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James: These were in Madison's possession. Someone want to tell me what the hell they're all about?

Jesse: I take it you've watched them?

James: And listened. It appears that this young lady killed my son-in-law, and that you helped cover it up.

Jesse: Appearances can be deceiving.

James: This footage looked pretty clear to me.

Jesse: Then why are you here? Why are you not at the station, turning me and my family in?

Frankie: Because he wants to know if it's true. Madison confessed to you, didn't she?

J.R.: We just got married.

Adam: Ah. Are you sober?

J.R.: Yes.

Adam: I wasn't asking you.

J.R.: You know, this might be a foreign concept in this family.. But Marissa and I actually love each other.

Adam: Hmm. That happens to be a selling point?

Marissa: It's the only point. What matters more than love?

Adam: Well, I suggest you talk to your twin sister. But it's a shame, because J.R.'s love put her in an early grave.

J.R.: All right, shut up. This has nothing to do with Babe.

Annie: Adam is going to be my new husband.

Emma: No, no! I hate you! I hate you!

Annie: Emma.

Erica: Well, that went over well.

Ryan: Maybe you should head home. Emma doesn't want you here.

Erica: Maybe you should run home to your soon-to-be husband.

Annie: Oh, what? Now this is my fault? Like everything else?

Erica: I guess so. I mean, what did you plan on doing -- yelling "surprise" on your wedding day when you showed Emma to her new room in the mansion?

Annie: You'd just love that, wouldn't you? Oh, don't give me that line: Now that you and Ryan are -- involved, you don't want Emma living here any more than I do.

Erica: That is completely untrue. I happen to care very much for that little girl.

Annie: Yeah, but she puts a cramp in your style. What's the expression -- two's perfect, three's a crowd?

Ryan: Hey, Ems. I'm -- I'm really sorry that your mom didn't tell you about the wedding.

Emma: You didn't tell me, either.

David: No, I wasn't there when the prisoner escaped.

Reporter: But you're aware that there was gunfire.

David: I'm aware of everything that takes place in my hospital.

Reporter: Well, isn't it cause for concern that something like this was allowed to happen?

David: My real concern -- Kendall Slater. A convicted felon, out there on the loose. For all our sakes, I hope the authorities find her and throw her back in prison where she belongs.

Reporter: Thank you, Dr. Hayward.

Zach: Why don't you mention Kendall's name one more time, so we can make it your last soundbite?

James: I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to blame everyone in this room for the death of my I daughter but -- I can't.

Frankie: Madison. She told you she killed North.

Madison: I did it. I went into Henry's room. Saw him on the floor. Yes, Randi started it. She hit him. But I finished him off. And I've been blackmailing the Hubbards ever since.

James: She -- she died a few hours later. When I came here, I thought -- no, hoped that maybe she was lying to protect you or -- I don't know why. When I see all your faces, I -- I know my daughter was telling the truth. I'm sorry for what she put you through. What Henry North put all of you through. I wish to God that Madison had never met him.

Jesse: I know it's only a small comfort, but at least you know she went with a clear conscience.

James: Madison wanted you to have these. It's up to you what you do with them, but -- for the sake of both of our families.

Jesse: We want this over just as much as you do. These tapes are history.

J.R.: I'm not trying to replace Babe for Marissa. What we have is separate and real. Marissa and I are gonna live together for the rest of our lives. Now, you either congratulate us or you leave us the hell alone.

Adam: Oh. Look what you've done. You've upset your new bride. I apologize. J.R. and I, when we're in any sort of confined space, histrionics usually follow. Scott, would you escort Marissa out? I think she's heard enough.

J.R.: Yeah, we both have.

Adam: But I'm not through with you yet. Annul this charade right now.

J.R.: Why the hell would I do that?

Adam: Because I know why you're marrying that girl, and love has nothing to do with it.

David: It's not like I told him anything he didn't already know, Zach. Kendall confessed to murder. It's public knowledge.

