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Erica: Any word on Madison?

Brot: Nothing yet, but I'm sure the APB is still in effect.

Angie: Well, Madison didn't have any cash. No credit cards, no bank card. That should make it easier.

Brot: I know she's still in the area. At least, I'm sure she is. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted.

Erica: Ok. Thank you. I just hope that Madison's father hasn't gotten to her already.

Angie: He was down at the police station, and he gave every indication of being nothing but concerned about Madison. He insisted she's very unstable, delusional.

Erica: Well, her bruises are very real.

Angie: Well, there's no proof that they were at her father's hand.

Erica: I don't agree with you. Her reaction -- Madison is terrified of him. Everything she has said is consistent with a victim of abuse, both mental and physical.

Angie: I understand your concern, Erica. But I know her. You don't. What she did to my son, my husband, Randi.

Erica: Does that mean you won't help her?

Madison: Thank you for helping me get out of there before my father could find me.

Randi: You can stay here until you decide what exactly it is you're going to do, like start a new life.

Madison: Somewhere else. You didn't tell Frankie?

Randi: I left a message that I was staying with a friend who needed some help.

Madison: You hate me. I framed you, threw myself at Frankie, and blackmailed your family. Why are you helping me?

Jesse: Franklin, all you got to do is apologize to the man. He will drop the charges.

Frankie: I should have hit him again.

Jesse: Apologize!

Frankie: He's abusive.

Jesse: Right now it's his word against hers. And given Madison's track record with the truth, I'm a little inclined to believe this one.

Frankie: Oh, easier, isn't it?

Jesse: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Frankie: The whole guilt thing. She asks for help, and you didn't do enough. You hate to think she got beat up all because you couldn't find out the truth.

Jesse: Right now I'm just trying to keep your ass out of jail, and we can do that with two little words -- apologize."

Frankie: Not this time.

D.A. Willis: You get on the stand, you tell them what you know. That's more than enough to convict Annie Chandler. You've lost more than anyone because of how she decided to play this, and I know how important a conviction is to you. And I'm going to get it.

Zach: Word is you got a plan to get Annie off.

Adam: No, I'm just a humble spectator in the halls of justice, but you never know.

Zach: I suggest you sit back and let her take what's coming to her.

J.R.: Why don't you back off, Zach?

Adam: No, no, no. Easy, easy. Zach is a little upset. His wife ran off and left him.

Liza: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok. This is not the time or the place.

Adam: All right. Here we go.

Liza: Listen -- cool down. You might just get everything you want.

Zach: Really? You think Adam would send his wife to prison?

Liza: I think he might send her straight to hell.

Marissa: Wow. You look good. Our escort to the courthouse.

Annie: I fired you and Liza. I'm representing myself. So you can find your own ride to the courthouse.

Ryan: What is this?

Annie: Looks like a summons.

Ryan: There is no way in hell you are getting our daughter up on that stand.

Liza: So Annie is defending herself. If people didn't think that she was insane before, this is definitely going to prove it. She knows nothing about law or procedure. She's not prepared. She's emotionally all over the place and completely paranoid.

Zach: And Adam?

Liza: Well, apparently, J.R. has gotten to him. J.R. made him choose between them or Annie.

Zach: And he thinks Adam will pick J.R. and company.

Liza: Well, listen, up until yesterday, Annie was pretty certain that Adam was on her side. But Adam is all about loyalty. So Annie and Scott may not have actually had an affair, but Annie's lips were all over him. She might have gone a little too far. So I think this is Adam's chance to watch her burn in hell and know that he lit the match.

Zach: If Annie thinks that Adam has turned against her, there's no telling what she will do. Believe me. I've been there.

Annie: I have to call Emma as a witness.

Ryan: No, no, Annie, you don't.

Annie: She was there that night.

Ryan: I don't care if she was there that night.

Annie: I am fighting for my life here, ok? Everybody in this town is against me except for Adam. I need my child on the stand proving that I'm a good mother and a good person.

Ryan: The fact that you want her there in the first place proves that you're neither of those things, Annie. What -- what -- do you want her to be in the court while you're dragged out in handcuffs?

Annie: I don't think that's going to happen.

Ryan: Well, then wake up. Look, however this turns out, Annie, how could you want our 7-year-old little girl up on the stand? How? How? After Stuart's murder, she's been pulled in like a thousand different directions, right? Come on. One parent to another -- please don't put her through this hell. Please. Willis will rip her apart.

Annie: I need Emma.

Ryan: What about what she needs? She needs to be protected, Annie, all right? And if you're not going to do the right thing, then I will. I will do whatever I have to do to stop this.

