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Episode #10223

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Bailey: Ha ha.

Madison: What will happen to me at Oak Haven?

Frankie: You're gonna get the help that you need.

Madison: And then what? Back to living alone? Or worse, held prisoner by my parents? Do you have any idea how lucky you are to have a wife that loves you?

Frankie: Yes.

Madison: This is the key to my safe deposit box. Everything's in there--the hotel security tapes, the audio tapes. I want you to have your life back... you and Randi.

Frankie: Is this for real? Or is this another one of your games?

Madison: No games. No tricks, I promise you. I want you to have this key. Please take it.

[Car horn blares]

Madison: Oh!

[Trevor crying]

Jake: I hope this isn't a bad time. I just thought maybe I would take David up on his offer about spending a little extra time with my family. I mean, if that's, you know... still on the table.

David: Of course it is. Why don't you take Amanda and Trevor and go take a walk in the park? It's a beautiful evening.

Jake: Well, if it's all the same to you, I'd like to stay here and maybe you could take the walk in the park.

David: I have to get back to the hospital anyway. I love you, son. I do, I do. Hey, you be good for your mother, ok? I'll be back soon. Maybe when I come home, I can change another diaper. Ha ha.

Liza: I won't hand over my son to that girl.

Tad: That girl? That girl? That's one way of minimizing her role in this. Last I checked, Bailey was Stuart's mother.

Liza: I'm his mother. Tad, you saw her. She's a child.

Tad: You're an adult. Bailey's confused. She's looking for help. She's looking for answers. It's your job to provide them.

Liza: All right. Since you have all the answers, what am I supposed to do?

Tad: Put Stuart first.

James: This is my attorney-- Allen Hays.

Allen Hays: Where is Madison?

Jesse: Well, I'm sorry, counselor, but you're too late. She's gone.

James: I specifically told you not to move my daughter from this facility.

Jesse: Your daughter attempted suicide. She needs help.

James: She just needs to be home.

Angie: She needs professional care. And as her physician, I'm telling you that--

James: Don't hide behind that doctor attitude. I want to see Madison.

Jesse: Oh, you can see her... at Oak Haven. My son is taking her there now.

[Frankie groans]

Frankie: Madison? Hey, Madison, talk to me.

[Unbuckles seatbelt]

Frankie: Madison.

[Unbuckles seatbelt]

Frankie: Come on. Hey. Hey, wake up. Aw, damn. Damn. Uh! All right. Hold on. I'm getting help.  All right. Ok, that's gonna need a stitch or two. No broken bones. Respiration is not labored. Ok. That's a good thing. Now I need you to open your eyes, Madison. Madison, come on, wake up. Yeah. Can you hear me?

Liza: Bailey Welles doesn't know what she wants. I'm not gonna make Stuart a football while this girl decides whether she wants to be a mommy or an astronaut.

Tad: Ok, so, what are you gonna do? You gonna bulldoze your way out of this one? Hmm? Same old lies. You're gonna start throwing your elbows around, tell another couple of lies? Hey, what the hell? There have been so many. What's another few, right?

Liza: Yes. I get that you've never liked this plan from the beginning, but if I have to tell a few more lies for Stuart's sake, I'm gonna do it.

Tad: Oh, come on, Liza. Don't do that. You don't have to. You don't have to be like Jake, tell yourself that the answer is telling even more lies. You say you love Stuart, so prove it. Do the hard thing. Do the right thing. Tell the truth.

Jake: Hey, was that a tooth I saw before? And I notice that you started shaving. That took me by surprise. Gotta tell you something, mijo. These telenovelas, they're not the same without you. When you get all excited and you chew on your fist at the good parts, I miss that. That was--that was... golden. That's what that was.

Amanda: He's definitely missed you, too.

Jake: Really? Do you miss me ever?

Amanda: Jake, of course I do. Why are you really here?

Jake: Because I'm an idiot. I mean, before. I'm trying to say I was an idiot before. Look, it's just that it was killing me seeing you with David. And then it's you and David and the baby like a little family, and it's me on the outside looking in at the family that's supposed to be my family.

Amanda: Listen, I get that you're angry. I just don't understand why you're so mad at me. I was trying to make it better for all of us. I got time for us together. I thought you'd be happy. But you walked away. You wouldn't take my phone call.

