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Annie: What do you mean, we can't release real doves?

Scott: What are you doing?

Annie: Last-minute wedding planning. White homing pigeons? No! Scott!

Scott: You are supposed to be at the hospital with Uncle Adam.

Annie: I am also supposed to be planning a wedding for tomorrow, and you just hung up on my wedding planner.

Scott: Really? Is she ready to plan you a jailhouse wedding?

Annie: Scott, stop it.

Scott: No. I have to get to the hospital before Uncle Adam tells someone that he shot my dad!

Annie: You really think I would leave Adam alone if I thought he was going to do that?

Scott: If his conscience gets the better of him and one of us isn't there, he will confess.

Annie: He won't.

Scott: He might.

Annie: Not when he's worried about the child I'm carrying.

Adam: I told the officers what happened at the cemetery. I was sick with grief over my brother's death.

Jesse: Was it because of something you remembered that happened that night? The way it happened?

Adam: Perhaps.

Jesse: Perhaps you did or you didn't, Adam?

Adam: Annie did not shoot Stuart. Kendall confessed. A closed case would make a very nice wedding gift.

Jesse: Well, it's too bad the police department doesn't have a bridal registry.

Adam: Well, some things you can't take back.


Adam: And some people should give up their witch hunt and get a hobby.

Jesse: Thanks for your time, Adam.

Adam: Maybe Lavery wants your job.

Jesse: You know, some days I would gladly give it to him.

David: After much consideration, I have decided to step down as Pine Valley Hospital's chief of staff. And with the board's endorsement, I am pleased to announce Dr. Angela Hubbard will be taking over that position effective immediately.

Angie: Thank you, Dr. Hayward. You'll be a tough act to follow.

Reporter: Why are you giving up the position, Dr. Hayward?

David: The demands of the job along with my surgical duties have been constraining my home life. Now I'll have ample time to focus on expanding my family.

Second Reporter: Are you expecting another child?

Amanda: What's going on?

Jake: Uh, David is stepping down as chief of staff.

Amanda: Why?

Jake: Probably to spend more time ripping us apart.

Angie: I hope to follow in the esteemed footsteps of Dr. Joe Martin, who ran this hospital with heart and dignity and strength.

David: Hey!

Amanda: Hey.

David: Hey, how's my little man doing?

Amanda: He's fine.

Jake: So, uh, I caught your -- your little speech there where you're demoting yourself, Dave.

David: Well, you see, I like to see it as promoting myself to a higher position in the daddy department. Soon we'll have a baby on the way. I thought it would be nice to be able to be there and help out at home.

Amanda: Well, we could have talked about it. Maybe hired someone else full time.

Jake: You see, I would have thought you'd actually wait for Amanda to be a few months along before you went and gave up all your power over me.

David: Is that really what I'm doing?

Marissa: Good morning. What's wrong?

J.R.: Nothing.

Scott: This is wrong.

Annie: Adam was ready to confess. What was I supposed to do?

Scott: I don't know, not invent a baby?

Annie: Come on, Scott, what does Adam value more than anything?

Scott: You better hope it's not honesty.

Annie: Family. He's lost his brother. All of his kids have moved out of this house. They've taken his grandchildren. Adam has been devastated by what happened, thinking he's never gonna have a family. I just want to show him that family will go on.

Scott: By giving him false hope?

Annie: What I gave him is a living, breathing reason to never tell anyone that he killed Stuart.

Scott: Well, he's gonna expect that reason to show up in nine months.

Annie: Not a problem.

Adam: Yes, thank you.

Jesse: He even asked me to close the case as a wedding gift.

Ryan: He knows damn well that he is the one that killed his brother.

Jesse: Maybe. But unless he admits it, Ryan --

Ryan: Then what? We got to sit around and do nothing, he gets to live his life and Kendall has to be on the run for the rest of hers?

Jesse: We went back through all the evidence. None of it points to Adam.

Ryan: What about the gun? Do you have his prints on the gun?

Jesse: Oh, sure, we have prints on his gun. We've also got his prints on his toothbrush, on his doorknobs, on his light switches. His house, his gun. Ryan, it'd be suspicious if his prints weren't on the gun.