Zach: But the public doesn't know everything. They don't know that you were that night, locked and loaded, ready to go.

David: Oh, man. This is pathetic. Are you really gonna go back there, blaming me again? Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, Zach, but that ship has sailed.

Zach: I don't know, David. If you hadn't poisoned poor Adam, then he wouldn't have been out of control, and who knows what would've happened that night?

David: Oh, no, you see, I know what would've happened. Kendall would've lodged a bullet in the right Chandler. Stuart would still be alive today. And for the record, I was cleared of all drugging accusations. I seem to remember there was a nurse at the hospital that took full responsibility.

Liza: Is everything ok over here?

Zach: Yeah. Just making a point. Right, Dave?

David: I guess it's time for a drink. Excuse me.

Zach: I thought I fired you.

Liza: Well, then consider this pro bono. Stop pulling his tail. You're only making things worse.

Erica: First of all, my relationship with Ryan is none of your business. And don't you dare imply that I want Emma out of the picture. I have her best interests at heart, unlike you.

Annie: You know what? Please. Spare me the holier-than-thou lecture. You know what? This is ridiculous. I'm gonna go check on my daughter and make sure she understands.

Erica: Don't you think you have upset your daughter enough?

Annie: You know what? I don't really care what you think. I am Emma's mother.

Erica: And Ryan is her father? And Ryan has this under control.

Annie: Really? Really? Because from what I can tell, Ryan has been messing with her head for months, just like you and Zach and Kendall.

Erica: No, the only one who has been messing with Emma's head is you.

Ryan: Hey, I'm sorry that I never told you that your mom was marrying Adam. I'm really sorry I just -- I just really, really thought it was her place to tell you, you know?

Emma: You always say secrets are bad.

Ryan: I do. I do say that. And they are. They are bad. And if it felt like I was keeping a secret from you, I'm really, really sorry. I'm sorry. Again, I thought that your mom should've been the one to tell you that, and I was a little afraid of how upset you might be when you found out, but -- but even though you're upset now, it still feels good to have it out there, right? Doesn't it? Yeah. Well, I don't have any more secrets. I'm all out of secrets, how about you?

Emma: I love you, Daddy.

Ryan: Ohh. I love you, too. I love you more than anything else in the whole world, and -- and nothing, nothing will ever change that.

Emma: I'm ready to tell.

[The door opens and Annie walks in.]

Adam: Babe was your salvation. She was proof that you didn't need this family. She was -- she was better. She was brighter. And I think she probably was. She came very close to getting you out of the bottle. But then again, you -- you decided to dive right back in when -- and took little miss innocent Marissa right along with you. You're gonna parade her around like a new and improved Babe?

J.R.: Oh, yeah. You got me, Dad. Yeah, because I'm over here, I'm waving my arms around, I'm saying, "Look at me. I can destroy as many lives as you can."

Adam: Yeah. Aren't you?

J.R.: You know, you might want to sit down for this, but not everything I do is for you. In fact, for the first time in my life, I don't give a rat's ass whether you approve or disapprove. You can write me out of your will. I don't care. Because for the first time I my life, I'm actually happy. I got a second chance, and I'll be damned if I waste it.

Adam: Second chance, huh? Kind of like -- kind of like me and Annie. Why don't you go away and come back? Preach to me when you're sober.

J.R.: I am not drinking.

Adam: No, not at the moment.

J.R.: Never again. Because I have my head above the water. And that's where it will stay.

Adam: Don't try to walk on the water, you know. Because most of us humans sink.

Zach: I wasn't gonna just sit there and watch Hayward sell Kendall out.

Liza: Kendall sold herself out, Zach. She confessed.

Zach: I know. I know, but I haven't heard from her or seen her since that note.

Liza: Note? What -- what did the note say?

Zach: It said to trust her and to not come after her and to find the real killer and bring her home to her boys.

Liza: Look, I've been in touch with the D.A.'s office, and they are all over this.

Zach: I know that. Surveillance sits outside my house. There's one of them right over there.

