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Adam: Can I get you something, maybe a drink? It'll make you sleep better.

Annie: Sleep? Adam, my daughter is trapped inside a hospital right now, and because of Ryan, I can't even see her.

Adam: I've got a call in to Judge Robinson. You'll see Emma by morning.

Annie: No. Morning isn't good enough. What if she wakes up, and I'm not there?

Adam: Honey, no.

Annie: My daughter needs me.

Erica: Oh, Jess, Jesse, Jesse. Kendall is in there. She's sleeping, so you can't go in. You can't go in now and ask her any questions.

Jesse: Ok. Well, that's ok. Let her sleep. I do have one question for you, though. Why did you post bail for Aidan Devane?

Aidan: Then why am I here?

Kendall: To help me. You're the only one who can.

Aidan: Is that why you had your mother bail me out, so I'd owe you?

Kendall: Something like that.

Aidan: I'm listening.

Kendall: I need you to violate the conditions of your bail.

Aidan: Which ones?

Kendall: All of them.

Liza: Get off! Get off me, bitch! Oh! Oh... [Panting] God...oh...

Kendall Double: Aah! [Hits Liza on the head]

Liza: Oh! Oh...uhh...oh... Oh, don't -- don't leave me. No. Don't leave. Uh...

Zach: I need you to take care of my son.

Ryan: Ian? Why? What happened?

Zach: You'll find out soon enough.

Ryan: So, that's it, no explanation, no nothing. You just want me to take care of your son and wait for instructions? Sorry, Zach. I don't work like that. You want me to do this, then you tell me what is going on.

Zach: I just think it would be good for him to be with his brother right now.

Ryan: And if that was the case, you'd be asking to take Spike, not leaving Ian with me, so last chance. Why?

Zach: Because I need someone to look after my son. I can't do it from prison.

Annie: Adam, there has to be something you can do, some strings you can pull. I have to be with Emma tonight.

Adam: I understand, honey.

Annie: So, if you understand, help me.

Adam: I will. I am. As soon as the judge calls me back, we'll get this whole mess straightened out, ok?

Annie: OK. Sorry I got angry with you. It's just --

Adam: Well, you're worried about your daughter. Why wouldn't you be? For months now, you've been obsessed with keeping her safe from her own memories, and now --

Annie: It could all come out, Adam, and if that happens --

Adam: It won't happen.

Annie: How do you know that?

Adam: It won't happen, because I won't let it happen. You're not alone now, Annie, not anymore. Well, what's keeping that judge?

Scott: My fault. Judge Robinson has been busy drawing up a court order. Papers are being notarized now.

Annie: Saying that I can see Emma?

Adam: You did that for Annie?

Scott: I did this for our family.

Adam: Oh.

Scott: We all want the same thing.

Erica: I mean, really, Jesse, how much longer could we let Annie manipulate all of us? I mean, it had to stop.

Jesse: I do not disagree with you there, but, Erica --

Erica: Oh, good, good. Then instead of throwing Aidan in jail, really you ought to give the poor man a medal.

Jesse: For breaking the law.

Erica: For getting the truth out of Annie.

Jesse: He didn't get the truth out of Annie.

Erica: Well, at least he tried.

Jesse: Ha! Erica, one, my department has been working this case around the clock. Two, kidnapping Annie to force a confession out of her -- idiotic, reckless.

Angie: Excuse me. Can I have a word with my husband?

Erica: Yes. Of course. Of course, and take your time. Jesse, I'll let you know as soon as Kendall wakes up.

Jesse: That woman is unbelievable.

Angie: No. What is unbelievable is that you're even still here. Natalia gets her shield tonight.

Jesse: I know, baby. I know, and it sucks I can't be there, but I got no choice.

Angie: You know what? I know that you're up to your neck in this crazy plan of yours, but to miss this? I mean, can't you at least go make an appearance?

Jesse: I wish I could, but there is no time. Zach is about to make the biggest bonehead move of his life. Come on, baby. I am smack in the middle of trying to help this man protect his family.

Angie: Again, at the expense of your own.

Jesse: [Sighs]

Natalia: [Clears throat]

Frankie: Now, what's this I hear about you being a cop?

Natalia: Hmm.

Frankie: You look good.

Natalia: Thanks.

Frankie: I'm proud of you.

Natalia: Thank you.

Frankie: Oh...

Natalia: Ah. Aramis?

