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Episode #10241

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Amanda: Aw, I can't wait for that.

David: Yeah? For what? Trevor to ignore everything you say?

Amanda: No. To get all dressed up in a cute costume and take you trick-or-treating. Just a few years, ok, buddy?

David: Yeah. By that time we'll be chasing after two little chiefs. Speaking of, now that we've signed the papers, maybe we should set up an appointment.

Amanda: Done. I have a consultation with a fertility doctor scheduled for tomorrow. The sooner I get pregnant, the sooner I get back to my life -- with Jake.

[Music plays at ConFusion as Jake arrives carrying two costumes]

Singer: Tonight's the night for love tonight's the night for love tonight's the night for love

[Phone vibrates]

Bailey: Liza, you're blowing up.

Liza: I'm -- I'm blowing up?

Bailey: Your cell phone. Here. I'll trade you.

Liza: Oh. Yeah. Thanks. Hello?

Jake: Hey. Can you drop whatever you're doing?

Liza: I'm fine, Jake. How are you?

Jake: I'll -- I'll be much better if you could just get your butt over to ConFusion and do me that favor, ok?

Liza: Uh, yeah.

Jake: And, um, Liza? Thank you.

Liza: Bailey, I got to go out for a little while.

Bailey: Oh, really?

Liza: Yeah. Why? Did you have some plans?

Bailey: No. It's just, um, never mind. It's cool.

Liza: Well, I'm -- I mean, I thought you would -- you would welcome the chance to spend more time with Stuart.

Bailey: I do. Really. I mean, a slasher marathon's about to start. Pizza's on its way. And I have the cutest little date in town. Hmm. What more could a girl want?

Singer: Tonight's the night for love

Ryan: [Chuckles] Wow.

Erica: Ooh, you look to die for.

Ryan: And you look bloody gorgeous.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you. The only blood I'm out for tonight is Annie's. Have you seen Zach?

Ryan: No. Not yet. But it's about to go down any minute.

Scott: Uncle Adam? Hey.

Adam: Uh --

Scott: Sorry.

Adam: No.

Scott: Are you ok?

Adam: Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just whenever I look at that painting, I -- well, I see Stuart. And when I think of my brother, I think --

Scott: How he died.

Adam: Yeah.

Scott: I know. I do, too. And if you ever want to talk about it -- well, maybe it'll help you move on.

Adam: Yeah.

Annie: You know what I think would help? A distraction. Getting out of this house and the memories, and tonight's party is the perfect excuse. I left your costume by the bed. Why don't you go change. Hmm. Go, go, go.

Adam: Yes.

Annie: Back off.

Scott: He's starting to remember, Annie. And you can't keep it from coming out.

Annie: Oh, the hell I can't.

[Knock on door]

Bailey: Finally. Pizza. When you have teeth, you'll understand.

Bailey: Damon. What are you doing here?

Damon: You texted. I thought you were bored.

Bailey: Yeah, I didn't think you'd just show up.

Damon: Nice place. Whose is it?

Bailey: This girl Liza. Actually, she's not a girl. She's a woman. She's a friend of my parents.

Damon: Ok. Is this girl/woman/friend home?

Bailey: She went out.

Damon: So in other words, we're alone?

[Stuart cries]

Damon: What the hell was that?

Liza: Ok. So what am I doing here? You've got to be kidding me.

Jake: Well, now, hold on. You're gonna need this if you do the monster mash. Just be happy that I got you this skunk-headed puppy hater instead of -- you know, I could've gone the Freddy Krueger route. Which I just think you would appreciate that I didn't go with the stripes.

Liza: Oh, Jake. Come on.

Jake: What? This is an emergency. I'm telling you, it's a -- it's a colossal emergency.

Liza: What? Because you don't have a date for the costume party?

Jake: No, no. I have a date. You're David's date.

David: Wait a minute. What are you doing? You're not gonna eat that.

Amanda: It's wrapped. It probably fell out of some kid's candy stash.

David: "Probably" is not definitely.

Amanda: Oh, come on. Who smashed your jack-o-lantern when you were a kid?

