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[Tad chuckles and mumbles as Liza shows him some pics]

Liza: Huh.

Tad: Go, D.A. Willis. Something tells me that's not Mrs. D.A. Willis.

Liza: No. That's Martha Sams.

Tad: Who?

Liza: As in Judge Martha Sams. Oh, yeah. We go public with these pictures, and our friendly D.A. loses his job.

Tad: Leaving you in line to take it. Liza, you go public with those photos, you're playing dirty. You got to ask yourself how badly do you want it.

Amanda: I just keep thinking about how this is David's last Christmas -- the only one he's ever going to get to spend with his son.

Jake: Why don't you take Trevor and go over to Wildwind and spend Christmas with him?

Amanda: What? No.

Jake: You're lying here with me, you're talking about him. I mean, you know, it seems like that's what you want to do.

Amanda: No, that is not what I'm saying, Jake.

Jake: Well, what are you saying exactly? And why do you keep bringing up his name?

Marissa: J.R. was determined to get better, and he did. He responded incredibly well to his first round of chemo, and now he's in remission.

[Noise from other room]

Marissa: Oh, that's Little Adam code for "read me a bedtime story." I'll go.

David: I saw your latest test results. The cancer is definitely back, so why are you lying to my daughter?

J.R.: What, you saw my results? What, did they have them taped to the bulletin board at the hospital?

David: As I said before, I happened upon them by accident.

J.R.: You hate the fact that I'm with Marissa. You've been trying to find something to use against me ever since we were married.

David: Do you honestly think I would do that? Use the fact that you're dying to get to my daughter?

J.R.: I am not dying. I'm ready to go back into my next phase of chemo, I'm going to go in remission, and I'm going to beat this.

David: That's wonderful. But if you're so confident, then why are you keeping Marissa in the dark?

Aidan: Do it! Pull the trigger.

Kendall: Zach! Zach! Zach! Don't! Zach, don't! Please, please, please don't!

Zach: Hey, hey, hey. Are you all right?

Kendall: Yes, yes. Yes, I am now. I am now. Zach, listen to me. Listen to me. Kat called the police. She called the police. They're on their way here. They will take care of Aidan and make sure he pays for what he did. Please put the gun down. Zach, I am not saying that because I care about him. Trust me, I don't. I'm saying this because I care about you. Please, Zach! Please?

Aidan: How long you been working with Zach?

Kat: I didn't want to. I wanted to help you.

Aidan: So you just threw in our friendship just like that? Why?

Kat: Your obsession with Kendall -- it went too far.

Aidan: Were you jealous?

Kat: I wasn't jealous, I was scared. I am sorry, but it had to stop.

Zach: I'm sorry for all this.

Kendall: No, it's ok. You're here. You all right?

Zach: I'm fine. I just want to get you out of here.

Kendall: There's something that I have to do first. You know, I saved your life. And part of me thinks that is a huge mistake. You lied to me, you -- you drugged me, you held me hostage. You knew I wanted to go home and see my family. You knew how much I missed my husband and my children, but you kept me from them, anyway. You kept going on with this sick, ridiculous plan to make me love you. Aidan, how could you ever, ever think that that would possibly work? What happened to you? What, you lost Greenlee, and then Annie, and then your mind?

Aidan: You took Greenlee away from me.

[Sirens approach]

Zach: It's over. You're safe.

Amanda: You are right. We should not be talking about David. We should -- mmm --

[Amanda and Jake kiss]

Amanda: Be doing that.

Jake: Yeah.

Amanda: Ah. That reminds me, I need to get some mistletoe.

Jake: Well, if you get mistletoe, I'll get a Santa suit. And if I get a Santa suit, I will get you one of those sexy Mrs. Claus numbers.

Amanda: Are you really going to go down the chimney?

Jake: You know, I was thinking about that. Of course, I'd have to park my sled on the roof, and I'd let Rudolph and the boys go take a breather -- take a break, go get a pint. And then I was thinking about my big entrance. But not going down the chimney, because it would ruin my duds, I think.

Amanda: Well, you know, delivering presents is a lot of work, so as a reward, I will bake you cookies.

Jake: Really?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Jake: You know how to bake?

Amanda: Well, I'll figure it out.