Frankie: Si. Si. It's from Randi, too. She wished she could've been here, but she got held up at Fusion.

Natalia: No big deal. Thanks.

Frankie: I mean, this is your graduation. Come on. It's a huge deal.

Natalia: Not according to Dad.

Aidan: You realize what you're asking me to do --

Kendall: Yes. It will get us both in serious trouble. I know that.

Aidan: And not just with the law. I mean, how do you think Zach is gonna take it?

Kendall: Not good, but in the end, he'll have to understand I'm doing this for him and the boys.

Aidan: Oh, Zach is not gonna see it like that.

Kendall: No. He won't. He'll see it as a big, fat betrayal, and we'll be back to square one.

Aidan: Are you sure that you're willing to take that risk?

Kendall: I have to. Zach not being able to forgive me, I can live with that, but the alternative, no. No. This is the way it has to be.

Aidan: Just remember, Kendall, if we do this, there's no going back.

Zach: What are we doing here, you know? So busy trying to expose Annie, we got Kendall in the hospital. We got Emma not waking up, and now I just want for everyone involved to be able to walk away from this.

Ryan: Everybody involved in what, Zach? You're talking in circles.

Zach: Why can't you just trust me on this?

Ryan: Are you kidding me right now? Because you haven't given me a straight answer in, like, two years, Zach.

Zach: What did I ask you? Can you take care of Ian, yes or no?

Ryan: You tell me what the hell I'm getting myself into, or I go back into my daughter's room, and I sit next to her bed.

Zach: Do you think I enjoy this, asking you for a favor? I don't.

Ryan: Well, then why are you doing it? Why me?

Zach: Because -- because you're the only one I can trust.

Adam: I want to thank you, Randolph, for working this thing out so quickly. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, no. I'm not gonna give you a mulligan. Ha! For God's sakes, man, work on your game. Ha ha ha!

Annie: So, when do you think the court order should be here?

Scott: Courier is on his way.

Annie: Thank you for going to the judge and for everything.

Scott: Well, I know how much you want to be with your daughter right now.

Annie: For so many different reasons.

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: Did you mean what you said before about all of us wanting the same thing?

Scott: Don't we?

Annie: Yes, but this is your father we're talking about. You loved him, and now he's gone, and I just -- I mean, I can understand if you had some feelings of revenge or --

Scott: Revenge. Justice. How could I do that when all it means is that more people would get hurt?

Ryan: Does Kendall know what you're up to, or is she on a need-to-know basis, too?

Zach: Kendall knows. Now, will you do it, or not?

Ryan: For how long?

Zach: As long as it takes to get Annie. I understand if you want to say no.

Ryan: After everything that she's done, done to Emma -- the lies, the manipulation, the schemes, all of it -- I want her put away more than anybody.

Zach: And you'll take care of my son?

Ryan: Yes.

Zach: Thank you.

Ryan: Zach, I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for Emma.

Zach: I know.

Frankie: All fathers are head over heels about their little girls.

Natalia: Not mine.

Frankie: He would've been here if he could. Something must've came up.

Natalia: Yeah. Better be huge. That's all I have to say.

Frankie: Well, I don't know. Maybe he did you a solid by not showing up.

Natalia: What? How?

Frankie: I mean, think about it. If the chief of police had been there watching everybody's movements, then the ceremony might've been lame.

Natalia: You think?

Frankie: Yeah. That Schneider guy, the way he streaked across the stage, he wouldn't have did that. He wouldn't do that.

Natalia: Right? What was that about?

Frankie: I'm like, "Wow!"

Natalia: Oh, I'm so glad you came.

Frankie: Yeah. Me, too. So, let's forget about Dad. Let's focus on you. It's your day today, Officer Fowler.

Natalia: Can you please not do that?

Frankie: What's going on? Well, can I do this? Can they watch me now?

Natalia: Can't believe you. Stop, Frankie.

Frankie: Come on. Let's celebrate. Let's get a beer.

Natalia: Ah, no. Wait. I got to take a rain check. Yeah. I start my first shift tonight.

Frankie: Really?

Natalia: Got to stick around here and handle my assignment.

Frankie: Ok. Well, good luck.

Natalia: Thanks.

Frankie: All right. Oh, oh, oh, and remember, your brother. I'm your brother. Do not write me a ticket.

Natalia: Yeah. OK. I got you.

Frankie: Uh.

