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Annie: Hello? You can hate me but you can't ignore me. I could be dying in here. Hello? Where are the nurses?

Jake: They are working with patients. There are other patients in this hospital, you know.

Annie: Why am I still here? They said that I could go home hours ago.

Jake: Just have to -- you'll just have to wait your turn, ok?

Annie: Get me released now.

Jake: If you're gonna be released, then I have to check your vitals.

Annie: No. You're not touching me. You were working with Ryan. Trying to prove my pregnancy was a fake. I want a real doctor for my real baby.

Jake: Annie, calm down. If you calm down --

Annie: I said to please get --

David: All right, what's going on here?

Annie: Will you please get him out of here?

David: You need to take it easy, Annie. You're with child, and not just any child. A Chandler.

Scott: Leave the flowers, ok? Annie will see them when she gets home.

Adam: No, I want her to see it now. Oh, I see you got the paper. Well, you know that Annie and I are filing for full custody of Emma. So, see you in court.

Ryan: I don't think so, Adam. I don't think so.

Adam: Maybe you should go get Annie while I try to deal with this man's hissy fit. Ha ha.

Scott: You sure?

Adam: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Ryan: You're trying to take my daughter, Adam. That is a joke.

Adam: Oh, I don't think the judge would agree with that.

Ryan: You can pay him all you want. You're gonna lose.

Adam: Well, let us see. A single man who's juggling two small children from two different mothers and, hmm, one of them a fugitive. Yes. Or a -- a small, loving, two-parent home. I think we know which would be better for Emma.

Ryan: You're right. You're absolutely right. This is a fantastic place to raise a child. Just look out for the alcoholics and the gunshots.

Adam: No, no, no, no, no, no. Annie and I are gonna raise a family right here in this house, and that's gonna be Emma and her little brother or sister, right here.

Ryan: Yeah, well, Annie's got a lot of love to give, that's for sure.

Adam: Huh? What's that?

Ryan: Well, you can just consider it a wedding gift.

Jesse: I got your messages. I would have been here sooner, but I got problems of my own.

Zach: This can't wait. I want Kendall back here now.

Kendall: Hey.

Aidan: What's wrong?

Kendall: Nothing.

Aidan: Hey, I only slept here, because I didn't want to blow our cover. You know, people need to see us as a couple. I'm sure it makes you uncomfortable after what I said yesterday.

Kendall: Yeah, about that. I think we should talk about that. I mean, Aidan, you're -- you're afraid that you're gonna lose control and that we might end up in bed?

Aidan: Can we just -- just forget I said anything?

Kendall: Listen to me. Listen. It's ok. Nothing is gonna happen between us. I love Zach. I'm completely devoted to him, and you know that, right? But you are also my friend, and I care about you. And I am so grateful for everything that you've done to help me. What are you thinking?

Aidan: I'm gonna go for a run.

Kat: How'd it go last night?

Aidan: Huh. I'm done. Kendall is definitely in love with her husband.

Kat: But you love her.

Aidan: Yeah, well, it doesn't matter, because she's never gonna feel the same way.

Kat: I thought you were tired of coming in second to guys like Zach.

Aidan: I am.

Kat: All right, well, you've been -- you just -- you gotta check out his latest message. You have a real chance of blowing Kendall's marriage straight to hell.

Natalia: Hey, y'all.

Frankie: Hey.

Natalia: What's up?

Frankie: Looks like we got the e-mail, too, huh?

Natalia: Yeah. Lunch at ConFusion, right?

Randi: Yeah, but we couldn't tell where it was coming from.

Frankie: I'm thinking it was Mom and Dad. He probably wants to talk to us about Madison.

Natalia: Oh, her story checked out, by the way. There was a woman matching her description who was checked into a mental institution.

Randi: Yeah, but that doesn't mean it was her.

Natalia: I saw the picture on her photo I.D. Fake name, fake address, yeah, but definitely her.