Annie: Fine. But when the custody case begins and I am free, Ryan, I will remember this. You showed no mercy. Neither will I.

Marissa: So is Emma going to testify?

Ryan: No.

Marissa: Well, that's a relief.

Ryan: Relief? Relief is the last thing I feel.

Jesse: Look, I get you want to take a stand, but Madison framed your wife for murder.

Frankie: Doesn't mean she deserves to have the life beat out of her by her father.

Jesse: But we don't know that.

Frankie: I know -- no proof. But what if Madison flipped out on us because of her history of abuse? First, her father, then North. It's --

Jesse: So she's a victim? So she decides to victimize our family? Come on, man. Your wife is still terrified of that woman.

Frankie: So what you going to do? You going to walk away?

Jesse: Remember the dance marathon? Madison took a piece of glass and cut herself in the face, said Natalia did it. She shows up here with bruises all over her face and says her father did it? You got to see my point here.

Frankie: You're not going to give up on this, are you?

Jesse: Are you going to apologize?

Frankie: He should be in here, not me.

Jesse: Is that a "no"? Because if it is, you can sit right here in the tank until your trial. Can't be much help to Madison from here, now, can you?

Frankie: Like you give a damn.

Jesse: Franklin, I told you. If Madison is really in trouble, I will help her.

Frankie: Do you mean that?

Jesse: Yes, I mean that. Now, will you please help me keep my hardheaded son out of jail? Apologize?

Frankie: It would be a lie. But that's cool, right? Nothing wrong with lying to protect your family.

Jesse: And your wife.

Randi: I know what it's like to be beaten by a man, put in the hospital. That's actually how I met Frankie.

Madison: He does look good in shining armor, doesn't he? Sorry.

Randi: Look, Madison, you were abused. You lashed out at your husband, at me, Frankie, his parents.

Madison: It doesn't excuse what I've done.

Randi: No, it doesn't.

Madison: I am sorry, not that I expect you to forgive me. I mean, you lost a child for what I did.

Randi: I'm sure you're hungry, so I'm going to go grab us something to eat.

Madison: Are you going to tell Frankie that I'm here?

Randi: No.

Madison: You don't want him to help me.

Randi: I'll be back. Lock the door.

[Cell phone beeps]

Randi: Jail?

Angie: The only reason Madison is a widow is because she murdered her husband. And she framed Randi. But she didn't stop there. She harassed my family, she lied to us, blackmailed us.

Erica: Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

Angie: So you'll understand if I approach Madison's claims with just a certain amount of doubt.

Erica: Many victims of abuse become abusers themselves. It doesn't excuse Madison's behavior, but certainly it explains it.

Angie: An explanation doesn't undo the damage she's done.

Erica: No. Of course not. But if we could just put a stop to it.

Angie: We only have Madison's word. And she's been in a psychiatric facility for some time.

Erica: Yeah, put there by her father, her abusive father. Angie, when I looked into Madison's eyes, what I saw -- my father -- look, I'm just worried that Madison doesn't have enough fight left in her to stop this man.

Angie: You really do want to save this woman, don't you?

Erica: I couldn't stop my father, but I'll stop this man.

Angie: You really do mean that, don't you?

Erica: You sound surprised. Not that I blame you, but my time in Africa -- it really taught me so much about the world and about myself. I really want to make a difference to people who can't help themselves. I mean, certainly, I really want to help those little babies, those starving children, but also I want to help a battered woman from the Main Line. Each life is important. Each life deserves a chance. And I want to make sure that I can do something to make a difference.

Angie: Um, wow. You keep this up, someone might compare you to a saint -- a very stylish one.

Natalia: Hey. The trial's about to start. They're expecting you at the courthouse.

Erica: Yes, of course. Angie, you will let me know if you hear anything about Madison.

Angie: I certainly will.

Erica: Thanks.

Angie: You're welcome.

Natalia: Madison? Why does Erica Kane care about her?

Angie: You know, I always thought that Erica was about nothing but hair and makeup. But the things she said -- extraordinary.

Frankie: I'm sorry that I hit you.

James: Well, I understand why you did. And you were acting on Madison's lies.

Jesse: So you will drop the charges?

James: That was the agreement. She's very convincing. Pathological, according to her doctors. Killing her husband, what she did to your family. She just needs to heal. That's all I want. You are still looking for my daughter.

Jesse: We won't stop until we find her.

James: I'll keep looking as well. Uh, I assume that I have something to sign?

Jesse: Officer Wheeler will help you out. Wheeler.

Adam: Thank you both for showing up here today.

Colby: Well, we love you, Dad.

