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Zach's voice: I close my eyes and it's black. But there's comfort in the dark. Peace. And for a moment, one moment, the memories come. Slash through me like a knife. I open my eyes -- and I'm all alone.

[Doorbell rings]

Zach: Ah.

Liza: Amazing news. Adam confessed. Kendall can come home.

Zach: Kendall will never set foot in this house again.

J.R.: It's old news. Toss it.

Marissa: Well, don't you want to talk about it?

J.R.: Adam killed Uncle Stuart. He's going to prison, end of story.

Marissa: Well, can you at least tell me what you're feeling?

J.R.: Nothing. I cut Adam loose. Which means I shouldn't care. And I don't.

Marissa: He's your father. You have to care.

Kat: Who the hell are you?

Tad: Where's Kendall?

Erica: Tad, it's Erica. Tad, you've got to help me. I'm desperate. Please, Tad, you have to find Kendall. Zach is not giving any information. I'm really counting on you, Tad, please. And get back to me as soon as you can. I'm at Pine Valley Hospital. Please, get back to me as soon as you know anything. David --

David: Yes?

Erica: Any change?

David: Even if Annie could fight, I don't think she could win.

Erica: Isn't there anything you can do?

David: I think it's time to say good-bye.

Emma: Can I say a prayer, Daddy?

Ryan: Of course, you can.

Emma: Please give Mommy a miracle, so she'll wake up. Please don't take her away.

Adam: Annie, wake up, so I can tell you how sorry I am. I mean, just like the rest of them, I turned against you, because I didn't think your love was real. Huh. But it is real. I know that now. So, please, wake up, my angel. Come back to me.

Annie: Adam?

Adam: Annie -- you're alive! 

Officer: Hey, where are you going?

Adam: I need a doctor. My wife's awake. She's awake.

David: Nurse, come with me. Yeah, just stay out there.

Erica: All right, just let them work.

Adam: It's a miracle.

Ryan: I'll be right back, ok, Ems? So?

Scott: Annie made it through the night. More than any of us expected.

Ryan: [Sighs] I thought you were here to tell me something very different.

Scott: I came here to pray. Just like you. Annie loves that little girl more than anything.

Ryan: She's been very brave.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: She is, but this is -- this is really tough on her.

Scott: Yeah.

Ryan: It's been tough on you, too, hasn't it? I mean, you really fell for Annie. It wasn't just her seducing you or anything else.

Scott: What I feel doesn't matter. It really doesn't. My father is dead. Annie will be next, along with the baby -- Adam's baby.

Ryan: Ahem -- well, I'm going to get back to Emma.

Scott: Hey -- um -- Annie loves my uncle. And she will go to her grave loving him. You want to know what my prayer is? That after all the hell she has been through in life, death will finally bring her some peace.

Erica: Annie's awake.

Annie: Where's Adam?

David: Try not to talk. You'll see him soon.

Annie: He's here?

David: Unfortunately for you, that won't be for long. The cops are here with him, ready to take him to jail for killing Stuart.

Annie: Adam will be another victim. So many victims.

Jesse: So what's the holdup?

D.A. Willis: Well, the murder charges against Kendall Slater will be dropped when she resurfaces. As for the charges connected to her escape, that's a different story.

Jesse: Come on. It's not like this was some random prison break. You can explain that to the judge.

D.A. Willis: Oh, and I plan to. As for the other Chandlers, Annie and Scott, they covered for the real killer. I have to review their roles before making a decision about charges. Just wait for my word before making any arrests.

[Jesse sighs]

Natalia: Hey.

Jesse: Hey.

Natalia: So, is it finally over? I mean, will the right people, the guilty people actually be punished this time?

Jesse: Let's hope so. But our job is done. The cop's job is to get to the truth. The rest we got to leave up to the boys in the black robes.

Natalia: You know, I -- I wanted to tell you, I finally get it.

Jesse: You get what?

Natalia: That there isn't always a straight path to the truth. I mean, police work isn't necessarily black and white. There are some gray areas.

Jesse: Well, smell your big brain. Where did you pick that one up?

Natalia: From the best cop I know.

Jesse: What, you want some money now?

Natalia: Certainly doesn't hurt.

Kat: I get a lot of people in and out of here. I don't recall a Kendall.