Jake: It's 'cause I felt like you were getting drawn in and you're always on his side and...

Amanda: Listen. I'm in an impossible situation.

Jake: A situation that I--I--I created. So, I made it happen.

Amanda: No, listen, it-- it doesn't matter how we got here. I was just trying to make it better for all of us. You didn't trust me.

Jake: I should have... I should have trusted you, and I should have listened and... I just hope it's not too late.

James: I know what's best for my daughter. A psychiatric facility isn't the answer.

Jesse: Is this about your daughter, or is this about all that bad publicity you're afraid of? Which would make this all about you.

James: Do something about this.

Allen: We'll file papers.

Jesse: Fine. Leave. File your little papers. Your daughter's not here.

James: My lawyer will be speaking to your superior.

Jesse: Ok, then.

Angie: Wow.

Jesse: Mmm.

Randi: Hey.

Angie: Hey.

Randi: Where's Frankie?

Jesse: He's taking Madison to Oak Haven.

Randi: He's what?

Jesse: Is there a problem?

Randi: Why didn't Madison just take an ambulance alone?

Jesse: Well, we needed quick, discreet. Frankie offered.  What's going on?

Randi: Look, when I was with Frankie, he was so angry with Madison. He kept on talking about wanting her gone. He said he'd let it go, but he had this look in his eye.

Angie: What are you saying?

Woman on P.A.: Dr. Angie Hubbard. Paging dr. Angie Hubbard. Dr. Hayward. Paging dr. Hayward. MVS vics en route.

Randi: Oh, my god. It's Frankie. I know it is, Jesse.

Angie: What have we got?

Paramedic: Female passenger, late 20s. LOC, but her vitals are stable.

Second paramedic: Responsive to pain. Her pupils are equal and reactive. No fractures.

Angie: Oh, my god. Madison.

Randi: Where's Frankie?

Angie: My son was in the car?

Paramedic: The driver's ambulatory.

David: Well, then, this patient takes precedence, Doctor.

Angie: Let's get her in cube one.

Randi: Jesse, what does that mean--ambulatory? Is he hurt?

Jesse: I really don't know.

Randi: Where is he?

Frankie: Hey, guys.

Jesse: Hey, Frankie, you ok?

Frankie: Yeah, I took my eyes off the road and swerved to avoid hitting a car, and I hit a tree.

Randi: Ok, baby, you need to get checked out.

Frankie: No, I need to be in there to see if I can help.

Randi: Frankie!

Jesse: He's gonna be ok.

Liza: I don't want to lie. So...all right. I'll just do it. I'll just explain to her the truth.

Tad: Well, that's kind of the problem. You don't explain the truth. You just sort of tell it.

Liza: I'm gonna be so honest with her, so damn truthful with her, that she's gonna have to trust me. And when she trusts me, she's gonna trust me with her baby.

Tad: Liza, she doesn't have to trust you. You have lied to her before.

Liza: Yeah, but you see, I'm gonna explain to her why I lied. And I'm going to apologize to her, and I'm gonna explain to her that I did it--as much for her as I did for the baby and for me.

Liza: What?

Tad: You know, this whole "I lied to protect you" thing never really went over all that well with me.

Liza: Oh, so you think what, I'm just trying to manipulate her to convince her to just walk away? I'm not. I'm not. I'm going to be completely honest with her, and I'm gonna tell her the truth, and noth--

Tad: Well, don't stop there. As far as I'm concerned, you're on a roll.

Liza: Tad. Here I am talking about the truth, and this whole time Colby thinks I gave birth to Stuart. I've been lying to my own daughter. I'm gonna have to tell Colby the truth.

Colby: Tell me what?

Jake: Funny thing is, when I was coming over here--I had rehearsed this. It was gonna be perfect. At least I thought it was gonna be perfect. Then I stopped myself, and I had one of those in-depth, hindsight analysis things that I do. And I realized telling you that I was sorry that, you know, I should apologize. It didn't seem like it was right, really, because I really just need you to understand that it drives me crazy when I see you sharing these little moments with David. It sends me to a place that I don't want to go, that I don't want to be, that I'm sorry that I went in the first place. And I just needed to explain that to you. Ok?

