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All My Children Transcript Friday 12/18/09


Episode #10274

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Tad: Enough. Enough of the theatrics, David. What is it?

David: I'm dying.

J.R.: What did you say?

David: I've been diagnosed with a rare blood disease. It's called malignant erythrocytosis. My hematologist has given me six months to live, and that's with treatment.

Adam: Ha. Do -- do you actually think we will believe this garbage?

Marissa: If this is some twisted joke --

David: It's not. I'm sorry.

[Marissa runs off]

David: Marissa.

Krystal: Haven't you done enough?

David: Oh, please don't act like I'm trying to hurt her.

Krystal: Weren't you? What did you think would happen, David? Our daughter lost both her adoptive parents less than a year ago.

David: I know that.

Krystal: And you choose a party to inform her that she's gonna lose yet another? On what planet is that appropriate?

[Krystal catches up with Marissa]

Krystal: Marissa.

Marissa: Did you know about this?

Krystal: No, no. And let him say this in front of a crowd of people? No, I just found out the same way you did.

Marissa: I don't understand. How can this be happening?

J.R.: Well, what if it's not? I hate to say this, but what if my dad's right? What if David's making this whole thing up?

Marissa: Why would he do that?

J.R.: To get sympathy, to suck us all back in. I don't know. The guy's done a hell of a lot worse.

Krystal: Yes, he has, but after everything Marissa's gone through, to pull something like this? I mean, say what you want about David, but come on, the man loves his children.

Marissa: I can't believe that he's dying.

Krystal: Oh.

[Krystal hugs Marissa while David watches]

Zach: Where is she?

[Aidan comes up behind Zach and knocks him out with the butt of his gun]

Kat: Now what?

Jesse: Hey, you. Check out this crowd. Ever find out who threw this thing together?

Angie: I'm looking at him.

Jesse: Hayward? Oh. This can't be good news.

Angie: Uh, it depends on if you decide to believe him. David just announced that he's got some rare, fatal blood disorder.

Jesse: Fatal?

Angie: Yeah, uh-huh, and he's got six months to live.

Jesse: Huh, a dead David. Sounds promising. Either Santa came early, or he's created this huge hoax. I'm leaning toward option B.

Tad: Yeah, you and me both.

Jesse: So what is this really about? His desperate attempt to get Amanda's attention?

Tad: Mm-hmm. Worst part is, I think it's working.

Adam: Yeah, I realize that you hated that Marissa married J.R. I wasn't keen on it myself, but faking your demise to break them up?

Amanda: He's not faking.

Adam: Oh. Spoken like a true gold-digging liar you are.

David: Shut up, Adam.

Adam: Oh.

Amanda: He's trying to clear his conscience, Adam.

Adam: Oh, my, my. Listen to you defending with such passion the father of your child.

Annie: I think David's a little more than that, right, Amanda?

Jake: All right, you know what, can we -- I --

Adam: I think maybe you should try to keep your wife on a little shorter leash. She does have a tendency to go astray.

Tad: Uh-oh.

Jesse: Uh, I got this.

Tad: You got it? You're gonna wade into the middle of that?

Jesse: Chief of police here. I'm always in the middle of something. Pack it up, boys.

Angie: Uh, I'm going to go and check on Marissa and Krystal.

Liza: I need a drink. Shall I get you one?

Tad: No. Get me a couple of horse tranquilizers. I think we're gonna need 'em.

Marissa: I know that I complain about David a lot --

Krystal: I know that doesn't mean you want to lose him.

Marissa: Oh, it's not just that. It's that I wanted to believe that there was more to him, you know. That underneath all those scars and the constant drama, that there was actually a decent man. And now I'll never have the chance to find out.

Krystal: That's not true. Marissa, you still have David. He's still here. I know six months isn't a long time, but it is something.

Marissa: He doesn't want to spend it with me.

Krystal: No, no. Don't say that.

Marissa: Well, why not? He just dropped this bomb in the middle of some bizarre cocktail hour. It's pretty clear where I rank on his list of concerns.

J.R.: Well, maybe he didn't know how else to do it.

Marissa: Oh, well, here's a clue -- not like this. You know, I'm supposed to be important to him.

Krystal: You are.

Marissa: Then he should have told me in private and before everyone else. I mean, God, to wait until now?

J.R.: What would you like me to do?

Marissa: Just -- just take me upstairs. I need to get out of here.

Krystal: Whew.

Angie: Thank God she has you.

