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Kat: You look like you've been through a meat grinder, Tom. Maybe I can take care of that.

Kendall: Aidan?

Kat: I've missed you, Devane.

Aidan: Thank you for playing along before.

Kat: Oh, you mean with Sarah? Or is it -- Kendall?

Ryan: The ambulance is on its way.

Colby: He has to be ok!

Zach: He's not gonna die until we get a confession out of him.

Jesse: No pulse.

J.R.: He's not breathing.

Annie: Oh, my God. He's dead.

J.R.: Come on, stay with me, damn it! Come on, Dad.

Zach: He's not going anywhere until he clears Kendall.

Adam: Excuse me. I need help. Could you help me, please?

David: You'll have to wait.

Adam: Well, I -- I really can't wait. I'm having a wedding, and -- well, everything was going perfectly, but then Stuart showed up. And -- well, I was here. Where am I? And who are you?

David: Please allow me to introduce myself.

[Dressed as the devil, David laughs maniacally]

David: "Where am I?" Why, you're Adam Chandler. Surely you must have guessed by now.

[David chuckles]

Adam: I'm in hell?

David: No. That's one flight down. We're on "P": Purgatory. We review your file, make sure you're headed in the right direction.

Adam: I have a file?

David: Ho-ho-ho-ho! More like an encyclopedia. Here. It's gonna take quite a while to read this baby. But the juicy ones? They're so much fun.

[David chuckles]

David: "E" for Electronics. Housewares on 3, women shoes on 4.

[David laughs]

David: Just kidding! "E" for Earth! Everything you left behind. Here. Take a look. Could you get on that elevator and go up, back to Pine Valley? Technically, yes. And a smooth operator like you, all the lies you've gotten away with? I'm sure you could rattle off a hundred reasons why we should send you home. But this file gives us a hundred times as many reasons to send you on the Hades Express!

Adam: I don't want to go home! I killed my own brother! Just send me down right now.

Aidan: I'll explain this later.

Kat: You're still holding out on me? Really?

Aidan: Coffee? Yeah. Um, that would be great. I'd love a cup.

Kendall: Did you -- did you call my name? I -- I thought I heard you.

Aidan: I thought you were sleeping.

Kendall: No, no. I couldn't get comfortable. No offense. Uh, I didn't know where you were.

Aidan: I was just talking to the hostess here. She doesn't say much. Discretion's probably, um, comes in useful when you run a place like this.

Kat: Just depends on who wanders in.

Kendall: Is that your flag?

Kat: Yeah. My, uh, my husband was career military. He was always off on some top-secret mission. Most of the time I had no idea where he was.

Kendall: I'm sure it must've been hard being -- being away from him all the time.

Kat: Well, it wasn't as hard as the day they brought me that flag. I had so many questions, and they barely told me anything. And then one day this man shows up at my door, and it turns out he was on a bunch of those missions with my husband. And he told me everything. And thanks to that man, I know I was married to a hero.

Kendall: I'm sure you were really grateful that he found you.

Kat: Yeah. Just having him here listening and understanding, it, uh, it helped more than anything. And I didn't want him to leave, but eventually he had to move on. So --

Kendall: Well, I'm sorry.

Kat: Are you? So the coffee -- how do you take your coffee?

Kendall: Uh, with -- with milk.

Kat: Wow, we're fresh out. So I'm gonna have to go down to the corner and pick some up.

Kendall: That's ok. Really, you don't have to go. What the hell was that? That was weird. What the hell?

Aidan: She's just going to the corner store. That's all.

Kendall: She's just going to the store? I don't think so, Aidan. Did you see her, how she was acting? She was acting crazy. I think she -- she knows something. We've got to get out of here now.

Zach: Still no pulse. Come on, keep breathing.

Annie: Where the hell is the ambulance?!

Jesse: They're still a few minutes out. I can take over.

Zach: No!

J.R.: You need a break.

Annie: You're not doing it right!

Colby: Leave him alone! He's trying to save my dad!

Annie: He's my husband! I'll save him!

Colby: You didn't finish the wedding. You're nothing to my father or this family! Nothing!

Zach: Where's that ambulance? Call them again.

Ryan: Zach is doing everything he possibly can do.

Annie: He could die. You almost killed him, and for what? So you can punish me? Are you really that evil? Why can't you just let me be happy?

