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Erica: Hi.

Ryan: Hey, how are you?

Erica: Oh, a little fried. But I'm much better now that I see you here. Please, come in.

Ryan: This was on your doorstep. So, what's got you so fried?

Erica: Oh, a number of things. I spent most of the morning looking through all these reports that arrived from Fusion. That was fun. Ugh! I have no desire at all to go to some last-minute function for the hospital. Do you?

Ryan: No. Zero. I'm a little fried myself. I got problems with Emma.

Erica: It's not --

Ryan: No, no. It's not Annie. She hasn't gone after custody again.

Erica: Well, that's good.

Ryan: Yeah, but she won't stop. I'm sure it's gonna come sooner or later. I just hope that she waits until after the holidays.

Erica: Mmm. Well, then, what is it?

Ryan: Well, I have absolutely no idea what to get Emma for Christmas. I don't. And considering you have a little experience with shopping, I thought maybe you could help. Apparently, she's into these dolls that you can plug into the computer, which I know nothing about and I need some -- advice. Erica? Hey. What's really wrong?

Adam: Enjoy the holiday! Well, the whole staff is gone and won't be -- back until after New Year's.

Annie: Mmm, so we're all alone.

Adam: Oh, yes, poor me. I'm stuck here alone with my beautiful new bride.

Annie: Oh, somebody must have dropped something on the way out. Look.

Adam: Oh. Huh.

Annie: Huh.

Adam: Heh. It's --

Annie: What is it?

Adam: I think it's an invitation. Yes, it's a holiday benefit for the hospital. Mm-hmm. This afternoon.

Annie: What? Well, that's a little last-minute.

Adam: Maybe they think we should be in jail by now, or it possibly could be the wrong house. This is addressed to "The biggest hearts in Pine Valley."

Jake: Hey. What's this all about?

Angie: Oh, you, too, huh? I have no idea.

Jake: Hmm, what? The chief of staff doesn't know about a holiday hospital benefit?

Angie: Well, whoever sent it, they didn't even get permission from the hospital.

Jake: Mmm. You gonna go?

Angie: I think I should, just to see if it's legit. Jesse's working late on the Madison North case, but I'm leaving in a few. This is so strange.

Jake: Well, you want company? Is that what you're saying?

Angie: Ah, that would be nice. Thanks.

Jake: Yeah?

Angie: Yeah. I'm curious to see who's doing this.

Amanda: Ok, well, this is obviously the right place. Where is everyone?

David: I have no idea. I guess we're early.

Amanda: Who's hosting it? Angie?

David: I can assume. Look, why don't you have a seat? I'll go get us a drink. Martini?

Amanda: Yeah. Dirty.

David: Ok. Two dirty martinis, please.

Bartender: Sure.

[Cell phone rings]

David: This is not a good time, Gayle. What's up?

Gayle: Just the update you wanted about the new meds. The patient's responding somewhat.

David: You're kidding. All right, look, I'll get back to you later on, ok? But don't call me back. Not today.

Gayle: Are you all right?

David: Yeah, I'm great. Some people think I'm dying.

Manager: Like I said, Mr. Devane checked out last night.

Zach: And you're sure he was alone?

Manager: Uh, I was behind the desk when he left. He said he had to leave early.

Zach: There wasn't a woman with him?

Manager: Just that one time when that Kane woman showed up, the one on TV.

Zach: What time did he check out?

Manager: Mmm, late. About 10:00.

[Footsteps approaching]

Aidan: Just so that you know, we are in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere. So if you want to scream, the only thing you're gonna do is annoy me, and I'll just retie that gag. Understand?

Kendall: Aidan, Aidan, please, please. You're alive.

Tad: There's no host listed. Can't see without my glasses. How do they expect you to attend a hospital benefit when they send you the invitation on the day of?

Krystal: I don't know. But hey, free drinks. Thinking about going.

Tad: I don't know. Smells kind of fishy to me.