Krystal: She's a mess. I'll tell you one thing, David better be dying, because if he's not, if he did this to somehow to stir things up, then I will do the honors myself.

Aidan: Thanks for your help, Kat. I can take it from here.

Kat: Are you sure?

Aidan: If things don't go according to plan, you know what to do.

Aidan: Hey. Wakey, wakey, rise and shine. Sorry about the bump on your head. But I had to get your attention. What did you think you were gonna do, ride in on our white horse and save the day? Rescue your damsel in distress? One question, Zach: What makes you think Kendall wants to be rescued? You know, she told me about you, about how when things get really tough, you just shut down. You know what? Kendall deserves better. She deserves to be trusted and loved unconditionally. The two things that you can't possibly give her. Just like when you turned up to that boarding house, and you looked through that window. You know what you saw? Two people making love. That wasn't Kendall. That was someone that looked like Kendall, and what did you do? You just -- you didn't even give her the benefit of the doubt, did you? You walked away. You walked away, and you gave up on your wife, the mother of your children, and you did exactly what I thought you would do. Am I boring you?

Zach: Where is she?

Aidan: Oh, now you finally care about her?

Zach: Where is Kendall?

Aidan: She's not waiting for you with baited breath if that's what you're hoping for. You turned your back on her, Zach, and she's now with me.

Kendall: Is anyone out there? Hello! Can you hear me?

Liza: Listen, Adam, you were just acquitted of murder. Do you want to end up in a cell? Just leave Jake alone, all right? This whole David and Amanda situation is already a nightmare.

Annie: Hmm. I'll say.

Liza: He doesn't need you provoking him.

Adam: Your wish is my command.

Liza: Really?

Adam: Yes.

Liza: All right, well, grant me another wish and take your wife home.

Annie: Excuse me?

Liza: Yes, we've already got enough trouble being stirred up here by David.

Annie: Last I checked, you're no longer on retainer, so keep your wishes to yourself. Drink?

Adam: Uh, yes, love one.

Tad: Come on. Not you too. Listen, I want you to try something for me, ok?

Liza: What? Tormenting someone?

Tad: No. I was thinking more along the lines of deep breathing, but we can revisit the tormenting thing later on if you want.

Liza: I want.

Tad: Ok, listen --

Liza: What?

Tad: Work with me here, ok? Sit down for a second.

Liza: Ok.

Tad: I'm not kidding. I want you to try this. Ok, breathe, deep.

Liza: Breathe.

Tad: Breathe in.

Liza: Breathe. Ok.

Tad: In, out. In, out.

[Liza exhales deeply]

Tad: Huh?

Liza: Huh.

Tad: Better, right?

Liza: Better than not breathing? Yeah, yeah.

Tad: Ha ha ha. I'm not kidding. You know, at a time like this, you got to keep your center, you know?

Liza: Hmm.

Tad: You got to let it ground you. You got to let it balance you, create harmony with your chi.

Liza: My chi?

Tad: Your chi.

Liza: My chi. You're not gonna make me wax a car now and paint a fence, are you?

Tad: You're hilarious, you know that?

Liza: No, seriously, where are you picking up all of this chi stuff?

Tad: Well, if you must know, mama bought this meditation CD, and I kind of picked up a couple things.

Liza: Yeah, apparently.

Tad: Well?

Liza: Well?

Tad: It works. Huh? Don't you feel more calm, relaxed?

[Glass dinging]

Liza: Oh, I did up until just a moment ago.

David: If I could please have everyone's attention for a moment --

Tad: Terrific.

Liza: Hmm.

Jesse: Ahem.

David: Although some of you may believe that my dying is gift enough, I have some more I'd like to hand out, starting with Jake and Amanda.

Tad: And away we go.

David: Now, I'm very well aware of the fact that I've done things that have made it especially difficult for the two of you -- with keeping you apart and preventing you from having you own family. Well, that ends right here and now. I'm signing over full custody of Trevor, effective immediately. Liza?

Liza: Yes?

David: If you would please draw up the paperwork --

Adam: Don't you dare. Without Trevor to focus on, Hayward will be after Little Adam again.

David: Huh. That's ridiculous, Adam. I have no intention of going after Little A -- on one condition.

Adam: Ah. Ha ha! Well, what might that be?

David: You don't go after him, either. Little A has been through enough turmoil already. He doesn't need to be dragged through some endless tug of war. Luckily, I've been forced to see the error of my ways. I can only hope that someday you will, too. Annie --

Annie: My turn?