Frankie: So, Madison told us the truth. Her father paid people off to say that she was dead, then snuck her out of the hospital and held her prisoner in some rubber room.

Randi: So? He threw her in the loony bin exactly where she belongs. Paying for what she's done.

Natalia: No, Randi, it doesn't necessarily work that way. Unfortunately, there are laws, procedures.

Randi: Forget procedures. That woman has tried to destroy our family. I don't want to know where she is or what's happened to her. For all I care, she can rot.

Annie: I am so done with this place. I am having my baby in a different hospital in a different town. You can't trust anyone around here.

David: Mm. You got that right.

Scott: How is she?

David: She's ready to roll. I'll have someone bring you a wheelchair.

Annie: Thank you. Where's Adam?

Scott: Dealing with your ex.

Annie: Ryan?

Scott: Yeah, he came by the house today. Let's just say he's not too happy that you and Uncle Adam have filed for full custody of Emma.

Annie: Hmm. That's a shocker. I'm sure Ryan will try to fight, but he'll have no chance up against Adam's lawyers.

Scott: You know, Annie, you just caught a huge break with this whole pregnancy lie turning out to be the truth and Adam having no counter-move. You could've walked away graciously, but no, you had to provoke him.

Annie: Ryan lied to me. He manipulated me into thinking I could never have children again. You think I'm just gonna let that go?

Scott: Yeah. And get on with your new life. God, Annie, this way, Ryan would've stopped pushing so hard to get a confession out of Uncle Adam, at least for a little while, but no, you had to announce that he's about to lose Emma.

Annie: I have to get dressed. Get out. I mean, it, Scott. Whoa.

[Annie feels faint]

Scott: Whoa. Whoa-whoa-whoa- whoa-whoa.

[Ryan shows Adam the CD of Annie and Scott kissing]

Ryan: Hurts, doesn't it? The anger, the doubt. It's gotta be killing you.

Adam: This has to be ages ago. I haven't turned on this security camera for months.

Ryan: Well, Annie's been turning Scott on.

Adam: You play all the mind games you want, but Annie and I are gonna raise a family here. We're gonna have little Emma, we're gonna have her little brother or her little sister. And you're wrong. You're dead wrong. That man is not the father of my child.

Ryan: Well, then, just answer me one question, please. What's he still doing living here? I mean, under the same roof with the man who killed his father and the woman who covered it up? What -- what could possibly make him want to stay?

Adam: I know my wife. Get out.

Ryan: Deception. Some people are so good at it it is scary. Watch it again. You'll see.

[Door closes as Ryan leaves]

David: So, working with Ryan to prove Annie was lying about her pregnancy. That's a pretty serious accusation. I gotta tell you, Jake, I don't think you should be treating anyone in this hospital.

Jake: That's funny. Yeah, that's funny coming from you.

David: Really?

Jake: The man who switched Adam's pills. And then you went and gave him another dose of your magic concoction, didn't you? So Zach and Ryan could interrogate him. Mm. You did that. And you know what? That's why, ladies and gentlemen, Angie is the chief of staff today and you ain't.

David: Mm. You're bitter. That's understandable. The situation with Amanda and me, it's causing you to lash out. You know something, Jake? You really need to get control of that. The last thing Amanda and I need is you giving us a hard time once this baby arrives.

Jake: Amanda and you. Amanda and you, Dave. There is no Amanda and you. She is having this baby as part of a legal agreement, and you, you are only that small, teeny, part of the procedure that took place in the clinic. That's all you are.

[David recalls what really happened]

David: Well, that wasn't so bad, now, was it?

Amanda: Are you kidding? Put this on and get me the hell out of here.

David: You're absolutely right. The conception was purely clinical. But soon, this child will arrive, and it'll be the exact opposite. Attachments will form, Jake, based on strong, complicated emotions. So you might want to learn how to keep yours in check.

Zach: I sent Kendall a message last night. Told her I wanted to see her. No response.

