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[Keys jingle as Amanda comes in while David is going through his cabinet full of drugs]

David: Hey. How is he?

Amanda: Better. The antibiotics are working.

David: Good. Wait, wait, wait.

Amanda: What?

David: You're still angry?

Amanda: I wonder why. My husband can't even --

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Look me in the face or my son, and it's all your fault.

David: I'm sorry, Amanda.

Tad: No, you're not. But that's a discussion for later. Right now we got bigger things to worry about.

Jake: Hey, Dad?

Joe: Son, you still on suspension because of that mess with David? I thought that was resolved.

Jake: No, it is. It is -- was.

Joe: Well, why aren't you in scrubs?

Jake: Oh, because I quit. I'm leaving Pine Valley today.

J.R.: You look busy.

Marissa: Hey. Thanks for coming.

J.R.: Well, your note intrigued me. What are you doing here?

Marissa: Well, I -- I got a call from Liza early this morning, and I didn't want to wake you.

J.R.: She have you working on a case or something?

Marissa: Yeah. Your father's.

Adam: Is there somebody who could tell me something about my wife? Thanks for the help.

Scott: Less than an hour. You think we'll make bail?

Adam: We have to. I have to see Annie, to be with her. And a fat chance, since we're dressed as career criminals.

Colby: I think these might be a better fit.

Adam: I didn't expect you here today.

Colby: Well, I didn't expect to be here either. But I couldn't stay away.

Liza: So I just spoke with Judge Whitman, and he's agreed to hold the arraignment here.

Annie: Have you seen Adam? How is he?

Liza: He's doing fine. And he'll have a much stronger case once you plead guilty.

Annie: I know what I have to do.

Liza: Good.

Officer: You can't go in there right now. The patient's with her attorney.

Ryan: It's her attorney that I want to see.

Liza: Uh, that's ok. I got it. What are you doing here?

Ryan: What am I doing -- what are you doing here? What is going on here? Have you lost your mind?

Bailey: Stuart, ready?

[Knock on door]

Bailey: Who's that? Yeah, come in. Hey.

Damon: Dragon lady out?

Bailey: You could say that. Liza and Colby moved out.

Damon: And left you alone with Stuart? Why?

Bailey: So I can decide if I want to keep him.

Liza: Ok, Ryan, calm down. I am not here to get Annie off. She is gonna plead guilty.

Ryan: What?

Liza: It was the only way that I agreed to take this case. Look, I wanted to -- I wanted to help out Adam and Scott. But he refused to fight unless I represented Annie. So I put it to her, and I told her to come up with a solution, and she did.

Ryan: And she did? The solution was to plead guilty?

Liza: That's right. She's going to confess to everything: Manipulating Adam, exploiting his and Scott's grief.

Ryan: And you believe this?

Liza: There's a recorded confession, Ryan. She knows she's going down. At least, this way she can help out Adam. Listen, I got to get to court. Just relax. This nightmare's almost over.

J.R.: Ok. So you're actually working with Adam?

Marissa: No. I'm working for Liza. Look, this is a chance for me to work on a high-profile case and hopefully make a name for myself.

J.R.: I get that. It just happens to hit a little close to home.

Marissa: Well, yeah, because it is. But look, J.R., I'm doing this for us, for our family. And now that you're in remission, I don't know. I'm -- I'm in a hurry to start our life. Aren't you?

J.R.: Yeah. But I --

Marissa: Working this case will help us do that.

J.R.: Ok.

Marissa: "Ok"? Ok, um, well, do you want to stay and watch me work?

J.R.: I wouldn't want Adam to think that I'm here to support him.

Marissa: Who cares what he thinks? Come on. Just be here for your Uncle Stuart.

J.R.: For Uncle Stuart, and for us.

Adam: Thank you for these.

Scott: Yeah. Seriously, you're a lifesaver.

Adam: I don't suppose this means that --

Colby: I've come to love and accept my new stepmom? Sorry. I still hate that you're with Annie. But it doesn't mean I hate you or that I want you locked up for what happened to Uncle Stuart.

Adam: Hopefully it won't come to that.

Colby: It better not. Things are beyond crazy right now. Mom and I have moved out of the apartment, and we're, like, this close to losing the baby.

Adam: Things have a way of working out, honey. You'll see.

Colby: Why do I believe you when you say that?

