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Tad: For those of you folks out there watching us from the comfort of your couch or your bed, remember, there are people here that need your shout-out, so call it in. For instance, this lovely, beautiful young thing is ready, willing, and able to take your pledge. It doesn't matter whether it's 50 or 500. If it's your money and it's green, your generosity can give some of our dancing fools a much needed break. So have pity, folks. There are people here that need water, they need food. Maybe even a little shuteye. Remember, only the strong survive, but even the strong need your help.

Singer: And since that moment my life was yours and through the seasons our love endures

Randi: You guys keep dancing. I don't want you to get disqualified. Frankie's hospital calls never really take that long, anyway. I'm sure he'll be here any minute.

Madison: Your father can run me out of town all he wants. I can ruin Randi's life from anywhere.

Frankie: Last chance. What do you want?

Madison: Dance with me.

Frankie: There is no way in hell that I'm going to dance with you.

Madison: Ooh. This says that you'll do whatever I want. Your daddy, too. Shall we?

Zach: Here's the bottom line. I want Kendall back with her kids. If you can get a confession out of Annie, great. Don't screw it up.

Ryan: You stay out of my way, and I won't.

Adam: What did you do to Annie?

Ryan: What are you talking about? I didn't even step on her toes, why?

Adam: She's disappeared.

Annie: Yeah, you know, the way I figure it, we're all practically extended family now, right? Oh, except for the fact that Kendall killed Stuart. But now she's behind bars, and lucky for you, right?

Erica: Excuse me?

Annie: Well, I just mean now that you're dating Ryan. Tell me, Erica, how do you think your daughter would feel if she knew you were taking her sloppy seconds?

[Erica slaps Annie then pushes her into a bathroom stall]

Annie: Oh! Huh. Oh -- ah! Ah!

Erica: Oh, good. Now all I have to do is flush. Oh, you think you're so smart. You think you got it all figured out. A twitch of your behind, Adam on the hook, and all your problems are solved.

Annie: I love Adam.

Erica: No, you love what you think he can do for you. You think all his power and his money are going to make all the charges against you go away and maybe even buy you custody of your little girl Emma.

Annie: Yeah, children should be with their mothers.

Erica: Not with murdering psychopath mothers, no, they shouldn't. Adam may be temporarily blinded by you, but he's going to see you for who you really are and he's going to toss you out of his house just like the trash you are.

Annie: Oh, please!

Erica: Oh!

Annie: What are you talking about? Like with you and Ryan? He just feels sorry for you, because you have no one in your life. Everyone knows you can get all the men, but you can't keep them. Trust me, Ryan would never be stupid enough to fall in love with you. Oh! Oh!

[Erica pushes Annie into a stall again]

Ryan: How could Annie just disappear? How does that happen?

Adam: We won a break. I went to the patio for some air. When I get back, she was gone.

Zach: There's a cop watching her, no?

Adam: The idiot fell asleep.

[Annie screams]

Adam: That's Annie.

Annie: Oh! Get away from me!

[Annie pants]

Adam: What -- what the devil is going on here?

Annie: She tried to drown me!

Erica: Oh, you are so lucky I didn't go for the royal flush.

Annie: Oh, you wouldn't dare.

Erica: Oh, no?

Ryan: Ok. All right, Erica, I think it's about time we head back to the dance floor.

Erica: No, I have plenty of time to finish this.

Ryan: Erica --

Adam: I will not let you attack Annie again.

Annie: No, no, no, I can handle this.

Erica: You heard her. Your fiancée said that she and I are not done yet.

Zach: If Ryan screws this up, I have to keep Kendall locked up forever.

Liza: You didn't get Kendall locked up. Zach, if you let Ryan do this, you'll get to see her again.

Zach: Leave it alone. You know, leave me alone.

Liza: Ok, you want to push me away. Go ahead. I'm on your side.

Carrie: What are you doing?

Jake: Uh -- just -- going to have a little baby time.

Carrie: No. You heard Dr. Hayward's instructions. No one's to hold the baby. Um -- you're not going to tell him that I was asleep, are you?

