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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 10/7/09


Episode #10224

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Colby: What time is it? Did I oversleep?

J.R.: Nope.

[Colby sighs]

Colby: Did--did you get my stuff? The plane ticket?

J.R.: No.

Colby: But we--we agreed. I'm moving to our place in Paris.

J.R.: Yes, well, I changed my mind.

Liza: So have you seen Zach? I need to talk with him.

Francesca: He's working from home today. Maybe you should try him there.

Liza: Probably not such a good idea.

Marissa: Hey. How's it going?

Liza: Hi. Um--not so good. Have you seen Colby?

Marissa: No, why?

Liza: Well, we--we had a fight. And now, she doesn't want to live with me.

Marissa: Oh. She'll cool down. She'll be home by tomorrow. Whatever it is, there's no way that she'd leave her baby brother.

Liza: Yeah, that's the problem. Stuart--he's--well, I'm not his biological mother, and his birth mother has come back, and I think she wants him back.

Adam: Chicken? Fish filet? Or how about hors d'oeuvres and champagne, or a sit-down dinner? A buffet or fixed menu? What do you think?

Scott: You are asking the wrong man.

Adam: Yes, this is definitely the bride-to-be's job. It's just--hmm. Where is Annie?

Scott: She went out.

Adam: Oh. I guess I have to get used to her coming and going. Good for her. Did she say where she was going?

Scott: No. But she asked me to give you this.

[Door handle jiggles]

Ryan: What the hell are you doing?

Annie: Just tried the door by habit, I guess. I wanted to see Emma.

Ryan: To tell her that you'll sell her out to save yourself? Get out.

Emma: Mommy!

Annie: Hi! Come here, you! Oh, hello, hello, hello, hello!

[Door slams shut]

Erica's voice: I'll stop by tomorrow. We'll go see the puppies next door, ok? I love you.

Erica: Ian is in his crib, still awake. So, I will--I'll be back tomorrow, ok?

Zach: What--what time tomorrow?

Erica: Oh, I'm not exactly sure. I mean, sometime after work. Unless something comes up. I might be then a little bit later, but I will be here. I think I promised Ian a puppy.

Zach: Um--

[Phone rings]

Zach: Hello?

Kendall: Sorry, I--I drifted off. Is my mom still there?

Zach: You know, I'll--I'll accept the charges. It's Kendall.

Erica: Kendall?

Liza: And so, I faked the pregnancy. I thought I was getting Amanda's baby. But when that wasn't happening, Jake found another child for me. I--I should have just left everything alone. I should have been grateful, I should have been thrilled. But instead, I made inquiries about the biological mother, and damn if she didn't follow them back to me.

Marissa: It makes sense she'd want to know her child was all right.

Liza: She's a child. And now she's here, and I tried to get rid of her.

Marissa: Get rid of her? She's Stuart's birth mother. And you make her sound like she's an inconvenience.

Liza: Stuart's where he belongs. He's with me and Colby. And if she tries to fight for him--she can't give him the life that I can give him. She certainly can't love him the way that I love him. I just have to convince her that this is the best solution for everybody involved.

Marissa: You know, that's what Krystal thought when she gave me up. That I'd be better off. And I was in a lot of ways. But when she tracked me down and I found out that I had been lied to for years by her and my parents, I felt so betrayed.

Liza: Well, I'm not going to be lying to Stuart.

Marissa: But you've already lied to Colby.

Liza: I didn't mean to hurt her.

Marissa: I got that from Krystal, too. It's all in the name of love. Maybe that's what you tell yourself so you'll feel better. But it doesn't work. In the end, the truth comes out, and everyone gets hurt.

Adam: Annie is running an errand, and she'll meet us at the casino. Hmm.

Scott: You thought it was going to say something else.

Adam: Huh.

Scott: You're afraid that she's going to run out on you. She got what she needed. Thanks for everything. She's gone, the hell with the judge's orders.

Adam: You know, there was a time, yeah, I confess, I thought Annie might be using me. But we have come to trust each other. I trust her, she trusts me.

Scott: Brave man.

Adam: There was a time when Annie lied as easily as she breathed. Huh. Well, that's when she was frightened, and alone. But she has nothing to be afraid of anymore. She has me. Our love.