David: I didn't get you anything, because you just seem to have everything you've ever wanted.

Annie: So true.

Angie: You know, I really don't know how much more of this I can take. Let's get the hell out of here.

Jesse: You read my mind.

David: Not so fast, Chief. I was talking to your wife.

Angie: Oh. I know you don't have something for me.

David: Oh, you are so wrong. Do you honestly think that I would leave my successor empty handed?

Angie: What is that?

David: It's the keys to the kingdom -- or more accurately, to Pine Valley Hospital. Chief of staff is a tough job, doctor, but I'm sure you've already learned that by now. Forget the day-to-day upkeep and the headaches of scheduling. It's the politics that prove most difficult. Well, at least for me. You're in charge of a lot of people, Dr. Hubbard, people that don't always see eye to eye.

Jesse: Is there a point somewhere in here?

David: I'm almost finished. Now, as challenging as it all was, I really did love the power.

Tad: There's a shock.

David: Well, let's just say that I was the pin that held it all together. So tell me, Doctor, has it been a bit more hectic in my absence, disorganized? Have you had any head-to-head confrontations with the board yet?

Angie: I'm doing just fine.

David: Well, that's good. You take this, you'll be doing a lot better. It's the password to my computer -- where you'll find all the nasty skeletons in the hospital's closet. I used them to keep control -- of everything -- everyone. Well, now I hand that control over to you -- if, of course, you want it.

Zach: What do you want, Aidan?

Aidan: I think you can answer that question.

Zach: She's not gonna fall for you.

Aidan: How do you know she hasn't fallen for me already? Zach, what you and Kendall had is now over, because she has no faith in you anymore.

Zach: Yeah, maybe you're right about that. Maybe she has lost faith, but she's not given up on her kids. Don't you get that? You stand between a woman and her children, she's never gonna forgive you for that.

Aidan: Think she's gonna forgive me for this?

[Aidan points his gun at Zach]

Zach: Oh, Aidan, Aidan, Aidan -- you're a lot of things, but you're not stupid. You can't honestly believe that if you shoot me, Kendall will fall for you.

Aidan: No. Probably not. But never underestimate the power of grief and how it brings people together. I mean, you remember the last time when Kendall and me got together.

Zach: Oh, I see. So you want to make this look like a suicide. That's why I'm still alive. And if Kendall needs a shoulder to cry on --

Aidan: She won't have to go too far.

Zach: Good plan, Aidan, good plan. I only see one problem: I don't really want to die.

Aidan: Nobody wants to die, Zach, but it happens every day.

Zach: Yeah, that's the truth. Have you thought this through? I mean, really thought this through? Say you shoot me, and let's say that Kendall does come to you to cry on your shoulder, because she doesn't have anybody else. It's not gonna be enough. She needs her boys, her mother, and her friends. And soon, you're not gonna be enough. And then what happens? The Kendall that you love so much is just gonna disappear. She's gonna fade away. It's gonna be an empty shell of who she was. And you? You're gonna be trapped somewhere where you don't want to be.

Aidan: I'm not the one that's gonna be trapped.

Zach: Not yet. You say you care about her.

Aidan: I do.

Zach: Ok. Then let's end this before someone gets hurt.

Aidan: It's too late for that.

Zach: Where is my wife? Where is she?

Kendall: Can someone please help me? Can anyone hear me? Oh, come on.

[Kendall takes a wire hanger and tries to open the door]

J.R.: Shower didn't work, huh?

Marissa: No. I just -- keep rewinding to that moment. You know, David announcing that he only has six months left to live -- in front of an entire party. Tell me that I'm making this up.

J.R.: I'm sorry.

Marissa: I mean, he couldn't have called or come by? Hell, I would have settled for a text, but this --

J.R.: I'm not defending him or anything, but maybe he was scared.

Marissa: Of me?

J.R.: Of upsetting you, seeing that look on your face.

Marissa: Yeah, well, guess what? I get scared, too, but that doesn't stop me from doing the right thing. My father is dying. You know, if David loved me at all, he would have told me when he first found out.

David: Leaving so soon?

Adam: Not quite soon enough.

Krystal: I'm trying to find a way to apologize, but the words just seem to escape me.

Rob: I'll get you started. I'm sorry our first date was at some weird party. Your turn.

Krystal: Where the host drops the bomb that he has six months to live.

Rob: See? Wasn't so hard.

Krystal: Huh.

David: You forgot the part where the host is your ex-husband.

Krystal: Huh. If only I could. Rob, this is David. David, this is Rob. We should be going.