Ryan: We're not bringing Emma in here again, ok? We're not gonna get her to testify. She's been through enough. We're not doing it.

Jesse: It's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen. Annie's already discredited her credibility.

Ryan: So a confession out of Adam is the only chance that my son has to see his mother again? What?

Jesse: I've already tried. Erica's tried.

Ryan: I know.

Jesse: So if I walk away, go find my wife, you're not gonna do anything stupid, are you? Like run in there and shake a confession out of him?

Ryan: Give me a little credit, Jesse. Heard you're getting out soon. You must be feeling a little bit better.

Adam: Oh, yes, I am. Now that the drugs that you and Zach plied me with are out of my system. Are you here to help me with my vows? No, I guess not. You being Annie's ex.

Ryan: That and the fact that it turns my stomach to think about Stuart's killer getting married tomorrow, celebrating while an innocent woman is on the run and an innocent man is buried underground.

Adam: One last time, Annie did not kill Stuart.

Ryan: Who's talking about Annie?

Jake: Congratulations, chief! All hail the chief! Hail the chief.

Angie: Thank you.

Amanda: He's already buttering up the boss.

Jake: No, I'm not. I was just -- you know, she's the chief, but if it's not working, I brought a really cute little baby along. There you go, Chief.

Angie: Oh, and he is a cutey. Look at you.

Jake: He is, isn't he?

Angie: So what is it you want less weekend shifts? More time in the O.R.?

Jake: No. I just was wondering what the truth is. Why did David really step down?

Angie: Well, you heard him. He wants more family time. My sympathies.

Jake: Mmm. And now the truth. Why did David really step down?

Amanda: Jake, maybe that's all it is.

Jake: Uh, no. Definitely not. David hoards power like a squirrel hoards nuts, so are you telling me he just let you walk off with his nuts? How'd you do that?

Jesse: Yeah. How did you do that?

Angie: I made a deal.

Jake: She made a deal with the devil.

Angie: Mm-hmm. Something you and my husband know all about. Sweetie.

[Baby cries]

Jesse: Yeah. Uh, hey, ho, hey. What -- what just happened?

Angie: Can we drop it, please?

Jesse: My wife makes chief of staff, and I have to find out about it on TV? What's going on with you and Hayward? Adam's pills? You threatened to bust David?

Adam: Well, what is this, you can't take Annie down, you take down anyone around her?

Ryan: How long can you keep this up, Adam?

Adam: Huh. So I'm the target now? Really? Why? Because I make Annie happy?

Ryan: You go ahead and proofread your discharge papers one more time if you think that'll make the pit in your stomach disappear. And if that doesn't work, then -- then go ahead, try and stuff down that guilt. Stuff it down, put on a tux, marry a crazy woman. Maybe tomorrow it won't hurt so bad. Or maybe the day after that or the day after that. You think burying your brother was hard, try burying the shame of killing him day after day for the rest of your life.

Annie: If Adam and I leave for our honeymoon here and we stay until here, I could be pregnant by here, which means I could have a baby around here, give or take a few weeks, which would make him or her a Leo. Or maybe a Virgo. I don't know. Either way, I'm practically pregnant already, right? What?

Scott: That's not a plan, Annie. That's math.

Annie: The numbers don't lie, Scott.

Scott: But we do.

Annie: Is it really lying if you're doing it to help somebody?

Scott: Yes.

Annie: Lots of babies are born late. I mean, I had Emma, like, eight days past my due date. Besides, Adam will be so happy and excited, he won't care about dates.

Scott: What if you don't get pregnant immediately, huh? I mean, you can fudge a few weeks, but a few months? No. No, no. You -- I'm just being realistic.

Annie: No. You're being pessimistic.

Scott: No. Someone has to look at the worst-case scenario. You would have to, I don't know, fake a miscarriage.

Annie: No. The worse-case scenario would be to have a miscarriage, and I've already been through that, so I wouldn't have to fake that kind of pain.

Scott: I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Annie: Will you hand me my binder, please? I have a wedding to plan.

J.R.: I love how normal this is. I might even get used to mornings again.

Marissa: I didn't know you had a problem with them.

