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Episode #10239

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J.R.: Oh -- ah. [Exhales deeply]

[Door opens]

Marissa: Little A is going to look so cute in his costume. I mean, incredible. Oh, hey, I grabbed some new magazines for our next chemo adventure, and I picked up some candy just in case we have trick-or-treaters. Oh, and the best part. Your favorite, creek honey yogurt. I didn't think they made this stuff anymore.

J.R.: Did you pick up my dry cleaning while you were out? How about my car? Did you get it gassed up? Detailed?

Marissa: What's wrong with you?

J.R.: You need to stop buying this yogurt. It makes me sick.

Marissa: Ok, there is a bigger problem here than yogurt.

J.R.: Yeah, me. I've been a selfish pig.

[Opens pill bottle]

Erica: I'll show myself in. Thank you.

Adam: Ahem. What are you doing here?

Erica: You must be devastated. I thought you'd need a friend.

Adam: What the devil are you talking about?

Erica: Oh, you're so pale. You're in shock. It's understandable, Adam. Believe me, I didn't come here to say I told you so.

Adam: I'll give you 30 seconds to tell me what you're doing here.

Erica: Well, Annie, of course. The wedding being cancelled. You didn't know?

Ryan: What do you want?

Annie: For Emma.

Ryan: She's already got a costume.

Annie: Oh, well, if you'll just let me give--

Ryan: She's getting ready for her school Halloween party. Just give me the costume. I'll give it to her.

Annie: So you won't even let me in?

Ryan: You saw her yesterday, Annie. You remember, when you broke into her bedroom, told her you weren't marrying Adam anymore. Have things changed? Is the wedding back on?

Annie: No. It's still off. At least for now. Until I can help Emma get used to the idea.

Ryan: God! Annie, when are you gonna stop manipulating your own daughter? Get it through your head, she will never accept you marrying Adam, never.

Zach: Kendall's not responding. Got to call off Natalia.

Jesse: I've already ordered her back to Pine Valley.

Zach: Well, order her again. It's your family! Do it again!

Jesse: I'm trying, man! Obviously she has not picked up. She's gonna hunt this down to the end.

Zach: Natalia. She's not responding. Come on, Kendall. Come on, Kendall.

Aidan: That's right. Go back to sleep.

[Tires screech]

[Doors opening and closing]

Aidan: Come on, we need to hide.

Kendall: Yeah.

Aidan: Over here.

Kendall: Where?

Aidan: This door. It's locked. Quick, through here.

Brot: Are you sure you want to do that?

Natalia: It's procedure.

Brot: No. Procedure's waiting for backup.

Natalia: And let them get away? Are you crazy?

Brot: Hey, look, I trained for this scenario, all right? You don't just go busting in. You got to be ready for anything.

Natalia: I'm ready.

Brot: Hey, hey, he's Special Ops and you're just a rookie. Last time you pulled a gun out, you shot someone--

Natalia: If you're scared, you can go wait in the car. There's no way I'm letting him get away. No way! Police!


Brot: Can't take any chances.

Boy: You sure this place is haunted?

Second boy: My cousin swears.

Aidan: Shh. Uh-uh.

Boy: What the hell was that?

J.R.: You pick up the supplements, you take me to the doctor, you take me to chemo, you go grocery shopping, you run errands, you hold my hand! It's like you're a slave!

Marissa: I'm a wife whose husband is trying pretty hard to fight some nasty cancer. If I can help, I'm going to.

J.R.: But you're putting your life on hold while I sit around. I tell war stories to guys like Trent. All day, every day is about me, and I don't know what's worse, the fact that you're so willing to do it or that I'm letting you.

Marissa: Look, I hate to break it to you, but I did manage to squeeze in quite a bit of me time today. I went to the gym. I picked up my course schedule for next semester, and I looked it over while I had a mocha latte, a very me thing, very not you thing. And I realized that I'll be able to rack up more courses than I thought for my degree. So, you know, exercise, caffeinated, on my way to being a lawyer -- and married to a hot hunk of a man. I think there's a lot of me in there.

J.R.: So you're happy?

Marissa: Yeah, yeah, I'm happy. I'm happy.

J.R.: Then why were you crying this morning?

Adam: Oh, life without Annie. Oh, I'm devastated. I'm crushed! I'm ruined! Now get the hell out of my house.

Erica: Adam -- this doesn't make any sense to me.

Adam: In a little over a week, Annie and I are getting married, and you can't do a damn thing about it.

