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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/13/09


Episode #10251

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David: We conceived Trevor like that, right? So why should it be different?

Amanda: This time it's artificial. Clinics, doctors -- I have no idea how my body's gonna react to that. Trevor was drunken sex.

David: But it worked, didn't it? Like a charm.

Amanda: Wait. You're not suggesting that we --

David: I thought you were.

Amanda: What? Make a baby the old-fashioned way? Hell, no.

[Kendall feels uneasy when she wakes up with Aidan's fingers going through her hair and him smiling at her]

Liza: So I'm glad you've decided not to take Adam down.

J.R.: Me, too.

Zach: Hi. Ready to go?

J.R.: I didn't realize we had a date.

Zach: We do. You and me, the D.A.'s office -- now.

J.R.: I've got nothing to say to the D.A.

Zach: Of course, you do. You're gonna tell him how Adam killed Stuart.

Annie: I think I lost the baby.

Adam: Come -- come on in. Scott, could you help her?

Scott: Sure.

Adam: Get her on the couch.

Annie: I can't believe this is happening.

Scott: You and me both. Come on.

Dispatcher: 911. What is your emergency?

Scott: Do you really think you can pull this off, huh?

Annie: Yes. I told you I've had a miscarriage before.

Scott: Yeah, it's not the same as faking one.

Annie: I'll improvise.

Scott: How?

Annie: With your help.

[Annie hugs Scott]

Nurse: Paramedics were summoned to the Chandler mansion. The patient is Mrs. Annie Chandler.

Jake: All right. Well, get the room ready, stat.

Erica: You predicted it.

Ryan: Annie is faking this miscarriage as we speak so she can lose the baby that she never had.

Jake: Well, if that's true --

Ryan: It is true. It is definitely true.

Jake: Then we will prove it tonight.

Adam: I, um, yeah.

Annie: I'm so sorry.

Adam: No, you have nothing to apologize for.

Annie: I know how badly you wanted this baby.

Adam: No, no, no. We got plenty of time for that. What I'm concerned about right now is you, your health. All right? I've called for an ambulance.

Annie: What?

Adam: Yeah. You have to be checked out.

Annie: Why? I mean, just so they can tell me what I already know? No, no, no, no. Call off the ambulance. I'm staying here with you. 

Adam: You're not calling off the ambulance. No, no. If you're right and you're having a -- a miscarriage, you need to see a doctor.

Annie: No, I -- I don't. The baby's gone. I can feel it.

Adam: But this is for your safety.

Annie: No, Adam, I wasn't that far along. If I go to the hospital, they're just gonna tell me to come home and rest.

Adam: Well, I'd feel better.

Annie: Ok, well, I wouldn't.

Scott: You know what? Maybe you should listen to her.


Adam: The paramedics are here.

Annie: Well, tell them to go away.

[Siren stops]

Adam: I know you don't want to go through this. Neither do I, but we have to.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: Go let the paramedics in. Let them in. Hey, we're gonna get through this together.

Erica: You figured out Annie's game. Finally we are one step ahead of Annie. You must be going back to your old con days. Really, thank you.

[Erica kisses Ryan]

Ryan: Thank you. I mean, if that's what it takes to get a kiss around here, consider my con status back in action.

Erica: I mean it, Ryan. Thanks to you, Kendall can come home.

Ryan: Don't --

Erica: It's ok. It's ok to celebrate.

Ryan: No, not yet. Not yet. Adam still has to turn on Annie, and he's got to confess.

Erica: Ok. But I'm just --

Ryan: You just can't help yourself, can you?

Erica: No, I can't. Because thanks to you, I mean, Kendall's gonna be able to watch her little boys grow up. And so ok. If you can't take it, just plug your ears. But know that I am going to be forever grateful to you. And so is Kendall, and so is Zach. Ok, speaking of which, don't you think maybe we should call Zach and give him an update before he does something that is careless?

Ryan: The way he's been lately, I'm guessing it's too late.

J.R.: I thought we went over this.

Zach: Well, let's go over it again.

J.R.: I couldn't turn Adam in even if I wanted to.

Zach: Why not?

J.R.: I didn't see him pull the trigger.

Zach: And?

Liza: You want him to lie for you?

Zach: I want him to do the right thing.

J.R.: You need to get a grip.

Zach: Hey, you will do this. You know why? Because it's time. After everything your father did to you, to your son, it's time you went up against him.