David: I was just thinking about what you said earlier, about wanting to get back to Jake. I was hoping that you signed these papers because you legitimately wanted another child, not because it was some means to an end.

Amanda: Well, first of all, you are the one that pitched it that way. And second of all, this new baby --

David: Our new baby.

Amanda: Is going to be just as loved as this little guy. Yes. You know, it's getting kind of cold out here. We should probably go. I don't want Trevor to get sick.

David: Right. And you don't want to keep Jake waiting.

Amanda: Yes, I have plans with Jake. Do you have a problem with that?

David: As long as those plans involve abstinence, no. No problem at all.

Amanda: Oh, God. No sex -- I know.

David: Good. Because I wasn't sure if you really got that, since you didn't come home last night.

Amanda: Wow. Why don't you just attach a GPS to my butt, David? You know what? Better yet, why don't you get me one of those ankle monitors? I heard Annie Lavery's is free.

David: All right, just -- just relax, ok?

Amanda: You said I could see Jake whenever I want.

David: And you can. But you better not even think about going behind my back, Amanda. If you put this child's paternity in question --

Amanda: I don't want you to threaten me, David. If anyone knows what's at stake here, it's me.

Erica: Thank you so much for working with Zach to prove Annie's guilt. I know that he was not exactly your first choice for partner in crime.

Ryan: I'm working on my first choice right now.

Erica: I mean, to think that Kendall could actually come home, and she can be free to see her little boys, to be with Zach. No murder conviction hanging over her head.

Ryan: You know I want to see Kendall free. You know that.

Erica: I do know that. And I know you're doing it for Emma.

Ryan: Yes, I am, as well. Yes. She's just a different person. You know, she's -- she's lying now and she's on edge all the time, and Annie is the one that did that to her.

Erica: But Emma will come out the other side. You will help her.

Ryan: It should never have happened in the first place.

Erica: I know.

Ryan: What if Annie gets away with this?

Erica: She won't.

Ryan: You don't know that.

Erica: Yes, I do. Because as soon as those drugs work on Adam to make him remember what happened, Adam is gonna be first in line to string Annie up.

Ryan: He loves her.

Erica: Not nearly as much as he loved Stuart.

Annie: Adam is in a fragile state right now. You keep pushing him, he's going to break.

Scott: This isn't about protecting my uncle. You are out to protect yourself --

Annie: What? That is not true.

Scott: And this cushy new life that you have managed to build. What about Uncle Adam's life? He has been struggling for months to make sense of my dad's death.

Annie: You think the truth is going to make sense to him?

Scott: Well, it has to be better than what he's facing now.

Annie: Ok, you know what? Test that theory. Test that theory. I dare you, Scott, and see what happens if you actually tell the truth.

Scott: Maybe I will.

Annie: Ok, because my guess? My guess is right now Adam's having trouble remembering, right? If you tell him the truth, he will have trouble breathing. Is that what you want? You want the poor man to have another heart attack? You know what? If that's what you want, Scott, by all means march up there and tell your uncle.

Adam: Tell me what?

Annie: We -- we think it might be best to take down Stuart's painting.

Adam: Well, absolutely not. Stuart's artwork is a part of him. It should be visible, front and center. Mm-hmm. Not forgotten about in storage.

Annie: No, no, that -- that's not what I was suggesting. I just thought maybe we could take it down for a little while until you were feeling better.

Adam: Well, I -- I told you I feel fine.

Annie: Then why aren't you in your costume? Adam, I know how much you miss your brother. And I know it upsets you -- the thought of life moving on without him. But by moving forward, you're not erasing Stuart's memory. You're honoring it. And that's what Stuart was all about, right? Embracing every day, not -- not wasting one single moment. Isn't that right, Scott?

Scott: It's just a Halloween party. And if Uncle Adam doesn't feel like going, then he doesn't have to.

Adam: No, Annie's right. Stuart loved a good party.

Annie: Exactly.

Adam: He'd want me to go. Shall we?

Annie: Yes.

[Adam chuckles]

[Phone beeps]

Ryan: It's time.

Liza: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

Jake: Well, you look good, so just shut up.