Erica: She really called the wedding off without telling you, without saying a word?

Adam: Do you think she'd call off the wedding without me knowing about it first?

Erica: Well, I would have thought, but Emma was the first to know, and then there was Ryan, and I just happened to be there.

Adam: Erica, if this is another one of your silly little games to break us up, forget it. We love each other. Annie and I love each other.

Erica: Adam, this is not a game, and as relieved as I am, believe me, to know that this wedding is off, I know that you have real feelings for her.

Adam: You're here to comfort me?

Erica: Yes. I know how painful this must be for you, Adam. Adam, I am here as a friend.

Adam: You're jealous.

Erica: Of you and Annie? Hardly.

Adam: Of our commitment. Yes, we're building a life together, planning a life together. You can't get your boy toy Ryan to commit to anything more than a rumba.

Erica: There is no comparison between you and your desperate ex-fiancée and Ryan and me, and we don't need a quickie commitment, because we have no hidden agendas. And as far as our rumba, I couldn't be more satisfied.

Annie: I want to see her, Ryan. Why should I have to ask permission to see my own daughter?

Ryan: Because that's what the judge decided. I have sole custody, Annie.

Annie: So you're just gonna keep punishing me?

Ryan: No. I'm gonna keep protecting Emma.

Annie: Is this the way it's gonna be for the next 10 years, Ryan? I'm gonna have to stand here begging you to see her, to give her a gift, to be a part of her life?

Ryan: You know what, Annie? You should have thought of that before you pulled all the crazy stuff that you pulled, all right? Now call next time before you come, please.

Annie: I raised Emma for four years before you became part of her life. I was a good mother then, and I'm a good mother now.

Ryan: Except for the two kidnappings maybe and the time that Emma almost died in that fire and the lies that you force her to tell and the secrets you force her to keep and everything else.

Annie: You hate me so much that you'd really deny me contact with my own little girl?

Ryan: No, Annie, I'm not gonna deny you contact, but I am gonna try and limit it as much as I possibly can.

Emma: Daddy, look at my costume!

Annie: Oh! Ah! Hi! Hi! Wow, you look so beautiful! Oh, look at you!

Natalia: But if Kendall and Aidan were here, I mean, they're long gone by now.

Jesse: And where is here exactly?

Natalia: I'm in some small cabin off Route 2. Nothing but dead spiders and canned ham.

Jesse: They're safe.

Natalia: I know they're around here somewhere.

Jesse: You know, if they had been there, you would have blown this whole thing sky high.

Natalia: I know what I'm doing.

Jesse: Natalia, you get your rookie ass back to Pine Valley now.

Natalia: This is the exact spot where--

Jesse: Natalia, get back here now!

Natalia: You know, I don't get it. You act rogue whenever you want to, but when I do, you want to put me in time-out.

Jesse: You want to be a part of my police force, you follow my orders. Are we clear?

Natalia: Ahh. Perfectly.

Jesse: Let me talk to Brot.

Natalia: Why?

Jesse: Let me talk to Brot!

Natalia: Here. I'm gonna go get some air.

Brot: Chief.

Jesse: What the hell is going on?

Brot: I tried to stop her, you know, but your daughter went all Rambo. She's kind of cute, though.

Jesse: Not cute. Not funny. You need to tense up, soldier. This is the kind of behavior that-- I need you to do me a favor. 

J.R.: I woke up. I saw you standing by the window crying. It hit me right in my heart.

Marissa: J.R.--

J.R.: I get it. We got married too fast.

Marissa: What, do you regret it?

J.R.: No. Hell no. We certainly jumped right in, didn't we? We didn't talk about it. We didn't talk about anything. What you want, what I want. What we want. Where we want to live. How we want to live. Do we want kids?

Marissa: Kids? Who said anything about kids?

J.R.: That's my point. I don't know. I don't know. Do you want 1, 2, 3? And now that I'm getting chemo, I'm not even sure that we could get pregnant. Maybe I'm sterile! Maybe I should have frozen my sperm! Maybe it's too late!

Marissa: Ok, J.R., just slow down.

J.R.: I was so crazy in love -- that I just wanted to get married, but it's what I wanted. I didn't even ask you what the hell you wanted. And now I'm not even sure that I can give you kids! I mean, what kind of jerk does something like that?

Marissa: Ok, what, do you want me to be mad? There you go. You got it.

Annie: Do you like it?

Emma: I like lady bugs.

Annie: I know, and that's why I got this special just for you.