Liza: All right, listen to me. No contact with Kendall. Because if you do, those cops are going to descend.

Zach: I'm going after Annie. We're very close.

Liza: "We"? Really? Zach Slater actually asked for some help?

Zach: You don't want to know.

Liza: You're right. I don't, because I'm not on this case anymore. Just don't make any more trouble than there already is. Your wife is -- she's got enough trouble for the both of you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Zach: Excuse me.

Erica: Zach, you have to get over to Ryan's right away. Emma just overheard Annie discussing her upcoming wedding plans to Adam, and she is not happy.

Zach: Annie's there?

Erica: She just barged up into Emma's room. She's determined to speak to her daughter. Zach, this could be it.

Annie: Sweetheart, I know you just found out a lot of information, and I know it takes a while to sink in, but I think if you give me a chance to explain --

Emma: No.

Ryan: It's ok. Annie, maybe you should just leave.

Emma: You, too, Daddy.

Ryan: You want us both to go? Ok, sweetie, it's ok. You take as much time as you need, all right? Ok, I'll be right downstairs. I love you.

Annie: Ryan, I didn't even get a chance to talk to her.

Ryan: Emma is gonna talk when she's ready to talk.

[Door lock clicks]

Annie: Emma. Emma.

[Knocking on door]

Angie: This is a new beginning for us.  Listen, can everybody grab a hand? Please. Humor me. Right here, right now, we swear never to talk about North, Madison, or anything regarding this case ever again. And once those tapes are no longer, so is that night. Understood?

Randi: Sure.

Frankie: Yeah, I can do that.

Angie: So, we've got ourselves a promise. Natalia?

Natalia: Yeah, I promise.

Jesse: Good. So now we can all breathe easier, right?

Randi: Jesse, I just want to say --

Jesse: Shh. Never again.

Angie: Thank you. You know what? I don't know what it is, but you always pull us back together.

Jesse: I'll do anything for my family. You know that.

Angie: Some --

Jesse: Say you know that.

Angie: I was gonna say, sometimes I forget.

Jesse: Forgetting's ok. As long as you know that I'm always around to remind you. 

Bailey: David thought I was the new nanny. I reminded him that I'm just a client.

Liza: That's ok. Really. Bailey is Stuart's biological mother, and she's been staying with me.

Bailey: I wanted to see the baby and meet his new mom. Liza's been so amazing.

David: Well, you're the one that has me impressed, Bailey. You came all this way from -- I'm sorry, where are you from?

Bailey: Ohio.

Dad: Ohio. Just for a visit. Wow. You see, I -- I could never do that.

Liza: Of course, you couldn't, because you're a completely different breed, David, especially when it comes to your children.

David: True.

Liza: David gets a little, how shall we say, obsessed? Yeah, I think that's fair to say.

David: I don't know. I don't think I'm any different from any other parent. I just want what's best for my child. Speaking of which, I just saw my daughter come in. It was nice to officially meet you, Bailey.

Bailey: You, too. so I guess you two aren't that close, huh?

Liza: What gave you that impression?

Bailey: So, what is he? Some kind of control freak or something?

Liza: Uh, yeah, you could say that.

David: When you invited me for dinner, I thought it would just be the two of us.

J.R.: Subtle.

David: What's with the cue-ball look, Junior?

J.R.: Helps me think more clearly. Less interference.

David: [Chuckles] Ok, then maybe you should shave your head, too, if it'll give you better taste in boyfriends.

Marissa: I think you mean husbands.

J.R.: Yeah. I asked your daughter to marry me.

David: And you said yes? I hope you didn't come here to ask for my permission.

J.R.: Well, it's a little late for that.

Marissa: J.R. and I eloped.

Liza: David suffers from a severe case of paranoia. He always thinks that someone's out to get him. Thing is that somebody usually is. But his one redeeming quality is that he really does love his children. So, I guess we have to -- yeah, I guess we have to talk about this. I mean, have you made any decisions or thought about it? Do you want your son back?