Jake: Carrie -- is that right -- Carrie?

Carrie: Yes.

Jake: I remembered that. I remembered that because I like that name, a lot. I dated a Carrie. Well -- and your -- your eyes -- did anybody ever tell you that they're -- well, they're beautiful. That's lame. Sorry. It's just -- I just -- the truth is, I love this little one to pieces. And I just thought it would be nice to have a little time with the baby. A little baby time. You know, what also would probably be nice is some nanny time.

[Jake chuckles]

David: It still hurts, doesn't it?

Amanda: What?

David: Your fight with Jake.

Amanda: He's my husband.

David: Yes, he is. And you love him.

Amanda: Of course, I do. It's just -- he -- what he did -- the chances that we took -- I could have lost my son forever, and if anything had happened to Trevor because of Jake's plan, then I --

[Amanda sighs]

David: But of course, you forgive him. Because you do love him.

Amanda: Can we just dance?

David: Whatever you want.

Jesse: What the --

Angie: It can't be.

Jesse: What the hell are you doing? Here?

Madison: Ok. You might want to give this a little listen.

Jesse: What is this?

Madison: Your wife and your daughter-in-law might be interested, too.

Jesse: You heard this?

Frankie: Yeah.

Madison: Enjoy.

Randi: I thought that bitch was on a bus. Why is she dancing with my husband?

Jesse: Something came up. Do me a favor. Take her to Erica's office, and I'll meet you there in a minute.

Angie: Come on.

Tad: So that's it? Hubbard clan is bowing out for good?

Jesse: I need a little more time.

Madison: I knew we'd be good together.

Frankie: Are you having fun humiliating me?

Madison: I'm not trying to humiliate you. I just want to have fun. You know? Like at the casino.

Frankie: I was drunk.

Madison: And hot.

Frankie: I was a mess.

Madison: Well, yeah, you just had a fight with your wife. You needed a shoulder and I was there. Tonight, I need the shoulder.

Randi's voice: Maybe it's better if I just confess, and just tell him before he finds out on his own.

Randi: This is bad.

Jesse: I need those tapes. And I need those tapes to prove that Madison killed her husband.

Randi: No, it's over. Madison won.

Angie: Like hell she has. Dancing is the last thing I feel like doing.

Jesse: Yeah, I know, but I just want to keep an eye on Madison.

Angie: Yeah, well, I would like to put more than an eye on her.

Jesse: Yeah. It's ok. We good?

Tad: I don't know. Are you ok?

Jesse: Define ok.

Frankie: Hey, how's Randi?

Jesse: She's keeping it together.

Frankie: Damn.

Jesse: So how'd you do it? The tape? That bookend you sent to Randi -- you bugged it, right?

Madison: Yes, I did. And just so you know, if you destroy that tape, I have plenty of copies.

Angie: You little -- where do you get off --

Frankie: Mom, I'm handling it.

Angie: Dancing with that garbage is handling it?

Madison: Ease up, Mother Hubbard. I will grab that microphone and tell the entire world your daughter-in-law murdered my husband and that your super cop husband here helped her cover it up.

Jesse: Hey, hey, hey --

Frankie: Mom, chill.

Jesse: Listen -- listen, I'm -- I'm feeling exactly what you're feeling, but this is not the place.

Madison: Look at me. Protected by the big, strong Hubbard men. How lucky am I? Let me see your moves.

[Frankie sighs]

Brot: About time, sleepyhead.

Natalia: I thought that skank had a police escort out of here.

Brot: Hey, hey, hey. Let it go.

Natalia: No, I can't.

Brot: Whoa.

Jesse: Whoa, whoa. Don't, don't, don't.

Natalia: How the hell is she still here? Why is she dancing with Frankie? Where's Randi?

Jesse: Shh. Randi is in Erica's office.

Natalia: What happened?

Jesse: Go to the office and talk to Randi. She'll fill you in, ok?

Tad: Well, you know what they say. Time flies when you're having fun, and we are certainly having some fun now. So it's your job to keep those donations coming in. I'm sure for a few dollars more, we could even get Erica Kane and Ryan Lavery back out on the dance floor. If I know anything about Erica Kane, it's that she never disappoints, and she never quits.