[Liza sighs]

Jake: You know what's good about your costume?

Liza: Hmm?

Jake: You actually look like you could be attracted to David wearing this thing.

Liza: [Chuckles] Right. Because being held at gunpoint -- that really does it for me.

Jake: Have I thanked you? Have I thanked you? Have I said the words "Thank you"?

Liza: Or "please."

Jake: Thank you. Thank you very much. She's gonna get, you know, injected with Satan's seed.

Liza: You actually just said that, didn't you?

Jake: Yes, I did. Because that's what's happening. He's gonna be micromanaging her, everything she does, where she sleeps, what she eats, who she's with, what she's doing --

Liza: Oh, Jake, you -- that is gonna drive you crazy.

Jake: So thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. We needed this. We just need to be having some time to ourselves where, you know, we don't have him breathing down our throat.

Liza: Honey, trust me. I get it.

Jake: Good. You do? I appreciate it.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Jake: I could kiss you -- if I could find you.

Liza: Really? Even when you could be kissing her?

Jake: Holy cheese balls.

Liza: Go get it.

Amanda: Hey! You look smashing.

Liza: Well, at least someone's gonna have fun tonight.

Bailey: Sorry. Bedtime's always a process.

Damon: I thought you gave the kid up for adoption.

Bailey: I did. That's Liza's son. She's letting me crash here, remember? The least I can do is babysit.

Damon: Oh. Sorry. Seeing you with him, I just -- anyway. So what's the plan?

Bailey: What do you mean?

Damon: No one stays home on Halloween.

Bailey: I can't just leave the baby alone.

Damon: I thought he was asleep.

Bailey: For now, until he gets wet or hungry. Stuart wakes up all the time.

Damon: That sucks. I was hoping we could hang out.

Bailey: Why can't we just do that here?

Damon: Oh, I didn't drive all this way just to sit around. Give me a shout if you change your mind.

Bailey: Wait. So I know about this party.

Woman: It's all over for me. It's the end for all of us.

Pete: Aah! Whoa!

Colby: Chill. He's harmless.

Pete: Yeah, I -- I know. Hey, why is everybody dressed like a monster?

Colby: Uh, because it's a monster mash.

Pete: Well, doesn't that mean it's just a Halloween party?

Colby: It means come dressed as your favorite monster, not blue elf number 4.

Pete: Mr. Fantastic is not an elf. He is the leader of the Fantastic Four. His power is elasticity.

Colby: Because that sounds real tough.

Pete: He's a scientific genius.

Colby: Sweet. But you're still wearing tights. [Giggles]

Angie: Looking for someone in particular?

Jesse: I was hoping Zach was here.

Angie: Well, he's not. But lucky for you, I am.

Jesse: I am lucky.

Angie: [Giggles] Well, why don't you try showing me how lucky you are?

Tad: Oh, come on, you kids. Get a tomb.

[Angie and Jesse laugh]

Angie: Look. Oh, my God, you guys look great!

Krystal: Oh, so do you.

Angie: Wait a minute. How on earth did you get a kids-free night? How did you finagle that on a night like Halloween, of all nights?

Krystal: Oh, it was a snap.

Tad: We just locked them in the closet.

Krystal: No. Seriously, Little Adam and Kathy had their Halloween party at school yesterday. Tad's had the candy out all week. I think they've just gotten their Halloween fix.

Angie: Oh, to be that young again.

Krystal: Ohh. And eat piles and piles of chocolate without even gaining an ounce?

Angie: There you go.

Krystal: Ugh.

Tad: Speaking of young, where the kids at?

Jesse: Oh, Frankie and Randi -- they finally took that honeymoon they never had.

Brot: Hey, where's Natalia? Is she coming?

Tad: [Laughs] I see somebody besides Petey didn't get the memo.

Jesse: Clowns are not monsters, dude.

Brot: [Scoffs] Dude, crazy-ass makeup? Red nose? It's enough to give any kid nightmares.

Angie: Uh, I -- I take it you speak from experience?

Brot: I'm just saying a lot of people have fears of clowns. It has, like, a name or something.

