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[Doorbell ringing]

Jesse: Come on, man. Open up. I know you're in there. I see your car.

[Zach opens the door]

Jesse: We need to talk to you about Kendall.

D.A. Willis: Look, the murder charges have been dropped. And in light of Mr. Chandler's confession, we've also decided not to pursue the unlawful flight charges.

Jesse: So, we need to talk to her. Process her out. Where is she, man?

Zach: Right here, in these bags. What's left of her, at least.

Bailey: You know, I made some sandwiches earlier, when you were running late. I wrapped one up for you.

Liza: Thank you. Thank you. God, this week has gotten so crazy. Please. I was gonna take it off and spend it with you and Colby and Stuart. But now I've taken on Adam, Annie, and Scott's case. This week has gotten insane.

Bailey: It's fine. Between Colby and me, Stuart is covered.

Liza: Oh, thank you. I don't know what I'd do without you. Well, I wouldn't have Stuart without you. Hi, baby. I'm so sorry I've gotta work so much. I gotta grab those files and then I'm outta here.

[Telephone rings and Bailey gets a text from Damon: "Let me know when dragon lady is gone."]

Tad: You are one awesome cook. That's the best turkey I ever had.

[Krystal groans]

Tad: I can say that with certainty, because I think I ate most of it.

Krystal: I think I'm gonna pop.

[Both groaning]

Krystal: Oh, man. I think it was that second piece of pecan pie that did me in.

Tad: I feel like a -- anaconda that just ate an aardvark.

[Krystal laughs]

Tad: Don't -- don't -- no poking. No poking.

Krystal: Oh, baby --

Tad: You realize how stupid we look?

Krystal: I know. We look so silly laying here trying to digest this food.

Tad: Well, as long as Opal keeps the kids busy upstairs, I think we have a little bit of time to do something.

Krystal: Mm-hmm. Thank you. For making it back for Thanksgiving dinner.

Tad: I don't care if traffic was a disaster. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Despite, or in spite, of my present state of discomfort, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Krystal: Right back at you, Thaddeus.

[Tad kisses Krystal]

Jake: Honey, there's nothing that you could ever do that would ever make me stop loving you.

Amanda: I'm so sorry.

Jake: Baby, you have to talk to me. You know, if you want me to help you, I can do that, but you have to talk to me.

Amanda: I had sex with David.

Jake: What?

Amanda: I had sex with David.

Jake: You mean -- that he attacked you? You mean -- he raped you?

Amanda: No. No, he -- he didn't force himself on me. I had sex with him willingly. I -- I'm so sorry. I thought it was -- it was the only way. I am so sorry, Jake. Please don't hate me. Please. Please don't hate me.

[Cell phone ringing]

David: Dr. Hayward.

Dr. Hines: I have the DNA results back.

David: And?

Dr. Hines: Are you sitting down?

David: It's not a match. Trevor's not my son.

Dr. Hines: I'm sorry. He's not a match. Are you still there, Dr. Hayward?

David: Yes. Yes, I'm still here.

Dr. Hines: Would you like to do more DNA work? Find out who the biological father is?

David: No. There's no need for that. Pretty sure I know who it is.

Jake: I don't understand.

Amanda: We -- we were -- we were late to the appointment to the clinic, and we ran out of gas. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere, and I knew that it was our last chance to get pregnant, or we'd have to wait another month, and even then it wouldn't be guaranteed.

Jake: That's your excuse? That's your excuse for having sex with that pig?

Amanda: Jake, it didn't mean anything. It was just a way to end this hell --

Jake: You were acting -- you were acting like you were raped. I wanted to kill him. You stood there. You said nothing when I hit him. I don't understand. I don't understand how -- oh, no, you did say something. You said, "Don't hurt him." That's what you said. You said, "Don't hurt him." Right?

Amanda: I am so sorry. I just -- I wanted it to be over, so that I could be with you. And -- and it's so stupid. It is so stupid, but I just -- I just felt so trapped.

Jake: You know, if it didn't mean anything, you wouldn't have lied to me. Why did you -- you kept it from me. Why did you lie to me? Why?

Amanda: Because I knew that this would happen. I knew that you would be hurt and angry, and I never wanted to hurt you like this. After everything that you've put up with. I hate what I did. And I am so sorry. Please. Say something.

Jake: He got what he wanted, didn't he? He got you.