Erica: Not so brave without a gun in your hand, are you?

Adam: Erica's not worth going back to prison for.

Erica: But killing Stuart is.

Officer: What's going on here?

Erica: Oh, Officer, this woman -- she --

Adam: Did nothing, nothing. Nothing, Officer. We -- we were just ready to return to the dance floor.

[Annie sighs]

Annie: Go to hell.

[Erica sighs]

Erica: Oh, she was so close. She was just ready to crack. I was -- oh! If you and Adam hadn't come in just when you did, she was ready to tell me everything -- to confess just to throw it in my face.

Ryan: Or she could have hurt you.

Erica: No. No, no, no, I am perfectly capable of handling myself.

Ryan: Well, I know you are, Erica. I know you are, but if I can protect you, I will, ok? Now, let's just go back and dazzle the crowd, please.

Zach: Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry I almost bit your head off out there. It's -- it's been a long night. And our break is over, so if we don't want to get disqualified, we should keep dancing. I don't want to push you away.

[Zach takes Liza's hand and leads her back to the dance floor]

Zach: Come on.

David: Listen, Amanda, I don't want you to be unhappy.

Amanda: If I were happy, we'd have nothing in common.

David: Well, that's not true. Our son makes me very happy.

Amanda: For now. You know, you throw around these words -- love, happy. How are you ever going to get there if you never let yourself trust anyone?

David: My mother was a psychopath. Love and trust were as real to me as the tooth fairy or Santa Claus.

Amanda: That's a horrible way to live.

David: I see your point, which is exactly why I want you to help me raise our son. You had picnics, a dog, a dad nicknamed "Pork Chop."

Amanda: And a crazy mom.

David: You see right there? That's another thing we have in common. But at least your mother knew how to love you. Your childhood may not have been picture perfect, but you knew love. And that's what you'll be able to give our son -- the kind of childhood that I never had, so he can grow up to trust and be the kind of man that, frankly, I will never be.

Jake: You know, I think that we shared a little moment the last time that we were together, if you remember. You don't remember? I'm going to think of you every time I look at this throw up. Because I don't think this is going to come out. It'll be like this stain a little bit. But I'll think of you in a good way. In a good way, in a good way.

[Jake chuckles]

Carrie: You're funny.

[Jake sighs]

Jake: Looking, or just -- do you like telenovelas?

[Trevor fusses]

Jake: Do you?

Carrie: Shh.

Jake: Shh.

Carrie: It's ok, honey. Back to sleep.

Jake: Yeah.

Carrie: Back to sleep. Good boy. Good boy. He's so adorable. Oh, no, what's wrong?

Jake: [Sobbing] I don't know. I delivered this little one with my own hands. These hands brought him into the world. It's like a bond. I love this baby. I do, I love -- and to think I'll never know what it's like to have him call me "Daddy."

Carrie: I am so sorry. I think you'd be a wonderful dad.

Jake: You do?

Carrie: Mm-hmm.

[Jake takes Carrie's face in his hands and kisses her]


Tad: Very nice.

[Erica laughs]

Tad: Good to have you back. You were cutting it close. I take it the ankle is not bothering you too much?

Erica: Oh, not a bit. I just had a little pain I had to work out.

Tad: Uh -- wow, I think this is what people call the -- the wet look, but somehow, it seems to work for you.

Adam: Well, it was a bit of an accident. Somebody spilled some water on her.

Tad: Or gave you a swirly.

Adam: Shut the hell up, Martin.

Tad: Well, there you go, folks. The marathon just keeps rolling on, and the tough get tougher. Anything can happen. I think we've safely established that, so you keep those dona --

[Erica gasps as the lights flicker]

Annie: What --

Ryan: What's going on?


Man: Hey.

Tad: What the hell is that?

Man: Compressor failed. The central air is out.

Woman: What? [Groans]

Man: I can't even breathe in here.

Tad: Stick around, folks. Things are really going to heat up.

Liza: Hey, isn't that -- that's Henry North's widow.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Madison: You know, we're going to make millions.