David: So you have no interest in defending your case, eh?

Adam: Let's just get it over with.

David: You sure? Because protocol does allow it.

Adam: There are at least a thousand reasons that I should burn. The most important one is Stuart. But, uh, there is no defense against what I did to him.

[David chuckles]

David: People aren't usually this cooperative. But you've clearly made up your mind. And it's almost cocktail hour. So let's do it!

[Phone rings]

David: Oh! Purgatory. How may I help you? What? No! This is what he wants. All right, damn it. All right!

Adam: What's wrong?

David: I'm afraid there will be a slight delay. That man is determined to bring you back. You're not ours just yet. And apparently someone is on their way to plead your case.

Adam: Who?

David: Your -- ohh -- angel. Hmm. Hmm.

Kendall: Aidan, I'm not being paranoid. She practically sprinted out that door.

Aidan: So the girl's a little weird. It doesn't mean she's on to us.

Kendall: Maybe she knows who I really am. Maybe she recognized me, and she went to go call the cops. My picture could be in that paper! I mean, what if my picture is in this paper --

Aidan: Kendall, your picture is not in the paper.

Kendall: How do you know that? You don't know that.

Adam: What do you want?

Angel Annie: Go back, Adam, to where you belong.

Adam: No, no. I have to pay for what I've done.

Angel Annie: You can do that at home. Make up for your mistakes. Start over. If you give up now, you'll never get another chance.

Adam: No, no. Don't you see I have to pay for all the suffering I've caused? And now I have to suffer for all eternity.

Angel Annie: What about Annie? Won't she suffer if you're gone? Annie loves you. Doesn't she deserve your love in return?

Annie: Don't leave me. Stay here where you belong.

Adam: I'm sorry, but this is my fate. What's done is done.

Angel Annie: You're right. You can't change the past. But you can focus on the future.

Annie: No.

Jesse: He tried.

Annie: No, no, keep going! We will not lose him!

Zach: You're right. We won't.


Annie: Fight, Adam. We need you!

Angel Annie: We all need you, especially the baby. Think of everything your child will miss if you're not there. He or she needs to know you and love you and feel love from you in return. So please, Adam. Go back.


Annie: Please, Adam. Come back.

Angel Annie: Go up. You can heal. Make up for what you've done.

David: Oh, I don't know about that.

Angel Annie: Don't listen to him. You can make amends. But there's only one place you can do it.


Annie: Think of everything you have to live for.

[Siren stops]

Angel Annie: A push of a button -- that's all it takes.

David: Time's up.

Angel Annie: Forget him. Trust me.

David: You know what you want. You said it: "Send me down."

Angel Annie: Up. We are going up.

David: And face all that hate.

Angel Annie: Love. There is so much love up there for you.

David: She's not offering you absolution. Let's be clear on that.

Angel Annie: True. You have to earn that.

David: Yes. The hard way: Hell on earth!

Angel Annie: When have you ever taken the easy way?

David: We need a decision.

Angel Annie: Think of J.R., Colby, Little Adam, and Scott, Stuart's son.

David: Go down. You'll never have to see their disappointed faces again.

Angel Annie: Nothing is more important than your children. And you can be with them and this new baby. It's all waiting for you, Adam, but you have to want it.

David: Ticktock!

Angel Annie: Say it. Say that you want it.

Adam: I can't!

Angel Annie: Do you want to go back? Answer me.

David: You need to leave!

Angel Annie: Do you want to go back?

Adam: I do.

Angel Annie: I can't hear you.

Adam: I -- I do! I do! Up!

[Annie gasps as Adam sits up]

Adam: I do.

J.R.: You did it. You did it.

Annie: You heard him! He said, "I do!" Is it his heart? Is he breathing? You should get him to a hospital.

EMT: Please, just step back.

J.R.: Can you tell us if he's going to be ok?

EMT: Thanks to him. You saved his life.

Annie: Father? When Adam woke up, he said, "I do." So we're married.

Erica: Oh, Annie --

Annie: Go ahead. Do it. Pronounce us husband and wife.

Reverend: By the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife.

Sheriff: Kat's a real spitfire. Where'd she get off to anyway?

Aidan: The corner store. She was nice enough to offer us coffee, but she realized she had no milk.

Sheriff: Oh, you kids are in for a real treat. Kat makes the best brew in town. I'll have to stick around.