Krystal: Ah, everything seems fishy to you, Tad Martin. Anyway, I already have a baby-sitter, so --

Tad: Well, that was fast.

Krystal: Actually, I was planning on going out anyway. I'm gonna go to the movies, see that new movie "Nine: The Musical."

Tad: Oh!

Krystal: And I didn't know if you were gonna be here tonight.

Tad: Yeah, that's supposed to be fantastic. Man, what a cast. Daniel Day-Lewis, Kate Hudson, Fergie. Whoo! Penelope Cruz, mmm!

Krystal: Choreography's supposed to be great.

Tad: That's a great idea. Let's go.

Krystal: Um, actually I have a date.

Tad: You have a date?

Krystal: Yes.

Tad: With who do you have a date?

Krystal: I have a date with my friend Rob, the architect.

Tad: The architect?

[Knock on door]

Krystal: Gosh, if that's him, he's early. Oh!

Liza: So, anyone get one of these?

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, we all did. You look great. I guess you're going.

Liza: Well, I don't get too many invitations these days, so, mmm.

Krystal: Hey, why don't you let Tad take you? I mean, really, I'm going with a friend of mine. Hey, listen. We could all go together. Yeah?

Tad: Sounds like a plan. I still got it. Upstairs in the closet somewhere. I'll go get it.

Krystal: Well, change into it.

Liza: Well, get it.

Krystal: Come on in.

Liza: Oh, man.

Krystal: I tell you, I still cannot believe that Annie got away with what she did.

Liza: Well, you know that was Adam's doing from the beginning. Yeah, that whole double jeopardy deal. He is a crafty SOB, but genius if you want to be honest about it.

Krystal: Yeah. Evil genius.

Marissa: Yeah, Liza called. She got one, too. She said she's going. What do you think?

J.R.: I don't know. I was thinking about going up to the cabin early. Give Little A a couple extra days in the mountains.

Marissa: I don't know. There's just something about this. The heart reference on the envelope.

J.R.: David?

Marissa: Yeah, maybe.

J.R.: If you're trying to entice me to go, this is not the way to do it.

Marissa: We haven't been to a single Christmas party this year.

J.R.: You really want to go to this thing, don't you?

Marissa: Well, I don't know. It might be fun. And if it isn't, we'll just leave. It's not like it's a long car drive. It's just an elevator ride downstairs.

J.R.: Ok. We'll go, and we'll have fun, as long as my father's not invited.

Adam: Well, I'm not going to anyone's party who doesn't specify who's hosting it. No. So, we're gonna stay right here. We'll have the house to ourselves. And let's enjoy it. I don't think I see the delirious happy face of this prospect.

Annie: Of course, I'm happy. I just thought maybe --

Adam: Maybe that we'd have the opportunity to kind of slide back into the social scene.

Annie: Does sound tempting.

Adam: Yes, well, it does indeed. Sounds very tempting. You are Mrs. Adam Chandler. And I want everyone to envy your beauty and know how wrong they were about you. Uh, don't go away.

Annie: What? Ah! Wh -- Adam. Oh, Adam, it's beautiful!

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Annie: It's so extravagant.

Adam: Yeah, well, I'm getting sick and tired of this recession, so I wanted to do something flashy. Ha ha! Why don't you put that on?

Annie: I will. Before we go, though, I should go get dressed into something more appropriate.

Adam: Nah, nah, nah.

Annie: Ah! A dress?

Adam: Yes. Yes. That's to let them all know who's at the top of the heap here.

Annie: Ha ha!

Zach: Has anyone else been in this room, a maid, anybody?

Manager: No. When you called, I put a hold on the room.

Zach: How many days has he been here?

Manager: If you're a cop, I'd like to see some ID, if you don't mind.

Zach: I'm not a cop. I'm somebody who appreciates your help in finding Mr. Devane. I'm also somebody who can make your life very, very uncomfortable if you lie to me. Do we understand each other?

Manager: Yes.