J.R.: Well, that's when hangovers hit the hardest, so I never was a fan. But lately, the worst part of my day has been the morning time. I woke up. I had one or two seconds tops. And then I realized how sick I was. But not today. Not today. I woke up and --

Marissa: Everything changed.

J.R.: Yeah. So why aren't you happier about that?

Angie: David said if I came forward about his illegal drugs that he would bring you, Zach, and Ryan down. I told him to go ahead. I'd watch you all go down.

Jesse: So you were counting on him to protect himself, give you whatever you wanted if you kept quiet?

Angie: And it worked.

Jesse: Ahh. See, this is exactly what I didn't want -- you getting any more involved in all this mess.

Angie: First time I got something out of it.

Jesse: I'm sorry, baby. I don't even know what else to say.

Angie: How about congratulations?

Jake: Could you sit down, please?

Amanda: You know, maybe whatever Angie has on David we could use to get custody of Trevor, you know, and then I could skip the whole fertility appointment.

Jake: Well, first of all I got to believe that Angie knows that David is blackmailing you to make this happen, so if she had anything on him at all, she'd be helping us, don't you think?

Amanda: Not if she was already using it herself to get ahead.

Jake: Do you really -- can you sit down, please? You're making me nervous. Please. This is Angie. This is Angie we're talking about.

Amanda: It is no coincidence that she ended up with David's job, chief of staff. There's no way he would give up that job without a fight. Ok, I'm desperate. I just keep thinking about these next nine months living under David's watch. You know, the deal is done, but today it gets real. Jake, I'm about to meet with a doctor about having David's baby.

Jake: Don't do it. We'll find -- we'll find another way. Just don't do it.

Amanda: We've already looked. There is no other way, Jake. If I back out on this plan, then I lose you to jail, I lose Trevor to David. I lose everything.

Jake: You know what happened today? David stood down as chief of staff, right? What does that mean? That means he doesn't have control of me at work anymore. No control. And in nine months, if you go through with this, he won't have control over you either.

Amanda: But how do we get through the day to day, you know, for the next nine months?

Jake: Because we -- we just let David keep thinking that David's making all the rules, right? And eventually when he slips up, and he will, we'll move in and we'll go for custody of Trevor and the new little brother or sister.

Amanda: David will fight us.

Jake: Screw David. Screw him. I need you to believe that we can conquer anything together, ok? I really need you to believe that.

Amanda: I believe in you.

Nurse: Mrs. Martin, the doctor's ready for you.

Marissa: You know it's just -- well, we got together right around the time that you were diagnosed, so for pretty much our whole relationship, it was there.

J.R.: The cancer. And now that I'm in remission, what? You still see it?

Marissa: No. No, no. No. That's -- that's not what I'm saying. I --

J.R.: But it's ok. I saw it, too. Every time I looked in the mirror, even before you shaved my head. But now that's all over. So -- come on. Let's go back to bed.

Marissa: No. You're not getting it, J.R. It -- something so big, so huge like that, you don't just look at a person differently, you treat them differently.

J.R.: I wasn't always myself.

Marissa: Well, exactly. I mean, you were acting like we had months ahead of us, and now we have -- decades.

J.R.: And that's a good thing.

Marissa: Yeah, I know, I know, but it's just -- the choices you made, you made them so fast, and we got married, and now I -- I just wonder if maybe --

J.R.: Maybe I made a mistake?

Annie: Lucretia! Lucretia! Yoo-hoo!

[Rings bell]

Lucretia: Yes?

Annie: Try this on.

Lucretia: What is it?

Annie: It's a, uh, uniform for my wedding tomorrow.

Lucretia: But I'm working in the kitchen. Can't I wear this?

Annie: Ok, you're forgetting. Who's the bride? Me. Me. Try it on.

Lucretia: This, uh, isn't a uniform.

Annie: It's a uniform for fabulous single women everywhere. Congratulations. You're my maid of honor. It's pretty, right?

Lucretia: I -- I don't feel comfortable with this.

Annie: Ok, would a 10% raise make you feel more comfortable?

Lucretia: 20% might.

Annie: To wear a dress for an hour?

Lucretia: This color washes me out.

Annie: Fine. 20%.