Scott: So your love has made an honest woman out of her?

Adam: We'll meet Annie at the casino. She'll tell us where she's been. We'll continue planning our wedding and our future life together. Don't worry. Annie has no designs on anything, except marrying me.

Annie: I hope you haven't read this one yet.

Emma: Maybe you can read it to me sometime.

Annie: I would love that. And I love you. I love you here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and especially here. Oh, you feel so good.

Emma: Can you come here all the time now?

Annie: I want to see you as much as I can.

Emma: What happened to the bracelet you had to wear?

Annie: The ankle bracelet? Well, I don't have to wear that anymore, thanks to your daddy. And all of those misunderstandings--all of those are cleared up. Everything is ok now. I can go anywhere I want. And seeing you is the first place I want to be.

Emma: It's better than the scary house.

Annie: You know what, angel? Why don't you go upstairs and get those drawings you were telling me about? I cannot wait to see those. Can you get those for Mommy?

Emma: Ok, Mommy.

Annie: Ok, ok.

Emma: I'm so glad that you're home.

Annie:, too, baby. Ok, go show me...go show Mommy the drawings.

Ryan: So...when are you going to tell her the part about you marrying Adam and moving into the scary place that terrifies her so much?

Zach: I'm glad you called. The good news is, we're closing in on Annie. We will get you out of there very soon. And there's someone who wants to say hi. Hang on.

Erica: Thank you. Kendall? Hi. Oh, honey, I've been so worried about you.

Kendall: I'm fine, Mom.

Zach: Are they treating you ok?

Kendall: Yeah, all the...the comforts of home.

Erica: Well, I'm glad you still have your sense of humor. I mean, I know how demoralizing prison can be.

Kendall: You got that right.

Erica: Have you remembered anything further about the night that Stuart was murdered?

Kendall: Just that I didn't do it.

Erica: Of course you didn't do it. And Zach is right. We're so close. We'll get you out. But until then, sweetheart, I really want to come and see you. What do you need? What can I bring you?

Kendall: No, Mom, it's best this way. I--I really don't want you to see me like this.

Erica: Kendall, I--I must--I--

Kendall: Mom, I have to go. My time is up. Can I speak to Zach?

Erica: Of course you can, honey. I love you, sweetheart.

Zach: Kendall--

Kendall: That went well, don't you think?

Zach: Yeah. The boys send kisses. They miss their mother.

Kendall: I miss them. And, Zach, I love you.

Zach: I love you, too.

Erica: Well, she sounded good. She sounded strong. I know she doesn't want me to visit her and see her like that in prison, but I have got to find a way. And anyway, with Annie out now, I mean, it could be over soon.

Zach: Yeah, now, that's--it's possible.

Erica: Yes, it's possible because, thank god, Ryan lobbied that judge to keep Annie out of Oak Haven, instead of hiding behind shrinks and padded cells. Now she's out in the open. She's free, and you have total access to her.

Zach: Is this where you want me to say what a great guy Ryan is?

Erica: This isn't about you, or Ryan. It's about Kendall. It--look, you and Ryan--you both want the same things. You want Annie out of your lives, for Kendall, for Emma. Maybe if you and Ryan worked together--

Zach: It's not going to happen.

Adam: The east room and the garden are perfect.

Francesca: Oh. Well, let me get a copy of the cost proposal for the wedding reception, and if it meets with your approval, you can sign off and we'll put you in the books.

Adam: Yeah, thank you.

Scott: Annie's really late.

Adam: She probably just got tied up, running an errand or something and--I mean, she could be here, looking for us, for all we know. Would you mind having a look around here?

Scott: Sure.

[Adam sighs]

Annie: I'm just waiting for the right time to explain things to Emma. But if you want me to tell her right now, I will.

Ryan: It's a problem, isn't it? The part of the plan that's not quite working out.

Annie: Oh, I'll make it work.

Ryan: You know, Emma's got a fantasy about you and I getting back together again in one big happy family. When she used to try to go to bed at night when she was hospitalized, that's the photograph that she took with her. Some wrinkled-up version of the way things used to be. But that fantasy is long gone, isn't it, Annie?

Annie: Oh, it sure as hell is. I love Adam now. He'll be my family--and so will Emma.