J.R.: By throwing him under the bus? It'd make me no better than him.

Zach: If you don't do it, it'd make you worse.

J.R.: I'm not lying for you.

Zach: Don't lie for me. Lie for Kendall.

Kendall: It's been a while since I've heard from Zach. I mean, I -- I know I'm lucky to be in touch with him and all, but still. The time between the messages, it's -- it's brutal. Crazy how the hours turn into days, isn't it?

Aidan: I'm sorry.

Kendall: For what?

Aidan: Just -- you know, I was there when you woke up. I'm sure that made you feel uncomfortable. See, Kendall, I'm worried about you. You've hardly eaten, and you've had no sleep.

Kendall: Well, being on the run isn't exactly stress-free.

Aidan: I know. I'm gonna do everything I can to make it easier.

Kendall: Well, you already have: By helping me get in touch with Zach like this. You think I'm losing my mind now? Imagine how I'd be if I couldn't get in touch with him. A couple more hours of endless chat room and maybe you will be lucky enough to find out.

Aidan: Ok. Well, I guess I'll, um, I'll leave you to it.

[On the laptop, Kendall writes: "Miss you. Where are you?]

David: Oh, my God.

Amanda: What is so funny?

David: Nothing. Just the way you twist everything. I can't even say "Hello" without you jumping to conclusions.

Amanda: Well, you said a little more than "Hello."

David: Relax. I'm not trying to score, all right? Especially not in the back seat of my car. Gave that up in high school, thank you.

Amanda: So then what was up with this "sex worked before" comment?

David: I said, "It worked before, like a charm." I was just stating a fact.

Amanda: Well, I don't need to be reminded.

David: No, of course not -- when you have Trevor to show for it. You may hate that night, Amanda, but you'll never regret it. We made an amazing little person together. With any luck, we're gonna do it all over again.

[At the hospital, Jake tries to reach Amanda by phone]

David: You ever think about the night Trevor was conceived?

Amanda: Not if I can help it.

David: You were in such a bad place.

Amanda: I was overreacting. Jake and I weren't even that serious when he started things up with Taylor.

David: Oh, please. He dumped you without so much as an "I'm sorry." You should be thankful I was there to pick up the pieces.

Amanda: You were taking advantage when I was a mess.

David: You're always on the lookout for my ulterior motives. Have you ever stopped to think of what Jake's are?

Amanda: He loves me.

David: Yeah, maybe now. But when he first got back together with you, it was to get back at me.

Amanda: Ha. This is ridiculous. I'm not gonna sit here and defend my marriage to you. What Jake and I have is real, ok? And you're just jealous because --

David: Yeah. Because I'll never have that, right? What? I've got that one memorized.

Amanda: Look, we are going to survive this. Ok? Me, Jake, Trevor, and --

David: Yeah, fine. Good. Survive away. Just as long as I get another child.

Amanda: Oh. The sooner the better, right?

David: Yeah! You think I want this to go on? Well, you're wrong.

Amanda: Really?

David: Yeah, really. Do you really think I want you around my home, around my child, when all you're gonna do is be miserable? Believe me, I want this over as much as you do, so you can go back to being a merry little Martin.

Amanda: And you? Where do you go?

David: Wherever being a father takes me, I guess.

Amanda: I'm -- I'm taking a walk.

Kat: Is Kendall joining us?

Aidan: She's waiting for a message from Zach.

Kat: Are you sure you want this chick? Ok. Ok. But she's gonna be waiting a long time for Zach's message.

Aidan: You did it?

Kat: As requested. Now all of Curlylocks' ingoing and outgoing messages will be intercepted right here. And, hot damn, there are a lot of them. This Slater guy is getting real anxious that his wife's not responding to her messages.

Aidan: Yeah, Kendall's going pretty nuts, too.

Kat: Well, in that case, we should give her pretty little head a rest.

Aidan: Shouldn't you be writing to Zach first?

Kat: No. Let's let him sweat it out a little while longer. See, eventually men just shut down when a woman pulls back from him. But women, when faced with separation, it only makes them want the man more.

Aidan: Well, I'll take your word for it.

Kat: Watch and learn, Devane. If -- if you really want Kendall to shake this Zachy boy loose, you just have to bring out her inner green monster.

Aidan: We'll make Kendall jealous?

Kat: Yeah. So who's the last woman she'd want hanging out with Zach?

Aidan: Liza Colby.

J.R.: I'm not doing it.

