: Where's Petey?

Opal: Oh, he's spending the holidays with old Palmer Scrooge off in Switzerland. He was supposed to come back for the new year, but now apparently he is smitten with a Swiss ski bunny.

Joe: Something tells me that we're all gonna be seeing a lot more of each other this winter. I mean, you'll call and you'll say you're flying down because you miss us. Actually, you all will be wanting to work on your tans.


Opal: Or a tanned man.

Tad: Excuse me. I need a hand with something.

Krystal: Apricots? There you go.

Jake: Come to give me my present.

Tad: No. I just want to make sure my younger brother doesn't screw up the holidays.

Jake: Screw up the holidays?

Tad: That's right.

Jake: First of all, I cannot wrap my head around Mom and Dad with this --

Tad: I know. It's a bummer, ok? But I want you to take one for the team.

Jake: ... Now it's Gloucester --

Tad: I knew it. I don't want to talk about Gloucester. It's Christmas. Amanda is here, ok?

Jake: I'm sorry. I thought it was important.

Tad: You're not going anywhere. It is important. So is this. You walk out that door for any reason, you're gonna be making a bad situation worse.

Jake: Did I ask you for help? I can go there by myself.

Tad: No, no, no. I'm not gonna go, and neither are you, ok? The kids have got an entire mountain full of presents I'm not gonna miss for the world, and neither is their uncle.

Jake: What if I can prove that his whole six months to live thing is just crap --

Tad: That would be wonderful. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Jake: You want it we should let it go?

Tad: At this point, we don't have a choice.

David: This woman is a survivor. She's willing herself back to life. Despite how the people who supposedly loved her wrote her off without a second thought.

Gayle: After the motorcycle accident.

David: Kendall Slater killed her best friend, or so she thought, she and her husband. But did she come clean? Did she have enough respect for Greenlee to tell the truth? No. All they cared about was saving their own backsides.

Zach's voice: The police is gonna come. They're gonna ask a lot of questions. So we're gonna tell them that I was driving. All right? I was driving, so we're gonna put you back in the car in the passenger's seat.

David: Zach and Kendall's dishonesty, their disloyalty, it was sickening. And Ryan Lavery, Greenlee's fiancÚ, the man she believed would love and honor her forever. Within a week, he was sleeping with her best friend. It was no big surprise to me. I always thought that jerk wasn't good enough for Greenlee. That's why I went to Connecticut in the first place -- to try and talk some sense into her before the wedding. By the time I got to the inn, she was already racing out of the parking lot on her bike. I tried to follow her, but she was going too fast. All I can do is pray that she would be all right and slow down. I was the one who found her washed up on a riverbank in her wedding dress barely breathing. And I made a promise to her right then and there that I would do everything in my power to heal her. When she came to, I let her know how she'd been betrayed. And as for her so-called friends, I let them believe she was dead because that's what they deserved -- to suffer like Greenlee did.

Gayle: Greenlee didn't wake up.

David: No. Her injuries were too severe. She was gonna die. It was just a matter of when. But look at her now, battling back. She deserves to live. She deserves her life back, and I'm gonna give it to her. And when I do, she's gonna learn the truth about the people she gave her love to.

Ryan: This one is from Erica, so I'm sure it's something real special! Check it out. What is it?! What is it? Wait for it. Wait for it! Oh!

Emma: I love it!

Ryan: Oh, you do? Great! It's great. Hey, maybe we can write her, like, a nice thank-you for it. Does that sound good? Give her a nice card?

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Oh! That might be Erica right now. We can thank her in person. You play. I'm gonna go check it out. And what do you want?

Annie: To see my daughter. You can't say no. It's Christmas.

Emma: Mommy!

Annie: Hi, my love! Merry Christmas! Give Mom hugs! Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs. Oh! You must have been a great girl for Santa Claus. Look at all those presents.

Emma: Can you stay while I open them?

Annie: Of course, I can. I can stay today and tomorrow. All the bad stuff is over, so I can be with you whenever I want.

Emma: I have a present for you, Mommy.

Annie: Oh, you do? Go get it for Mommy! Thank you, my love. So, uh, when were you planning on telling her the truth, that Mommy's a free woman now?

