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[Phone beeps]

[Laptop chimes]

Kendall: Who was that?

Aidan: It was -- it was nothing.

Kendall: Was it the computer?

Aidan: No. No. I -- I checked. Just go back to sleep.

Tad: Hey, beautiful. Where's the old ball and chain?

Marissa: J.R. is at the Cancer Center's support session. But he's coming here afterwards to meet me for dinner.

Tad: Oh. Cool. Hey, Tim. Good to see you. I would, uh -- not one of those. Just let me have a sparkling water, I guess.

Tim: Sure.

Tad: Wow. You're staring at that drink like it's a crystal ball. What's the prediction?

Marissa: It says, "Ask again later."

Tad: Seriously.

Marissa: J.R. wants to have a baby.

Tad: That's great -- but that's -- that -- well, that's terrific. I mean, I find that, you know, it tends to happen with people who get married, anyway. That's a good thing, isn't it?

Marissa: Yeah, it should be, shouldn't it?

Doctor: Hello, J.R. I'm sorry I'm a little bit late. Is the group all here?

J.R.: Yeah. Everyone except for Trent. I'm really looking forward to getting a healthy dose of him tonight. He's got a real way of putting things into perspective, you know.

Doctor: I'm sorry, J.R. Trent died this morning.

J.R.: What?

Doctor: He was really good at not letting people know just how bad it had gotten. But he was very sick, and he went very quickly.

Adam: Finally I'll get what I deserve. I have nothing to live for.

Annie: Yes, you do. You have me.

Adam: I killed my own brother. And your -- your father. I don't deserve to live.

Annie: Adam, please. I need you. Don't do this.

Adam: I can't live with myself.

Annie: Listen to me.

Adam: No.

Annie: You were crazy in your head. You were all drugged up. It was an accident. It was just a horrible, horrible accident. You didn't mean to hurt Stuart. And you and I both know Stuart would never want you to hurt yourself. Please. Please. Haven't we all suffered enough?

Adam: You knew about this all this time? How could you not tell me? How could you keep it a secret?

Erica: Ryan --

Annie: Don't move!

Ryan: Ok, ok.

Annie: Don't either one of you dare move. 

Tad: I understand that -- thanks, Tim -- that having children is a huge step. You obviously have to be honest. Do you want a baby?

Marissa: Yes. Yes. Yes. I mean, Little Adam is perfect. But, you know, to have a child with J.R., I -- I would give anything.

Tad: That's great!

Marissa: But it just seems that, you know, instead of doing it for all the right reasons, J.R. wants this kid because of the cancer.

Tad: He said that?

Marissa: Well, he's afraid that if we wait, the chemo will prevent him from being able to have kids.

Tad: Huh.

Marissa: It's like he wants to leave a part of himself for me. Yeah, it sounds romantic at first, doesn't it? But it's all centered on J.R. dying. And, you know, he's not dying. He can't.

Tad: Of course he's not dying.

Marissa: I -- I don't -- I don't want J.R. To leave me a piece of him. I want all of him. I mean, am I being naive or selfish? Am I reacting to this all wrong?

Tad: Relax. You're reacting like any sane person would: You're scared.

Marissa: So what should I do?

Tad: You look at the bright side.

Marissa: There is a bright side?

Tad: Always.

Woman: And we stayed up all night sharing memories of when Stephie was growing up, talking about all the silly things she remembered, telling me she couldn't imagine having a more wonderful mom. I started crying all of a sudden. She thought she'd upset me. I told her she hadn't. I just asked her why it took me getting this sick for us to start talking this way.


[No audio]

Trent's voice: Cindy started talking babies. My oncologist advised us to freeze my sperm just in case. I refused. I couldn't even give my wife a good explanation. I just denied her a child. I didn't stop there. I started staying out late. I drank when I could stomach alcohol. Picked fights. Made her life hell. But Cynthia took it until she couldn't anymore.

Doctor: We need to remember that your loved ones are new at this, as well. They may fumble and stumble in how they react to what you're going through. You need to accept that, but recognize when they're reaching out to you and accept the help.

