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Natalia: I have called every hospital within 50 miles. No Jane Doe from any car accident was admitted last night.

Brot: Well, expand the search.

Natalia: Fred is messing with you. Let him go before he eats all our damn doughnuts.

Fred: That's her -- the lady driving the killer car. I saw you last night in your fancy car. You hit that girl.

Erica: No, I didn't. I didn't do anything. I didn't hit anybody.

Fred: She drove off.

Erica: No, I -- nobody got -- something happened.

Natalia: Ok, what -- what happened?

Fred: She's a hitter and a runner.

Brot: Everyone just calm down, take a deep breath, and let's work this out.

Erica: Quiet! Enough, now, please. I have to speak to Jesse.

Jesse: Right here. What's going on?

Erica: Jesse, I need your help.

Frankie: Hi. I'm Dr. Hubbard. I understand you've been -- Madison. What happened?

Madison: Nothing. I don't need a doctor.

Frankie: You're all beat up. Does your father know you're here?

Madison: No. He didn't -- just go away, please.

Frankie: Your father -- he's the one who did this to you, isn't he?

James: I don't want excuses. I want results. Get back to me.

Randi: What are you doing here?

James: Looking for my daughter. Can you help me?

Liza: So your husband loves you, and he's confident that he can sway the jury in your favor. So am I. So Adam's testimony is our most powerful shot at winning this case.

Annie: You're fired. I'm going to represent myself.

Liza: Well, you know what they say. A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

Annie: Well, better a fool than a lamb for the slaughter.

Liza: So you're willing to go at this alone, take a gamble, with absolutely no legal training whatsoever just because you don't trust me?

Annie: I wouldn't trust you if this were a parking ticket.

Liza: Who do you trust?

J.R.: Just put it right in there. There you go. Good job.

Little Adam: Grandpa!

Adam: Little Adam. Oh, big Adam. Ha ha! I didn't expect to see you here.

J.R.: Well, we decided to drop by, saw the Christmas tree, thought we'd get in the spirit of the season.

Adam: Ah. You know, your dad is real smart. You know how I know that?

Little Adam: How?

Adam: Well, because if you want something, you don't just ask for it. Now, what you do is you dangle the thing that the person wants most right in front of their eyes and say that you'll give them that as soon as they give you what you want in return.

Little Adam: What does "dangle" mean?

J.R.: Well, it means when you have a special Christmas wish that's so close to coming true. I want you to understand that when you walk into that courtroom that you have a choice between the shell of a house that this has become or a place for that little boy's laughter, a place for family, Dad.

Adam: Just as long as Annie is gone before you get here.

J.R.: I just want you to realize that this opportunity might not happen again in your lifetime -- or in mine.

Adam: You said you were in remission.

J.R.: I am, but it doesn't mean I haven't figured out what I want in my life before it's too late.

Adam: But the cancer, J.R. --

J.R.: I don't want to talk about it. I want to focus on the positive and us coming back together. Now, that -- that's positive.

Adam: You're forgetting that, um, well, you and I had a lot of serious issues before Annie ever appeared in my life. You were going to shoot me the night Stuart died.

J.R.: Do we have some work to do? Absolutely. And do I want to do that work? Yes. Do you? A second chance, Dad. We both need one.

Adam: Yeah, I'm due at the hospital to get Annie.

J.R.: Would you like to say good-bye to your grandson first?

Adam: Yeah. Hey, Little Adam. That's my boy. You're getting so big.

Randi: So Madison's on the loose again?

James: Yes. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. You and your family are my only lead to her whereabouts.

Randi: Please tell me that she's not after me again.

James: I hope not. She was getting the kind of help she needed in a private facility.

Randi: After you let us believe that she was dead.

James: I felt that was my only option -- to protect my family and yours.

Randi: Yeah, well, that didn't exactly work.

James: No. I'm sorry. All I can tell you is that she had a relapse and escaped. She was making such great progress, and then -- she'd become delusional. I know we have to stop her. I don't want to give your family any trouble -- and I don't want this to get out.