Zach: Ok. I asked you a simple question. I want an honest answer. Go.

Manager: He was here for ten days. Checked in alone, kept to himself. And as I've told you, the only visitor he had was --

Zach: What?

Manager: There was someone else. One evening, about a week ago, a woman -- I was coming off the elevator and saw her come out of this room.

Zach: What did she look like?

Manager: About 5' 6", 5' 7", blonde, blue eyes. She passed me by and smiled at me. She was pretty. I noticed a tattoo on her neck. Young folks these days, you know, a tattoo --

Zach: A star tattoo?

Manager: Yes. That was her.

Zach: And she hasn't been back since?

Manager: No, just that one time. Like I said, Mr. Devane kept pretty much to himself. Room service, no turn downs.

Kendall: It was all staged. The gunshot, your death. You did all of this to scare me so that I would be afraid of you. You tricked me.

Aidan: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok. What's changed? What's different? I don't understand. What is going on here? Why did we leave the hotel? What do you have planned? Was it something that Zach said on the phone? Why won't you answer me?

Aidan: Keep an eye on her, will you? I gotta sort some things out.

Kendall: You have to know that he's completely losing his mind. Look, Kat, I know you care about him. I can tell you do, but you've got to help him before things get worse. Please. Please. For God's sakes, Kat, help me.

Krystal: I tell you, I don't think Adam will ever be the same after what happened to Stuart. But I have to say, that lion's still got some teeth.

Liza: Well, at least he's got a wife with some matching claws now.

Krystal: Ha ha! Yeah, well, I wouldn't worry about Annie. That'll blow itself up.

Liza: You know, I just hope that Colby's gonna be ok, you know? Her being involved in the middle of all that -- she's all I've got now, so --

Krystal: Liza, I heard about what happened with your child, with Stuart, and I just -- I wanna say I'm sorry, and I know it must be killing you.

Liza: I just keep myself really busy, you know, with work and with Colby and -- just really miss him, you know. I miss his little fingers and his smile and -- oh, ha!

Krystal: Liza.

[Knock on door]

Liza: Yeah. I'm good.

Krystal: Ok.

Rob: Hi.

Krystal: Hi. Hi. Come on in. Uh, Liza.

Liza: Oh.

Krystal: Meet Rob. Rob, this is my friend Liza Colby.

Liza: Hi.

Rob: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Liza: You as well.

Rob: Ready for the movie?

Krystal: Actually, there's been a change of plans. We're all going to a party.

Ryan: Is this about the phone call that I got from California? What happened? Last time we talked, you were gonna talk to Zach about it and Jesse was gonna look into the number.

Erica: Zach has gotten some of these phone calls, too, from the same number, and he's sure that it was Kendall.

Ryan: But she didn't say anything to him either.

Erica: No. But Ryan, something is wrong. I didn't question it enough when I was in L.A., but Kendall was not acting right, not acting like herself at all then, and now these calls. Kendall's in trouble, Ryan. I know she is.

Ryan: What kind of trouble?

Erica: I don't know. Maybe Aidan -- maybe Aidan has done something to her. Maybe he is holding her against her will.

Ryan: Aidan?

Erica: I don't know. But Zach asked Jesse to back off. Zach said that he's gonna handle it himself. He said he's gonna finish it.

Ryan: And what the hell does that mean?

Erica: I don't know. I do know that Zach took a flight to L.A. He said he's determined to find Kendall, but I don't know what he'll do when he finds Aidan.

Kendall: Don't you see what you've got yourself involved with? Look what he's doing to me.

Kat: Shut up. Ok? Do you really think I give a damn about you?

Kendall: No, I don't. You wouldn't be doing this if you did. But I do think you care about Aidan. I can see that much in your eyes. You two obviously have a history.

Kat: It was a long time ago and one-way on my part, but thanks for asking.

Kendall: Well, he must still mean a lot to you for you to go through all of this.

Kat: He helped me through a difficult time.