Natalia: Uh. Ha ha ha!

Jesse: Do me a favor.

Cop: What's up, Chief?

Jesse: Find out when transport is taking Ms. Slater back to the prison.

Cop: Yeah.

Jesse: Hey, she still asleep?

Cop: Attorney is in with her now.

Jesse: Attorney?

Cop: Yeah.

Jesse: Counselor.

Aidan: I was just in visiting Kendall. I heard she's headed out today. Any idea when they're moving her?

Cop: Guys, transport is gonna be here in a half-hour.

Aidan: That doesn't give Kendall much time, does it?

Jesse: You know what? Whatever this is you're doing, it ends now. Stop it.

Aidan: Anybody ever tell you you worry too much?

[Cell phone rings]

Zach: Hey.

Liza: Oh, Zach, I am so sorry.

Zach: What happened?

Liza: Kendall's double hit me over the head, and she split.

Zach: You ok?

Liza: Yeah. I'm fine, but Kendall --

Zach: Well, don't beat yourself up. She wanted out. She would've left sooner or later.

Liza: Oh, God, what do we do now?

Zach: Nothing.

Liza: What do you mean, nothing? We got to call Jesse. Maybe he can put an APB out for her without any details.

Zach: Forget about the double. We don't need her anymore.

Liza: What are you talking about? Without her, Kendall is through. Then they're gonna know she was never in custody.

Zach: I've got everything under control.

Liza: Zach, tell me what's going on. I want to help.

Zach: Want to help? Check on my son. Make sure he's ok.

Liza: Ok. I will, but still --


Liza: Zach -- oh --

Zach: D.A. Willis. Tell him it's Zach Slater. Hey, how you doing? I need to talk to you. No. You're gonna want to hear this. Come down to the hospital.

Erica: Why are you meeting with the D.A.?

Zach: Kendall didn't talk to you?

Erica: About bailing Aidan out, yes, but she never said anything about --

[Zach takes off]

Erica: Emma? Emma, it's me. It's Erica. I hope you can hear me. What's it gonna take to get you to open up those beautiful blue eyes? You know, I was considering filling your room with a big tower of stuffed animals again, maybe even all 101 Dalmatians, and then I thought, "Well, maybe I will fly her favorite singer here and give her a personal concert," but then I realized that nothing could top the best reason in the world for you to wake up. I bet you know what that is, the man who would move planets for you -- your daddy. Oh, he would love to have a hug from you, honey. Emma, can you put your arms around your daddy's neck and give him a great, big hug? Oh, that would make his day, his week, his year. You know how lucky you are, don't you, honey? Not every little girl gets to have a perfect daddy like you have. A lot of little girls make a wish before they go to bed at night that their daddy will be standing there smiling when they wake up. A lot of big girls make that wish, too. Since you have a daddy who's there for you whenever you need him -- he's right there smiling the biggest, proudest smile right at you -- you get to save all your wishes for purple ponies and a rocket ship full of toys. Wake up, Emma. Let your daddy make your wishes come true.

Annie: Life is so strange. Haphazard. I think of that night every single day wondering what would've happened if this person had taken a left instead of a right, if that big bolt of lightning had struck just five seconds earlier. I wonder if I'd taken Emma when we had the chance, my daughter would be happy, healthy, halfway around the world with me. Stuart would be --

Scott: Would still be dead.

Annie: No. You don't know that.

Scott: No. No. I do. Annie, how many people were in this house with guns? Yeah. The night could've played out a million different ways, but the fact remains is that my father would still be in this room wearing my uncle's clothes with a target right here. No. I'd have lost him anyway.

Annie: I wish there was something I could do to bring him back.

Scott: Me, too. So, what door would you choose? If you could do it all over again, would you stay? Would you help my uncle, or would you run off with Emma?

Annie: Honestly, I don't know. If I had just left, my daughter wouldn't be in the hospital right now scared and confused and locked inside her own mind.

Scott: If you'd have left, you wouldn't be marrying my uncle.

Annie: That's true. I got to restart my life. I mean, not many people get that chance.

Scott: No. They don't.

[Doorbell rings]

Courier: Just need you to sign right there.

[Pen scratching]

Scott: Thank you. Have a good night. You're all set.

Annie: I don't know how to thank you.

Scott: Well, you could start by getting out of here. You want a ride to the hospital? I can handle Ryan, give you some alone time with Emma.