Tad: Yeah. So does fear of flutes -- aulophobia -- but it doesn't make it any less weird.

Brot: I tell you, you want to see scared? Take a look at that.

Jesse: Oh, boy.

Angie: Uh -- run.

Tad: What?

Angie: No, no, no, I'm serious -- run. I -- I know that look, and this is about to get ugly.

Tad: Oh. Well, in that case -- querida.

Jesse: All right, easy, Gomez.

Natalia: So what was the plan? Hide from me forever?

Jesse: [Sighs] Nobody's hiding.

Natalia: A no-show at the station? Screening my calls?

Brot: All right. I mean, your dad is a busy guy.

Natalia: Who'd have a lot more time on his hands if he'd back up and let me do my job!

Angie: Happy Halloween, huh?

Tad: Did you ever wonder if it came to a battle between the Bride of Frankenstein and Vampira, who would win?

Krystal: You know what? I can honestly say I have never wondered that.

Tad: Well, baby, then grab a pitchfork and some garlic, because we're about to find out.

Adam: Do you think you could round up some drinks? The stiffer the better.

Erica: Scarier than usual, Annie. Tell me something: When the mad doctor tried to stitch your body back together, did he manage to put a sane brain in there?

Annie: I knew you would be bothered by the fact I'd steal the attention by being the bride celebrating my real-life wedding.

Erica: I'm not bothered at all. Actually, I've already been married to your Frankenstein.

Annie: Yes, and quite a few others.

Adam: So you've decided to suck the blood from younger prey these days?

Ryan: Didn't you know that age doesn't matter when you're immortal?

Annie: Why can't you just admit it? You're so jealous, you can barely see straight.

Erica: And exactly what would I be jealous of?

Annie: This.

Erica: Oh. It's a very nice piece of jewelry. But I want it about as much as I wanted that bracelet that was strapped around your ankle.

Adam: Is Scott distilling that gin, for God's sake?

Annie: You know what? I'll find out what's taking him so long.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Gee, Adam. You look a little green.

Ryan: You want me to have them turn the air up, Adam?

Adam: Well, it does feel a little stuffy in here, yes.

Erica: Maybe you should just go and splash some cold water on your face, Adam.

Adam: Yeah. That might be a very good idea.

Ryan: I wouldn't go to the men's room. There's a long line there -- I was just there -- right around the corner.

Erica: You know what? Why don't you use my office, then?

Adam: Do I need a key?

Erica: No, no. The door's open.

Adam: Ah.

[Adam laughs]

Natalia: So I came here in my uniform to remind you of something -- I'm a cop.

Jesse: Yeah. This is something I haven't forgotten.

Natalia: Oh, really? Because it didn't quite feel that way when you sicced your new sidekick on me to keep me from doing my job.

Jesse: No, that was to keep you from making a huge rookie mistake. Going off solo like that could've cost you your career, or more. Natalia, I'm reining you in for your own protection.

Natalia: Come on. I can protect myself. That's why I went to the academy. They can trust me. Why can't you?

Jesse: I trust you. You're my little girl. I worry.

Natalia: That's what it is, isn't it? It's because I'm a girl.

Jesse: Ohh --

Natalia: What? I mean, I don't see you busting in on Frankie's surgeries.

Jesse: I'm not a doctor. I don't know anything about being a doctor.

Natalia: Or you think a man can handle it better. Come on! Look at the way you treated Brot -- two weeks in, you're ready to promote him. Me? I'm still stuck at a desk.

Jesse: That was your decision. On top of that, you shot a man on your first day out. That is no small matter.

Natalia: I'm over it. Ok? I've dealt with it. I'm ready to get back out there.

Jesse: You know what? Too bad. Not until your suspension is up.

Natalia: "Suspension"? You're kidding me, right?

Jesse: You want to be treated like a real cop? Here you go. You disobeyed a direct order, Officer. Pay the price!

Krystal: Look at David. The man is obsessed. He's scanning the room for the mother of his child.

Tad: Yeah -- soon to be children.

Krystal: What? I don't want to hear this, do I?

