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Kendall: Trust that things will work out. That Emma will do the right thing. We can get through this. We will get through this. I mean, didn't I have to trust you? I had to trust that you knew exactly what you were doing when you snatched me from that courtroom and locked me away upstairs. And now it's your turn. Quit shutting me out of your heart because you think I've changed. I mean, of course I've changed in some ways. A coma and a heart transplant will do that to you. But deep down, you know I am exactly the same woman I've always been. The same woman who promised to love you forever. Trust my instincts now. Trust our love. Please.


Adam: What happened? What did they do to you?

Annie: Ryan and Aidan -- they kidnapped me and drugged me.

Erica: Are you kidding? Stop the lying. You tried to kidnap Emma. You tried to get her out of the country, and now you concoct this idiotic story?

Annie: I was tortured by Aidan. Aidan, yes, tied me up and tried to get me to say I did things that I didn't do! And I can't even imagine what you've done to Emma, Ryan.

Ryan: I have done nothing to Emma but try to help her. I don't hurt her. You're the one who does that giving her those lies, make her keep secrets.

Adam: I want the police here, now. And you're going to pay for this, Lavery. And Devane is going down with you.

Erica: Adam, please, don't do this. You said that you remember exactly what happened that night. Please don't fall back now in believing her lies!

Annie: This is all part of your big plan. You and Aidan want to make it look like I killed Stuart. You're trying to pin it on me to save Kendall, because that's what you're trying to do!

Scott: Ok, why don't we all just calm down so we can figure out exactly what happened?

Annie: I didn't know how far you would go!

Ryan: I got an idea -- how about you tell the truth --

Annie: You want the truth? Ryan and Aidan drugged me and they kidnapped me! That's the truth!

Emma: No, leave me alone!

[Emma screams as she falls down the stairs]

Adam: Emma --

Annie: You won't be able to frame me from prison, Ryan.

Ryan: Emma?

Annie: Don't worry, I'll take good care of Emma.

Ryan: Emma, where are you?

Adam: Help! Someone, help!

Erica: He's not going to frame you. You're going to prison for something you did.

Annie: Adam -- 

Adam: Emma?

Annie: Emma!

Ryan: Don't move her! Go, go.

Annie: Oh, my God! Emma?

Ryan: Sweetie, are you ok?

Scott: I need an ambulance. A little girl has fallen down the stairs. Come quick. What's the address?

Annie: Just hold on, Emma. Hold on, Emma.

Ryan: Please. I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.

Annie: Is she breathing?

Kendall: Zach, we -- we have both done so much to hurt what we have. I mean, we damn near killed us. You've done everything you can to show that our love is still here. But now I need to hear it. So if you want our marriage to be real again, then -- then I want our vows to be real, too.

Zach: Our vows?

Kendall: Yeah. Well, the ceremony that we had at the hospital -- that was just -- I mean, we said those promises out of desperation. That was just a legal trick to help me. But if we're serious about this -- if we want to try to find a way to find us again -- 

Zach: Well, we can't. We can't go back.

Kendall: No, I know that. We can only go forward. And not ignoring what happened or what I did. So no, these -- these are not vows, they're promises. And I promise I will never turn my back on you or our family ever again. Never. No lies. Just -- just love. I will only love you, and only you, forever.

E.M.T.: I'm sorry, folks --

Annie: No. No, no, no, she needs me.

Ryan: No, let them do their job, Annie. She fell down stairs, Jake.

Jake: All right.

E.M.T.: 7-year-old, unresponsive, closed head injury. Father did CPR on scene and revived her. She had a seizure en route. Heart rate's 130, pupils are unequal. Lung sounds are clear.

Jake: Any obvious fractures?

E.M.T.: Negative. I got your bloods when I started her IV.

Jake: All right, let's run a trauma panel, admitting bloods. Cross and check for two units, just in case, because you never know. Who do we have in neuro?

