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Liza: So I let her see him and I let her spend time with him.

Colby: Does she want him back? Is she gonna take him from us?

Liza: I don't know. But I do know that it felt really good. It felt really good to be open and honest. And as scared as I was to put our Stuart into Bailey's arms, it -- it was the right thing to do.

Singer: It breaks my heart when I look in your eyes

Man: Liza Colby?

Liza: Yes.

Man: You've been served.

Singer: Maybe the big lie here, we're about to see it through

Colby: Maybe it's not  --

Singer: So neither do you oh maybe the big why is I can't face the truth I don't love myself, yeah

Liza: It is. Bailey is petitioning to gain custody of Stuart.

Erica: There has to be some way that you can expose Annie as the real killer.

Ryan: No, Erica. I protect Emma. That is my priority.

Erica: And I protect Kendall.

Ryan: This isn't about Kendall right now, Erica. It's about Emma.

Erica: Kendall is in prison for a crime that Annie committed. There has to be a way to get Kendall out. There has to be a way to get Annie to confess.

Ryan: If you're asking me to sacrifice Emma for Kendall, I -- I won't do that. I can't.

Adam: Annie has to be around here someplace. I want a lot of people searching this entire building top to bottom.

Scott: No, there may be a quicker way. You have every entrance and exit covered by cameras, right? Can we see security footage from the last half an hour? Thanks. We'll find her.

Annie: Huh? Where -- where am I? What's happened? Hello? I can hear you breathing. Who is that? Ryan, is that you, you sick bastard?! Let me go, or you'll end up in prison with Kendall! Do you hear me?! Let me go! Answer me! Who is that? Who is that? No, don't leave -- don't leave me in here, please! Don't leave me in here! No. Wait!

Kendall: All right, ok. Now we have her. What the hell are we gonna do with her?

Aidan: Leave Annie to me.

Zach: No one does anything on their own. We have an agreement.

Kendall: Zach is right, Aidan. We're all involved now. I mean, this is kidnapping.

Aidan: She doesn't know who took her. She doesn't know where she is. If anything goes wrong, neither one of you are culpable.

Zach: We're all part of this.

Aidan: Look, everything we've done to get the truth out of her so far has failed. All right, we've been too soft on her, all of us. She wiggles her way out of everything, and that stops tonight. She's gonna tell us everything that happened that night of the murder, and everything she's done since.

Kendall: What are you gonna do to her?

Aidan: Whatever it takes. I'm the only one here that's been trained for this professionally. I know just how far to take it, when to press her, how much to press her, when to back off, how to reward her for cooperating. I can get through to her, but I need to do this alone.

Zach: Ok. She's all yours.

Liza: Hi.

Colby: All a judge will have to see is what I see -- how much you love that baby, how much you have to give.

Liza: It's not how it works, though. The law is the law. Aside from the fact that I lied. I lied to everyone. I lied to you. I lied to Bailey. And I just have to be prepared -- to change this leaky diaper. Excuse me.

[Knock on door]

Marissa: Hey. I just came by to see how things are going with you and your mom.

Colby: Yeah, come on in. We talked. We're ok. But, uh, Stuart's biological mom wants him back. She filed a court order.

Marissa: Oh, Liza must be a wreck.

Colby: Look, can you hang here for a bit? I just have to go do something real fast. Make sure my mom's ok? I -- I won't be long.

Marissa: Ok, sure.

Colby: Ok. Thanks.

Liza: Marissa? Where's Colby?

Marissa: Um, I don't know. She said she'd be right back, though.

Liza: Ok. Listen, look, if you're here to chew to me out, I'm really -- I'm not up for a fight right now, ok?

Marissa: No. I came to apologize.

Singer: In confidence we whispered but I don't know

Francesca: There. She came into the corridor leading to the ladies' room. But instead of going into it, she turns right and goes into the employees'-only area.

Scott: Which leads where?