Tad: Probably not. But I'll tell you anyway. David got Amanda to sign an agreement. He agrees to share joint custody with her and give her her life back with Jake if she agrees to give him another bambino.

Jake: All right, can you go do your thing, please?

Liza: Ok, I -- I haven't nearly had enough to drink.

Jake: Well, then drinkity-drink. Drink that whole thing.

Liza: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

David: Well, "X" marks the wife.

Liza: Ok --

[Krystal walks up to David and slaps him]

David: Agh.

Annie: Hey, any sign of Adam?

Scott: No. I checked the bathrooms, the patio -- nothing.

Annie: That's weird. Where could he have gone?

Annie: Damn it.

Scott: What? What's the problem?

Annie: They're up to something. Come on. Let's look upstairs.

Scott: Yeah. I'm just saying you know how freaked out Uncle Adam is. You should not have left him alone like that.

Annie: I was checking on you. Who takes that long to get a drink anyway?

Scott: I --

Annie: It's dead.

Scott: No signal.

Annie: I can't believe this. Wait. What am I saying? Of course, I can believe this. Ryan and Erica wanted us trapped in here so they can put the pressure on Adam. What if he snaps?

Scott: Ok, if he remembers, maybe it won't be such a bad thing.

Annie: Oh, my God! Will you please stop this whole "the truth shall set you free" crap, Scott?

Scott: Ok.

Annie: If Adam does remember, he needs to remember with us in a safe environment. The last person he should be confessing to is Erica Kane. And she'll be the first person to drag him down to the police station.

Scott: No, you -- you really think she'd throw him to the wolves like that?

Annie: To bring Kendall home? In a second!

[Scott sighs]

Annie: What?

Scott: Well, can you blame her? Erica's daughter is innocent.

Annie: So is your uncle. Come on! Adam had no idea what he was doing the night Stuart was shot. He shouldn't have to pay for an accident.

Scott: He already is, Annie. Whether it comes out or not, the truth is going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Erica: Adam? Adam, what is it? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Adam: I'm not feeling very well.

Erica: You know what? In that case, let's get out of these costumes and let's take you home. Come on, Adam, let's take the freight elevator, ok, and we'll avoid the crowds.

Adam: All right.

David: This is like déja vu all over again. Didn't we already do this when Amanda moved into Wildwind?

Krystal: Yeah, well, get ready for round 2, because apparently you've hit a new low. Forcing Amanda to have another child? What the hell is wrong with you?

David: Oh, my gosh, Krystal. I am so sorry. I never would've dreamed that you would've taken it this hard.

Krystal: Excuse me?

David: Yeah, yeah. I mean, having to watch Amanda give me not one but two children? I mean, we both know how much you want another child, right?

Krystal: You arrogant, son of a --

Tad: No. Let me -- nope, nope, nope, nope. Clearly not worth it.

David: Oh, great. Here we go again: Martin double trouble to the rescue. You know, you two should get matching capes.

Jake: Can you just not help yourself? You have to rub her nose in it. You know that Krystal can't have kids, jackass.

David: Yeah, I know it, ok? Now, get out of my face, toilet paper roll. Excuse me? Hi. Can I please get a scotch, neat?

Liza: Wow, you've got a knack for making friends, don't you? You want some ice with that?

David: I like it straight up, thank you.

Liza: I meant your face. You know, maybe if you wore a costume, you would've avoided one hell of a slap.

David: Hmm. Why bother when everyone already thinks that I'm a monster, right?

Liza: Well, you know, you don't give them much reason to think anything else. Seriously, what -- what is it? I mean, come on. One child? 2 children? 5 children? It doesn't matter. Amanda's not gonna fall in love with you.

Amanda: Nine months. Just nine months: I can do that, right? Because by then the baby will be here. We will finally be rid of David.

Jake: Ok, wait. No, we're not --

Amanda: And he better stick to his side of the bargain, too.

Jake: I'm just asking you to stop. No talking about David. No talking about babies that are gonna be conceived. It's off-limits.

Amanda: Oh. Ok. Well, what's on-limits or -- it's not a word, is it?