Nurse: Dr. Kayda.

Jake: She's my favorite. Tell her to meet us in Radiology. Set the room up for a head CT, ok?

Scott: Uncle Adam, you don't look so good. Maybe you ought to sit down.

Adam: Well, how do you want me to look? Annie's in there going through one of the worst things a parent can go through. And I want to help somehow.

Erica: Adam, Scott is right. You really look as white as a ghost. Why don't you sit down? I mean, there's nothing you can do, anyway.

Jesse: Actually, you can answer a few questions. A few hours ago, I'm told that Annie was missing, maybe even skipped town. Then I hear her daughter fell down some stairs, and that she is here now with Ryan. Care to fill me in?

Adam: Um -- Annie is the one who was kidnapped -- just in case you're implying that she was somehow responsible. And Aidan Devane tortured her to try to make her admit that -- to killing my brother. Well, I want those two locked up, both of them.

Erica: Will you stop it now? Just stop it. No one is locking Ryan up. Emma is the only one who matters here right now. It is Emma's well-being that matters.

Jake: Guys, I can only allow one parent, ok?

Annie: Oh, she needs me.

Jake: All right. Well, who has custody?

Ryan: I do.

Jake: Ok.

Annie: I should be in there with her.

Erica: I don't think you care a bit about Emma. I know you're very worried about what she might say about you when she wakes up.

Annie: Shut up! Shut up!

Jesse: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Erica: Don't you come near me!

Jesse: Everybody, just --

Annie: My daughter is in there fighting for her life, and you're wasting your time insulting me!

Erica: And my daughter is fighting for her life, too. This is not about insults. You tell the truth!

Jesse: Ok, just settle down. Would you do me a favor? Take her. Take her away somewhere, please.

Adam: Devane and Lavery aren't going to get away with this. It's not over, not yet.

Erica: So, are you going to give me a piece of your mind, too?

Scott: No, I was going to get a bottle of water. I wondered if you wanted one.

Erica: Oh. Sorry. Thank you. Yes, I would.

[Erica sighs]

Jesse: Erica, maybe it's not a good idea for you to be -- here.

Erica: I am Ryan's friend. And he can use all the support he can get. Especially considering.

Jesse: All right. Well, then do me a favor. Stay away from Annie.

Kendall: I have dreamed of this many times in that ridiculous secret room. I have dreamed of this moment. And I promise to never let go again. I will never let go of you and our family and our love. And from now on, I promise to always think before I act. I promise to try to think before I act -- and not be so impulsive.

Zach: Are you sure you want to promise that? Because -- 

Kendall: Well, I have to. I couldn't go another second not knowing where you stand.

Zach: Well, I'm right here. And I promise I will try -- try to break up these demons that won't let me sleep at night. And I will try to put out the fires that give them life. And regardless of the past and the future, I -- I will try to be present, here, giving my heart. And I don't really want it back because I don't think it'll fit in here anymore. It's just a little bigger than it was, and -- hey, who knows? You know, maybe these guys are right when they say we only get one ticket on this crazy merry-go-round. I kind of want to be on it with you.

[Knock on door]

Aidan: Hey, Zach, it's Aidan.

Kendall: Oh, God. All of a sudden, I'm afraid.

Zach: Ok.

[Kendall sighs]

Zach: Ahem. Come on in. What happened?

Aidan: I -- I dropped Annie off at Ryan's safe and sound. I mean, it started out all right, but --

Kendall: But what?

Aidan: I was waiting outside the building. An ambulance turned up. They've taken Emma to the hospital.

Erica: But why did that little girl run down those stairs?

Scott: I don't know. Everyone arguing, I guess.

Erica: Well, I mean, why didn't Emma run up to her room then? I don't understand.

Nurse: Dr. Martin asked if you'd come and talk to him and Mr. Lavery.

Adam: I'll go with you.

Nurse: Parents only, I'm afraid. Please come with me.