J.R.: Yeah. No one wants to die alone, right?

Doctor: No, of course not.

J.R.: Yeah, but Trent did.

Zach's voice: "It's almost over. He remembered. And all I can think of is holding you again. Soon. I promise. Soon. I love you. Always."

Annie: Take him home now. Hurry.

Ryan: Annie, what are you doing?

Scott: Please. Uncle Adam, come on. Come on.

Erica: It's over now, Annie. Adam knows. And so, obviously, does Scott know now, too.

Ryan: Just put the gun down, Annie. Don't make this any worse, ok? Put it down.

Erica: Give up now, Annie. Please let -- let my daughter come home.

Ryan: Tell the police the truth. Tell them what happened.

Annie: Right. Right. What? You think the person that confesses now will be shown mercy by this town? I don't think so. The person who shot Stuart Chandler will have to pay, will have to suffer for taking such a beautiful, beautiful soul out of this world and out of your lives. But I'm sure you will be there to make sure that that person pays, won't you? Won't you? Adam -- was gonna shoot me, so I took the gun.

[Annie hands Ryan the gun]

Kendall: Hmm. Aidan? Hey. Where were you? I woke up, and you weren't there.

Aidan: I was rummaging around the cellar again. Look what I found -- an old bottle of sacramental wine. It might be a little bit old, but, hey, who knows? It might be good. Want to try some?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, please. Nice. Well, uh, so last -- last I heard from Zach, he was saying that he was working on Adam. But no word yet. Are you sure there were no messages that went through when we were sleeping?

Aidan: No. I checked.

Kendall: What are you looking for?

Aidan: I don't know. Something that we can use as a corkscrew.

Kendall: This is a screw-top. It's quite easy. It just goes like this. Look at that. You like that? Ok, let's check this stuff out. Well, it's not bad-smelling. Well -- ohh. Not exactly Chateau Rothschild, but it'll do the trick. All right, you next. Here's to Zach finding out the truth.

Adam: Annie knew all this time, and she said nothing.

Scott: I've known, too.

Adam: For how long?

Scott: A little while. She finally told me.

Adam: Well, Annie -- you said nothing. Annie I know could -- but you? Why did -- why did you keep this secret?

Scott: Because she wanted to protect you. And she made me understand that it was what was best for you. I never wanted revenge for my father's death, Uncle Adam. I only wanted justice. And what justice would there be in punishing you when you hadn't even known what you'd done?

Jesse: Who had the gun when you got to the cemetery?

Ryan: Adam did. He was very upset.

Erica: He finally realized that Annie shot Stuart.

Jesse: Did she admit that? Did she confess to the murder?

Erica: Not in those exact words.

Jesse: We'll just see what she has to say.

Erica: This is not over yet.

Jesse: Ryan told me what happened at the cemetery. I've already sent a team of officers out to interview Adam. Truth is gonna come out, Annie. Why don't you save Adam some anguish, save us all some time? Just admit you killed Stuart. Come on, say it. Say it, Annie, and this will all finally be over. Say it.

Annie: I want a lawyer.

Jesse: Ohh --

Ryan: I just can't stop thinking about the way that Annie behaved at the gravesite. She seemed -- she seemed like she was hurt, like she was almost vulnerable.

Erica: I know. I know. I was expecting anger. I mean, she has to know by now that she lost Adam.

Ryan: Erica, she's got absolutely no reason to continue lying about this.

Erica: Was it just me, or did you see that same look in Adam's eyes that I did?

Ryan: It certainly didn't seem like he wanted to kill her.

Erica: No. No, it seemed like he was in pain. He was grieving Stuart, but it didn't look like he was out for revenge.

Ryan: It all comes back to Adam and what he knows.

Scott: You weren't in your right mind, ok? Not tonight, and not the night that my father died. You have to realize that.

Adam: Adam Chandler, you're a bastard. It's as if I was outside of myself, hating myself. I had to end it. That's why I pulled the trigger.

