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Erica: Oh, the center looks wonderful.

Director: Thanks to Bianca. I just got off the phone with her. She may be an ocean away, but she's as committed as ever.

Erica: Oh, I'm so proud of her, proud of everyone who works here, really. You know, last night after you left, I brought a young woman in here.

Director: She won't speak to anyone. Not to the social worker or the doctor.

Erica: Do you have any idea who she might be? Do you have any idea who hurt her?

Director: Uh-uh.

Erica: You know, I really would like to see her. Maybe I can help.

Brot: What? More reports? I just finished a whole pile.

Natalia: It's called paying your dues. Have fun, Cadet Monroe.

Brot: Can I help you?

Fred: Last night I witnessed something -- a murder.

Tad: How do I look?

Jake: Hey. Look how nice you look. I didn't even know you had clothes like that left in your wardrobe. Here, I'll --

Tad: Get away from me. Oh. This is for you.

Liza: Oh, well, what's the occasion?

Tad: Oh, it's just a welcome back home plant. They're all the rage these days.

Liza: Thank you very much. That's very thoughtful.

Jake: You never buy me anything.

Tad: Shut up. What are you doing here?

Jake: I was just returning some of her stuff she left at my place.

Tad: Oh. How's by you? I mean, with Amanda?

Jake: Well, I don't know. I have no idea.

Amanda: Well, as long as we're here, we may as well deck the halls for your first Christmas. Where are you going?

David: Where I always go in the morning, to work.

Amanda: David.

David: Don't.

J.R.: Hey.

Marissa: Hey. Hi. I'm sorry I didn't come home last night. I just -- pulled an all-nighter at the library with exams and then prepping for Annie's trial. [Yawns]

J.R.: That's all right. You got a lot on your plate and your table, but now you're gonna take a breakfast break.

Marissa: Yes, yes. If there's coffee involved, I am in.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, um, excuse -- I want to talk about Christmas. I want to make it huge this year. I want to bring everyone in and celebrate.

Marissa: Including Adam? I know how much you want him there.

J.R.: Well, he will be there. He'll make the right choice this time. He'll come back to where he belongs: With his family, and Annie will go where she belongs: Prison.

Officer: Mr. Chandler's here to see you.

Annie: Oh, great. Ok, send him in. Oh.

Scott: Morning.

Annie: You shouldn't be here. If Adam sees us together --

Scott: He won't, all right. He's at home, resting.

Annie: I haven't seen him or heard from him. I think he's avoiding me. If I've lost Adam, my life is over.

Liza: That is so sweet, buddy, but I got to warn you -- this is where plants go to die.

Tad: Ah, no, no. That's the beauty of this little fella here. You just -- you give it a lot of light, water once a week, and it's good to go. And the guy said to watch out for yellow leaves, because it might be an indication of mealy bugs.

Liza: Mealy. Right. Ok, well, I have got to run. I'm gonna go meet with Marissa and work on Annie's trial. Thanks again. That was so sweet.

Tad: Sure.

Jake: Bye, honey.

Liza: Bye.

Jake: Nice shrub.

Tad: It's not a shrub. It's a Japanese ceremonial peace plant. They're known to improve the indoor air quality. I thought, you know, Liza, considering everything, could use a little extra oxygen.

Jake: Huh. I see what's happening.

Tad: No, you don't. You don't see anything. There's nothing to see, ok? I'm just a good friend. She's going through a lot, and I'm just helping her out.

Jake: I bet you are helping her out. That's how Amanda and I started out -- friends -- except you two, we don't have a fraction of the history that you two have, but I'll tell you what, I'll be there for you to officiate on your wedding day. How's that?

Tad: Ha ha! Yeah. As long as we're changing the subject, what do you mean you don't know what's happening with your own wife?

Jake: Oh, I'm sorry. You're responding to something from a half-hour ago?

Tad: Yeah, I thought I would.

Jake: I don't know. She's, uh -- she's shutting me out. She's -- I haven't even talked to her since yesterday.

Tad: How come?

Jake: How come? Because I was at Wildwind and she was upstairs with the baby, and I was talking to David, and I thought I was alone with him, and I had some choice words for him, and she I guess heard me.

Tad: Fool! Attacking a dying man?