Scott: Hey.

Marissa: Hey.

Scott: Shouldn't you be on that side?

Marissa: Annie fired Liza.

Scott: What?

Marissa: Yep. She didn't trust Liza, so she's defending herself.

Scott: Oh, this can't be good.

D.A. Willis: I cannot wait.

Liza: Ok, I would hold off on that victory dance. Listen, Annie might not be a lawyer, but she has outsmarted everybody that has tried to tangle with her.

D.A. Willis: I know everything there is to know about Mrs. Chandler. Trust me. She's going down.

Marissa: Hey, if you need any help --

Annie: It's all right. I can handle it.

Adam: Are you sure about this? Defending yourself?

Annie: It's the only way.

Adam: They, uh -- we all came together. They -- they want to be supportive.

Annie: They hate me. They think I took you away from them. Adam, wha -- something's happened. What aren't you telling me?

Adam: Everything's going to be fine.

Annie: I love you.

Adam: And I love you, too. Thank you, pumpkin.

Ryan: Look, whatever's between us, the point is Annie is in court, and we're going to get justice.

Zach: I'm hoping for the death penalty. What about you?

Ryan: I realize that whatever Annie gets, it's not going to make up for what she did to Kendall. I understand that.

Zach: Forget about Kendall. I have.

Erica: Oh, Ryan, I'm so glad you're here. Listen, uh, we all want the same thing. We're all on the same team.

Zach: I'm not on your team or yours.

Ryan: Sorry about that. I think I got him started.

Erica: Zach feels abandoned. He feels betrayed, and I understand that. I understand how that feels.

Angie: Hi. I thought we might go to the trial together. Are you ok?

Frankie: I'd be better if I knew Madison was safe.

Angie: Well, listen, sweetheart, she'll get the help she needs.

Frankie: I need to get home and see my wife. What do I need to do to get out of here?

Jesse: Brot. Brot will process you out. Frank, like I told you before, if Madison is really in trouble, we will help her out. Don't take this on yourself.

Jesse: Oh, my children. Patience.

J.R.: Aren't you going to hold her hand and tell her everything's ok?

Scott: Annie shouldn't be defending herself.

J.R.: That's her choice, Scott. Stay out of it.

Bailiff: All rise for the honorable judge Nelson T. Whitman.

Judge Whitman: We are here in the matter of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania versus Annie Chandler.

Erica: I think we should go inside. Oh, did you hear anything? Did you find Madison?

Jesse: No. Nothing yet.

Angie: Her father was down at the station just now and said he'd be looking for her.

Erica: Jesse, you couldn't arrest him?

Jesse: Well, we have no proof. No proof, no charges, and until Madison comes forward and charges the man, there's nothing I can do.

Erica: Jesse, you've got to find her before her father does. Look, I know that she has done horrible things to your family, but please understand that she's a victim, too, and that she needs your help.

Angie: Sweetheart, there must be something that we can do.

Erica: You can break the cycle of abuse. We can do that right now.

James: You here for your husband? Don't worry. I didn't press charges.

Randi: Thank you.

James: He has got a hell of a right. My daughter sure snookered him into believing I'm a monster. Madison is out there now, alone, off her medication, vulnerable. She must be so afraid and dangerous to herself, others. What is it? If you know anything, please tell me so I can get her the help she needs.

Randi: Madison's ok.

James: You found her?

Randi: The Pine Cone Motel, room 16.

James: Thank you. Bless you. You did the right thing.

Frankie: Thanks. And let me know, ok?

Brot: All right.

Frankie: Randi.

Randi: I'm so happy you're ok.

D.A. Willis: And before this trial is over, you will know beyond reasonable doubt that Annie Chandler is guilty of all charges in covering up the murder of Stuart Chandler.

Judge Whitman: Mrs. Chandler?

Annie: Ahem. The, uh, ahem, the district attorney is very good. I've never done this before. I'm not a lawyer. But I have the truth behind me. And the truth is that these charges against me are wrong. The truth is that a beloved man in this town was killed, and everybody, several people in this town -- several people in this room -- were sure that I killed him. Even though my husband confessed and was acquitted and the whole thing was proven to be nothing but a tragic, tragic accident, many of those people still wanted to use that tragedy as an excuse to punish me. The only thing that I am guilty of is loving the most wonderful man in the world and trying to protect him. So you are going to hear a lot of the prosecution's witnesses today, but you are going to hear a lot of misplaced anger and hate. So I'm just asking that you'll keep an open mind, and I really think that by the end, you'll see that I'm innocent and that I deserve to walk out of these doors and into my husband's arms a free woman.