Zach: Not even for Kendall?

J.R.: I'm not doing it for anyone.

Liza: Zach --

Zach: Are you scared of your daddy? You don't want to go up against him, because you think you're gonna lose?

Bartender: Hey, is there a problem here?

Liza: Hey -- stop.

Zach: No, there's no problem.

J.R.: Don't ever put your hands on me ever again.

Zach: He's gonna walk away. That's what Chandlers do best.

Liza: No, we're fine. We're good, thank you.

Zach: And thank you for your help.

Liza: Look, you can't just force people to lie for you no matter how bad you want Adam to burn.

Zach: So what do you suggest? We just let people walk away?

Liza: No, no. I'm not --

Zach: Why are you protecting them?

Liza: What are you talking about?

Zach: What's going on here? I know money is short, but the -- you back on the Chandler payroll?

Nurse: A doctor will be in to examine you soon.

Adam: Thank you.

Nurse: There are some forms to fill out.

Adam: Oh. I'll take care of that. You, rest.

Annie: "Soon"? The nurse just said a doctor will be in soon to examine me. What the hell am I gonna do?

Scott: Nothing.

Annie: That's your sound advice? Great. Thanks. Awesome.

Scott: No, no, no. Listen. Doctors are bound by the whole confidentiality thing, right? So even if they do find out that you were never really pregnant --

Annie: Legally, they can't tell Adam. Ok, but how do we get rid of him? He's my husband. He could be in the room.

Scott: Ok, I'll find a way to distract him. Just --

Annie: Scott?

Scott: Yeah?

Annie: Thank you. I know you never thought this was a good idea to begin with.

Scott: We're family.

Annie: We're more than that. I don't know what I would do without you.

Erica: Is it your heart?

Adam: Save the fake concern, Erica. Wouldn't want you to choke on it.

Scott: Hey. Annie said that you were handling some of her paperwork.

Adam: I was until I got hijacked.

Scott: You go. I'll -- I'll hold down the fort, ok?

Adam: Stay away from my wife.

Scott: So what brings you to the hospital, hmm? Did you actually chase the ambulance here or --

Erica: Scott, listen. I just heard you say to Adam -- something about doing Annie's paperwork? Is it Annie? Is she ok? Is it the baby?

Scott: What do you want, Erica?

Erica: I want the charges against Kendall dropped. My daughter did not kill your father, and you know it. Scott? I thought you were different. I thought you were honorable like your father. I guess I was horribly wrong.

Jake: Hey. So I got a rundown from the paramedics. You fell down some stairs? And you think you might be miscarrying?

Annie: I did miscarry. Unfortunately, I know from experience. At least this time I wasn't too far along, so I won't be needing a D&C.

Ryan: Why don't you let the doctor be the judge of that?

Aidan: Liza Colby came back to town after being away for a while. Met Zach at the casino -- they were strangers. One thing led to another.

Kat: Steamy. Were he and Kendall married at the time?

Aidan: Divorced. But they ended up getting back together. Kendall never really got over it.

Kat: Hmm. All right, you said that this Liza chick came back. Did she stick around?

Aidan: She's Kendall's lawyer.

Kat: Get out. Really? Curlylocks is just ok with that?

Aidan: Zach didn't give her a chance.

Kat: Wicked.

Aidan: So is this enough for you, or do you need more?

Kat: Oh, baby, it's more than enough.

Kendall: All right. Ok, if I don't hear from you soon, I swear this thing goes out the window.

[Laptop chimes]

Kendall: Seriously? What? Ok. "Sorry it took me so long to write. Worked through the night with Liza, brainstorming options to secure your release. She just left a few minutes ago. I know you probably don't want to hear it, but Liza's been really incredible through all this. I'm hoping, once you're home, you two can find a way to be friends." Are you kidding me? "Anyway, I'm exhausted. Need to get some sleep. Take care." "Take care"? What the hell is that? "Take care"? What is that? That's --

Aidan: Oops. Hey. I thought this might help you relax.

Kendall: Yeah. Crack it open, please.

Aidan: What? Did Zach send you a message?

Kendall: Yeah. Loud and clear. He spent the night with Liza.

Liza: Ok, wait -- come on. Where you going? You're just gonna go run after J.R. and Adam? Come on, Zach. Would you just get back in yourself here? If not for your sake, for Kendall's sake, because you are not helping anybody like this.

Zach: That's the point: I'm not helping anybody.

