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Episode #10255

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Ryan: Hey, I got your message. What's going on?

Erica: I saw Scott, and he claims he never slept with Annie. He firmly believes that that baby is Adam's.

Ryan: It doesn't matter, Erica. Our plan is about doubt. Ok, right now, Adam is not confessing, because he believes he's got a child on the way. We just need to put some doubt into his mind, doubt that this child isn't his, and he's gonna do the rest for us. There's gonna be no reason for him not to confess.

Zach: Whatever you're gonna do, do it quickly, 'cause Kendall's coming home.

Kat: What do you think? It's a real bargain.

Kendall: Yeah, maybe if they paid you to take it.

Kat: I don't know. Get some great beers on tap, maybe put a vintage bike on display, and then just crank some high-decibel heavy metal. It's sort of a gold mine.

Kendall: Yeah, if it doesn't fall apart first. Why did you bring me here?

Kat: Uh, second opinion.

Kendall: You just wanted to get me out of the house.

Kat: And you're paranoid. I'm thinking flat-screen TV, like --

Kendall: All right, what's going on?

Kat: I told him you wouldn't fall for it.

Kendall: Told who what?

Kat: Tom. He's planning a big surprise for you.

[As a vehicle approaches and its door opens and closes, Aidan hides behind the door with a bottle in his hand. Footsteps approach and Tad walks into Kat's boarding house.]

Tad: No, thanks. I'm not thirsty.

[Phone rings]

Annie: Are you all right?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, except for the bombs going off in my head.

Cop: You're free to go.

Scott: Thanks for paying my bail.

Annie: Drunk and disorderly? That's so not you.

Scott: Yeah. Ha ha. Seems like I been doing all kinds of things that aren't me lately.

Annie: Hey, whatever. Forget that. Listen to me, Adam set us up.

Scott: What?

Annie: The business trip? Nonexistent. Adam turned on a surveillance camera before he left, so everything we said was on a disk. Me talking about faking a pregnancy, the miscarriage, you helping me --

Scott: The kiss?

Annie: Yeah, front and center.

Scott: Aw, damn it.

Annie: But it's ok. Adam didn't watch it.

Scott: Huh?

Annie: He asked me what was on the disk, I told him nothing, he believed me, and he burned it.

Scott: How do you do it?

Annie: Well, it's not done yet. We have to get our stories straight.

Scott: Yeah, let's do that. And why don't you tell me what that is. I would really like to know.

[While Adam watches the DVD of Scott and Annie kissing, the front door slams]

J.R.: What the hell is that message about? You want to talk about Little Adam? If you even think for a second that you're gonna fight me for custody --

Adam: This isn't about Little Adam.

J.R.: Yeah, but your message said --

Adam: It was the only way I could get you here.

[Adam shows J.R. the computer screen]

Adam: What you told me, what you said about them, you were right. About everything.

[Adam turns on the DVD]

Scott: Yeah, um, I guess all this lying has really taken it out of you.

Annie: You think I enjoyed that? You think I wanted to pretend to be pregnant? Or pretend to have a miscarriage? And then I find out that I really am pregnant? Do you know what a shock all that was?

Scott: Yeah, one that saved your ass.

[Adam turns off the DVD]

Adam: I know you tried to warn me again about her, and I just wouldn't listen.

J.R.: And now you're all ears? Kick her out. Have the marriage annulled. And while you're at it, you might want to cut Scotty boy loose. Kind of blew that whole best man job thing.

Adam: I know we've had our differences in the past, but I'm hoping we can put them aside and reconcile.

J.R.: You've got to be kidding me.

Adam: I need you, J.R.

J.R.: No. You don't want to be alone. You haven't even kicked Annie and Scott out of the house, and you're already bringing in the replacement.

Adam: You're my son, my own flesh and blood.

J.R.: And you would pick a bum up off the street if it meant that you didn't have to be alone with your conscience and Uncle Stuart's ghost.

Adam: Doesn't family mean anything to you?

J.R.: Yes, my family! My family. Marissa, Little Adam, Colby. You want my advice? Either learn to live with your lying, cheating wife, your nephew, and that little brat that's probably not even yours -- or turn yourself in for killing Uncle Stuart.

Adam: J.R., please, I need you.