Tad: No matter what J.R. goes through, you can't think of your child as something he's leaving you. Ok? I understand maybe he's rushing things because he's thinking of the worst-case scenario, when in reality you having his child gives him more to fight for. He may be in for a long, very tough fight. And as a second father, as far as I'm concerned, the more he has to fight for the better. Which makes the two of you having a bambino the next most beautiful, logical step.

Marissa: It's what I want, too.

Tad: Good. Good. You can't think of your son or your daughter as something like that. It's -- they're a product of happiness, not sadness. Look, Marissa, we're all gonna die someday. Our most important legacy is our children. They're like a -- beautiful, walking reminder, like an echo of the love that two people once shared.

[Aidan chuckles]

Aidan: Yep.

Kendall: Ok, wait a minute. Wait a minute. You were an altar boy?

Aidan: Yeah. Why? You don't believe me?

Kendall: Well, no. It's just -- it's just not something I ever pictured, really. I'm sure you were very sweet, very pious, and patient.

Aidan: And also very tardy.

Kendall: Oh.

Aidan: It used to give me a chance for my mind to wander, you know?

Kendall: Ah. Thinking about girls, no doubt.

Aidan: Sometimes, but most of the times I thought about adventures. So I grew up in this small little town. There was hardly anything there, so I just always dreamt about traveling the world and sailing the seas. Then one day I did. And I'm glad I did, because I found out exactly what I wanted to do.

Kendall: Is that why you joined the military?

Aidan: Yeah. And my life has been full of excitement.

Kendall: Yeah. And how about this mess? Enough excitement for you?

Aidan: Yep. I've enjoyed the surprises.

Kendall: Really? What kind?

Aidan: Like seeing a different side of you I've never seen before -- strength -- a new one.

Kendall: What? So you've always thought of me as -- as the victim? Weak and frail?

Aidan: No. I've always seen you as strong and -- passionate. And right now I'm seeing a spontaneous, take-no-prisoners side that -- just something just like --

Kendall: Kind of like Greenlee used to have?

Aidan: Yeah. Like Greenlee used to have.

Kendall: Well, you know, if, uh, if Greenlee saw me right now, you know what she'd say? She would say, "You look like hell. Your hair looks like a rat's nest. And when was the last time you splashed some water on your face and cleaned yourself up?" So I am going to --

Aidan: Sit.

Kendall: I'm good. Uh, I'm gonna go to the creek in the back and clean up my face a little and tidy up.

Aidan: You know, I don't think you should go out there alone.

Kendall: Oh, Aidan, I'll be fine. I'll just -- I'll be quick. So while I'm gone, why don't you say a nice prayer and ask where we can get some decent food and a nice hot shower.

Scott: You couldn't think straight. It was too much for anyone to handle. You had Hayward's drugs in your system, the guilt that you felt. We were scared that our heart valve was going to kill Ian Slater.

Adam: My son J.R. accused me of murdering his mother.

Scott: Yes. Yes. All of them after you, surrounding you, attacking you. It was enough to drive anyone over the edge, even you.

Adam: I could feel their hatred all around me, and my hatred for myself. It's what I wanted to kill, was that part of me.

Scott: Which is when you saw yourself in this room standing right there. You were shooting yourself.

Adam: Yeah, but I didn't. I killed Stuart instead: The last person on earth that would have anything to do with what I had become. If Stuart had known what I had done, what -- how people I'd hurt, what our family -- God, he would've been so -- sad.

Scott: And he'd have still loved you. He never stopped loving you.

Adam: Why don't you tell me how much you hate me?

Scott: I don't hate you. I can't. You're all I have left.

[Doorbell rings]

Scott: You just stay here.

Officer: We've been sent over by Chief Hubbard. We need to ask Adam Chandler some questions.

Scott: Mr. Chandler has had a difficult night. Would you come back in the morning? We'll answer your questions then. Have Jesse make an appointment.

Adam: Let them in, Scott. We both know why they're here. If you'd allow me to get my coat first? It's a little chilly outside.

Scott: Uncle Adam, they, uh, they just have a few questions.

Adam: Questions?

Officer: We understand there was a confrontation this evening at the cemetery. Annie Lavery is in custody.

Scott: Really? What has she said?