Aidan: "Where are you? I need to see you right away."

Kat: See that? Zach's getting paranoid.

Zach: So, now, all of a sudden, she's ignoring me?

Jesse: She's on the run, Zach. She might not want to take the time to stop and charge her laptop.

Zach: Something is wrong.

Jesse: She doesn't respond to a few messages that you've left, and you flip out. What's going on? You don't trust your wife anymore?

Kat: It's working. Intercepting their messages and writing new ones. I mean, Kendall's freaking over what we're telling her about Zach spending so much time with that other woman.

Aidan: Liza.

Kat: Liza. And Zach's freaking over what we're telling him about Kendall spending so much time with you.

Aidan: I don't know. I don't know.

Kat: Will you trust me, all right? The man's losing it.

Zach: I'm fine. But Kendall, she's out there. She doesn't know what I'm doing. I know it sounds weird, but when you and Angie were apart, you don't think thoughts ever entered her mind at all?

Jesse: Yeah. We found our way back to each other. Just like you and Kendall will.

Zach: Well, I want her back now.

Aidan: Zach wants to come here, because he's afraid of what will happen if he doesn't, which means that I hold the key to his broken heart.

Kat: So, our next move is --

Aidan: Oh, I've got it covered.

[Door opens]

Kat: I'm gonna go finish working on my bike.

Kendall: Aidan, I'm -- I'm sorry. You've been so great to me, and I hurt you.

Aidan: I'm fine. Really.

Kendall: Well, I hope so, because honestly, I just don't want Zach to get the wrong idea about us being together. We have so many trust issues. I betrayed him. He betrayed me. But now we've finally moved past it all. We've gotten to a good place.

Aidan: Great. That's good. No worries, then, right?

Kendall: Except that it could all fall apart in a second if it ever happened again. If Zach ever thought I betrayed him again, he would never forgive me.

Aidan: Never?

Kendall: Our marriage would be over for good.

Jake: Once this baby comes, your control over me is over. There'll be no more deals, there'll be no more arrangements, and Amanda will be done with you forever.

David: You do realize that we have two children that we will share together, right?

Jake: Share custody, which is just a piece of paper that says you won't steal her kids.

David: Huh. Great. Great. Just what I need -- a lecture on parenting from a man who's never had a child. A man who's been a dismal failure at every relationship he's ever been in. I mean, really, Jake, what could you possibly know about family?

Jake: Well, I would invite you to a Martin family dinner, but I really think it would be wasted on you. You know why? Because you don't listen. You hear people, but you don't listen. Amanda is doing this for one reason and one reason only, Dave -- to get her life back. It means her marriage, her home, her family, her children. Ok? So, in nine months from now, we will have it all, and you, you'll be hanging on to some delusion that you actually won something, and that, Dave, is pathetic. And I think that you do that, because you're lonely inside. I think you've been that way for a very long time. So, go ahead, walk around, be cocky, pretend that you have some sort of power over me, but just know that you don't, and you never will.

David: That was great. Thank you. Wow.

Jesse: You go after Kendall now, it's over.

Zach: I know what I'm doing.

Jesse: Hey, you want me to invite the D.A. to her "Welcome Home" party?

Zach: I'm gonna bring her back here, back in the secret room. We'll come up with a plan.

Jesse: If you're asking me to go out after Kendall for you, I can't do it. I've got my own drama to deal with here, man. The Feds are watching me, too.

Zach: You're the chief of police.

Jesse: Exactly. And they're curious about why I keep meeting up with the husband of a fugitive. I leave town, they'll be on my tail.

Zach: Maybe.

Jesse: Maybe? Definitely. That's a moot point. Kendall probably doesn't want you to know where she is, so just back off. Chill. Let this play out. What are you gonna do?

Zach: I'm gonna go find my wife.

Kendall: Go home. Tell Zach I'm fine and just take care of your life. Get back to your life. Please.

Aidan: And, and what? Leave you in this place all by yourself?