Tad: Then by all means, let me help you out. Brown, curly hair, green eyes --

Kat: Uh-uh.

Tad: Staying with a guy named Aidan, really good-looking, funny accent.

Kat: Oh, right. The lovebirds. Except his name was Tom, and she was -- hold on, give me a second. It'll come to me. Her name was --

Tad: Hold on a sec. This is ridiculous. Just tell me. Look, I know Aidan. I was his partner. I've been here before. I've spoken with him. You said you were an old friend. You were even going to hide him and Kendall. So, for all it's worth, please, tell me where they are. I really need to know.

Kat: No, you need to let this go. Otherwise, there isn't going to be a happy ending for anyone.

Liza: Did you not just hear what I said? I have the preliminary papers here from the D.A., but the wheels are in motion here to exonerate Kendall. Well, of course, there's probably going to be some charges related to her escape, but considering the circumstances and the time already spent, this nightmare here is going to be over. Wait a second. Did something -- did something happen to Kendall? Is that why you --

Zach: You were right before. It's over. Our marriage, our life, it's --

Liza: What are you talking about? Wait, slow down.

Zach: Kendall is damaged. She's sick. And I thought me being patient and making promises would be enough. I don't know -- maybe it's -- maybe it's my fear, but I just never -- never thought she would do that again.

Liza: Aidan?

Zach: Aidan -- Aidan's nothing. Kendall is -- she's sick, damaged. She needs -- she needs some help.

Liza: Ok, it's not true. She is your wife.

Zach: Yeah, she's my wife. And she's dead to me.

J.R.: The holidays are coming up. Let's pull Little A out of school, just for a few days.

Marissa: Hmm.

J.R.: We could hop a train, we could have an adventure. What do you say?

Marissa: You want to run away.

J.R.: Yeah. From the media. Every five minutes, I have a reporter calling me. I have nothing to say to them. What?

Marissa: Stop acting like you don't care about Adam.

J.R.: He chose Annie. I chose to walk away. I had to, for my health, for my sanity, so we could move forward. I thought you supported my decision.

Marissa: Everything has changed now. Your father confessed to murder. I mean, he could go to prison for life.

J.R.: He deserves to.

Marissa: Well, did he deserve to lose his baby? And possibly his wife? You know, my dad has done some awful things, too, but ignoring it doesn't help or make it go away. I mean, yes, dealing with David can be confusing and complicated, and sometimes painful. But that's family.

J.R.: Adam's not my family. You're my family. Little A.

Marissa: But what kind of a family are we going to be? One where your son can't be honest with you? Because, you know, you haven't really been honest with Adam.

J.R.: I was going to tell him about the cancer. But every time I go to say something, he accuses me of drinking again. I reach out for my father, and the man slaps me down. No. I'm so done with him. And this conversation is over.

Marissa: No, I will not be dismissed. And I'm not going to let you dismiss Adam.

J.R.: Yeah, well, it's too late, Marissa.

Marissa: Your father needs you. If you turn your back on him now, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Ryan: Hey, you just wait right here, ok? Oh, my goodness, you're so heavy. Read the book, and I'll be back in a second, ok? I'm just going to talk to Erica down here. Ok? [Sighs]

Erica: Ryan, your daughter's a very strong little girl.

Ryan: Yeah, she is. As is your daughter. How's she doing? Any word from Kendall? Has Zach tracked her down yet?

Erica: Zach was in quite a state last night. I have many calls into him, but he's just not picking up. Tad is looking for Kendall right now. Tad is trying very hard to find Kendall. I mean, Zach is acting like he doesn't even care about Kendall anymore. He's actually saying that he doesn't even want her to come back anymore. I mean, something happened, Ryan. Something is terribly wrong.

Ryan: Ok, I'll go talk to him, ok?

Erica: Ok.

Ryan: Ok.

Erica: All right, then I'll keep an eye on Emma.

Ryan: Would you? That would be great. And Corrina is going to be here soon to pick her up. But hey, in the meantime, will you -- will you let her see that her mom's ok?

Erica: Of course, I will.

Ryan: Ok.

Erica: Thank you.

David: Your vitals are stable, Annie. I'm going to be honest with you. I didn't expect you to open your eyes, let alone show signs of recovery so quickly. I'm going to order a full battery of tests. I'd like to know what really went on here, ok? Just rest.