Liza: Look, we are going to bring her back. Would you just mellow out, please?

Zach: Mellow out?

Liza: Yes.

Zach: You want me to meditate?

Liza: I prefer you just to sit down. But if you want to meditate, knock yourself out. Just sit for a minute?

Zach: Fine. There you go. You happy?

Liza: Well, it's getting there.

Zach: I'm sorry about the -- the Chandler comment. That was rude. I'm sorry.

Liza: Yeah. No, I know. Sometimes I just want to slap you, but I get where your frustration is coming from.

Zach: She's out there alone just running around. What is that --

Liza: I know. And I know that Adam should be the one to take the fall.

Zach: Yeah? When's that gonna happen?

Liza: I wish I had the answer to that.

Zach: I just want her to come home.

Liza: I know. The boys need their mother.

Zach: I need my wife.

Scott: Leave my father out of this.

Erica: How? You know as well as I do Stuart would be so disappointed. Wow. Why are you helping Annie?

Scott: Annie is keeping my uncle alive.

Erica: While your father is six feet under. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know how much you loved your father.

Scott: Do you?

Erica: Yes, I do. And that's why I really don't understand this. Scott, your father is dead because of Adam. You should be grieving your father, not protecting his killer.

Scott: They were twins, Erica. Every time I look at my uncle, I see my father staring back at me. He loved Uncle Adam more than anything in this world, and I have to honor that.

Erica: So you're not -- you're not shielding your uncle for his sake? You're -- you're really doing it for yourself? Because as long as Adam is around, then in some way, so is your father? I get that. You don't want to say good-bye. But, Scott, your father is dead. And no matter how hard you wish, protecting Adam isn't going to bring your father back.

Annie: I want him out of here.

Ryan: Don't worry, Annie. I'm not gonna stay for the examination. I just wanted to say that once it's over, the whole charade will be, too.

Annie: Are you gonna do something, or do I have to call security?

Ryan: I'm leaving. I'm going. I just wanted to say that you really did take it, didn't you, hook, line, and sinker? The whole bit about you not being able to conceive? Falling down the stairs? That was a nice touch, though. That was impressive. You've always had a flair for the dramatic, haven't you?

Annie: Get out.

Jake: I'd like to just do the examination --

Annie: Oh, no, no, no. I want a new doctor now. You're obviously working for Ryan.

Jake: I don't work for anybody. I'm at the hospital.

Ryan: Jake, listen. I'm sorry. Could I have two minutes with Annie just -- please?

Jake: Sure.

Ryan: Thank you very much.

Annie: What is this? What? You're gonna "handle" me now?

Ryan: Are you kidding me? You're pretty much doing it all for me. Annie, whether it's Jake or another doctor, they will find out that you've been faking this pregnancy.

Annie: I can't believe you set me up.

Ryan: And I can't believe how easy it was. You're done, Annie. It's time to give it up. And by "it," I mean Adam.

Aidan: Zach actually told you that he slept with Liza?

Kendall: No.

Aidan: So what did he say, then?

Kendall: He said they pulled an all-nighter working on my case. What?

Aidan: Don't you think you're overreacting?

Kendall: No, actually, I don't. Look at this. "Liza's been really incredible through all this." Isn't that nice?

Aidan: Well, Liza's helping you guys out.

Kendall: No, Liza's helping herself to my husband.

Aidan: Kendall, I thought you were done with the jealousy thing.

Kendall: Yeah. Well, that was before I knew Zach was spending long sleepless nights with that little red-haired tramp.

Aidan: Your lawyer.

Kendall: Yeah, whatever you want to call her.

Aidan: I think Zach is doing his best.

Kendall: I know that, Aidan. But he's only human. I mean, we don't know how long we're gonna be on the run. Anything could happen.

Aidan: Kendall, you can't think like that because it's gonna drive you nuts.

Kendall: Aidan, can you just give me a second alone, please?

Aidan: Sure.

Kendall: Um, Aidan? You leave the bottle. Thanks.

Adam: I was hoping you had left.

Erica: No, I had a little chat with your nephew.

Adam: Hmm. Where is he?

Erica: He stepped out for some air.

Adam: What did you do to my nephew, Erica?

Erica: I just told him what he needed to hear. How's Annie?

Adam: Annie's fine. As if you give a damn.

Erica: Is it true? Did she really have a miscarriage? I'll take that as a yes.

Adam: Are you off to celebrate my wife's misfortune?