Jake: Well, apparently she was miffed, and she kinda, sorta threw me out. You were right. He is using the sickness to suck her back in, and she is defending him, and she is taking care of him, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Tad: Wanna bet?

David: Thanks.

Amanda: I'll call the hospital, tell them you're not feeling well.

David: Absolutely not. I need to work, and I don't want my colleagues to know about this.

Amanda: How are you supposed to work when you can barely stand?

David: Damn it. I forgot to take my medication.

Amanda: Well, where are they?

David: It's in my bag.

Amanda: You want me to try it?

David: Yeah. I'll talk you through it. Just fill the syringe about halfway. Then you tap the air bubbles out. Then you just inject it into my arm. Think you can handle that? It's best if you can find a prominent vein, ok? It's less painful that way.

Annie: Scott, when he came to see me after his trial, he practically sprinted out of here, remember? And I've called him five times. He hasn't returned any of my phone calls. What if he never comes back?

Scott: This is you being nervous about your trial, and it is making you paranoid, ok? Adam is at home, resting so that he can have his strength back to support you. All right? Now, you better gear up, too. You've got to walk into that courtroom confident, strong mentally and physically.

Annie: I'm working on it.

Scott: And one of the doctors said you won't get out the bed to exercise.

Annie: Because I don't feel like it.

Scott: Ok, you're getting out of here tomorrow. All right, you have got to be ready. So what do you say we get the guard to uncuff you, take a couple laps around the floor, get the old blood pumping, huh?

Annie: Fine.

Scott: Ok, ok, but first I want you to look me in the eye, and I want you to tell me that you believe in Adam, that he won't let you down.

Annie: I believe in Adam. He'll save me. He has to.

J.R.: Chandler men are unpredictable -- except at Christmastime. You can count on one thing: A train.

Marissa: You mean as in the railroad?

J.R.: I mean as in the Seaside Comet. When Adam was a kid, his father got him the complete set. He even saved up a full year to buy it. Got to drive that thing once. Whew. I tell ya --

Marissa: Wow. I didn't know that you were an engineer.

J.R.: Well, that's when Adam lets me drive it, of course. We fight over the controls like 5-year-olds. And after dinner, he tells his version of a "Christmas Carol." Scrooge is the hero. The ghosts haunt him, because they're jealous.

Marissa: Ha! Of course.

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, Christmas Chandler style is definitely a unique experience.

Marissa: Wow. I'm really glad that you're trying to work things out with your family. But I mean, just a few weeks ago, you were trying to cut Adam out of your life. What -- what changed?

J.R.: This time of year -- I kind of like to re-evaluate things, everything, things that matter the most to me. Family -- is what matters most. I'm so lucky to have you and Little Adam and Colby. But I need Adam, and as much as I try to fight it, it's true. And this whole thing started when Annie came into the picture anyway. Look, I'm sorry, ok. I know you're trying to help Liza defend her. I do. It's great. It's a great career move for you. But if I'm gonna get my family back on track, Annie needs to go to prison. You know that, right?

Liza: Hey, hey. Listen, I'm so sorry to interrupt, but I really need to talk to Marissa.

J.R.: Yeah, um, that's fine. I'll see you later.

Marissa: Yes.

J.R.: Ok.

Liza: Um -- hey, listen, I've spent a lot of time thinking about this trial.

Marissa: Talk to me.

Liza: Annie will need another attorney. I'm off the case. 

Marissa: You're backing out? That's -- that's not right.

Liza: Listen, Adam didn't know what he was doing when he shot Stuart. Annie is a different story. She lied. She schemed to make sure the truth about the murder did not come out.

Marissa: Well, she says that she did it to protect Adam.

Liza: Please. And how many people suffered because of that? She has done so much damage -- I really couldn't help her. And even if I did, I couldn't live with myself.

Marissa: Wait a minute. Annie should pay for what she did, and she will, but I'm just saying she deserves her day in court.

Liza: Which would be a complete joke -- because Adam's got something secret up his sleeve to make sure that she gets off.

Marissa: I'm not so sure about that.

Liza: Um, what do you know?

Marissa: Annie and Scott had a thing.

Liza: An affair?

Marissa: No, no, no. They kissed a few times, and Scott came clean about it, but he's still worried that Adam could turn on Annie in court.

