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Zach: You should have asked me about this. You should have asked me before you sent this letter.

Liza: You told me to get her out of that place.

Zach: No one can go up to that prison.

Liza: All right, what is going on here? Zach, what are you not telling me?

Zach: Just let it go and go home. Go.

Kendall: No. She needs to know the truth before she screws things up even more.

Liza: You're here?

Kendall: Yes, I'm here, and I've been here the whole time.

Liza: No. No. I was in that courtroom. I saw you sentenced. I saw them take you away. How -- how could you possibly have got -- Jesse.

Jesse: I'm here to escort Annie to the courthouse. Her trial starts today.

Annie: Are you saying by this afternoon I could actually be a free woman?

Jesse: Or not.

Annie: Ha! Oh, my God! This is it! It's really happening. Ha ha!

Liza: That's the reason why you didn't want to have any visitors. And that's the reason why you didn't want to go visit her. Huh. Spike talking to his imaginary mom. Or the dinner with the burned steaks. And the door that fell on me. Huh. David was right. That door didn't hit me; you did. 

[Alarm clock ringing]

[Marissa notices J.R.'s hair falling out, then quietly gets up and gets dressed]

J.R.: Ahh -- are you trying to sneak out on me?

Marissa: No. You can't get rid of me that easily.

J.R.: What's in the bag?

Marissa: Just a few things to help pass the time at chemo: Magazines and crossword puzzles.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. "Celebrity Style."

Marissa: That's mine. I didn't know how long we'd be there for. I wanted to make sure that we're fully stocked.

J.R.: Why would you want to waste your day at that place? Just drop me off. I'll call you when I'm done.

Marissa: No. Forget it. I want to be there.

J.R.: You're gonna be bored out of your mind.

Marissa: I'm never bored with you.

J.R.: Seriously, I'm fine.

Marissa: I know, but it'll be good for us to do this together.

J.R.: You know, when I went in for my first treatment, Dr. Khan said it would help me relax if I could think about something that made me happy. I closed my eyes and I dreamt of you.

Marissa: Well, you won't have to dream anymore. You'll have the real thing.

Adam: Annie's not going anywhere until I speak to her lawyer.

Jesse: You've been pushing to get this trial going for months. Now that it's finally here, you're having second thoughts?

Adam: No, no, no, of course not. I just want to make sure that Barry can actually be in court today. She has a right to have her attorney present.

Jesse: Ahh -- make it quick. I'll be in my car.

Adam: Uh-huh.

Annie: So, this is what we've been waiting for. Our nightmare is almost over. We're about to start our new life, so why do you look upset?

Adam: Ok, it just caught me by surprise. I expected a little more notice.

Annie: Judge Robinson didn't give you a heads up? I thought the two of you had some sort of -- understanding?

Adam: So did I.

Annie: Adam, what if somebody's gotten to him? One of the many people that hate me? What if they've gotten to the judge to turn him against me? And they could give me the maximum sentence, and I could go to jail for the rest of my life.

Adam: No. No, no. This is gonna work out fine. My friend on the bench is not gonna betray us. We can count on him.

Annie: How can you be so sure?

Adam: Well, because I have accumulated hundreds of promissory notes from him on the golf course. He owes me.

Scott: I can't talk long.

Ryan: Well, what do we have to discuss? I thought that you weren't interested in helping me bring Annie down.

Scott: I'm interested in the truth about who killed my dad.

Ryan: That makes two of us.

Scott: Well, then you might want to head down to the courthouse. Annie's trial is about to start.

Annie: Who's that?

Scott: Business call. Where's Uncle Adam?

Annie: Making sure Barry gets to court on time. Adam wants to make sure nothing delays my release. Oh, I can't wait to get this stupid thing off my ankle. Once it's gone, I can do whatever I please.

Scott: Huh. Hey, you seem pretty confident this judge is gonna break all the rules for you.

Annie: Any friend of Adam's is a friend of mine.

Liza: Wow. I'm an idiot.

