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All My Children Transcript Monday 10/19/09


Episode #10232

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J.R.: Hey.

Marissa: Hey.

J.R.: What's this?

Marissa: Zinc, omega-3, antioxidants.

J.R.: Translation?

Marissa: Wheat germ, sweet potatoes, spinach, and broccoli.

J.R.: Mm, is there anything in there I'd actually like to eat?

Marissa: Yes. There's almonds and apples and blueberries.

J.R.: Hmm, getting closer.

Marissa: Your immune system will thank me.

J.R.: How's that?

Marissa: Getting closer.

J.R.: Oh, the newspaper. I wanted to read about Kendall's great escape.

Marissa: No. I read it already. There's nothing new.

J.R.: Yeah, but I'd still like to take a look.

Marissa: How about I just make you a nice, healthy salad?

J.R.: Uh, bup, bup, bup bup. "Our spies tell us that one of Pine Valley's most prominent families' son has fallen off the wagon and into the bottle."

Marissa: I'm sorry.

Scott: Hit me again.

Bartender: Hey, you're that guy whose father got murdered. Now the woman who killed him escaped. That's got to hurt. It's on the house. I bet that you'd like to catch her yourself, put your father's killer behind bars.

Scott: Yeah. That's exactly what I want to do.

Brot: Hey -- oh. Whoa, you ok?

Natalia: I would be if people would stop sneaking up on me.

Brot: Sorry. You seem a little shaky.

Natalia: No sleep will do that to you. I have been up all night filling out forms and reports, getting debriefed.

Brot: Oh, yeah. I heard about what happened.

Natalia: First day on the job, and I shoot the gun I hoped I'd never fire. I just hope Aidan Devane is ok.

Brot: Why don't you clock out and just come back fresh in the morning?

Natalia: Got to meet the department shrink.

Brot: Oh --

Natalia: Yeah, prove I'm not a hothead and all that good stuff. [Sighs] Brot, if I blow this, I could be stuck at this desk for who knows how long.

Brot: That's why, if I were you, I would take that break.

Natalia: Well, you're not. I want to be back on the streets ASAP. There's my date.

Brot: All right. See you later, then.

Natalia: [Exhales] Dr. Diamond, I'm Officer Fowler.

Annie: It's just you and me now, baby. Everything is going to be ok.

Emma: Can I open my eyes now, Mommy?

Annie: One second, sweetie.

Annie: Ok. Show me those big, beautiful eyes of yours. Hi, honey.

Emma: It's hard pretending to be asleep all the time.

Annie: I know, sweetie, and you're being so brave, but it's really important that we talk before anyone knows that you woke up, ok? People are gonna have lots of questions, honey.

Emma: You mean Daddy?

Frankie: The original clot was small, and we got to it quickly. The repeat MRI shows no rebleeding. Most patients would be awake by now.

Ryan: So, then what's the problem?

Frankie: Well, every patient is different, so give it time, but I'm sure she'll wake up soon.

Emma: I want to see Daddy.

Annie: He doesn't understand, sweetheart. That's why it's so important you never tell him or anyone what you saw that night.

Jesse: Police chopper spotted a blue car behind Wildwind under some trees.

Zach: A blue car? That's it? Aidan's car isn't blue.

Jesse: Well, the getaway car was blue. I'm gonna go check it out myself. You coming?

Zach: No. Let them get away.

Jesse: "Let them get away." You're sleep-deprived. Are you on drugs? What are you --

Zach: It's what Kendall wants.

Jesse: Are you kidding me? Zach, every law enforcement officer in the state is after her, Zach.

Zach: It's what she wants, Jesse. She's doing it for me, for the boys. Let her try it. Let her get away.

Amanda: David, come on. Open your eyes. David, please. Oh, my God, you idiot, why did you have to come in here?

Jake: What happened?

Amanda: God, help me. I don't know what to do. I think I killed him. 

J.R.: Yeah. Actually, it's good. When people see me, they're not gonna see a guy who has so much chemo in him it could kill a horse. They're just gonna see a pathetic drunk who couldn't handle being a Chandler.

Marissa: That's not who you are.

J.R.: Yeah, but it's who I was. You know, it's a good thing I didn't get this cancer while I was drinking. Otherwise, I would've never have gotten treatment. I would've just sucked back my scotch, bitch at the world for coming after me. I got lucky.

Marissa: Lucky? Not many people mention cancer and lucky in the same breath.