Amanda: No. No more apologies. No more explanations. Jake, all I need from you is to not let David get to you. I need you to trust that I can handle myself and David. All I'm trying to do is to manage this mess. Instead of trusting me, you accused me of falling for David. Instead of trusting me, you accused me of being on his side. And when I got us time together, you blew me off. It felt like you turned your back on me. So...all that talk about love and together forever... was it just talk?

Jake: I never in my life wanted to see you get hurt. And I certainly didn't ever want to be the reason why you would have any pain. Ever. So if you meant what you said when you came to the hospital about another chance for this, then I will fight with you, for you, for us. Us.

David: BP's 110/80 on the left side, 80/60 on the right.

Angie: You think it's aortic damage?

David: Set up a ct scan immediately. Prep an O.R. in case I need to operate.

Frankie: I'll take care of it.

James: Is this how the hell you take care of patients? A car crash? Where's my daughter? Is she in there?

Jesse: Let them do their job.

James: What the hell happened?

Jesse: It was an accident. The car ran off the road.

James: She should never have been moved at all. Doc!

Jesse: How's she doing?

Frankie: Possible aortic damage. It's not good. If I hadn't taken my eyes off the road, I--what?

Jesse: This was just an accident, right?

Frankie: Yes, it was an accident. What are you talk--

Jesse: I'm just checking.

Randi: Frankie, you know, earlier you were just talking about Madison and her being gone forever.

Frankie: Yeah, well, it was just talk, Randi. Nothing more. Besides, the funny thing is, she wanted to help us. She wanted me to have the tapes, all of them--the surveillance tapes, Randi's confession.

Jesse: Why? So you could what, let her go?

Frankie: No.

Jesse: Not take her to Oak Haven?

Frankie: No. She just wanted to help. That's why I crashed. She was handing me the key to the safety deposit box. I reached over for it, and...

Jesse: Where is this key, this magical key that's supposed to solve all our problems? Where is it?

Frankie: I didn't have it in my hands when we crashed. It must be in the wreck.

Jesse: We need to find that key, see if she's telling the truth. On another tip, what changed? Why all of a sudden are you trusting her?

Randi: Maybe he just decided that Madison didn't kill Henry, which means that you think that I did.

David: The uneven blood pressure suggests there may be some damage to the aorta. We're running a ct scan to verify. Based on those results, we'll operate immediately if necessary.

James: You and your... nest of Hubbards are not touching my daughter.

David: Mr. Beardsley, I'm one of the best cardio surgeons in the country.

James: Good for you, but you are not touching Madison. Get her prepped. I want her transferred to the East River Hospital in Manhattan.

David: You do that, and you will kill her.

James: Your staff almost has! Get Madison stabilized, or I will shut this hospital down.

Frankie: I think Madison has changed, but it doesn't mean that I think you killed North.

Randi: A few hours ago, you were ready to give her a few extra pills. Now this? What exactly did that woman say to you to change your mind?

Frankie: Madison's sick. She's been emotionally abused for years by her husband, by her father. It doesn't excuse what she's done, but it explains it.

Randi: So, now you're gonna hold her hand? Don't you think that that's exactly what she wants? The new, remorseful, sincere Madison. Just another way for her to get at you.

Frankie: Madison's in this E.R. because of me. She could have died because of me. And if she wants me to believe her, I can't walk away right now.

Liza: So, um... well, you know how much I wanted another child. Right? And how much I wanted us to be a family again.

Colby: Yeah.

Liza: Well, it wasn't happening. So, well, Jake called me up, and he needed someone to adopt Amanda's baby to protect him from David.

Colby: What's this have to do with Stuart?

Liza: I adopted him, and I pretended to be pregnant.

Colby: Pretended? So, Stuart is Amanda's baby?

Liza: Well, actually, it gets a little bit more complicated than that. Jake arranged for me to adopt another baby boy.

Colby: Stuart?

Liza: Yes.

Colby: But you were in labor. You gave birth. I was there.

Liza: I faked it. I faked the contractions, the delivery, the whole thing.

Colby: You lied.

Liza: But the whole time, I thought I was protecting this baby from David.

Colby: So that makes it ok?

Liza: No, it doesn't.

Colby: Why are you telling me this now? Bailey. The teenage mom.

Liza: Yeah.

Colby: Stuart's her baby? She's here because she wants her baby back.

Liza: We don't actually know that.

Colby: And you had to tell me the truth because there's no real good lie to tell me if Stuart suddenly disappeared.