Jake: No, it's not a word. I don't know. What do you want to talk about?

Amanda: Hmm. Me?

Jake: Yes, that works for me. That's my favorite subject. Ok, you. Now, um, I don't think we look like toilet paper, just so you know. But if I were to peel you, where would I begin? Where would I start?

Amanda: Ah! So do you like this better than my pirate costume? Arr.

Jake: Ooh. No, I like that -- well, I miss the parrot on that one, see. I miss the parrot on that one.

Angie: Natalia's right, you know.

Jesse: Whose side -- I thought you were on my side.

Angie: I am, and that's my point -- we both are. Me, Randi, Natalia. I mean, it does no good if you always keep us at arm's length.

Jesse: I'm not keeping you all at arm's length. I'm just trying to protect --

Angie: Protect us. I know. But, sweetheart, at some point you are going to have to give in and trust your family.

Jesse: My family or you?

Angie: Both. We're a lot stronger than you think.

Brot: Hey. Is it ok if I sit down?

Natalia: Oh. Um, public place, I guess.

Brot: Listen, I just want to apologize for pulling the spark plugs out the car and leaving us stranded at that cabin. But for the record, I thought I was helping, and so did your dad.

Natalia: Hmm. "Helping." Helping me do what, exactly? Avoid making a total fool out of myself?

Brot: Nobody thinks you're a fool.

Natalia: Nobody thinks I'm a good cop either.

Brot: I do. I mean, you graduated at the top of your class. You're smart. You're passionate. You never let anyone stand in your way, not even the chief of police, and that takes guts.

Natalia: Ah! I'm sorry! I'm sorry. But thank you. Thank you for everything you just said to me.

Brot: I mean, I really wasn't trying to be funny. I'm trying to be serious here.

Natalia: I'm sorry, but, uh, it's really hard to take you seriously with that big red nose on your face.

[Natalia laughs]

Brot: Better?

Natalia: No, not really. Try this. I think I make a better clown, actually. There you go.

Brot: You're creepy. [Laughs]

Ryan: They just pulled up. Is everything ready?

Zach: Almost.

[Thunder sound effect]

Ryan: That's good -- just like the night he was killed.

Zach: Just like that night.

Erica: Ok, Adam -- Adam, hang in there. You're gonna be ok. Come on. Come with me. Ok. Ok, just -- just lay down right here. Right here, ok? I'll -- I'll get you some water.

Stuart's voice: Adam? Please help me.

Adam: What was that?

Erica: What was what?

Adam: You didn't hear him?

Erica: "Hear him"? Who?

Adam: Stuart! He's asking me for help.

Erica: Adam, Stuart is -- is dead. You were right here in the room. You saw it happen. Remember?

[Thunder sound effect]

Adam: What -- Annie? What's going on? Annie!

Colby: Hey. I thought you were staying in tonight. Is that my costume?

Bailey: Yeah. Um, I hope you don't mind. I didn't have anything else to dress up as. So --

Pete: He's not dressed up.

Bailey: Edward Cullen from "Twilight."

Colby: I'm Colby.

Damon: Damon.

Colby: Right.

Pete: Hey, I'm Pete.

Colby: Yeah, this is my friend Petey Cortlandt.

Pete: Yeah, we're tight.

Bailey: It's nice to meet you.

Damon: Nice tights.

Pete: Oh. Thanks. I got them at the, uh --

Damon: I'm gonna grab a drink. Want anything?

Bailey: Whatever you're having.

Liza: Bailey? What -- what are you doing here? Where's Stuart?

Bailey: At home asleep.

Liza: Alone?

Bailey: No. I called a sitter.

Liza: Who -- who did you call? I don't just leave my son with anybody.

Bailey: Well, neither do I. I called Corrina. I mean, you've used her before, and she's Colby's friend. I thought it'd be fine.

Liza: That "fine" would've been if you had stayed there like you said you were going to.

Damon: Rum and diet soda. I had the bartender pour you a floater.

Liza: Uh, yeah, I think I'll take that. She's 18.

Damon: Who are you, her mother?