Emma: I already have a costume. I'm Princess Jasmine.

Ryan: Yes, you are, but how lucky are you. You get to have two costumes.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Wasn't it nice for your mom to bring this by?

Annie: Daddy said you have a Halloween party today, yeah? Maybe you can wear one costume to the party, and you can wear the other costume on Halloween when you go trick-or-treating?

Emma: Ok. I'll be a princess when I trick-or-treat, because she's my most favorite.

Annie: Ok, well, it's a beautiful costume, sweetie.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: All right, I got to take this. Give me a second. I'll be right back. Hey, Dean, did you get the numbers?

Annie: Sweetie, I need to talk to you about Adam.

Emma: You said you wouldn't marry him.

Annie: And I'm not going to, my sweetheart, but I really want you to know that Adam is a wonderful man.

Emma: I don't want to talk about him. He scares me.

Annie: I understand. I understand, my sweetheart, but do you remember when Mommy was sick, and I did some bad things? Well, sometimes when people are sick, they do things that they don't mean to do, and that night Adam was very, very sick.

Ryan: Ok, all right, well, I'll give you a call later. Thank you. Did I miss anything?

Annie: Nope. No. Emma was just gonna go put on her lady bug costume, weren't you?

Ryan: Great. Ok, sweets. Go ahead.

Annie: Ahem.

Ryan: Well, yeah, she's got her costume, so, uh, you can go.

Annie: I really hope that there's a day when the perfection cracks, when you make a mistake or lose control and you're in my position --

Ryan: I will never be in your position, Annie.

Annie: [Scoffs] I pray for that day, Ryan, because when it happens, and you're begging me to see Emma, I will be just laughing in your face.

Natalia: Dude, I walked all the way to the main road, and it doesn't look like anyone's been here for months.

Brot: Then I guess we can go home.

Natalia: What? No way.

Brot: Isn't that what your dad said to do, leave it alone?

Natalia: Brot, let me tell you, ok, if I was any other cop, my dad would be thrilled. I'm doing my job and taking initiative, but since I'm his kid, that's why he's all protective.

Brot: That's not a bad thing.

Natalia: That's what he told you to do, didn't he? To babysit his little girl, make sure his little girl's ok?

Brot: No, I'm just trying to protect--

Natalia: Look, Aidan and Kendall are still out there, ok? And I'm gonna find them. Keys. There's an empty building down the road about a mile there. I'm going.

Brot: I wouldn't.

Natalia: Then don't. You can wait around here and wait for me or you can walk back to Pine Valley, but I'm going the opposite direction.

Brot: Fine, fine. You're not going to get very far.

Natalia: Later.

[While Brot holds the sparkplugs from Natalia's car, she tries to start the engine but can't, then she slams the car door shut]

Natalia: The car won't start.

Brot: I know.

Natalia: Then why didn't you tell me earlier?

Brot: Because you didn't give me a chance to.

Natalia: Ah --

[Keys clatter on floor]

Natalia: Oh -- ahh. Now what?

Brot: Looks like we're not going anywhere for a while.

Second Boy: Probably a rat.

Boy: Nope. Definitely a spirit. I can feel it. It's like I can almost hear it breathing.

Second Boy: Him breathing? I thought you said it was a her?

Boy: A tortured soul, drowned in the baptismal, the killer never caught. Did you hear that?

Second Boy: Just your frigging yapping.


Boy and Second boy: Holy crap! Hello! Check out my heels.

Marissa: What, do you want angry? I go to bed angry, and I wake up angry, and yes, sometimes I cry because this disease has attacked the man that I can't live without. Because, you know, even with all the chemo and the meds and the pills and the supplements and the effort, cancer wins too many times, and I don't want it to win this time.

J.R.: It won't.

Marissa: It can't. It can't because you have so much life in you. You have so much love, and I'm the selfish one because I want every scrap of it! And there's no way in hell that I am giving in or giving up. You know, those -- those tears that you saw, they were -- they weren't fear, they were anger, and I wasn't crying about marrying you or the plans that we haven't made or the conversations we never had. We'll make those plans. We'll have those conversations and maybe even have kids, but right now we fight the cancer, not each other, so if you want me to be mad, you are not going to get it! I have an appointment to go to. Little Adam needs this for his goodies. I'm going to bring it to him. Oh, oh, there you go. Something else that I'm doing for you, so deal with it.

[Door slams]

Annie: Miss me? I was just dropping off Emma's costume. Of course, she already has a costume, but I think she likes it. You ok?