Adam: Annie? I was wrong about everything. So, I heard the recording you made. It was your voice, your love. And it was true. It was real.

Annie: Ahem -- what about the baby?

Adam: I am so sorry about the baby. I'm sure it would have been a beautiful child. Would have taken after its mother. And I'm so sorry I doubted you. I shouldn't have -- all the stress --

Annie: No, no. What happened -- what happened to the baby, it's not your fault.

Adam: I've caused so much pain. Losing our child -- it's part of the punishment I've been given.

Annie: I have done so much worse.

Adam: No. You saved my life. You protected me from all the memories. The horror of killing Stuart. Well, now I have to pay.

Annie: No. No. I will not let you go to prison.

Natalia: So the Chandler case is down for the count. Why don't I take you out to lunch? Let's celebrate.

Jesse: You know what? I don't think that would be right.

Natalia: But, I mean, you've worked your tail off to get to the truth. Isn't -- you did it. Aren't you allowed to be just a little happy?

Jesse: Well, a good man died for no reason here, his brother's never going to get over it, and there are still a lot of people suffering from this. I just don't think it'd be right to go out and celebrate.

Natalia: But, I mean, isn't this what you wanted? I mean, justice has been served. Adam Chandler is placed under arrest for committing the murder.

Jesse: It was an accident. This whole case was one big, ugly accident, which pretty much knocked everybody in this town on their ass. Now we got to find a way to pick up the pieces and just finally move on. Oh. Hey, what's all that?

Natalia: Well, you're not just the best cop. You're also the smartest man I know.

Jesse: You're really bucking for some money.

Officer: Chief, a call for you, line one.

Jesse: Who is it?

Officer: The D.A.

Marissa: Your father has a lot to face up to, but when he does, he at least deserves a fair trial.

J.R.: I don't know about fair. He'll win. He always does.

Marissa: Well, not this time, if you won't even fight. According to this article, he thinks that he should go to prison and never come out.

J.R.: Well, if that's what he wants, why should I stop him?

Marissa: Can you really do that? Let your own father die alone in a prison cell?

J.R.: Every time -- every time I do this, I go crawling back to him.

Marissa: Yeah, but this time, you would be going back and taking charge. You could call the shots and make the decisions. Save the family.

J.R.: Look, even if I wanted to help him, Adam shot Stuart in cold blood. How do you defend that?

Marissa: Temporary insanity. Adam wasn't of sound mind when he pulled the trigger.

J.R.: So the drugs made him do it? If you think you can sell that argument, go for it.

Marissa: Not me. I'm still a student. But we can get the best damn attorney around.

Liza: Kendall's been gone for weeks. She has a history with Aidan. Maybe you're just paranoid -- paranoid.

Zach: Paranoid, yes, maybe. Delusional, for sure. Surprised? No. I knew it was -- it was coming. It was a matter of time.

Liza: What are you talking about? You and Kendall were good.

Zach: We're always good until we're not.

Liza: Well, she's -- she's coming home.

Zach: Of course, she's coming home. For forgiveness, for her boys, for me, maybe. She's not getting any of it.

Annie: You could take it back. Recant everything. Tell the police you were -- upset about me. You just got confused.

Adam: No. No more lies, no.

Annie: Adam, you can't just give up now.

Adam: No, no. I don't -- I don't really see it that way. In a strange way, I think some time in prison might give me solace. I can never forgive myself for what I've done. But somehow, some time in prison might help me understand it.

Annie: No, Adam -- you were being drugged. You -- you didn't know what you were doing.

Adam: Yeah, well, the result was still the same, wasn't it?

Annie: Adam, please. You've been punished enough. I don't want to see you suffer any more, and neither would Stuart.

Emma: Mommy, you got your miracle!

Adam: Ah. [Chuckles]

Annie: Hi, hon. Aw. [Laughs] Hi.

Tad: Do you know who Kendall is? How many people have turned their lives upside down just so she could go home? And now when she can finally do it, after all the time she's spent here, she's gone? What sense does that make?

Kat: What are you asking me for? I don't even know this Kendall woman.

Tad: Yeah, well, you know something, obviously. I mean, what was all that nonsense about a happy ending?

Kat: She was needy, ok? Aidan took care of her. And the more time they spent together, the more she relied on him.