Ryan: In that big, scary house that terrifies her. My god, Annie. The place gives her nightmares.

Annie: Because of what she did there, Ryan.

Ryan: No, because of what she saw there, Annie. Emma did not kill anybody. Because if she did, not even you would take her back there.

Annie: You still think I'm lying about Emma? You still think I killed Stuart?

Ryan: You're damn right I do.

Erica: Zach, Ryan's made it possible for you both to expose Annie as Stuart's killer.

Zach: Yeah, Ryan gets a star. It doesn't mean I trust him, not now or ever. He's doing this because he wants to protect his daughter. I want to protect Kendall. There's two men on a collision course and you're right in the middle. It's a dangerous place to be.

Erica: Oh, no. I know exactly where I stand.

[Zach sighs]

[Door opens and closes]

Aidan: Hiding a daughter from her mother--you're the one in the middle.

Zach: You may want to keep your opinion to yourself.

Aidan: Now, now--is that any way to talk to the guy that brought you the wooden stake to drive through Annie's heart?

Colby: You said you understood. You said you would help me.

J.R.: I do understand. I am trying to help you.

Colby: Then where's my stuff? The ticket, the ride to the airport?

J.R.: Running's not the answer, Colby.

Colby: There's no way I'm staying here.

J.R.: You've tried to run before. You ran to Liza, to Dad, back to Liza. Now you want to run from them both? That's not going to solve anything.

Colby: Well, who cares if it doesn't solve anything? I'll be in Paris.

[Knock on door]

Marissa: Hey, how are you feeling?

J.R.: Great.

Marissa: Hey. I just saw your mom.

Colby: And she had to tell you all about it? The big fat lie about my brother?

Marissa: She did, as a matter of fact.

Colby: Then you can help me pack.

J.R.: No, you need to think about this.

Colby: What's to think about? My mom lied to me for the millionth time. Every time I think she's finally being straight with me, I get screwed over.

Marissa: She said it was because she was afraid she would lose you. Look, I know--it's lame, but the bottom line is, she loves you.

Colby: My mom pretended to be pregnant. Pretended to give birth, right down to having complications. I was freaking out that Mom or the baby could die, and she was just fine. Didn't even wrinkle her dress. I mean, who does that?

Marissa: At least she came clean.

Colby: Tell me you're not on her side. Not so long ago, Krystal dumped lies on you and you ran. Same difference.

Marissa: I came back. Because I realized how important family is.

Colby: I'll be just fine on my own.

Marissa: Ok. So, you're too pissed off to need your family. I get that. But maybe your family needs you. Maybe J.R. needs you.

Colby: Why do you need me?

Adam: Well, I figured it was only a matter of time before Colby figured out what you really are. What did you do, lie to her?

Liza: No. I told her the truth.

Adam: Oh. And the world is still spinning. Now, what is this great truth that drove our daughter away from you?

Liza: Well, I'm sure that Colby will fill you in on all the details, but I highly doubt she's--has any intention of running back to Daddy.

Adam: My door and my arms are always open. She knows that.

Liza: I'm sure she does. But do you really think that your new wife will let Colby come live with you? Yeah, didn't think so.

Annie: You are so concerned about protecting Emma? Keep your theories and accusations to yourself.

Ryan: To kill Stuart is bad enough, but to drag Emma into this? To blame her for a crime that you committed? What kind of mother does that?

Annie: I am not doing anything. What happens to Emma is up to you. You and Zach and all the other haters in this town who want me gone. You know, I--I can't believe you are willing to sacrifice your own daughter because of your own personal vendetta against me.

Ryan: Emma did not kill Stuart.

Annie: Ryan--Ryan, believe whatever you want. But if you come after me for this murder, you are putting the handcuffs on your own child.

Ryan: You would seriously do this? You would seriously destroy Emma to save yourself?

Annie: I love Emma. But if what she did gets out--Ryan, the psychiatrists, the juvenile facilities--my god, even Oak Haven? Do you know what those shrinks will do to her mind? I mean, you'll get Emma back, eventually. But it won't be Emma. It'll be a stranger.

Ryan: I will not let that happen.

Annie: Good. Good, I'm glad to hear that, because can you imagine what would happen to our sweet, sweet, precious little girl if you let her down?