Adam: Well, that's simple. I'm your father. How about a favor? They're very militant about phone calls in this place, and I really want to get in touch with your mother.

Colby: Here. Use my cell phone. I'll go distract the officer out there.

Adam: Hello, Annie. It's me.

Annie: Oh, I've been so worried. How are you?

Adam: I'm fine. I'm fine. As soon as we make bail, I'm gonna be over there to see you.

Annie: No. You've been at the station all night. You should -- you should go home and rest.

Adam: You don't want me there?

Annie: Adam, we both know how this is gonna go for me. I -- I just think it's time we accept the inevitable.

Adam: I'm not gonna have you thinking that way. You are not going to prison, Annie. No.

Annie: How is that even possible?

Adam: Do you trust me, Annie?

Annie: Always.

Adam: Well, don't stop now.

Joe: Where will you go?

Jake: I haven't figured that out yet. I just -- you know, I just know that I can't stay here. You're disappointed.

Joe: Well, I'm not disappointed in you. I've watched you this whole past year with nothing but pride. Nothing but pride when you fought for Amanda and your son.

Jake: You know that he's not really my son, right? I was never really Trevor's father.

Joe: Oh, come on. In every way that counts you were. You still are. I mean, it's the same as me and your brother.

Jake: Yeah. Except Tad's biological wasn't anything like David Hayward, right?

Joe: Tad's was Ray Gardner. You tell me which one is worse.

Jake: Well, then you're a better man than me, Dad. You always were.

Joe: You love that little boy?

Jake: You know, sometimes love is not really enough. Every time I look at Amanda, Pop, I -- I just see her with -- I can't. I can't -- I can't do it.

Joe: I don't want to make this any harder for you.

Jake: Well, that would be impossible. All right. So --

Joe: There is, however, the one thing that I should let you know.

Jake: What?

Joe: Your mother and I are making plans to retire. You know, thinking of moving out of town.

Jake: Really? What? You love Pine Valley.

Joe: I do, and I'll always miss it. But time for a change.

Jake: But, Dad, that's huge. What about the hospital?

Joe: Well, that is where you were supposed to come in. You used to have plans to stay on here with Amanda and raise a family, so every time I looked at you, I saw the next generation.

Jake: So you wanted me to pick up where you left off?

Joe: Yeah.

Tad: I don't think even Jake knows where he's headed. But I was hoping if you spoke with him, you could get him to stay.

Amanda: I'm the reason he's leaving.

Tad: No, Amanda. The reason he's leaving is right there.

David: Yeah, of course, it is. Because it's always my fault, right?

Tad: That's right, Dave. If you hadn't cooked up your sadistic little scheme, none of this would be happening.

David: My sadistic little scheme? I'm not the one who faked a child's death.

Tad: No, you'd rather stick to the moral high ground: Force a woman to rent out her womb.

David: Jake and Amanda could've said no.

Tad: And given up to any shot they had at a life together. Yeah, what a deal. You had them by the throat, and you know it. Listen, he's still here. Do me a favor. Find him and talk with him. God willing, you turn this thing around.

[Door closes]

David: I'm sorry, Amanda. I'm sure this must be difficult for you.

Amanda: "Difficult"? I am done. I am done with you and this house!

David: Wait a minute. Um, that's not how it works, Amanda. You signed a contract.

Amanda: I don't care about the stupid contract, ok? You take me to court if you have to, but I am not staying one more minute here.

David: Right. And what about Trevor?

Amanda: He comes with me.

Damon: Raising Stuart full-time? No Liza? No anyone? It's pretty intense.

Bailey: Tell me about it.

Damon: Is that what you want?

Bailey: I'm not sure. I guess that's the whole point of this, though, you know? To figure out how I really feel.

Damon: This is big, you know, for both of us.

Bailey: "Us"?

Damon: I mean, kids are expensive, you know? Clothes, diapers, money for rent.

Bailey: I'm not hitting Liza up for cash.

Damon: That's not what I meant.

Bailey: Then what?

Damon: I'm just saying three people cost more than two. Simple math. Where you going?

Bailey: For a walk.

Damon: Right now?

Bailey: Yeah. You know -- come on -- I'll call you if I figure anything out.

Liza: I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.

Marissa: No, it's nothing. Not a problem.

Liza: So how are you two holding up?

Adam: I'll be fine as soon as I get these blasted things off of me.