Annie: No, no, no. You've done more than enough.

Zach: Whatever she asked you to do, the answer is no.

Aidan: Relax.

Zach: I'm relaxed. You're supposed to be in jail right now. What happened?

Aidan: Well, Kendall got Erica to bail me out.

Zach: Yeah. I know. Why is that?

Aidan: Kendall wanted to make sure that I didn't give up on Annie and let her get away with murder, and I told her there was no way that that's gonna happen.

Zach: No? So, what are you gonna do?

Aidan: Annie needs to pay for what she's done.

Zach: The only people paying right now are Kendall and Emma. I'm not gonna let that happen again. Ryan is handling this.

Aidan: Oh, Ryan?

Zach: Yes, Ryan.

Aidan: Oh, so I get dismissed. I was the one who got closer to the truth than anyone.

Zach: And I appreciate your help.

Aidan: If Adam hadn't have turned up at Ryan's, everything would've been fine.

Zach: But Adam did turn up, and nothing is fine, and now someone has to fix it. Stay away from it.

Aidan: [Sighs]

Jesse: You're really prepared to let Zach do this?

Kendall: You say that like I have a choice.

Jesse: Talk him out of it, Kendall.

Kendall: Have you met my husband?

Jesse: I just don't see how Zach taking the heat for all of this is gonna help anything.

Kendall: It'll help you, Jesse, and Liza, Aidan, everyone who's been involved. When it gets out I escaped police custody, everyone will know I didn't do it alone, right? So, why should all of you go to prison?

Jesse: When it could just be you and Zach, right? What about your boys? I thought the whole reason for doing this was to keep you together with your boys. Now they're gonna lose both parents? Come on, Kendall!

Kendall: Well, they'll have Ryan, thank God, and my mother will be around, too.

Jesse: You and Zach both know that is not the same thing.

Kendall: OK. Well, it's gonna have to do for now. At least I know that Spike and Ian will be together.

Jesse: Who is this per -- this doesn't sound like you, giving up, giving in.

Kendall: I have to trust that Zach knows what he's doing.

Jesse: Ok, so here's the thing about that. The last time your husband confessed to a crime he didn't commit, you lost it. What changed? Kendall, what changed?

[Door opens]

Zach: Well, this time, there's no way out. Whatever you got planned with Aidan, forget about it.

Ryan: Hey, Ems, it looks like Ian is gonna be staying with us for a little while. That's kind of cool, huh? You thought you were outnumbered with just me and Spike. Look out. I know you can handle it, though. Me, on the other hand, I'm not so sure. Got to wake up for me, ok? Got to wake up for me. Just open those big, beautiful, blue eyes for me, please. Please, please, please, please, please.

Annie: How is she?

Ryan: How does it look like she is?

Annie: You can't give up hope, Ryan. She's a strong little girl.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, you know, you put her through enough to know that, haven't you?

Annie: She'll come back to us. In the meantime, if you try to stop me from seeing her, you'll be wasting your time.

Ryan: [Laughs]

Annie: I have every right to be here.

Ryan: Good, old Judge Robinson.

Annie: Lovely man, isn't he?

Ryan: Must get really cramped living in Adam's pocket, hmm? This is a joke.

Annie: Joke or not, it's legal. Hi, my sweetheart. Mommy is here now. Like I said, Ryan, you can't keep me from my daughter.

Ryan: We'll see.

Angie: Hey, how was the graduation?

Frankie: It was great, except for the part about Dad being a no-show.

Angie: Well, he had his hands full with Kendall Slater, couldn't get away.

Frankie: Not even for 20 minutes? He's chief of police.

Angie: Exactly, and Kendall is a high-profile convict, so he didn't trust anyone else to cover. What?

Frankie: I don't know. You seem wound up, like you're on edge or something. It's Madison, isn't it?

Angie: No.

Frankie: This whole Kendall thing is a cover-up. Madison is back, and that's why Dad has been so busy.

Angie: Listen, Frankie. Look at me. Madison is long gone in a hospital in New York.

Frankie: Ok, so then what's up with you?

Angie: I'm swamped with patients.

Frankie: Are we short-staffed?

Angie: Uh, yes, for the third time this week.

Frankie: Well, if you think about it, I'm actually a doctor.

Angie: You?

Frankie: Yeah. Yeah, me. Why don't you hand me some of those charts?

Angie: Uh, well, here. I owe you big time. Take every single one.