Jake: Hmm. Oh, that reminds me --

Amanda: So, tomorrow morning first thing, we'll go get a Santa suit, mistletoe, and I want to take Trevor to the toy store. I want to buy the whole place out.

Jake: Really? Well, that's not happening.

Amanda: Why not?

Jake: Because --

Amanda: Oh --

[Objects move inside bag]

Jake: Santa came early.

Amanda: Uh-huh!

J.R.: She needs a break. The least thing I can do is give her the holidays before I have to deal with my chemo again.

David: You really think that's the way to go?

J.R.: Yes, I do.

David: Marissa has suffered more loss than anyone should in a lifetime. And she wasn't prepared for any of it.

J.R.: I'm not going anywhere.

David: I know. You're going to beat this, right? And that's great. The last thing I want is for Marissa to go to another funeral. But you still have to face the facts. And the facts are, you are fighting a life-threatening disease.

J.R.: Which is treatable. I have a great doctor, I have a great wife, I have tons of support. Look, I've already kicked this cancer's ass once. And I'll kick it again.

David: Chemo or no chemo, you could still die any moment. Now, I'm sure as you've gone through this process, you've known at least one person who's lost the battle.

J.R.: You know what? You might have a death sentence, but I don't. So stop trying to bond with me, because our situations are nothing alike.

David: Look, I'm simply trying to point out the fact that I understand your position. I wanted to protect Marissa, to shield her from the truth. But then I realized that it was only going to hurt her more in the long run, so I had to tell her the truth. Now, if you love her, too, you will do the same. Don't let her get blindsided, J.R. Make sure she can go on without you.

Liza: You don't just snap your fingers and become D.A. That's a -- that's an elected office. You got to campaign. You got to hire a staff, and you got to make speeches, you got to find endorsements. And even if I did all that, there's no certainty that I'd actually get the job.

Tad: Yeah, but it would be easier if he were out of the way, right? You didn't answer my question. How badly do you want Willis' job?

[Liza sighs]

Tad: Answer me.

Liza: Having that kind of power, to make real change -- that's my dream. Look, I haven't been doing this lawyer thing very long, but I'll tell you what I hate -- getting the bad guy off.

Tad: Oh, come on. That's ridiculous. It's an oversimplification. Not every one of your clients is Annie Chandler. If you want, you could easily concentrate on people you believe in.

Liza: No, no, no, no, it's really -- it's about being the prosecutor.

Tad: How so?

Liza: Being the bulldog to take down the bad guy. And I'll tell you what. Throughout Annie Chandler's trial, I'm watching D.A. Willis and I'm thinking to myself, "I want his job."

Tad: Oh, Liza --

Liza: And I'll tell you what. If I did have his job, the outcome would have been totally different. Adam Chandler would have never gotten that double jeopardy over on me.

Tad: Wow.

Liza: What, too cocky?

Tad: Hmm, for you? Never. Just lately, I feel I find out something new about you every day. For instance, I had no idea you were so passionate about the law.

Liza: Oh. Really? You thought it was just the billable hours?

Tad: Maybe.

Liza: Yes, the money's very nice. But I want more than that.

Tad: Really? What, you want justice? What's fair? You keep in mind one thing. You use those photos, you're not just destroying a man's job, you're destroying his life. Is that what you call justice?

Zach: Any more questions?

Officer: No, sir. You'll have to come with us.

Kat: Uh, what for?

Zach: Give me a second. We're going to get you a good lawyer and make sure you have immunity.

Kat: But why do I have to go with the police?

Zach: Because they need you to make a statement so they know what really happened. You helped me, I'm going to help you. Everything's going to be fine.

Kat: Thank you.

Officer: We got to go.

Aidan: Hey, listen. Just let me say something. I just want to say something, ok? Kendall, I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry. I'm sure that doesn't mean a damn thing to you right now, but -- this is not the way I wanted it to go down. Ok, you're right -- about a lot of things. I -- I've lost it, and -- I haven't been the same since Greenlee died. You ran her right off the road. And I can't forgive you for that. And I wanted to make you see my hurt -- how much I'm hurt. I'm sorry for this, ok? I'm sorry. Whatever happens to me is fine. Because I'm just fed up with Pine Valley, anyway. There's too much flipping drama.