Ryan: A half an hour ago, you were hugging her, and you were kissing her, and you were telling her how much you love her, and now, this. And Emma has no idea that her own mother would feed her to the wolves like this.

Annie: Do you think I want that to happen? Of course not. But there would be an upside. You'd lose Emma forever.

[Door handle moves]

Erica: It works.

Annie: You're obviously not talking about the doorbell.

Adam: Any sign of Annie?

Scott: No, nothing.

Adam: She hasn't answered her cell phone. I--where could she be?

Scott: Maybe we should call the police.

Adam: No, no. No police. No, this is--it's all just a misunderstanding. She's off somewhere running some--some errand or other.

Scott: Or she's run out of the state.

Adam: Would it be so difficult to have just a little bit of faith? Fine. I believe in my fiancée. I believe in her. Would it be a tragedy if a few members of this family could give her the benefit of the doubt?

Scott: Annie hasn't exactly made it easy to blindly trust her.

Adam: She wants our marriage just as much as I do. She's not going to change her mind. I mean, unless, of course, you know something that I don't know. Has she said anything indicating she's unhappy?

Scott: No. No, I'm just afraid that all this newfound freedom might go to her head.

Adam: Fear is for...fools. And you're not a fool.

Scott: It's just a feeling.

Adam: Well, you keep that feeling to yourself. Otherwise, when Annie comes in here, I won't have to tell her that you thought she skipped the country. Ok?

Francesca: Are you ready to go over the numbers? Or would you like to wait for your fiancée?

Adam: No, no, let's go. Annie will be here any minute.

Zach: Well, that's interesting.

Aidan: And that's just the teaser.

Kendall: Oh, my god. That skank! This is--this is great stuff. This is fabulous. Wait, hold on. I want to see this again.  J.R., Too? Are you kidding me? You guys, this is gold. This is great. Once we get this tape in Adam's hands, he will dump Annie's lying, cheating butt so fast, she'll be out in the gutter where she belongs. This is good.

Aidan: I'll deliver the DVD today.

Zach: No, you won't. If Adam finds out about this, it's over. No more brass ring for Annie. She'll disappear. And she will take her confession with her.

Kendall: So, what? We do nothing? We can't do nothing, Zach. This is too good.

Zach: It's not nothing. It's something. Let Annie believe that Adam's taking care of everything, maybe she'll relax, let her guard down.

Aidan: The more invulnerable she feels, the more vulnerable she'll be.

Kendall: So that's your plan? Let her marry Adam, live the luxe life, be queen of the manor? Are you kidding me? You want vulnerable? Try being locked in a room by yourself until you go stir-crazy stark raving mad. Because I'm there, boys. What? What did I say?

J.R.: You're a royal pain, but I need my kid sister around to keep an eye on you.

Colby: I'll tweet every day.

J.R.: It's not the same. Look, our family is crazy, but you help keep me sane.

Colby: You definitely could have used my advice about the haircut. Just kidding. It looks cool.

J.R.: We have been through a lot worse than bad haircuts and come out the other side. You're angry at Liza. That doesn't mean you have to run to the other side of the ocean. You have me. And you have little Adam. Don't you think he's going to miss the hell out of his favorite aunt? No offense.

Marissa: None taken.

Colby: I'll miss you guys, but what Mom's too much.

Marissa: Look, Liza adopted Stuart as much for you as for herself. She wanted to create the family that she dreamed of. And she didn't just wish. She made it happen. That's, you know, pretty powerful love.

Colby: And even bigger lies.

Marissa: Look, just talk to Liza. She's at the casino.

Colby: I don't know.

J.R.: You're ticked, you're hurt. The last thing you want to do is talk. But put your feelings out there. Take the risk. That's when good things happen. I learned that firsthand.

Colby: I'm just still so angry.

J.R.: And you have every right to be.

Colby: But I do love our family.

J.R.: That's because we're a lovable crew.

[Colby chuckles]

Colby: Ok. I'll--I'll do it. I'll talk to her.

J.R.: Have I mentioned recently how much I love you?

Colby: When I'm not being a royal pain?

J.R.: Come here.

Erica: Gee, Annie, I thought you might be off planning your wedding.

Annie: Well, there's so much to do and I'm running late.