Francesca: Outside. It's a security entrance and exit.

Adam: So she went outside for a breath of fresh air. She does that a lot -- reminds her that she's free.

Scott: But she told us that she was just going to the ladies' room.

Francesca: I had security go over every other recording. She never came back.

Scott: Ok. She's really gone. Now can we call the police?

Adam: No. No police. She wouldn't run away. She wouldn't do that to me. She wouldn't.

Erica: Ryan, of course I'm not asking you to sacrifice your daughter. But Annie killed Stuart, and she's using you and my daughter and your daughter.

Ryan: She's gonna convince the D.A. that my daughter is a murderer just to save herself.

Erica: Just like she did to my daughter. Look, Ryan, I know that we can convince them that Annie is lying.

Ryan: Even if we do -- let's say we do -- what does Emma get put through? She's gonna be investigated. She's gonna be interrogated and questioned. The last time she was put under a microscope, she almost went catatonic. What do you think is gonna happen when her own mother calls her a murderer? If we push Annie any further, then Emma is gonna be the next victim here.

Annie: Huh? Please. Whoever's there, please just take this thing off. I'll do anything, please? I can't breathe. I can't breathe. Please, just help me.

Aidan: Hello, Annie.

Liza: Um, you -- you've got nothing to apologize for because everything that you said was absolutely true. I've been incredibly selfish in this whole thing, especially to Colby and to Bailey.

Marissa: I -- I still had no right to go off on you like that. I just -- you know, I just think what Krystal did to me when I was born -- keeping my adoption a secret. When you told me the truth about Stuart, it just really touched a nerve.

Liza: This is how much I've messed up.

Marissa: Wow. I can't believe she lawyered up so fast.

Liza: Yeah, she went to the Miranda Group. They're good. Don't mess around with women that have been taken advantage of.

Marissa: Still, you're going to fight this, though, aren't you?

Liza: It's her son, and she wants him back. And she has filed within a legal rescission period. There's nothing that I can do.

Marissa: No, I've watched you with that baby, the love that you've given him. I never doubted that he was your little boy. Not until you told me. He's your son, Liza, in every way.

Liza: It doesn't trump the law. You know, when I found out that I was adopted, it didn't change the way I felt about my parents and the love that I had for them. And then later when I got to know Krystal and David, I could accept them as my parents, as well. You can have two sets of parents. And nothing says that you have to choose one over the other. Nothing.

Scott: So I checked out that door that we saw Annie exiting on the video. It leads to a back alley, next to some garbage dumpsters. Not exactly the kind of place you'd go to get some fresh air.

Adam: You're glad she's gone, aren't you?

Scott: What?

Adam: You wanted her to leave.

Scott: I don't know what gave you that impression.

Adam: You used to like her, a lot, and then something changed you. What was it?

Scott: I don't hate her.

Adam: No, you just joined the mob-out-for-her-head club. You let them convince you that she killed your father. Well, they're wrong. It's -- all of it is wrong. If she ran, it wasn't from me. It was from you and that little clique of yours. You're the reason she's gone!

Singer: My own my own it looks like I'm on my own

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hello?

Scott: It's Scott.

Ryan: Hey, Scott. What's up?

Scott: You need to keep a close eye on Emma. Annie may be up to something. She walked out of the casino, and she hasn't come back. I think she might be running.

Ryan: Why? She just got everything to go her way.

Scott: I don't know why. All I know is that she said that she was going to the ladies' room, and a casino camera caught her going out the back door. I thought you should know in case she's coming after Emma.

Ryan: All right, man. Thank you for the heads-up. I'll give you a call if I see anything, ok?

Emma: Daddy, when is Mommy coming back?

Kendall: Did we make the right decision leaving Annie alone with Aidan?

Zach: I don't know. As much as I hate it, the last few weeks we haven't gotten anywhere. This may be it.

Kendall: Well, do you think he can do it?

Zach: I don't know.