Zach: You know what I'm fed up with? You. You're going to go to prison, spend the rest of your days there, and just see how bad everything could be.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: Fine. All right.

Zach: You ok?

Kendall: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Officer: I'd like you to follow us downtown.

Zach: What, I thought we were done here.

Officer: I'm going to need an official statement from both of you.

Zach: It can wait.

Officer: Uh, Mrs. Slater's been a fugitive --

Zach: Mrs. Slater has been through a lot. She needs a break now.

Officer: I understand, but technically, she's still a --

Zach: Ok, do me a favor, call Jesse Hubbard, Pine Valley Police Department. He's a friend of mine. He'll understand. And we're leaving. Come on.

Amanda: No, forget it. No presents are being opened on Christmas Eve. We have to wait until Christmas morning, and that's final.

Jake: Oh, yeah? Well, we'll see about that. What if on Christmas Eve I get you good and loaded on eggnog, and you go down for the count, and I wake up Trevor?

Amanda: You wouldn't dare.

Jake: Yeah, I would. And then we open all the presents. We go bananas. We play with everything, right? And then when he gets tired, I put him back to sleep. I come downstairs, I wrap all the presents, I put them under the Christmas tree. And when you wake up in the morning, you wouldn't even know what happened. Hello?

Amanda: All right, you try it and see what happens. For starters, you will not get your present, which I happen to have right here.

Jake: Oh, yeah? Good.

Amanda: Oh. Well, that's weird.

Jake: What? You don't know whether to give me the gold watch, or -- uh-oh. The DVD collector's edition of "Todos los Niņos," my favorite telenovela? Yeah, thank you.

Amanda: No, I didn't buy this one. It's -- it's a present to Trevor from David. I guess David slipped it into my bag at Wildwind before I left. So, do you want to guess what it is?

[Recording on toy plays]

Jake: A gold watch?

Amanda: No

Jake: Hmm. And it's not my most excellent telenovela?

Amanda: Wrong again.

Jake: I know what it is. You bought me the Washington Redskins, and now I'm the proud owner of an NFL franchise. Is that right?

Amanda: You wish.

Jake: The keys to a new Lamborghini?

Amanda: No.

Jake: Old Lamborghini?

Amanda: No.

Jake: Oh!

[Jake groans]

Amanda: Do you want a hint?

Jake: Uh, yeah -- you know, I know what you're doing. You're just waving that thing around because you don't want to show me what's in it. You just want to remind me that I'm supposed to buy you a present, right?

Amanda: Oh, you know, just for that, you have to wait until Christmas.

Jake: Hmm.

[Jake sighs]

Jake: Here. Just call David and invite him over here --

Amanda: No.

Jake: Spend Christmas with us. Go ahead.

Amanda: No.

Jake: Why not? You keep thinking about him.

Amanda: Jake, you're getting angry over nothing.

Jake: Oh, is it nothing? He put the present in the bag. You know why? Because he wants you to think about him wherever you are, or whoever you're with. That's why he put the present in the bag in the first place.

Amanda: David hardly has any time left. Do you think that he wants to spend that time manipulating me?

Jake: Yes, yes, I do. I think he wants to manipulate us. He wants to control us for as long as humanly possible. That is his way of winning in his mind.

Amanda: Win what? In six months, he's going to be gone forever. David is done trying to hurt people. He's done with revenge. He is trying to make peace with everyone, including you, Jake.

Jake: Oh, my God -- you believe that?

Amanda: He gave us Trevor. That is for real. We are going to have custody.

Jake: Ok. All right. All right, I -- I don' t want to fight with you, ok? Please. 

Amanda: I love you. I want you, ok? Nobody else --

[Trevor cries]

Amanda: Oh. Ok, don't go anywhere.

[Wrapping paper hits floor]

Jake: Merry Christmas, boys. 

[Amanda sighs]

Jake: Really? Wow. That's bad. Ok. I'll be right down then. Yeah. Ok.

Amanda: Well, who was that?

Jake: It was the hospital. A bad accident, and no one's working. I -- I'll be back as soon as possible.

[Door closes]

Marissa: Where's David?