Erica: Then maybe you should be going.

Annie: Great. I have a wedding to be planning, anyway. You know, dresses, flowers--all that jazz. Tell Emma I will be back later. Tell Emma I will be back anytime I want.

Ryan: Don't push it, Annie.

Annie: Me? Never, Ryan.

[Erica sighs]

Erica: I know how difficult this must be for you.

Ryan: I brought it on myself. I told the judge that it would be better for everyone if she was free.

Erica: And I know you did that for Kendall, and I am so grateful. And so is Zach.

Ryan: I didn't do it just for Kendall, Erica, and I certainly did not do it for Zach. I did it for Emma.

Kendall: Zach, should we really trust Aidan on this?

Zach: It's a little extreme, but it's possible.

Kendall: You think this--this could be it? I could be free soon?

Zach: That's the plan.

Kendall: I'm afraid to hope. I think I've forgotten how to be optimistic. Zach, promise me...promise me that this will all be over soon. Can you do that?

Zach: What do you want me to say?

Kendall: Say something. Say anything, please. Just don't shut down on me. Tell me what you're thinking. I need to know what you're thinking. When will I be free?

Adam: Be free to go beyond the scope of what we've suggested here. My bride-to-be will have some suggestions of her own. And what my bride-to-be suggests, you better--

[Francesca laughs]

Francesca: Understood. Well, I'm sorry Ms. Lavery couldn't join us, but I'll get right on this.

Adam: Thank you. Annie will be here.

Aidan: Oh, planning the big day, I see. Can't wait to throw some rice.

[Adam sighs]

Adam: Well, I'm sure that--one thing I'm sure about--Annie wouldn't want you anywhere near our wedding.

Aidan: She did dump me for you. But then, I couldn't do for her what you did.

Adam: Not that you didn't try. But sometimes, cash and influence trump muscle and sweat.

Aidan: Got me there, mate.

[Adam chuckles]

Scott: You could just wish my uncle well and keep moving.

Aidan: Moved into the big house, I see. Must ease the grief a bit.

Adam: He's been a lot of help to us. To me and Annie.

Aidan: Annie really is something, isn't she? She's a real pistol. You think you know her and

Scott: Don't you have someplace to be? A bug to stick up someone's--

Aidan: One second, she's all smiles and--and sunshine. You turn around, you better duck and take cover. But then, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you, Adam? She can get to her men. You don't know whether to lock her in a room, or to rip her clothes off.

Adam: Shut your mouth.

[Running footsteps approach]

Annie: Hi.

Adam: Annie. We've been wondering where you were.

Annie: Hi, I'm sorry I'm late. Hi. You--you look surprised to see me. Didn't you get my note?

Adam: Absolutely, yes. Of course.

Annie: Oh, goodness. Aidan? Long time.

Aidan: So, Annie, finally free to do what you please. Any big plans? Apart from the wedding, of course.

Annie: I am just looking forward to living my life.

Aidan: I'll keep an eye out for my invitation.

Annie: Yeah, you do that. But there's no chance in Hell that you'll be at my wedding.

Ryan: Annie is threatening to tell the police that Emma killed Stuart.

Erica: No, she's bluffing.

Ryan: Well, I can't take that chance.

Erica: Ryan, you really believe that Annie would do that, don't you? You really believe that Annie would blame the murder on her own innocent little girl.

Ryan: From the second that Annie's been in town to protect Emma from Terry--from the second that she's been here, I thought that everything that she did was in the best interest of Emma. But that has changed, Erica. That has definitely changed. It seems now like Emma is as expendable as everybody else. Annie is so determined to get away with murder that she's just using Emma as another way to make that happen.

Erica: No, there has to be something we can do.

Ryan: What? We point the finger at Annie, she points it at Emma.

Annie: It is going to be the most fabulous wedding.

Adam: And every day after that will be even better.

Francesca: Ms. Lavery, I'm glad you could make it. Perhaps you'd like to see the east room and the garden?

Annie: Oh, I'd love to. Oh--hey, just give me one second.

Adam: Ok.

Annie: Don't even think about blowing up my wedding. I have worked way too hard to get here. I am not going to let you ruin it.

Aidan: Well, I'm very impressed. But then, I've always known you've had an amazing--

Annie: Shut up.