Adam: Erica was here, spouting her usual rubbish. She will say anything to undermine what we have. It's true, isn't it? You cancelled the wedding? Why?

Annie: Ah -- I tried to tell you last night. I wanted to, but you weren't well.

Adam: You don't love me anymore?

Annie: Of course, I love you. I want nothing more than to be your wife, but when I told Emma we were getting married, she had a complete meltdown. She started screaming that she hated me and hated this house, and, Adam, I had to do something.

Adam: Poor Emma. Of course, she hates this house -- after what happened. And me. When she sees me, she sees the man she killed.

Erica: So he blustered his way through it. He just refused to believe that Annie would ever cancel their wedding, and let alone without telling him, but I think I got to him.

Ryan: Good. Good. Anything we can do to get Adam off balance gets us closer to what we want.

Erica: Ahem.

Ryan: Don't tell me you're feeling sorry for him.

Erica: No. Yes. I mean, look, in spite of what we think of Annie and the kind of woman she is, I mean, she made Adam happy.

Ryan: She used him.

Erica: I know. And maybe now he'll see her for the kind of woman she really is. Maybe this will add enough pressure and one of them will finally crack, and we will finally get the truth out of them.

Ryan: Well, don't count on it being Annie. She was here.

Erica: Again?

Ryan: Yes, and she brought a costume for Emma, but of course, she used it as an excuse to get in her ear.

Erica: How is it that that woman is safe to walk around the streets, to see her daughter while my daughter is on the run, she's fearing for her life?

Ryan: I don't know. Any word?

Erica: Nothing. No.

Ryan: I know this is hard, but it will end. We will get Adam to remember what he knows, and when we do, Annie will be the one that goes away for Stuart's murder.

Erica: If anything happens to Kendall --

Ryan: She's gonna be all right. She's not alone. Ok.

Erica: I just wish I could see her. Oh, when I think of my daughter and what she must be going through right now --

Aidan: We still can't get too comfortable now, Kendall.

Kendall: Why, you think they'll come back?

Aidan: We have to be ready for anything.

Kendall: Well, I am ready to talk to my husband.

Aidan: He's a lucky man -- Zach.

[Computer rings]

Jesse: Is that Kendall?

Zach: Yes.

Kendall: Teenagers and ghosts. Nothing to be afraid of.

Zach: She's safe.

Kendall: No more ghosts, no more goblins, no things that go bump. I promise. Sleep should be easy tonight.

Aidan: Sounds like we're safe. Ahh --

Kendall: Sleep is filed with dreams of home, of love, of baby kisses.

Zach: You'll wake up in your own bed before you know it. Our happy ending isn't far away. 

Marissa: Woo!

[Children screaming and laughing]

Marissa: Oh, hey, Little Adam, hey. Are you having fun? Yeah? You look so handsome and tough and strong. Oh, hey, you forgot this.

Adam: Thanks.

Marissa: For your goodies. Yeah. You're the best, you know that?

Adam: I'm an Incredible.

Marissa: Yes. Yeah, you are. Come here.

Brot: So how long before we get a tow? That long? Guess I don't have a choice, huh? All right. Thanks.

Natalia: What do you mean, we have no choice? We're stuck?

Brot: Looks that way.

Natalia: Well, we're not just gonna sit around here. Come on. You know, my computer, it's in the car. I'm gonna go get it, and then we'll pull up a map--

Brot: We're not exactly in a wireless zone.

Natalia: Well, we have to do something.

Brot: Uh, we could always make sandwiches out of canned ham.

Natalia: All that training in Iraq, all that fabulous training, and they never taught you how to fix a car?

Brot: Nah.

Natalia: So you're useless.

Brot: Ouch. Ouch, that hurts.

Natalia: I'm sorry, ok? I just -- I want to be a good cop, a great cop, the best I can be.

Brot: And maybe you're trying a little too hard.

Natalia: Ah. I shot a man. I just walked into a bad situation, and I made it worse. [Scoffs] I need to make things right.

Brot: And how are you going to do that, by catching the bad guys?

Natalia: By proving I have what it takes to do this job, you know, to haul the extra distance, but I don't know, when I do, instead of being proud, my dad looks at me like when I was 5 and I, uh, color-coded a litter of kittens with food coloring.

Brot: Ha ha. You did that?

Natalia: Well, I couldn't tell them apart. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Brot: Ha ha.