Tad: Of course, she relied on him.

Kat: She relied on him for the things she wasn't getting at home. Like patience and understanding.

Tad: Well, yeah, he's a friend.

Kat: A friend that Kendall was insanely attracted to. I mean, she fought it, until she couldn't anymore. I saw it happen.

Tad: She's a married woman.

Kat: Yeah. Aidan resisted. I mean, especially the way she kept mentioning her husband. I mean, she was on edge all the time. Nervous to go check the computer to find some message from him. She's --

Tad: Wait, wait, wait -- was he here? The husband? Zach Slater?

Kat: All I know is that when Kendall found out that somebody else had confessed to this big murder, she got really upset. She did not want to go back to him. She did not want to go home.

Tad: I don't believe it. Not for a second. There's no way she would abandon her kids.

Kat: Well, that part, she seemed pretty torn up about, but Aidan promised that she'd see them again soon, so they took off.

Tad: Where?

Kat: I told you, I do not know.

Tad: For God's sake, where?

Kat: They got your e-mail, ok? The one saying, "Psycho hubby might be on his way to get Kendall." So they hit the road. All right? You know Aidan so well, you find out where they went. Happy hunting.

Liza: Look, no matter what the isolation or the stress of being on the run has done to Kendall, she's going to be cleared. And when she does get cleared, she's going to come home, and she's going to need to see her children.

Zach: No.

Liza: Zach, you can't legally keep her from them. She is their mother.

Zach: I know who she is.

Liza: So she doesn't deserve to see them? You can't decide that.

Zach: I didn't decide it, she did. Her choice.

Liza: Zach, I -- I don't -- I don't think that she intended to hurt you.

Zach: Not about me. There's two innocent boys. They deserve better. They'll always deserve better. I'm done talking to you. Go home, leave. What?

Liza: What do you want me to do with these?

Zach: I don't know. Throw 'em out, burn 'em. She's not coming back here. Go home.

Liza: I -- I would turn the other way.

Zach: It's ok. Come on in. Might as well get this over with. Ahem. I'm not bringing Kendall home. There, I'm done.

Ryan: Ok. Um -- so you spent the last few months doing nothing but trying to clear Kendall's name. Now that she's free, you do this? You trash your house, you're miserable --

Zach: I'm not miserable, and not surprised.

Ryan: About what?

Zach: Different guy, different bed. Same Kendall.

Annie: Yes, I'm coming home, so I can be with you. So I can brush your hair, and read you stories, and tuck you in at night. And I want to spend every second of every day making up for what I put you through.

Emma: I kept the secret.

Annie: I know. I know you did. Mommy is so grateful. But now the secret is out, and we have to protect Adam. I love Adam very, very much. And he loves me, and -- and you know what? Your love and his love is what made me wake up. So I owe the two of you my life. And I want to spend every day making you happy forever and ever and ever. Oh -- [Chuckles]

Erica: It seems like Annie is all right. You must be so relieved. Sorry about the baby, though.

Adam: Thank you. Thank you. I'm -- I'm sure you're relieved. I'm sure Kendall's on her way home even as we speak.

Erica: Well, we're still trying to find her. I just hope she's all right.

Adam: Everything you said the other night was true. I'm the reason for Kendall's suffering. In fact, I take responsibility for everyone who was punished by that evening. What? You don't agree?

Erica: No, I -- I think you're doing the right thing.

Adam: But --

Erica: I'm just worried about Annie. That she'll sway you, that she'll try to convince you to do the wrong thing -- whatever "thing" will benefit her. Adam, please, you've just got to get away from that woman. Please don't fall under her spell again.

Adam: No, no, I didn't fall under her spell, I fell in love with her. My mistake was doubting that Annie's love was genuine.

Erica: Adam, please. Listen to me.

Adam: No, no. I'm not going to let you break us. What Annie and I have is much too strong. No one will ever destroy it.

Liza: So you couldn't tell me what this was about over the phone?

Marissa: I didn't think you'd come. It's just kind of a tricky situation.

J.R.: We want you to represent Adam.

Liza: He confessed.

Marissa: Without an attorney present.

Liza: Well, as I understand it, that was his choice. He wants to go to prison. He murdered his brother.