Erica: Sadly, Adam, it is you who's lost the most. If I were you, I would take a very healthy dose of that heart medication. You're gonna need it.

Annie: You call me sick and twisted? Look at yourself. You are obsessed. You will not stop until you have taken everything from me.

Ryan: I'm trying to protect Emma. And Kendall, for that matter.

Annie: Oh, please, Ryan. You had a family. You had me and Emma, and you had a whole big family. And then Greenlee came back, and you decided that you wanted to be with her. Do you know what you did to me? Do you know what you took from me when you left? You took my happiness, my sanity, my safety, my daughter. And now you want to take Adam from me? Why? Does it make you feel good to make me miserable? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

Ryan: You don't know me at all, do you, Annie?

Annie: Oh, I know you, Ryan. I know you better than you think. But I also know myself. And I am a fighter, and I'm not gonna stop fighting. And you know what? I'm gonna win.

Ryan: At what cost, Annie? At pinning a murder on your 7-year-old daughter?

Annie: Oh, stop it.

Ryan: On getting her to tell lies or keep secrets about an incredibly traumatic event that she witnessed? All that proves that you were never pregnant. Ok? And once Adam finds that out, then your new, shiny marriage is gonna be over.

Annie: Are you really that hateful? Are you really that hateful?

Ryan: No, Annie, no. I'm trying to do the right thing here. Ok? And once Adam is free of you and your lies, he is gonna do the right thing. And he is gonna go to prison for Stuart's murder, and you will be away from Emma. She will be safe with me. It's over.

Annie: Shut up! I said shut up!

Ryan: It's over.

Annie: Shut up! It is not over! Adam loves me, and he will not leave me because Adam loves --

[Annie faints and falls to the floor]

David: Did you have a nice walk?

Amanda: Great. Especially the part where I tripped in a pothole and fell flat on my face. Oh, I think I broke my ankle.

David: Huh. I'm fairly confident you didn't break your ankle.

Amanda: How do you know?

David: Fine. Let me take a look at it. It's all right. Just -- come on.

[Amanda groans]

David: Does this hurt?

Amanda: Ow! Yes.

David: How about this?

Amanda: That's ok.

David: If anything, you have a mild sprain. But I'd guess that you probably pulled a muscle. I could massage it if you want.

Amanda: No. I'm good.

David: Suit yourself. Ohh. You hear that?

Amanda: What?

David: Ticktock, ticktock. It's the sound of our ovulation window running out.

Amanda: Is that supposed to be funny? Because it's not. We're going to miss our appointment. My egg is going to drop, or whatever the hell happens, and none of your swimmers are gonna be there to meet it. Which means that this round is a total bust. Ok? We have to wait a whole nother month.

David: Hey, I know this isn't easy. All right?

Amanda: "Easy"? This is torture.

David: Well, I'm sorry. I wish that I could tell you there was another way around this, that there was some secret shortcut. But there isn't, Amanda. I mean, the only time we could do it is when you're ovulating, which unfortunately is right this moment.

Amanda: Part of me just wants to -- oh, God, I just want to get this over with!

David: Are you saying we should --

Amanda: I can't. We can't: Jake.

David: He wouldn't have to know.

Amanda: No. Whether Jake found out or not, I could never do that to him.

David: I think you're looking at this the wrong way, Amanda. It's not like you'd be cheating on Jake, giving in to some carnal desire. If we did this, it would essentially be insemination. But instead of a test tube, we'd be --

Amanda: I know how it works.

David: All I'm saying is we'd be conceiving a child. That's all. And in 14 days or so, we'll see if it took. And if it doesn't, we start all over again, this time with artificial insemination -- and a full tank of gas.

Amanda: What about Jake?

David: Easy. We just tell him that we went to the clinic as planned. I'll call ahead. I'll make sure that everyone's on board, that they cover for us.

Amanda: I hate even the idea of lying to him.

David: But you'd be doing this for Jake, right? Because you want to have a family with him.

Amanda: More than anything in the world.

David: Well, then this is a way to make that happen.

Amanda: You would have to swear on Trevor that you would never tell Jake. I don't care if we get in a fight, if -- if the planet explodes -- whatever. You could never, ever tell him.

David: I swear, on our son, Jake will never hear this from me. It'll be our secret.

Kat: You drank the whole bottle?

Aidan: Kendall wanted me to leave it.

Kat: Oh. So she got Zach's "message"?

Aidan: And it definitely made her jealous.