Amanda: No. No --

Jake: He wanted you, he always wanted you, and you gave in. Is that it? You just couldn't resist him anymore? Is that it?

Amanda: Jake, that's not it. I just -- my God.


Tad: That was one hell of a kiss.

Krystal: You're one hell of a kisser.

Tad: Now what?

Krystal: Well, why don't you tell me about your trip? Um, where'd you go? What -- what were you doing?

Tad: Zach hired me to find Aidan and Kendall.

Krystal: Did you?

Tad: Yeah. It wasn't pretty.

Krystal: What happened?

Tad: Long story. The short version is I guess I'm not so thrilled that I put on my P.I. cap again, took the case.

Krystal: I -- I thought you missed all that P.I. work.

Tad: Missed parts of it. The challenge. The puzzle-solving. Things like that. But -- I'm kinda over getting into other people's problems, you know? Airing their dirty laundry and in general making them miserable.

Krystal: Well, you know, I guess the truth is everybody has their darker side.

Tad: I didn't. For a while there. After I got shot, I was sir chuckles-a-lot. I miss that. I miss a lot of things.

Krystal: What is it you really want, Tad?

Tad: I want to be happy. I want the people I love to be happy, you know? I want to have fun. I don't want to have to take a piece of lead in the brain to do it. I don't know, Krys. I feel like I -- I need something new to pour myself into. You know what I mean?

Krystal: Hold that thought.

Tad: What are you doing?

Krystal: Maybe I can help. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Tad: What are you up to?

Krystal: [Humming] Well, you know that I was considering rebuilding The Comeback, but I decided I wasn't gonna do that. I mean, even rebuilt, that place was gonna be too much of a reminder. So, I'm gonna sell the lot. I'm gonna find someplace completely different. I am gonna take the insurance money to build -- this.

[Tad whistles as Krystal unfolds an architect's plans and giggles]

Krystal: Now, this is all just preliminary stuff until I find a site.

Tad: A bar?

Krystal: Yeah, kind of a bar without booze. Sodas and -- and coffees. You know, like the old-time drugstores used to do.

Tad: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Soda fountain.

Krystal: Desserts and candy. Yeah, yeah. Jars and jars of candy all over the walls. Fresh-baked cookies. Sweet rolls. You know, just pure decadence. It's a blast from the past. Oh, look. And when the lights go down, this area right over here, that becomes a stage for live music. What do you think?

Tad: I think I love it.

[Krystal squeals]

Krystal: I do, too. I love it. I just don't know what to call it.

Tad: Well, all that sugar and caffeine you're gonna be shoving across the counter, you could always call it "The Coma."

Liza: All right, you. I will see you later. Be good. Be good. Oh, God. All right. I'll talk to you later, ok?

Bailey: Ok.

[Door closes]

Bailey: Damon. Hey, it's me. What was with that weird text before? No, it just seems like you're, I don't know, spying on me or something. What?

[Knocking on door]

Damon: Surprise.

Bailey: What are you doing here?

Damon: I wanted to see you. You did invite me, you know.

Bailey: I did?

Damon: Still have it in here. In your text last night, you said you wanted to see me again.

Bailey: Yeah. Um, I thought you'd at least give me a heads-up.

Damon: Well, didn't want to wait. I got here a little while ago. I saw Liza coming in, so I hung around, hoping she might leave, and my wish was granted.

Bailey: So, do you want to see Stuart?

Damon: You're not gonna believe this, but -- I do. I couldn't stop thinking about him.

Bailey: I've been trying to get him to go to sleep.

Damon: Wow. What a trip. I'm a dad. I missed you. Both of you. I've been trying to -- figure things out. What comes next.

Bailey: Me, too.

D.A. Willis: Are you saying you've done something to your wife?

Zach: What I'm saying, D.A. Willis, is that I don't know where Kendall is. I'm packing up her stuff.

Jesse: Um -- let me handle this, ok? What's going on, Zach?

Zach: What's going on? People make choices. The choice has been made here. Kendall is with Aidan now.

Jesse: You gotta be kidding me.

Zach: Yeah. I'm a kidder. It's what I do. Do you have a favorite charity? Some of this is good stuff. Some of this might look good on you, maybe.

Jesse: Nice.

Zach: I could call the Miranda Center.

Jesse: So, what makes you think the two of them are together now?