Ryan: I can still feel the weight of the gun in my hand. I can still hear my heart pounding as I pulled the trigger, and I put a bullet in my brother Jonathan. I mean, in a way you're lucky I'm here. I can give you some insights into the joys of life after killing your brother. There aren't any, Adam. Me, I went out of my mind. I went out of my mind. I drove off a cliff. I couldn't live with the pain. I couldn't. I wanted to be as dead as Jonathan was.

Adam: He wasn't dead.

Ryan: No, he wasn't, and it's a good thing I found that out. Because the guilt would have definitely crushed me. But you know what, for you, I guess it's almost twice as much guilt, right? Because Stuart isn't coming back, and it's not just you and your family that's suffering. It's Kendall and her family that's suffering as well. At least put an end to that, Adam. It is your only chance of relief from this. Just admit that you killed Stuart and put an end to all of this.

Scott: What the hell are you doing?

Ryan: I'm just visiting, Scott.

Scott: You all right, Uncle Adam?

Adam: Yeah. Where's Annie?

Scott: She's at home getting things ready for the wedding. Did you sign out?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. Let's go.

Scott: Come on. Thank you. Stay the hell away from my uncle.

Ryan: You can protect him from a lot, but you can't protect him from what's going on inside. He is so close to telling the truth, Scott. I wish you wanted justice for your father as much as the rest of us.

Jake: Can I talk to you? I mean, I hate to do this to you right after naptime or whatever, but -- ahh. I got good news for you and bad news. And the good news is that you're gonna have a little brother or sister, huh? High 5. Give us some skin. Ok, we'll work on that. The bad news is that your little brother or sister is not gonna have, uh, you see this face right here? You see this mutt? They're not gonna have any of these genes. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, what? Why not? I know. It's not 'cause I don't love your mommy. I do. I love your mommy very much. We're gonna live together forever, be married, the whole thing. But you know David, right? He's technically your father. Oh, you do know him. He's the funny-looking guy, lives in the big creepy house that you and mom are staying at. Well, if he had it his way, he'd have you living there forever. And that's, uh, that -- you know, that's not good because then we'd never get to hang out, and -- I love you too much. And Mommy.

Woman over P.A.: Dr. Forrest, dial 118, please. Dr. Forrest, please dial...

David: This is all for the new chief in training. I'm going on break. I'll be back soon to check on Mr. Breakeller.

Angie: I need these to go to billing. These are for the lab. And the rest go back to the records room. Thanks.

Nurse: Dr. Hayward just left these for you. And you had some messages. Mostly congratulations. And your husband called to see when you'll be home.

Lucretia: Doesn't fit. Sorry.

Annie: You look great!

Lucretia: I can't wear this!

Annie: So did I tell you? I canceled the wedding doves. Adam and I, we were gonna release these doves after the ceremony. But it turns out they're not doves. They're pigeons. See, real doves, they don't have any kind of homing instincts. Like once they leave, they never come back. And doves, they can't survive out there alone. You want to know why?

Lucretia: Why?

Annie: No fear. They can't identify their predators. Once they do identify a predator, the dove is in way over its head.

Lucretia: Really? She can't tell when she's over her head?

Annie: And it's not just females. Males, too. Anyway, the bird people said the doves find a specific place that makes them feel safe, and they stick to it. They stick to the flock. I mean, who wants to touch a pigeon anyway, huh? Yuck.

[Distant voices]

Annie: Oh, you're home! Doesn't she look great?

Adam: Yes, Lucretia, you look lovely.

Marissa: I would totally understand if you needed to take a break. You know, just, I mean, get back to who you were before you got sick and remember what it's like to make decisions without a ticking clock over your head. Hang out with Little A and work things out with your father. And then, you know, maybe see if this marriage -- if it's still what you want.

J.R.: Is that what you want, to take a break?

Marissa: No. No. Not at all. I mean, it's not what I thought. I just -- I thought maybe it's what you thought.

J.R.: No. Marissa, I don't want to be that guy I was before the cancer. That guy could be kind of a jerk.

Marissa: I liked him just fine.