Ryan: Um, never. Hey. What's in the bag, Annie? A tire iron? Hunting knife? Something to take me out so you can run off with Emma again?

Annie: Those days are over, Ryan. I no longer have to go to extremes to get what I want. I'm a Chandler now.

Joe: Oh, hi!

Opal: Hey there! Oh, goodie!

Joe: Merry Christmas! Look at this fella!

Marissa: Hi!

J.R.: Hi.

Joe: Good to see you, my friend.

J.R.: Merry Christmas. Ruth, this is my wife -- Marissa.

Marissa: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Ruth: Oh, yes. Oh, ho ho! This deserves a hug, not a handshake.

Joe: Well, it's so good to see you looking happy. Really.

Marissa: Well, same here. I hear that you guys are moving to Florida. Congratulations. That's amazing.

J.R.: Actually, it's a total bummer.

Joe: Well, you are both welcome for a visit anytime you like.

Colby: Oh, well, uh, bring extra sun block for your head.


J.R.: Point me towards the gingerbread. I can smell it from here.

Marissa: Nice to meet you.

[Overlapping conversations]

Tad: Why don't you --

Joe: Yes?

Tad: Stand over here with me?

Joe: Walk this way?

Tad: Yeah. Walk this way. If I could -- never mind. I got you a little something.

Joe: Aw.

Tad: Yeah. I know. I thought you'd be able to use it in the tropics.

Joe: It comes right open. Let's see. Ah!

[Tad and Joe laugh as Joe holds up a little red thong]

Joe: Well, it's, uh --

Tad: It's a joke.

Joe: It's a joke? Yeah?

Tad: Yeah. Listen, your real present is I want to fly you and Mom up here in the summer to stay with us. For a week, for a month. However long you want. I just want to make sure that as the little girls grow up, you know, that you're a part of their life.

Joe: Well, let's hope your brother will still be here, too.

Tad: Why? Is Jake retiring, too?

Joe: Well, I had a talk with him some time ago, and he said he quit his job and was leaving Pine Valley.

Tad: Well, but you know he changed his mind, right?

Joe: Yes, I do know that. And let's hope he keeps his mind changed that way. But, you know, somehow I was hoping that once your mother and I, we were gone, that he would pick up the family reins, that he would pick up where I left off, keep an eye on everybody. But it seems he's not interested.

Tad: No. Come on, Dad. That's not the case. He's just been so miserable these last few months with this whole Hayward mess. Holding on to Amanda and Trevor is all he can handle right now.

Joe: Yeah, I suppose. Yeah. You're right. You're right. Well, you're the man.

Tad: I'm lucky.

Joe: And you're a very wonderful father and you got a beautiful home. And I think you'll do a fine job keeping an eye on the Martin clan.

[Tad chuckles softly]

Tad: You know, it's funny you should say that. You mind if I ask your advice one last time? We got a tip about David Hayward. It was everything I could do not to hog-tie Jake because he wanted to run out of here. But every instinct I have tells me to check it out.

Joe: But?

Tad: I can't run out on the girls.

Joe: Sounds to me like you'd be doing it for the girls. Why don't you just make your apologies and leave, huh? You know, the most important thing in the world is to protect those you love.

Kendall: Where are you going?

Erica: Oh, honey, this has been lovely, but I'm gonna let you enjoy the rest of your Christmas alone.

Kendall: Mom, are you sure?

Erica: Of course, I'm sure, honey. Enjoy this time with your family. And welcome home.

Kendall: Thank you.

Zach: Can I walk you out?

Erica: Sure.

[Erica and Zach hug]

Erica: Zach, you saved my daughter. How can I ever repay you for that?

Zach: I mean, she's my wife. I love her. I'm always gonna keep her safe.

Erica: Listen, you and Kendall, you started to talk about something that happened last night. A miracle, a strange dream. What was it?

Zach: Yeah, it's a long story.

Erica: Well, tell me the short version.

Zach: Hey, you're not gonna stop until I tell you, right?

Erica: You know me very well.

Zach: In this dream, I made a wish for Kendall that all her pain would go away, that she'd have a new start. And it turns out that she had the same wish for me. It's kind of silly, isn't it?