Liza: What? Adam's done worse.

Marissa: No. That's not all. J.R. is making Adam choose between Annie and his family.

Liza: But he's chosen Annie every single time.

Marissa: Yeah, but this time J.R. thinks that he might choose his family. We can use that.

Liza: I'm not following.

Marissa: Stay on the case. When you put Adam on the stand, work him, make him choose his family, and when he does, down goes Annie.

Annie: Ok, I think I'm ready for a nap now.

Scott: Well, how are you gonna eat your cheesecake?

Annie: What cheesecake?

Scott: The cheesecake I'm gonna buy you if you make it around this floor one more time.

Annie: I can't. I'm tired.

Scott: Ooh, strawberry cheesecake? Mocha cheesecake? Chocolate cheesecake with caramel topping.

Annie: Ok, I get it. All right, all right. Whoa! Oh!

Scott: Whoa!

J.R.: Wow! What would your husband think? You're in the hospital, still you find the time to have make-out sessions with Scott.

Annie: You're disgusting.

J.R.: I'm the one who's about to get sick.

Scott: Excuse me. Would you please escort Mrs. Chandler back to her room?

Nurse: Yes, of course.

Annie: Uh-uh.

Scott: Let me handle this, ok? Go on. So, she lost her balance, I caught her, and that is what you saw.

J.R.: You know, you might be able to feed that bull to Adam.

Scott: Adam knows that there is nothing going on between me and Annie. He trusts her.

J.R.: Oh, he trusted her back when she had the power, back when she could get inside his head and make him do whatever she wanted. But that's over now. The old Adam's back. The real Adam Chandler is back. And no one has power over him.

Tad: You can take back control, but you just got to be smart about it. And attacking Hayward on his so-called deathbed is not being smart.

Jake: But I thought he was faking it, don't you see? And whenever I feel he's being a phony, I'd like to smash him. I want to smash him.

Tad: Which is exactly what he wants. He wants you to lose it in front of Amanda. She sees it, she gets angry at you, you push her away, he slithers right back in, ABC.

Jake: So what would you do?

Tad: Beat him at his own game. Pretend you're sorry for him, even offer to help him. Just tell him you're taking the high road.

Jake: He -- he would never go for that.

Tad: All you've got to do is convince him that you've changed. I'm telling you, once you reach out to him, the fangs are gonna come right back out. Amanda's gonna see it and come running right back into your arms.

Jake: Could I have that shrub? 'Cause I could really use a little oxygen right now.

David: Oh. Just a few more minutes, and I'm going to work.

Amanda: Well, I thought you wanted to save your energy for what was most important, and that's spending time with your son.

David: Yes, that's true, but I also have an obligation to my patients.

Amanda: I think you have an obligation to yourself, spending your time doing what's most important, and that's spending time with Trevor. So take a leave from the hospital.

David: It wouldn't be a leave. It would be a farewell, the end of my career.

Amanda: Well, if I were in your shoes, my job would be the last thing on my mind. I would want to spend every second of every day with my son.

David: I tell you what, I'll consider it on one condition.

Amanda: How did I know that was coming?

David: I could do 24/7 Trevor time, but only if you're a part of it. So what do you say, Mom? Are you up for a family adventure?

Brot: Have a seat so I can ask you some questions.

Natalia: Look, look, look, don't bother, all right. This guy is here about once a month claiming that he got mugged or that someone stole his identity or his shoes. He dreams up all kinds of drama for food and attention. Give him a doughnut, show him the door.

Brot: Yeah, but he said he witnessed a murder. Someone should at least ask him some questions.

Natalia: Be my guest. But you're still on the hook for that paperwork.

Brot: All right, tell me what you saw.

Fred: Glazed.

Brot: What?

Fred: I want a glazed donut and a coffee. Three sugars.

Erica: Do you mind if I have a few moments alone with our guest?

Director: Of course.

Erica: Hello again. How are you feeling? Don't be afraid. I just want to help you.

Madison: You won't after you find out who I am.

Erica: I'm sure that's not true.

Madison: We've met several times before at social functions.

Erica: I apologize. I'm sorry. I don't recall.

Madison: You'd remember my husband. He's dead now. I'm Madison North, widow of Henry North, the man who wanted to send your daughter to prison.