Marissa: Under the influence of mind-altering drugs. I mean, it was months before he even remembered what he had done. And all that time, he was controlled by Annie. He needs a real advocate, someone with no personal agenda.

Liza: Adam and I share a child together that we fought over for years. I am hardly what you --

J.R.: The D.A. will come at him with everything that he's got if you don't step in.

Liza: Ok. Maybe this murder was an accident, but Adam has hurt a lot of people. J.R., you know that better than anyone.

J.R.: Yes, I do, but if I can fight, so can you. You and Adam have had your differences, but Colby loves him. And if he goes to prison, it's just going to rip her heart out.

Marissa: We can come up with a solid defense.

Liza: Hmm. Well, that is right up my alley, defending the guy that nobody thinks stands a chance. Adam Chandler the underdog -- God, I never thought I'd see that.

J.R.: Well, there's a first time for everything.

Liza: Ok, if I decide to take this, what makes you so sure that he would even let me defend him?

J.R.: You may think otherwise, but he respects your opinion. If you talk, he will listen.

Erica: Is that really necessary?

Officer: Yup. Come on, let's go.

Corrina: Sorry I'm late.

Erica: Oh, it's -- it's ok. Emma's inside. I'll show you.

Corrina: Ok.

Erica: Emma, honey, look who's here. Corrina's here. Time to go home.

Annie: It's ok, sweetie. Why don't you go? I'll see you very soon, ok? I love you. Love you so much.

Erica: Ok.

Corrina: Hi.

Annie: Why are you still here? It's not to give me a get-well card. Do you want to apologize for all the awful things you accused me of? Go ahead.

Erica: No, I'm here to give you some advice.

Annie: I'll pass.

Erica: Leave town. Get as far away from here as possible. Try to start over. You have hurt enough people here. It's done, it's over. It's the least you could do.

Annie: You -- you really think that I would desert my daughter?

Erica: I know you would. And now, you will never get her back, not with your husband going to jail.

Annie: Adam does not belong behind bars, and you know it.

Erica: You know what? It's not up to me, and it's not up to you. It's Adam's life. It's Adam's choice.

Annie: I know it kills you that I survived, but I did. So Adam has something to fight for now -- our future.

Erica: [Sighs] A future where you do nothing, then use him, abuse him, manipulate him?

Annie: You're the one who has to face facts. Adam and I are the real deal. He is not going to go to prison. We are going to build a life together. The two of us and Emma. So you should just accept that and leave us alone. Oh, God. I'm not going to say a word against my husband, so if you're looking for me to say something, I'm not going to.

Jesse: Actually, I'm here to arrest you. Accessory to murder.

Ryan: You don't believe that, Zach. Tell me you can't possibly believe that --

Zach: Yeah. Now, please tell me you don't want to debate with me. I just gave you the facts.

Ryan: She's the mother of my child, she's the mother of your child, and now you're talking about her like --

Zach: Like she's a hooker? That's not fair to hookers. Hookers sleep with men for money. Kendall was drawn to Aidan. Hey, kind of like she was drawn to you.

Ryan: Don't go there.

Zach: Can I ask you something? How long did it take you guys to get together? Was it a couple of days or -- no, no, no. It was less than that. Because you went, you ID'd Greenlee, and then -- hmm. So a couple of hours really, right? Get out.

Ryan: What if she doesn't come back, Zach?

Zach: Oh, she'll come back. And she will ask for forgiveness. And she'll want to pick up right where she left off. And she'll want to see Ian. And I'm not going to let her. I shouldn't give you advice, but if you're smart, don't let her see Spike, either.

Ryan: You have really lost it this time, haven't you? What is going on here?

Zach: She's made her priorities very clear. She will do what she needs for herself, not for those boys. Those boys deserve better. They're not going to get hurt. That's not going to happen. And what about you? I'm sorry, but you and Erica -- that's the real deal, right? The two of you? Or are you just waiting for Kendall to be free?

[Ryan punches Zach in the jaw, but he gets right up]

Zach: I understand. You're angry. Don't lose it. Try to keep it together. Kendall screwed you over, after everything you did to save her. You know what we need? We need a shrink. Somebody that can explain why she does what she does. Maybe explain why I do what I do. I keep believing in her. I'm not very smart.

Annie: You're giving me all this crap about starting over, but you knew the whole time Jesse was on his way?