Liza: I am so sorry that I lied to you. Please. But he is in our life. He is your brother, and we are gonna make this work.

Colby: My god, I moved out of Dad's to get away from his lies and craziness, but he has nothing on you.

Liza: Please, Colby, I am so sorry. But that does not change the fact that I love you and I love Stuart. It doesn't.

Colby: When you took me away from Dad, you lied and said he didn't want me, he didn't care. When you wanted a family, you lied to make it happen. Everything out of your mouth is a lie to get what you want! Why the hell should I believe you now?

Jake: 'Cause it's his favorite color, I'm pretty sure.

Amanda: Thank you.

Jake: Look, if this is too uncomfortable, I can leave. It's ok.

Amanda: I just want to know how this could ever work. I mean, you say that you won't let David get to you, but as soon as he walks into the door...

Jake: Well, I think the way to deal with David is just to let him be who he is, let David be David, really.

Amanda: You could really do that?

Jake: Well, the thing about him is that he is basically his own worst enemy. I've been thinking about this. 'Cause he loves to be in control, right? And the minute he would lose control, he would crash and burn.

Amanda: David is in control.

Jake: Yeah, but if we're really in love, he can't control that. And that would eventually eat him up alive. I mean, eventually, a person would have to implode, and that would mean a happy ending for us 'cause all we're doing is just living our lives and being true to who we are.

Amanda: So, no plan?

Jake: No. No planning or scheming or maneuvering or manipulating. None of that. 'Cause if... if we have love, then I personally think that is the strongest weapon in the world. If we have that, if we have trust, then nothing he can do. Actually, we're actually further along than you realize. We're down the road of the dreams that we had every single night about being together--those nights when I put the olive oil on your stomach so you didn't have stretch marks. Remember? 'Cause you didn't want those. So, that's it. It's... that's everything. That's all I got. And I just hope it's not too late. And I hope that when you came to the hospital, you meant what you said about us, this, you know, having another second chance together. So it's not awkward, I can just see myself out so I'm not like-- cute kid.

Jake: Mmm.

Amanda: Ah!

Jake: What?

Amanda: No, not here. Come on.

Singer: Well, I can feel you hear you see you in my mind when you're away and if you can see that I need you but I can't seem to find the right words to say "hold me beside you I know that you're not mine I'll be right here waiting and I need you to stay for just one night"

Liza: The only reason that I lied to you about giving birth to him was to protect you.

Colby: This I gotta hear. Go ahead. Spin it. Tell me how you protected me.

Liza: Well, you and I had been at odds for so long that I just didn't want you thinking that I was replacing you by adopting another baby.

Colby: Let me get this straight. It was easier for you to go through with that charade than to say, "Hey, Colby, I'm going to adopt a baby"?

Liza: I just wanted us to be close again the way we used to be.

Colby: So you found a baby to lure me back. Maybe we should have named him "bait".

Liza: I was just--Colby, I just wanted that child to help bring us close again.

Colby: Way to go, Mom. It worked. Maybe if you explain all this to Bailey Welles, she'll be thrilled she gave up her baby so you could have your family. The thing is, I'm not playing house anymore. I'm finding my own place to live.

Liza: Oh, please, Colby. Please try to understand this. Just try.

Colby: You used Stuart. You used Bailey. You used me to get what you want. And I fell for it, the whole thing--the adorable little brother, the happy family. And it was all a game. The game's over.

Tad: Just give me a minute.

Liza: Oh!

[Heart monitor beeping]

Madison: Hey.

Frankie: Hey.

Madison: Are you all right?

Frankie: You're the one who's hooked up to wires and tubes, but you're gonna be fine. Your father's making sure of it.

Madison: I'm sure he's angry.

Frankie: He's worried. He wants the best for you, which is why you're being transferred.

Madison: I want to stay here.

Frankie: Well, it's not like you're gonna be alone. I'll call and check up on the doctors and monitor your progress.

Madison: You don't have to do that.

Frankie: I want to.

Madison: You have the key?

Frankie: Yeah.

Madison: You have to get the tapes.

Frankie: I will. Just get some rest.

Madison: Frankie... Randi didn't kill Henry. I did. I killed my husband.

Liza: Tad is gonna talk your sister down, and she's gonna be back. Everything's gonna be just fine. Mm-hmm.