Aidan: My name's Tom, and this is Sarah.

Sheriff: A pleasure. I'm Henry Barnes. Everyone calls me Hank.

Aidan: Well, pleased to meet you, Hank. I see you're a sheriff. That's a big job. It must keep you busy.

Hank: Actually, today is kind of quiet -- so far.

Kendall: Well, uh, I'm sure Kat will be back any second. So I think maybe we should probably go back up to our room. Want to do that?

Hank: I thought you were waiting on coffee.

Kendall: We are.

Hank: So what's the rush to go back upstairs?

Aidan: Well, we're on a road trip. Actually, we're quite tired. We've been driving for days.

Hank: Where you from?

Kendall: Miami.

Aidan: New York. She's from Miami. I'm from New York.

Hank: You don't sound like you're from New York. And you are acting real jumpy. So drop the act and tell me who you really are.

EMT: Let's roll.

Jesse: Taking him to the hospital now.

J.R.: All right, I'll be right behind you, Scott. Uh, all right. Uh, you know what? Little Adam and Emma is upstairs. They're playing right now.

Liza: I'll take care of them. Go, go.

J.R.: All right. Thank you.

Liza: Yeah. Go be with your father. Go.

Zach: I'm going, too.

Scott: No, you're gonna stay away from my uncle.

Zach: It's not gonna sink in, is it? Adam is the reason that your daddy's dead.

Scott: No. You're the reason that my father is dead. All of you. This whole town was hell-bent on punishing my uncle, and my father paid the price. I can't bring him back. But I can make damn sure that you never hurt this family again.

Zach: What about Kendall? Her family? She's on the run, completely innocent.

Scott: "Innocent"? No, Kendall came to this house to commit murder. Kendall dropped the loaded gun that ended up killing my father. No. As far as I'm concerned, your wife is getting what she deserves. So I'm not gonna tell you again. You so much as pull into the parking lot of that hospital, I will have you and all your little friends arrested.

Kendall: See, the thing is, sheriff, um --

Aidan: Her name's not really Sarah, and my name's not Tom. And we're not on a road trip. We're on the run. She's married, and we're having an affair. And if her husband found out, he would kill us. So we left town.

Hank: Really, now?

Kendall: Yes. Yeah, everything he said about my husband is definitely true. So, please. Whatever you do, don't say that you saw us, please.

Hank: How long have you two been --

Aidan: Not long. But she is -- she's amazing and she's beautiful, talented, very smart. And she just blows me away every time I'm near her.

Hank: Well, between us, I don't come by here for Kat's coffee. So relax. We're real good at keeping secrets around here.

Aidan: What do they call this place anyway?

Hank: Peyton.

Kat: Oh, God. Shouldn't you be off somewhere running a speed trap or, I don't know, something?

Hank: Like I said, a real spitfire.

Kendall: We're gonna go to our room. Ok?

Zach: Well, it sounds like Scott is gonna call the National Guard. I'm gonna go get to Adam.

Ryan: He's in pretty bad shape, Zach.

Zach: He's alive. He'll talk.

Ryan: I'm just saying give him a little bit of time to recover. That's all. All right?

Erica: Ryan's right, Zach. When Adam confesses, you want him to be lucid. You want it to be legitimate so it holds up in court.

Zach: All right. So what do we do, huh? Annie, Adam -- no one's talking, while Kendall's on the run.

Erica: Have you heard from her again? Is she all right?

Zach: She's not gonna be ok until she's home.

Liza: Ok, when I heard you arguing over there with Scott, it sounded like -- what? You think Adam was the one who shot Stuart?

Ryan: He did shoot Stuart. That's why I interrupted the wedding. Adam wanted to marry Annie and live a whole new, happy life, forget what he did. So I put it in his face. I said the cruelest thing I could possibly say, make him feel guilty.

Zach: He is guilty.

Ryan: I could've killed him, Zach.

Zach: Where you going?

Ryan: I'm going home. I'm getting my daughter, and I am going home.

Annie: Hang on, Adam. Hang on.

David: Ok, I know the patient. Fill me in.

EMT: Witnessed arrest. Unresponsive for three minutes.

Second EMT: Revived with CPR. Previous cardiac history.

David: I'm aware of that, thank you. Ok, let's get him in one. Come on. Everybody wait here.