Scott: He means fine, thanks. How are you?

Liza: Of course, he does.

Marissa: The notes you wanted on precedents.

Liza: Oh, thank you.

Marissa: Yeah.

Liza: Listen, um, thank you so much for working with me on this. My life is -- it's a little insane at best, so I just -- I really appreciate all the help I can get.

Marissa: Of course.

Colby: Hey. I didn't think you'd be here.

J.R.: Back at you.

Colby: I had to come -- for Dad. You probably think I've lost it, right?

J.R.: I think I saved you a seat.

Bailiff: All rise. This District Court of Pine Valley is now in session, the Honorable Judge Nelson T. Whitman presiding. This case is of the Commonwealth vs. Adam Chandler and the Commonwealth vs. Scott Chandler.

Judge: Please be seated.

Annie: Oh, what are you doing in here?

Ryan: Liza filled me in on your plan to plead guilty. The whole sacrifice yourself thing was a bit of a surprise to me, because it's not really your style.

Annie: Can I ask you something? Do you really think I should be punished for what I've done?

Ryan: Is that a trick question?

Annie: I mean it. I mean it, Ryan. Forget the past. Forget how you feel about me. Try to look at the situation objectively.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: What am I really guilty of?

Ryan: Are you serious right now?

Annie: Am I guilty of feeling compassion for a victim in a tragic accident?

Ryan: You covered up a murder, Annie.

Annie: Am I guilty of falling in love and trying to protect that love the best way I knew how?

Ryan: "The best way" involved throwing our 7-year-old daughter under the bus, ok?

Annie: I love Emma. I would do anything for Emma.

Ryan: Ok, good. Prove it right now. Now's your chance. Let her go.

Jake: Bad news giving you a key to my house.

Tad: Who cares? It's not gonna matter by tomorrow.

Jake: No, it's not. What do you want to do? You want to lock me in my house? You want to put me to bed without my supper?

Tad: No. I trust you know what you're doing.

Jake: Thank you.

Tad: Same way I did when I went to see Amanda.

Jake: You went to see Amanda?

Tad: Oh, yeah.

Jake: You didn't tell her that I was leaving, did you?

Tad: Sure, I did. David, too.

David: Trevor stays right here. He's my son.

Amanda: Right. And the fact that I'm his mother?

David: Is the only reason you're not in jail right now -- you and your beloved Jake. So instead of throwing empty threats in my face, maybe you should be getting on your knees and thanking me.

Amanda: I will never thank you for keeping me prisoner.

David: Well, I'm sorry you see it that way.

Amanda: It's the only way to see it, Dave. I don't belong here. This is not my home. You are not my family. And I am done letting you play make-believe. I'll be back for our things.

David: You have no rights to this child.

Amanda: Then take me to court!

David: Six months.

Amanda: Are you on crack? I'm not gonna be here six more minutes, let alone six months.

David: No. I mean me. I have six months.

Amanda: Oh, my God. What are you talking about?

David: That's how long I have left to live.

Judge: Scott Chandler, it says here you've been charged with consummation of a crime, compounding, and false reporting to law enforcement. How do you intend to plead to these charges?

Scott: Not guilty, your honor.

Judge: And what is the district attorney's position on bail?

D.A. Willis: Your honor, the Commonwealth believes that Scott Chandler is a flight risk, and we ask that bail be denied.

Liza: Your honor, the deceased in question was my client's father. When he learned about the death of his father, he was in shock and grief. There was no conspiracy, nor is he in any way, shape, or form a flight risk.

Judge: Bail will be set at $15,000.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: In the Commonwealth vs. Adam Chandler, the charges are as follows: Murder in the first, murder in the second, murder in the third, and involuntary manslaughter. How do you plead?

Adam: Not guilty, your honor.

Judge: And again, on the matter of bail?

D.A. Willis: Mr. Chandler not only murdered his brother, he kept it quiet for months, allowing an innocent mother to pay for a crime she did not commit. I strenuously advise that bail be denied. Mr. Chandler is an obvious danger to the community, not to mention a serious flight risk.

Judge: Counselor?

Adam: Your honor, may I be allowed to speak?

Judge: I'll allow it.