Randi: Well, what do you want?

James: My daughter back.

Randi: I'll find her, and we'll get her back to the hospital. But this time she's going to stay there.

Frankie: These bruises are different ages. How long has your father been hitting you?

Madison: Please don't make me talk about him.

Frankie: Well, if you don't fill me in, then I may need to contact him to find out what the story is.

Madison: No, no, no. Look, I never meant to be found by you or him or anyone in your family. I'm just passing through, just on my way to a new life where he can't lock me up or drug me up.

Frankie: Yeah, last time I saw you, I knew something was going on -- that dead look in your eyes.

Madison: Yeah, well, as far as my father was concerned, I was dead.

Frankie: Looks to me like he's trying to make it a reality.

Madison: I've become an embarrassment to him, a social liability, and he hates me for it. If he finds me this time -- oh, I made a big mistake letting that woman bring me here.

Frankie: Woman? What woman?

Jesse: You're sure it was Madison North you saw?

Erica: Jesse, there is no doubt that it was Madison. I know, I know. She was supposed to be dead.

Fred: All I'm saying is that's all I'm saying.

Jesse: Um, Fred. Yeah, take him to the hospital, get him checked out.

Natalia: Look, if he is a witness to a possible hit and run, maybe --

Jesse: Natalia, maybe I run things here.

Natalia: Fine. Brot, help Fred. Come on. Let's get the car.

Brot: Let's go, Fred.

Jesse: Good-bye, Fred.

Brot: Oh, boy.

Jesse: Well, um -- yeah, I heard that Madison North was dead, from her father.

Erica: Well, I am sure that it was Madison North, and I am sure that her father told the world that she was dead to try to cover up what he's been doing to her.

Jesse: Which is?

Erica: Beating her. Look, she's got the bruises to prove it. I have some personal experience with this, Jesse, with physical abuse.

Jesse: All right. I'll handle it from here.

Erica: Handle it how?

Jesse: I'll stop by the Miranda Center, I'll question Madison, see if the charges are warranted.

Erica: "If" the charges are warranted? "If"?

Jesse: Erica, I appreciate you coming in here with this information. As a matter of fact, I wish more people would get involved like you, but from here on in, this is police business.

Erica: Ok, you call it police business. The truth is it's just basic rights.

Annie: Erica, Ryan, Zach -- I'll put them all on the stand, everyone who went after me for Stuart's murder.

Liza: Oh, you're going to put them on the stand. For what purpose?

Annie: To expose them as being lying hypocrites. Then we'll see who the jury believes.

Liza: Uh-huh. And what happens when you put Adam on the stand? I mean, you're nervous about that, aren't you? You're afraid that he's going to turn on you.

Annie: That's ridiculous.

Liza: Isn't that the reason why you fired me from this case? Because you're afraid that I'm going to help him sink you?

Annie: Adam loves me. He would never do that.

Liza: Well, then why fire me from this case? Adam is my most powerful witness. If you're not afraid of his testimony --

Annie: You know what? I'm getting really sick of your lame theories.

Liza: Listen, Annie, as soon as you go paranoid, the jury's going to smell it from across the room.

Annie: It's not being paranoid if people are actually out to get you.

Liza: Well, that's true, only as soon as you panic, the jury is going to wonder why, and that is the moment that you are going to lose this case.

Annie: Just stop it.

Liza: The rest of it is just a formality.

Annie: I said, stop it.

Adam: Your job is not to upset my wife, it's to represent her.

Liza: Not anymore.

Adam: The day before the trial? I'll have you brought before the bar if you quit now.

Liza: I didn't quit. No, your wife has fired me. She's decided to dig her own grave. Did you bring a shovel?

Frankie: So Erica knows you're here.

Madison: And she promised me that she wouldn't tell anyone about this. I need you to make the same promise.

Frankie: There are people here who can help you.

Madison: I don't need any help. I can handle things on my own.

Frankie: And how's that working out for you? Look, you're running from your father, and he's a pretty powerful guy.

Madison: He doesn't have super powers. He's just a man with money.