Kendall: All right, Liza, listen, I can explain --

Liza: No. You know what? Don't bother. Don't even bother. I get it. I get it. It's all very clear right now. "Mommy's in the wall." Wow. I should have gotten that one sooner. But then again, why would I think that you would be lying to me? That you're just gonna string me along like some naive sucker who just eats up everything that you say.

Zach: Liza --

Liza: Yeah, that's not who I am. I have been honest with you. Shame on me for expecting the same.

Zach: I didn't tell you because it would have made you an accessory.

Liza: Don't pretend that you're protecting me. This is about Kendall. This has always been about Kendall.

Zach: And we're both very grateful for your work --

Liza: You know what? You don't give a damn about me. If you did, you wouldn't have let me waste weeks of my life working on an appeal that was already compromised the second you broke your wife out of police custody. Wait a minute. If you're here, who's in prison?

Zach: A woman on my payroll.

Liza: Huh. Wow. Here I am working on getting a new law practice up and running while raising a child on my own, and you two are working up this insane scheme that you didn't even bothered to let me know about. I'm passing up legitimate work and time away from my child.

Zach: You have a right to be angry, but I hope you understand --

Liza: I understand perfectly. You got no trouble taking me away from my children as long as Kendall's with hers.

Zach: You've sacrificed a lot.

Liza: Yeah, well, I'm done. I hope you've enjoyed being with your boys, because when people find out about this, it's not gonna be 15 years. It's gonna be life.

Kendall: For a murder I didn't commit.

Liza: Well, you want to try convincing a jury of that now?

Kendall: Well, you're no longer my lawyer, so you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Liza: No, you're damn right I don't. So if either one of you decide you want to pass my card along to any one of your friends, just tell 'em that I don't work with people who keep me in the dark. See, without trust, you got nothing. Why even bother to get started. Yeah, I'm out of here.

Zach: What would you do in Kendall's position?

Liza: Yeah, well, I'm quite certain that would never be.

Zach: What would you do?

Liza: It's a moot question.

Zach: What would you do?

Liza: I don't know.

Zach: I think you'd do everything you can to get your kids back.

Liza: You know, you're right. Love does make you do crazy things. 

Annie: This is all happening so fast. I mean, what about jury selection?

Barry: Oh, no. We've elected to forego a jury trial and present your case directly to the judge. Now, you will plead guilty to all the charges by reason of temporary insanity.

Annie: And that'll be easy to prove, right? If you tell the judge about Richie and how he tortured me as a child and how horrible Terry was and what Dr. Sinclair did to mend --

Barry: Yes, of course, and I'll push to have your stay at Oak Haven count as time served. Now, the DA will fight it, but ultimately it'll be up to the judge.

Adam: Excuse me. Excuse me. I have just learned from the chief of police that today is my fiancée's -- the start of her trial.

Judge Robinson: Mm-hmm.

Adam: What the devil is going on?

Judge Robinson: Well, I had an opening on my docket, so I moved you up. What's the problem? I thought you wanted this over with as soon as possible.

Adam: No. What I want is Annie to walk out of here a free woman.

Judge Robinson: Understood, but remember, there's only so much I can do, no matter how many strokes you give me at the club.

Bailiff: Judge, I have those files you requested.

Judge Robinson: Thank you. I need to review these before we start.

Adam: Yeah.

Jesse: You are either gonna call me to testify -- or forget the trial and offer Annie a plea bargain. Which is it?

DA Willis: That'll be up to my colleague, ADA Pierce. He'll be trying the Lavery case in my place.

Jesse: Why?

DA Willis: Something's come up. I have to go upstate to handle it in person.

Zach: I understand why you want to quit.

Liza: I don't want to quit. I quit. And I've been very clear on my reasons.

Zach: We need you.

Liza: You don't need me. I mean, how could you possibly need me. I've done everything I possibly could to help you. I've laid the groundwork for Kendall's appeal. I've put the wheels in motion for you to be granted a new trial. But now the whole thing gets blown to hell, because of this ludicrous plan that you didn't bother to fill me in on.

Zach: I didn't fill you in on it, because if anything went wrong you'd be disbarred.