Natalia: I just want his respect, Brot, you know. I just -- I want to make a difference. I want to make things right.

Brot: You know what? How about I take another look under that hood?

Natalia: Really?

Brot: I'm not promising anything, but I'll try to make myself useful.

Natalia: Huh. They teach you that in Iraq, too?

Brot: What?

Natalia: How to talk a type-A girl off the ceiling?

Brot: Nah. My mom gave that to me. Ha.

[Adam sniffing]

Adam: You know, maybe -- maybe if I could spend more time with Emma, she might get to know me better, the fear might disappear. I mean, she might even get to like me.

Annie: She would -- she would love you as much as I do. Listen, the only reason I need to postpone the wedding -- not cancel, postpone -- is just to get some time. I just need some time to explain to her what an amazing man you are and how kind you are and how you have her best interests at heart.

Adam: Oh. Her best interests and your best interests. If I could just -- just speak with her.

Annie: Ryan's never gonna let that happen. He's threatened by how much we love each other. I mean, he won't even let me get close to Emma. Today, he gave me two minutes to give her her costume for this party at the park. I mean, two minutes. He's so unfair. You do know that I want to marry you?

Adam: Yes. And don't worry. We'll be married, and we'll have Emma's blessings, too.

Annie: Ha ha.

Ryan: Kendall will be fine.

Erica: Ryan, she's a fugitive, she's a target. There are hundreds of police officers out there looking for her, and they're armed.

Ryan: They're gonna be no match for her. You kidding me? She will come back to us, ok? That's what Kane women do -- fight, adapt, survive. And you don't even break a sweat.

Erica: But all they see is a convicted murderer on the run, and if they find her, do you really think they're gonna think twice about using force?

Ryan: She's with Aidan, and between the two of them, the cops don't stand a chance of finding them.

Erica: Ahh. I just wish I could be as confident as you are.

Ryan: Well, hey, we're making progress here, right? Well, that's all we can do. Annie is starting to feel pressure. Her own daughter is blackmailing her out of marrying the guy that can solve all of her problems. I mean, Annie is running out of options.

Erica: And when she does, boy do I want to be there. I want to have a front row seat, Ryan. I want to see it when she cracks and she finally, finally can understand the hell she has brought down on everybody around her.

Kendall: I miss Zach and the boys.

Aidan: You're gonna be happy again, Kendall.

Kendall: I can't wait -- to wake in the morning and get the boys dressed, find matching socks -- and head over to Fusion and pick the new hottest lip color -- and then come home and curl up by the fireplace with Zach. I'm sorry.

Aidan: For what?

Kendall: I wish you had someone in your life. You miss her?

Aidan: You talking about Greenlee?

Kendall: Well, I'm not talking about Annie.

Aidan: Ahh -- things between Greenlee and me didn't end so well. She's not one of those girls you can just get over and move on.

Kendall: No, she's not. You deserve to be with someone amazing.

Aidan: Yeah, I was.

Kendall: And you will be again.

Aidan: Huh. That's what Alphonso keeps telling me.

Kendall: Who? What?

Aidan: Oh, it's a private joke.

Kendall: Ha! You have a very weird sense of humor, you know that?

Aidan: I'm English.

Kendall: Yeah, you are. Uh, ok, you know what? It is time to change those bandages.

Aidan: It can -- it can wait.

Kendall: No, uh-uh. No. Aidan, you don't have a choice. You have no choice. You may be the brilliant Special Ops guy who can steal laptops from cops and scare the hell out of nosy teenagers, but when it comes to this, I'm in charge. So come on, let's do this.

Zach: We take one step forward and ten steps back.

Jesse: Well, Natalia's off the trail. I sent my people in the opposite direction, and I've got my eye on the other agencies. Doing everything we can.

Zach: I appreciate it. It's not enough.

Jesse: Well, unless you got something up your sleeve. I mean, it's all we got. Plus the computer. At least we'll be able to keep an eye on where they are, what they're doing.

Zach: Yeah, a chat room. Sorry, Jesse, I need more than that. I want to see my wife. I want to hear her voice. I'm -- I'm tired. But I got to do something. I need to protect her.

Jesse: Look, Aidan is no slouch, all right? She's safe.

Zach: Yeah, but I got to protect her from here. I got to get to Adam, and I'm very close.

Jesse: Cl-close? Where? When? What did you do? What did you do?

Zach: You've done enough. Leave it to me.

Natalia: Oh, uh-uh. Uh-uh. Ha ha!