Zach: Why don't you go and find them? Ask them yourself? I'm trying to get rid of everything that reminds me of her.

Jesse: But everything we did to keep her out of prison, man, get the charges dropped. It was all to get her to come home to be with you and your boys.

Zach: Yep. Welcome to the sucker club. Here. Why don't you help me?

[Knocking on door]

David: What do you want?

Liza: I'm representing Adam, Annie, and Scott.

David: Congratulations. I hope you make a lot of money. Now, if you don't mind, it's kind of late. I'd appreciate it if you'd come back another time.

Liza: Well, I -- I need some answers.

David: You sure about that? In this life, you don't really want the answers.

Liza: Ahem. The drugs that were found in Adam's system the night of the murder. Apparently, they were administered to him by one of your nurses, who was taking care of him at home. And by the police reports filed, she left town and hasn't been heard from since may, when she left the hospital.

[David recalls playing the piano with Trevor in his lap, then kisses him, and recalls happier days with Amanda and the baby]

Liza: David? David, are you all right? Is -- is everything all right? Is something wrong?

David: Children. They come into your life, and you love them. That's all they really want. Love. And they give you back so much more in return, don't they? [Toy rattles] Joy. Wonderment. Such innocence. Still untouched by the ugliness of the world outside. We take them for granted, don't we? Feel that bond would never be broken once it's formed. Can't even imagine that joy, that child, can be snatched away in a heartbeat.

Liza: David, did something happen to Trevor?

[Toy clatters]

David: I was talking about your baby. What are you doing here? What the hell are you running around town at this time of night trying to dig up dirt for the Chandlers? Why aren't you with your baby? Please tell me you didn't leave him with that teenager that you let into your life.

Liza: We're not talking about my child right now.

David: Do you realize what kind of risk you're taking? Leaving your son with his biological mother? She could snatch your kid like that, in a heartbeat. And if she did, you'd have nobody else to blame but yourself.

Liza: Ok, well, this is obviously not a very good time for an interview. I will come back tomorrow. Excuse me.

[Door closes]

Nanny: Dr. Hayward? Are you all right? I thought I heard loud voices down here.

David: Bring me my son.

Jake: How long you been sick?

Amanda: A few days.

Jake: Something else you neglected to tell me. So you're probably pregnant, which is the only reason that you told me you had sex with David. Because you can't carry a child and all that guilt at the same time, right?

Amanda: No. No, Jake. I told you because I couldn't -- I couldn't keep lying to you. I hated what I did. I hate what I did. I hate myself. I -- I didn't want David. I don't want David. This was all about the deal that -- that --

Jake: The deal did not include you having sex with David! The deal did not include that.

Amanda: But the results will be the same. You, me, and Trevor. That is everything that I want. Please, Jake -- please. Try to understand.

Jake: You want me to understand? You want me to understand? You were gonna have a conception through artificial insemination, right? That does not mean having sex in the back of a car. You want me to be clinical? You want me to think that that's clinical? I'm sorry. I can't do that. The way I look at it, it's a betrayal. You betrayed me. You betrayed us. And that betrayal is gonna produce a child. You want me to live with that child for the rest of my life? Do you?

Amanda: It was a mistake.

Jake: I cannot live with that for the rest of my life! I can't. I'm sorry. I can't even stay in my own house.

Amanda: Please don't go! [Sobbing]

Damon: He looks like you.

Bailey: No.

Damon: He's got your ears. Think he can pick out a bull crap artist when he hears one?

Bailey: You think I can?

Damon: You've called me on my crap more than once.

Bailey: Yeah. True.

Damon: I just hope he doesn't inherit my crap.

[Bailey laughs]

[Door opens as Damon and Bailey kiss]

Liza: Hey, I'm -- what the hell is he doing here? Get out.

Bailey: Liza, wait --

Liza: The last time that you were here, I warned you never to come back here again. Now you have five seconds to get out of this house before I call the cops.

Damon: Easy. I'm leaving.

Liza: No chit-chatting. Now! [Scoffs] Why did you let him back in this house?

Bailey: He wanted to see Stuart.

Liza: Right. That's why I saw him seducing you when I walked in here.

Bailey: He's Stuart's father, ok? He cares about that baby.

Liza: All that guy cares about is some fast cash.

Bailey: That's what I thought at first, too, ok? But he was just freaked out at first.