Bailey: I don't know. I mean, I see you two together and how happy you both are. You're obviously a great mom. I don't want to take that away from you.

Liza: You know, as much as I would really love to just say, "Great, thanks," and grab that carrier and run, you know, this is the time that you have to think about you and what's best for Stuart.

Ryan: This little fantasy you have of taking Emma from here and having her live safe and sound under Chandler's roof is not gonna happen, and not because of me, because your daughter up there made it loud and clear.

Annie: Yes, Ryan, because you've been poisoning her.

Erica: Oh, no. You are the only one who's been poisoning Emma. You have alienated Emma all on your own.

Ryan: You know what? Go back to Adam's place and take a good look around the big, empty house, because Emma is gonna stay here.

Erica: Oh, please don't say "We'll see about that" or some other yawn-worthy cliché.

Annie: Ok. How's this one, then? You can both go to hell.

[Annie picks up her luggage and leaves]

Randi: I need to get my head straight and focus back in on Fusion. You know, Ryan and Erica need me, and I've been so distracted.

Frankie: That's great. You got something to sink your teeth into.

Randi: Yeah, and who knows? Receptionist today, tomorrow, CEO? What do you think? We promised we were not gonna talk about it.

Frankie: [Sighs] I know, and I don't want to talk about it, but --

Randi: But it's the only thing that you can think of. Do you think that Madison's --

Frankie: No. And you know what? My parents are right. We need to forget about what happened and -- move on.

Randi: I don't know. I saw a lot of doubt going on on Natalia's face.

Frankie: Yeah, well, that's because she's scared to believe, just like we are. We can't be scared anymore, because Madison is dead. More than that, she confessed to killing her husband to me and to her father. So, you're off the hook. We are free, and all we gotta do is accept it and believe it. Yeah? Ahh.

Natalia: I know you don't want us to talk about it.

Jesse: But you're gonna bring it up anyway, huh?

Natalia: I'm sorry, ok? I just don't trust --

Jesse: Which part?

Natalia: Any of it. This plan of Madison's went way too deep. You know that. I mean, for her to all of a sudden come clean --

Jesse: The woman was on her death bed.

Natalia: Dying makes you grow a conscience?

Jesse: I don't know. This could've been her last attempt at salvation. Happens all the time.

Natalia: Mm. Maybe.

Jesse: No, definitely. Look, we have those tapes. It's over. There's nothing out there that can be used against us anymore.

Natalia: But didn't you think it was weird? The way that he just showed up? I mean, her father shows up acting all nice and apologetic. He was a totally different man from the man who stormed the hospital --

Jesse: The man had just lost his child, all right? He wants to put an end to this as much as we do, if not more. The Henry North file is closed.

Liza: Well, I mean, when you look at him, what do you see for him?

Bailey: I want him to be happy, healthy. I want him to be safe.

Liza: Well, that's -- it's definitely the ultimate mommy checklist, but what else? I mean, do you -- do you see siblings for him? Where do you see him living? What college do you want him to go to?

Bailey: College? I don't even know what college I'm going to.

Liza: Well, I'm just saying before you make any huge life decisions, you -- you should probably come up with some sort of plan.

Bailey: Liza, how am I supposed to make plans for his future when I'm just a kid myself?

Liza: You're way more grown-up than you think.

Ryan: Emma was about to tell me. She was about to tell me. She even said that she had a secret. And then, of course, Annie walked in, and she freaked out.

Erica: Oh, no. I'm so sorry. Believe me, I did everything I possibly could to try to keep that psychopath down here.

Ryan: It's me. It's ok. It's just -- I mean, as much as I hate Emma being in pain, this anger that she's got towards Annie, towards Adam, the whole thing, I think it -- I mean, in a way, it can work in our favor, you know? It's just -- it's just that Emma is also angry with me. She wanted us both out of the room, and I just --

Erica: What? Well, listen, I -- I called Zach.