Kendall: So, now you're helping him, by helping him kidnap and brainwash another woman, standing by watching as he drugs me. You know how wrong this is, Kat. Do you have any idea what it's been like for me hour after hour, day after day, watching a man I used to call my friend slowly slip away and try to turn me into something I'm not? He's kept me from my children and my husband, the man that I love. So, whatever he has planned, it's not gonna turn out good, not for him, not for me, and not for you.

Kat: I told you to shut up.

Kendall: Well, I still have hope. I have hope that I got through to Zach, because Zach and I made a promise to each other. So, whatever Aidan tries to convince Zach of, it doesn't matter. I don't care. Zach knows better. And I'll tell you one thing. I think he's gonna be coming. He's gonna be coming for Aidan and coming for anyone who's tried to help him.

Kat: I said shut up! Or you won't have to worry about Zach or Aidan or anyone else anymore, 'cause I'll end this right here.

[Kat points a gun at Kendall]

Erica: When I saw Kendall in L.A., I believed it when she said she didn't care about her husband, she was deserting her children. And now to think she was forced to say those things.

Ryan: But you weren't certain. You had your doubts. You talked to me about them. You had doubts about Kendall, but you had doubts about Zach, too. You wondered how he couldn't possibly go after her. We all wondered that.

Erica: Well, I can't just sit here and wait for the phone to ring. Should I go to L.A.? I mean, Zach told me not to go to the police. He has to do this by himself. Would you do that?

Ryan: Yes, I probably would.

Erica: I have to go to the police.

Amanda: I'm surprised you wanted to come. I mean, with your condition and everything.

David: I thought you could use a night out, as could I after the craziness of the last few weeks. Thank you. So, why don't we just enjoy the evening, all right?

Angie: Oh. I expected somewhat of a bigger affair than this.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: I didn't know that you were gonna be here.

Amanda: Yeah, we got an invitation at the house. I was gonna call you.

Jake: Yeah? So, he's not hosting this? He is hosting this?

David: Nope. I'm in the dark, just like the rest of you, it seems.

Angie: So, what is this, someone's idea of a practical joke?

J.R.: Well, if it is, I'm not laughing. What is this? Who's hosting this?

Angie: We don't know.

David: You look beautiful.

Marissa: Thanks.

J.R.: Do you suppose it's my father's idea? He's rubbing the court's decision in everyone's faces?

Adam: I never put together a whole party just out of spite.

Annie: We had nothing to do with this.

Jake: This is turning out to be some sort of Agatha Christie mystery.

Adam: Oh, I'd like to take this opportunity to say to everyone I'm sorry about what happened between us at the courthouse. And I'm sure, in time, you'll understand my decision.

Marissa: No one understands your decisions. You traded your family and the love of that family for a vicious little tramp.

Annie: Well! I don't expect any of you to accept me, at least not yet, but I did hope that eventually your feelings for me would thaw a bit.

J.R.: Hmm! Sure, then we'll all go ice skating in hell.

David: All right, look, I think it's time for me to come clean. I'm the one that arranged this little get-together.

Angie: Oh! Why am I not surprised?

Jake: So, why all the secrecy? What do you want from us?

David: All in good time, Jake. Not everyone's here yet.

Kat: This wasn't supposed to happen like this.

Kendall: Well, how could you have known? I never would have guessed Aidan would do something like this. He was my friend. Whatever his reasons are, it's not gonna matter, because Zach will find him, and Zach will kill him.

Kat: Well, you don't know Aidan as well as you think you do.

Kendall: Oh, I do. You just don't know Zach. You just said this is not how it was supposed to be. Because you think of Aidan as the man that you used to know, right? Just like I did. The man who was there for you when you needed him. Not this horrible man that he's become.

Kat: It's too late. It's already gone too far.

Kendall: No, no, it hasn't. Not yet.

Kat: What do you expect me to do?