Adam: I -- I still can't believe that my brother's gone. He was a good man. And that's an understatement no matter how you look at it: A good man. I still miss him every day of my life. So I hope you can understand that when I learned of my role in my brother's death, I didn't think I'd ever be able to forgive myself. The fact is when I looked at it again, I realized that that's what Stuart would've wanted. That's what he was: Love, understanding, forgiveness. So I hope that you can understand and believe me when I tell you that what I want is not for the court to forgive me, but for the court to give justice for my brother. Justice.

Judge: Anything to add?

Liza: Well, your honor, my client -- ahem -- has surrendered all documents, his accounts are frozen, and he has deep family ties to this community. As for being a danger, you will soon see that he never meant to hurt anyone, nor does he intend to now.

Judge: While I agree that the charges against the defendant are very serious in nature. I believe Mr. Chandler isn't going anywhere. I hereby grant bail in the amount of $250,000. Defendants are free until trial.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Adjourned.

Liza: Ahem.

Colby: You were amazing! It's very fun sitting there watching Mom kick butt.

Adam: I just hope she can do that well for Annie.

Officer: I just got word they're finished at the courthouse. The judge should be here for your arraignment soon.

Annie: Thank you.

Ryan: So, I mean, I guess that's it, right? This is your big chance to do what's right for our daughter.

Annie: Yeah, and what exactly would that be, Ryan?

Ryan: Your suit that you have with Adam to get full custody -- just end it. Annie, end it. Leave her where she is, safe and sound.

Annie: With you? I can keep her safe, too, you know.

Ryan: Wow. That's gonna be tricky from behind bars, which, unless you were just lying to your lawyer, is exactly where you're headed.

Annie: That's right. So there you go. What are you so worried about?

Ryan: Well, I just thought I would cover my bases, that's all.

Annie: Fine. You have my word. I will leave Emma alone if I go to jail.

Ryan: "If"?

Annie: I meant "when."

Amanda: You're dying?

David: Yes. I realize this is a big shock for you.

Amanda: It's a load of crap. I say I'm leaving, so you up the ante? Wow. Anything to get me to stay.

David: Amanda, I'm sick.

Amanda: So why are you telling me this now?

David: Because you're threatening to take Trevor. And I only have a few months left. I'd like to spend it with my son.

Amanda: So if you don't have much time left, why are you trying to get me pregnant again?

David: I didn't know about the six months until a few days ago. I thought I'd be able to meet my new child.

Amanda: And then leave it right away? That doesn't make sense.

David: Well, I was doing it for Trevor. At least, that's what I was telling myself. I wanted to give him a baby brother or sister. But if I was honest with myself, I'd have to admit that, yes, I was doing it for me, too. My children are my legacy, pieces of me left on this earth. I was scared, Amanda, of death, the unknown. I guess it was my way of fighting back, of finding comfort in the idea of somehow living on.

Amanda: So what is it? What's wrong with you?

David: It's a blood disorder: Malignant erythrotosis.

Amanda: Never heard of it.

David: Not many people have. It's all right here in black and white. Six months, and then I'm gone.

Jake: Well, thank you very much. Now you've given David all the ammo he needs. He's gonna glom onto Amanda like a bloodsucking leech.

Tad: By all means. You're so concerned about Amanda, stick around.

Jake: I didn't say I'm concerned. I'm not worried.

Tad: I can see it. I know you are. You're in love with her. You are crazy about her.

Jake: I'm not doing this with you, ok? I'm not doing this right now!

Tad: You're gonna stand there and pretend that you're not curious about what your wife said when I told her you're ditching Pine Valley?

Jake: No, I'm not. I'm not curious at all.

Tad: You are heartless. Heartless. Stone cold. You're -- you're taking her hope.

Jake: I'm taking her hope? She took my hope first.

Tad: No, she didn't. No, Hayward did that! She was trying to get it back!

Jake: Oh, how'd she do that? By sleeping with that scum?

Tad: What about Trevor? If you walk out that door, you leave Pine Valley, you're gonna lose everything. Everything that matters.

Jake: Tad, you cannot lose something that was never yours. Trevor was never my son.

[Jake picks up his bags and leaves]

David: Do you have any questions?

Amanda: Like I'd even know where to start. I can't even pronounce this stuff.

David: The drugs are from Malaysia. They're not legal in the U.S.

Amanda: Is that safe?

David: What are they gonna do? Kill me? I thought it wouldn't hurt to throw one last Hail Mary pass.

Amanda: So this medicine -- can it cure you?