Liza: If anything went wrong? What do you think is gonna happen when Willis goes up to the prison and insists to talk to her? Her body double can only refuse to see him for so long before he gets a court order and makes her talk to him. We're all gonna be thrown into that prison together: You, me, Kendall, Jesse. That'll be one big party.

Kendall: Who are you calling?

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Hubbard.

Zach: Jesse, we have a problem.

Jesse: Yeah, I'm all over it. Willis thinks there's a chance that Annie might be offered a plea bargain.

Zach: What, he knows about our plan?

Jesse: Well, I didn't tell him an thing about it, if that's what you're asking. I'm sure the man has his own suspicions.

Zach: Well, what does that mean? What are you thinking about?

Jesse: The trial, last minute gets moved up. Come on. Willis would have to be stupid not to think that Adam Chandler doesn't have this judge in his back pocket.

Zach: This isn't about Annie. Um, Willis was told that Kendall wants to recant her confession, so he's going up to the prison. Can't let that happen.

Jesse: Well, might be a little too late. The man is on his way up there as we speak. Well, this mess just got a little messier.

[Aidan sneaks into the Chandler living room but hides when Scott comes in]

Scott: Yeah, no problem. I just need to grab a file. Yeah, just give me a minute to grab the paperwork. Where've they gone? Ok. ok, here it is. Exactly as I reported. That's the cost summary. Listen, I'm gonna fax the rest of this over to you later this afternoon. Right now I'm late for court. Yeah, ok, thanks. Bye. Don't worry about it.

[Once Scott leaves, Aidan finds a CD with footage of Annie and Scott kissing]


Nurse: All right, I will be back to check on you in a little bit. Ok, if you guys need anything, you let me know.

Trent: What about me?

Nurse: He always needs something. What is it today?

Trent: I'm in the mood for Italian. I'll take a Maserati or a Ferrari.

J.R.: Ha ha!

Nurse: I'll see what I can find in the supply closet.

J.R.: So you like cars?

Trent: I want to be buried in a Lamborghini. Figure I'll call up a dealer, say I'll probably be dead in six months. They'll give me a deal. It's great publicity, right? I'm Trent.

J.R.: J.R. This is Marissa.

Trent: Wife?

Marissa: No.

Trent: Girlfriend?

J.R.: Ahh -- 

Trent: Chemo buddy. Let's leave it at that.

J.R.: So, Trent, how's it going for you? The treatment part?

Trent: Besides the nausea, barfing, and fatigue so bad you can hardly move, it's going great. I mean, I still have my hair, right? Oh, and the brain fog. Wait'll that settles in. You won't even remember your name.

Marissa: Why don't we work on a crossword?

Trent: Look, I didn't mean to offend you. I've been coming here for a while, so I forget other people need a chance to ease in. The brain fog doesn't happen to everyone.

J.R.: Well, that's good news. Right? Anything else I should know about as a newbie?

Trent: You into the stock market?

J.R.: All the way in.

Trent: Get into day trading. Everyone else is thinking long term, playing it safe, planning for the future, but guys like us, we have no time horizons. We can really let it ride.

Marissa: I have to just use the ladies room.

Trent: I was just kidding.

J.R.: Marissa, wait.

Adam: You have no business being here.

Ryan: The mother of my child is up for trial. I have a huge interest in how this turns out.

Annie: Hmm, and we all know the outcome you're hoping for, Ryan.

Ryan: Oh, I think it may already be decided.

Adam: Oh? What are you insinuating?

Ryan: Nothing. I want what's best for Emma, that's all.

Annie: We all do.

Adam: If anyone is jeopardizing that child's well being, it's you. Separating her from her mother.

Ryan: You know what, Adam, I really don't need parenting tips from you.

Jesse: Ok, ok, separate corners. Fellas. You want Annie to pay? So do I. Taking her on here like this? It's not gonna help. As a matter of fact, it'll probably make this worse.

Ryan: I need to be here, Jesse.

Jesse: I understand that, but Annie's entire defense is to convince this judge that she is the victim, tortured her whole life. Now, with the entire town out to get her, the last thing we need to do is drive that point home.