Erica: Not at all. Look. Your miracle has already come true.

[Erica kisses Zach on the cheek and leaves]

[Heart monitor beeping]

Gayle: Do you love Greenlee?

David: Yes, I do. But not like you're thinking. Greenlee was married to my brother Leo. I owe it to my brother to protect the woman he loved.

Gayle: He's -- ?

David: He's gone. Yeah, it's been a few years now. Leo fell off a cliff and into a river, but they never found the body.

Gayle: I'm sorry.

David: I couldn't save Leo or Babe or Leora. So when I found Greenlee, I knew what had to happen. I had to do for her what I failed to do for my brother and my daughters. And now I have.

Kendall: Ok. I think our snowman was much better than yours.

Zach: Your snowman head was way too small.

Kendall: It is not that small. Your arms look ridiculous, ok?

Zach: My arms or my snowman's arms. Those are hockey sticks.

Kendall: Your snowman's arms.

Kendall: Ok, they were hockey sticks. Come here, buddy.

Zach: Grr! I got you upside down.

Kendall: All right. Ok, you're right. You're right. I think both snowmen were fantastic. They were great. Ahh!

Zach: Erica keeps asking about that night we got stuck in the snow.

Kendall: Well, what did you say? I mean, how can you explain something like that without sounding completely nuts?

Zach: Not sure you can.

Kendall: Yeah, it was bizarre. Kind of magical, too, it was. I mean, what, do you think it was a message? Finding Father Clarence, that chapel, telling him our wishes for Christmas, that we want to wipe the slate clean and start over. I mean, he made us see that it was unrealistic, you know? We need to take what you got -- the good, the bad, and the ugly and be happy with what you have. And I am. I am happier than ever. Ok, what's wrong?

Zach: I just can't help but think that maybe there's something else.

Kendall: Like what? Come on, Zach. You're gonna drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what it is. I mean, we're together. We are together. And that is the most important thing.

Zach: Maybe you're right. Maybe that is the message. "Be happy with what you have."

Jake: Hey, little ones, you know what? I know a secret. There's a DVD machine upstairs in the bedroom. It's got something in it ready to go on the telly. A really good show. "Santa and his Buddies." So you guys want to see it?

Kathy: Yeah!

Jake: Run on up there. Beat it. Beat it! Beat it! Hey, I, uh, was an idiot last night.

Amanda: Don't. I'm the one that overreacted.

Jake: Really? 'Cause I didn't notice that you did.

Amanda: I shouldn't have left with him, Jake. I know we decided not to let the holidays be about David. Oh! But I couldn't help it. I just have this --

Jake: Instinct. You have an instinct. You just want to sort of take care of everybody and smooth things over. I think you've been probably doing that since you were little, with your mom, making sure that Janet didn't hurt anyone and maybe nobody would hurt Janet. Always feeling stuck in the middle. I get it. You just want everything to be ok all the time, right?

Amanda: Exactly.

Jake: Well, I'm not gonna be mad at you because you have instincts. Everybody has instincts. I got them. My instincts are on high alert with David. You kidding me? I mean, they're on high alert because he burned us, you know? And I just don't want to -- I can't let that happen again.

Amanda: Tad's on high alert, too. He thinks -- he's convinced, actually, that David is faking this illness. Do you think that?

Jake: I don't know if we'll ever really know.

Tad: Hey, Krystal, I got a favor to ask you, a huge one.

Krystal: Shoot.

[Tad sighs]

Tad: Would you watch the kids for me? I got to make a quick trip out of town.

Krystal: Now?

Tad: I know. I know. It's ridiculous. And it's last minute. I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't really important. Please.

Krystal: Well, I guess I can, um, get the girls to save a couple of presents to open when you get back.

Tad: Speaking of which, I got something. This is kind of unique. It's an antique ornament. It's for Marissa. Now that she's part of the family, I figure she'd want to hang it on the tree next to her sisters'. When she opens it, you make sure she knows it's from both of us.

Krystal: Thank you.