J.R.: No, you need a buffer, someone to share the misery with, so it doesn't chew you down to nothing. Well, I'll tell you something, Dad, it's not gonna be me.

Annie: We haven't done anything wrong. Adam is alive and out of prison because of us. We protected him, and we will continue to protect him.

Scott: Yeah. With the occasional stolen kiss just to keep things interesting.

Annie: Ok, I have not enjoyed lying just as much as you haven't enjoyed it, but look, we're so close. We're so close to getting everything we wanted.

Scott: We? No, no. You. Me, I want out.

Annie: No, you don't.

Scott: I do. I want out of the house, I want out of this town. I'm going to pack my things. I'm going back to Chicago. No more lies. No more stories. No more -- no more moments of weakness.

Annie: You know what? How can you be so selfish?

Scott: Selfish?

Annie: Adam needs you. I need you. You can't leave. Ahh --

Tad: It's kind of quiet for a boarding house.

Aidan: That's why I used it.

Tad: It's not exactly up to Myrtle's standards, is it?

Aidan: So, you checking in or you just driving past?

Tad: I'm here because of Zach. He wants Kendall home.

Aidan: Oh, that's great news then. Adam Chandler confessed to Stuart's murder. Kendall can go home now, right?

Tad: No, not exactly. Actually, none of the above, but he's fairly concerned.

Aidan: He is.

Tad: Yeah.

Aidan: About what?

Tad: About you. About the fact that his wife is relying on you for absolutely everything. I'm sure you understand.

Aidan: Completely. Zach's paranoid.

Tad: I'm not so sure. I mean, it wouldn't be the first time that you and Kendall had been alone together.

Aidan: That was a long time ago. The safest place for Kendall is right here with me, not back in Pine Valley with Zach.

Tad: It's not your call.

Aidan: Look, Zach is too emotionally involved, all right? And my main priority is to keep Kendall safe, and the last time we saw Zach, he had a bunch of Feds chasing his tail, which I don't think is a very smart move.

Tad: Of course, he's emotionally involved, Fish and Chips, he's her husband.

Aidan: He's a loose cannon, and if he cares about Kendall's safety, then he'll stay the hell away until this is all over.

Tad: I want to talk to her.

Aidan: You don't trust me?

Tad: Of course, I do. I'd just like to hear it from her, so that I have something to report to Zach.

Aidan: She's not here.

Tad: I guess I'll have to wait.

Aidan: I don't think you should.

Kat: Most women would be stoked if their guy wanted to surprise them.

Kendall: I am. I'm -- I'm stoked. Uh, Tom's a great guy, he is, but what we have is temporary. I have a husband.

Kat: Oh. Um, are you going back to him? If a guy like Tom came into my life, I'd be ass over boots for him.

Kendall: Huh. Well, what Tom and I have, it just -- it isn't meant to be.

Kat: Huh. Sometimes it's just out of your hands.

Ryan: I'll call you back. What are you -- what are you talking about Kendall's coming home?

Zach: Gonna bring her back here. This is taking too long.

Ryan: We have a plan, Zach, to bring her back.

Zach: It's taking too long. I can't have Aidan and Kendall out there. They're gonna get caught.

Ryan: And you think it's gonna be better in Pine Valley with cops watching you 24/7? They're after her. You can't protect her.

Zach: I can protect her. I have protected her. She was never in prison.

Ryan: What?

Zach: I hired a double. She went to prison. Kendall was in a secret room that I built at the house.

Ryan: That's why she wouldn't want visitors in prison.

Zach: And the double would still be there if she hadn't gotten stabbed.

Ryan: Ok, so that's why she's on the run. Otherwise she'd have to go to prison.

Zach: Mm-hmm. I'm gonna bring Kendall back here. Use that room again.

Ryan: No, no, Zach. What is this? This is too risky.

Zach: Risky? You know what's risky? Her out there with Aidan. You said yourself that Adam's gonna confess soon, so we're safe, right?

Ryan: It's not that simple, Zach. We need more time.

Zach: I'm out of time, Ryan.

Ryan: Adam was here, last night, checking in, ok? We need to give him a little space in order for this to work. He suspects Annie and Scott's trying to set him up. It is working.

Zach: It's working?

Ryan: Yes. We're very close. Just because it's not on your schedule, don't mess this up.