Ryan: Annie is gonna end up behind bars.

Kendall: Annie's trial is about to start, and the DA is on the way to see me in prison. So what are we gonna do?

Zach: We're going to do what we've been trying to -- prove that Annie killed Stuart. Then Willis will shift his focus to the real killer.

Kendall: We've been trying to prove that Annie's guilty for months, and now all of a sudden we're gonna magically find --

Zach: Well, maybe there's some magic left.

Kendall: I don't understand how this is gonna work, Zach. He could be at the prison as we speak.

Zach: He's not at the prison, now, so do me a favor, go to your room and stay there. And stop fighting me on everything. This can work. But only if you stop, because otherwise, you will lose you boys, and I know you don't want to have any part of this, but here we are.

Liza: I'm sorry, this has gotten so difficult for you, but I've made up my mind.

Zach: We need your help here. Just stall them a little while longer. Stall Willis. Just go up to that prison and buy me some time. I'll take care of the rest.

Kendall: Must make you feel pretty good knowing Zach can't do this without you.

Liza: Just -- don't talk to me.

Kendall: Oh, please, Liza. Would you just drop the whole anguished act? This is -- it's all falling into place for you.

Liza: What, being disbarred and going to prison? Because you thought you could pull off the stupidest plan of all times. Yeah, that's a dream come true.

Kendall: So then what are you still doing here?

Liza: Excuse me?

Kendall: Well, if you want to drop this case so badly, why are you still here?

Liza: Instead of interrogating me, maybe you should be asking for help?

Kendall: Why, so you can laugh at me? You're not gonna help me. You're gonna go to the DA, rat me out, I get a life sentence, you get my husband.

Liza: It's a fascinating theory. Only one problem. I don't want Zach anymore.

Trent: So what kind of name is J.R. That short for something?

J.R.: Junior. I was named after my father.

Trent: How's he taking all this?

J.R.: He's been pretty busy lately. Personal stuff, business stuff.

Trent: He doesn't know. That's cool. Everyone deals in their known way, their own time.

J.R.: How about you? How's your family holding up?

Trent: My mom passed away, and my had never liked me much, so -- he won't be too broken up when I croak.

J.R.: Oh, come on.

Trent: It's true. When I called him up to tell him, I said I had good news. He might be rid of me sooner than he thought.

J.R.: Look, I get this laughing to keep yourself from crying thing, but I'm not laughing. I mean, you already scared my girlfriend away. You might not be here to fight, but I am. So, if you want to laugh out loud about death, do it with someone else.

Trent: So Marissa is your girlfriend?

J.R.: It's complicated.

Trent: But in a good way.

J.R.: Well, yeah. What woman do you know that would want to sign up for something like this?

Marissa: I didn't know you volunteered here.

Angie: Only a few times a month. I read to the Pediatric patients and bring home-cooked meals to their parents, you know, offer whatever support I can.

Marissa: That's great.

Angie: Yeah, I'm here for anyone who needs me, including you.

Marissa: I'm supposed to be supporting J.R., but he's in there acting so brave, and I'm out here falling apart.

Angie: Marissa, you know, it's completely normal to feel overwhelmed.

Marissa: I'm trying to hold it together, but it's -- it's just way harder than I thought.

Angie: Yeah, know, you just want to run out that door and forget that you ever heard the word cancer. But you won't 'cause you're stronger than that. And J.R. needs you, and you're gonna be here to help him fight.

Marissa: I want to be there for him, every step of the way, but it's just the deeper into this I get, the more attached and committed -- there's a chance he could die.

Angie: Yes. There is, but you can't focus on that.

Marissa: Yes, I'm trying not to, but it's just always there in the back of my mind.

Angie: Well, then keep it there. Keep it tucked away in that dark place and just keep your thoughts and your energy on helping J.R. heal.

Marissa: How do you do it? Keep your mind from going into that bad place?

Angie: Sweetheart, you know, nobody wants to lose the people that we love, but if we spend all of our time worrying about what might happen, we miss out on what is happening, we miss out on life. Are you really gonna let fear steal that time away from you? I don't think so.