Kendall: What do you think he's doing to her right now?

Zach: Well, probably trying to scare her with everything he knows about her from when they were together.

Kendall: Have we just made this worse, Zach?

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: Oh --

Zach: Go.

Kendall: OK.

Erica: Oh, Zach, I need to speak to you about Annie.

Zach: Kind of busy right now.

Erica: Now that Annie is free to roam, I just want to make sure you don't lean on her for a confession.

Zach: You've been talking to Ryan?

Erica: She showed up there. Zach, Annie is willing to blame Stuart's murder on her own little girl just to save herself.

Zach: She won't do that.

Erica: Yes, she will do that.

Zach: She won't do that.

Annie: You son of a bitch. What did you do to me?

Aidan: Don't you remember?

Annie: I -- I was at the casino, and I went to go to the ladies' room, and I heard a noise. It was like an animal or a child crying behind a door. That was you, wasn't it, tricking me? Oh, and then -- and then someone grabbed me from behind, and they shot me up with something. What do you want? Where are we? Answer me! Where are we?!

Aidan: It doesn't matter where you are, Annie, because you're not going anywhere.

Annie: Did Ryan put you up to this, huh? Is he trying to scare me? Trying to get me to back off Emma? It's gonna blow up in his face! You're both going down for this. When Adam finds out what you've done --

Aidan: Oh, you really think Adam's looking for you right now?

[Bangs lamp]

Aidan: Everybody knows that you used Adam for your freedom, and then you disappeared. Adam thinks that you ran out on him. He feels like a fool right now. He hates you. So the last thing Adam's gonna do is come look for you.

Annie: No. Adam knows how much I love him.

Aidan: Ah. It's over, Annie. Adam and you are past tense. Now it's just you and me.

Annie: What is it that you want? If you want money, Adam will pay ransom. Whatever you want. What, a million? Two million?

Aidan: I'm not after your money. You know what I'm after.

Annie: I'm not gonna play your stupid games. Just tell me what you want.

Aidan: There's an old saying, Annie -- "The truth shall set you free."

Bailey: "The colic is more common in babies that are bottle-fed, but the constant crying can last more than a few months"?

[Knock on door]

Colby: Hi.

Bailey: What do you want?

Colby: I was with my mom when the papers were served.

Bailey: Your mom stole my baby.

Colby: She adopted your baby. Big difference. Ah. I see you've been doing some reading. Scary stuff, huh? So many things to worry about? It's not easy.

Bailey: I know. I'll figure it out.

Colby: I'm sure you will, if you can even think straight.

Bailey: What do you mean?

Colby: Well, Stuart's a real night owl. He doesn't sleep more than an hour at a time all night long. It's easier since my mom has me to trade off feedings and stuff, but I can't imagine what it would be like all on your own.

Ryan: Ok, come here, sweets. Ok, sit here. Now, I don't know -- I don't know exactly where your mommy is, and I -- I don't know if she is coming back.

Emma: Why? Mommy said she wasn't in trouble anymore. She promised to take me away to an island with dolphins.

Ryan: I don't know why Mommy says the things that she says. She -- she just made that story up, sweetie. But it's ok because you're gonna be here with me, ok, and I'm not gonna go anywhere.

Emma: No! Mommy said so, so I drew her a picture.

Ryan: Oh, it's a beautiful picture. Sweetheart, it's -- it's a beautiful picture.

Emma: We're gonna get a boat and have a big house, and go to the beach every day.

Ryan: Honey, your mommy can't take you anywhere.

Scott: Hey. I interviewed all the staff, and she never came back. She never called.

Adam: Ah. Yeah.

[Scott sighs]

Scott: Look, I know that this is difficult for you, but we have to call the police.

[Door closes]

Jesse: Well, your uncle already came to that conclusion. So what happened?

Erica: Listen to me, Zach. Annie will do anything to stay out of jail, including blaming Stuart's murder on her own little girl.