J.R.: Well, I caught a break, and I'm grateful because if I was drowning myself in alcohol, I wouldn't care if I lived or died. Now I realize just how much I have to live for.

Dr. Diamond: Your first day, you draw and shoot. How do you feel about what happened?

Natalia: Well, I performed according to my training, I mean, by the book. I just thank God the perp was only wounded

Dr. Diamond: No regrets.

Natalia: Unfortunately, it's a part of our job, you know, but we're trained to deal with this, to compartmentalize and move on. It's the only way to be an effective cop. I hope I never have to use a gun again for the rest of my career, but if I do, at least I know I'm ready.

Annie: Remember what it was like right before you got hurt, how upset you were and everybody was fighting and that's why you left the room and fell down the stairs? If you just do what I say and stay quiet, all the bad things will go away.

Emma: Daddy said it's important to tell the truth.

Annie: I know, and he's right about that, sweetie, but, Emma, I really need you to do this one last thing for Mommy, ok, or else something bad could happen. We don't want that, do we? No. No. I'll tell you what to say to Daddy or to anybody else who asks questions, ok? Will you do this one last thing for Mommy?

Frankie: Emma's results are all in line with a normal recovery. She hasn't had any more seizures, and her EEG shows she has normal brain activity. Everything is pointing to steady progress.

Ryan: Except that she's not awake, so --

Frankie: Yeah. That's weird. Who locked the door?

Ryan: Damn it, Annie! Annie!

Annie: She's awake. It's a miracle.

Emma: Daddy.

Ryan: Hi.

Jake: Damn it.

Amanda: What is it? What's wrong?

Jake: He's alive.

Amanda: Oh, Jake, don't joke like that.

Jake: That was a hell of a nice hello you gave him there. What happened?

Amanda: He came in. He saw Kendall. I hit him.

Jake: Hmm, excellent instincts. I would've done the same thing, although it's gonna take some explaining and some finesse to, you know, explain that to everybody, so -- did he see you hit him?

Amanda: No.

Jake: Good.

David: Ohh...

Jake: Hey, Davey boy, how you doing? Can you hear us?

David: Ow. Oh. What?

Jake: Can you hear us?

Amanda: Stop it.

David: What? What the hell? What? What the hell happened? Oh, my God.

Jake: Oh, we were worried about you there, but, well, I like you better when you're out cold, personally, but --

David: Wait a minute. I saw Kendall. She was here. Where did she go? Oh, my head. Who hit me? Was it Aidan?

Amanda: You were on the ground when I got here, and I thought you were dead, so I called Jake, and I knew he'd be able to help.

Jake: I was gonna take you out back, put you out of your misery, but --

David: I was hit with that?

Jake: Yeah, probably by Aidan. See? Look, some blood here, and I know he was shot, injured, so that's a little proof that he was here. I also saw a car tear past me when I was on my way here, and I'm sure that Kendall and Aidan were in that car. At least I think so.

David: How long was I out?

Amanda: Not long.

David: Good. We can still catch them if we try.

Jesse: I know you're not telling me to do nothing.

Zach: This is the only way to play it.

Jesse: A few hours ago, you were convinced the only way to play it was to turn yourself in. Kendall goes back to prison until we prove she's innocent. Not pretty, but safe, neat, logical. This is crazy.

Zach: This might help. It's from Kendall. Jake brought it.

Jesse: Well, don't leave me hanging.

Zach: He said he ran into them.

Jesse: At Wildwind?

Zach: I don't know. You should read it.

Jesse: Ok. I'm all for big love but --

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Hubbard.

Woman: Chief, I've got a Dr. Hayward on the line. He says it's urgent.

Jesse: Uh, put him through. Dr. Hayward.

David: I just saw Kendall and Aidan. Well, I saw Kendall. If you send some cruisers right away, you might catch them, but you have to hurry.

Jesse: I'm on it. Thanks for the tip. Martinez, get in touch with dispatch. Tell them I got something for them.

Martinez: Will do, Chief.

Jesse: Hey, take your time. Not an emergency.

Jake: Same, let me look at your head. Let me just check out --

David: Stay away from me.

Jake: What if you have a concussion? I don't want to be held responsible. Let me take a look.

David: Go away, all right? Amanda and I can take care of this.

Jake: Idiot.

Amanda: Hey, it's ok. We can take care, I think.

Jake: If you're thinking that maybe his personality changed because he got hit in the head, think again. Maybe I'll see you in the --

Amanda: Hey, I'm gonna go check on the baby.

David: He's asleep, so why don't you stay here and tell me what really happened in the stables? 