Erica: Actually, no. I didn't. But I'm thrilled. I want you to be careful in that jail cell, though. You never know who might stab you in the back.

Annie: Accessory? How? Did I -- did I put the gun in Adam's hand? Did I know that he'd be so drugged up that he would kill his own brother?

Jesse: Accessory after the fact. You knew he was guilty. And all this time, you covered it up. You lied to the police, you lied to the D.A. You let an innocent woman go to jail. You could get locked up for a long, long time behind that, Annie. Anything to say?

Annie: I want a lawyer.

Jesse: Well, guess what. You have the right to one. You also have the right to remain silent.

Scott: Why can't I go in there, hmm? What's your father doing?

Natalia: He's arresting Annie.

Scott: For what?

Jesse: Same thing I'm arresting you for. Accessory to murder.

Scott: Are you kidding?

Jesse: Cuff him.

Natalia: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can or will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one but you want one present, one will be appointed to you.

Adam: What are you doing here?

Liza: Brace yourself, Adam. I'm here to represent you.

J.R.: We know you confessed.

Marissa: And that you're ready to go to prison.

J.R.: We think there's a chance.

Marissa: A really good chance.

J.R.: If you let us.

Adam: The answer is yes. I'm grateful for your help.

Liza: Do you want to take some time and think about it?

Adam: No, no, no. I want to start fighting. I want to win so Annie and I can get back together again. What? Not part of your plan?

Erica: Ryan, it's urgent. You have to call me.

Tad: Erica, you got a sec?

Erica: Yes, of course, Tad. What is it? Is it about Kendall?

Tad: Yeah. I have some information. I was on my way to tell Zach, and I sort of changed my mind.

Erica: Oh, no, I know. Zach's in a very bad place. So what is it about Kend -- did you find her?

Tad: Yeah. I know exactly where she is, but she doesn't want to come home.

Erica: What are you talking about?

Tad: I'm sorry, kiddo, I don't know how to put this, but I think she's having an affair with Aidan. They've been on the run, and it just sort of happened.

Erica: Well, of course, that's why Zach must be so angry. I'm sure there's some explanation for this. No, I'm sure that Kendall will come home, and she'll smooth everything over.

Tad: Well, she knows Adam's confessed. She knows it's ok to come back, but she's chosen to stay with Aidan.

Ryan: And Zach has chosen to scorch the earth.

J.R.: You know, after you got those pills out of your system, I thought you'd start thinking straight again. But you're as crazy as ever.

Marissa: J.R., easy.

J.R.: No, no, Annie's the reason for all this. If she would have just came forward that night, and explained how this was an accident --

Adam: Yeah, we could keep doing the "what if's" forever. But what's done is done.

J.R.: No, not yet. You need to end this. You need to cut Annie loose.

Adam: Oh, yeah. You and a lot of other people have tried to convince me that Annie's feelings weren't genuine.

J.R.: They weren't. They never were.

Adam: What Annie and I have is real. And I'm going to beat these charges, and spend the rest of my life with her. So what do you say, counselor? Are you still on board? I didn't think so. They arrested you?

Scott: No, not just me. They arrested Annie, too.

Tad: I looked through a computer that Aidan was using, and I found a bunch of maps and driving directions for Los Angeles.

Ryan: Los Angeles? That's where Kendall and Aidan are headed?

Tad: Yeah, it looks that way. But I don't think it would be a very good idea to search for them. I'm sure when she's ready, Kendall will come home and give people some answers. I mean, she can't stay away from her kids forever.

Ryan: Ok, thanks, Tad. I appreciate it.

Erica: Thank you.

Ryan: Ok. I mean, he's right. I mean, Tad -- Tad's right. Kendall can't stay away from her kids forever. It's got to be killing her just to be away from the boys. She's got to be on her way back soon. Ok? Why don't we just step back a little bit, trust that, and let -- let Zach handle this?

Erica: Are you kidding? We have worked way too hard to bring Kendall back. There's no way that Kendall could abandon her family. I mean, I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to find out, because I'm going to Los Angeles.

Zach: What do you want?

Man: A delivery.

Zach: I didn't order anything.

Man: Yes, sir. Thanksgiving turkey. We usually leave it with your wife.

[Sighing, Zach pays the delivery man and takes the turkey inside where he sits gazing at a picture of him and Kendall]

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