J.R.: Uh -- he said he was tired, that he'll call you tomorrow.

Marissa: Ok. Oh, it's kind of a relief. You know, just to be in a good place with him. Oh, God, at first, I was just so angry that he kept his disease a secret from me, but -- I mean, when I think of the alternative -- if I had found out at the last minute, or worse, when it's too late -- I'm just -- I'm just really grateful to have this time with him. Yeah, just as much as he has left.

J.R.: Hey. It's ok.

Marissa: I know that we were going to go up north over Christmas, but I think I really want to stay here, just so I can spend part of the holiday with David. Is that ok?

J.R.: Oh, of course, of course.

Marissa: I know that David has done a lot of horrible things, but he's still my dad, and I love him.

J.R.: Huh. I understand. Believe me. Huh. But we'll do whatever you want.

Marissa: And I promise, as soon as the holidays are over, you and I will spend so much time together. Hey, look, I -- I know that it's early, but I want you to open it.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: What is it?

Marissa: It's just something that I've wanted to do ever since I realized I was in love with you.

J.R.: You want me to go suntanning?

Marissa: Sort of. Keep going, keep going. I talked to Krystal, and she said that she would look after Little Adam. So on January 2, you and I are flying off for two full weeks in the summer sun. We're going to go to Rio.

J.R.: Huh.

Tad: Thought you could use some good cheer.

Liza: Can't do it. Can't use these pictures to take Willis' job.

Tad: Good, then don't. You want that job, do you want to win? Do it the right way. Make your announcement, run a kick-ass campaign. How about -- you've already got my vote.

Liza: And what do I do with these?

Tad: You forget them.

Liza: I could forget these? I mean, we got the D.A. sleeping with a judge here.

Tad: No -- no, no, no. That's Hayward's idea of fun. And the only way to win is not to play. You want to do the right thing? Take those to Willis. Give him the chance to explain, to do the right thing without going public. What are you doing?

Liza: You know what?

Tad: Where do you think you're going?

Liza: I can't wait on these. I can't. Thank you.

[Liza kisses Tad]

Tad: You know, I really like the way you express gratitude.

Singer: At the end of the day

Zach: I really wish you'd let me take you.

Kendall: I don't have to go to the hospital, Zach. I just need you.

Singer: For the moment seen with a breath of my compassion

Kendall: Help me, Zach. Help me forget.

Singer: And all that I have fought for and all that I believe is nothing nothing next to you. At the end of the day I can follow all the footsteps that I have made, every mountain that I've climbed, every river I have crossed, every valley I have walked through and every penny I have tossed. All that we've completed, all that I am proud of means nothing nothing next to you. You're the sunlight, you're the dream that matter. You're the one that I adore. When I think about the life we share, the laughter it only makes me love you more. All that I have lived for, all things that are true mean nothing nothing next to you

Zach: Do you need anything?

Kendall: Well, aside from my boys, everything I need is right here.

Zach: I made a big mistake.

Kendall: Zach --

Zach: I need to do this. When you and Aidan were out there, I -- what he was doing to you -- I could have stopped it.

Kendall: It's not your fault.

Zach: Well, no, it is. I -- I could have -- I could have stopped it.

Kendall: No, Zach. Aidan went insane. You couldn't have known that. You couldn't have known what he was doing to me.

Zach: I thought I knew.

Kendall: What do you mean?

Zach: I tracked you down, I followed you to Ohio. Looked through the window, and -- I thought I saw you and Aidan, and it wasn't you at all. 

Kendall: I know. Aidan set you up. I mean, he wanted to make you think that -- that we were sleeping together.

Zach: Well, it worked. I assumed the worst, and I left.

Kendall: Zach, Aidan manipulated us. He knew our weak spot, and he took advantage of it. Listen to me, I don't blame you. I don't blame you at all, I promise. And you -- you need to know this. The whole time I was with Aidan, I was not unfaithful.

Zach: And I should have believed you, and I didn't.

Kendall: Don't do this to yourself, Zach. Please don't.

Zach: I made you a promise. I promised I wouldn't let the past get in the way, and I broke that promise. I didn't trust you. And you shouldn't forgive me for that.