Officer: Nothing. That's why we're here -- to find out exactly what happened.

Adam: Yes, I was at my brother's grave. Um, I had a gun.

Scott: It was a very emotional evening. Wasn't it, Uncle Adam?

Adam: Oh, yeah. Oh, yes, very emotional. And a lot of accusations were made. It's quite a jumble. And I really had a very rough time recently. I -- I'm not sure I can help you.

Scott: Yeah. As I said, he's had a very, very tough time since his brother's death. He really just needs to go to bed. Thank you. Have a good night.

Scott: Hey, you did the right thing, ok? Not just for yourself, but for the family.

Adam: For Annie. She, uh, kept quiet. She didn't turn me in.

Jesse: Adam won't say a thing, just that he was upset and confused tonight. Not a word that might incriminate Annie.

Ryan: It doesn't make any sense. I mean, it doesn't make any sense. I get why Annie would clam up. But why would Adam continue to lie for her if he knows the truth about her?

Jesse: I don't know. But Annie wants a lawyer. Adam's not talking. I got nothing to hold on her. I got to let her go.

Ryan: This isn't right, Jesse.

Jesse: What can I do, Ryan?

Erica: If you really let Annie go, then you have got to let Zach go, too.

Annie: Not only should you not let Zach out, you should be throwing these two in prison, as well. I want to press charges for what they did to me and what they've done to Adam.

[Aidan groans as he finishes typing a message to Zach]

Kendall: Ohh! Oh, my goodness gracious. Can I just tell you, that felt amazing. I feel so refreshed and great. Oh, you should do it. What are you looking at?

Aidan: You.

[Zach's phone rings]

Zach: "I'm in good hands. Gotta go. Here he comes now."

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Marissa: Hi. How'd it go?

J.R.: At the group? It was -- it was fine. Nothing too unusual.

Marissa: I was telling Tad about your idea to have a baby. I think that we should get started as soon as possible.

J.R.: I was thinking about that, too, and I've changed my mind. It's just not a good time.

Marissa: What?

J.R.: It's gonna make things complicated. Bartender? Can I get a scotch, neat, please?

Tad: No, no. Hey. You can't do this. You can't start feeling sorry for yourself now.

J.R.: It's better I feel sorry for myself than everyone else feeling sorry for me.

Tad: J.R. --

J.R.: Oh, come on. I saw that weepy look you gave me when I came in: The same look I get in my support group. "No one wants to die alone. Reach out, embrace your loved ones." Well, it's a bunch of crap, and it's a total waste of time. Now, find a single malt scotch on the other hand --

[Glass breaks when Tad slaps it out of J.R.'s hand]

J.R.: You had no right to do that!

Tad: The hell I don't. You're behaving like a jerk.

J.R.: Yeah, maybe! But it sure beats the hell out of wasting my time standing here holding on to some useless dream! I'm gonna go find myself a nice quiet place to have a drink in peace.

Singer: Holding you right next to me

Marissa: What's happened to him?

Tad: I don't know. But we're gonna find out. 

Doctor: Trent, a friend of his -- he died this morning. It seemed to hit J.R. petty hard.

Marissa: Oh. Yeah, I met him. J.R. talks about him a lot.

Tad: Well, that makes a little more sense.

Doctor: It's not uncommon. This place tries to be all about hope. When news like this happens --

Marissa: It takes the hope away.

Tad: I understand.

J.R.: Talking about me behind my back?

Tad: No, no. Come on, J.R., take it easy. We were just trying to figure out what happened, that's all.

J.R.: What happened is I left my phone.

[Door opens]

Marissa: I'll talk to him. Hey, I heard about Trent. I'm so sorry. I know what you must be going through.

J.R.: No. I love you, Marissa. I really love you. But you have no idea what I'm going through.

Kendall: You're a lush. You finished it!

Aidan: Yeah.

Kendall: You drank -- you drank the whole thing. You are bad. You are very, very bad.

Aidan: I'll take it.

Kendall: Ok. Well, fun's over. I'm going to bed. Night. Ohh.