Liza: He's only freaked out, because he left you the last time with an empty wallet. Bailey, look. I didn't want to tell you this before, but the last time that he was here, he tried to extort money from me. He told me that he can -- he could lead you on and get you to leave Stuart if the price was right.

Bailey: You're lying.

Liza: Oh, God, I wish I was. Believe me. He left you once. He has not changed. He's trying to use you and Stuart. I'm not gonna let that happen. Damon was very clear. He said to me that he could get you to leave Stuart if the price was right.

Bailey: Yeah, well, if that's true, then why did you wait until now to tell me?

Liza: Because I didn't want to see you hurt. I knew that you had feelings for this guy.

Bailey: You don't know anything.

Liza: Listen, I do know that the smartest thing that you can do is to forget about him. You focus on getting your life back.

Bailey: What life?

Liza: You're a strong woman. You're smart. You're capable. You have tons of potential. You need to focus on going back to college, getting your career. Damon is the kind of guy that's gonna do nothing but hold you back.

Bailey: Who's really holding me back? You've got me here as some glorified baby-sitter while you run off and play hot-shot lawyer.

Liza: Ok, that is not true. You are not a glorified baby-sitter. I am trying to help you.

Bailey: I don't need your help. I don't want your help. So, leave me the hell alone.

[Stuart crying]

[Bailey runs out of the apartment]

Liza: Oh, baby. I know. I know. Come here. Come here. Come here. Come here. Come here. Come here. Come here.

Tad: I'm impressed. I really love it. Just tell me how I can help.

Krystal: You just did. You gave it the Tad Martin seal of approval.

Tad: I know how important that is.

[Jake enters the house]

Krystal: Ruh-roh.

Tad: You -- you don't look so hot.

Jake: Well, I have a good reason. What's your excuse?

Krystal: Um, what can we do?

Jake: Nothing. It's pretty much done.

Tad: Oh, God. Is it Amanda? Is she ok?

Jake: Her little arrangement with David took a -- a weird turn. He got what he wanted.

Tad: Oh, Lord. She's pregnant?

Jake: Could be. I don't know. Possibly. Doesn't matter, though. She gave in to him. She decided to make a baby with David the old-fashioned way.

Zach: That's the last of it.

Jesse: Zach. She loves you. You love her. She has been through hell and back. Both of you, man. Who knows what went down between the two of them out there on the run? One thing I do know is the two of you are meant to be together.

Zach: That's a really nice story. Would you like a cocktail?

Jesse: You still love her.

Zach: There are two things you can do. You can stay here and have a drink with me, or you can go home.

Jesse: You need to admit that you still love your wife.

Zach: Yes, Jesse. I still love her. That doesn't just go away. Yeah. I still love Kendall. And I'm gonna find a way to cut her out of my heart, bury it, get on with my life.

Rachael: I'm sorry for interrupting.

Zach: That's ok. What's wrong? What's up?

Rachael: He's a little fussy. He wouldn't settle for me reading him a story. He wants his dad.

Zach: Do you want me? You want your dad? Ha ha. Go take a break. I got him.

Rachael: Thanks.

[Ian fussing]

Zach: Grr. You want me to read you a story? Is that what you want?

Jesse: Listen, man. Zach, thanks for the drink. We'll talk tomorrow, huh?

Zach: All right. Say, "See you later, Jesse."

Jesse: See ya.

Zach: You want me to read you a story? Do you? I know you want your mom to read it to you but --

Ian: Ahh! Ahh!

Zach: It's gonna be my job from now on. Gotta read this one? Why don't you read it to me?

Ian: Oh!

Zach: Grr -- ahh.

Ian: Ahh!

Zach: All right. Check this out. "Yoko's -- " all right.

[David plays his piano while holding Trevor]

David: I never doubted it. Never even considered the possibility that you weren't mine. The moment I looked into your eyes, I felt like I was looking into a mirror. And even now -- all I see is my boy. My son. That's right. Oh, man. I just want to forget this stupid DNA test ever happened. Just want to go back to before, you know? What would you do if you found out, huh? Ten, 20 years down the road. What would you think? Would you hate me for keeping this from you? For not telling you the truth? Would I lose you then? Would you understand? [Kiss] Oh, Trevor, Trevor. Come on. Come on.

[David plays the same classical tune while at her home Liza holds her baby and Zach holds Ian at his place while Amanda opens up a home-pregnancy test]

David: Come on. It's time for bed. [Kiss]

Krystal: It's not all his fault, you know.