Adam: Oh. Don't start, please. Don't -- 

Erica: Adam, what happened? How did this happen at all? Did you see Emma leave the penthouse?

Adam: Yes, yes. The little girl was standing there, and she was listening to all of these people screaming at each other. And then she must have been frightened by all the anger, and then she ran, just ran. Thanks to me, she fell down the stairs.

Erica: What do you mean?

Adam: I -- I was trying to comfort her. She told me to leave her alone. I tried to -- well, I reached out to her, she ran. She hates me. I can see -- I can see that in her eyes.

Erica: Why would she hate you?

Adam: I don't know. It hasn't been always. That night in the attic, Emma helped take care of me. Annie said that Emma was very brave, and she would not have been able to save me without Emma's help.

Erica: Adam?

Adam: Oh, I -- I don't know -- I -- I guess somewhere along the line, she decided to dislike me.

Erica: Well, what made that happen?

Adam: Who knows? Her mother moving back in? The thought of having another father? Who knows? I just don't think I'm ever going to get the sound of that girl screaming out of my head -- when she -- she fell.

Jesse: Apparently, Emma was close to telling Ryan the truth when Adam showed up. Everybody starts fighting. The kid freaks out, takes off, takes a dive down the stairs.

Kendall: Oh, my God. God. Poor Ryan. He must be freaking out. I wish we could do something to help.

Jesse: Yeah, well, your mother's got that covered. I asked her to leave the hospital after she and Annie almost went ghetto on each other. But she insisted she stay for Ryan.

Kendall: Zach, you haven't said anything.

Zach: So Emma's at the hospital now? How is she?

Aidan: Hey, just to let you know, this wasn't part of my plan.

Zach: I don't care about your plan! A little girl is hurt! How is she?

Jesse: All right, all right, calm down. I have an idea.

Aidan: What? What are you doing?

Jesse: I'm going to arrest you, all right? Turn around.

Aidan: What?

[Handcuffs click closed]

Jake: I talked to the neurosurgeon. What we're dealing with is a subdural hematoma. Blood is collecting in Emma's skull, putting pressure on the brain.

Annie: What do we do?

Jake: Well, we drill burr holes in the skull so that the blood has an outlet.

Ryan: They have to drill holes in her skull to relieve the pressure.

Annie: Do I get a say in this?

Ryan: She needs it to save her life, Annie. I told him to get started.

Annie: Was it worth it, Ryan? Was Kendall's freedom worth more than your daughter's life?

Erica: Ryan, what is it? Annie just went running into Adam's arms crying.

Ryan: Emma's got, um -- she's got some bleeding in her brain, and they have to drill holes in her skull to relieve the pressure.

Erica: Oh. Is she going to be ok?

Ryan: They don't know how much damage there's going to be until she wakes up. And it's my fault.

Erica: No, it's not your fault. Emma was running away from Adam, Adam ran after her, and she was scared. And that's why she ran to the stairs.

Ryan: She wouldn't have run out of the room in the first place if we weren't all arguing and yelling at each other.

Erica: Emma's going to be all right.

Ryan: Yes. She is. And then I'm going to get her so far away from this -- all of it. I will never put her through anything like this ever again.

[Jesse adjusts handcuffs]

Jesse: You do understand the rights I just explained to you?

Aidan: Kidnapping? I didn't kidnap anybody.

Jesse: I'll take that as a yes.

Aidan: Jesse, this is stupid. This is just plain silly.

Jesse: I told you how this would play out. As soon as Annie was let go, she would tell anybody she could that you grabbed her, you tortured her. How am I supposed to ignore that, especially with Adam Chandler on the warpath for your head on a stick?

Aidan: And this makes perfect sense? You arrest me and you let Annie go free?

Zach: Actually, it does. You still want to be part of it? Make it happen.

Aidan: Well, I wouldn't have come this far if I didn't want to see it through.