Judge Whitman: Is that all, Mrs. Chandler?

Annie: Um, yes.

D.A. Willis: This is where you take your seat so I can call my first witness. I call Zach Slater to the stand.

Zach: My marriage is over because Annie let my wife go to prison for a crime she didn't commit while she was seducing the real killer.

Annie: Objection.

Judge Whitman: On what grounds?

Annie: I object.

Judge Whitman: You can't object because you don't like the answer. Overruled. Mr. Willis.

D.A. Willis: Nothing further.

Judge Whitman: Mrs. Chandler? Cross-examination?

Annie: Ahem. You claim that your marriage was ruined because of me. You don't think that had anything to do with the fact that your wife slept with Ryan Lavery?

D.A. Willis: Objection.

Annie: You did everything you could to get me to go to prison for Stuart's murder. You kidnapped me.

D.A. Willis: Objection!

Annie: You tortured me.

D.A. Willis: Objection!

Annie: You hate me, don't you?

Zach: Yes.

Annie: You want to see me go to prison.

Zach: If that's the best they can do, sure.

Annie: Revenge?

Zach: Justice.

Ryan: Annie told me and other people that our daughter, our 7-year-old daughter, killed Stuart Chandler.

Annie: Have you ever lied to protect someone you love? Our daughter, for instance. Have you ever lied to protect her?

Ryan: No.

Annie: But you would if you thought it necessary.

Ryan: If her mother was trying to --

Annie: Ok, great. So that would be a "yes."

D.A. Willis: Did you see Adam Chandler shoot his brother?

Erica: No. But if I had, even though I cared for Adam very much, I definitely would have turned him in.

Annie: Objection.

Erica: Don't object to me. You were there to steal your daughter.

Annie: Objection!

Erica: Objection! You sent my daughter to prison.

Annie: Can you do something, please?

Erica: Sent her to prison.

Judge Whitman: That's enough. Order in this court.

Annie: So you would have turned Adam in, even though you care for him very much.

Erica: Yes. The law is the law.

Annie: Hmm. Isn't it true that a while back there was a large custody dispute regarding Mr. Chandler's grandson?

Erica: Yes.

Annie: And isn't it true that Mr. Chandler actually secretly took his grandson away?

Erica: Yes.

Annie: And you helped him, didn't you?

Erica: Yes, I did.

Annie: But, "the law is the law." Isn't that what you just said?

D.A. Willis: Objection.

Annie: So you can lie to protect someone you love, but I should hang for it?

D.A. Willis: Objection.

Frankie: We need to find Madison and get her to a safe place. Even my mom and dad are coming around to believing that she's been abused.

Randi: What?

Brot: Hey, the APB for Madison is still in effect, but the police can't touch Beardsley until there's an official complaint.

Randi: Look, I think he's really concerned.

Frankie: What, you talked to him again?

Randi: Yeah, well, when I was on my way in, he was on his way out.

Frankie: What did he say? Randi, what happened?

Randi: Look, he's really worried. Madison is twisted.

Frankie: What happened?

Randi: I told him where she is.

Frankie: How do you know that?

Randi: Because I was with her last night.

[Footsteps outside the motel]

Colby: I, uh, I love my dad. We got along great before the murder. I was happy at home.

D.A. Willis: And what changed.

Colby: Annie. She moved in and took over. Totally controlled my father overnight. It was like she belonged and I didn't.

Annie: Didn't you discover that your father had been hiding your mother's letters from you for years? Isn't that why you moved out?

Colby: Uh, yes. But we --

Annie: And isn't it true that you just moved back in?

Colby: Yes.

Annie: So I'm clearly not that horrible to live with.

D.A. Willis: Objection.

Annie: So you lied.

Colby: I didn't.

Annie: That's called perjury.

D.A. Willis: Objection.

Judge Whitman: Move along, Mrs. Chandler.

Annie: Even though I did all of those things to protect your father, you're just joining the mob.

D.A. Willis: Objection!

Annie: Spreading the hate.

Colby: No.

Annie: The fact is, I didn't drive you from your home, did I?

Colby: No.

Annie: No more questions.

J.R.: It was the hardest thing I ever did -- moving out of my father's house, my house. But I didn't have a choice.

D.A. Willis: And do you think the defendant protected your father by not telling the truth?

J.R.: Annie Lavery --

Annie: It's "Chandler."

J.R.: Kidnapped, killed, and used people.

Annie: Objection.

Judge Whitman: Sit down, Mrs. Chandler.

D.A. Willis: What will you do if Mrs. Chandler does go to prison?

J.R.: That's between my father and me.

Judge Whitman: Mrs. Chandler, your witness.