Jake: It's both of their faults.

Krystal: Just like when David went after me. It wasn't all his fault then, either. I let him draw me in, and that's what Amanda has done. With your support, I might add.

Jake: Are you trying to make me feel better? You're doing a good job.

Krystal: I'm sorry, Jake, but I warned you both. I told Amanda not to move in with him. And you, you never should've made that deal for another baby. Come on. You know that was bound to come back and bite you.

Jake: Well, we thought we had it under control.

Tad: Well, there's your first mistake. Nobody controls Hayward. As much as it stings, Krystal's absolutely right. You've gotta get Amanda out of that house. The sooner the better. Break that ridiculous contract. You -- you gotta fight back, kiddo. You gotta fight for your wife.

Jake: I don't -- I don't think I can -- how do you forgive something like this? And if you do -- if you do forgive it -- how do you forget it?

Krystal: Jake, you accused Amanda of giving in. If you walk away from her right now, you'd be doing exactly the same thing. Giving in. He wins, you lose.

[Jenny fussing on baby monitor]

Tad: You want to take care of her?

Krystal: Talk some sense into him.

Tad: Yeah. What she said.

Jake: She was never gonna tell me. I -- I had to force it out of her.

Tad: Well, of course, you did. You can't blame her for that. Amanda's scared to death she's gonna lose you. Or that Hayward finds some perverted way of using it to get you to give up. You aren't, are you?

Amanda: You happy? Jake left. He walked out on me.

David: Why would he do that?

Amanda: I told him what you and I did.

David: I guess he didn't take it too well.

Amanda: It was all for nothing. Nothing. You son of a bitch. I'm not even pregnant.

David: No. Of course, you're not.

[Doorbell rings]

Zach: Yes?

Kat: Hi. Are you Zach Slater?

Zach: I am. Who are you?

Kat: It doesn't really matter. I run a boarding house in Peyton, Ohio.

Zach: Go on.

Kat: So, there were two people staying with me for a while recently. A man I used to know -- Aidan Devane -- and a woman. But they just took off in the middle of the night. But I figured out who the woman was. I saw a news story about the great Chandler murder. There were pictures of her, of your wife Kendall.

Zach: What do you want from me?

Kat: I don't want anything from you. She -- she left this at the boarding house. I thought you might want it.

Zach: You thought wrong.

Liza: Hey. I'm glad you're home. I was starting to worry.

Bailey: You're not my mom, you know. You don't need to worry about me.

Liza: I know. I'm not your mother. I'm just here trying to be a friend to you. Can you please sit down? Let's talk.

Bailey: It won't do any good. I'm not staying.

Liza: Um, what?

Bailey: I need to think about my life, and I need to think about Stuart. Everything. And I cannot do that here. I need to go somewhere else. And I need to go with Stuart. I need time alone with my baby to figure out what I'm going to do.

[Zach goes to throw away Kendall's stuff and finds an envelope by the front door containing Kendall's wedding ring]

Jake: I never, ever wanted to give in to David. Ever.

Tad: So, don't. Don't turn your back on Amanda. Get out there and fight for her.

Jake: Tad, I have been fighting for months. Ever since I found out that she was carrying David's child, I have fought for her and the little boy. I love that kid. Wh-where has it gotten me? What have I got to show for it? I keep going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. She agrees to move in with -- with him, I fight for her. She -- she agrees to have another child with him, I fight for her. She has sex with him? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What am I -- what is it that I'm fighting for, exactly?

Tad: Your future together.

Jake: Really? What future is that? Nothing's gonna change. Do you see that? Nothing. I can't keep fighting for the rest of my life for -- for a losing battle. She had sex with him. She had sex with him! And you know what else is never gonna change? The fact that Trevor will always, always be David's son. Always.

Amanda: You wanted this to happen. This was all part of your plan, right? You wanted as many shots at getting me pregnant as possible, so that we could keep trying. Maybe, just maybe it might bring us closer together, right? I mean, that's what was going on in your sick mind, wasn't it? This is not fair. I have had to sacrifice everything for you.

David: What can I do for you, Amanda?

Amanda: I don't know, but do something. Make it so that we never had sex. Make my -- my husband come back to me. Make this whole nightmare be over with. Do something. Give me something.

David: Maybe there is something I can do for you. A way to make this all up to you.

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