Trent: Cancer's hard on us. It's hard on other people, too. You're asking them to fight as war that doesn't really end. Even if the chemo works, life is never the same. Every checkup, there's a chance this starts all over again.

J.R.: You speaking from personal experience?

Trent: I'm not saying this to scare you. I just want you to realize how good you have it. I could tell it soon as you walked in here. Marissa's not going anywhere.

J.R.: I told her that she didn't have to stick around, but she wanted to.

Trent: Then you are lucky. So don't blow it. This is a rough road, J.R. There will be days when the chemo kicks your ass so bad, you'll be begging to give up. But she'll help you keep fighting. Don't just play defense. Attack. Do whatever it takes to get through this. If Marissa wants to be there for you -- whew! -- let her and be damn grateful.

J.R.: So she says something nice at my funeral?

[Door opens]

J.R.: Hey.

Marissa: Hey.

J.R.: Are you ok?

Marissa: Yeah, I am now.

J.R.: Me, too.

Kendall: I may be going stir crazy, but I'm not blind. I've seen how you look at Zach. I've heard how you talk about him when he's not here.

Liza: You've been spying on me?

Kendall: This is my house. Zach is my husband. Spike and Ian are my children. But that would all change if you had your way.

Liza: What are you talking about?

Kendall: Ok, does this sound familiar? "Oh, Ian, my son doesn't have a daddy. I hope maybe someday he'll have a daddy just like yours." Is that part of your fantasy? I go away and you steal my life?

Liza: Talk about paranoid.

Kendall: You're in love with Zach.

Liza: All right, I don't have to explain myself. But I said I'm over it, I'm over it.

Kendall: Ok, well, then once again, why are you still here?

Liza: To rid myself of your case.

Kendall: Or to get Zach to beg you to stay?

Liza: You know what, Zach can beg all he wants. I'm tired of putting my life on hold to save yours.

Kendall: You're not over this at all. You are furious because no matter how hard you pushed, Zach refused to give up on me. He rejected you, and now you want us both to pay.

Liza: Wow. I'm out of here.

Kendall: You going to the prison? Zach thinks you're going to run interference with the DA, but I think you're gonna throw us both under the bus, aren't you?

Liza: I got screwed over. Why shouldn't you?

[Door slams]

DA Willis: I'm here to see Kendall Slater.

Guard: Good luck. She's refused every visitor who's come up here.

DA Willis: Well, she can't refuse me. Go get her. Now.

Ryan: Jesse call for backup?

Zach: Ryan, don't do this. Think about Kendall. You go in there, you destroy any chance she has of a future.

Ryan: Kendall's future is not the only one at stake here, Zach. I got to protect my daughter.

[Gavel raps]

Judge Robinson: We are here in the matter of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Annie Lavery. Ms. Lavery is facing one count of first degree murder for the death of Richie Novak, aggravated assault against Erica Kane, kidnapping and endangering the welfare of her own child, and multiple counts of escape. How do you plead?

Annie: Guilty on all counts, your honor, by reason of temporary insanity.

Judge Robinson: I've carefully reviewed all of your files and evaluations, Ms. Lavery. It is clear that you did suffer a severe psychological break. I have spoken with your court-appointed therapist at length, and in his expert opinion, six more months of inpatient treatment at a state-run facility would be beneficial for your rehabilitation and recovery.

Ryan: Six months? Is that a joke?

Marissa: Hey, sorry I ran out of the room. But that Trent guy was just too much.

J.R.: Actually, he's all right.

Marissa: I thought he was a jerk.

J.R.: So did I. At first. Then he gave me some good advice.

Marissa: About what?

J.R.: Like to be thankful that I'm not going through this alone.

Marissa: He doesn't have anyone?

J.R.: Well, he's got his humor. I know that sounds kind of weird, but that's his big weapon against the cancer, so I got to thinking -- uh! Ever since I've been diagnosed with cancer, I've been passive. I've been waiting for what the doctors had to say, what's my next move. But I can't sit back and expect that everything's gonna work out -- the rest of my life. I need to take action.