Brot: All right, so you say you witnessed a murder. Well, who was killed?

Fred: Some lady. Saw her get mowed down last night by a fancy ride. Out of nowhere she runs into the street, car comes around the corner, bam!

Brot: So it was an accident?

Fred: They were gunning for her. But the car stopped. Man and woman got out. She was gorgeous. Movie star. It was Angelina what's-her-name. Oh. No, no. The other one, with dark hair. You know who I mean.

Natalia: Ahem.

Brot: We should check the area hospitals. See if a woman was brought in with injuries consistent with the car hit.

Natalia: I'll make the calls.

Fred: I know who the lady was.

Brot: Who?

Fred: Madonna.

Brot: Ahh --

Erica: You're Madison North?

Madison: Yes. But I had no say over my husband's career. If I did, I would never have encouraged him to go after Kendall.

Erica: Oh, I'm not blaming you.

Madison: I am sorry for everything he put your family through.

Erica: Thank you. I understand that your family has been through a lot as well. Weren't you in a terrible car accident?

Madison: I survived. Unfortunately.

Erica: And now these bruises -- Madison, can you tell me who did this to you?

Madison: Some guy.

Erica: This guy, was it somebody you were close to? Look, you're not alone. Please believe that. So many women have been abused by men they were close to, even trusted, even -- even loved. And that's why this Miranda Center was created so that those women could find a place here, that they could break that cycle. And you can do that, too, starting now. You don't have to go back to him.

Madison: I don't have anywhere else to go.

Erica: You know something, a few years ago there was a big charity event in Philadelphia, and I co-chaired that with your father. I could call him --

Madison: No, no. No, you can't. You have to promise me that you won't do that.

Liza: You want me to throw Annie's case?

Marissa: So we can get justice.

Liza: I thought you wanted a fair trial.

Marissa: You know what? I want her to have her day in court, so she can get what she deserves.

Liza: Ok, how come this is all of a sudden feeling far too personal?

Marissa: Because it is. J.R. misses his dad, and he wants his family back, and the only way that that can happen is if Annie goes to prison.

Liza: Yes, but ambushing Annie in the courthouse?

Marissa: It's the right thing to do.

Liza: Wow. You know, you have always been straight as an arrow when it comes to the law, and you've always been by the book, and now you want me to play dirty. I just -- I didn't expect this.

Marissa: Yeah, well, me either, but this whole situation is just bringing out a different side of me, the Hayward side.

Amanda: You're sick, and I will help you, but the man who gets priority in my life is Jake.

David: I understand, but Jake is a very busy man. Unlike me, he's gonna have a very demanding schedule at the hospital.

Amanda: That won't be a problem.

David: Ok, fine, I get it. Jake comes first. But while he's otherwise engaged, it might be nice for Trevor to spend time with both his biological parents while he still can. Now is that really too much to ask?

Amanda: I have to change him. Come here -- come. Yes. Come.

[Knock on door]

[David coughs]

Jake: Hey. For you.

David: How long before it explodes?

Jake: Uh, it's a peace offering. The last time I was here, I was a jerk, and I took a vow to help the sick, and I didn't really do that, and I apologize.

Scott: Don't worry about J.R. He's just blowing off steam.

Annie: Did he say anything about Adam?

Scott: Stressing is not good for you right now.

Annie: I need to know, Scott.

Scott: He said he's getting better.

Annie: Meaning what?

Scott: Meaning he is stronger. He's clearer, more like how he used to be.

Annie: Before I came around. Oh, my God, J.R. got to Adam. He's convinced him he doesn't need me anymore. Oh, my God, Scott, Adam -- Adam is gonna turn on me in that courtroom. I just know it.

Scott: No. No, no. You are getting worked up over nothing.

Annie: Get out.

Scott: No, not until you calm down.

Annie: No, I mean it, leave. I want to be alone.

Adam: Put this woman in jail where she belongs.

Annie: No, no.

[Phone rings]

Liza: Annie, is everything ok?

Annie: Get to the hospital. Now.

Erica: I won't call your father. I promise. I understand.

Madison: I'm tired. I don't want to talk anymore.

Erica: Ok. You get some rest. Everyone here is on your side. You're safe.

J.R.: Thank you so much for meeting me here. Everything's been so crazy lately. I haven't had a chance to get into Mercy.