Frankie: A sick man with money. He's kept you prisoner, messed with your mind, physically abused you.

Madison: But it's my problem, not yours. I've already put your family through way too much grief already. It was a mistake for me ever to even pass your father that note.

Frankie: Note?

Madison: Yeah, a few weeks ago when we crossed paths at ConFusion, I got a message to him.

Frankie: Saying what?

Madison: "Help me." I was desperate. But I should have known he wouldn't follow up on that. I'm sure he thought it was just another one of my stunts.

Frankie: And you're sure he got it?

Madison: I'm sure. Frankie, listen, you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone about this, especially your father.

Frankie: Ok. Nobody.

Madison: Ow.

Fred: Do you think they have pudding here?

Natalia: Yeah, they do.

Fred: My teeth itch. Pudding cures that.

Natalia: All right.

Fred: Banana works best.

Natalia: Banana. Ok.

Brot: Grab a seat, Fred. Here. Read this. You know, Natalia, I was sure right about this one.

Natalia: How's that?

Brot: Remember, you wanted to let Fred go from the get-go, but I picked away at his story until it broke big. Thanks to my investigative skills, we now know that Madison North is back in town.

Angie: Excuse me?

Natalia: I think it's time to take your witness to the E.R. for some high level debriefing and detoxing, Brot.

Brot: You trying to get rid of me?

Natalia: Cadets follow orders last I heard.

Brot: Just like every bureaucracy I ever saw. Give someone a little power --

Natalia: All right. Ok.

Brot: Come on, Fred. Come on.

Natalia: Yeah, um -- look, I don't know much, but Madison's back. Dad's questioning Erica Kane about it right now at the station.

Angie: I think I'm going to go down there and see what more I can find out, then.

Natalia: You know how quick he kicked me and Brot out? He said that he wanted to take care of it all by himself, of course.

Angie: Well, that's you and Brot. He won't be kicking me out.

J.R.: You did a really great job on those ornaments, buddy.

Little Adam: I like doing stuff with you, Dad.

J.R.: I like doing things with you, too. A whole lot. What would you say about us spending a little more time here?

Little Adam: You mean move back home?

J.R.: Well, some things would have to happen before that, but you'd like that, right? Yeah, good.

[Door closes]

Colby: J.R.?

Little Adam: Colby!

Colby: Hi. So what is this? I hear you're moving back in. I thought you were never coming back as long as Annie was here.

J.R.: That's right. That's exactly what I said.

Erica: Jesse, I'm just not so sure you're taking this seriously enough.

Jesse: Well, if things are as bad as you say they are with Madison, I think it's time you let the police take over.

Erica: All right. But I expect a full report by the end of the day.

Jesse: Hey -- ok. I guess this means you found out Madison's back in town.

Frankie: I just came from treating her. Madison gave you a note, and you ignored it?

Jesse: I kept it quiet -- for your sake, for Randi's sake. But I checked it out, had people put on it. They came back with nothing.

Frankie: So you didn't know her father was keeping her prisoner and beating her up?

Jesse: Well, I didn't know until Erica just told me. But I'm still not really sure. I mean, what if this whole thing is just staged. She could have backed up, run into a door, and how the hell does she just happen to end up where you could rescue her? Really?

Randi: Listen to your father. His hard head is making a lot more sense that your soft heart.

Adam: Why did you fire her?

Annie: She's close with Zach, with Ryan, with all of my enemies. She was going to sandbag me.

Adam: Is that true?

Liza: Listen, I don't need to stand here and listen to trash talk like that from her, or doubt from you. So I'm going to send you my bill. I'm out of here.

Adam: Your trial starts tomorrow, and you have no attorney. What ever were you thinking?

Annie: You don't know what it's like to be hated so universally.

Adam: Oh, but I do. I do.

Annie: I have to walk in that courtroom and have everybody's eyes on me, all against me, all wanting to see me convicted. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be all alone in there, like nobody's going to be on my side.

Adam: I'm sure that feels very lonely.

Randi: You just treated Madison? After all that she's done to me, to all of us?