Tad: You're welcome. I'm gonna go hug the girls and tell them I'm gonna come back with something special for both of them. Maybe matching lobster bibs or something. I don't know. In the meantime, just do me a favor. Try not to burn down the house.

[Krystal chuckles]

Tad: I meant what I said. I wouldn't do this unless it were important. For all of us.

[Heart monitor beeps]

David: What's going on in there? What are you thinking?

[Greenlee thinks of dancing with Ryan]

Ryan: So you're a Chandler now? And what exactly does that change? You get a more expensive lawyer? You get to wear fancier clothes in court next time?

[Annie chuckles curtly]

Annie: What's changed is me. No more trials, no more charges. I've been cleared of everything, Ryan. I deserve to see my daughter. Hi!

Emma: Here, Mommy.

Annie: Oh, come and sit, my love. This is beautiful! Did you make this for Mommy? You're so great. You know what? I have a great idea. Why don't you, me, and Adam take a Christmas picture, and we'll put it in this frame? What do you think?

Emma: Yeah.

Annie: Do you want to open my present to you? Here you go! Oh! Oh! Ha ha!

Emma: "Princess Emmaline"! That's me!

Annie: Yes! Do you want to read it together. Come on. Come, sit, my love. It's all about Princess Emmaline's escape to a beautiful new mansion with queen Annabelle. Let's see here. "Once upon a time there was a princess named Princess Emmaline -- " 

Kendall: The boys finally conked out.

Zach: Yep, but in a couple hours, they'll be up and at 'em again, so --

Kendall: And you can't wait.

Zach: That's right. But now they're sleeping, so what do you want to do? You want to watch the parade?

Kendall: Um, no.

Zach: Uh, ok. Let me call the Italian place, see if they're open, get you some pizza.

Kendall: Ha! Pizza? Uh, uh-uh. No, no, no. I don't think so.

Zach: All right. Do you want to watch DVDs? Want to play "Junior"? That was good, if you wanted to watch that.

Kendall: Really? Really? No, no, no, no, no. Uh-uh.

Zach: So --

Kendall: Ooh!

Zach: What is it that you want me to do to you?

Kendall: This.

[Kendall and Zach kiss]

Zach: Mmm.

Annie: "And then the silver-haired king took Queen Annabel and Princess Emmaline back to the enchanted castle, where they lived happily ever after. The end." I hope you liked it. I know you have lots of toys from the toy store, and that's nice and all, but Mommy thought it would be special and meaningful to make something just for you.

Emma: Thank you, Mommy.

Annie: Oh, of course, my lovey. Why don't you bring this upstairs and bring down another book for us to read?

Ryan: You know what? It's Christmas, and I'm sure that Annie's got a lot of people that she wants to see today, so give your mommy a big kiss and a hug. Say good-bye.

Annie: Ok, come here. I love you so much. Give me kisses. Mm-wah. I love you so much.

Ryan: So -- what's your plan?

Annie: Same plan as I have always had, Ryan. I just want my daughter in my life.

Ryan: I am aware of that, Annie. What I'm asking is what you plan to do about it.

Annie: We both love Emma. We both want to be with her, so I think if we approach things rationally, we can come up with a way to make it work.

Ryan: And you expect me to believe that you're serious?

Annie: Yes, because I am. I want to come up with a way to deal with everything that benefits all of us, especially our daughter. I don't think it's going to take some judge to make decisions that we are perfectly capable of making ourselves. There's no reason we can't act like adults.

[Erica scoffs]

Erica: You? Acting like an adult? Oh, that would be a first.

Jake: So you're really going to do this? You're going to -- you're just going to leave, just like that?

Joe: You were ready to leave yourself not so long ago.

Jake: That's what I do. That's -- that's me, you know. It's not -- I mean, you're a constant around this place. You're ingrained in this place. You're part of its heart and soul. I mean, what's Pine Valley without you guys?

Joe: This will always be home, Jake. But it -- it's time to step back, you know? And your mother deserves to be able to rest and enjoy herself.

Ruth: We both do.

Joe: Yeah.

Jake: Well, if you want to rest, take a vacation. You don't have to uproot the whole thing.

Ruth: No, we don't have to, darling, but we want to.