Brot: What?

Natalia: What did you do? Did you fix the car or wrestle it?

Brot: Ah, whatever. No luck. I even called the tow company again. It's gonna be a while before they get to us.

Natalia: Um, well, what are we gonna do? I mean, how are we gonna survive? No -- no internet, no TV. We're probably gonna have to eat that ancient canned ham --

Brot: Ha ha.

Natalia: And knowing us, we're gonna have to --

Natalia: Um, or I mean, we can go vegan. I mean, grass and acorns, that's -- that's cool with me if you're cool.

Aidan: You're getting pretty good at that.

Kendall: Well, you happen to be an excellent patient. All right. You're such a tough guy.

Aidan: Yeah.

Kendall: Yeah, you are. You're calm and cool and collected. You're the classic loner. You ever get lonely?

Aidan: When I can have the remote all to myself, order pizza for dinner every night, no wife to take care of or kids to help with their homework? No, I live a blissful life.

Kendall: So you wouldn't trade all that bliss for a wife and a couple of rug rats?

Aidan: Ahh -- in a heartbeat.

Zach: Kendall's fine. I've been in touch with her.

Ryan: How -- how did you get in touch with her?

Erica: Why didn't you tell us?

Zach: Well, I'm telling you now.

Erica: Oh, right. What did she say? How is she?

Zach: Well, like I said, she's fine.

Ryan: Fine? That's all we get is fine?

Zach: I don't want too many people to know where she is.

Erica: Too many people? I've been dying to know. I have a right to know.

Zach: Look, Erica, trust me. She's safe.

Ryan: Ok, maybe Zach is right with this, Erica. I mean, maybe the fewer people that know the details of this, the better. I mean, she's not in danger, right? And maybe it's better that's all we know for now.

Zach: Right. So let's get the truth out of Adam, put some pressure on.

Ryan: The pills are starting to work. There's got to be something we can do now to get to him.

Erica: Or maybe there's someone.

Zach: Someone?

Erica: Someone who'd have to reach out from beyond the grave.

J.R.: Well, I'm feeling all right. I'm feeling stronger. Listen, what I wanted to know -- will the chemo affect my fertility? Ah, Dr. Kahn, actually can I call you back? All right, thanks.

[Door opens]

Natalia: Oh, my God. [Yawn] I could go for a cheeseburger right now. Extra cheese. What do you think?

Brot: You know what I like about you, Natalia? You say whatever the hell's on your mind and no trying to spare the burnt guy's feelings. You never once, not once ever treated me like a victim.

Natalia: Brot, don't be stupid.

Brot: No, seriously. Like right now. You're looking out the window, all over the room, everywhere but at me. Natalia, if you're gonna try to ignore the fact that you just seen how scarred I am, it's insulting. You can't pretend it's not there, and you can't pretend it doesn't bother you.

Kendall: Ok, so you would really take the whole package. You would take the wife, the kids, the dog, the white picket fence --

Aidan: Peanut butter?

Kendall: Yes.

Aidan: So no, I'd draw the line at the white picket fence, and I'm more of a cat man.

Kendall: Ok.

Aidan: I'm joking. Yeah, the wife, the kids. Ahh. And definitely a dog, but it has to be with the right person. I don't want to end up like Ryan or Annie.

Kendall: Well, sometimes you have to take chances.

Aidan: You know, I did that, and it blew up in my face before it got started. You know, maybe I'm just, you know, not gonna be with anybody. You know, I might not find that one true love -- or maybe I did, and I just let it slip out of my fingers.

Kendall: That is so sad.

Aidan: That's life.

Erica: Look, there's only one person who could push Adam past that wall to remember, and that's Stuart. When Stuart was alive, he was Adam's conscience.

Ryan: Then why can't it be the same in death? Especially considering the dance marathon -- when -- when Adam had this little spell where he thought he saw Stuart and the effect that it had on him. Remembering the night where his brother died, and he was looking directly at Annie when he said Stuart's name.

Erica: And Annie couldn't wait to get him out of there.

Zach: So what do we do? We make Adam believe that Stuart's back?

Erica: Exactly.

Ryan: But how do we do it?

Erica: Well, it's a long shot, and it's gonna take some planning, but I think it'll work.

Annie: Adam, are you here? I thought we could have a little happy hour in the sunroom.

[Annie reads a note from Adam]

"As promised, my angel, I'm taking care of everything." Adam, no.

Emma: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Adam: Hello, Emma.

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