David: No, no. But it could maximize the time I have left.

Amanda: So I don't understand. Why is this blood disease a death sentence? I mean, people recover from blood disorders.

David: No, not from this one. It affects both the red and white blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen. White blood cells fight off infection. So, basically, I'm in a race against time to see which kills me first: An infection that I can't ward off or my body slowly suffocating. Look, I'm sorry. I know this isn't pretty. But you understand now? Do you see why I need you to stay? So, please. All I'm asking for is these last few months. I want to spend them with my son.

Amanda: Um, I have to go. I have to go.

David: Now?

Amanda: I have to tell Jake.

David: No, no. Wait a minute. I told you. That was bad enough. I don't want everyone knowing.

Amanda: Jake is leaving me, David, and I have to tell him what is going on. Because this -- it changes everything.

Jake: Hey, Bailey.

Bailey: Hey. You're the guy from the adoption, right?

Jake: That's right.

Bailey: Yeah.

Jake: And baby Stuey. You guys out for a little breath of fresh air?

Bailey: Yeah, I guess so. What about you? Where you heading?

Jake: I'm gonna take the train to the airport.

Bailey: And from there?

Jake: Uh, that's a good question. So did you and Liza work things out? Did she give you a little space?

Bailey: We're trying to do what's best for Stuart.

Jake: That's good. Have you figured that out yet what that is?

Bailey: I think so. I guess I'm just too scared to admit it. There's this guy.

Jake: Oh, boy. There's always "a guy."

Bailey: It's Stuart's father, actually, and I like him a lot.

Jake: Hmm. You just don't know if he's ready for all this? It's tough.

Bailey: Is it? Because I sit here, and I look at this perfect little guy, and it hits me. I love him, so much sometimes that it scares me. There's nothing tough about that, you know?

Jake: Yes, I do.

Bailey: So, um, what time's your train?

Jake: Hmm?

Bailey: Your train?

Jake: Oh, I don't know about the train.

J.R.: Listen, I don't think I'm gonna hang around for Annie's arraignment. I don't think I can stomach it.

Marissa: Ok. Ok. Do you want to wait for me out here?

J.R.: No. Actually, one of the guys that are in my group is holed up on the fourth floor. I'm just gonna see how he's doing.

Marissa: Ok.

J.R.: Catch up with you later?

Marissa: Yeah. Definitely.

J.R.: Ok. All right.

Liza: I thought you went home.

Ryan: Yeah, Annie and I just had a few things to work out. That's all. But we're done, right?

Annie: Oh, we are more than done.

Liza: Well, good. Because the judge is gonna be here any minute.

Ryan: Great. I'll wait outside.

Annie: What happened with Adam? Did he make bail?

Liza: Yeah. He and Scott both did.

Annie: Thank God.

Marissa: Judge Whitman's here.

Liza: Ok, good. Just remember, let me do all the talking. Ok?

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Liza: Oh, here he is.

Judge Whitman: Everyone present and accounted for?

Liza: Yes, your honor, I do believe so.

Judge Whitman: Then let's jump right in. This is the case of the Commonwealth vs. Annie Chandler. Mrs. Chandler, you've been charged with tampering with evidence, unsworn falsification to authorities, false reporting to law enforcement, hindering apprehension, criminal solicitation, consummation of a crime. How do you intend to plead to these charges?

Liza: My client --

Annie: I can speak for myself. Not guilty, your honor.

Doctor: I have your blood test results.

J.R.: And?

Doctor: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but the cancer's back.

J.R.: I knew it.

Doctor: This is far from over. Ok? Let's set up an appointment to discuss your next course of treatment.

J.R.: Yeah. Sure. I'll call.

Doctor: J.R. --

J.R.: I'll call.

Adam: Is this gonna take much longer?

Officer: I'll check the paperwork -- again.

Scott: Yeah, thank you, Officer. Thank you. Do you have to talk to everyone like that, hmm?

Adam: I'm anxious to get back to the hospital, Scott.

Colby: I can drive.

Adam: No, no, no. You take Scott home. And thank you for being here today --

Colby: You're welcome.

Adam: For supporting us. Ok? Bless you.

Colby: Well, I'll go pull the car around.

Scott: Ok. Be there in a minute.

Adam: What?

Scott: I just want you to be realistic about this, about Annie. The chances of her getting off are slim to none. You do know that, right?