Annie: Did they tell you what they did to me? Trapped me in an elevator with Scott so that they could pounce on Adam, try to take advantage of him while he was vulnerable, and get him to say things that aren't true. I did not kill Stuart. So stop trying to destroy my life, or so help me God --

Jesse: All right, that's enough. Nobody's getting arrested for what happened tonight. Annie, you are free to go. So I suggest you go.

Annie: I am warning you. Leave me and Adam alone.

Adam: Annie has been paying an awful price. Sitting in jail for the umpteenth time? She -- she could easily just pointed the finger at me. But she didn't. She didn't. She's paying a horrible price.

Scott: And you know why? Because she doesn't want to see you punished either. She has put herself in the line of fire for you for a reason -- because she cares about you. And she wants you to keep quiet, and so do I.

Adam: How can I just do that? What about Kendall? That's an innocent woman out there running for her life.

Scott: Kendall came here that night intending to kill you, as did Zach and all of the others. One of them would've succeeded.

Adam: How efficient of me to kill him first.

Scott: You need to stop thinking about the past. You have a responsibility to this family. Do not sacrifice yourself for something that was clearly an awful mistake. If I can accept that, then so can you. You need to think of J.R. and Marissa and Little Adam and Colby. You turn yourself in, and this whole family comes crashing down, this family that my father loved so much. He wouldn't want to see you suffer, Uncle Adam. Not for something that was an accident. Please keep this a secret. You have punished yourself enough. Keep the past where it belongs and be the man we need you to be.

[Laptop chimes]

Kendall: Oh, my God, it's Zach. It's Zach. He says -- he says he misses me, and he's so glad that I'm safe. He also says that he was way too tough on you and that he wants me to thank you for him.

Aidan: Wow. I'm glad.

Kendall: Zach's not the only one who's grateful.

Marissa: We are supposed to be in this together. But you're quitting on me, and I can't fight this alone.

J.R.: Trent died alone. He pushed everyone away, so they didn't have to watch him die.

Marissa: Do you really think that that's what he wanted, to be all alone at the end?

J.R.: I don't know. I really don't know the point of fighting. Instead of sitting here and listening to everyone else's problems and talking about making babies that I may never, ever see grow up, maybe I should be doing things that I've always wanted to do. Like mountain climbing or skydiving or trying to take a crash course in finding inner peace at an ashram. I don't know. But instead I'm ruining your life, I'm making Tad's life hell and everyone else's.

Marissa: How can you say that? These have been the most wonderful months of my life. I love you so much, but I can't stand watching you give up like this.

Tad: You don't have to. Your tests came back.

Doctor: J.R., I did not share your confidential results --

Tad: You don't have to worry about doctor-patient confidentiality. I grew up in a family of doctors. I know a good diagnosis when I hear it. Congratulations. You're in remission.

Annie: Thank God you're all right. I was so afraid for you. I thought you were going to -- you understand everything now, don't you?

Adam: No. No, I'll never understand.

Annie: But -- but you remember.

Adam: No, why -- why did you not tell me? Why did you not tell me what I've done?

Annie: Because I love you. Because I wanted you to have some peace, some happiness. Because I want to be your wife. Because I didn't want to be separated from you. That night I saw you fire the gun. But I also saw a man who was so confused and -- and upset. I knew what happened was the last thing you would ever want. But you weren't in your right mind. So every day I just prayed that you wouldn't remember. Because I knew you would want to punish yourself. But you've been punished enough.

Adam: No.

Annie: You've lost your brother.

Adam: No, I haven't been punished enough. The only way I can ever pay for it -- is to confess.

Jesse: If I let Zach out now and he hears that Adam is still covering for Annie, he'll lose it all over again like he did --

Ryan: What if Annie's telling the truth?

Erica and Jesse: What?

Ryan: What if she didn't do it? I mean, just everything that she said tonight, everything that she's been doing since the murder.

Erica: What she's been doing is lying. She's been lying, Ryan.

Ryan: Maybe. But for whom? What if this whole time she hasn't been covering up her own guilt, but she's been covering up for somebody else? What if Adam killed Stuart?

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