Kendall: I'm not gonna be by myself. I'll be here with Kat. Besides, I have the computer. I can keep in touch with Zach that way.

Aidan: Kendall, that's ridiculous.

Kendall: No, no, no, Aidan, listen to me. I can't keep doing this to you, ok? I'm constantly leaning on you for everything and just forgetting about the way that you feel. I'm not gonna do that to you. All right? I want you to go and take care of yourself. I can stay here. I will be safe on my own.

Aidan: There's only one problem, Kendall, and I gave Zach my word that I would see this through to the end, and I would make sure that you were safe. Safe from the authorities and getting caught, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go on that run.

Annie: Hi. Ooh, Scott said that you got me flowers, but I didn't realize they'd be this beautiful. Wow.

Adam: Not as beautiful as you. What do you think?

Annie: They brighten up the whole house. That's what I wanna do -- make everything new and fresh and happy.

Adam: Good. You are. You're having a baby. Ha ha ha. Our baby.

Annie: So, Scott said that Ryan was here.

Adam: Yes, oh, yes. He was ranting and raving and carrying on.

Scott: Yeah, maybe you should've waited on the whole custody thing.

Adam: I made my wife a promise that I would put her child back in her arms while another child was on its way. You must be exhausted.

Annie: Yes. I want to take a nice, long, hot bath.

Adam: Oh. All right. Off with you.

Annie: Ok. Thanks for the ride.

Scott: Well, I should get back to the office.

Adam: Just one minute. I want to ask you a favor.

Frankie: Madison is messed up, but she doesn't deserve to be abused.

Randi: You still feel guilty about that car accident, and that is the only reason why you want to find her.

Natalia: If she's a kidnap victim, we have an obligation to help her, ok? She could be in serious trouble.

Randi: Um, hello? Have we forgotten the hell this woman has put us through? And why do you feel so sorry for her?

Natalia: Randi, don't take it personal, ok? Police have an obligation, a responsibility, to help everyone. So do doctors. Right?

Frankie: Yeah. When I was in Iraq, an insurgent tried to hit us with an IED. Almost blew himself up instead. The man was lying there practically dead. That man, he was my enemy, but I took an oath. I had to help him.

Randi: Yeah, but we're supposed to kill the enemy, too, right?

Frankie: Madison has come clean. She wants to be punished.

Randi: What she wants is to destroy everything that we have. Look at us. It's working. That woman is tearing us apart.

Scott: Can't this wait?

Adam: No, no. I have to go tonight.

Scott: I'm sure if you explain to them that your pregnant wife just got out of the hospital --

Adam: But there are a lot of long-term investors with a lot of money in Chandler Enterprises, and whenever they get skittish, I have to go and set their minds at ease. So, will you keep an eye on Annie while I'm gone?

Scott: Yeah. Of course, I'll keep an eye on Annie.

Adam: I knew I could count on you.

[Adam leaves on the surveillance camera]

Tad: Problem with your cable?

Zach: Thanks for coming.

Tad: Halloween was a while ago. Why'd you want me to come in this?

Zach: Didn't want you followed.

Tad: To wherever Kendall is? Where is she?

Zach: I have no idea. That's where you come in.

Kendall's voice: This isn't easy to write, but I don't want any secrets between us. Aidan has been acting very strange. He told me he's worried that we might --

[Kendall deletes the last sentence, then resumes writing]

Kendall's voice: He admitted he's attracted to me. I told him to leave, go back to Pine Valley, but he won't because he made a promise to you. Maybe if you ask him, he'll listen. I'll be fine on my own.

[Door opens]

Kat: Look at it.

Aidan: What? I told Kendall these things in confidence, and then what? She turns round and just -- says all of that to Zach?

Kendall: I will always be honest I will always be faithful. I love you. Always. Only you.

Aidan: Oh, Kat, I need more time. I need more time alone with Kendall. What happened before can happen again. Here, scooch over.