Zach: You got to stop believing everything that Ryan tells you.

Erica: Zach, please. Please put your hatred of Ryan aside. Please do that for Kendall and for Emma.

Zach: Well, I am thinking of Kendall and Emma. And, you know, maybe you should be fighting for Kendall instead of being a messenger person for somebody.

Erica: I have been fighting for Kendall since day one. Where have you been, Zach? With Liza?

Zach: Hmm.

Kendall: She left?

Zach: Yeah. Did you want her to stay to find out what's going on upstairs?

Annie: I'm not going to give you what you want. You want me to admit that I killed Stuart, but that would be a lie.

Aidan: Mmm.

Annie: Go on. Yeah, drink all your water. I don't care. I'll survive without water. I always do survive. What do you intend to do? Torture me?

Aidan: I have no intention of torturing you, Annie. I don't have to. It may take a little bit of time, but I'll get what I want.

Annie: You think you scare me?

Aidan: Hmm. I know that not much scares you, Annie. But I'm a patient man, and I know that you're not much of a patient woman. So I figure that time is on my side. And everybody in Pine Valley thinks that you left town. All you have to remember is there's only one rule.

Annie: And what's that?

Aidan: I ask you a question, you give me the answer. And if you don't give me the proper answer, I'll ask you the question again until you give me the proper answer. Shall we begin? First question: What do I want?

Annie: I told you I'm not playing your stupid games.

Aidan: What do I want?

Annie: I'm not answering your questions, Aidan, so you can take your rules and shove them.

Aidan: I asked you a question, Annie. What do I want?

Annie: Shut up! Shut up. If you just let me go now, we'll make a deal. I won't press charges.

[Aidan chuckles]

Aidan: What do I want?

Annie: Go to hell.

Aidan: Answer the question, Annie. Remember, the truth shall set you free. What do I want? Annie, what do I want? Annie? What do I want, Annie?

Annie: The truth.

Aidan: Very good. I want the truth. And you're not leaving here until I get it.

Aidan: You were right about one thing -- it's Stuart's murder I want to talk about.

Annie: I've already told you everything I --

Aidan: Ah-ah. I haven't asked you the question yet. Remember the rule. Now, let's proceed. It's all a little bit complex. I already know what you did to me that night. After I fell down a flight of stairs, you tied me up, you stole my gun, and you left me there bleeding.

Annie: I had to get to Emma, and I knew you were gonna try to --

Aidan: Wait for the question. Let's start with your arrival at the mansion. What was the first thing that happened?

Annie: I went to the gate, and I saw Stuart there.

Aidan: And what did you talk about?

Annie: I told him I was leaving, and he went back to the house.

Aidan: But you didn't leave, did you?

Annie: No. I went to the side of the house where the nursery is. And I climbed up the trellis to the balcony and waited. I I saw David in there putting Little Adam to bed, so I realized I had to wait a little while longer.

Aidan: And then?

Annie: Ohh. And then David left. So I went in to get Emma. But Adam came in, and he saw me. He was very out of it, disoriented. He saw me, and he ran out of the room.

Aidan: Why didn't you just leave with Emma then?

Annie: Because Adam seemed really frightened, and I was scared that maybe he was gonna have a heart attack or something.

Aidan: And you didn't want Adam to call the police?

Annie: No. I went to chase out after him, but I bumped into J.R. instead. He was drunk. He saw my gun. He tried to grab it from me. I pushed him away, and he fell down.

Aidan: And then?

Annie: And then I decided to go back to the nursery to get Emma and leave. But I bumped into Adam first. He was -- he was shaking, and he was scared, and he was begging me to help him. That's when I heard the gunshot, and that's when I got scared. So I took Adam, and I found Emma, and we all went up to the attic.

Aidan: What do I want, Annie?

Annie: The truth.

Aidan: And you're not giving it to me.

Jesse: All right, so I'll put out an APB on her. So you got anything to add, Adam?