Annie: But Adam and I are married now.

David: Oh, well, then heaven help him. Come on, let's do it.

EMT: Heart rate 110. Still having runs of V-tach.

Second EMT: Breathing on his own. We started a line, drew some bloods.

David: Ok, that's great. All right, let's get him ready for cath lab. Adam, can you hear me?

Adam: You.

David: Yeah, me. So what happened? Take a few too many of those little blue pills I gave you, hmm, on your wedding day?

Adam: You look better in red.

J.R.: How is he?

Annie: They're working on him.

Colby: What did they say?

Annie: Nothing yet. When they tell me, I'll tell you.

Colby: Stop acting like you're family. You're not. So leave.

Annie: Is that any way to speak to your stepmother, Colby? The minister finished the ceremony. Adam and I are husband and wife now. So if you want to get to him, you go through me.

J.R.: I will all a judge and I will have this bogus marriage annulled before you can say "tire iron."

Marissa: J.R., easy.

J.R.: No, no, you're the reason why my father is in there in the first place. Instead of being focused on his health and his company, he's been focused on you for months. Months! You know what? The money and the favors? That wasn't enough for you. You had to keep on pushing for that wedding.

Annie: No, your father wanted to marry me.

J.R.: My father was suffering. But you kept pushing him. You pushed him until he dropped.

Annie: You're so wrong. I have done nothing but protect your father.

Colby: So why is he in a hospital bed?

Annie: You have no idea the lengths I've gone to for your father. Since that night, that horrible night that Stuart was killed, no one has done more for Adam than I have!

J.R.: You really are nuts. Let's go someplace else.

Marissa: Wait, wait, hang on. Are you saying what I think you're saying?

J.R.: Don't waste your time with this psycho.

Marissa: That's why you were in such a rush to marry Adam. Not to keep him testifying against you. It -- it was so you didn't have to testify against him.

Kendall: "Calm down"? Aidan, we were this close to getting caught.

Aidan: The sheriff has no idea who we are.

Kendall: How do you know that?

Aidan: You're exhausted, ok? We've been driving for days. You just need to rest and relax. Everything's gonna seem better in the morning.

Kendall: All right, fine. What was that whole story that you told, anyway, about you always being in love with me or something like that?

Aidan: I improvised. It seemed to work, didn't it?

Kendall: I don't know. I mean, we don't know for sure. Maybe I should contact Zach and -- and send him a message or something.

Aidan: Kendall, we've been over this, all right? We don't know what Zach told the FBI agents. But I can promise you this: They are watching his every move.

Kendall: Ok. Well, I'll do it the way I've been doing it. I'll do it through a poem in code.

Aidan: No, you can't. You can't. You can't contact Zach anymore. All right? It's too risky. I have an idea. I'll go downstairs and see if I can get a better read on them.

Kendall: How?

Aidan: Trust me. If they're on to us, I'll know about it.

Erica: Emma fell right asleep? Ryan? Ryan, don't tell me that you believe her?

Ryan: Who?

Erica: Annie. What she said -- that you almost killed Adam.

Ryan: Didn't I?

Erica: Absolutely not.

Ryan: I knew he had a heart condition. I pushed too hard, Erica.

Erica: You did not almost kill Adam. His guilt did. He killed his brother, and he's somehow finding a way to move on with his life. What happened today shows that Adam's conscience is far from clear. I will not let you take the blame for the toll that it's taking on him.

Ryan: Adam should come clean. I'm not fighting you on that. Just this wasn't the way to do it.

Erica: Just stop. Will you please just stop? Don't waste one more minute of energy on Annie and her lies. Please use your energy to help Kendall. I'm so worried about her. I'm so worried. I wonder where she is. And is she all right and is she hurt and is she even alive?

Ryan: Of course, she's still alive. She's gonna make it through this.

Erica: Ryan, you know what it's like to be so worried about your daughter. But not to have any answers? It's really torture. Look, Ryan, you are the most supportive man I know. I really need that support right now. So please just forget about Annie and her lies. Will you do that, please? Do it for me?

David: That heart attack should've killed you, Adam. But here you are, still ticking. This just proves my theory once again: You're just too mean to die.

Adam: If you want to be here and -- and need to be here, then you can come back here and make up for your sins.

David: Whatever you say.