Kat: What are you gonna write instead?

Aidan: I'm not gonna write a damn thing. I'm just gonna leave everything up to Zach's imagination. Let his mind run wild and his suspicions grow so he imagines the worst.

Kat: From what I can tell, that's not gonna take long.

Aidan: If I can break their trust, then I can break them. Kendall doesn't need to cheat. Zach just needs to think that she might. And then the Slater love story, the great Slater love story will be over.

Jesse: Well, I didn't leave any messages about meeting here.

Frankie: Maybe it was Mom.

Jesse: I doubt that. She's swamped at the hospital, and she doesn't ever want to talk about Madison North again ever, ever.

Randi: Yeah, well, that's all we've been doing since we got here.

Jesse: Well, maybe we should stop. All of us, just stop talking about her.

Natalia: Her father kidnapped her.

Randi: Or not.

Jesse: Well, whatever happened, it does not concern us. Not anymore.

Frankie: Are you kidding me?

Jesse: No.

Frankie: If just one of us mentions Madison's name, all hell breaks loose. Clearly, we still care.

Randi: All I care about is why we're here, and if Angie didn't organize this, and it wasn't one of us?

James: It was me.

Frankie: Where's Madison, and what have you done to your daughter?

James: There's obviously been a misunderstanding.

Jesse: Well, then maybe you need to clear it up.

Zach: The Feds followed me to the church. Aidan and Kendall were there but when the agents came, they had already gone.

Tad: Well, what did you tell them?

Zach: Didn't tell them anything. Jesse came. Got rid of them.

Tad: Jesse? That's a hell of a close call.

Zach: Make sure my wife was safe.

Tad: And?

Zach: And -- Kendall says that Aidan's protecting her, taking care of everything, but -- the last few messages I got from her, they just -- they sounded -- they sounded different, and then they stopped altogether.

Tad: Well, that's probably just Aidan. Told her to lighten up on the computer. That way she wouldn't leave a trail for the feds. I can't say as I blame him. You led them to her once already. He doesn't want it to happen again.

Zach: Well, there's more than that. Kendall and I, we're doing ok, you know. We've been -- we've been working it out, and we've been communicating through this, Internet and chat rooms and it just -- she wouldn't just cut that off.

Tad: Aidan and I used to communicate like that all the time. We'd be working on a case. If the phone was too hot, we would use a computer.

Zach: That's why I called you. You know how your old partner operates. I want you to track him down.

Tad: Well, he's too smart to leave some kind of cyber trail.

Zach: Too smart? So, no one can find him, not even you?

Tad: I didn't say that. I just implied that whatever those messages are they're not gonna tell us much. But I have a pretty good idea where they are.

Ryan: Where is she?

Jake: I don't know. She's probably at home. They released her.

Ryan: Jake, how soon can we do a paternity test?

Jake: Why? You think you're the father?

Ryan: God, no. No. I'm not the father. The point is that Adam might not be the father.

Jake: So, first you wanted me to prove that she's not pregnant, and now you want me to prove that Adam's not the father. What's going on?

Ryan: Annie was just as surprised as we were when she found out, Jake, and if exposing this is the only way that I can keep her from manipulating Emma, then I will do it.

Jake: All right. You can do a paternity test through an amnio, but it's risky, so we don't like to do that solely for that reason.

Ryan: Ok, how soon can we do an amnio?

Jake: Well, they do them from 14 to 20 weeks.

Ryan: I can't wait that long.

Jake: There are other tests that you can do sooner, but they're even riskier considering Annie's got a history of miscarriage.

Ryan: Just tell me about the test. Tell me about these other tests.

Jake: She's never gonna go for it.

Ryan: I will take care of that. I will handle it. I -- I could lose my daughter to a very dangerous woman, Jake, ok? Please?

Jake: We all do things for our families at extreme measures, right? How does that usually end up? They backfire. I'm just asking you, please. Take a deep breath. Be patient. Let's do it the right way. Let's do the right thing.