Zach: I should have done this myself.

Ryan: Really? And what would you have done? Strangle a confession out of him?

Zach: Whatever it takes.

J.R.: I don't think choking him will be necessary.

Tad: Why don't you want me to see Kendall?

Aidan: Whew. Uh, Tad, it's just -- it's complicated.

Tad: Complicated how?

Aidan: Kendall, she -- she's not doing good. She misses home, and she misses Zach and the boys.

Tad: Which is totally understandable. That's why she's lucky to have you. As a friend.

Aidan: Yeah, a friend that they can always rely on. Way too much.

Tad: What does that mean?

Aidan: She's vulnerable.

Tad: Well, that's all the more reason for her to get back home to Zach.

Aidan: Look, I'm handling this, ok? I'm handling it just fine. Hiding out of sight is Kendall's best bet.

Tad: I still want to see her.

Aidan: Why? What's gonna happen then? If Kendall sees you, she might freak out, and she might want to run back to Pine Valley. I can't take that risk.

Tad: Well, maybe going home isn't such a risk.

Aidan: The last time Zach hid Kendall, I found her, and I wasn't the only one.

Tad: He misses his wife.

Aidan: I'm sure he does, Tad, but the problem is with those two they act on their emotions, and that's exactly what's gonna get Kendall caught. The best way to handle this is to be cool and rational.

Tad: You?

Aidan: Yes, me. So you can tell Zach that Kendall misses him and misses the kids, but this is the way it has to be. And if he really wants to keep her safe, well, then he'll understand.

Tad: Aidan, we all want to keep Kendall safe.

Kendall: Looks like the last customer had a long tail and beady eyes.

Kat: Gross.

Kendall: Mmm.

Kat: All right, maybe this place isn't such a good buy. We should be getting back.

Kendall: Yeah, I was ready to go about an hour ago.

Kat: Hey, about Tom, what I said about you and him, it's none of my business. It's your business. Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic. Let's go.

[Kendall flashes back to the past]

Zach: To you, my wife. Home at last. Home where you belong.

Kendall: Home because of you. You kept me safe. You believed in me and our love, that it would bring us back together.

Zach: Always only you.

[Glasses clink]

Kat: Yo, Sarah! Come on. Let's go.

[Door closes]

Annie: Adam. What's wrong?

Adam: You never came home last night.

Annie: You heard. Don't worry. Nobody else will find out. I took care of everything.

Adam: I'm not surprised.

Annie: Well, Scott had a little too much to drink and the cops don't have a sense of humor, and they charged him with being drunk and disorderly.

Adam: Oh, the nerve. Huh.

Scott: Yeah, I was stupid.

Adam: Yeah.

Annie: Yeah, well, luckily he called me, and I bailed him out before any of the press could hear, so --

Adam: Yeah, well, some things leaked out, because I've got the whole thing on here.

Annie: Unbelievable. Oh, well, I guess a reporter must have paid off a cop or something. It's so typical. Don't worry, by the time I'm finished, this will all be buried.

Adam: Yes, well, what do you think? What you did, do you think it'll stay buried?

Scott: I said it was stupid.

Adam: Yeah, well, did you think at all about what it might do to family and friends?

Scott: It won't happen again.

Adam: Oh, that's a hard promise to keep.

Annie: Trust me, this will all be forgotten by tonight.

Adam: What I saw was pretty damming.

Annie: Come on, it can't be that bad. Let me see.

Adam: Vivid, isn't it?

Annie: Y-you said this was about Scott's arrest.

Adam: No, I didn't. You did.

Annie: You told me you destroyed that DVD. You lied.

Adam: And you thought you were the master of deception in this house.

J.R.: You want to bring my father to his knees? You're real close.

Ryan: Why? What happened?

J.R.: He saw some surveillance footage of Annie and Scott kissing, how she initially made up the pregnancy, how Scott helped her conceal the lies.

Ryan: We've got him.

J.R.: No. When I saw him, he hadn't confronted Annie yet.

Ryan: I mean, it's only a matter of time, right? A confession can't be that far --

J.R.: Yeah, well, why? What are you gonna do, celebrate? Yeah, you'll get your truth, but it's gonna gut Adam. Cheers.