Frankie: Her father beat her up.

Randi: I just saw her father. And you know what? He said she's delusional.

Frankie: You expect him to admit it?

Randi: What I saw was a concerned man who desperately wanted to help his daughter.

Frankie: And what I saw were bruises that weren't self-inflicted.

Randi: Yeah, well, maybe she paid someone to knock her around. I mean, I wouldn't put it past her.

Frankie: You're right. There was a time when Madison tried to put us through hell, but she also gave us the tapes to clear your name.

Randi: After weeks of framing me. I mean, just another one of her ploys to just throw us off. Please tell me that you don't believe this.

Frankie: Yeah, please.

Jesse: Well, actually, I --

Randi: You know what? What am I, the only sane person left in this family?

Erica: Well, just because Jesse says that he's going to go see Madison doesn't mean that I should walk away. Look, ok, I'll call you later.

James: Erica Kane. This is unexpected.

Erica: Yes, it's quite a surprise.

James: We haven't shared a table together since the Chamber of Commerce AIDS dinner. I read about your daughter's false arrest. What a relief to know that she can come home now after she's been cleared.

Erica: Yes, well -- a little more complicated than that.

James: Oh, I'm sorry to hear it.

Erica: Thank you. I appreciate your concern. Of course, I heard about the tragedy with your daughter.

James: Something inside of me died when I lost Madison. I miss her terribly.

Erica: I'm sure you do.

Annie: I know I sound pathetic.

Adam: Oh, no. No. I understand. It's, uh -- it's hard.

Annie: Yeah, it's like I've forgotten what you told me, that I can count on you and that you'll get on that stand and you'll help me. So I don't -- I don't need Liza. I don't need Liza at all, you know? I have you, and, um, as long as you're in that courtroom, I won't be alone.

Adam: No, no. You won't be alone. No. I promise. I'll be there.

Annie: Adam, I know, um, choosing me came with a heavy price. I know it's cost you a lot with your family, but, you know, I want you to know that I will spend the rest of my life making sure you don't regret that decision.

Adam: Yeah. Um, it's really getting late. I'm going to have to go.

Annie: No, no. Just stay a little while longer. Please.

Adam: No, no. You need your rest for tomorrow.

J.R.: Would you look at Little A. He misses his grandpa so much. And you know what? I missed this place, too.

Colby: But you could have come back at any time. I mean, even with all the problems.

J.R.: Well, I wanted to rebuild this family. It was Dad that kept putting Annie in the way.

Colby: Oh. Oh, so now you're calling him Dad again. What makes you think he's going to choose you and Little A over Annie this time?

J.R.: Well, this trial's going to make everything real clear and final. I told Dad it was a wakeup call. Don't you get it? This could be our last chance. It could be my last chance ever.

Colby: Your last chance. What do you mean?

J.R.: Nothing. It's just a figure of speech.

Colby: J.R., um, are you, uh, going away somewhere? I -- I know you left town with Babe to get a fresh start away from him.

J.R.: No, it's nothing like that.

Colby: Just promise me that you're not going anywhere.

J.R.: I promise. I'm staying right with the family that I love. But this is my life. I'm not going to let go of that.

Colby: Thank you. I mean, what about Annie? What if Dad --

J.R.: Shh. Stay positive. That's what I'm all about. I mean, look at us for a second here. We're the family that he loves even if he can't show it all the time. If you believe it, it'll happen.

Erica: So what brings you to town?

James: I have business here from time to time. I'm trying to track down an elusive investment.

Erica: Sometimes they have a way of getting away from you. I have had that experience myself from time to time. Sometimes it's just not meant to be yours.

James: Not this time. I mean to wrap this up and be gone by tomorrow.

Erica: And I have the feeling that you may be tied up in Pine Valley for quite some time.

James: Business that good here, is it? Your mouth to God's ear.

Erica: I couldn't agree more.

Jesse: Randi, I'm on your side. I know what Madison is capable of, but Frankie just saw her, and he thinks -- we might be missing something.

Randi: Look, we know where she is. We know where the father is. Let's just put them together and be done with this.