David: Hold on. I've been thinking long and hard on what I should give you, Krystal.

Krystal: Well, you know what? You can stop because I don't want anything. Come on.

David: Sadly, what you deserve is something I can't possibly deliver, and sorry is just not enough.

Krystal: You feel better now that that's off your chest?

David: Not at all, which is why I'm leaving you the bulk of my estate.

Krystal: What?

David: That's right. You've earned it.

Krystal: I'm sorry. That just doesn't make any sense. What about your children?

David: Don't worry. I've made sure they're well provided for.

Krystal: Uh-uh. Uh-uh. I don't want it.

David: Fine. Keep it or not. Regardless, the money is yours. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Liza: Wow. How soon they forget.

David: I'm sorry. What are you talking about?

Liza: Well, here you are, you know, making up for all your sins, and what, I get nothing? Holding me at gunpoint. Does that ring a bell?

David: And I know exactly how to make it up to you.

Liza: All right, well, do tell.

David: Not here. Come here.

Liza: Ok, wait a minute. If this is a last-ditch effort to get me into bed --

David: Open this in the privacy of your home. Alone. What you do with it is up to you.

[Liza slips the envelops into her purse]

David: You're welcome.

Liza: Hmm.

[David sighs]

David: Oh, just the man I was looking for.

Tad: Forget it. Whatever it is, I don't want it. I don't want anything to do with your little doomsday giveaway. And neither should the rest of you, because the David Hayward I know doesn't do gifts, and he sure as hell doesn't repent. So no matter what he chooses to come up with next, ask yourselves one thing: "Is whatever Hayward's offering worth the price of my soul?"

David: All right, look, I fully understand that I can't just expect all of you to believe that I've changed. I can only hope to God that I'll have the time to prove it.

Marissa: My life is like some bad TV movie.

J.R.: I wouldn't go that far.

Marissa: You wouldn't? Let's see, I was sold at birth. I never knew my twin sister. My adoptive parents died in a car crash, and now my biological dad has some sort of a blood disease.

J.R.: Ok, maybe it's not such a stretch.

Marissa: God, the only bright spot -- I mean, other than you and Little Adam --

J.R.: Nice save.

Marissa: Was that I got the chance to know my biological parents. And now that's gone, too. It just -- it just seems so unfair.

J.R.: Hey, you still have Krystal.

Marissa: And you.

J.R.: Yeah.

Marissa: Oh, thank God for you, J.R. If you hadn't gone into remission --

J.R.: And that's something we don't need to think about.

Marissa: I know. 'Cause I don't know what I would do without you.

Jake: I'm surprised he's not wearing a halo.

Tad: He would, but I don't think they make halos for heads that big.

Jake: Think anybody's buying this crap?

Tad: Huh. I hope not. You got to hand it to him, though. The man waltzed in here with some serious ammunition -- whole sack full of goodies, exactly what every person in this room can't live without.

Jake: They think they can't live without.

Tad: Please. You're gonna tell me that you and Amanda don't want custody of Trevor?

Jake: No, of course, we want -- of course, we want the custody, but we're gonna get it anyway 'cause he's gonna be dead, right? So he's acting like it's a gracious act? It's not a gracious act. It's sick is what it is. The whole thing is sick.

Tad: No, no, it's Hayward, which means it comes with the dinner.

Jake: You think we're the only two people in the room that can see that the emperor is not wearing any clothes?

Tad: Honestly? I don't know.

Jake: Hmm. He's trying to buy everybody's forgiveness. I can't say anything. God knows, I might lose the wife. What a party.

Amanda: I am proud of you. Yes, you. Putting this whole thing together, trying to make amends.

David: Well, some might say too little too late.

Amanda: Well, some would be wrong. It's never too late to say you're sorry.

David: Well, I hope you know, Amanda, that I truly am.

Amanda: I do, and not just because you gave us custody of Trevor.

David: You know, I got to tell you, it feels good, this whole doing the right thing thing.

Amanda: Oh, you think you could get used to it?

David: Well, only time will tell -- or not. You know, I was thinking, maybe you should spend the holidays with Jake.

Amanda: What?

David: Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna tell the nanny to pack Trevor's things and bring them over to Jake's place. I'm sorry, your place.

Amanda: David --

David: No, Amanda, I've imposed on your life long enough.

Amanda: But what about the baby? I thought you wanted to spend as much with him as possible?

Jake: Honey, you heard the man. Let's go home.