Frankie: Every single one. Now, don't think I'm not gonna collect, because I will.

Angie: Mm-him.

Liza: Jesse, have you seen Zach?

Jesse: He's in with Kendall. What --

Liza: Ok.

Jesse: I thought you were watching the girl.

Liza: Uh, yeah. You-know-who is gone.

Jesse: What?

Liza: Yeah. She jumped me and ran.

Jesse: Are you ok?

Liza: Yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine, but did Zach say anything to you about the double?

Jesse: Nothing.

Liza: Nothing.

Jesse: No.

Liza: Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. He had absolutely zero reaction when I told him what happened. He claims that we don't need her anymore. The last I checked, our freedom was on the line if anybody found out about this. Jesse, I have a son. I cannot go to prison.

Jesse: You won't go to prison.

Liza: Why are you so calm about this? Ok. What is Zach planning?

Jesse: That would be a question for Zach. Wait, wait. Whoa, come on.

Liza: Are you kidding me? I need answers.

Jesse: You'll get them. Just let them have a little time, ok, say good-bye.

Zach: So, you had your mother bail Aidan out of jail. What's the reason?

Kendall: I already told you. Ryan's little girl is downstairs in Pediatrics right now, and we have no idea when she's going to wake up. When Ryan is not with her boys, he's gonna want to be with Emma. We can't just ask him to deal with Annie, too.

Zach: He wants to deal with Annie himself. I don't blame him. If it were Spike and Ian, I'd want to do the same thing.

Kendall: Yeah, but, Zach, it was, remember? That's how this whole mess started. Ian was hurt, and we wanted payback.

Zach: I'm aware of that.

Kendall: Ok. You know what? I don't want to fight, not when we have so little time left to be together.

Zach: We have a lot of time. We have a lifetime.

Kendall: Get in here.

Zach: It's gonna be a little tight.

Kendall: It's ok. Please? I just want to lie with you just for a second. Come on.

Zach: Move over.

Kendall: I'll make room. Come on. We can fit.

Zach: Keeping my shoes on. Come here.

Kendall: Yeah. Ahh. Mm. This -- this is what I'll remember. When I can't sleep at night, I'll remember the strength of your arms. This is not fair.

Zach: What's not fair?

Kendall: We finally find our way back to each other, and then I have to lose you all over again.

Zach: You're not losing me. You got to understand that.

Kendall: Promise me -- I want you to promise me something. Promise me you'll wait.

Zach: Wait for you?

Kendall: Yes. Wait for me.

Zach: I don't know. Really?

Kendall: Yeah. It really -- no matter how long it takes, promise me that we'll be together again.

Zach: Maybe you didn't hear me before. It's you and me. We're for always. Not gonna accept anything less.

Brot: Natalia --

Natalia: Ah, looks like you passed the entrance exam.

Brot: Yep. I actually start the academy in the morning.

Natalia: Congratulations.

Brot: Thank you. You, too.

Natalia: Thanks.

Brot: That badge there, it's pretty, pretty shiny there.

Natalia: Yeah. You like that? Hey, it was a long road getting here. Hope you can handle it.

Brot: I will. It won't be as long for me. I actually qualified out of some of the classroom work, because of my experience in Iraq.

Natalia: Brot, are you serious?

Brot: They say I can be on patrol in a few months. Thought your dad would've said something.

Natalia: Yeah. Well, haven't heard too much from him lately.

Sergeant: Fowler.

Natalia: Yes, sir?

Sergeant: You're on transport security. Meet the team at the hospital.

Natalia: Right. I'm on it.

[Natalia looks at the gun in her hands]

Brot: Feels weird at first, doesn't it, carrying it around all the time? Trust me. You'll be glad it's there.

Natalia: Let's just hope I don't have to use it.

Cop: Roger that. Transport just pulled out front, Chief.

Jesse: I'll meet them downstairs.

Cop: All right.

Jesse: Thanks, Bailey. Hey -- it's time.

Zach: Just give us a minute, ok?

Kendall: Zach, I don't want to say good-bye.

Zach: Hey -- we never have. We're not gonna start now. No good-byes.

Kendall: I love you very, very much. Always, only you.


Zach: I'll see you soon, all right? [Sighs]

Liza: I just heard from Colby. Ian is going fine. How you doing?

Zach: I'm good. Um, do me a favor. Tell the little guy I love him. Can you do that?