Frankie: It's not that simple.

Randi: Right. What do I know? The ex-hooker. You're the cop, and you're the doctor. Big experts.

Frankie: Hey, nobody's saying --

Randi: I'm going home to lock the door, bolt the windows, and hide in the closet.

Jesse: Randi.

Frankie: Randi. Such a drama queen. Gosh.

Angie: Let me guess. She heard Madison's back.

Jesse: We're going to have to figure out something.

Frankie: Figure it out? Why is it even a debate?

Jesse: You have a plan?

Frankie: Well, we keep her father the hell away from her.

Liza: So we're off the case. Annie has decided to represent herself.

Marissa: Oh, God. I guess I'm not surprised. She never really trusted you.

Liza: Well, I better get started on the paperwork removing myself as her attorney.

Marissa: I'll do it. Why don't you just go home.

Liza: I've got nothing to go home to right now.

Marissa: I'm sorry. Is there anything that I can do?

Liza: Yeah. Go home to your husband.

Adam: Oh, Marissa. I'm sure you've been apprised you're no longer on Annie's case.

Marissa: Yep. Liza just told me.

Adam: Yeah. J.R.'s quite pleased with it, of course. He's made his feelings crystal clear.

Marissa: He loves you. And as you know, he is seeing things differently now. He's looking at life in a whole new way, and I think he's hoping that you are, too.

Adam: Family or love. You had to make that choice, didn't you?

Marissa: How do you mean?

Adam: Well, when you and J.R. got together, Hayward wasn't exactly a fan, so you had to choose between your father and the man you loved.

Marissa: No, I wasn't the one facing that choice. David was, and he made it.

Adam: Well, I'm sure you did, if you were honest with yourself. But my choice, too -- family or love.

Marissa: Well, I think that J.R. is hoping you'll pick them both, since it is your family that you love.

Reporter's voice: The trial of Annie Chandler tomorrow, where things are not expected to go well for the defendant. In fact, many see this as a whole flock of past crimes coming home to roost.

[Annie yells as she throws the remote against the wall]

Brot: Well, Fred's all taken care of.

Natalia: Good.

Brot: What are you doing?

Natalia: Uh, doing the report on him. I'm also trying to keep Madison North's name out of it until I -- until my dad lets us know what to do.

Brot: What else are you writing in there? What?

Natalia: Come on.

Brot: Oh. Oh, I get it. Let me guess. "Impertinent cadet ignores experienced officer and pursues a no-percentage hunch instead of doing important police work." Is that right?

Natalia: Point is, procedure is it when you're a cop. You can't just walk around doing whatever you want to do.

Brot: Oh, you know what? Kind of like when you went off solo to find Kendall Slater.

Natalia: That was a totally different situation.

Brot: You're the boss. You're the boss.

Natalia: You know, a doughnut cart rolled by a few minutes ago. Why don't you go, uh, get us a snack or something?

Brot: Ok. I'm on it, boss lady.

[Natalia writes in her notepad: "I credit Cadet Monroe's instincts. I highly recommend him."]

Adam: Is J.R. still here?

Colby: No. Um, he had to take Little A home for bed. But, look, I found all these ornaments from when I was a kid. Do you want to help me hang them?

Adam: Oh, thank you, sweetheart. I really just need to be alone with my thoughts for a while.

Colby: Sure. Yeah. Whatever you want. I guess I'll, uh, go to bed.

Adam: Ok. Ohh.

Colby: I love you, Dad. We all love you.

Adam: You have no idea how much I love hearing you say that. Oh, on your way up, would you mind turning out some of these lights? My thoughts want to have some time alone with the tree.

Jesse: All right. So, Frankie, you go take care of Randi. I'll take care of things here.

Frankie: I can't walk away, Dad. Madison's holed up at the Miranda Center, terrified. I just can't walk away, not after I nearly killed her in that accident.

Angie: That wasn't your fault.

Frankie: Maybe. Either way, she made sure we had the evidence that could have put Randi away.