Kat: Bueno.

Aidan: So what now?

Kat: Well, we wait. You still like to shuffle, right?

Aidan: You know I do. So what are we waiting for?

Kat: You'll know it when you hear it.

Kendall: "We worked through the night." Isn't that nice? Couldn't come up with something more original, Liza? Please. I'm done with you. Ugh.

[Kendall lies down and dreams]

Zach: Here's to you for helping me through a very difficult situation and for not allowing me to give up.

Liza: I would do it again in a heartbeat. I just wish there was something else I could do, you know, for Kendall. I wish I could get those charges dropped.

Zach: We just got to keep trying.

Liza: You know, Zach, I hate to say this. But I think it might be time for you to realize that I don't think that Kendall is coming back.

Zach: I know.

Liza: Hey, look. Look at me. You're not alone. All right? I'll be there. I'm gonna be right here. Always.

[Kendall wakes up as Liza and Zach kiss]

Kendall: No!

Zach: I got to go.

Liza: No. Come on. Not when you're all fired up like this.

Zach: Leave it alone.

Liza: All right. Well, at least tell me where you're going. Guess not.

Erica: Zach? Zach, I'm so glad that I found you.

Zach: Not now, ok?

Erica: No, Ryan is with Annie.

Zach: I don't care where Ryan is.

Erica: You're gonna care very much when you hear this. They're at the hospital. Annie faked a miscarriage.

Zach: Why would she do that?

Erica: Because Annie faked the pregnancy to begin with. Ryan called her on it, and she panicked. She is so afraid that Adam's gonna find out.

Zach: So she finished it before he could?

Erica: Exactly. So don't you see? I mean, now there's no way out. Once Adam finds out that Annie has been faking this whole thing from the beginning, that there is no baby, there's nothing to stop him from confessing to the murder.

Zach: Then Kendall can come home.

Erica: Exactly.

Zach: Come on.

Adam: What did -- Annie? What the hell did you do to her?

Ryan: Relax. It's just another one of Annie's fake-outs.

Adam: Are you blind? My wife is unconscious. Annie? Annie, wake up, sweetheart. Damn it! I need help in here! Annie?

Jake: What happened? What happened?

Adam: This Neanderthal must've assaulted my wife.

Ryan: No, I did nothing. I was talking with Annie. Things got a little bit heated, so she decided to hit the deck.

Scott: "Decided"?

Ryan: Yeah. Because it's an act.

Jake: Can you help me get her back in the bed?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, I got her. I got her. I got her.

[Scott grunts]

Scott: Ok.

Jake: I'd like everybody to get out of the room, please.

Adam: No. I'm staying with my wife. I'm staying with my wife!

Scott: Come on, come on. Jake can't work if we're in his way. Come on.

Adam: All right, if I go, he goes.

Ryan: Yeah, I'm right behind you. I'm right behind you. I'm coming. [Applauds] Excellent work. Great performance, Annie. I'm very impressed.

Jake: It's not a performance. She's out cold.

Amanda: Ok.

David: "Ok"?

Amanda: Let's do it.

David: You sure?

Amanda: No. But I want my life back with my husband and my son as soon as possible.

David: Well, then you've made the right decision. Do you want to go outside or --

Amanda: Let's just get this over with. And you'd better make it quick.

David: I'll do my best. Well, I guess my back seat days aren't over after all.

Amanda: Ok, two rules. One, don't talk. And two, do not look at me.

[In a fit of anger, Kendall breaks a glass against the wall while Aidan smiles]

Jake: Annie, can you hear me?

Annie: What happened?

Jake: You passed out. And I was able to finish your exam.

Annie: Oh, no. God, no.

Adam: How dare you come in here and bully my wife after she may have lost a child tonight.

Ryan: "May have" are the operative words, I think.

Adam: Oh, shut up.

Scott: Ok, ok. Let's go take a walk. Get a little water, huh? Think about your heart.

Adam: I am fine. It's my wife's heart I'm worried about. How is she?

Jake: Well, I have some news that might come as a shock to some of you.

Adam: Should we go somewhere private?

Jake: No, no, no. Annie wanted me to say this in front of everybody. She didn't have a miscarriage. The baby is fine.

Adam: Ooh. Wonderful. Wonderful.

Jake: Ok.

[Adam laughs]

Ryan: Jake? I -- I don't understand how --

Jake: It's, uh, it's the way it is: She's pregnant.

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