Marissa: We can check out a different beach every day, and go scuba diving, and white-water rafting. And at night, we can dance under the stars. Oh, I can't wait.

J.R.: What about your father? I thought you didn't want to leave him.

Marissa: Yeah, but, I mean, it'll only be for two weeks, right? And you and I need some alone time.

J.R.: Mmm.

Marissa: Think of it as our honeymoon.

J.R.: Yeah.

Marissa: You do want to go, right?

J.R.: Absolutely.

Marissa: Then why am I sensing hesitation?

J.R.: Because you're distracting me. I love you. I love everything about you. The way that you make me feel. And for the first time in so long, I'm happy with my life because of you.

Tad: Why don't you just take a deep breath and tell me what happened

Jake: Ugh. I just -- I lied to Amanda.

Tad: What do you mean, you lied?

Jake: We were in my house. Everything was fine. We were getting into the whole holiday spirit, you know, and then she opens up her suitcase. And inside the suitcase is a present from David to Trevor. And I get that. That's fine. I get that, right? But it's just that it -- wherever we are, there he is. I mean, he just always finds a way to just --

Tad: I keep telling you, you can't afford to lose it about Hayward in front of Amanda.

Jake: I was cool. It wasn't -- I'm not -- you're not listening to me. I was cool. I didn't overreact. But then she starts to defend him, you see, and that pissed me off. And I just -- I just had to leave. I couldn't stay there.

Tad: Well, at least you got out of there before it got out of hand.

Jake: And then she starts talking about, "Wow. How wonderful is he? He's -- he's sacrificing, and he's giving us custody of Trevor," which isn't really happened yet, but, you know -- and now, she's believing that we're in some sort of a Hayward-free zone where we get to live without him. That's not true, because custody comes with strings, right? Actually, it's not strings, it's more like a -- a bungee cord that's attached to my wife which will just pull her right back to Wildwind into his arms, and I don't know what to do.

Tad: Shut up. Of course, you know what to do. You fight.

Jake: No, you're not supposed to say that.

Tad: Yes.

Jake: No -- well, I'm going to fight a dead man? Everybody knows he's dying, right?

Tad: You fight. You fight. You fight by forgetting Hayward. You fight by concentrating on Amanda and Trevor. Look, they're back where they belong, right? It's the start of the holiday season. Pour everything you've got into making sure your family has the best Christmas, ever. Give Amanda the one thing that Hayward can't. Love, baby, real love. That's all you need.

Jake: I don't know what he's up to.

Tad: Who cares? Go back to your wife. Forget about Hayward, ok? Don't think about him. Don't worry. Just pretend he doesn't exist. That way, you're going to blow him right out of Amanda's consciousness. All you've got to do is make sure your wife knows how much she means to you.

Amanda: Oh, what's the matter, sweetie? You always sleep through the night. I know, you're not used to this place, but this is our home now, ok? Before long, you're going to love it here. Just please ignore the beer-can tree. Yeah. Hey, look at all these presents. Is that what you're looking at? You're such a lucky boy, 'cause those are all for you. Yes, they are. And this one is from your daddy. I know, you miss him, don't you? Yes, you do. That's ok, 'cause you're going to see him soon, all right, precious? Ok? You know what? I promised I wouldn't do this, but -- just for you -- come on, honey. I'll let you get one present, all right? One present from your daddy. You want to see what it is? Look. Let's sit. What is this? Look.

[Amanda gasps]

Amanda: Oh. What is that? It's a daddy bear and his little baby cub. Should I read you the card? Here, you can play with that. " To my son on his first Christmas. A big bear hug from Daddy."

[Amanda sighs]

David: Fancy meeting you here.

Liza: No, not really, because I'm here to meet someone else.

David: Hmm. Lucky man.

Liza: Hmm.

David: So tell me, have you had the chance to open that envelope I gave you?

Liza: Yes.

David: And what have you decided to do with it?

Liza: It's none of your business. I'll have a vodka tonic, please.

D.A. Willis: What's the emergency, Counselor? And if this is about Adam Chandler's trial, I've moved on.

Liza: Hmm. I think we should step outside.

[David smiles as he watches the D.A. look at the pictures]

D.A. Willis: What do you want?