Frankie: I'm not selling organs on the black market for transplant, ok?

Madison: Come on, Frankie, have a heart. Ha ha. Get it? Oh, come on. What's so wrong about supplying what the market demands?

Frankie: It's illegal.

Madison: So is murder.

Frankie: I'm not going to do it.

Madison: OK. Then you're going to do something else -- to your wife.

Angie: How -- how is it possible that that spoiled brat can have so much power over this family? There has to be some way, Jesse -- something we can do to stop her.

Jesse: There's only one way to do that. I'll confess.

[As the room starts to heat up, Tad loosens his tie]

Tad: Just go out and see what you can do, because at this rate, we're going down in history as the world's first all-nude dance marathon.

Liza: Zach, just -- come on. Let it go. Let it go. Stop trying to control everyone and everything.

Zach: I'm not.

Liza: You are. See? There. There, that is what I'm talking about.

[Zach sighs]

Liza: All right, stop looking at her, ok? Ow, ow.

Zach: What?

Liza: All right, you know what? Let's take a breather. Hey, Tad, I'm cashing out on our last break.

Adam: You can't let Erica get you down.

Annie: She said that we won't last.

[Adam chuckles]

Annie: That what we have isn't real, and she said that you don't really love me.

Adam: But I do, I do. I've told you, I love you until the day I die.

Ryan: How are you holding up?

Erica: Oh, I'm fine.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Erica: Mm-him.

Ryan: I've never seen you quite so quiet. Something that Annie said?

Erica: Oh, Annie said a lot of things. And I was so angry. I mean, I was so caught up in the moment. She said she thinks we're serious.

Ryan: We are.

Natalia: That woman is pure evil.

Randi: And she just keeps coming back. I thought we were safe.

[Natalia sighs]

Randi: Look, even if Jesse's theory is right --

Natalia: What theory?

Randi: He thinks Madison was at the hotel that night. That she went into Henry's room after I left, and she killed him.

Natalia: And then you returned, found him dead, and thought you did it. Randi, that's great. I mean, that makes total sense.

Randi: None of that matters. Not with this tape. Even if Jesse's right, Madison still wins.

Natalia: Not necessarily.

Brot: Hey, Tad, I mean, what's up with that woman? That Madison girl?

Tad: I don't know, but Jesse told me to stay out of it.

Brot: You know, they told me the same thing. I don't like it.

Tad: Yeah. It stinks. Being sidelined when you know your friends are in trouble. Trust me, I've known them both for a long time. If Angela or Jesse need help, they'll ask for it.

Jesse: Madison's got us all by the throat, and it's all my fault.

Angie: Only because you were trying to help Randi.

Jesse: I just moved too fast. I -- I didn't think it through, baby. I -- I should have taken the time to look at all the evidence before I decided to cover it up. I could have stopped this at the beginning.

Angie: You did what you had to do.

Jesse: Yeah, and look where we end up -- in hell, thanks to me. I got to step up. I'm going to tell Madison that I will confess to her husband's murder if she destroys the tapes. Game over. Frankie, Randi are free.

Angie: Where will you be? Look, that -- that is never going to work. Now, Madison -- she will never go away.

Madison: Don't stop dancing. You don't want to get disqualified.

Frankie: Hey, you are out of your mind. I would never do that to Randi, never.

Madison: Well, it beats jail. Oh, look, now's your chance. And make it juicy.

Randi: Madison wants something, doesn't she? What is it? What does she want now?

David: Oh, brother.

[David chuckles as he and Amanda take some clothing off]

David: Feels like this town finally got their wish, and I went to hell. But at least I took them all with me. I'm glad we had our talk.

Jake: There you go. A little way of apologizing to you for my -- just for being out of line. That was -- that's not my style -- kissing your face like that. I just -- you know what it is? Ever since my wife left me for the prince of darkness -- I like to call him that. It's my little nickname for him -- I just -- I feel lonely. Like I'm alone, like there's no one around. Like there's tumbleweeds going by. Just, you know --

Carrie: I know what it's like to be alone.

Jake: You do?

Carrie: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Really?