Zach: This is your big chance. Jesse has to play this by the book. If anyone thinks we're doing this for Kendall, we're done. Let him arrest you.

Aidan: And what about Annie?

Zach: You had your chance.

Erica: Ryan, you have to stop blaming yourself. There's only one reason that Emma is in there, and that's Annie. What Annie has done to that little girl -- asked her to lie, asked her to keep secrets.

Ryan: I told Zach that Annie and Emma shouldn't be together. I told him that, but he insisted. And I let them come up to the penthouse. I let Annie up to the penthouse.

Erica: But you had to do that. It was the only way that Emma was going to be able to unburden herself about what really happened that evening.

Ryan: No. No, it was Zach's way. It was the easy way. I should have come up with another way. And then Emma gets caught. She gets caught in the crossfire.

Erica: Ryan, Emma was already in the crossfire, because Annie put her there. Annie has been using her own daughter as a weapon -- loaded her up with lies and secrets as bullets. The only thing you have ever done is protect Emma.

Ryan: Then why did I let Annie bait me into a yelling match that scared Emma so much that she had to run out?

Erica: It was more than the yelling that scared Emma.

Annie: They are drilling a hole into her head.

Adam: Yeah.

Annie: And I wasn't even asked. I was told. Ryan's making all the decisions.

Adam: It was the doctor's recommendation. And it has to be done today. Now, I know, regardless of how you may feel about Ryan, he does love Emma. We can count on him to act in her best interests.

Annie: And what if he's wrong? What if he's wrong? There is not a damn thing I can do about it. See, this is why I want full custody. I should not be sitting on the sidelines wondering what they're doing to my daughter in there. Getting told secondhand what they're doing to her and all of these things. Doctors and nurses telling him first? It's wrong, Adam. It's like I'm not even here. This is wrong. It's not -- it's not right.

Scott: Hey, I -- I just got a call from Jesse. They brought Aidan in for questioning. And they want you to go down and make a statement.

Annie: No, no. I'm not -- I'm not leaving Emma. No.

Adam: Forget it. Tell them they'll -- they'll do Aidan business later.

Annie: Wait. Wait, but maybe one of us should go down there. Ryan said that Jesse is the one who told him where Aidan was hiding me. I have a feeling Jesse knows more about this than we think. Adam, you have to go down there, and you have to get in Jesse's face, and you have to make sure he does not let Aidan go. We cannot let Aidan get away with doing this and -- and doing what he's done to Emma.

Adam: All right.

Annie: Ok?

Adam: All right, all right, all right. I'll be back as soon as possible. You'll stay with her?

Scott: Yeah.

Adam: Ok. Call me if there's any news, ok?

Scott: Are you going to be ok?

Erica: Doesn't take her long to find a fresh shoulder to cry on. I wonder if that's all that's going on there.

Ryan: Erica -- 

Erica: I'm just saying -- 

Annie: I'm sorry, it's just -- it's just the thought of what they're doing to her in that operating room right now. It's just -- 

Scott: They're saving her life. And that's all you need to think about.

[Annie sighs]

Annie: I know no one believes me anymore. But everything I've ever done, I've done for her. All of the crazy ideas and the lies, I just did to get her back, to keep her in my life. And now the thought of losing her -- Scott, I'm so scared. I -- I can't live without her.

Scott: You were never going to sell Emma out tonight, were you? Accusing her of killing my dad -- that was just an empty threat to get Ryan to back off. So if Emma didn't kill my dad -- 

Annie: Let's go for a walk. You need to know the truth.

[Kendall remembers]

Zach: And I want that lifetime. I want to love you. Strong and resilient and fragile, and more forgiving than I deserve.

Kendall: Hmm. There is nothing unforgivable from now on. Nothing. And -- and if there is, I vow to forgive you anyway.

Zach: Good. And I promise I will never take the light out of your eyes again.