[Liza sniffling]

[Telephone ringing]

Bailey: Hello?

Liza: Bailey? It's Liza Colby. I think it's time you met your son.

Jake: What's it like alone at night with him? I bet that he sits at a roaring fire, brooding under his unibrow.

Amanda: Hee hee.

Jake: I really... I guess I gotta go.

Amanda: No, not yet.

Jake: Well, I think so, because David's bound to show up any second. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't mind if he walked in on the two of us, but--no, let me take that back. I wouldn't want to share any part of you with him--not even an inch-- or anyone.

Amanda: We're gonna be ok, aren't we?

Jake: Yeah, we're good. We're gonna be ok because we're unbeatable, we're unshakeable.

Tad: Colby!

Colby: If Mom sent you, I'm not interested.

Tad: Not your mom, just me.

Colby: And I should believe whatever you're going to say? You lied to me, too.

Tad: Yeah, honey, I did. We screwed up. We screwed up badly. I'm not gonna stand here and tell you you don't have the right to be angry, but I am gonna say I hope to god you recognize the courage it took your mother to tell you the truth, even though it was a gamble, even though she risked losing you.

Colby: Maybe she should have thought of that before she started with all the lies.

Tad: Maybe. The world's not as simple a place as we all wish it could be. You just remember your mother gave you the truth. You can tear her up one side and down another, but she risked everything, and to her it was worth it. It was worth the risk of you walking away for the rest of your life on the odd chance that you would understand and hopefully forgive her. I'm begging you to do it, sweetheart. Be the family she wants, the family that she loves. You can yell and scream all you want, but what Liza did proves that she's willing to do anything she has to for her children.

Bailey: Is this him?

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Bailey: May I?

Liza: Yeah.

Bailey: Ha ha. You don't remember me, but I'm your mom. Yeah! He's amazing.

Liza: Yes, he is.

Bailey: How long do I have?

Liza: As long as you'd like.

Bailey: Shh, shh.

James: You're gonna be fine. You'll have the best care.

Randi: How you doing?

Frankie: She confessed.

Randi: What do you mean?

Frankie: Madison. She killed North.

Randi: She said that?

Frankie: I think she told me in case she didn't make it, but you're free. Madison freed you.

Randi: Oh, my god, Frankie. It's over.

Frankie: Yeah.

Angie: You know, Madison has made our lives a living hell, and now she does this--offer the tapes, confession.

Jesse: Finally justice, huh?

Angie: Yeah, justice, a miracle, a gift. I mean, it makes me believe in the power of redemption.

Jesse: Did you find anything at the site?

Policeman: Just this, chief.

Jesse: Thanks. No key.

Angie: Well, it's a small thing. Maybe it got lost in the crash.

Jesse: Or somebody got to it first.

[Drops keys on table]

[Playing piano]


[David stops playing]

Jake: Oh, don't stop. That was great. That's moving. It was deep. It was brooding, even, kind of. You know what, I just want to thank you for your hospitality. Appreciate it. And that's one hell of a steam room you got there, pal.

[Door closes]

Tad: So, that's it? You're just gonna walk away?

Colby: Don't treat me like some kid throwing a tantrum. My mom was brave enough to tell the truth? Why can't she ever start there?

Tad: I'm sure she wishes she had.

Colby: Only because she's getting buried by her lies. Look, I know you want me to forgive her and be an adult, but I've been smothered by lies my whole life. My dad lied about my conception. Everyone thought I was Jake's kid for how long until the truth came out? My parents lie, get caught, apologize, and swear it'll never happen again. And I always believe them. But it always starts again. No more. I'm done.

Bailey: He's so tiny... and perfect. Oh, I brought him a present.

Bailey: Do you like it? Do you think he likes it?

Liza: He's mine. I adopted him.

Bailey: But I don't understand. You said there was a couple--

Liza: I lied. There's no couple. It's me. But I did not lie to you about how much he is loved.

Bailey: Why would you lie?

Liza: Because I was afraid that you wouldn't understand just how much he means to me and that living with me and being raised by me and being loved by me is the best possible life for him. I mean, all that matters is that I'll put him first. What is the best life for him? I mean, you understand that, right? Right? I mean, you understand just how important that is?

Bailey: No, I don't understand any of this.

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