Jake: Would you care for a shot? I find them very helpful in little situations like this. Kind of -- you know what I mean?

Carrie: No.

Jake: You know? Are you sure?

Carrie: No, thanks. I'm -- I'm working.

Jake: Right, with Trevor.

[Trevor coos]

Jake: The baby I'm supposed to be raising. I --

Krystal: Uh -- can -- can I -- can I speak with you for --

Jake: You want a shot? Hey, you want a little bit?

Krystal: No, no. Excuse us. Come on.

Jake: Excuse us.

Krystal: Excuse me. Come on.

Jake: Ok.

Krystal: The last thing Amanda needs is you drunk and hitting on the nanny.

Jake: I am not drunk. I am as sober as Erica Kane, ok?

Krystal: What the hell are you doing ?

Jake: I'm just working my magic. Just working my magic.

Adam: Are you all right? We've already raised more than our share of the money. And it's late, and it's hot. I want to take you home.

Annie: Nope. No. I am not leaving until I win.

Adam: Uh-huh. All right.

[Adam chuckles]

Erica: What you said before...about us...were you serious?

Ryan: Was I serious about us being serious? Yes. I was very serious.

Erica: We're friends, Ryan. We are good friends.

Ryan: I think we're a lot more than that. I think we are -- we're us.

Erica: And what does that mean?

Ryan: You know what it means.

Erica: I don't. Tell me. What are we doing?

Ryan: Do you really want to label it?

Erica: No. No labels.

Randi: You know, whatever it is that Madison wants, eventually, you're going to have to tell me, no matter how bad it is.

Frankie: Come on.

Jesse: If I confess to killing North, that puts Madison in the clear. She's free to grab that $10 million from the insurance company and get the hell out of here.

Angie: Sweetheart, you are thinking like a cop, not like a woman whose husband froze her out of their entire marriage, because he couldn't get over the love of his life. He -- he betrayed her. He broke her heart. And so now, she wants payback. A broken heart for a broken heart. A husband for a husband. What? What -- what's this?

Brot: We're switching. We're switching.

Natalia: Hey.

Jesse: Hey. I take it you want to talk to me?

Natalia: Yeah -- um -- Randi told me your theory. You're right, Dad. Madison killed her own husband.

Jesse: Yeah, well, it's kind of a moot point right now, with that tape floating around.

Natalia: Let me help. Look, let me search Madison's place. I can find something incriminating.

Jesse: Knock, knock. Breaking and entering. Come on.

Natalia: Come on, Dad. Madison's coming at our family. I can't just sit here and do nothing, ok?

Tad: You need to move along.

Madison: Oh. Actually, I'm just waiting for my partner.

Tad: He has a partner. You cheated by breaking in.

Madison: Frankie will be back very soon, and I'm quite sure he'll want me for his partner.

Tad: Frankie has a wife. You're disqualified. Like I said, you need to move along.

Frankie: Oh, baby, I love you so much.

Randi: And I love you. But you need to tell me. What is it? What does Madison want?

Frankie: She wants me to divorce you.

Tad: All right, guys, listen up. Listen up, just for one second. Look, I know you're all exhausted. And you're doing a great job. But you think it can't get hotter in here? You're wrong. We need pledges, we need money. And the surest way to light a fire under people's wallets is -- sex. Failing that, we need kisses. Kisses, all right? I'm talking smooches, I'm talking liplock. So, who wants to step up and suck face for charity, huh? Come on up. We need one brave couple to offer up their lips for a worthy cause. Anybody?

Ryan: No labels.

Tad: Bueller?

Ryan: But that doesn't mean we can't do this.

[Everyone howls and cheers as Ryan and Erica kiss]

Tad: Yes! That's what I'm talking about! That is one hot kiss.

Erica: Oh, go after her, Ryan. You have to go after her. You can get something out of her now.

Liza: Ahem. You know, this isn't going to last forever. Annie's going to go to prison for Stuart's murder, and Kendall will get her life back. All of her life. But what then? I mean, would you -- you can't forgive her for Ryan. But you're going to fall back into your routine, to your marriage. I mean, you think you're ever going to be able to forgive her?