Judge Robinson: Please sit down, Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: I apologize for the outburst, your honor, I really do, ok, but with all due respect, I happen to know Annie Lavery better than anybody else in this courtroom, ok? And six months for what she's done is completely unacceptable.

Adam: Your honor, my fiancée shouldn't have to put up with this verbal abuse from her vindictive ex-husband.

Ryan: I am here to make sure justice is served.

Adam: No. You're here to slander Annie and sway the court's decision.

Jesse: Your honor, I'd be happy to escort Mr. Lavery out of the building.

Ryan: This ruling affects my daughter just as much as it does Annie, your honor, and I believe that I have the right to make a statement on her behalf.

ADA Pierce: Mr. Lavery is on my witness list. I can call him now.

Judge Robinson: That won't be necessary. Go ahead, Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Thank you, your honor. I mean, you look at Annie, and what do you see? You see a kind face, and you see a warm smile, and you figure the woman has got it all together, but she doesn't, your honor. It's an act, and I know that because I was married to her, and I can see past the facade to the woman that she really is, and that woman is hiding an enormous amount of pain, your honor, pain that is a result of a life spent in constant fear, constant fear from a brother that used to terrorize her and her first husband that ended up being a pedophile and a psychiatrist that tried to kill her. You know all this, and these people, they left scars in her so deep that I honestly did not believe that she could ever recover, and yet, with determination and the courage that she has, she's finally got to a place where she can just put all that pain behind her, and I realize that she's got some really serious issues to work through. I understand that, but I guess I'm just asking you if you would allow her to work on those things in a safe, supportive environment. Don't send her to a place where she's just gonna get so scared and so discouraged that she's gonna shut down again. I'm asking you to make the right decision here, your honor, for my little girl, you know? She really needs her mom.

Jesse: Is he high? I mean, I thought he wanted Annie out of Emma's life.

Zach: Uh-huh, but not for six months. He wants her to go down for murder, something she can't plead her way out of.

Judge Robinson: Sit. Unless anyone else would like to address the court, I'm ready to make my ruling. Ms. Lavery, I don't take any decisions lightly, especially those that involve a child. It is true you have made tremendous progress in your recovery. However, there is still a great deal of work to be done. Therefore, after taking everything into careful consideration, I'm sentencing you to six months of outpatient therapy. You must remain in Pine Valley during that time, but I am removing you from monitored custody on your own recognizance. This court is adjourned.

Annie: [Laughs]

Adam: Thank you, judge.

Annie: Thank you. 

Marissa: Are you sure about this?

J.R.: If this is gonna happen, it's gonna happen on my terms. Do it.

[Marissa turns on a hair trimmer and approaches J.R.'s head]

Annie: Do it.

Adam: Shouldn't we wait till we get home?

Annie: No. I can't wait another second.

Adam: Ok.

Annie: Ooh!

Adam: Mm!

[Adam cuts off Annie's ankle monitor]

Annie: Oh, I can't believe it. This is really happening. This is real.

Adam: You're free. Ha ha ha!

Annie: Ha ha ha! Oh -- I'll be right back. What you did in the courtroom was incredible, but don't think for a second I am stupid enough to believe one word of that was sincere. I know what you're trying to do, and it's not gonna work. You can't shut me out of Emma's life, Ryan. I'm here to stay.

Ryan: Pretty soon, you're gonna wish you were back at Oak Haven because the real nightmare is about to begin.

Zach: Well, Annie got what she wanted. So did we.

Kendall: Well, you better hope your good friend Liza doesn't get what she wants, or we're both in big trouble.

Zach: What's that supposed to mean?

Kendall: Well, Liza went to the prison, but not to hold off Willis. She's there to sell me out.

DA Willis: What's the problem, Counselor, you don't trust me to interview your client on my own?

Liza: Well, before you get started, there is something that you need to know.

DA Willis: Must be pretty important if you'd come all this way.

Liza: It is. The woman who's about to walk through that door is not who you're expecting.

Guard: Let's go, Slater. The DA won't wait forever. I said move it.

[Kendall's imposter is led out of her prison cell]

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