Aidan: Just relax. All right? K-Kendall's fine.

Zach: Then bring her out here. Let me see her.

Aidan: I don't think so.

Zach: You said if somebody else gets hurt. Who got hurt?

Aidan: I was talking about me, all right? This time I'm gonna win, and I'm gonna take it all home.

Zach: Win? What are you winning? This is not about winning. I thought you were better than that.

Aidan: You never thought much of me at all, Zach.

Zach: That's not true.

Aidan: You've never gotten over the fact that Kendall and I slept with each other, even though we thought that you were dead.

Zach: We worked through that.

Aidan: When, five minutes ago? Because from what Kendall told me -- and she's told me a lot -- you've -- you've never stopped punishing her.

Zach: I don't want to play anymore! All right? I'm done! You want to punish someone? You want to hurt somebody because the world hasn't been kind to you? Go ahead, kill me, but let Kendall go. Her boys need her -- almost as much as she needs them.

Kendall: Come on, I can do this. I know I can. All right. I can't.

[Lock clicks open and Kat is standing at the door]

Tad: Well, that's it. Another uneventful evening in Pine Valley.

Jesse: Let me have your valet ticket.

Tad: Why, you want to steal my car?

Jesse: It's cold outside, and there's no point in all of us freezing our butts off.

Tad: I knew it. You're a very attractive man.

Liza: I'm gonna go see if Rob and Krystal are ready to go.

Angie: So?

Tad: So?

Angie: Do you think he's still faking it?

Tad: Well, don't you?

Angie: You know, honestly, I don't know what to think anymore.

Tad: Oh, Angela! Come on. I mean, the man comes down with a fatal illness the same time J.R. comes down with cancer. Somehow, he found out about it. He saw what happened between Marissa and J.R., how it brought them closer together. Now he wants to try his luck with Amanda.

Angie: Yeah, but to go to this extreme? You saw Marissa's face.

Tad: Yeah, I did.

Angie: I mean, you really do think that he would put his own daughter through that?

Tad: I can't believe you're asking me this question. Yeah. A thousand times, yeah.

Angie: What?

Tad: Well, forgive me, baby. I just can't help but thinking that this sudden case of doubt, you know, this change of heart is because of that gift he offered you.

Angie: Oh, come on. Tell me I get more credit than that.

Tad: As far as I'm concerned, you get all the credit in the world, but let's face it -- absolute power, it's very tempting.

Liza: So, uh, they said to go on without them.

Tad: Really? Ok, well, that's it. Let's blow this popsicle.

Angie: Tell Jesse I'll be right out.

Tad: Yeah, I will.

Amanda: Ahh. Trevor is finally down for the count.

Jake: Ok.

Amanda: What is that?

Jake: No, wait, wait, wait for it. Just wait for it. Hmm? Oh, yeah. Nothing says Christmas like this thing. Look at this.

Amanda: It says something.

Jake: Yeah. What? Oh, you don't like it.

Amanda: No --

Jake: Oh, you hate it. Look it, there's the crinkle. The crinkle's happening.

Amanda: It's just loud, that's all. Oh, my God. Are those miniature beer cans?

Jake: Right. They light up. They go on and on. It's amazing. It's -- it's kind of genius, I thought. It's an ugly, ugly genius.

Amanda: Thank God.

Jake: I'm just -- well, I wasn't really thinking that you guys were gonna be here for Christmas, and I thought I was gonna be alone, so you know, why waste money on a big tree?

Amanda: Great. So you settled on this instead.

Jake: Oh, you think I'm funny. Like I'm amusing you funny, like a clown. I'm a clown to you.

Amanda: No. It's just haven't you ever heard of a wreath? You know, small, simple, classic.

Jake: Well, I guess when it comes to decorating, I'm hopeless. Maybe just when I'm out -- out on my own without you I'm hopeless.

Amanda: Mmm.

[Amanda laughs as she and Jake kiss]

David: May I come in? If I could find a word bigger than sorry, I would use it. I never should have let you find out that way. It was beyond stupid.

Marissa: Yeah, it was. But -- I think I understand why you did it.

David: You do?

Marissa: I guess there's no easy way to tell someone that you're dying.

David: Especially not your own child, knowing you've just recently lost two other parents.

Marissa: Yeah, well, there's an upside, right? At least I know the drill.

David: You don't have to be strong for my sake.

J.R.: You know, I'm going to have to give you guys a few minutes.

David: No. You should hear this, too, J.R. I haven't been a very good father to you, have I?