J.R.: Yeah, but he'd be making up every excuse, dragging his feet why he couldn't tell you that he loves you. So I'm thankful for that ticking clock, in a way. It didn't give me any time to screw things up. But now we can throw all that away and we can make some real plans. We can be together without the cancer hanging over us. Frankly, I'm excited about that.

Marissa: I am, too.

J.R.: Cancer didn't ruin my life. Believe it or not, it made my life better -- because I found you.

Doctor: Everything looks normal, Mrs. Martin. You have several viable eggs, no blockage in your fallopian tubes, no trauma from previous childbirth. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to conceive and carry another child.

Amanda: Good. Great. So what's next?

Doctor: We'll collect a sperm sample from the prospective father, set a date for insemination. If it takes, you could be delivering late summer, early fall.

Amanda: If? But -- I'm sorry. You just said that there shouldn't be a problem.

Doctor: The procedure doesn't always work the first cycle. If that is the case, we'll run more tests. Sometimes it takes multiple tries. This can be a long process.

David: Hey, Trevor. Daddy's here. I just had my checkup.

Jake: We're thrilled for you.

David: Yeah. I'm sure you are. Where's Amanda?

Jake: Amanda's in with the doctor. See, back when you were chief of staff, this would be about the time that you'd send me off to the lab to pick up some paperwork or check in with a patient, anything to make sure I didn't spend quality time with my girl.

David: You know, I got to tell you, Jake, there's something poetic about this, you in a waiting area, watching the door, hoping Amanda will come walking in any minute. You do this at home, too?

Jake: Ooh, someone's Mr. Cranky Pants because they gave up their title.

David: Oh, no, not at all. No. The only title I care about these days is Dad. At the rate you're going, you'll have a better shot at being chief of staff.

Jake: Well, I got to be honest with you, Dave, I'm jealous. The day doesn't go by that I didn't wish that I was Trevor's real dad. I'd be a good father to him or the new little ones. But I'll wait. Nine months. And then we'll make babies out of love, and a family, and that, my friend, will be worth the wait.

David: You keep telling yourself that. A lot can happen in nine months. [Kiss] I'll see you back at home, son. The nanny here can change your diaper.

[David pats Trevor and leaves]

Emma: I need the dark purple crayon again.

Ryan: Hi, guys. Whatcha doing?

Emma: Hi, Daddy.

Ryan: Hi, Ems.

Corinna: We're drawing.

Ryan: Yes, you are.

Corinna: Emma is quite an artist.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, she sure is. Hey, uh, thanks for coming by on such short notice. I really appreciate it.

Corinna: Yeah, anytime. Yeah.

Ryan: Cool.

Corinna: Bye.

Ryan: You want to say bye, Ems?

Corinna: Bye, Emma.

Emma: Bye.

Ryan: Ok. See ya.

Corinna: Have fun tomorrow!

Ryan: Thanks. Thanks.

[Door closes]

Ryan: Hey, can I see? Wow. That looks good. Is that, um, is that a picture of you and Mom?

Emma: At the wedding.

Ryan: Yeah.

Emma: Are you going?

Ryan: Of course, I'm going. I wouldn't miss you doing your flower girl thing.

Emma: So you're ok with Mommy marrying Adam?

Annie: Ok, ah, there! Now you can't even see that the zipper's still open a little.

Lucretia: A little?

Annie: Oh, it's not like the dress is going to fall off you, Lucretia. You'll be fine.

Adam: You look lovely, Lucretia.

Annie: See? Lucretia: Thank you, Mr. Chandler. 25%.

Adam: What was that about?

Annie: Oh, it was nothing. I am so glad you're home. How are you feeling?

Adam: Ready to marry you.


Scott: Maybe you should postpone.

Adam: Why?

Scott: Because I want you to enjoy your wedding, Uncle Adam, and you got a much better chance of doing that if you just give yourself a little bit of time to recover. Your guests will understand.

Adam: Nope. Wedding's tomorrow.

Annie: Yes. I can't wait either. I told Scott the good news.

Adam: Ha ha! Yes.

Scott: Congratulations.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Yeah.

Annie: I am so happy, Adam. I am so excited about our family.

Adam: Me, too. Ha ha!

Jesse: Welcome home, baby.