Zach: I'll believe it when I see it.

Ryan: See, why? Why do you got to do that? Why can't you just let Kendall have a little bit of hope?

Zach: Because the end game has slipped through our fingers enough times already. You know what this is, Ryan Lavery? It's another shot in the dark.

Aidan: I hope you're hungry. You don't like it?

Kendall: No. No. It's great. It's just a surprise.

Aidan: Kat told you, didn't she?

Kendall: Just that you were planning something. She, uh, she's out working on her bikes, wanted to give us some time alone.

Aidan: Well, I got you grilled chicken. I know you like it. What's up?

Kendall: Aidan -- after everything that happened, after all that stuff that you said about us and you being worried that we might sleep together, then I come here, and you've got this. You've got candles and wine and a romantic dinner. I mean, what are you trying to do?

Aidan: I'm just, uh, listen, I'm trying to apologize, ok. You're on the run, you're facing 15 years to life, you miss home, and then you have me adding to your stress by telling you how I feel. I wanted to do this, you know, to say sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.

Kendall: Well, you're the one who slept in the chair.

Aidan: Listen, it was a mistake. And I'm sorry. But it wasn't you that stirred up my feelings.

Kendall: Greenlee?

Aidan: Yeah, it was Greenlee. You know, our relationship didn't end -- when she died. It ended when she told me that she was in love with Ryan, and I acted all jealous and possessive and careless and --

Kendall: Well, you just carried it a little too far.

Aidan: Yeah. Well, for that kind of love, I don't do anything halfway. It's all or nothing.

Annie: Ok, I lied to you about the security footage, but only because I knew it would hurt you. That kiss meant nothing.

Adam: Well, that's the same thing you claimed the last time I caught you having -- and I told you to keep your lips off my wife. I trusted you.

Scott: I'm sorry.

Adam: No, no, you're not. Not yet. What do you want? I killed your father, you're gonna steal my wife?

Scott: No.

Adam: That's -- well, what a better way to punish me. Brilliant move! You're a Chandler!

Scott: Uncle Adam, I love you. I would never hurt you.

Annie: Adam, please, if you watch the rest of that footage, you'll see us talking about how we love you and how we were trying to protect you and want to continue to protect you.

Adam: I've seen that, every bloody foot of it, every inch! It's seared into my brain. You faked your pregnancy, you faked your miscarriage, you made me believe you lost a child that never existed.

Annie: But this baby does exist now.

Adam: No. What you wanted to do was find a stable room in this house. That's what it's been like from the very beginning.

Annie: Ok, I admit it, that at first I saw an instant opportunity. Ok, I confessed that before, but since then, I really did fall in love with you.

Adam: No. Not me. Him.

Annie: No, no. You. It was only you. And I know you love me, too.

Adam: No. You never loved me. Never.

Annie: Adam, I am carrying your child.

Adam: No. Not mine. His. 

Scott: You're wrong, Uncle Adam. Annie and I never -- it's not my child. It can't be.

Adam: No more lies, all right?

Annie: But it's the truth.

Adam: A fake pregnancy, a fake miscarriage, and now you want me to believe in a fake child?

Annie: But this child is yours, Adam.

Scott: What you saw on the video wasn't everything.

Adam: You mean there's more?

Scott: Yes, there's a gap where Annie and I went outside.

Adam: To make love under the stars?

Scott: No, to talk about you, about how much we love you, to talk about the baby, your baby, how important that baby is to this family.

Adam: And all that happened off camera? How convenient.

Annie: You know what, in a few months, in a few months, I can take a paternity test. You'll see that this baby is yours.

Adam: A few months? I can't stand looking at you now.

Annie: You don't mean that.

Adam: I've listened to too many people, and I've chosen to believe you as opposed to the people who tried to warn me against you, and you don't love me. You just were after whatever you could get from me. No, that's it. So -- if she ever leans into your ear and whispers that she needs you desperately right now, she's using you.

Annie: Adam, please.

Adam: And I want you the hell out of my house when I get back. You, too, Scott!

[Door slams]

Ryan: We all want Kendall home safe. We are close, Zach, even if you don't see it, ok? At this point, the only way to get her home safe is if we all work together. And you're right, we don't have time. We don't have time to butt heads. We got to work together. What do you say?