Kendall: I expect you to untie these ropes and let me go. Let me find Zach before Zach finds Aidan.

Zach: I'd like to be in here alone, please.

Manager: Take your time.

[Zach imagines what happened in that room]

Aidan: You're gonna do exactly what you're told. You belong with me now. Where do you think you're going? You're not going anywhere. Don't be stupid. I'll kill you first.


Aidan: He never deserved you. You should have been with me this whole time. You'll forget about him. I promise. You do exactly what I told you, or I'll kill your mother if you so much as wink at her.

Erica: I want you to come home. It's over. Your sentence has been overturned.

Kendall: I know. I know, mom, but it doesn't matter. My life with Zach is over.

Erica: Please. Think of Ian. Think of Spike.

Kendall: I think about them all the time, but they're better off without me.

Erica: That's not true.

Kendall: Yes, it is, Mom. It is. And I know that makes me a horrible person, but it's the truth.

Erica: I'm not gonna let you do this.

Kendall: Mom, just leave. Please, just go. Please, leave. Just get out! Please leave!

[Phone ringing]

Zach: Hello, Aidan. It's Zach.

Aidan: What do you want?

Zach: My wife. If you hurt her, I will kill you.

[Zach turns the room upside down looking for something, then opens the Bible and reads a passage]

Zach: "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount upon wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint."

Kat: I don't see it. I never have.

Kendall: See what?

Kat: Whatever it is that Aidan finds appealing about you, whatever it is that's driving him to do all of this. You just never seemed to be his type.

Kendall: I'm not, Kat. And I haven't led him on, either. I am still very much in love with my husband, the greatest love of my life, a man I have never stopped loving.

Kat: Aidan seems to think you'll get past that.

Kendall: Well, he's wrong. No matter what he tries, I will go to the grave with Zach's name on my lips. Zach is the father of my son. He's been a second father to my other son. He's the man I love. I do not love Aidan.

Kat: Well, why is he doing all this?

Kendall: I'm not sure. My best friend in the whole world -- her name was Greenlee. Aidan loved her, and he lost her. And I think maybe that's when this whole thing started. I think he feels like every time he falls in love with a woman, he's gonna lose her. He tried to hang on to Greenlee any way he could. And then she died, right before she could marry another man. Aidan's never been the same since.

Kat: He's sure he can change you.

Kendall: How, for God's sakes? How? How can he possibly think by doing all of this I would fall out of love with Zach and fall in love with him? Make me forget about my children? There's no way -- no one can do that. No one, do you understand me? I mean, if he could honestly succeed in taking Zach and my children away from me, I would rather you point that gun at me right now and kill me.

Kat: So, all of this over losing a woman.

Kendall: Not just one woman. He lost a girl named Annie, too. And me, I guess, and others. And now he's gone to this horrible place in his head, a place where no one wins, a place where everyone suffers.

Aidan: Kat. You can go now. Everything's been arranged. You know what to do. Wow. I heard everything you said. And you're wrong about one thing. I will win. You were right about the other part, though. Everyone is gonna suffer.

Tad: I got dressed up for Hayward? I want my money back.

Krystal: What is this all about?

J.R.: I don't know. He won't tell us until everyone's here.

Adam: This is some kind of sick joke. Come on, let's get out of here.

David: I suggest you stay. I've got goodies here for everyone.

Krystal: Oh, great. You know, I'm not gonna stick around for this. I'm sorry. Rob, let's go.