Liza: Of course, I can. Why can't you tell him yourself?

Zach: Oh, I can. It's just, I got a meeting.

Liza: With who?

Zach: D.A. Willis.

Liza: Why, Zach? What's going on?

Zach: Same thing that's always going on -- protecting the people I love.

Liza: Zach --

Jesse: So, the prisoner is upstairs changing. The guard is gonna bring her down in a few minutes. Hopefully, we can get her out of here without too much drama.

Cop: There's some press camped outside.

Jesse: Damn it.

Cop: Somebody must've tipped them off when she was brought in.

Second Cop: You want us to get rid of them?

Jesse: No. Tell you what. I'll handle the crowd. You just make sure she gets to the van unharmed, all right?

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Thanks, boys.

Aidan: Uh!

Cop: Aah!

[Aidan knocks out the officer about to handcuff Kendall]

Aidan: We better hurry. There's gonna be cops crawling all over this place in a few minutes.

Kendall: OK. What are we supposed to do now, just waltz out the front door?

Aidan: There's a side exit at the end of the hall. I have a car parked right there. Are you ready to run?

Orderly: Hey, hey, hey! Watch, watch, watch!

Jesse: Hey! Hey! Police! Freeze! Don't move.

Aidan: Come any closer, and she's dead.

Adam: Scott, I want to thank you for the support you've been giving Annie. God knows she needs it. After months of, oh, hostility, frustration, outright ridicule, all in the name of her daughter.

Scott: It's got to be tough.

Adam: Yeah, well, that's why I feel I have to help her. I have to somehow lift the burden, but how do you do that when a little girl can't even process what's happened to her?

Scott: I don't know.

Adam: If and when this memory should come bubbling up, the damage could be irreparable.

Scott: Mm. Well, then let's hope it stays buried for good.

[Adam nods as he clinks Scott's glass with his own]

Angie: I just want to warn you that Emma will have some involuntary reflexes during the neuro check.

Frankie: It might be best for you to wait outside.

Annie: Why? Will she be in pain?

Angie: No, no, no, no, but if you see her move, I don't want --

Ryan: You don't want us to get our hopes up, I guess, right?

Frankie: Yeah. It should only take a few minutes.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

Ryan: I can't stand being away from her.

Annie: Well, now you know how I felt when you forced me out of her life.

Ryan: You know what, Annie? After everything you've pulled, it's really hard for me to care how you felt. The only person I'm thinking about is being poked and prodded by the doctors in there, and it's killing me.

Annie: I love her, too, Ryan.

Ryan: If you loved her, you would confess.

Annie: To something I didn't do?

Ryan: You would free her of this emotional stress that you've dumped her, and maybe then she would want to wake up.

Annie: So, wait. So, now it's my fault that Emma won't open her eyes?

Ryan: Why would she want to? I mean, really, why? To confess that she watched her mother murder somebody? I mean, no child should have to hold on to that.

Annie: You just want me locked up for good. You want me out of Emma's life forever.

Ryan: No, Annie. I just want you to do the right thing, to come forward, and -- who knows? -- maybe it'd be rewarded.

Annie: What, with an orange jumpsuit, Ryan?

Ryan: No, no, by your daughter's smile, by her laughter. I would do anything to hear my daughter laugh one more time, but really, you are the only person who could make that happen.

Jesse: Aidan, you really need to think about what you're doing.

Aidan: I have thought about it. Now tell your men to drop their weapons.

Jesse: Put your -- put your guns down.

Reporter: Are you here to take Kendall Hart-Slater back to prison?

Second Reporter: How badly was she hurt?

Reporter: What does it mean for her sentence?

Natalia: Look, would you guys please back off?

D.A. Willis: What's this all about?

Zach: It's about Kendall, where she's been staying.

D.A. Willis: She's been staying in maximum security. Look, if you're trying to get her transferred to a cushier cell block, sorry. Your wife confessed to murder.

Cop: I'm headed for the south entrance now.

D.A. Willis: Hey, hey, what's happening?

Cop: Escape attempt, standoff at the back entrance.

Liza: Wait, Zach, Zach!

Jesse: Aidan, this does not have to get ugly. Drop the gun and let her go. Drop the gun now.

Aidan: We gun on 3. 1... 2... 3.

[Natalia fires her weapon and hits Aidan. As he goes down, Kendall slips away.]

Zach: Kendall!

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