Scott: I'm really good at this. Are you watching? Ok. Wah-ha! Ohh. Maybe it's the quarter. Is it -- is it the bar? Are you tipping the bar?

J.R.: Hey, what's up?

Scott: Hey, my cousin, hey, and my cousin's Marissa. Mm, I am so glad you're here. Round for my friends.

J.R.: No. How about a ride?

Scott: He doesn't drink anymore -- this week, but I'm gonna have his, ok?

J.R.: All right. Let's go.

Scott: No. Aah! You know, I'm just unwinding. You remember what it's like.

Marissa: Ok. You could unwind at home with some coffee.

Scott: That's sweet. It's really sweet, but I'm good. I'm good. Bartender!

J.R.: Come on. Come on. You're gonna feel better at home.

Scott: I don't want to feel better, ok?

J.R.: You know what? Just stop with the drama, all right? Let's go. Come on.

Scott: I am in hell now, and coffee is not gonna change that.

J.R.: Let's go. Come on.

Scott: Get -- uhh! Ohh! Oh!

David: How long did you know that Kendall and Aidan were hiding out on our property?

Amanda: David, I think you're bleeding.

David: Who hit me? Aidan? Was it Jake? You have to admit, it was pretty convenient that he just happened to show up right when I came to.

Amanda: Jake was wrong. That hit on the head did change your personality. You're more paranoid than ever, and you need an ambulance.

David: You're avoiding.

Amanda: You're delusional and hurt. I am trying to help you, and all you can do is accuse people and whip up conspiracy theories.

David: I got to get something for this pain. Oh, my gosh. Oh, man. My bandages are gone and the antiseptic, yep, and even some of my painkillers, everything one would need to treat a gunshot wound.

Zach: Thanks for stalling.

Jesse: Yeah. Well, can't stall forever.

Zach: The more time you give them, the more time they have to get away from the police.

Jesse: I hope I don't regret this. I hope you don't regret this. Like I told you, I can handle the police here in Pine Valley, but the U.S. Marshal, state police -- still out of my hands, man.

Zach: And I hope Aidan keeps Kendall out of sight until we get to Annie.

Jesse: Well, I hope so, too, because they are both on the run with a whole lot of firepower aimed at their backs.

Zach: Well, got to start leaning on Annie. Start right now.

Ryan: Oh, my beautiful sleeping princess is awake. Oh, I'm so happy you woke up.

Annie: Isn't it amazing? I mean, she just woke up, but you feel ok, right sweetie? You feel good?

Ryan: Do you have a headache or anything? You feel ok? Are you sure? Nothing at all?

Frankie: I can give you the official word on that, but I need to check Emma out first, but, if you don't mind, I need you guys to wait in the corridor.

Ryan: Ok. I love you so much.

Emma: I love you, too, Daddy.

Ryan: Ok. Oh -- oh -- thank God.

Annie: I'm so glad she's awake.

Ryan: Why did you lock the door, Annie?

Annie: I don't -- it was an accident.

Ryan: Nothing you do is by accident. You wanted to be alone with her, so you could talk to her, so what did you say?

Annie: Can't you just enjoy this moment? Our daughter is alive and awake, and you're wasting your time attacking me right now?

Ryan: I'm trying to get some answers, Annie, trying to get any answer of what you're up to next. I have no idea, but, you know, when the doctors are done here, I'm gonna go in there, and I'm gonna ask Emma what happened the night Stuart was murdered, and she's gonna tell me, and then all of this is gonna be over.

Annie: Our daughter almost died, and you're gonna interrogate her?

Ryan: Keeping whatever she knows inside is what's killing her, Annie, and before she got hurt, she was ready to finally let it out. Maybe that's why she came back to us, because she's ready to tell me the truth.

Zach: Tell us the truth.

Dr. Diamond: I'll have my evaluation on your desk by the end of the day. As eager as you are to return to active duty, it is standard procedure to bench a cop for at least a week after a shooting.

Jesse: Thanks, Doc.

Natalia: A week? I don't need a week. I could go back out there right now. I'm fine. Go talk to him, Dad.

Jesse: Natalia, I'm gonna have to go with what doc is saying right now.

Natalia: Thanks again for your support. You know what? I'm clocking out.

Jesse: Natalia --

Natalia: No.

Jesse: Uh...

Brot: Hey, Jesse, is she ok?

Jesse: She will be. She's just anxious to get back into action.

Brot: She just shot someone. It's a lot to deal with, you know?