Marissa: Well, I mean, we haven't exactly known each other for very --

David: That's not an excuse. I should have supported you, your marriage. But instead, I chose to fight it, spend most of my time focusing on Trevor, when I should have been focusing on you, too.

Marissa: Well, he's just a baby. I'm a grown woman.

David: No. You're my daughter. And I was an idiot thinking we had all the time in the world, and we don't. Time is running out, Marissa. There's not much I can do to change that. But I was hoping that if you let me, that I might spend what little time I have with you.

Adam: I can't believe that those imbeciles actually fell for it. Hayward does nothing without an agenda. Mm-hmm. Dying is no exception.

Annie: I don't get it. How is it that you can have this fierce, blind faith in me, yet you refuse to even consider the possibility --

Adam: That Hayward sprouted a soul? No, I don't think so.

Annie: How do you know?

Adam: Because he's a master manipulator who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Annie: And in case you've forgotten, so am I.

Zach: You say you care about Kendall? What about her heart, what she's been through.

Aidan: Oh, just shut up, all right? Stop talking.

Zach: Too much strain. She's not gonna be able to take it.

Aidan: Zach, I said shut up! I can't concentrate! I'm trying to think! Ahh --

[Zach gets out of his restraints. Aidan groans as Zach knocks him down. Zach points a gun at Aidan.]

Liza: No. Come on. No, Tad, no.

Tad: Come on, we have to. One drink.

Liza: No. Why?

Tad: We have to.

Liza: Why?

Tad: We owe it to ourselves.

Liza: Really?

Tad: We have to toast our good fortune.

Liza: What good fortune?

Tad: What do you mean, "What good fortune"? Neither one of us got one of David's gifts.

Liza: Ah, right. Guess I wasn't so fortunate.

Tad: What the hell is that?

Liza: I don't know.

Tad: You haven't looked at it yet?

Liza: Nope.

Tad: Burn it. You owe it to yourself, Liza. Come on, do it.

Liza: Can't do it.

Tad: Yes, you can.

Liza: No.

Tad: I'm warning you. You are so gonna regret this.

[Tad mumbling]

Liza: Huh.

Tad: Go, D.A. Willis. Something tells me that's not Mrs. D.A. Willis.

Liza: No. That's Martha Sams.

Tad: Who?

Liza: As in Judge Martha Sams. Oh, yeah. We go public with these pictures, and our friendly D.A. loses his job.

Tad: Leaving you in line to take it.

Jake: Can you stop staring at it? We'll get a new one in the morning. Don't worry about it.

Amanda: It's not the tree.

Jake: What are you thinking about?

Amanda: I just keep thinking about how this is David's last Christmas, you know, the only one he's ever gonna spend with his son.

[Jake sighs]

David: I'm not looking for anyone to take care of me. If I need a nurse, I'll hire one. I just want to get to know you, Marissa, really know you, and maybe make some memories before I -- I'm sure you understand, J.R.

J.R.: Why would you say that?

David: I know you have cancer.

Marissa: I don't know where you got that, but it's not true.

David: Marissa, I'm a doctor. I can see when someone is sick. Come on, the bald head. I mean, it has to be chemo.

Marissa: Well, you're wrong.

David: Unfortunately, I'm not. When I started having my blood work done, I accidentally came upon J.R.'s test results. I didn't say anything, because I realized he wanted to keep it a secret, and I respect that.

J.R.: No. You have a plan to use this against me. What is it?

David: There's no reason to get angry.

J.R.: What do you want?

David: Peace between the two of us. I mean, given the circumstances, why can't we just be supportive of one another? I mean, after all, we are both sick, right?

Marissa: J.R. isn't sick. Not anymore. He's in remission.

Annie: I've done some unimaginable things, but you saw the good in me. Why can't you see the good in David? Have you ever even tried?

Adam: No reason to, no.

Annie: Well, me. I'm the reason. I'm not saying you should really trust the guy, but I don't know, you could give him the benefit of the doubt.

Adam: Why is he so important to you?

Annie: I don't know. Because I just know what it's like to be judged and despised.

Adam: Yes. I've been meaning to tell you. That all ends right now.

Aidan: So this is what you've been waiting for, huh? Get your own back, get your revenge for me sleeping with Kendall. Well, go on. Do it! Pull the trigger.

Kendall: Zach! Zach! Zach! Zach, don't! Zach, don't! Please, please, please, don't.

Zach: Hey, hey. You all right?

Kendall: Yes, yes, yes, I am now. I am now.

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