Kendall: And if things go bad, I will find my way back to you.

Zach: Where am I going? I'm right here, I'm with you. I'm not going to shut you down.

Kendall: Well, you know. So -- ok, so then you'll share? You'll share with me?

Zach: I will.

Kendall: And talk with me?

Zach: I will.

Kendall: Long, deep, soulful talks that go on and on and on into the night?

Zach: I will. We probably wouldn't be able to get any rest, but --

Kendall: No, no, we don't need rest. I don't need rest, I just need you. I need you and your love. And I need to give you my love. All of it, without fear. And I promise to love you with no fear, and love this child.

Zach: And I will love you, as you grow and change. But don't -- don't change too much, because -- you're perfect.

Kendall: You're crazy. It's got to be the moonlight.

Zach: I realized something just now.

Kendall: What?

Zach: Loving you is who I am. That's my vow to you.


Zach: Jesse told me what happened. How is she?

Ryan: She's in surgery.

Erica: There was some bleeding in her skull, so they had to go in to relieve the pressure.

[Erica sighs]

Zach: Can I have a minute with Ryan, please?

Erica: Of course. I'll go see if there are any updates.

Ryan: You asked me not to stand in the way -- of you getting a confession out of Annie. You asked me. And you also pushed me into getting Emma to tell the truth. You said it would be good for her, said it would clear her conscience, and now look where we are right now. And what I've come to realize is that you never gave a damn about Emma. All you cared about was clearing Kendall's name, that's it.

Zach: Yeah, that's me. Don't care about kids. Just everything that I need, you know? Just want to get my wife out of prison. Doesn't matter what happens to a little girl.

Ryan: We want the same thing, Zach. We want Annie behind bars for what she's done, so why does my daughter always have to pay the price?

Zach: I don't know. I -- that's -- I did what I thought was going to be best -- for you, for me, for Kendall, and for Emma. And you know, the last thing I wanted was for the little girl to be hurt.

Ryan: So what do you want from me? You want absolution?

Zach: I came here, because I know what it's like to have a kid in this hospital, hoping that they'll make it out alive. And I came here to offer you as -- as much support as you will take. I've lived this nightmare, for months. That's how this whole thing got started. Ian was dying. We went over to that house. Kendall's confession. A lot of mistakes. And I'm determined not to make any more.

Jesse: Aidan, I made sure Adam found out about your arrest. He should be here any minute.

Aidan: Ok. Can't wait.

Jesse: When he gets here, we may have to go through the motions for his sake, all right? I need him to see one of my detectives questioning you. You might even have to spend the night in jail.

Aidan: Wouldn't be the first time.

Jesse: We will look into Annie's claim, and with no evidence pointing to you, it's your word against hers. The charges will be dropped.

Aidan: That's not good enough.

Jesse: What are you talking about? It's the only way I can cover both our asses. It's just one night.

Aidan: Yeah, well, there's just one problem. Annie already suspects that you're working with this, so if we're going to make this look legitimate, you might have to have the D.A. throw the book at me.

Jesse: You do realize that you could do some serious time, especially if they want to pull something out of their hat?

Aidan: Whatever it takes, Chief.

Annie: You understand now, don't you? Why it has to be this way? Oh.

Erica: I just spoke with the desk nurse. They're closing now. Jake has been assisting the neurosurgeon, and he's going to be coming down in a moment to tell us how it went.

Annie: How it went? Why are you even here? Why are they telling you anything?

Erica: All I did was check with the desk. The nurse knew that we were all concerned, and so she told me. I was on my way to tell Ryan and Zach the news, and I saw you and Scott in here -- in conversation. And so I thought I was being considerate. Clearly, I made a mistake.

Annie: No, wait -- Zach? You said Zach is here?

Erica: Yes.

Annie: Well, why is he here? What, is he helping Ryan try to keep Emma from me? You can tell the both of them that I will get an army of Adam's lawyers on them if they try to keep Emma from me.