Marissa: We can take the cable car to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. I know it's touristy, but I've heard that the views are spectacular. It's just surrounded by ocean and tropical forest and cliffs. Oh, but the sunset -- that is supposed to take your breath away. I'm going to, like, put in a special request of Mother Nature for a crystal clear night. What's wrong?

J.R.: You took me there. Standing on top of that mountain. Looking at that sunset holding you. It's just so beautiful.

Marissa: Well, it's going to be a lot more beautiful when we're there.

J.R.: I'm sorry, Marissa. We can't go.

D.A. Willis: Who else has seen these?

Liza: No one, yet. I'm here to give you a chance to explain.

D.A. Willis: Didn't last very long. A few weeks -- a month maybe. And then we ended it. It was a mutual decision.

Liza: She's a judge.

D.A. Willis: She put in for a transfer. She's moving to another city. I'll never show up on her docket again.

Liza: Yeah, and what about the cases that you've already tried?

D.A. Willis: Our relationship never entered the courtroom.

Liza: Are you kidding me? You were sleeping with the woman that holds the gavel.

D.A. Willis: And what's the bottom line, Ms. Colby? You want me to resign? Forget it. I've worked too damn hard to let one indiscretion ruin my career.

Liza: Well, I can't forget these pictures, and I won't.

D.A. Willis: You've made that very clear. You're blackmailing me so you can take my job.

Liza: No, that's not why I'm here.

D.A. Willis: I don't care. I don't care. Do whatever the hell you want with these photos. I'm not going to roll over for you, or anyone else.

[Trevor fusses]

[Amanda calls David]

David: Amanda?

Amanda: David, sorry to bother you. I just -- Trevor woke up and I can't get him back to sleep. I've tried everything.

David: Does he have a fever?

Amanda: No, he doesn't, I just can't get him to stop crying.

David: All right, put the phone on speaker. Hush little baby don't say a word Daddy's going to buy you a mockingbird and if that mockingbird won't sing Daddy's going to buy you a diamond ring if that diamond ring turns brass Daddy's going to buy you a looking glass

Kendall: Zach, running off with Aidan -- that was my choice. I thought I could trust him, and that was my mistake.

Zach: He hurt you because I wasn't there.

Kendall: No, no, he hurt me, because I didn't listen. When we couldn't pull off the prison switch, you were ready to take the fall for me. But I couldn't let you do it. I couldn't let you be separated from the boys and go to prison. I mean, you had already sacrificed so much. So I -- I had to run away. I ran away to save you.

Zach: And then I let you down.

Kendall: No, you didn't. You didn't. Would you stop? You did not let me down. You didn't break your promise. You promised to give me your heart. And you did.

Marissa: I don't understand. Why can't we go to Rio?

J.R.: My cancer came back. I start my next round of chemo right after New Year's.

[Marissa holds J.R. as he cries]

David: If that horse and cart falls down, you'll still be the sweetest little boy in town, so hush little baby don't you cry Mommy loves you and so do I

Amanda: Thank you. That calmed him down. Thank you.

[Amanda hangs up the phone]

Amanda: Uh, I -- I couldn't get Trevor to stop crying, so -- he really likes it when David sings to him.

Jake: It's all right. Why don't you put him down, and we'll get to bed.

Amanda: Well, you said to bed. I hope you don't mean to sleep.

[Jake kisses Amanda]

Liza: After talking to Willis and thinking about it, I realized that they did the right thing. Right? Well, and they knew it was a huge mistake, and they decided together to end it, so who would I be to expose them? I'd a be a hypocrite. I mean, come on. How many mistakes have I made, Tad? All right. Men, my children -- oh, God. And what I did with Stuart. All the deception and the lies and the secrecy. And it -- I'm just going to pretend that I never even saw these. All right?

[Liza places the photos one by one into the roaring fireplace while Tad watches smiling]

Kendall: The whole time that I was with Aidan, what kept me going was feeling your heart. It was with me all the time. It kept me alive. It brought us back together right here to this moment. So just be with me, Zach, ok? No apologies. Just be here with me in this moment.

Zach: There's still something missing. Mrs. Slater, will you do me the honor?

[Zach places her wedding ring on Kendall's finger, then kisses her]

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