J.R.: No. There's no way that my father killed Uncle Stuart.

Annie: Just drop it.

Colby: J.R., what Ryan said during the ceremony -- it was like he was trying to make Dad feel guilty. And look what happened. Now she's saying all this stuff about trying to protect him? Is it true? Did my father kill Uncle Stuart?

Annie: How is he?

David: He's weak but stable.

Annie: Adam? It's me.

Adam: My angel.

Kat: It was a coincidence, you know -- Hank showing up like that.

Aidan: I knew you'd be cool.

Kat: Well, what can I say, Devane? I've always been a sucker for you. But this time around, you don't seem to give a damn.

[On the message board, Zach asks Kendall, "Are you there?"]

Kendall: "Yes. What happened with Adam?"

[Zach asks, "Are you OK?"

Kendall: "Yes. But I would be much better if you were here with me."

Aidan: Kendall's a fugitive. But I'm sure you know that already. What you don't know is everything in that newspaper about her is untrue. She's innocent, and I'm helping her.

Kat: Because you are in love with her.

Kendall: "I love you, Zach. Always, only you."

Erica: So?

Ryan: So Adam is gonna be all right. Now he's just got to worry about Zach killing him.

Erica: No, no, no. Zach wants him alive -- at least until he comes clean.

Ryan: Well, now that Adam and Annie are married, they'll probably lock themselves away in a fortress and pretend none of this ever happened.

Erica: No. Ryan, there has to be a way to convince Adam to admit what he's done. There has to be. I have to believe that for Kendall's sake. Ryan, just for today, just for today, I want to believe. I -- I really need to believe that we have hope.

Liza: Hey. Hi.

Colby: Dad's alive. We can't see him yet, but they say he'll be all right.

Liza: Oh, sweetheart. What -- what is it? Hmm?

Colby. It's nothing.

Liza: Colby, what?

Colby: I heard something at the hospital -- something crazy.

Liza: And that Adam was the one who ...

Colby: Is it true?

Liza: Well -- yeah. According to Ryan and Zach, it is.

[Phone rings]

Liza: Oh, hey, Bailey. Um, you know what? I can't talk right now actually. I'm with Colby.

Colby: If it's about the baby?

Liza: Yeah, I'll call you later. Give Stuart a kiss for me.

Colby: Is Stuart ok?

Liza: He's fine. He's fine.

Colby: You didn't have to hang up.

Liza: Yes, I did. Honey, listen, I'm so sorry. I -- I have been so caught up in work and Bailey and the baby. I haven't made enough time for you.

Colby: That's not true. Besides I'm not a kid anymore. I can take care of myself.

Liza: I like taking care of you.

Colby: I've been trying to hold it together. It's been really hard. First, Dad marries Annie, then he has another heart attack, and now they're saying that ... I know it's lame, but I guess I need ...

Liza: Your mom. Yeah. Come here.

Marissa: Look, I -- I never should have said anything.

J.R.: I'm glad that you did. I was so convinced that Annie was the killer, I never considered my own father.

Marissa: We don't really know anything for sure, though.

J.R.: No, but Colby was right. The moment that Ryan starting talking about Uncle Stuart, my father fell apart. I mean, the words alone almost killed him.

Marissa: Adam will be all right.

J.R.: Really? I always thought of my father as a rock. Someone unbreakable. I realize he's just like me. We're both fighting a weakness that's gonna eventually bring us down.

Marissa: No, look. These past few weeks, I have watched you show more courage and strength than anyone I have ever known.

J.R.: The other day I picked up a drink. I would have downed it, too -- or 10 -- if Tad hadn't smacked it out of my hand.

Marissa: You were hurting.

J.R.: I was weak. If I hadn't found out that my cancer went into remission, where would I be?

Marissa: With me. Whatever comes your way, comes my way, too. We're in this together now. I'm your wife.

J.R.: And Annie's my dad's.

Annie: You should sleep. I'm not going anywhere.

Adam: My beautiful angel. You saved me. You and our child.

Annie: You need to rest, but first I need you to do something.

Adam: Name it.

Annie: Kiss the bride.

Adam: Ah. All right.

Annie: He's gonna be ok.

Scott: Ok. Oh, man, this has been one --

Annie: What? What is it?

Scott: May I?

[Scott slips Annie's wedding ring on her finger]

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