Zach: I don't want to talk about it.

Liza: No kidding. You don't want to think about -- the future, or thinking about anything -- ahead. That's all I can seem to think about. You know, I dream about my future and the man that I want in it.

Krystal: We have to do something to distract David.

Tad: What? What?

Krystal: Just -- come on, do something.

Tad: Ladies and gentlemen, I've just been informed a very sizeable donation has been made in honor of Dr. David Hayward, thanks to a very grateful patient. Would you like to say a few words?

David: Uh -- well, thank you very much, whoever you are. You've got great taste, and I appreciate the donation. Hmm.

Tad: Wait -- no, that's it?

David: Yeah.

Tad: I mean, that's -- that's all? I -- I -- speaking personally, I'm sure that -- well, I know that our audience would love to know how you feel about this charity, as a doctor, as a chief of staff for the Pine Valley Hospital.

David: Yeah, but --

Amanda: If it'll raise more money, you talk. I'll take a quick rest room break.

David: Ok. All right.

Tad: Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. David Hayward.

Jake: This is not good. Do you know why? Because I have to go back and work on the phone lines for this, and I can't do that. I'd have to -- do you know where the coffee lids -- 'cause if I could have a cup of coffee --

Carrie: Yeah. You know what? I'll get you some.

Jake: This page -- yeah?

Carrie: I'll be right back.

Jake: You're a doll. You're a dame, from the fifties. A gem doll face. And you're gone.

[Trevor coos as Jake picks him up]

Jake: Hey. Sorry about all that. How are you? Hey.

Amanda: What are you doing?

Frankie: Look, I'm not going to divorce you. We'll find a way around this. We'll prove that Madison killed North and have her ass thrown in jail.

Randi: No. Just give her what she wants. Tell her you'll divorce me.

Angie: Why did Natalia go after Madison? I mean, why in the world would you send your child after that viper?

Jesse: I -- I -- hey.

Angie: Oh.

Natalia: We haven't met, officially. I'm Natalia, Jesse's daughter, Frankie's sister.

Madison: Yes, I know who you are. Why don't you run along and play meter maid now, ok?

Natalia: Nah. I'd rather talk about what happened to your husband.

Madison: He was murdered.

Natalia: And I know exactly what killed him. A big, ugly, nasty, poisonous spider. Look at that. Do you see the spider? It's a black widow.

[Mirror shatters]

Natalia: Got it.

Erica: Oh. Lose your fiancée again?

Adam: This is all your blasted fault, Erica. All the taunting and the baiting.

Erica: Annie gives as good as she gets, Adam.

Adam: She's been through enough. Leave her alone!

Erica: Hey, Ad -- Adam? Adam, Adam, are you ok?

Adam: Yeah.

Erica: Adam, look, you have not rested in a long time. Why don't you do that? Take a little break, ok? And don't worry about Annie. Ryan went after her. I'm sure he'll take good care of her.

Ryan: Annie? Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry about what happened with Erica.

Annie: You're not sorry. When you kissed her. The way you kissed her --

[Annie sighs]

Annie: I want to be kissed like that. I want to mean that much to someone.

Ryan: Adam loves you, Annie. And you love him, right?

Annie: I do. I do. I'm just -- I'm just tired. Oh, I'm so tired of dancing and smiling, and I'm tired of staying awake. I'm just tired of pretending and fighting and lying --

Ryan: It's got to be hard. All those lies. But you're doing it to protect Emma. I mean, you're doing it to help her, so --

[Annie sighs]

Annie: What about me, Ryan? I need protecting. Who's going to help me? Will you, Ryan? Will you protect me?

Liza: The man of my dreams is a dark knight kind of guy. He doesn't say much, but he is a man of his word. And he will save the mother of his children, no matter what, because he promised. But when he brings her home to raise them, he realizes that he's got to let her go, because that relationship ended a long time ago. Hmm. And then he will let me show him just how much I love him. Because I understand him. And I would never turn to another man. And I would never break my promise, never.

[Zach strokes Liza's cheek then pulls her in for a kiss]

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