Erica: Oh, my God. I just told you that your little girl survived brain surgery, and all you're thinking about is beating Ryan to the courthouse. If that doesn't speak to how little you really care for your little girl, I don't know what does.

Annie: Oh, God. Can you believe that woman?

Adam: Ah. So, what's Devane's excuse? And are you buying it?

Jesse: Actually, he confessed.

Adam: He what?

Jesse: Yeah, he confessed to kidnapping Annie. He said he wanted to get the truth from her about killing Stuart.

Adam: You read him his rights, did you? Tell me, is Lavery in on this, too?

Jesse: He claims he acted alone. I got the impression that he wasn't too happy with Annie after she broke off the relationship the way she did.

Adam: Yeah, how convenient. Whose idea was it for Aidan to take the fall, yours?

Jesse: Watch it, Chandler.

Adam: No, you watch it, Hubbard. Ryan's told Annie that you were the one that tipped him off to her location.

Jesse: Actually, that was one of my officers.

Adam: Yeah, same thing. Just how deeply are you in this?

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: Why am I not surprised that I am next on your list of co-conspirators? Maybe because Annie has already accused everybody else in this town? Makes you wonder if she's incredibly paranoid, or maybe she's hiding something. Which is it, Adam? I'm sure she tells you all of her deep, dark secrets. She's got, God knows, a treasure trove of those. You been covering for her all this time, Adam?

Adam: My brother's dead. If I thought for a minute that Annie was involved, I'd be the last person to protect her.

Scott: Hmm.

[Scott slams the front door shut and the glass rattles. After he envisions his father lying on the floor dead, Scott takes a big gulp of alcohol as he shakes]

Kendall: Any news on Emma?

Zach: Last I heard, she's still in surgery. Erica's trying to find some information now.

Kendall: Ryan must be sick with worry.

Zach: You and I both know what he's going through.

Kendall: I just -- I wish there was something that we could do to help.

Zach: There is. Give Ian a hug and a kiss for me, and tell him how much I love him.

Kendall: He already knows that.

Zach: And I love you, too. Don't wait up.

[When Zach closes his cell phone, Erica is staring at him]

Annie: I assume Erica has found you. Emma's out of surgery.

Ryan: I'm waiting for Jake to come and fill us in. Jake, how is she?

Jake: She's good. The pressure is relieved, and she actually tolerated the procedure better than I expected.

Annie: Ok.

Jake: She's -- she's in recovery.

Annie: Well, when can we see her?

Jake: Well, she's not awake yet.

Annie: But she will be, like, soon, right, once the anesthetic wears off?

Jake: The anesthetic has worn off. It's just she hasn't -- well, it's going to take a little --

Ryan: Well, how long? Do you know how long it'll be?

Jake: I wish I had the answer.

[Kendall listens as the telephone rings]

Zach's voice on answering machine: You've reached the Slaters. Leave a message after the tone.

[Answering machine beeps]

Woman's voice: Mr. Slater, it's Warden Griggs at the state penitentiary. There was an incident tonight in your wife's cell block. I'm afraid she's been injured. A stab wound. Because of her prior heart condition, we're transporting her to Pine Valley Hospital.

Adam: Ah. I just talked to Annie. She -- she told me you had left.

Scott: Yeah.

Adam: And Emma is going to be fine. She's pulling through. She'll be fine. Um -- you know, Hubbard had the nerve to tell me that Annie was being paranoid. Ha. Well, of course she's being paranoid. Everybody on earth is out to get her -- draw blood. And -- Zach, Ryan, Aidan. Even you thought she was guilty at one time. And Hubbard accused me of trying to cover up for her, you know? How stupid would I be to fall in love with a woman who killed my brother?

Scott: You're not.

Adam: Well -- well, that's a change of tune. Why so certain?

Scott: Because I know now that Annie didn't kill my dad.

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