Dr. Kahn: I'm just glad you called. We need to get you started on a new treatment plan.

J.R.: What are we talking about? Another round of chemo?

Dr. Kahn: A much more aggressive course this time.

J.R.: So the side effects will be stronger, and I'm no gonna be able to hide the fact that I'm sick. Ok.

Dr. Kahn: I can set you up for your first appointment next week.

J.R.: What? No, no. That's too soon. I want to wait till after Christmas.

Dr. Kahn: I strongly advise against that.

J.R.: Doctor, I'm gonna beat this cancer, but right now I need to save my strength for another fight: My family.

Liza: You've convinced me to stay on the case.

Marissa: You're doing the right thing.

Liza: Let's hope so, and let's hope you were joking about what you said about the Hayward side 'cause ambition is one thing, but what drives David, that's something else.

Marissa: So, what's out next move?

Liza: Go on over to my house and grab all of Annie's case files and meet me over at the hospital.

Marissa: Ok.

Liza: No. Wait. I got the check. Thaddeus Martin, are you stalking me?

Tad: No.

Liza: You were at my apartment before, and now you're here.

Tad: Well, I'm here for the California roll, and I was at your apartment, because I was understandably concerned about you, you know, with Bailey deciding to stick around with Stuart.

Liza: Yeah. I have been trying not to think about it, but it has been so hard.

Tad: You miss him, don't you? I remember when Kathy was out there somewhere. I didn't know how I was gonna get through the day. It'll get easier. Friends help.

Liza: So do plants.

Tad: Uh, yeah, listen, about that. You didn't seem too fired up about it, so I kind of, sort of gave the plant to Jake so he could give it to a sick friend.

Liza: Huh. So you came here for the California roll, huh?

Tad: Yeah, yeah. That and, uh, Krystal and I have this thing going where we sort of challenged one another to get back out there, you know, kind of stick a toe into the dating pool. And I figured, you know, usually there's so many single people here that if I was lucky, somebody would join me.

Liza: I think that is a really good idea.

Tad: So did I. But I got to tell you, now that I am here -- whew --

Liza: If anyone can do this, it's you.

Tad: Well, I appreciate the shot in the arm, but -- let's face it. The days of Tad the Cad are dead and gone. Lately I feel more like Tad the Dad.

Liza: Uh, excuse me, Tad the Cad, that is not over. And, um, one little piece of advice. When you do find the right woman, go with the flowers, not the plant. Just saying.

Amanda: What's going on here?

David: Jake brought me a -- peace offering. But honestly, I'm the one that should be apologizing -- to both of you. Wow. Where would I even begin? When I first came to learn that Trevor was mine, I wanted to create an instant family. And how would I do that? I tried to break up your marriage, so that Amanda could be a part of it -- force her to move in. When I saw that her heart wasn't in it, I realized I had to come up with another idea: Try to get us to conceive another child.

Amanda: David, you can stop there. I think we all know the story.

David: No. Trust me, you think you know it, but you don't. Now, obviously you know that we never made it to the clinic that day for the procedure, but did you know that I manipulated the whole situation? I took advantage of you, Amanda. Now, don't get me wrong. Jake, I didn't force Amanda to do anything. I just gently pushed her to try to conceive a child in that car. Now I realize that I've ruined a lot of lives. I've hurt a lot of people, especially you, Amanda. And this disease, I believe, is my punishment. I deserve it. I deserve to die a painful death. Wow. Ha ha. I didn't mean to put such a damper on the party here, especially since Amanda's worked so hard to try to cheer me up.

Amanda: I just made a suggestion that he should take some time off at the hospital and spend more time with Trevor, just the two of them, and then you and I could be together.

Jake: I could pick up extra shifts at the hospital, David, you know, to help, and I can get others doctors to do the same thing, and nobody would compromise your privacy.

David: That's very gracious of you, Jake. Thank you. Nothing's been decided yet. Huh.

Amanda: Hey, why don't you go lie down before you pass out?

David: Yeah, that's a good idea. You're a lucky man.

Jake: Hi.

Amanda: Hey. Thank you. Thank you for easing up on David. That -- that was for real, right?

Jake: Well, I still hate him, but listen, if he's facing the end, then he -- I don't know, maybe it's given him a new perspective on life.