Ryan: Why?

Erica: Because it did seem like Emma was on the verge of telling the truth, and -- well, he's been working his angle and you've been working yours.

Ryan: Protecting my daughter is not an angle.

Erica: Oh, no, of course not. I -- I know that. Of course. Well, just that the two are finally coming together, and -- and so it just made sense that he should be here.

Ryan: Why? So he could run upstairs and interrogate her? That's the last thing Emma needs right now.

Erica: Zach would never hurt Emma.

Ryan: He already has. He's already pushed too hard before. Look, I know you've got an idea of Zach and me being such a dynamic duo or something, but --

Erica: Yes, but why not? I mean, you two are both --

Ryan: On the same team? No. We're not. The only team that I'm on right now is Emma's. The only person I can think about right now is my daughter.

Erica: Well, then you understand exactly how I feel. Look, I should probably go.

Ryan: Erica, I'm sorry.

Erica: No, really, really, really. Uh, we are both worked up, and we're both on edge, so I think it's a good idea for us just to take a little time.

Ryan: Uhh.

Erica: Oh, Zach, sorry. You wasted a trip. It seems that I really shouldn't have called you. I'll let Ryan explain. I do hope that Emma feels better.

Zach: I take it things with Annie didn't go as planned.

Ryan: We got a new problem.

Randi: Are you going to burn those now?

Frankie: Um -- I'm gonna watch it first. For closure, I think. But you don't have to.

Randi: No. I want to. For some strange reason.

[Hotel security tape plays]

Randi: I don't get it. Where is Madison?

Frankie: I don't know.

Randi: I thought this footage was gonna show her going into Henry's room.

Frankie: Well, I did, too, but she must have erased it just in case. Think I should call my dad?

Randi: No. No. I just want you to get rid of those stupid things already.

Frankie: Yeah, but what if --

Randi: No, there are no what ifs. Ok, Frankie? Just like you said. Just get rid of them and let's get this done with once and for all.

Frankie: Hand me those.

[Frankie puts everything in a trash can, adds an accelerant, and strikes a match, setting the contents ablaze]

Jesse: So, are we good?

Natalia: Yeah.

Jesse: You sure?

Natalia: Yes. Yes.

Jesse: Well, listen, stop pushing that stuff around your plate and let's order some dessert. How's that?

[Natalia smiles]

J.R.: Maybe we should get going.

David: No, no, no, no. Don't. Don't leave. I mean, we haven't had a chance to pop the champagne yet. Oh, that's right. You don't drink. Or do you? You know, it's kind of hard to keep track these days.

Marissa: Would you stop it?

David: Well, so, tell me. Am I the first stop on your spread-the-news tour? Or did you pay a visit to Daddy Dearest, too? Ha ha. Let me guess. He was about as thrilled about it as I am, right?

J.R.: Give the man a prize.

David: Hey, look, I know a way to fix all of that. Why don't we just have a family outing? Uh? The Haywards and the Chandlers unite. The game will be who kills who first.

Marissa: You know what? You're just jealous, because I've found something that you will never have. Someone who loves me for me. Do you really not want me to be happy?

David: Of course, I do, which means far away from this idiot.

Marissa: Why would I even listen to you? You had to blackmail Amanda to get her to move in with you. Your family is a total joke.

David: All right, now hold it. You're a part of that family.

Marissa: Come on. Ever since you got your hands on Trevor, I have become an afterthought.

David: That's not true.

Marissa: Really? When's the last time that we hung out or talked? So, don't go playing Papa Bear now. It makes you look pretty ridiculous.

David: All right, so. Wait a minute. If you don't care what I have to say, why are you even telling me this?

Marissa: You know what? I -- I really don't know. I guess I thought it was the right thing to do, but obviously, I was wrong.

David: Marissa.

Marissa: No. Just forget it. We have a honeymoon to get to.

David: Will you at least tell me where you're going?

Marissa: To the place where we fell in love. No family, no judgments, just me and J.R.