Jesse: Actually, it was her father that gave us that evidence.

Frankie: Well, it was Madison that made the first move right before I ran her into a tree. The point is, is that she was there for us when it counted, and I'm sticking by her now.

Angie: You know what? The minute that you showed me that "help" note that she passed you, I told you to drop it.

Jesse: Well -- guess it's too late now.

[Knock on door]

Madison: Frankie?

Randi: Not quite.

Madison: Frankie told you that I was here?

Randi: He had to. But he doesn't know that I came. I'm here to help.

Madison: No, you have to leave. I did not want to involve you or your family.

Randi: Look, there's something that you need to know. I was at ConFusion tonight, and I ran into your father. He's looking for you, Madison.

Madison: Oh, God. You can't let him know that I'm here. He can't find me. You have no idea what he's capable of.

Randi: I heard your side of the story. It sounds horrible, and I agree. You need to get out of here.

Madison: How can I do that?

Randi: I can help you, but we'd have to move fast. Will you let me help you?

James: Chief Hubbard, I wonder if I might have a word with you. Something terrible has happened. Madison has escaped from the facility where she was being treated.

Jesse: Yeah, I heard you spoke with Randi.

James: I'm afraid that my daughter is in grave danger to herself. She's quite delusional. It's important that I locate her before something dreadful happens.

Frankie: Really? And how important is that, would you say?

James: She's my only daughter. I'd do anything for her. I just have to find her first.

Frankie: So that you could slap her around again? You know what? How does it feel?

[Frankie punches James in the face]

Jesse: Frankie! Leave be!

Angie: Are you all right?

James: Get away from me. Arrest that man.

Frankie: Oh, like my father is going to arrest me.

Jesse: I have no choice. That's assault, Franklin. In a police station! You out of your mind?

Erica: Excuse me. I need to speak to the Jane Doe I brought in last night.

Woman: Oh, let me check. Uh, yeah, she's still here in Room 12. Down the hall.

Erica: Thank you.

[Erica knocks on door and walks in, but no one's there]

Marissa: Hey, you.

J.R.: Hey.

Marissa: What are you doing here?

J.R.: I dropped Little A off with Winifred. I thought I'd come give you some moral support.

Marissa: Aw. I just came to see how Liza was doing. Oh, hey. Hey.

Liza: Oh, I had told your wife to go home. She's such a hard worker.

J.R.: I thought you'd be prepping late for the big case.

Liza: Oh, no. Annie fired us. Yeah, she is going to be representing herself.

J.R.: Whoa. She must be scrambling.

Liza: Yeah, desperately.

J.R.: Well, she knows her back's against the wall. That could be scary.

Marissa: Why?

J.R.: Because that's when Annie's her most dangerous.

[Monitor beeps as Annie sleeps]

Defendant Annie: Ask me anything. I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me, Adam.

Prosecutor Annie: The prosecution has only one question. Do you love Adam? Do you believe in him?

Defendant Annie: Of course, I do. I've been screaming it for everyone to hear, but nobody will believe me.

Prosecutor Annie: Not even Adam.

Defendant Annie: He has to choose between me and his family. I'm afraid he'll choose his family, and after everything I've done for him.

Prosecutor Annie: Done to him, you mean. All of your lies, your manipulations. How can you blame him for abandoning you?

Defendant Annie: Because I deserve this. I deserve a second chance.

Prosecutor Annie: Oh, you've had tons of chances, and you've squandered every last one of them.

Defendant Annie: Just one more. That's all I ask. I'll prove that Adam can love me and trust me like I love and trust him. I can prove it.

Prosecutor Annie: How?

Defendant Annie: There's a way. There has to be a way. There has to -- there is a way. I see it.

[Monitor beeps as Annie smiles in her sleep]

Stuart: Beautiful fire, huh? Beautiful tree, too.

Adam: Stuart, the trial is tomorrow, and I don't know what to do. I just -- I just don't know.

[Stuart hands Adam an ornament]

Stuart: I think you do know, Adam. I think you do.

[Adam walks over to the tree and hangs the ornament]

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