Amanda: Well, if he is, great, but that is not what I care about. I care about us.

Jake: And I won't be mad either.

Amanda: About what?

Jake: Well, if it's true he wants to make amends, you know, before he leaves this earth, and he wants to do it with your help, and you want to do it, I-I'm ok with that.

Marissa: Hey, what are you doing here? Do you feel ok?

J.R.: Yeah, sure.

Marissa: Then why are you at the hospital?

J.R.: I was, uh -- looking for a Christmas miracle.

Liza: Hey, what's so urgent?

Annie: I want to go over our strategy for the trial.

Liza: Um, huh. We have time for that, Annie. Right now, you need to be resting.

Annie: No, no, no. I need to know your plan and how you plan on getting me acquitted, so we're gonna go over everything starting with your witness list.

Liza: I really -- I just don't think that now is --

Annie: Who's on the list?

Liza: Well, Adam is, of course, and --

Annie: Ok, so a lawyer never lets a witness get on the stand unless they know exactly what they're gonna say, correct?

Liza: That's usually the case, yes.

Annie: Ok, so tell me, what exactly is Adam going to say?

Director: Thank you for coming, Dr. Hubbard. I know this isn't your normal volunteer day.

Frankie: It's fine. What's up?

Director: A woman was brought in last night, beaten.

Frankie: She didn't see a doctor on call?

Director: She refused. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Frankie: I'll give it a shot.

Natalia: I have called every hospital within 50 miles. No Jane Doe from any car accident was admitted last night.

Brot: Well, expand the search.

Natalia: Fred is messing with you. Let him go before he eats all our damn doughnuts.

Fred: That's her, the lady driving the killer car.

Frankie: Hi. I'm Dr. Hubbard. I understand you've -- Madison.

Jake: Did you scare all the women away? Thank you. So your thing didn't work?

Tad: What do you mean it didn't work?

Jake: Didn't work.

Tad: It was foolproof. What did you do, go after Hayward again?

Jake: No. I did exactly what you told me to do. I made nice, pretended like I didn't feel sick when I saw him, like I was feeling sorry for him.

Tad: Yeah, yeah. That's almost interesting. The point is did Amanda see it? Was she there?

Jake: Yes, and she seemed like she was, you know, glad I did it or that I backed off, whatever. But his whole dead man walking thing has affected her. I can see it in her eyes. I see it, especially the part where he was so sorry he's such an evil person.

Tad: Huh. Biggest lie yet.

Jake: Well, she's falling for it, so --

[David coughing]

David: Hey. I couldn't sleep. Where's Jake?

Amanda: He left.

David: Boy, an apology from your husband. Never would have seen that one coming. Maybe if I had, my apology wouldn't have been so lame.

Amanda: It wasn't lame if you meant it.

David: Of course, I did. Even though it wasn't nearly enough to make up for everything I've done. I wish to God I could take it all back, Amanda, what I did to you, to everyone.

Amanda: Well, you can't, but you can make sure that you don't do any more damage. From here on out, only do good things.

David: That's it. It's not enough to just ask for forgiveness. I got to prove I deserve it.

Marissa: I still don't get what kind of a Christmas miracle you can find in a hospital.

J.R.: Well, it took a little undercover work, but my sources told me you were headed here. I was hoping I could make up some lost time that Liza took you from me, and that would have been a miracle.

Marissa: I'd love to, but I just have so much --

J.R.: I just want one hour. I want to go shopping. I want to load up on Christmas toys for Little Adam, swing you by the jewelry shop -- see if you can drop me some hints.

Marissa: Oh, I wish, but I -- look, I got to take a rain check. Liza's waiting for me. But we will go shopping very soon. I have a really good feeling about this trial. It won't last long.

J.R.: Then I'll leave you to it.

Marissa: Hey, I promise. As soon as this is all over, we will have plenty of time.

J.R.: That was my Christmas miracle: Lots more time.

Annie: Be specific. I want the actual words Adam will say when he gets on the witness stand.

Liza: Listen, he loves you very much, and he's confident that he can sway the jury, and you know what? Frankly, so am I. Trust me, Adam's testimony is your best shot at winning this case.

Annie: You're fired. I'm gonna represent myself.

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