Jesse: I just wish it hadn't happened straight out of the gate like this, but it comes with the territory. Guess you know that better than anyone, huh?

J.R.: What the hell is the matter with you?

Scott: I was thirsty.

J.R.: Do you really want to be a loser who loses himself in a bottle? It's not fun, trust me, ok?

Scott: Beats the alternative. Ha ha!

J.R.: You know, I don't know what's gotten into you, but you need to suck it up. My dad needs you.

Scott: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Your dad. Mm-hmm. He needs me. I'm his best man.

J.R.: You're in that house to make sure that Annie doesn't pull anything else.

Scott: Annie is not the enemy. I am. I can't go back there.

J.R.: My dad needs to be protected.

Scott: Protected?

J.R.: Yeah.

Scott: You know what your father sees every time he sees me? He sees my father, his brother. The only way that I can protect Adam is to stay the hell away from him.

David: I just restocked these the other day, and I know I didn't treat any gunshot wounds. How about you? Amanda, come on. The gig is up, all right, so why don't you just tell me? It was Jake, wasn't it? You called him in to help Aidan. I walked in, and there was nothing better he'd like more than to take a swing at me, especially from behind. It was a total sucker punch, pure Martin move.

Amanda: I did it, all right? I hit you.

David: All right. Look. Don't try to protect him.

Amanda: Aidan and Kendall were in the stables, and they needed help, and I knew I couldn't come to you, because you would see them as fugitives. I saw them as friends. Kendall is taking this huge risk to be with her family again someday, and I wanted to help them.

David: You didn't have to lie to me.

Amanda: Ha! You make people lie to you. You make people go behind your back. You're such a control freak. You are always sure that the world is against you, looking for the insult so you can hit back harder, show that you are the biggest, the baddest. You bet I lied, and if you weren't such an asshat, then maybe people would stop lying to you and start liking you.

Ryan: Emma just had major surgery, ok, so we just got to chill out a little bit, make sure she's ok before --

Zach: I know. I'm not gonna jeopardize Emma's recovery, but my wife is on the run because of this woman. Now, we got to talk to Emma before Annie gets to her.

Ryan: [Sighs]

Zach: She's gotten to her already, hasn't she?

Ryan: Yes. Yes. Annie was there when Emma woke up, so --

Zach: Hey, how you doing? What did you say to her now to stop her from talking?

Annie: I told my daughter that I love her, and I'm glad she's gonna be ok. Leave me alone.

Zach: Your daughter. Yeah. You really want her do to that, to choose between the truth and her mother? This is gonna stick with her for the rest of her life, so do me a favor. End this now. Just tell me. Tell me you killed Stuart.

Brot: I'll have whatever you got on tap.

Natalia: Oh -- you're not going away.

Brot: No. Not planning on it.

Natalia: Well, then I hope you like drinking alone.

Brot: Has its perks.

Natalia: Really, Brot, you can go, ok? Tell yourself you did the right thing. You came by. You went out of your way to make sure the rookie is ok. Mission accomplished. Then go buy yourself another drink someplace else.

Brot: Why would I do that? I kind of like this place. Don't you? Listen. I'll make you a deal, all right? I'll leave as long as you make yourself a promise.

Natalia: All right. What kind of promise?

Brot: You tell your dad and the shrink whatever it is that they want to hear, but you tell yourself the truth.

Natalia: Ah. Ahh. [Exhales] Buy me a drink?

Jesse: You ok?

David: Yeah. Yeah.

Jesse: So, you saw Kendall. When'd you see her? Where'd you see her? What did she say, and where did she go with Aidan?

David: All right. Look. I'm sorry. I guess I brought you here for nothing. [Exhales]

Jesse: Excuse me?

David: I thought I saw Kendall, but I didn't.

Jesse: So, now you didn't see Kendall.

David: No. No. I was in the stables, and I tripped and fell.

Jesse: Landed on the back side of your head, there, did you?

David: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I did, and I had just been reading about Kendall's escape in the newspaper, and so I guess when I fell, I must've briefly blacked out, and my mind was playing tricks on me. I thought I saw Kendall, but I was wrong.

Jesse: Better now?

David: Yeah. Yeah, much, thank you.

Jesse: So, no statement.

David: Nope. No statement. I'm sorry to have wasted your time, but, you know, good luck catching them.

Jesse: Maybe you should get your head checked.

David: Yeah. Maybe I will.

Amanda: I'm sorry that you came here for nothing.