Kendall: Ok, what you said about being possessive and careless and suspicious, get this. When I was in the safe room, I caught Liza kissing Zach. So I hit her over the head with my laptop. Hit her right over the head, I did. It was a good hit, too.

Aidan: Ha ha.

Kendall: I did. And then Zach convinced her it was the door that came off the hinges and that's what hit her.

Aidan: So you completely understand is what you're saying?

Kendall: Yes, I do, all too well. You'll find love again, Aidan.

Aidan: I know. I know I will. Of course, I will. So we're good?

Kendall: Yeah, we're good. You know, I think about her a lot, too. Greenlee. I think that's something else we have in common.

Aidan: Yeah. She, um -- she let another man take her away, and I never really got over it.

Annie: Come on, don't just stand there. You have to help me.

Scott: You really think you can get him back, don't you?

Annie: Of course, I can. Adam loves me. And yes, he's hurt and upset, but he loves me. That doesn't just go away.

Scott: No, I think it slammed out the door the minute he ordered us out of his house!

Annie: I'm not going anywhere. This is my home and my family, and I am going to fight for it.

Scott: With what?

Annie: With the truth!

Scott: The problem is, Annie, that you have spun the truth so many different ways that when something honest actually does come out of your mouth, it sounds like the granddaddy of all lies.

Annie: Well, this isn't just words, Scott. I have proof. I'll take the test, and I'll prove Adam's the father, and he'll come back to me.

Scott: Or he could just haul you into court and take the kid away from you. Won't be the first time somebody's gone the unfit mother route.

Annie: How can you be so cruel?

Scott: I am being honest. Isn't that what we're doing? And we tried to protect Adam, and we did, we did for a while, but we screwed up, and it's over.

Annie: It's not over. It will never be over until Adam realizes that I love him and that I would do anything for him.

Scott: We lost, Annie. And I'm sorry. I really am. But you have told so many lies, and you have messed with so many people just to get what you want, and you lost it all. No fancy house, no powerful husband, and no family for your daughter. You got nothing. And the saddest part about it is nobody gives a damn.

[Door slams]

Ryan: We're close. Adam is as close as he's ever been to confessing.

Zach: Well, close isn't good enough. We're out of time.

Ryan: I don't understand why you're pushing this, Zach. I don't. I mean, you know Kendall's safe. She's with Aidan. You spoke to her. You reassured her. She is safe. What's going on?

Zach: I want her home now.

Ryan: We all do.

Zach: Ok, two hours.

Ryan: Or what?

Zach: I'll get a confession my way.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Adam.

Adam: It's time for Kendall to come home.

Kendall: Ok, Greenlee and I, we were so desperate, we were mixing up this lipstick on a stove in, like, this big pot, and we were stirring it up, and it was like this big ball of goo. It was disgusting. We had no idea what we were doing. No clue at all.

Aidan: It worked. It worked, though, didn't it? Right?

Kendall: Mmm, I don't know. Which part? The part where my lips turned green or where we glued Simone's lips shut? Glued 'em shut. We did.

Aidan: It was the start of the beginning of a great company.

Kendall: Mmm. And a great friendship. I took Greenlee away from you.

Aidan: Kendall, you can't say that. I mean, none of us are to blame for her death. We can't spend every day, you know, regretting, you know, what we should have done or what we didn't do right. Listen, the only thing we can do is remember how great she was and remember our love for her.

Kendall: You're right. We will love her forever. I need another hug.

Zach: Hey.

Tad: Hey.

Zach: Where is she?

Tad: I didn't bring her back.

Zach: That was your job. Bring her back here. What happened?

Tad: I know. I couldn't. It wasn't safe. Someone put a tail on me. I couldn't shake 'em. I didn't think it was worth a chance.

Zach: Did you see her? Did you talk to her?

Tad: I saw her. I didn't get a chance to talk to her. Aidan thought it was best --

Zach: Aidan thought what?

Tad: Look, this whole thing is ridiculous, Zach. Come on, get it over with. Just make Adam confess. Bring Kendall back. Sooner the better.

Zach: What aren't you telling me, Tad?

Tad: Bring Kendall --

Zach: What aren't you telling me, Tad? What happened out there? It's Aidan, isn't it? What's he doing with my wife?