Adam: What are you looking for, Hubbard? An admission that I've been played? Well, you can't get it, because Annie didn't kill my brother. But something has happened to her. She's still in Pine Valley somewhere.

Jesse: All right, I'm inclined to agree with you on that. I don't think Annie would leave Pine Valley without her daughter.

Ryan: I'm sorry. Honey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I didn't handle that very well, did I? I just -- I got a little upset when -- when I heard, you know, Mommy's gonna take you away from me, that's all. You know, your mom -- she's still kind of doing things that she's not supposed to do, things that the judge has told her not to do -- like taking you away from me, and I just kind of got upset. That's all. I'm sorry.

Emma: She loves me.

Ryan: Yes, she does. We both love you.

Emma: I want to see her!

Ryan: I know you do. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know what to do with that. Emma, if -- Emma?

[Emma runs upstairs]

Bailey: I've been doing my reading, ok? You can eventually train a baby to sleep through the night.

Colby: He's not like a dog, you know. It doesn't happen in a week or two. Stuart's pediatrician said he's gonna take his own sweet time. You can forget about having any kind of social life. These little guys demand your attention 24/7. That doesn't even count the times they have you worried sick, because they've got a fever. Oh, yeah, and doctors. You're gonna need to find a good pediatrician. You know, someone you can trust and who takes whatever insurance plan you're on. You do have a good plan, don't you? We found ours through the baby CPR class we took. But you probably already know baby CPR, don't you?

Bailey: I know exactly what you're doing, Colby. You're trying to make me not want my baby.

Kendall: Anything?

Zach: No.

[Doorbell rings]

Zach: Go. Go.

Kendall: OK.

Zach: Hey. Problem?

Jesse: Have you heard about Annie?

Zach: No. What about her?

Jesse: Well, she bolted from the casino, ducked out on Adam. Nobody seems to know where she is. You guys know where she is?

Kendall: Well, maybe she went to Ryan's to take Emma.

Jesse: No. She's not at Ryan's. Ryan's on the lookout for her, too. You know what? Neither one of you seem too surprised by all of this.

Kendall: Well, I mean, nothing that lunatic has done lately can surprise me anymore.

Zach: I'm sure you'll find her.

Kendall: Yeah.

Jesse: I think I already have. Where is she, Zach?

Bailey: I have a right to my baby. The law gives me a certain amount of time to change my mind.

Colby: Yes, it does. But the law doesn't prepare you for the responsibility that goes with it.

Bailey: You don't know anything about me.

Colby: I know you weren't responsible enough to use a condom the night Stuart was conceived.

Bailey: Get out. Get out before I call my lawyer and tell her what you're doing. Oh, great -- here comes the double-team.

Colby: Mom, she has no idea what she's --

Liza: Colby, Colby, just give me a second here, ok? You don't have to call anybody, because I have no intention of going to court with this. If you want your baby, I'm not gonna fight you for him.

[Door slams]

Erica: Where is she?

Adam: If you're talking about Annie, I don't know. She just disappeared.

Erica: Disappear? What do you mean, she just disappeared?

Adam: I'm saying I don't know where the hell she is. She just left.

Erica: Damn you, Adam Chandler!

Jesse: Come on, Zach. Tell you what. Why don't you let me take a little look-see up in your secret room? Because she's up there.

Zach: It's the perfect place for an interrogation. Aidan is doing the honors.

Jesse: Damn it, Zach. Kidnapping.

Zach: I know.

Jesse: You -- you have gone so far over the line with this, man!

Zach: There's nothing you can do about it, unless you want to put your head further in the noose.

Jesse: I knew I should never have gone to you.

Zach: I'm sorry, Jesse. I'm sorry I put you in this position. Running out of time. I know you take a lot of pride in your work, but we got to do something. The girl who's in prison for Kendall -- she doesn't want to play anymore. If the D.A. goes up there one more time, it's over. So we need to get Annie's confession now.