David: And what if there's an emergency?

J.R.: Then we couldn't be in better hands.

Annie: Emma knows about our wedding.

Adam: How did you tell her?

Annie: I didn't tell her. She overhead me talking to Ryan. Now she's all upset. She locked herself in her room.

Adam: Oh, I'm sorry.

Annie: I can't get to her, Adam. And she's carrying around this enormous secret. What if she says something to Ryan?

Adam: She won't do that. You -- you've instructed her not to.

Annie: You weren't there. You didn't see how angry she was. I'm afraid it's all about to come out.

[Scott eavesdrops]

Zach: So, she locked herself in her bedroom.

Ryan: Yes, she did, and the hardest part about this is that she wants to tell the truth. She wants just to get it out. I tried --

Zach: All right. So maybe we need to switch our focus from Emma to her mother.

Ryan: We've been doing that. We've been doing that, like, a million different ways.

Zach: I know, but Annie's gotta feel vulnerable right now. Emma turned on her. We just need a little more time, that's what we need.

Ryan: You know what we need? We need to take a different approach. I mean, you're right. We need to change our focus. But Annie's not our guy. We need to put the heat on Adam.

Nurse: All right. We ready for some chemo?

J.R.: Can't wait. When you said to David that this was the first place that you fell in love with me --

Marissa: I meant every word.

J.R.: Yeah, but still, you must have imagined some other spot for our honeymoon.

Marissa: I am exactly where I wanna be. [Giggles]

Bailey: Thanks again for dinner.

Liza: Any time.

David: You gotta know you're playing with fire, letting that girl anywhere near your son.

Liza: I thought you'd be her biggest fan. I mean, she is Stuart's biological mother, so that does give her the right to have him whenever she wants, right?

David: Come on. You can't compare your situation to mine.

Liza: Oh, yes, I can. What? You -- you took Trevor away from his home, from Jake and Amanda, because you thought you had the right.

David: I'm just trying to be a friend here. I can see how much you love that little boy.

Liza: Yes, as much as Jake loves Trevor.

David: Ok, fine. Call me a hypocrite. Maybe I am. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Jesse: Hey. Hey we saved you some -- dessert. What's up?

Angie: Um -- you forgot your cell phone at Frankie and Randi's.

Natalia: Oh. Well, thank you.

Angie: Yeah, it was a call from East River Hospital in New York.

Jesse: Why?

Natalia: Well, I needed to get confirmation of Madison's death.

Angie: It's all there. I mean, she's -- she's gone. She's gone, and it's really over.

Man on TV: Advertisers are often faced with the problem of capturing the attention of prospective customers.

Second man on TV: This just in. Donated an unknown source, new tapes have come to light implicating Pine Valley's very own police chief Jesse Hubbard and his daughter-in-law Randi Hubbard in the murder of late District Attorney Henry North.

Randi: Oh, my God. Frankie, wake up.

Frankie: What's going on?

Randi: Wake up. They have the tapes.

Frankie: Who?

Randi: It was on the news. They're gonna send me to prison for the rest of my life.

Frankie: Randi. Where -- where you going?


Randi: [Gasp] No. This -- this is not possible. You're -- [Gasps]

Man on TV: With temperatures like these, you'd think we were in Los Angeles, not Pine Valley. Tomorrow's going to be a beautiful day.

Zach: Why would you go after Adam? He doesn't remember anything about that night.

Ryan: That's because Hayward was feeding him pills all night. You know what they say about getting somebody's memory back. Try and recreate their mental state.

Zach: So, you wanna drug Adam?

Ryan: Yeah. Why? You got a better idea?

Adam: Maybe the best thing is for Emma to just tell the truth.

Annie: She -- she can't.

Adam: Well, holding on to this secret has gotta be killing her. God knows it's about to kill me.

Annie: Adam, what's wrong? Adam?

[Adam just stares ahead]

[Emma is haunted by what she saw: Adam pointing the gun at Stuart and firing]

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