Tad: It's not Aidan.

Kendall: That went fast.

Aidan: Yeah.

Kendall: That went so fast. We haven't even had desert yet.

Aidan: I'm sure Kat's got another bottle in the kitchen. She wouldn't mind. We'll just -- we'll replace it.

Kendall: Yeah. I'll get it. I will definitely get it.

Aidan: Hey, whoa.

Kendall: I will get it.

Aidan: You all right?

Kendall: Yeah. Very.

Aidan: Yeah?

Kendall: Perfecto. I'm good.

Aidan: Ha ha.

Kendall: Ahh. You know, you think maybe I should get a tattoo? Like Kat? Like right there?

Aidan: Kendall, you're great just the way you are.

Kendall: Yeah. You, too. You're pretty great the way you are. This is good, right? Like this whole -- this is good. The bonding thing and the whole friend thing is good.

Aidan: It's good.

Kendall: Gonna get the wine.

Aidan: Ok. Ahh --

Kat: Aw. All seems to be going well, yeah?

Aidan: Yeah. Things are going well. I just wish I had more time, that's all.

Kat: More time for what? For Curly Locks to fall in love with you?

Aidan: Um, fall back in love with me and remember what we had, yeah. I just need to speed things up. I need your help.

Erica: What do you mean it's time for Kendall to come home? It's been time for Kendall to come home from the beginning. Kendall never should have had to leave in the first place.

Adam: No, she shouldn't have. 'Cause you were right. I killed my brother.

Erica: So now you're ready to confess?

Adam: Yes.

Erica: And yet you come to me. Why? Do you want some gratitude? You want a pat on the back from me?

Adam: No. I don't deserve any of that.

Erica: Don't stand there and hang your head down like some poor, pathetic victim. You're no victim. You lived your life as if you didn't kill a man, but my daughter Kendall has been on the run as if she committed a murder that you did!

Adam: I should have come forward sooner.

Erica: Yes, you really should have. You know, you really should have come forward sooner. You tell everyone who will listen how much you care about family, but you sure didn't care about mine. Or Kendall's. Two little boys crying for their mother. My God, I bent over backwards to help you with your family when you were so worried about losing Little Adam. I broke the law for your family. And all you did was you just leap back in bed with that barracuda and watched my family suffer.

Adam: I was convinced that I had to keep quiet for the baby's sake.

Erica: Oh, please. She convinced you. Despite the fact that everyone told you not to believe her. You put -- you put her above everything that you have ever believed in.

Adam: I chose to believe her because I had to. What I had done was so unthinkable, so unconscionable, I couldn't even convince myself that I had been part of something so monstrous. And Annie, she saw my weakness, she played on it. Our child, the baby, it wasn't even mine!

Erica: Annie and Scott admitted an affair?

Adam: No. They didn't have to. I saw it all. The pain. The suffering. The one thing that I could hold on to, the one thing that might give me a small chance -- that had some kind of redemption -- was the child. A moment of freedom, perhaps an honor to my brother. That -- that was the -- biggest lie of all. There's no reason I have to beg your forgiveness, Erica. I don't deserve it. I just -- I need to tell you that I'm -- how sorry I am.

[When Erica goes to hug him, Adam pulls away]

Adam: No, I'm sorry. There's nothing left for me now. I -- besides something I should have done a long time ago. Admit that I -- that I killed my brother.

Ryan: And that's exactly what you're gonna do, Adam. We're gonna go down to the police station, and you're gonna confess. Right now.

[Annie looks into the surveillance camera]

Annie: Are you there, Adam? Can you hear me? Here I am. Broken. My heart, my dream. Yes. I lied to you. To the police. To everyone. I lied. About being pregnant and the murder. But I never lied about loving you. And I never lied about trying to protect you from what happened that night and from the people who want your blood for Stuart's. I saw you pull that trigger, but I couldn't erase it, so I just thought, our love and this child and our marriage would make you see what a great man you are, and you would eventually be able to forgive yourself. I know you're hurt and you're angry and you never want to see me again, and there's nothing I can do about that. But I will tell our son or our daughter that what we had was real, and it was strong. I'll never stop loving you. And -- ah! Ah. No. No, no. Ah. Ah! Ah. Ah!

[Annie falls to the floor in pain]

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