Aidan: Big house. Bottomless bank account. Emma back. I'm sure that's the next plan of action, right? You know, I--I still think and remember how you used to sing Emma to sleep.

Annie: You did try to help me. And I appreciate that. And maybe if things had been different, we would still be together.

Aidan: Things don't always turn out the way we plan, do they? They're waiting for you.

Annie: Hi.

Adam: Well, I think you'll be impressed with the space.

Annie: Yes. I can't wait to see it. I'm just going to run to the ladies' room really quickly, ok? I'll just meet you there.

Adam: Ok.

Annie: Ok.

Adam: Don't--don't say it. Don't even think it. She said she'll be right back. She'll do what she said.

Zach: I can't give you an exact time when it's going to happen, but it will happen.

Kendall: Well, Zach, I need more than that. I need--I don't know--a ballpark? Best guess? Estimation? Something.

Zach: Something--I can give you something, but you're not going to like it. You're going to hate it.

Kendall: No, I...actually, I wouldn't hate it. Can you just give me some hope, please? Some glimmer of something? Zach, I need something to hold on to.

Zach: Hold on to these.

Kendall: You're not taking me seriously.

Zach: I--of course I do. I always take you seriously.

Kendall: Ok, well, then do that thing that you do. And not the silent stare thing, but the other thing. When you tell me exactly what I need to hear. The one thing that will make me feel good and have some peace. One word--when? That'll make me feel better about this whole thing. Because honestly, this is crazy.

Zach: Thanksgiving.

Kendall: Thanksgiving? That's doable. That's very doable. Thanks. I needed that.

Zach: Well, I did, too.

Kendall: Wow, that almost sounds like you being optimistic.

Zach: That's me. Now you can do something. Do something for me.

Kendall: Anything.

Zach: Give me that hammer. It's the one that looks like a "T."

Kendall: That one right there? Ok. I think I can do that.

[Tools rattling]

J.R.: Do you think I got through to Colby?

Marissa: If anyone can, you can.

J.R.: No, I haven't exactly been the best big brother. Drunk off my ass half the time. But I'd like to make it up to her. I'd like to be the brother that she can come to, that she can count on.

Marissa: From what I've seen, she already has that brother.

J.R.: Huh. It's funny...this cancer's turning to be a blessing in disguise. Whatever happens, it makes me focus on what's important. Things that I'd like to accomplish, amends that I'd like to make, relationships that I'd like to fix.

Marissa: Does that mean that you're ready to work things out with your father?

J.R.: Huh. Take my advice I gave Colby? Talk it out? I don't know. It might be too late.

Liza: Hi. Hi. I've been so worried about you. Are you--are you doing ok?

Colby: I'm fine.

Liza: Ok.

Colby: I'm not even sure why I'm here. And I'm nowhere near ready to make up.

[Colby sighs]

Colby: But running away won't solve anything.

Liza: So I told Bailey.

Colby: About Stuart?

Liza: Yeah, you set me straight. So I went for the truth and...nothing but. So I let her see him and I let her spend time with him.

Colby: Does she want him back? Is she going to take him from us?

Liza: I don't know, but I do know that it felt really good. It felt really good to be open and honest. And as scared as I was to put our Stuart into Bailey's arms, it--it was the right thing to do.

Man: Liza Colby?

Liza: Yes.

Man: You've been served.

Ryan: As long as Emma is in jeopardy, Annie is controlling the game.

Erica: No. No, Ryan. Hey, I know you. And I know that you're very smart. You're very strong and you're very capable. There has to be some way that you can expose Annie as the real killer.

Ryan: No. Erica, I protect Emma. That is my priority.

Erica: And I protect Kendall.

Scott: Hey. There's no sign of Annie. You want to make that call to the police?

Adam: Well, it's a bit extreme, isn't it? To track down a woman powdering her nose. What do you want me to do, put that blasted monitor back on her ankle?

Francesca: I checked all the restrooms. Ms. Lavery isn't here.

Annie: Where am I? Oh...what's happened? He--hello? I can hear you breathing. Who is that? Ryan, is that you? Oh, you sick bastard! Let me go, or I swear, you will end up in prison with Kendall! Do you hear me? Let me go! Ungh!

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