Angie: What is all this?

Jesse: Just wanted to do something special for you -- chief of staff. Check it out. Chief of staff, chief of police, two chiefs living under the same roof. How special is that?

Angie: Oh, no, I really wish you hadn't done this, Jesse.

Jesse: Look, I just didn't like the way we left things before. I didn't even get the chance to tell you I'm proud of you.

Angie: Ha ha! Proud. Wow. For threatening David to hand over his job? No. I don't -- I don't want it.

Jesse: You deserve this promotion. It doesn't matter how it came to you.

Angie: No, it matters to me. You know, it pissed me off the way David ran that hospital, more interested in throwing his power around than in helping people, and I wanted to be chief. I've wanted to be chief to make positive changes, to raise patient care.

Jesse: You're gonna do that. David Hayward sure the hell wasn't getting the job done.

Angie: No, you don't understand. My problem is who he is -- a person with no scruples who could blackmail you one moment and then come home and have a glass of wine and act like it never even happened.

Jesse: Ok.

Angie: You know, someone like that does not deserve to be in charge of a hospital!

Jesse: You need to stop right now, because you are nothing like that man.

Angie: No, I did exactly what he would do to get what he wanted.

Jesse: Your motives were honorable. Wanting to make things better for your patients. And the way this came to you, baby, that does not make you Dr. Hayward.

Angie: No? Who am I? Because all this time I thought that I was rising above, and today I just -- just sunk. No, don't. Please don't.

Doctor: See you soon, Mrs. Martin.

Amanda: Ok, thanks.

Jake: Something wrong?

Amanda: I am perfectly healthy and ready to have another baby.

Jake: Well, that's what -- that's what you wanted, right?

Amanda: I know. It's just -- the doctor said that it could take longer than I thought. I want this to be over. I just want to come home.

Jake: Well, I'm gonna wait for you for as long as it takes.

David: Well?

Doctor: I can schedule her first insemination mid month.

David: Just in time for the holidays. Huh. Perfect time to give thanks for my new family.

Ryan: Is that another picture of the wedding? Looks good. Hey, Ems, you remember we talked about this, that even though your mom and I aren't married anymore, we both still love you very much.

Emma: Do you hate Mommy?

Ryan: No. No, I don't hate your mom. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have you, right? Hey, sweets. I know that she didn't shoot Stuart, and I know why you couldn't talk to me about it.

Emma: So I don't have to talk about it anymore?

Ryan: Not unless you want to. Ok. Ok, then you never have to talk about it ever again, ok? I am always looking out for you, Princess, always.

Annie: Great. I think that's everything. Ok. See you tomorrow. Hey, uh, what the hell was that before about postponing the wedding? Are you trying to mess this up when I am this close to making it work?

Scott: Just give him time to pull himself together.

Annie: Where is he? Is he outside? I have to talk to him about boutineers.

Scott: It's not our little secret anymore, Annie. When I went to go pick up Adam at the hospital, Ryan was there grilling him about shooting my dad.

[Annie exhales]

Annie: So they are. They're onto us. We were right. So is it just Ryan or is it anybody else?

Scott: I don't know, but why would Ryan keep it a secret, hmm?

Annie: Ok, so now do you see? This is why we have to rush this wedding. Once I am married to Adam, I won't be able to testify against him.

Scott: He was having chest pains, Annie. And the way Ryan was pushing him for a confession, I got there just in time.

Annie: I mean, he seemed ok before. I think he would tell me if something was wrong.

Scott: Oh, and risk upsetting his pregnant fiancée? Don't count on it.

Annie: Ok, so we get Ryan to stop pressuring him.

Scott: This isn't about Ryan.

Annie: Adam will be happy once this baby comes --

Scott: This is about his health.

Annie: He will not confess if he cares about our future.

Scott: He won't confess if he's dead, either. If you keep pushing this, you will kill him.

[Adam goes to Stuart's gravesite]

Adam: Hey. Ahh -- Annie and I are getting married tomorrow. We're having a baby. I wish you could be here to be a part of all of it. It's sickens me that I can't take responsibility for your death, but it's the only way I can keep our family alive, so -- my secret is buried with you.

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