Jesse: I know Jake was with Kendall, and I'm willing to bet that you probably were, too. I don't need you to confirm or deny that. Just tell me, you were the one that went upside his head, right? Way to go. Hit him again for me, would you, hard.

Annie: Stay the hell away from me and my daughter.

Zach: Why not tell me the truth?

Annie: Call security. I want this guy gone.

Jake: Can I ask you both to keep it down? The last thing that Emma needs is fight night outside the front of her room.

Annie: Ok. I'm sorry, Jake, but these two are in complete denial. They refuse to believe that Kendall killed Stuart. She confessed. She went to prison. Now she's escaped prison. Doesn't that scream guilty to you? But you're harassing me and blaming me?

Zach: Tell us the truth, and it'll set you free.

Annie: I know what the real problem is, why you're really ticked. It's because Kendall ran off, but she didn't run off with either of you two. She ran off with an ex-lover instead. Rejection really sucks, doesn't it?

Zach: Maybe you need to stop talking. How about that?

Jake: Please, please, please.

Zach: Ok. This is it. Step up. Show us you're the mother you want everyone to think you are.

Ryan: Jake is right. This is enough. I'm gonna tell you exactly what's gonna happen. When they're done in there, I am gonna go in alone, and whatever you told Emma, whatever it is, she's gonna tell me, because she knows that there is nothing more important than the truth.

Natalia: So, I mean, the minute I got back to the station after the shooting, I went straight to the vets, right?

Brot: Ok.

Natalia: I told them what went down, and they told me how to play it out.

Brot: No way. They told you what to tell the shrink?

Natalia: I'm not gonna sit at a desk. I want to be back out there. I need to be back out there, so I did what they told me to do. Oh, something -- I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Something still doesn't fit. I mean, I did it. It's over, by the book. I just want to put it behind me, but --

Brot: But you can't. That's what doesn't fit, Natalia. Listen to me. You take a gun to someone's head, you can't just put it in a box and forget about it. It's a part of who you are now. Don't ignore that. You have to keep that in front of you, in the open, until you figure out how to be a person who almost killed someone. Once you're able to do that, then, Natalia, then you'll be able to move on.

Natalia: You've done this.

Brot: Iraq. It was the only way I could keep my sanity. I mean, I knew if I could shoot someone, file it away, and forget about it, that's -- that's when it was time for me to quit.

Ryan: [Exhales] Hey, how is she?

Annie: She all right?

Frankie: Yeah. She's doing great. Her vitals are strong, and she's responding well.

Ryan: That's great. Can I go and see her?

Frankie: Absolutely. Excuse me.

Annie: Thank you.

Zach: You heard Ryan. You stay out here.

Annie: Fine. Ryan can have all the time he wants with Emma. I'll get my turn. I have court documents to make sure I do.

Zach: You do understand, don't you? You got to Emma. She was alone, and you used every trick you had to keep her quiet, and she agreed because she loves you, but now she's in there with her dad. She's a 7-year-old girl. She's gonna be in his strong arms, and maybe she'll slip, tell him everything. It's beyond your control, and it's killing you.

Ryan: How soon can she go home, Jake?

Jake: Oh, I'd just like to give her the once-over, but I don't want to keep her here any longer than I have to.

Ryan: Great.

Jake: How does that sound? How does that sound? How does that sound to you, good?

Emma: Yeah.

Jake: Yes. Very good. You know what? Did I tell you that you are a great patient? You should get a little gold star. I should go get stars and a board and make up a thing. What do you say? Should I do that?

Emma: Yeah.

Jake: I'll have this. Thank you very much.

Ryan: Thank you, thank you, thank you. You hear that? You're gonna be home before you even know it. Oh, my gosh, I missed you. I missed you.

Emma: I missed you, too, Daddy. I love you.

David: Ow! Uh --

Amanda: Sorry. It's amazing how much damage I can do with one little swing of a shovel.

David: Ha ha! Well, I guess it's in the wrists, huh?

Amanda: So, when are you going to tell me why you didn't give up Kendall to the cops?

David: I think it's obvious, isn't it? You convinced me. Ow! What was that for?

Amanda: Is that the truth?

David: Yes.

Amanda: Really? So, I mean, you just did that because it was the right thing to do, or because you're trying to trick me into thinking that what I say around here actually matters? Which is it?

David: Whoa, ok. Whoa, whoa. Does it really matter what my motives were?

Amanda: Yes.

David: Well, did it work?

Amanda: Maybe.

David: Great. No. Ok. It's clean enough. Thank you.