Annie: No questions.

D.A. Willis: The prosecution rests.

Judge Whitman: That's your cue, defense. Call your witness.

Annie: Um, I -- I'd like a recess, if that's ok.

Judge Whitman: Why not? Ten minutes.

James: You have to stop running away, sweetheart. I'm so worried about you.

Madison: I didn't tell anyone. I swear.

James: Let's get you out of here. I saw the Hubbards. They're very concerned about you. I explained to them that you -- you're not well. Randi, uh, understood. Ha ha! Boy, you have caused quite a ruckus. Now let's get you home and forget about all this.

Madison: I don't want to go home.

James: Well, that is just too damn bad, because you have embarrassed me for the last time.

Frankie: Hey, get the hell away from her.

Randi: Jesse, you have to do something. You have to help. Madison's at the Pine Cone. I told her father, and he went there, and then I saw Frankie and Brot, and I told them --

Erica: You what?

Natalia: What happened?

Randi: I'm sorry. You know, I just -- I believed Mr. Beardsley. He seemed really worried.

Angie: All right, sweetheart, look. It's all right. I mean, you didn't know.

Natalia: What room is she in?

Randi: 16.

Jesse: Erica!

Natalia: No, I've got it. You call it in.

Randi: I'm so sorry. You know, I want Madison out of our lives, but I just really believed her father.

Angie: Well, you're not the only one. It just looks like we were wrong. Come on.

Jesse: Hey, you were really good on the stand there, man.

Zach: Yeah? Got a feeling that anything I do or say at this point makes no difference.

Jesse: We don't know that.

Zach: I'm not going to hang around to find out.

J.R.: You know, I can't say that I'm sorry that Annie's defending herself. It's going better than I thought.

Liza: Annie just took a recess so she can talk to Adam.

Marissa: Yeah, well, she's in trouble if her only witness is going to bury her.

Liza: If he buries her.

J.R.: Adam knows what's at stake. He'll send her to the wolves.

Annie: Do you love me?

Adam: Of course, I love you. You know that.

Annie: Are you sure?

Adam: You put me on the stand, and I will prove to you how much I love you. Hand on a Bible. You have been loving, have you not? And faithful. It's up to me to repay you in kind.

[Cell phone rings]

Zach: 310. Los Angeles. Hello? Hello?

Judge Whitman: Mrs. Chandler, call your first witness -- your only witness.

Annie: I have another witness, your honor. I'd like to call Annie Chandler to the stand.

Frankie: How you doing, Madison?

James: She's fine. She wants to go home. Don't you? I told you, sweetheart. Everything's fine. Nobody's mad at you. And these men -- they understand that you're sick. I want to help you. Ok, ok. If you want to go with these men, that's fine. But if you want to come with me, you need to say that now.

Frankie: Anyone can see that she's scared of you.

James: Oh, Maddie, explain to these men I didn't do that to you. Now we can get past all this foolishness. Go ahead. Tell them the truth.

Brot: Madison, whatever it is, it's ok.

Madison: I lied. I was scared. I made it all up. Daddy never hit me.

James: You see? It's settled. Let's go home. That's my girl.

Frankie: Ok, ok. Madison.

Erica: No, you take your filthy hands off her.

James: Erica, what are you doing here?

Erica: I'm here for the truth.

James: This is between me and my daughter.

Erica: Madison, is he the one? Is he the one who hurt you?

Annie: Did I ever ask Adam for anything? No. Adam asked me to move in, he proposed, he offered to help me get custody of my daughter, all because we love each other. Did I try to give him a child? Yes. Was I faithful? Yes. I have committed no crime. All I've done is love a good, kind man, a man who loves his family and his children and his grandson. And that is why I will not be calling Adam Chandler to the stand.

Adam: Your honor.

Annie: The defense rests, your honor.

Adam: Put me on the stand. I'm a witness. I need to be heard.

Annie: No, no, no. Don't. Don't do that.

D.A. Willis: I don't suppose it would do any good to object?

Judge Whitman: We've come this far.

Adam: When exactly did I realize that I had shot my brother?

J.R.: What are you doing?

Annie: Don't. Don't.

Adam: The moment I did it -- that's when I knew. I, uh -- the moment I pulled that trigger. I was horrified, but I knew.

J.R.: No. You can't do this.

Adam: I let Annie and all of my friends think that I didn't remember, that I couldn't remember. I hid behind that lie. I was the one who covered it up. Annie is innocent on all charges.

D.A. Willis: Objection.

Ryan: Your honor --

J.R.: I can't believe this.

Ryan: You got to do something. This is ridiculous.

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