Joe: Heh! It's not as if we're going to be all alone down there. We got lots of friends, family. Tara, Kelsey, huh?

Jake: You have a lot of friends right here, too. You know, you got a couple of great sons that love you. One's better than the other, but Tad's working on himself.

[Ruth chuckles]

Jake: I'm just saying, what can I do to make you guys stay? What can I do?

Joe: Well, you can't, son. It's natural to resist change, but often it's for the best, you know? I mean, new possibilities, new directions to look into. But we'll always remember where we came from and this will always be home.

Jake: So home is where the heart is?

Ruth: Yeah.

Joe: Yeah. You can look at it another way. You can carry a piece of home in your heart, so it's with you wherever you go. And I have a big piece of Pine Valley here. It'll always be there.

[Jake hugs both his parents]

Amanda: I'm glad we talked, and we didn't let some silly fight turn into a big deal and ruin today, because it meant a lot to me. You know, I haven't had a big family Christmas since I was a kid. I feel really lucky.

Jake: I feel lucky, too. And a little sad at the same time.

Amanda: Your parents.

Jake: Yeah.

Amanda: Baby, Florida is not that far away, and Trevor is going to love to visit the beach in his little floaties.

Jake: Like that? Hmm? I know. Ha ha! Watch the head, buddy.

Amanda: You know, there is going to be a day where David isn't part of our lives anymore, sooner than you think. And then Trevor will really, truly be ours.

[Country music playing at the bar in Gloucester as Tad watches David]

Ryan: It's time for you to go, Annie.

Annie: Ryan's a smart man. He may hate me, but he'll work with me because he has to. Enjoy your holiday.

Ryan: She's right, Erica. She's right.

Erica: No, she's not. I don't care who she's married to. She can't force you into anything.

Ryan: I will not let her being acquitted take my daughter from me.

[Lying in front of the roaring fire, Kendall and Zach make love]

Singer: I feel it in the air the love I have inside the miracle is with me strange I feel tonight so please believe me when I say I never felt so close you are the jewel of my life the reason just to be want me to hold you? Now I will want me to kiss you? You know I will want me to hold you? Now I will anything you want I will be there for you

Zach: I love you.

Kendall: I love you, too. For the first time in so long, I can say that without being scared that you don't feel the same way, or that time is running out and that we might not make it.

Zach: We survived.

Kendall: Yeah, well, we did a hell of a lot more than that. I mean, everything that we had was on the line, and so many people came so close to destroying it all: Aidan, Adam, Annie, me.

Zach: Both of us.

Kendall: We hurt each other, but what's in our heart got us through it, and we made it. It felt like we never would, but we did. That has got to be the fresh start that Father Clarence was talking about, right?

Jake: Talk to me.

Amanda: I was just thinking about what you said: Nature versus nurture, what makes a person who they are. When I look at Trevor, I see so much of you.

Jake: Yeah.

Amanda: So much.

[Trevor coos]

Jake: I want him to be part of me so much, but there isn't any part of me in you, is there? I want there to be. I want there to be.

Amanda: I know, but just let me have it, ok? Let me dream.

Gayle: All right. Closing time, folks. It's Christmas. Go home.

[Tad watches David enter Greenlee's room as he goes out the door]

Erica: I believe that you can beat Annie. I know you can.

Ryan: Feels like I could take on the world with you on my side.

Erica: You can. Ryan, I think anything is possible, and I want you to see that, too. I want you to believe that.

Ryan: Thank you.

Erica: Well, I meant every word I said.

Ryan: Well, I definitely have a lot to think about.

Erica: Look, why don't you go on and be with your daughter, and I'll wait?

Ryan: Are you sure?

Erica: Mm-hmm. Yes. Go ahead.

[Ryan kisses Erica then heads upstairs as she admires the Christmas tree. When she picks up the broken green butterfly ornament, a sharp edge pricks her finger]

Erica: Oh!

David: You worked so hard to come this far. I'm going to bring you the rest of the way.

[As her monitor beeps, Greenlee recalls being with Ryan]

Ryan: Will you marry me?

[Greenlee remembers standing in front of a large mirror in her wedding gown]

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