Ryan: Ok, I'm not doing this just for Emma. You know that, right? I'm doing this also for Kendall, so Kendall can come home and be with her boys. You want that, right?

Jake: Yes, I want nothing more.

Ryan: Well, at this point in the game, the only chance that we have is to prove that Annie's lying about the baby's father, and then Adam will have no reason to stay silent about the murder.

Jake: Look, I will advise you, ok? I'll answer all of your questions, but I'm not gonna perform any procedures on Annie. I'm not doing it.

Ryan: Will you at least call her back in here and do, like, a follow-up or something? What are you talking about? You're her doctor.

Jake: No, I don't think I am, not anymore, thanks to David. Look, if you want to push the issue, I suggest you go talk to Dr. Evil yourself. Although I really would suggest against that, actually, now that I think about it.

Ryan: Why? We went to him directly before. We could do it again.

Jake: Ryan, he doesn't do anything unless there's something in it for him, so, if you do go see him, don't go empty-handed.

Annie: I'll miss you.

Adam: Yeah, I'll be back before you know it. You -- Scott will be in charge. He'll keep the lynch mob away, so you can relax.

Annie: Great. I'll be fine. We will be fine.

Adam: Yes. Of course, you will. The car's waiting.

Annie: Ok.

Adam: Mm. One more.

Annie: Mwah. Bye.

[Annie closes the door]

Scott: You're afraid if he's out there alone, he's gonna feel the sudden need to confess. If you want, I can still catch him. I can convince him to stay.

Annie: No. I'm glad he's gone. Yes. Adam's been under a lot of stress lately. But so have I. Might be nice to have a little break.

Scott: Yeah. I guess all this lying has really taken it out of you.

Annie: You think I enjoyed that? Do you think I wanted to pretend to be pregnant or pretend to have a miscarriage? And then I find out that I really am pregnant? Do you know what a shock all that was?

Scott: Yeah, one that saved your ass.

Annie: Listen. I am not proud of lying to Adam, but it was for his own good. If it weren't for this baby, Adam would have no reason to stay quiet. He would've gone straight to the police and told them that he killed Stuart. So now, instead of sitting in a jail cell, he is here and he has hope and he has a future. I mean, it's -- it's real. We're gonna really start a life together. And a lot of that is because of you. You helped Adam, and you helped me. Why is that, Scott? Is that because you're such a good guy, or is there something more?

Scott: Everything that I have done, I have done for the sake of my family. I don't want to see this family die along with my father. I hate that I haven't been straight with Uncle Adam, but I know that in the end it'll be worth it.

Annie: Ok. So, we agree.

Scott: Here.

[Scott puts a shawl over Annie's shoulders]

Annie: Thanks.

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: Would it be bad if I asked you for a favor? Don't look so serious. It's freezing in here. Could you light a fire?

Scott: Yeah, I'll -- I'll get some wood.

[Door opens and closes]

[Annie shivers]

Annie: Ahh.

Tad: Judging from the time they left the church to the time you got the first message, I mean -- I assume they were in a car, right?

Zach: Yes.

Tad: Well, considering the mode of transportation, I know exactly where they are.

Zach: Tell me.

Tad: I can't. I'm sorry.

Zach: I'm not playing, Tad. Where's my wife?

Tad: Take it easy, Zach, ok? This is exactly why I don't want to tell you anything. I mean, you're already out of control. You go running out there, you know, half-cocked, it'll be a repeat of what happened at church all over again.

Zach: It's gonna be fine.

Tad: No. It won't. Not with you driving all night obsessed about whether or not Kendall is fine or not. I don't like the way that works out for anybody, especially you.

Zach: I don't have time for your stories. I'll find my wife myself.

Tad: No, you're not. You're gonna stay here and take it easy. Please. Just do me this favor. Take it easy. I'll go out there. I'll find her. I'll bring her back.