Tad: Listen to me. You cannot, I repeat, cannot let people like David Hayward get to you.

Krystal: Well, I do. I do. And it's -- trust me, it's not because I love him. I hate him. But I -- I don't know. I just -- I guess I just feel stuck or something. I don't know.

Tad: Look at me for a second. Just don't move. Is he right? Is it really about not being able to have another baby?

Krystal: Partly. But there's more to it. It's like I'm just -- I don't know. It's like I'm emotionally empty, too. What?

Tad: That's ridiculous.

Krystal: What?

Tad: Come on. You can't be serious. You have more love in your heart than anybody I've ever known. It is a fact. I know it for sure, because I see it every day with the girls.

Krystal: Oh. Well, come on. Yeah, with Jenny and Kathy, sure. That's a different story. I'm talking about romance.

Tad: You'll land on your feet.

Krystal: How do you know that?

Tad: Call it a hunch. Krystal, people like Hayward never win. He may have ground you down a little bit, but you'll get back up. The Krystal I know always does.

Krystal: Hmm. And what if I just don't have it in me this time?

Tad: Maybe I have it in me. Querida, we could do it together. Hmm?

Krystal: Ooh.

Annie: Could it be any hotter in here?

Scott: You can stop moving.

Annie: Oh, my God. What if we run out of air?

Scott: That's not possible.

Annie: No, no, but it's -- it's kind of thinning already.

[Annie pants]

Annie: Do you -- do you feel that?

Scott: No.

Annie: Oh, my God.

Scott: What?

Annie: I don't have my inhaler! What if I have an asthma attack?

Scott: Ok, you need to calm down. Ok? You need breathe long and slow like this. Come on.

[Scott inhales and exhales]

Annie: I don't need you to teach me how to breathe, Scott. I need you to get me the hell out of here, so I can get to Adam before it's too late!

Scott: Let me guess -- still dead?

Annie: Oh, my God. Seriously, I can't deal with this. This, like, reminds me of Oak Haven. Somebody open this damn door!

[Thunder sound effect]

Stuart's voice: Please, Adam. You have to remember what happened that night. It's the only way you can help me. Help me. Help me. Help me.

Adam: I can't help you, Stuart. I don't know how! Hello? Stuart? Stuart! Hey there.

Liza: That's Stuart's father?

Bailey: Yes.

Liza: Uh-huh.

Bailey: But he wants nothing to do with the baby.

Liza: You told him about Stuart?

Bailey: I said he was your son.

Liza: So then how do you know that Damon doesn't want to have anything to do with him?

Bailey: Because he looked at Stuart like he was radioactive. That's how.

Liza: So he -- he doesn't want to have anything to do with the child? Ok. So what exactly does he want?

Bailey: What do all guys want?

Liza: You left my son for a booty call? Unbelievable.

Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where you going?

Liza: I'm going home. Ok?

Jake: What about David? What about helping me?

Liza: What? Help you get Amanda? Take care of your own sex life. I got to go.

Jake: "My own sex life"?

Annie: You don't understand.

Scott: I'm trying.

Annie: No. Unless you were there, you could never understand being -- being locked in that small, gray, airless room. Being -- being restrained and locked in and held down.

Scott: Ok, shh. It's ok. It's ok --

[Scott and Annie kiss]

Tad: Ooh! Agh. Ugh!


Krystal's voice: You better not say a word, Adam. If you do --

David's voice: You are through messing with my life, destroying lives, people I love. I promise you, Adam. I will come to you in the dead of night.

Krystal's voice: I've got nothing left --

Zach's voice: If my son doesn't make it --

Krystal's voice: Because of you!

Zach's voice: And if anything happens to my son because of it, if he suffers for one second, I will kill you.

J.R.'s voice: It's not gonna be easy --

David's voice: I will kill you, Adam.

J.R.'s voice: Hit you square in the heart.

Krystal's voice: I swear I will kill you.

David's voice: You will go to hell with my smile burned into your eyes!

Adam's voice: For all I've done to all of you, I must die.

Adam: Oh -- oh, God, I remember. Stuart, I remember!

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