Amanda: Well, whatever your reasons are, thank you for not giving Kendall up, even if it was just to get on my good side.

David: Would that be so bad?

Amanda: Maybe not.

David: You're good at this, you know? Maybe a little heavy-handed on the antiseptic, but you're good.

Amanda: Well, I did almost kill you, so it is the least I could do. Are you all finished?

David: Yeah.

Amanda: All right. You should rest.

David: It's kind of hard to do with a locomotive running through my head.

Amanda: Uh, here. This will help.

David: What are you trying to do, knock me out so you can, what, watch one of your telenovelas?

Amanda: No, take advantage of you, Dave. Would you just take it?

David: It's certainly getting interesting around here.

[Amanda's cell phone buzzes]

J.R.: Well, this whole sloppy drunk thing is not you. What's going on?

Scott: Hey, there's a bar downstairs. Let's hit the bar downstairs.

J.R.: How about you start making some sense? Why are you doing this? Is this about my dad, and what did you mean when you said that you were the enemy?

Scott: It's a secret.

J.R.: About what? What happened?

Scott: It was a dark and stormy night.

J.R.: Oh --

Scott: That's how it always starts. Come on. Stay with me. Stay with me. And then lights out, hmm? Everybody knows. Nobody does. They never will. There's nothing to tell.

J.R.: All right, but whatever it is, it's tearing you up.

Scott: Everybody has got secrets, J.R. I bet you do, too.

J.R.: Yeah? Well, if you were to tell me, I might be able to help you.

Scott: No.

J.R.: Hell, you might even feel better.

Scott: No. No. Hey, I keep my mouth shut, it's all good. If I open it --

[Imitates explosion]

Scott: Everything goes to hell.

[David dreams that he and Amanda are kissing]

Jake: Thanks. I think there is the safest. Ha ha ha!

Amanda: Hee hee! Aah! Ha ha ha!

Brot: You know, Natalia, I saw the look in his eyes, and I fired. I'll never forget the way he looked at me. It gave me nightmares for a long time. I'm sure you know this now, but the first time out, it shakes you up. Unfortunately, doesn't get any easier at all.

Natalia: Hmm, I hope to God there is not a next time again.

Jesse: Hey, guys.

Brot: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse: Glad I ran into you. Listen. Dr. Diamond owes me a favor, and if you want to skip desk duty and get back out on the street, I'll make it happen.

Natalia: Um, yeah. That's awesome. Thank you, but you know what? It's procedure for a reason, so I'm gonna do my time, play desk jockey.

Marissa: Oh, he's going to feel like hell in the morning.

J.R.: He's already there. He kept going on about something horrible, but he can't tell anyone.

Marissa: No clue what it is? J.R.

J.R.: I think it has to do with the night his father died. I think he knows who killed Stuart.

Ryan: I'm never ever gonna forget this day. Do you know that? This is the day that you came back to me. I was so afraid.

Emma: I'm sorry, Daddy. It was my fault I fell.

Ryan: No, no. It's not your fault that you fell down the stairs. Nothing is your fault, Emma, nothing, ok? Do you understand that? Nothing. Do you remember I told you that I was gonna protect you? Do you remember I said that to you? Whatever it is, whatever it is, you never ever have to be afraid again, ok, so whatever you were gonna tell me about that night at the Chandlers', you really can tell me. You can tell me. You can let it out, Emma. You can tell me, and you can trust me with the truth, ok? I will never let anything happen to you, I promise you.

Zach: How do you sleep at night?

Annie: Shouldn't you be looking for your escaped convict wife?

Zach: You lie to me. You lie to Ryan. I get that, but you lie to your own daughter, manipulate her into protecting you.

Annie: I'm not.

Zach: That's your kid. She's innocent, and you're her mother. You're supposed to do everything in your power to protect her.

Annie: I do.

Zach: You do?

Annie: Yeah.

Zach: So, what's gonna happen? One day, she's gonna turn around, and she sees what a monster you are. You killed somebody and blamed her for it.

Annie: Is she all right? How is she?

Ryan: She wants to see you.

Annie: Hmm.

[Door closes]

Zach: You got nothing.

Ryan: I got nothing. Emma can't remember anymore what happened the night at Chandlers' ever since she woke up. She can't remember.

Zach: Annie got to her.

Ryan: Yes. She did.

Zach: It's not over.

Ryan: Why? What? What are we gonna do? What do you got?

Zach: You know what? The three of us, we have something in common -- you, me, Annie. We all had sociopaths in our lives growing up. It ends here.

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