David: Krystal, please. Don't go. I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. In fact, I brought all of you here today to say that very same thing to each and every one of you. Krystal, I'm sorry for drugging you, for seducing you, and destroying your marriage. I truly am sorry. Marissa, I apologize to you for pushing you aside, as I have. Trevor came along, and I completely ignored you. You needed me to be a father for you, and I wasn't there. I'm sorry. J.R., I apologize to you for everything I've done to you over the years, but especially after Babe died. I went after your son. I took you to court. I tricked you into drinking again by using Amanda against you. Forgive me. And Amanda -- Amanda, I owe you the biggest apology of all. I took advantage of you. I slept with you. I got you pregnant. I forced you onto J.R. I used you in every ugly way possible. And even recently, I leveraged my paternity to force you and Trevor to come move in with me. I'm sorry. I'm also sorry for the way I treated you, Jake. I know that you see Trevor as your own. In many ways, well, it is what it is. And Tad. Tad. I went after what you value most -- your family. I stole your wife, and then I threatened you with prison time for helping Jake. I know that I made your life hell, and for that I'm sorry, and for the countless other things I've done to you throughout all the years. Liza, I punished you for trying to deceive me about my son. But it was your need for a child that led you to Stuart, and now he's gone for good. And for that, I truly am sorry. Um, now, Adam. Wow. Where do I start?

Adam: Don't bother! If it's forgiveness you want, forget it. He's a waste of our time.

Amanda: You can't do this! Stop! He's being sincere. And you're all going to stay right here and let him finish.

Erica: I'm almost ready!

[Phone rings]

Erica: Can you get that?

Ryan: Uh, yeah. Got it. Hello?

Zach: Ryan. Zach.

Ryan: You find her yet?

Zach: Not yet. Is Erica there?

Ryan: Yeah, she's here, and she's worried about Kendall and you. She's going to the cops, Zach.

Zach: Now, you don't think that's the right thing to do, do you?

Ryan: No, I think you handling it by yourself is the best plan.

Zach: Look at that. We finally agree on something. Ryan, I, um --

Ryan: It's ok, Zach. Just be careful, all right? Aidan can be dangerous.

Erica: Who is it?

Ryan: It's Zach.

Erica: Oh! Zach, did you find her?

Zach: Not yet, but getting very close. Now, you gotta promise me something. Don't go to the police. They're only gonna make this more difficult. They're gonna force Aidan's hand. It's gonna be very difficult for Kendall. Do you understand me?

Erica: I want to.

Zach: Now, listen to me. I'm gonna bring your daughter back to you and to her kids, because I do love her. And I'm not gonna let him hurt her.

Erica: Please, Zach.

Zach: I broke my promise to her. I'm not gonna do that again. I swear. You trust me?

Erica: Yes. Yes, I do.

Zach: Ok. You just go about your day best as you can. And don't tell anybody what I'm up to.

Erica: All right. I will. Zach, just please, please be careful.

Zach: Bye.

Ryan: So... ? What do you want to do now?

Erica: Shop till we drop.

[Zach runs into Kat]

Zach: Where is she? Where is my wife?

David: I understand you all want to get out of here, but I'm asking you please, don't go anywhere until you at least open the gift I gave each of you. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Angie: What could you possibly have gotten me, David? A surprise coup? Have you arranged some plan to have me kicked out of my chief of staff position?

Krystal: A glass of spiked milk for me, maybe?

Adam: You're gonna try to kill me again? Yo ho ho, Adam's gotta go.

J.R.: Let me guess. You're gonna try to steal my son after the New year?

David: No. The fact is, I got each of you the same gift.

Tad: Enough. Enough of the theatrics, David. What is it?

David: I'm dying.

Ryan: Oh, man, you made that so much easier.

Erica: Well, now comes the hard part -- wrapping them all.

Ryan: Hey, thank you for making this Christmas special for Emma. I really appreciate that.

Erica: Well, thank you so much for taking my mind off of things, you know, getting me out of here, even if it was just taking my mind off of things just for a minute.

Ryan: Let me help you with that. You know, I've been so focused on what to get Emma for Christmas, I haven't really asked you. What do you want?

Erica: Well, I think that you already got me what I want. You gave me hope. That's all I want.

Ryan: We got a problem.

Erica: What?

Ryan: You and I got each other the same thing.

[Zach kisses Erica]

Zach: Where is she? Uhh!

[Aidan comes up behind Zach and pistol whips him to the floor]

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