James: Yes, I took Madison, but it wasn't kidnapping. It was for her own good. My daughter suffers from schizophrenia.

Frankie: Oh, well, when she tried to commit suicide, you said that there was nothing wrong, that she was just a spoiled brat.

James: I couldn't risk anyone finding out about -- her condition.

Frankie: Right. The precious Beardsley reputation.

James: It was the best solution. That way I could protect my family's privacy and put Madison in a facility where they could give her the help she needs.

Natalia: Where she escaped.

James: And came looking for all of you. But she doesn't remember any of it.

Randi: Ha. Of course not.

James: Madison goes in and out of reality. She -- she's lucid about some things and others she just blocks out. And she can make anyone believe what she says because in her mind, it's the truth.

Jesse: Can we just get back to the kidnapping?

James: Yes, well, I sent two of my security people to find her and bring her back to me. I had no idea that they would use violence, but they did it to protect her, and now she's safe.

Frankie: You know, this is complete and utter garbage, and I don't buy it.

James: It's the truth.

Frankie: Yeah, well, I want to hear it from Madison.

James: I figured as much.

[Madison appears looking stoned]

Madison: I'm very sorry for breaking into your apartment. It won't happen again. My father is helping me. I'm so grateful. Now maybe I can get better. You won't have to worry about me ever again. This is good-bye.

[Madison robotically shakes everyone's hand]

Randi: Good-bye.

James: Time to go now. Back to the hospital. This is the last you'll be seeing of us. You take care.

Natalia: What was that?

Frankie: More garbage. Madison was drugged. Everything that came out of her mouth was rehearsed. Daddy's way of making us back off.

Randi: Yeah, well, that's exactly what we're gonna do. Let that freaky family deal with it on their own. Right, Jesse?

Jesse: You're right.

Randi: Good. We're going home.

Frankie: This is how you wanna play it?

Jesse: Oh, hell, yeah. We are out.

Frankie: Ok. We're out.

Natalia: I -- I'm gonna get going, too, ok? Gotta get to work.

Jesse: All right.

Natalia: All right.

[Jesse opens a message that Madison put in his hand reading "Help me"]

Jesse: Uh.

Zach: Please don't screw this up.

Tad: I've been doing this for a while. I'll find Kendall. Just do me a favor, ok? If she does get in touch with you again, don't tell her I'm on the way. All you're gonna do is tip off the Feds.

Zach: Just bring her home, ok? Don't stop anywhere.

Tad: Ok. When I get back, I'll upgrade you to HD. No charge.

[Door closes]

Kat: "You do the same. You'll be home soon." Well, that's good. Yeah? I mean, Zach's giving you more time. That's what you wanted.

Aidan: That, or he wants to convince Kendall that he's not coming.

Kat: Um, you lost me.

Aidan: You better put the kettle on, because we're gonna have a visitor.

[Ryan walks into David's office to leave him a note and looks at his computer screen where he sees Greenlee's hospital record of 7/16/07]

David: What are you doing? That's confidential.

Ryan: You want to tell me why you're looking at Greenlee's medical records?

Scott: Are you still cold? Come here. Come here. No fever.

Annie: I'm fine. I'm fine.

[Annie again feels faint]

Scott: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You need to sit. Come on.

Annie: Whew. I'm ok. I'm ok.

Scott: All right.

Annie: Ahh.

Scott: Drink.

Annie: Milk?

Scott: Yes. You are pregnant. It's good for you.

Annie: Nerd.

Scott: Better, right?

Annie: Yeah. We worked really hard to get here. Nothing's gonna get in the way with that. Everything from now on will be perfect. So tense. God. You've been really tense since we got home. Let me give you a shoulder rub.

Scott: You know, no. That's --

Annie: Oh, stop it. I owe you that much. Come on, turn around.

[Annie vigorously massages Scott's shoulders]

Annie: How's that?

[Scott turns around and kisses Annie passionately, while Adam's secret camera is recording]

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