Annie: I swear to you that's the truth!

Aidan: You left something out, Annie. The night of the murder, before you went up to the attic to hide, where else did you go?

Annie: Nowhere.

Aidan: I saw you at the mansion two weeks after the murder. You were standing on the terrace, standing exactly where the killer stood, staring at where Stuart died, and you were lost in some memory. Is that where you went, Annie? Did you go out onto the terrace?

Annie: Nope.

Aidan: You're lying. We'll have to start again tomorrow.

Annie: No, no, no, wait! Wait, please! Please take this off! Please take this off!

Aidan: What do I want?

Annie: Please, I can't -- I can't be tied up like this. Not since Oak Haven.

Aidan: What do I want? What do I want, Annie?

Annie: The truth.

Aidan: And what's the truth?

Annie: I was there. I was on the terrace that night.

Aidan: Why were you on the terrace?

Annie: It was dark in the house. The power was out, so I just wanted to go outside.

Aidan: And what did you see when you went outside?

Annie: I didn't see anybody.

Aidan: What did you see when you went outside? What did you see when you went outside?

Annie: Stop! Please stop!

Aidan: What happened out -- what happened out there on the terrace, Annie? What happened?

Annie: I can't tell you.

Aidan: What do I want, Annie?

Annie: The truth.

Aidan: And what is the truth? What happened out there?

Annie: If I tell you, I will be left with nothing. Nothing.

Scott: Not a word from her?

Ryan: No. Nothing.

Scott: How's Emma?

Ryan: Not good. She's upset. I -- I didn't exactly choose my words perfectly when I told her.

Scott: I'm sorry. Look, Jesse's got an APB out. He is pretty sure that Annie won't leave town without trying to take Emma first.

Ryan: Ok, let me be really clear about something -- Annie does not love Emma. She doesn't love her. She's using her. And if Annie sticks around town, she's going to throw Emma to the wolves.

Scott: Ok, ok, ok. Catch me up here, will you? What in the hell has Annie done to her?

Ryan: She claims that Emma is the one that killed your father.

Colby: You can't just let her take Stuart.

Liza: Well, I'm hoping that it's not going to get to that. Look, I want to give you the chance to get to know him and spend some time with him. And I'm not just talking about a visit. I think he needs to be comfortable with you being around, because I want you to be a part of his life.

Colby: What? Are you out of your mind?

Liza: I want you to come live with us, if you're willing.

Bailey: Are you serious?

Liza: Yes. We're getting a much bigger place, and there's plenty of rooms. So? Well, come on. Get your stuff packed up. Let's go on home. Stuart's waiting for you.

Erica: Adam, what has happened to you? No one's ever been able to play you for the fool like this before. Are you listening to me, Adam? Annie Lavery killed your brother, and you just let her go? Why? Why would you do that? Answer me.

Stuart: Listen to me, Adam. You're not a fool. You know what happened there that night. You were there. You saw it all.

Adam: I did -- I did. I did. I saw it all.

Erica: What are you talking about? Adam, what did you see?

Scott: What? She said that? She said that Emma killed my dad?

Ryan: And she's threatening to go to the police with it if I keep pushing her for a confession. It's her way to get me to back off. It's a lie, Scott. It's a lie, but she'll do it. She will absolutely, without question, sacrifice her own daughter to save her skin.

Scott: What -- what kind of a mother does that, you know? What kind of a mother accuses her own daughter of shooting a man dead?

Emma: I didn't do it, Daddy. I didn't.

Jesse: Zach, whatever you get Annie to say upstairs in that little room is not admissible in court. All you will have on your hands is a kidnapping charge. You need something you can use in court.

Zach: I'm not looking for anything I can use in court, Jesse.

Aidan: You want out of here, Annie? You want your freedom back? Answer my question. What happened out there on the terrace?

Annie: All right. I'll tell you.

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