Adam: Things have a way of working out, Scott. Trust me.

D.A. Willis: Not only did Mrs. Chandler blatantly confess to her involvement in covering up the crime, she has a distinct history of escape attempts.

Liza: Your honor, my client is recovering from a near-fatal miscarriage. Escaping is hardly an option.

Judge Whitman: Request for bail is denied. The defendant will remain in the hospital under strict surveillance until her doctor deems her safe for transport, at which point Mrs. Chandler will be escorted to county lockup where she will await her trial. Adjourned.

Liza: Um, would you please give us a moment?

Marissa: Of course. Do you want to meet up later to strategize?

Liza: Yes, I do. I will call you to schedule some time.

Marissa: Ok.

Liza: Ok. Ok, what the hell was that? I thought we had a deal.

Annie: That wasn't in my best interest or my daughter's. You think I'm just gonna let myself get carted off to jail?

Liza: You're talking like you actually have a choice here. There's a DVD. You admitted to everything, Annie.

Annie: Well, your job as my lawyer now is to find some way around that.

Liza: Right. And -- and what about Adam? I'm sorry. I thought this plan was to save your beloved husband.

Annie: That still is the plan. It's just been slightly modified now, because now you're gonna save me, too.

Jake: All right, this is getting out of control. What are you doing here?

Tad: Cleaning out your fridge?

Jake: Did you eat my guacamole?

Tad: No.

Jake: No?

Tad: No.

Jake: No. What's that green glob of crap on your lip right there? I was saving that. Give that to me. Give that to me.

Tad: You're saving it? Really? For what? Some kind of fungal infection, hmm? A little science experiment? Unless, praise the Lord, you changed your mind, stick around?

Jake: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I -- I rehearsed saying good-bye to everybody. It was easy: Mom, Dad, you -- no problem.

Tad: Thank you.

Jake: Even Amanda. Even Amanda. But then little Trevor. I mean, how -- we barely got started, you know? And I love that little guy, and I just -- I can't really just see leaving him here with David. It doesn't seem right, and I thought maybe I should stick around for a little while and, you know, make sure -- make sure he's taken care of.

Amanda: You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Ryan: What happened, Liza? What happened to pleading guilty? You should've controlled your client.

Liza: You should've stayed out of it, Ryan.

Ryan: You lied, Annie, again. Why am I not surprised? You said that you would drop the suit for full custody of our daughter.

Annie: If I went to prison. Do you see any bars around here, Ryan?

Ryan: It's only a matter of time, Annie. It's only a matter of time.

Annie: I'm gonna beat this, Ryan. You want to know why? Because I have Adam now.

Adam: Chandlers never give up.

[Annie giggles]

Adam: How you doing?

[J.R. coughs]

Marissa: Hey. You can't shake that cough, huh? Hey, how's your friend?

J.R.: Oh, yeah. He's hanging in. How'd it go with Annie?

Marissa: Well, um, depends on who you ask. Liza's livid because Annie decided to plead not guilty without telling her.

J.R.: Of course, she did.

Marissa: But, I mean, for me, it was actually pretty exciting. It was like one of those dramatic courtroom moments, except it happened in a hospital room.

J.R.: It's great that you had a good day.

Marissa: Thank you, you know, just for being ok with all of this.

J.R.: I'm happy if you're happy.

Marissa: I'm -- I'm really happy.

J.R.: And that's all that matters.

Tad: Ok, ok, ok.

Jake: That's my dishtowel.

Tad: I'm sensing that you two need a little time alone. That's just fine with me. You know, if you're hungry, maybe there's a -- guacamole left in there. Not a lot, but --

Jake: He ate my guacamole. What are you doing here?

Amanda: Do you really have to ask? I -- I was trying to find you and praying that you hadn't left yet, and here you are.

Jake: I was worried about Trevor.

Amanda: I know.

Jake: And I think maybe he needs me to --

Amanda: So much.

Jake: What did Hayward do now?

Amanda: He didn't do anything. And in a little bit, he's never going to be able to ever again.

Jake: Am I supposed to know what that means?

Amanda: Jake, everything's changed. David's dying.

David: Hey. I'm sorry, buddy. I didn't mean to scare you. But you have nothing to worry about, all right? Your daddy is perfectly healthy. And I'm not going anywhere. More important, neither is your mother. Yeah.

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